Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 12, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1889
Page 1
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o*2% • *•**- r •^ «* -' »* I^fif^^'Mi'!? •tf s**--•*-4 - - "•> ._,_. 'M^MiSSf fci^W, £ VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 1889. NUMBER 179. #***, p*™*? DILLON SELLS Coal, Lumber and Salt Ofesan market price for grain* RO -OUSEHOLD SHOULD BE WITHOUT TANNER RESIGNS. The Pension Office to Have a New Chief. GEN. NOBLE'S ALLEGED ULTIMATUM The majority of the ills of tho hnman body arise from a dlfleaned Liver, Simmons Liver Regulator has been the meant of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy LIVrr than any other agency on earth. • «SE THAT YOU GET THE IS OUT OF ORDER Ton -win tare HICK gEADACHEa, PAINS XN THE SIDE, DYSPEPSIA, POOH APPETITE, feet listless and unablo to gotthronph your AallT work or social etjoyment*. Ufa will be aVardea to 700* cure yon, drive tho POISON out pt your nyutem, and make you ntrone and well. They «rort only «5 cents a box and may »avo four life. Can bo bad at any Drug Store. •^•Bewaroof ComtTmrana mado In St, Louis.^» PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. FUMING BROS.. - Pittsburgh, Pa. The Corporal Mnxt On or a N«w Intorlor Socrntnry Bo Selpr.teil — The Cabinet. Wre«tl«>» with tho Difficulty for Tivo Honin— Col. Dudley Callcil from rhllft- delphin to Adrian the Cummlnftloncr, and the lU'imlt — Specmliitlon n* to tho Coming Man — CHUHO of tho Row. CHICAGO, Sopt Ii — A special to The Herald from Washington City sayn Corporal Tannor sent n letter of resignation as commissioner of pensions to the president Inst night at midnight by Marshall Daniol Ransdell, who 1ms been the mutual friend in the matter. The upocial further snya that Cot W. W. Dudley, who has boon in New York nnd Philadelphia on business, while in tho latter city, received several telegrams from Mr. Tannor. In response to them he took tho limited to Washington City Inst night, and as soon as ho arrived in tho city, drove out to Tanner's suburban home, and there discussed tho situation wild tho commissioner and several other mutual friends, and helped thorn In- dlto tho letter of resignation. Thoro is a story that Tanner will not accept any other government position if it is tendered him, but that ho will go into tho pension business in this city. It is nlso said that both Dud- (jy and Lemon aro already making offers lo have him join their offices. REPORT FROM THE CAPITAL.. A Day of Rnraors and CoiifiToncon Cabinet Connnltntlon. WASHINGTON CITT, Sept. 13.— Tho air is full of rumors having for their foundation tho belief that tho days of Corporal Tunner as commissioner of pensions aro numbered. The commissioner ivus absent from his post yesterday morning, and Deputy Commissioner Smith was acting in his place. It was .-(- rt *r,-i .-f 1LJ ;;^ HJ 'sviiV" wlliuu- i-n'uii TnimfM* wim expected buck at noon, but ho had not returned at 1 p. m., and this gave riso to very positive statements that ho had boon suspended. Tho common report was that Secretary Noble had said to the president that in view of the facts developed in tho investigation of the pension office by tho commission appointed by him for that purpose, —SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. Tha Easiest Dumped, (Easiest Kun- nlng and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.60. Half Patent, ta " 1.40, Two sacks J2.80 Some of A oldest realdents^ot, this cltyjpalm this to be the uest HourUioy «vor used In the State of Illinois.' Oream of Patent, Hxin, Daisy and IMinn. JRoller in stock. A Good Stock of Tin Tbmatol Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of J MW GUSS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT AT L,. 1,. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ISUCCESSOES TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. CommiRHioner Tanner in office, and that if some summary action was not taken his own resignation would bo at tho president'^ disposal. Considered by tho Cabinet. Tho whole matter wns tho subject of pro- traeted conference at the executive mansion yesterday between tho president and most pf_his_cablnot_pnirorB I ; __ InforinaLoonfprr ences wore held during tho day between the president and Secretaries . Noblo and Tracy, but tho formal cabinet meeting to discuss fie matter did not convene until nearly 4 p. m., and lasted until about (5 o'clock in the evening. Secretary Noble was with tho president as early as '£ o'clock Ho brought with him the report of tho committee which has investigated re-rating in the pension office during Commissioner Tanner's administration, presumably to be used as an argument for securing tho commissioner's vacation of tho office. Members of the cabinet aro extremely reticent about what happened at the mooting. The president, however, authorized a representative ot the United Press to state that Commissioner Tanner had not been removed, and that he had not asked for the commissioner's resignation. Tanner Refuse! to Talk. Commissioner Tanner lost night declined to talk about tho imbroglio, further than to say that ho had not been, suspended and had not resigned. Efforts are undoubtedly being made to induce tho commissioner to resign, by offering him another equally lucrative and honorable position; but whether he will yield to such persuasion is not known, and further conferences and more time is needed to settle the matter. Speculation aa to a Successor. Now that it is generally believed that Commissioner Tanner will vacate or must go, rumor is rife with candidates to succeed him. Ex-Pension Agent Poole, of New York, and ox-Congressmen Brown, of Ohio, aud Thomas, of Illinois, are already mentioned, among others, for the place. Charges Against the Corporal. If Commissioner Tannor is removed from tho bead of tho pension oillce it will bo on charges of inefficiency and indiscretion, baaed on his action in making special a large 'number of pension cases, on the action ol his subordinates in making re-ratings for each other, and on tho speeches and Interviews credited to tho commissioner in the newspapers, and whoso authenticity he has not denied. The commission investigating tho re-rating in the office has reported from time to time to the secretary of the intorior the discovery of wholesale re-rating among the employes of tho office, to the partial exclusion of other pensioners. It is thought that this report will be ready lu a few days, and will be given to the public in Justification of the prosldont's action, if he should remove tho commissioner. The Vice President Consulted. Vice President Morton arrived hero yesterday from Now York, and called at tho Whito House last e> en ing while the president an:! his cabinet woro considering the caso o Pensioner CommlMiionof Tanner. "" He wns shown into tho cabinet-room and joined ii the discussion. ' Some More Speculation CHICAGO, Sept 13. — A Washington Cit; special siys that Tanner is to succeed Uon Rosocrmia aa register of the treasury, au< that Congressman McKinloy, of Ohio, has lieeti offorod tho position of commissioner o pensions. McKmlay loft Chicago last nigh for Now York to attend the funeral o Con Cox. From --there ho will go to Washington City, but it is understood tba he will decline the position, as ho has strong hopus of In-coming spaakm- of tho house. An Aliened Offer to JIiij. Wuraor. KANSAS CITY, Mo , Sopt. 1-i-Ma-j. Will iam V'nrner is roportoJ t<> I'.nvu loft Kalian City last »i;;lit for Wfi*hiniijt»iii, in ivspou*. £u a U'iotfrrtut from tho pin* d,i it or tho secretary of HKI interior, n.Aiii ^ him if Im woult CONGRESSMAN COX'S FUNERAL. \ 1.1st of F»ll-Bfurtn-H and Alternates—< UToi«ne*^ of Sympathy. NEW YOHK, Sept 12.—The funeral of a S. Cox will tnko p'aco to-morrow morning at tho Presbytorinn church, Tenth stroat and University place. The following gentlemen have l^eii icl^cled as pall-T>carers,' but several changes in tho list may provo necessary: Gen. Sht-rman, Vice President M^orton. J. T. Agnew, Ronntor Dawcs, Superintcmlont Klrnbnli, Ocu. F. A. Walker, ex-Attorney Oanorul G;irlnnd, ex-Governor Hoadly, Charles A. Duim and Col. Cockerill. A list of alterniito pall-bearers includes tho nam^s of ex-President Cleveland, Governor Hill, Hon. A. G. Tburmun, Chidf Justice Fuller, Senator Beck, Thomas Ewing and Senator Payne. Loiters of sympatuy have been received by Mrs. Cox from many noted personages, including cx-Presidont Clovolnnd, Governor Hill, Senator Voorhocs, W. 8. Hoi man ami Senator Hisccck. Among those who left cards at tlio door yesterday woro ^Mnrat Halstead, Clifton R. Prockenrldge, Mayor Grant, O. 1!. Potter, 8. V. White and Postmaster Von Cott Flogs on municipal buildings will bo placed at half-mast during the funeral. Sympathy from the Jews. WASHINGTON .CITY, Sept. 12.—Hon. Simon Wolf, presldoht of tho Jeiyish order, O. K. S. C., has sont the following telegram to Alexander Reinstein, tlio secretary of tho ordur: "Hon. S. 8. Cox, a friend of Israel in and out of congress, has fallen. I reconv •mend memorial so vices throughout the order." ADVICE OR INTIMIDATION. A. Knotty Qnontlon Comen Up Relating to the Iximlnn Btrlkn. LONDON, Sept. lit—The dock managers sont a representative yesterday to Chief ol Police Monro, imploring him to take steps to prevent the striking laborers from posting pickets about their premises for tho pnr- poso of intirnidatlhg~merrwh6"hav8 bben ori T gaged to work on the docks. Tliesa men, they Fay, aro willing and anxious to go to work, but, aro frightened oil by tho threatening language and menacing conduct of the pickets. Tho chief of police replied thit ho belt himself ready to protect tho companies in their rights, and if those woro being interfered with ho would tako such stops a? Boomed necessary to prevent a continuance ..of such intorfri-.'iiiv' • - - • , A Fine 1*0101 of 1.4W. Th o proposal, however, involved a fine question of law, and ho should prefer, before uking any action, to advise himsi-lf as to the point The pickets probably had a right, tndcr thji law, to accost persons on tho pubic highway,and advise thorn to refrain from work, and if their action amounted to no more than this ho did not see his way cloai to utilng the police for thnlr Kiinprosaion. fust the point whore advice stopped and in- ;imidation began might bo a difficult mat- ior to determine, the more especially if persons "who are claimed to have boon intimidated make no ' complnint Ho advised tho dock managers to roiluco their complaint to writing, and to indicate nt tho same time what particular law\ or ordinance they claimed tho pickets wore violating. -. Lyiicli~Tjl»|>o«eir of TwiT'Mon. CHARLOTTE, N. C., Sopt 12.—A special to ;ho Chronicle says that Frank Stack, a whito man, and Dave Coono, colored, woro ynched at Morganton, Burke county, about 2, o'clock yosterday morning, by a mob of 150 men, who overpowered tho jailor and aroko open the prisoners' cell Stack was in jail on tho charge of shooting Robort Parker last August, and Boono was charged with killing Eli Holder, a whito man, at a camp- Ing ground about two weeks ago. It is said that Boono confessed, but that* Stack protested his Innocence to tho last Tho jailor claims to have recognized throe of tho (ynch Ing party, and warrants have been issued for their arrest. SCORES DROWNED. Heavy Loss of Life in the Great Ocean Storm. FIFTY DEAD IN DELAWARE BAY. U:nt plu<-r> in an ei^litn^Ti day afternoon for IjOn feared they were ldf.1, in raged shortly afterward. foot cat-boat Mon- Island, and it i! the utorm, which a<'C&pt th. stoitM to tha latter »h<iuld Tlolzlioy Itoutul Ovnr for IVIurder. BKSSKMEH, Mich., Sopt la.—Holzhoy, the young train rohbor who terrorized Michigan and Wisconsin all summer," and was captured at Republic a wc-ok ago, bad his preliminary hoarlng at this place yesterday, and was bound over to tho circuit conrt on thodonblo chargo-of robbery and murder. Ho will have his trial at the October term. The court room waa packed with people anxious to sco iho man whoso exploits have occupied so lurgo a share of public attention since May. ... Wyoming Preparing for Stntohooil. CHEYENNE, Wy. T., Sopt. 13.—Tbe statehood convention yesterday indorsed the federal constitution. Propositions wero presented fixing salaries for state officers, providing that all foes shall be turned into the treasury, and making tho oxpondituro of money to secure preferment a felony. The plank disfranchising women was repartee unfavorably. Two-thirds of tho delegates favor universal female suffrage. Tho lowur house of .tho Jegislature is to have thirty-one members, Tho Cronln Murder Trial. CHICAGO, Sept. 10.—Twenty-five raon ol the ninth venire and six of tho tenth wore examined in tho Cronin trial yesterday. Ton peremptory challenges wore used, five being credited to each side. Three men were held over when the court adjourned last night. Judge McConnoll recorded an order for tho prosecution to permit the experts named by tho defense to examine the bloodstained pieces of wood and plaster taken from the Carlaon cottage shortly after tho murder. Thu Prnnfitid Iluef Inquiry. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sopt 12,—The senate dressod- beef. inYosUgallon_cnmmlttpe _ adjourned yosterday to moot at the call of the chairman. Tho mombora of the commlttei loft for their homes yesterday afternoon, Soveral railroad men testified that no spocia freight rates were made to tho packers. P. H. Brlce and other retail butchers totliloJ that the' packers bod forced them to buy tho dressed product by soiling nt a price much cheaper than they could slaughter. • Nearly Killed the Wrong Man. EVASSVILLK, lud., Sept 12.—James F Roso, a young son of Dr. W. B. Rose, walkei into a sutoou last evening and was instantly attacked by John Cook, a hotel runner, who mistaking him for another man, used a kntf with probably fatal effect, cutting his face almost to piccoa. Cook was knookod down, but pelting on his foot renewed iiU attack lio »us in-rested. Young Uma in lu a critical condition. OestrncMon to Yemeln I'>ttnintod nt S."5,- OOO.OOO—-Perllong 8ltunllo?i of Women at Oepnn City—The Surf llrenklii;; In tho Second Floors of the Hotel*—Heroic Act or tt rlioto^rjiphe^—ACat-lIont Lost with All Ilaniln—Other I>i».Mt«rn. PniLADCLFHlA, Sept. 12.—Late dispatches stato that tbo storm Tuesday was the most furious known to tho oldest inhabitant Tho bench from R^hoboth to Ixnves is strewn with wreck. It is thought nt least fifty lives wore lost in Delaware bay. Men weMfsoon clinging to tho rigging of tho still sinking vessels, frantically yelling for help. The life-saving crows wero powerless to render assistance, owing to tho fury of tho gala It was a terrible sight to witness. Their bodies wero washed ashore yesterday morning, and weroburied in tho snud along tho water. Tho loss to vessel property at tho breakwater will reach, it is thought, $.5,000,000. A IV w Olmntly DP hi UK. A special dispatch to Tho Philadelphia Record from Lewes, Dol, says: The loss of life in Delaware bay by tho storm has been almost as heavy as during tho great blizzard of March, 18*3. Threo coal-laden schooners —the J. & L. Bryan, tlio Walter F. Parker, and tho Kuto E. Morse—have boon sunk at Fourteen-Foot bank, and of twon'cy-throo persons on board, only two are known to bo saved. It is reported that two other schoon - ers have gono down with nil on board, swelling tho loss of life to thirty-five. The two survivors of tho wrecks aro Mate Jarobson and Steward Hunter, of tho J. & L. Bryan, who had a terrible experience all night long, and drifted ashore seventeen miles from tho scone of tho wreck. lllown Into tho Boiling Surf. A despatch received from Atlantic City, via, N. J., gives tho following particulars of Tuesday's storm: Tho wind reached n velocity of over sixty-two miies an hour. Tlio sea bent twenty feet high above tho inlet pavilions. Thero was 'great "' ;• "• ..'-'—.'• '--i-'-Jia lii. J.'_-ll«idn|ltM. A rnman holding_n_ohild ill b:T arms wns iftod up by the wind and thrown into the vator near the Howard pier. Mr. Walter 'iold, photographer, jumped in and rescued lie woman and child. XlOHCUod 111 ISOlltH. Tho people living in tho houses beyond ialtic avenue and tho Thoroughfare had to 10 taken from second story windows in oats by men who rowed out for that pur- >bSS ThT)s6~po5plo nro mostly negrmw and /cry poor. Many of their humble dwoll- ngs aro ruined. Bt Monica's . Roman Catholic church nt Chelsea was badly damaged, .n fact, hardly a hotel or residence along ho wnter front escaped damage, and somo ,ro nearly ruined. ROUGH ON THE YACHTS. icorej of tho_Bnlt_Wntor_Kl»<y!m_ScfttT- tercel Around, NEW YoilK, 8opt 12.—Tho river fronts 'esterday began to assume their wonted ap- >oarnnco, tho rise of water having to a groat extent diminished, and nearly all tho collars ,nd warehouses which were flooded Tuesday by tho extraordinary high tido, been pumped out Tho damage will be very great Along ,ho Harlem rivor to the Harlom bridgo every house east of First avonuo was flooded in tho cellars! By far tho grcntest losers are the yacht clulM along tho river front Out of a fleet of thirty ytchts only one remains in front of the Harlom Yacht club louse. Some are sunk, and others aro ligh and dry in the club yard, cast up by tho heavy seas, while tho. balance of the fleet dragged their anchors, and aro distributed along the rivor from Hollgate to Fort Schuyler. Tho big fleet of tho Knickerbocker Yacht club is also scattered, — Out of sixty yachts not one held to its ancqorago lit tho teeth of 'the galo, and tho Yorxvillo club is also losor by the disappearance of two of its yachts. A DROP IN THE EARTH. *•= Tlio Cave-Ill Ts'eur WI!Ur»liarri<, Tn., a Dl»- uvtrcm* Orrtirrrncp. WIMCEPBAIUIK, Pa., Sept. 12.— Tho big cave- in at • No. 5 colliery. Poke Hollow, ia woro than at first reported. This flUaster is the greatest tlmt lias occurre 1 in tho coal regions for ynirs In some plnci'S tho earth has gono down over twenty feet The los* to the minr. owners will exeood flOO.OOO. Luckily there wero no dwellings on the tract It will tal-o months lo put tho mines In working order, and about 1..VJI) men and boys will l« thrown out of work. Twciity- fivu molt were at work in tin) mine nhnn the crash came, but nil of them managed to es- cnpe in snfety. The bottom his (nlL>:i out of a number of cellars in t!i-j neighborhood, and a farinjhouse near by has partially toppled over. An .Old-Time Tolrcrnjilier'n Pnatli. liKLLKFONTAIKE, O. , B-pt 111—Milt Elliott, nn old-time telegraph o]>orator, who had just returned from Ol 1 Mexico, while attempting to leave tho train on tho Ciucin- nnti, Riindu-iky & Cleveland railroad yestnr- day morning, tell under the cars. The wheels passed over his neck, completely severing tho hend jfj'omjiis body. Ho wns unmarried I!1ew One Side of III* 'Heart On. BELFAST, N. Y., Sept 12. — El ward Burt, a^ed 20 years, son of ex-Hupervisor II. B. Burt, of the town of Allen, necidcnlnlly shot himself while hunting Monday evening. One side of his head \vas completely blown off, and death was instantaneous. LONDON'S MURDER MYSTERY. Hnd Ko- BAM FSANi'tseo, a*pt. 14—The Nationa Uu»f»mu<.M v>f t'lvaritie* op«nad hero Many t-d*Un-ii dido^iiUirt &ro iu tx-tag Uw*ii<-p Oiliet*piw, (if Am I Uapti-U, Mi'"h., wfco will |>rianit», A A Itunior Tlmt a AVrll-Kmiwn contrlc SurBnoii In gtispectod. LONDON, Sept IS.—Tho inquest yesterday iu the case of tlio woman whoso headless body was discovered in the Whiteelmpol dis trirt Tuesday morning was conducted with close,1 doors, and extraordinary precaution: wero taken to prevent the modical testimony in the caso being mndii public. Tho rumor is nflont, but- rannot bo traced to an authoritative source, that 0:10 of tho doctors ha: pointed out that, the surgical work .of tho tlend who committed tho murder bears a re nmr!<able re---;i.ii,i •:• : ' .. ;__ ..„...« pi"'iiliarities which havo frequently b.>on nnti'il by HID' professiii:t in Iho work nf n well-linown London surgeon, a man of the liigln»3t, standing iu his profession, but exceedingly eccentric. The police maintain n discreet silence, and refuse to cither dony cy to verify tlu rumor. Thoy appear -to by active, however, and their conduct indicate? tlmt Ihov hnve n rhie of nome sort. ' ABBREVIATED TELEGRAM?. The Rl. Piml r«ll»:iy directors have i!«' clared n dividend oC ;2'.j' per emit on the pre- j«fiTP-d stuck, piyalilf (>.•(. L'l. Tho nnnn:il rep'irl of th; 1 F lirlmnks Rcnlo company, "f St. John-bury, Vt, shows n protit of !'J per r nt.. *>n tin> local stock. It is said that, iltc R-inincI'Mi Paper company Inii sold it.-i p' \Vat'.Tt«wn, N. Y., to nn K-iglish syn I c .t • for f I.I5fK),OOi). The bo-ly etf M R< iMenil, of I'Anghnmton, N. Y., wln>so R Mis:ilion:d suicide »t Niagara Falls wa< report'.-1 r.'O Mitly in t.-ipdispiitcbos, was taken from [he vvliirlpoo! Tuesday. The P..irti>n I lock, corner of Van Buren and C'linton strc'eU, in Chicago, won destroyed I >y f Ire U'edii'sday for tho pccond t*mo wittiin Hve month-*, at a loss of $45,000, Insured. Queen Victoria's grand-son-in-law is still in luck. His great hm-so Donovan won the St L'-ger stakes U'ednes lay. By nn alleged agreement with his wife, Princess Louise, the money ho wins on horse races is all to go to charitable purposes. Henry Johnson, a colored deck hand, was with flvp^ companions precipitated into the. Chicago river Wednesday by tho breaking of a gnng-plnnk, Johnson was the only one of the six who could swim and heroically used his skill by rescuing four of the drowning men. Edwnrd Badge was drowned before Johnson could roach him. COLORED PEOPLE EXCITED. Six Clergymen Tell of Tholr Kxperlence In TfitmosHrc. IM-.IANAPOI.IS, In.l., Kept 12.—The Colored linptist. association o!' the western states and territori s is holding its annual session in this city, with a large number of ministers in attendance. K K. Love and five others reached this city yesterday morning, -and tuld thu tide o" tho outrage perprtrat'-d -agninst them at Huxley, .Ti.Min.,.ns |ljoy.eanie (iver tho JCast.'rcnnesseo, Virginia & Cleorgin railruad, claiminp; tlmt. they had pm-chiLsed llrst-i'lass tickets, but were driven from t lie passenger coacli nt Huxley by toughs. The story excited the convention to such n pitch that nearly tho entire day was spent in discussing the yitn-ition of thu c loi-ed people in tho south.' A resolution was adopted calling on tho president to give tlmt protection to tho race that is accorded to other citizens of the United States. * . Ho Was n "Woolly Wentornor, SYRACUSE, N. Y., Sopt. 12.— John Gleason, a big and burly Now Mexican, who came to this city a few months ago, was sliot Tuesday night by Policeman W. A. Brand. Tho officer 'attempted to arrest Glenson for fast driving and boisterous conduct Tho Now Mexican, who intended leaving town, and was going around bidding his friends good-by, resisted, and in the stmg- ,gle that followed ho was shot by the policeman. But littlo hopo is entertained of his recovery. Tho officer was seriously injured in tho Ught__ _ IVanta n Whole Lot of Ditmnffn Blonojr. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept 12.— Mrs. Dr. Mary Jonos, proprietress of a woman's hospital, has sued Tbo Enp;lo for ?150,000 damages for libol, tho alleged libel boing "the publication of charges of malpractice, raurr dor, forgery, conspiracy and larceny in connection with the treatment of patients in the hospital. • uir *J*»I*>|» K.I •»!»»** ittlli. CHICAGO, Bept., 12., — All tho games of the league and association baso ball clubs yesterday woro prevented by rain. Tho West- ern'leaguo was luckier, and played tho following: At Minneapolis — Minneapolis 10, Des Moines l;at St. Paul — Milwaukee 12, 8t Paul (I; at Sioux City— Omaha 3, Sioux City 2. ' _ . POWDER Absolutely Pure Tnl« powder never varies. A marvel ol party strength and wholeaomeness. Mora economical than tho ordinary kinds, and can not be sold In competition with the multitude otlow test, short nel^ht, aniiiiu tii phosphate powders. * Bold o.Hy In cans. HOYAI. BAKCTO PoWDRB Co.. «o« Wall Mt..^ew lork JanaiU-wly * CHICAGO ORTH 0 RAILWAY. R 7,000 MILES inois, Iowa, Wisconsin, JndEO Gruff Get the Place. definitely settled that Judge Groff, of Omaha, will be appointed commissioner of tho general land ofllco. Judgo Graff was the lending candidate for inter-state commerce commissioner ngninst Judge Veozey, of Vermont, who recently received that appoint- m o n t __ _ Of stetel track In I an, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of tho WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulfinn Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Runninpr direct between Chicafro, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connectingfor-Poi* 1 ".".-!, D;;v.-,',. oan nancisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BUCK HILLS For Tlr.kfW, Ttnto«,'M»p«. Time T«Wc» «nd foil Infnrmntlnn. apply to any Ticket Agent or &tr Urc»8 the Gon'l I'uHtictiBer AK' l ut, Chicago. Ill, 1. V. WHITJJiN, H. 0. TOIEB, S. P. W1LOOH, Qcacn! Xiuger. TriSc Vmger. OcVl?;«s. Ajt. W. Axent 13L.TJE LINE. R UNNING THURE WAGONS. All goods prnmiitly delivered to any part of the city. Specialty of removing household goods aud pianos, [iiihltyl] E. H. WILUABIN SITUATION AT OCEAN CITY. Second of By everyone that comes to onr store that we have the it Ilrenklng Into Second Floors Hotels—Rescuing tho Womoo. : SALISBURY, Md., Sopt 13.— Tho destruction wrought by the storm at Ocean. City is' great All the porch' columns at tho hotels and cottages are washed away,-the doors and windows broken, and furniture is floating about tho beach. Tho soaa Tuesday night wore breaking into the second story of the Atlantic hotel and Congress hall, and waves ran six foot deep through tho hotels. Tho furniture is floating In tho rooms.- A train was sont Tuesday night to rescue tho dwellers on tho beach. Tho work was dono by a largo number of men joining hands and wading through tbo water waist deop. Thoy brought tho women to the cars one by one, seated on their joined hands. The Mon Pomluly All Alive. WASHINGTON Cirr, Sop. 13.—Tho navy department hat received a telegram from Commandant Simpson, at Annapolis, stating that a boat was sont from tho monitor Pos- saio Tuesday to aid tho steam launch Swan. Tho boat contained an officer and five soa- mon, and it was also swamped. Tho officer and two men wore subsequently picked up by a schooner. Tho other throe mon havo not boon hoard of, but Commandant Simpson says ho thinks they also havo boon picked up by somo passing vessel. Tho Passaio was ou her way to Baltimore to tako part in the sham bombardment of_Kk_McHeD.ry,-Whcn__ the disaster occurred l>OKona of Wrecked VeaaolA. LEWKS, Dol., Sept 13.—Tho storm wns Btill raging here yesterday morning. Tha names are given of eleven wrecked vessel s, and there are probably doz-'its more to bo heard from. Tho ship William R, Grace, for Philadelphia, is ushoro at tho Capes, with masts gono find tho sea breaking over her. Tho schooner J. aud L. Bryan, Capt D. I* Risloy, coul from Philadelphia, .went to pieces on Fourteen -Hoot bank Tuesday night Tho crow citino ashore ou piec.-s of wnwk, but four of tbo crow uro unduubtodly lost. One man on tho raft died and was thrown ovc-rbcnrd. Ku- Great DnuiHga at Atlmilln City. FlilLADK.i.vniA, Hopt 14—Tho Heading railroad su.vcded in getting the first wire irit<> Atlantic City jvstfi-day afternoon. Tha Wnnts tliti lot«r-Stiltn I.uw Itppoalod. BOSTON, Sept. 12.—The United States senate committee on ndations with Canada Ixv gan its public hearings in this city yostor- day morning. Tho llrst witness henrd wn^ Representative Morso, of Canton. He said tho customs laws between this country and Canada nro impossible of enforcement, and that If Canada would conform its protective tariff to ours and consent to a just adjustment of the fishery d.llicnlty, ho would favor a reciprocity treaty. Tho intor-statt commerce law ho considered most unjust to American railroads, driving business away to parallel linos in Canada.. Tho law should bo repealed. It is nn outrageous interference with privato rights. If not repealed, something must bo done to protect our railroads from Canadian competition. Preferred H AVIdow with Mmioy. HOBOKEN, N. J., Sept 12.—Miss Anna Holtz hns IHJ^UII a suit for $10,UIK) dnmagos for breach of promise of marriage ugninsl Charles Run kle. Miss Hultz is a sister ol Henry Holt/., n druggist, who committed suicide in Hoboken a year ngo. Mis^ Holtz and Simklo became engaged to bo married, A few days before tho wedding was to lako placo Holtz committel suicid' 1 , and tho marriage wns postponed Holtz left all his worldly possessions lo his widow. litfuruhe had been dead a month, it is allege I, Sunkle begun to mnko lovo to tho . widow and discarded his fiance. Ho married the widow In another month, .and since then they have been conducting the drug store together. Soldlcm 1 Moimmont ( I>edlc:ited. CRYSTAL LAKE, I Is., Sept. li—Tuore was a largu gathering of old soldiers hem yesterday on the occasion of the dj.lieatlon of a soldiers' monument in tho comotory, nlmut a niilo from Nundn, near horo. Tho monument is a shaft of whito bron/.: 1 cf artistic design, twonty-flvo fo^t high nu I surmounted by n lito-sizod stjituo of an infantry soldior. Senator Cullom waa tho principal speaker ol the occasion. that can be found in the city. i J We keep on hand from ten to fifteen 'Bedroom Suits which, enables all to make a selection, and we- are offering them from : — Also a large stock of ' IParlor Goods, Carpets, "Window Shades, fie tores, JPieture IMon.lding'S, and Furnitxire in general. »• Specialty. FAIR DEALING. LOW PRICES AND GOOD GOODS. Reynolds Bros., WKST K!BI> VCRNITVBK 8TOBK, WKST 3d ST., Xho Inter-State ANfloclattnn. CHICAGO, Sept, 12.—Tho bu.siurtvS trnns- nctod ut tho fiixt-h regular monitily meeting of tho managers of tho Inter-State Railway association yesterday was largely routine. Tho most important matter considered was tho subj ot of nit '3 to aud from Kansas and Nebraska points, which tho lines interested havo for several weeks been trying to readjust. Tho matter wns finally tvtcrro-i to a special bourd of arbitration. Car »nil Locoimttivn TaintCM. CHICAGO, S^pt IA—Tlio MHSUJI- Cor and Locomotivo Paititers ass*>ciati(>n of • t'ao United Stntes ixmmwncixl IU twcntloth annual convonlion at tiio Tremonl. lum-o y<«- ti!i-*l»iy moriung. About t*ev 'nty-IU',) di-le- gHteji fi om nil uver t!i-.: couttti y wi-re pfo*- t-nt The Rfv.ucint.iou inrln K-s in its m -ni- LJ Joyful wo»: "Ni> IL.II- thrtt r.iHilll-111 lui-.-d <••:• i> .'> i^r 1L lo Kiliglm:} roiat iVi^-l and EW UvtM Uwt.'' itait It b hardly lik.dy by rail will In- «.iUt>- -.v.cihoJ Away t>n U-iUio axi, U:o naui-'s of ulnn y .p'v'lil MI »i).ju tip* Arrv^trd (*»i lfVI»K\l.i>, N. MI tne k , it >d 6 in. n t rnilr- t-i ,.:, I',, i ««>•-! :d . (.' We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 ~T?er hundred;— MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT , KANSAS WINTER, SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We meaa to save the people of tiiis vicinity money, and will do it. REMEMBER We THE selling nothing but Jfo, I Prioaa Low en the MIKADO MARKET. Metits- JTo

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