Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 29, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1M2 USD <MKJ) SAO RC p fii?l M JJ-M OO Newi Noveltiat :18 Freddy Martin •30 New* Son** ol fod_aj_ 00 Dratnet U no Countertor 4.1 :00 HI1 Parade :IS •,10 New Pioneers iw Newt :1S World Newe :30 V*rn Kin* :43 00 Newt Platter Parade 30 Newt Orch 00 Newt •ts Chap«l no Time & Tempot •48 Newt, Weather •00 Worlrl News .15 Weather •HO Timetable 49 Newt no Alex Drricr :13 Sports •no News Nnni-.v St. .la | :no Strike It Hlcb MS :no Bob Xt Ray Dave Garroway •on News Weather MS Kato Smith : no .45 Meet m« Menjou „ *• :00 Mueller. Newt • T ;I5 Music Room if I ' nft Uoctor-s Wl/e :4.1 Judy A Jane :00 Life Beautiful M5 Road of Life Pepper Young -.4! Right to Hap'nest | :00 Buck Stage Wife MS Stella Dallas :30 Wldder Brown :45 Woman In House :ITO Plnin BUI :I5 Farrcll Lorenzo Jone :45 Bine Crosby CHIC AS09AW*-t ANOTHER 6AN8LAND KILLING EARLY THIS/MORNINfi, A3 VEfiN MAURY FEU UNPER THE SUNS OF 6UT YOU NOTICE IT SAVS FERfiUS CALLED HIM.50 LITTLE IMPERSONATION WORKED/ Pi 60.'THE DOCTOR TOO 3000 MORNIN6 CHftlft/tSEE THf PAPER. UMD4tfAl.0N.THE TAKE A LOO* V\v;t-\ rxuo stvx. '1Hfl&} r£> THAT WA5 OOP WHATTH 1 \AN' JUMPED-UP \MEAN.HE JINGLE-BEUS) WA5 SCARED WAS THAT /A DEEP PEA- GREEN. 1 YEH...BUT A C IT6EEM9TOA AWFUL WWL? VD SAY IT CA.ME FTOM 1 BE COMING ) BACK OUR TRWL , THIS vw>?O ' By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOOPLE IF U& FOLDS Of? TELL KIM I RLSB A\V AND 6AV IT'5 A DREAM. CAPTAIN r<ERR -*• 6UT -THERE IT I -THE- ONLY WORK HE HA6 OONEV EXCEPT TYING DRAT/ \T'6 J05T ON Me WHAT A TREMENDOUS PROJECT TVS LAUNCHED, •' f Of JEWELS/— X MAY TURN! E^ERY i^cm OP GROUND in THE YARD AM RIVALING THE COM6Tf?OCTlOrJ OF - THE e.oez_CANAL.' rv REWARD THAT OUGHT TO KEEP HlfV\ 6OUNC- TO <3IVE HI& LEC.S A BREAK-HE'S UP ON 'EM ALL PAY AN' HE DON'T THIMK HE OLJGHTA SLEEP ON 'EM ALL, MliSHT.' BElN'ABfTOM HIS. MEMTAL. LEVEL.CAKJ'rDU TELL. ME WHY HE THAT WAV GO MUCH LACSS INi 30 OUGHT TO CHARGE TO e&E TMAT -I'LL HAVE THOSE FAMCY DUDS VOU'RE" WEARIM 1 ' I BLEW MO^E• WHEM ju^r A pour YOUR. A&E --- GOT IM1O AM ARGUMENT WITH MY GIRL FRIEND J 1 VE BEEN A NO-ecoo BUM - - - AMD JUST To PROV& IT VOU'RE JObT IK) FOR. HOT MULLIGAN TAKE" A LOOK AT ME. BOVS! I'LL BET YOU WOULDMT BELIEVE 1 WAS THE PROOP SOM OF A CE<3PECTABLf FAMILY,' A.NP VOU. m CANT DEM>! WHEN \*W5 HE POPS|6HOuLC>A UP LET I C0»AE UP BS IT! HIT MS HE*D OW OH. TO WOT MADE IT! . JUIv\P IM AMP KARL! CBAWL.6 THE C8UIS&R The TefejBi u's Daily Radio Chart t^^^^^^^^^^^^^auggf* (•(••p^a^^p^a^^^^^^p^p^p^' Thursday KXOH (AHC) 880 Kt WEW 1« HO Hl'DO 860 RC KMOX (CBS) 1120 RC RWH (MBS) 1810 RC Ed Bonnef Newt: Bonner 1 00 News: Sport* Latin :IJ Richard Harnneti Newt :.10 World Newt Silver •> One Man't remltj New* Good Health Sport' Reel Reading Clrc.l«_ Comer* Allan JacKtOft Newt Curt Mam*; Lowell Thomii Newt First Flv« USA RC News: Record! Record Report Sporti WORZ MI. Beulah .lark smltn PCRR.V lire Ed R Murrot New»omr. t-iv "•» WBlWJpF 78 Spsrteaje freaiure Chtfl ^^^ Land of th« fr«4 John Ctrr N«wi Popular Music Bveninn p».ehM« Bob Ooddard Muilt at Vou DIM on Father Knows BeM rate Inslanhul .10 Nlclilbeat Space Cadet 45 News Sports Family Worship Research Plavhouta Preston of Yukon Chuck Nornriitl 8k> Klna Amateur Hour Chas. Anlrll Conrert Hall MeclllBtlon KM Only Mr Chameleon Oabrlel He«tt«r News; Bandstand Sports—Newt Navy Band Mr Keen fleporters Round'B Scores; Bandstand Muslr Hull MdOtl Drea News Music MnMcrs Newt Open Bible Record Briny Pres. Profile! Frink Edwardl Mutual Ntwi Casanova News; Bandstand Harry Fender Rrnutlful Music News Eve Blessing News Hlnet H. B. Roundup Murrow: Sport* Croshy Show Newt Health Atdi Abide with M« You A The World Dance Orch. News Chas. Kasher By Mississippi Concert fn Be Announced Chate Orch. Frallrt News; Merrym'kri News: Patrol Dawn Patrol Friday Charley Stookef Newt A WMther N»hor Newt Mkti Cono«f1 "hurley Stookry r'nnn News News A We«tner Market Sunrlt* Salut* Weather T D«lltT Sport* Newt •unrlM Newt—WltemtB Muile floundu* Nexvs: Mnrket Stookry Bruct Uarrtoton Charley Stookey Concert Sacred Heart Med'tatlon Hymn? for Home Reveille Family Worship World Newt Newt Ozark Varlettw Bins Crotby VIoegle; Wilson Newt Newt B'fatt Club Newt B'fatt Club N«w§— Al Bl«hl Musical Clock Newt— Al Blihl Musical Clock Bnire Harrington Breakfast Club Newt MelodT Mafle Newt News Salute News Mkts. Vorlellet World Newt Clock Watcher Ed Wilton Newt 8'fatt Club Quit Newt— Al BlehJ Musical Clock Chapel of Air True Story :00 Travelers '1T -TO Double or nethln* WhKperlnn Sit. Sonet 45 Asalnst the Storm Newt Showcase «. Sln»ert Land ol Free News Students Devollnni Themes of Ages Arthur Qodfrej Serenadert Shoppers Guide News—WfientM HI Nabor HI Neighbor Tourney Newt Break tht Bank Symphony Ne Music "Master I.adlet Fair Shoppen Quid* Srrenade Grand Slam Queen for a Day Itomemaker's Chat Rosemary .... Meet the Band Start on Parade Harmony House Bargain Counter Jack Berch Victor Llndhlar Kitchen Club Betty Crocker Melody The Open Bible Just for Women News St Loult Newt Concert Time Melody Lone Wendy Warren Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Sunday Recalllt and Home Hun Hits Sports Quiz Dugout Interview Louise Personality Party Une Tin* News Concert John Ccmle :4S Playhouse Party Hal Fredericks N'ewt Music Rex Davit Curt Mastey ith Christ Ma Pe.rklns Cap Com ntary Ytiun« Dr Malone Bandstand Markets P,iK Sister _ ___ Cards vs Plratet Jeney Tarm Mr. Matinee Melodies P'.vclyn Winters Brnwns Vs. Detroit Vic Damone Piano Portrait The Common Oood Music Hour 2nd Mr«. Burton Perry Mason Nnrn Drake BrlKhter Day Newt Record Shot) Melodiet Sacred Heart Mu*lc Showcese Program for You News MnK. of Air Hill Top Houte Livestock Report House Party Nexvs Music Carl Smith Tom Dalley Newt Tops In Pop* Concert Matte* Hal Fredericks Moments Masters Wings of Healing furl Ray Mailen Family CNF.SCO Records .\ ew , Rent Office Guiding Light Ed Wilton Newt Social Security Song Souvenler Tin Pan Alley Ed Bonner News Ed Bonner Chamber Music Fatlma Rotary J^nng Shop Child's Alhum Open Bible Serenade News T. O'Brien Curt Ray Lee Adamt Newt; Ed Wilton News Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV ChannelJ5 THUnSDAT Wranglers Club Buckeye Four Inghams Sporttvtew INS Telencws Kukla. Fran & Ollle Dottye Bennett Dinah Shore Show News Caravan Break the Bank 7:30 P M.—Groueho Mara 8:00 P. M.—1 Love Lucy 8:30 P M.—Janies Mellon Show 9:00 P. M.—Martin Kane 9 .'10 P M.—Wayne King Show 10:00 P. M.—Slnr Playhouse 10:30 P M.—T-Mcn In Aclion 11:00 P. M.—Telcsporlt Digest 11:30 P M.—The Web 12:01) P. M.—LiglHs Out rj-;iu A. M.—Film PRIDAT 7 no A. M.—Dave Garroway 3:00 A. M—Prologue to Future !) :i() P. M.—Your Surprise Store in-ou A. M.—Bride and Groom 10:30 A. M —Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Ruth Lyons 50 Club 11:30 A M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—To the Lidle* 1:00 P. M.—1st 100 Years 1:15 P. M.—Prc-Game Program 1:30 P. M.—Browns vs Detroit 4:00 P M.—Hawklnt F«lla 4:15 P. M.—Russ David Show 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Dooa> The Telegraph's Dailv Radio Chart KSO (NBC) 550 KC KAOK (ABC) 630 KC WEW 770 KG Ki'llO 850 KC KMOX (CBS) 1120 KC KWK (MBS) 1S80 KC W1L 14SO KO WOK2 100 Mg. m Friday o m*'-QO News, Rhythm r iV-K Freddy Martin Ed Sooner News; Bonner News Safety Serenade Sports Reel Heading Circle Allan Jackton News Hlnes Curt Mastey Lowell Thomas Newt. Heywerd First Five Newt. Walker Sportipage Musical Scores Treature Cheel sports Outdoora In I1L :00 News Sporti France L*ux MS Richard Hnrkness Newa :30 News of WorlO Lone :45 One man's Family Concert Hr. Bculah Jack Smith Club 18 Ed R. Murrow Firtt M»e Newt Newt; Carr Newa Popular Music Eventide Cehe Bob Uoddard Musle at you dine :00 Roy Rogert M5 :SO Bob & Ray :45 Richard Diamond ^our FBI News Sports Today Family Wornhlp Travelog Muaictand Health Aids Hollywood Music Green Hornet Bill Hickok Chuck Norman Eve. Musle :00 Mario Lanza MS :30 Short Story :4S OzzU it Harriett District Attorney Concert Hall Bible Study FM Only Doris Day Robert Q, Gabriel Heatter Sports i Newt Armed Forces Scores: Bandstand U. S. Marines Scores; Bandstand :00 To Be Announced Boxing Bout MS :30 Melody 'lime :4S Pro «e Con Newt Music Master! iscwi Open Bible Capitol Cloakroom Frank Edwardt Mutual Newt Paul Ncighbort Maltle Scores; Bandttand :00 News :15 World Newt :30 Vern King :45 Harry Fender Beautiful Musle Eve. Blessing News Abide With Me World Newt Mines BB Hounrlup I'his I Believe Crosby Show Anlell Show You & World Donee Orch Scores; Bandstand :0o Newt: Muno :30 Plultcr Parade :43 Orchestra Ne\\'s Frank Parker By Mlae. Concert Heatlllnet To Be Announced Headlines Frolics Orch.—Newt Merry Maken Mews; Dawn Patrol Saturday Newt News C Stookej Fatlma Rosary fine t Tempos Town & Country Newt Weather 4-H Clubs News 4t Weather Concert Market! Sunrise Salute Weather Tom Dalle? Sporti * Newe Serenade New* Top O'Mornlm World News Weather Report Time tt Tempos Newt_____ Alex Drier Sports Newt Time & Tempos Ag. Reportj Concert Meditation World Newt Hymns Newt Newt Early Ed Ph..ugh the Bible Wont her C Stookey Ssored Heart Chapel Window Ozark Tunee Bins Stn|t Moegle; Wilton Cd Wilton Newt B'tttt Club N»we. Mu Cloeh Newt aVtatt Club Newt Clock News News C'an't happen to U Melody No School Toilaj News Salute Newi "world Newt Davit New* Id Wilton Clock Watcher Markets; Varieties Garden Gate Newt B'fait Club Newt Mutlo Clock • Chape) of Air Cisco Kid Mary L«e Taylor Space Palrol Broadway Behoet Market Basket Si. L. Melodiet Fashions Galen Drake From Old Vienna Still Waters Quiz Kids Themes of Agee Serenade™ Shoppers Guide Ne* Hi Nabor Hi Nibon Newe My Secret Story Ed Bunner Love Story Symphony MiiMt- Mastert Grain. Serenade Bible Quiz Newt: Left P't'nd Home Beautiful Bandttand Rev. Give * Take Newt; S. Guide Meet the Mind •untet Valley News; Weather Snlvation Army Mannt Sand Ballet H had tody for J union Newt Concert Tune Melody Lane Today't Th«it«r Hecelllt * Win Start Over Holly'd Newt; Guide Newe; Farm Si Home Dude Ranch Newt Hal Frederick* Concert Newt Masterworkt ~Newt Bruce Hayward Moments with God Mutic & You -,•,-.. City HotplUI St U Weekend Farm Front __ Newt; Luncheon Jersey rum •'•" Luncheon Date vm **' Newt Savings Bond City Screnarle Front i Center Lawrence \\elk O P.S PHH-AHI I'ninn Slur U S *>rmy Band Mountaineers SVin Place Show News Bel. Horse Race Sat. Hnx Si-nre Musicana J»« clllh SporU Glee Club Record Cabinet Sacred Heart Native In Tone For Vou Newt Music Music with Qlrli Record Rally Way for Youth Newt: Lunch Date Newi Home Run Hit! Record •ha* Sporti Quiz MMten Muja Dugout Interview Newt Overseas Report Relax With Mu»le Science Newt Farm Newt Ernie Brown On Ivory Ed Wilton Newt; Bandstand Newe Tope Moments-Matter* i',,nh(Lil Wordt Milter Recital Women Today Mcihcal Assm. Stan Dougherty Belmont Cross Sec. U.S.A. Newt; Bandstand Portrilti rootb«u Manners Authoi Speaks Pre»h> C'onv. Wake t'p SI L. New Keleases Newt Opera Gemt Open Bible Serenade Eddie Fisher Lee Adamt Ed Wilson Newt; Record* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 FRIDAY Wrangler's Club Space Cadel InglianTi »portt»1e*l 1 N S Telenewt Kukla, Fran it Ollle Dome Bennett Show Tnose Two News Caravan 7.UO P. M . — Ena Pinza Shcuv \ 7:.10 P M. —We the People P. M.—Pluyhoube s-;iu P M —Aldrich family .)()•) P M —Boxing Bouts y.4S P M. — Dangerou* Assignment lirlS P M —Double Play 'Filmi Ii)::i0 P. M. —Around the Town :l 00 P M-—Beat the Clock M • tinexpeclcd 'film'. 1^ 00 Midnight—Film li.lS.A. M.-News a..Hi A. M.—Film lii-oti A M - Space Patrol i Hi JO A. M.- Mi. WUard I 1100 A M —Big -rop 12:00 A.. M.—Wild Bin Biekok 12:30 A. M.—Bill Veeclt Show 1:00 P. M.—Retail Hell 1:30 P. M—Once Upon a react 3:00 P. M.—Rortu Kozoitic 3:00 P. M.—My Friend Irme 3:30 P. M.—Strike It Rico 4:00 P. M.—Roy Roger! 4:30 P. M.-Cisco Kid \\eulth UiuVI.Y Hold Wealth is well distributed in Australia, Hie tvmmonwealth's Institute ol FublK' Afi'airs announced in Svdnoy. alter a survey. More than a million peoplf own their cm n hojues. whifh pi-uluihly tmMiir, thai IIHTP than one-lhird oi the neoiile live in | homes of then own. A» much as Oil percent ol property ot ever\ kind is owneu* by persons vvilli incomes of less than $1-1.nOO a vc.ti. Mui-e lhan S.'i percent ol pel si'iiitl incomes come from .\aycs. salanos, soc'ial ser\ ice pas- menia. or businesses in \Uudt the s themseUes uuik. Hard on Kelic» Britain's plowmen have been ssurned to quit plowing up relics -,p| historic interest. When a farmer is in doubt about suspicious- looking bumps in his ground, he is asked to get in touch with the Bristol office ol the Ancient Monuments Bianeh, Ministry ut Works. These bumps may be bat> rows, or ancient burial mounds, which exist all over the country. Some date back to 2000 B. C. Each narrow is full of treasures to the archaeologist. Under the Ancient Monuments Act, anyone wilfully destroying »uch a relic may be fined §J80.

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