Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 29, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1903
Page 4
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' r oVand Lots lot ;I, $2.98 ^°''\to7 Fine Summer Goods For almost nothing. The entire surplus stock bought for almost a song goes on sale tomorrow and Wednesday for 5C, 8 I-Jt, IOC, 12 I-2C 15c Worth 8J0, 12ic, 15c and 25c. Extrai^ize Waists Special attention to tlie ladies that wear extira sizes 15 per cent off. on all large size Fine White Waists/ Sizes 42, 44,46, 48. Tuesday and Wednesday A |iloriou& f ihish to Oar White not JUNE rESTlVAL SALE! TWO.^OI ^E DAYS --3as Days Till The Next One |: 250 New Walking and Dtess Skirts go on Sale Tomorrow | I and Wednesday at Half Price and Less, | Parasols All Fancy Pardsols must Take your pick from our |entii One-Foiirth Off from our regular, prices. be sold, le stock. White Shirt Waist Rattling bargaiiis, best hty^ latest patterns on the market- Special Bargains for >5C, 39c; 98c, $1.19, $1.50, $2.4^ $3.48. • Sale es and See the $1.98, Shoes, Oxfofds, Sarjdali For Ladies, j\iisses, Boy 3 and Children. A Saving of From 50 c^s to $1.00 on every pair you buy of us. I The Big Store With Little | 1 Prices More for your money than you • J can get elsewhere all the time. Advertisers of Facts I STORES: I lola, PittsburgJWeir Gl •x^x^x-x-:-:" 'a I 1** BfEWOIUWO'OOTOFME loi» Won Saturday and Came Near Taking Both Games Yeiterday— A Triple Play Beat the Locals. The official base ball guide carries a tale from year, to year of a famous triple play unassisted made years ago. There Is a r6mor of anolhcr such play. -Yesterday the lola fans saw such a play saw it beat lola out of the first game. . Honors were even but lola had the best of the hits and Scott the best of the luck. . In the last-half of the seventh inning after Tola had beenj got- Ung to third and failing to score for some innings, Riscf]^ got a hit. Armstrong got a hit. a^ancing Riscley to second. Shaumyer was safe on a fieid- , er'a choice. The bases were full and iobody, out Think of it! Scroggln . Jiit a line fly to Pennington, Fort Scott's shortstop. All the lola' ruri- - n^ra wero, playing well off. Penning- j ton caught the lly retiring Scroggi:!, -tagged Armstrong as he ran down, then got to third base before Riscley "/Could |return. The side was retired 'without a score when two runs would have won the game. It; was luck of -this kind that saved Fort Scoti from three straight defeats. Here are the scores: * lola 0 0 0002 000—2 7 1 "rFort Scott ...00100 1 100—3 4 1 Battcries-»-Root • and Armstrong; ' .•Steele and Cheek. . = Second game: lola .1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1—5 10 4 " FOrt- Scott ...0001 1 0200—4 10 6 I, Batteries—Killilay. Davis and Arni- strong;' Cravens and Check. Umpire >-iShanks. ^ • • , jThe second game seemed lost, too, the. visitors l)Cginniug lo bat freely. Di»vls: took KlUilays place in the 7th. 'Ho passed two men and made a wild pilch that came near beating us. In the .eighth lola tied the score and won - Uy,tliree,good hits in the ninth when L.the crowd was about worn out from -abxijetiy. 1 Pittsburg Wins Two. Pittsburg, June 28—I'iitsburg defeated 'Leavenworth in a double-header heie today, making five straights. "•ItTeQaired e!leven innings in the first, . howiey|r, and Torrie did not allow a score- to the visitors until the fifth in- Vi 'jiing. j iFrost was hit hard and fast. The feltwe of tlie game was the bat- ^ry ii ^ork done by the home team. ^.lSk>th jgames ,were fast and upon the ,i w)iole-interesting andi pleasing lo the C/ans. jScore—First gdme: ;j;i»Jittsb)irg ' .lieaywlli .0013 00 00 001—5 6 1 .0 00013 00 000—4 12 6 '^^JBatt^ries—Torrie and McDonald; "^•""^jand:R«dmond. j iiu^ .0 0 01 2fl 5 2 •—10 14 4 0200,00000^ 2 ,2 3 and McDonald; $«da|!a ;7, JopKn |6. .^uioMB ?8.--l?^alia drf^ted "iK^fortiiie iitliird time in :sac- ^'iyUUiv& made a 4eterr mined stniggle (owinnnd balled Cnlpj freely, l)ut the brilliant fielding of the Oold Hugs kept down the scoring. The score: Sedalla 00 1 003 20 1—7 f) 1 Joplin 00 00 2 0 1.-JO—6 10 3 • Batteries—Cates and Schrant; Lowell and Stoner. Umpire—^Alberts. Attendance—1,200. Springfield 10, Nevada 5. Nevada. June 28.—Springfield beat Nevada here today in a very |K)or contest. Owing to the failure of Lemmon to appear Pitcher Kane umpired. The game protested. Score: Nevada 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 0— .-S 9 7 Sijringflold ..0 1 00 10026—10 8 2 Batteries-Wiiiard, While and LaFrance: Feeney, Horton, Howell aud Schmidt. The Saturday Games, lola 10, Fort Scott 2. lola easily defeated Fort Scott Saturday. Morgan never allowed the visi- lookin until the eighth when an error :ai)d two hits netted them two runs. iCraig was hit hard and consecutively ifrom the start. The feature of the game was a one-handed catch of a line drive by Riseley. The score: lola ........0 2 2 03 1 02 *—1(T 14 2 Fort Scott ...00 0 0 00 020— 2. 5 8 Baliories—Morgan and Armstrong; Craig and Cheek. Sedalia 2. Joplin 0. Springfield 4, Nevada 2. I'«rg 10, Leavenworth 3. Missouri Valley League Standing. Springfield . Joplin . • ... lola Fort Scolt ., Sedalia Nevada I>ittsburg ... Leavenworth ......34 ......20 ..!...26 ......26 .19 Id 18 , ....11 11 17 ly 20 25 26 2'J 34 756 57S 56.'> 482 422 3s;: 244 Base Ball Notes. Killilay had Fort Scott beaten yc.s- terday had Henley not misjudged that fly .to right field. Scrogglin's sen.sational nm back in the field where he caught Down's hit which was good for a home run in the Dth iqning of yesterday's last game should not be forgotten. The lola team went to Pittsburg last night for three games. Then the team comes hojme and all the teams come here to play, in this order: Leavenworth, Njcvada, Springfield, Joplin, Sedalia. The Touch. "A sw^et book!" she exclaimed. "Not a touch of materialism in it." I opened the volume. On the first leaf I read: "12.50." "Ha!" I thought, but said nothing. I would not for the world fihattpr my wife's illusions.—Detroit, Free Press. Buy the White tor, the beat on the' moneyj. Fo^ sale by Mountain refrigera- ^irket for the Scblu «; BaiFdc PERHAPS IT IS HERE. Cohmel W. D. Saphar left last night for Kansas City for a few days on business. The citizens will have to get busy if they want to get some of the goods now selling at the closing out prices at Nortbrups'. Persons desiring stand rights for 4th cf July should apply to W. Morey. lock bo.x 762. Tola, or 306 South Tennessee stjeet. Do you need. a refrigerator. If so buy the White Mountain of Schell & Baird. You are sure of getting your money's worth. Cheap money on city property. Loans made at once if title is perfect Smitli & Travis, room 3, Northrup National Bank building. The prices at Norlhrups' quit business sale are selling the goods fast. It's only a question of a few days, when it will all be over. Scald head is an eczema of the scalp —very severe sometimes, but it can be cured. Doan's Ointment, quick an(f permanent in its results. At any drug store, 50 cents. A two story addition twenty by twenty-two feet is being erected to ilie Register building. The e,\lenslon will give .this office .some nnich needed room, both upstairs and down. . For the next two weeks I will give a set of 35 views of Topeka flood free with each pair of glasses. If you have trouble with your eyes or have headache take advantake of this offer. Call Monday. Dr. O. S. Johnson, Garllng- house block. Tlie Rev. T. C. CofCey, of Wavcrly, III., is hero visiting his son, R(»y Coffey, and* Mrs. J. R. Crigler, an old friend. Mr. Coffey was .pastor of the iola Baptist church twenty-one years ago and will be pleasantly remembered by lola friends. R. W. McDowell's little seven-year- old girl, while getting up this morning tripped herself in her night gown and fell against the machine, cuiiiug a gash in her forehead to the Ijonc. A stitch had to be taken to close the wound. The little girl was very brave •while the doctors took the stitch. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets are Just what ycja need when you have ?io appetite, feel dull after eating and wake up with a bad taste in yonr mouth. They will improve yoiu' apQ^Ute, cleanse and invigorate jaar stomach and give yon a relish for jroqr Mle' by, 'all draggista. The Czar's Income and Some Others. Dispatches from St. Petersburg announce that the "Alraanach Hachette"has been confiscated by the press censor because it contains a table sho^r- ing the comparative lncome3| of the likiropean monarchs. The TAlman- ach Hachette" is published in Paris, and the pages which the Russian censor found so dangerous as to make the publication a forbidden thing in the Czar's dominions give the following figures regarding" the latter's income: .CI6 4s. a minute. £072 an hour. £23,328 a day. ^ £8,514,720 a year. The almanac goes on then to show that Alfred Beit, the South African mining king, and John D. Rockefeller, who arc. supposed to be the richest men in the world, have incomes which are approximately the Isamc, the following table showing as nearly as poi5- sible what they are: '£20 a minute, £1,200 an hour. . £28,800 a day. £10,512,000 a year. As lictwcon the American money kings and the European crowned heads the almanac makes the following contrasts, using their yearly income? for the purpose of illustration: John b. Rockefeller ...... £10,512,000 Andrew Carnegie 5,000,000 Russell Sage " 1,800,000 W. A. Clark (copper king) 1,00Q,000 George J. Gould 1.200,000 J. Plorpont Morgan 1,000.000 The c/.ar 8.514,720 Sultan of TJirkoy 2,000,000 Kmporor of Germany 628.000 King of Italy 571.000 King Edward 470,000 King of Spain ; 286,000 Just why the censor should regard this as dangerous literature Is hard 'o make out. It may be that the Czar doesn't want his subjects tp know that ho gets so much more out of his job that any of his fellow rulers, or it may be that he is jealous of the showing made by Rockefeller and takes .this method of delivering a slap at the Standard Oil Company. The most probable theory, however, is that the censor had not found anything to confiscate on he day the al- LET YO^R ''WANTS" KNOWN THROUGH TH^ RCGISTERr manac reached him and i)oimccd upon It for llie purpose of showing Jhat ho Was on the alert. One of the conditions confronting the Russian censor is that he must "cense" with satisfactory regularity or lose his official head and perhaps a' few other things lie has no desire to relinquish.-Chicago Record-Herald. Notice to Bidders. Sealed proposals will be received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kansas, at the office of the county clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, ^1903, for d\l the labor and material required in the erection of a court house located at: lola. Kansas, in said county, in accordance with the plans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Holland i& Squires, architects, Topeka, Kansas, and now on file at the office, of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon will be required to furnish a certified check with their bid in the sum of .two per cent (2) of the amotmt of said bid and payable to the county treasurer, to be held as a guarantee that the successful biiidor will enter into contract and lurnish satisfactory bond within ten days after award of contract. Said check to be forfeited to the county in the event of saiC contractor failing to sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond In accordance with said bid. Bidders will be required to: make out their bids on a uniform blank, furnished by the county clerk. Same to bo enclosed in envelope and addressed to«coimty commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties'bidding on the work will find pians on county clerk's office, also at office of the architects. The county commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. -By order Alien of the county' commissioners, county. Kansas. J. W. KELSO, County Clerk. Attention. July 1, 1903. there will be an open meeting of Smeltermen's.union. at the hall over Spencer's drug store. Smel- termen, carpenters, painters, teamsters, brick layers, stone masons aniV~<* all fraternal orders and everybody In- ' terested in making the 4th of. July celebration a general success, come.— Committee. ICE . Sujppiled to the T ^ade Direct at.tbe iaclory or from oi r delivery wagona. '; A 11 delivery walgons haVe our namfton'thejn. ' lola Ice & Cold Storage Co. , FRANK RIOULB. Mxr. Phone iiiS. . Factory on We«t Street. <——T—~——— . , > We Want to Figure That PLUMBING JOB Fd^ You.' Satisfaction ' i: Guaranteed. f^OfeTH S/PS HjffffOyy/iRE |j. fl. DAVIEsf Undertaker i and LleeD&ed Eilibdimer ? TwjQBt^ years ex Y busihefis.- Fir I •J. cpericDco irsl class iruaraiiteed. in the work East*S|de of Square, 1 Phone 306. lola .•*V*.*W*»*VV*.**«'V ; Notice to Stockholders.. ^ Annual, meeting lola Building & JLoan Association Monjiay evening, July 6tb, in secretary'sj office. Elee- tlon of officers. JAS. COUf AUT, We Atfi-liot the Watch Plumber Bntr We Can Do Your / "S OAS FITTINQI Or;Ptit Up Any Stove 10 i ; Suit the Wife l «2j .|[eflnicky, Phone 453 | I. TliEMOliT LUNCH ROOM Aaylhlfcx in the ErtU« tJki. V,

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