Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 20, 1968 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1968
Page 10
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1968 THE THREE KINGS form the theme for this Christmas decoration over a Rome street. Workmen climb an extension ladder to place the figures in the Italian capital. B!onde Actress Visits GIs In Viet Boondocks By CKNK H.WDSAKK.K As -'M'Uiled Press Wrilir HOLLYWOOD t.\P> How ' i ill's in remote Vietnam ba-'-es react to seeing a pretty American blonde? •'Sometimes they're very t-hy." reports actress Tippi lieii- ten. "because they've soil of turned jrirls off. The.\ know 'ney'i'e going 4o be there four or !i/e months and so. they figure. v!\v ihink about skirls too nin-h?" After Tippi thawed them out by initiating The conversation, their first question usually w«s: "How are the girls hack home dressing?" "I told them." she laughs, INSURANCE DUE? BEFORE YOU PAY CHECK M.F.A. Homeowners, Auto, Life and Health "SEE LELAN' Your M.F.A. Agent LELAN CARR Wsil'ville Rd. Mt. Vernon Ph. 244-0387 "e\cr\ body's wealing mini-| .;;irK." Miss Hedren's 12-day Vietnam i nr. lust completed with Joey Bishop, was her second in two •.ears. By plane and helicopter tltey made about 15 stops a day • m the boonies as they call I .em i boondocks >. encampments nl about 200 guys who il :.n'i see anybody for months." ,I DI'\ told jokes while Tippi who played in "The Birds" and 'Marnio" and ,vho neither sings i '>r danees. shook hands and ':dked "to let them know Americans are thinking of them and are in back of them." She visited wounded men in .! >spii;ils everywhere and found ft wer of them there. She thinks iLe reoson is faster evacuation '•> hospitals back home. She marveled at fast attention in the fr Id: "Within 15 or 30 minutes .n:er H mam is shot, he's in a to- tl\ equipped hospital. There's ;i ;.iiost no need for a lield sur- g'on any more." I-'or Tippi. who plans another '•;ich trip in about six months. •:ie rewards of this one were ..miles on men's faces and hones like being chosen "Miss Hop;' by men of the 336th Ord- i.anrc Battalion, who call themselves "Hogs." And from Big Red One. the 1st Infantry Division, came a certificate: 'In appreciation of sour most \. visit . . . and lor I e- minding us at this Thanksgiving M .-dson that the All-American ; i 1 is here to slay.' ' Homeowners should be sure their Christmas tree lights are off before leaving home. WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH ABOUT CHRISTMAS As one studies the Bible, it is immediately apparent that the word "Christmas is not found in its holy pages Nor can one determine w'nen Christ was born. It is universally admitted by Bible scholars that no one knows when He was born. It is unlikely that the shepherds would have hod their flocks in the open fields at nigh* iLuke 2:8) in December. So His bir:n might have been in May, or some other time No one really knows. I m giad that men remembei Christ in some way o! any t me. However, we honor Christ more truly if we icn ember Him in 'he way that He has directed. When instituting the Lord s Supper, He said, 'DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME :Luke 22:19.) Many refuse to remember Christ in His appointed /.-ay each Sunday lActs 20.-7.) but will celebrate 'ebgious seasons of he man invention, such as Christmas, Easter, and Lent. Some Christians in Galaria began to celebrate unauthorized religious seasons, and these were rebuked by Paul jGal. 4:9-11.) John tells JS to abide m trie teaching of Christ, and not to go beyond it (2 Jno. 9 ) The teachina of Christ does not include Christmas. WHERE DID CHRISTMAS ORIGINATE? It is a human m.c-ntion, atradition of men, tracing uts origin, not to God s woid but to Rome, hence "Chist-Mass. WHAT THEN SHOULD BE THE CHRISTIAN ATTITUDE TOWARD THIS DAY? Since men do not know •when Christ was born ana smce there is no account m the New Testament of the early Church or Christians observing such a day in, remembrance of Cnnst s birth, then it has nothing whatsoever 'o do //ith the Christian s obligation to God. Out attitude then, must be based or' that which is outside the Scriptuie since there is nothing in the Scripture about it. In view of ,l is, we as Christ- iansians obsedve Christmas as a iegci! holiday, o time of happy association with friends and those we love, and a time of giving gifts to our children. We try to carry out our lewe 'oi Christ every day by keeping His commandments to preach the gospel (Matt. 28.18-20.), to meet and worship Him and observe HIS DEATH in the Lord s Supper every first day of the week (Sunday). (Matt. 18:20: Acts 20:7; Hebrews 10:25.) Let us love one anothei. Let us give gifts. Let us be thankful that Christ was born and died for our sins. Let us sing praises to God. Let us do all these things, nol seasonally, but steadfastly, "always abounding in the work of the Lord." II Cor. 1 5:58.) Cherry Street Church of Christ 2416 Cherry St Charles D. Crosier, Min. Watching Television 6.30 .00 30 8 30 9 00- TONIGHT 3 Cactus P»t J 5-612 Ne*s J French ( hef 2 3 Operation fcn'erta Ballet •I 1 7 Christmas 5 6 Hign Chaoarrel S N'JWS ii Perspective i 1 T.'UT.I or Consequence? I I Passport 2-3 Felony Su,u<.c! 412 Gomer Pyie 5-6' or the GrV'e H What's New 1 1 Of Lands and Seas 2 3 Guns of Will Sonne:! 8 Book Beat I 1 ofve Mien -2-3 Judci *> Stilf t'en 8 The World A'e live In 9 30 8 Who Is 9:J5--<I.I2 Apollo 8 Pie-iew 10 00 2-3-4-5-6-12 New« 8 NE1 PLiyhcuio I 1 Perry Mason 10.30 2-3 Joey Bishoo 5-6 Tonight Shew 1C 45 4/ Movie: "Swotd in the Desert" 12 Movie: ' tsc.i|.ade in Jipan" 11.00—11 Movie: "Above Us the Waves ' I2\00 2 Movie. "Ih. k!et jins" Mrs. 11 Porter Wagoner 7:00- 2-3 The Newlywed Game 5-6 Get Smart 1 1 Alfred Hitchcock 7 30-2-3 "he Lawrence Welk 4- i 2 My Three Sons •j 6 Tiie Ghcst and Muir -12 Hoaan's Heroes j-6 Movie: "Wlvtu C >ritmas" 2 3 Hollywood Palace -1-12 Pett'coal Juncron 1 1 Championship Wreslhng 4 Mannix 2 Wove: "Tne A'.ei Widow" 3 Biil Anuerscn 2-3--4-5-6-12 News I I John Gi ay 3 Move. "Fi -endly Perfjao 'on" 4 Movie: " T he Little 12 Movie: "The GO 9:C0 9:30 10:00 ''V H, 10:30 10:45 — 5 Movie: 'The Kingdom" I i :00 6 Mov:e. "Apr:! 11:30 II Outer Limits 1 1:50-2 Movie: "Circus Horror" 1:00 4. Move: "The Spy" Dclly SiSIdS" rCevs of the Pans" of Two -Headed ivis-ble Man SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 1 J: 40 r. „v; 7 :fci C .,r , Movi ' A lain nd I'rack ;: ' The Happy SATURDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:15—4 Meditaticr.. Ne.vs 5:30-4 Summer Semester 6:00-4 town and Countr/ 6:15—12 Summer Semester 6:30-4 P.S. Fojr 5 Agriculture U.S.A. 6:45 12 News 7:00-4-12 Go Go Gophe.-s 5 Birdman 6 RFD TV I 1 Modern Almanac 7 15—2 Thought Fot Today 7:20 2 Farm Picture 7:25-2 News 730 2 Christmas Music 4 12 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner 5 Corky's Colorome 6 Atop the Fence Post II Film 8:00- 2-o Casper Cartoons 5-6 Super Six 8 Film 8 30 2-3 Adventuies of Gulliver 4-12 Wacky Races 5 Corky's Colorame 6 Top Cat I 1 King and Od e 9:00-2-3 Spiderman 4-12 Archie 5-6 Flintstones I I Tnree Stooyes 9:30-2-3 Fantastic Voyage 4-12 Bai Man, - Superman 5-6 NBC Children'j Theatre 10.00-2-3 Jcurney to the Center 0! the Earth 1 1 Movie: "Stowaway'' 10:10—2-3 Fantastic Four 4-12 Herculoids 5-6 Underdogs 11-00—2-3 George of the Jungle 4-12 Sh-zzsn 5 Cork /'% Coloraina 6 Birdman 11:30-2-3 Amer.can Bandstand '68 4-12 Johnny Quest 1 1 Movie: "Above Us the Waves" 6 Super Pies 'I- ' i Afternoon 12:00 4 i2 NFL Prc-Game Show 5 St. Louis Hop 6 Movie: "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" 12:30-2 Happening '68 4 12 NFL Eastern Championship 2 Perception 3 Movie: —TBA 5 Movie: "Valerie" 2 Tell it Like It Is 2 Outdoors 2:15—5 Movie: "Hong Kong Confidential" 2:30-2 Movie: "No Way Back" 3:00 -3 Footoall Documentary 1 1 Wagon Train 3 30—4 Movie: "Tarzan's Hidden Jungle" 5-6 World Forum 12 Marshall Dillon 4 00 2-3 Olympc Highligr.ii 5 American Instituie for Imported Sttei 5 College Bowl 5.00 4 Scnolar Quiz 5 Political Interv.fc.'. 6 Wilburn Brothei s I I Bill Anders.n 5.30-2 Comoat 3 Lawman 4-6-12 News 1 1 Gf and Olc Opr, Evening 6 i;0 'J Film •j Deotr. Va 'loy 0 3 ,s 6 Porter Wagoner 6 30 2 3 hie fjai i.g Game 4 12 Jacl-'e Gleason sho.' j 6 Adan. 12 6:00-12 Chr 6:30 I P S. 12 li.q 4 T oni 6 11 Fa 12 Lest 2 P .i i U: 4 Aquo ':00 7:30 stopn»"s -l Fictuie and Jerry it!i For TotMy -r Fani'ly Sing- in oi l.viiig man .00 1.302:00- 5 Lester Famly Sings 6 Gospel Singing Jubilee 1 I Movie: "The" 12 Herald oi lrulh 8:00-2 The Answer 4 Sunday .Mommy 5 Gospel Sinyiny Jubilee I 1 Sonris of Faith 12 Tom and Jeiry 8:30-2 Cross Currents 3 Beatles 4 Faith of Our Fathers 5 America Sings 6 Paducah Devotions I 1 Mister Mayoo 12 Aquaman 8:45- 2 Sacred Heart 9.00-2 Messaye of the R,.i.ibi 3 Linus 4-1 2 Christines Special 5 Religious Talks 1 I Uncle Waioo i2 Christmas Orations 9:15-2 Church Service 6 Hamilton Brother? Quariar 9:30-3 King Kong 5 This ,s the I it 6 Her'Ih of frui' 10:00-2-3 Bullwmkle 4-1 2 Camera Three 5 eternal Light 6 fhs is rne Lifc- 1 1 Roller Derby 10:30- 2-3 Discovery 4 Way of Life 5 Super Presdent 6 The Answe r 12 Face the Naton 1 1:00—2 The New Beatles 4 The Church Is You 3 Film 6 Popeye 12 Th,s is the life 1 1:30 -2 Linus 3 Universn,' of Micn :g .,n 4 Face the Nation 6 Eternal Light I 1 Championship Wrestling 12 The Answer Afternoon 12:00-2 Kincj Kong 3 Shepards Piays 4 T6A 56 Meet the Press 1 1 ine Honeymooners 12 film 12 30 2 Wells Fargo 5 26 Men 6 Movies: "This 'Aoman is Dangerous", "Stop, You 1 Killing Me" 1 1 Movie: "Racket Busiers ' 1:00—2 Movie: "Hercules and Ten Avengers" 3 Allen Revi»,ii Ho'^r 5-6 Double Features: "Man From Del Rio", "Chfcape by the Dozen" 2:00- I 1 Make Room For Daddy 2:30-2 Dobie Gill .s 1 ! Movie. "Lcjvt 1 1 to 3lonaie" The Rebel Peter Gunn The Stor/ W.ovie: "Ti Widow" Aov.. n :urei 1 BA 5 Sounds of Ch .'Stn ,n 1 1 An mal A'ot id 4.30- 3 Amateur flour I 1 Adventur,. 5.00 3 Film Feature rhi 3.003:30 4 00 2 2 3 2 3 4 A', i Par the With 6:30 7.00 I 4 21st Century i 5 Wackiest Ship ! Arrny 1 I At Christmas Time Show Senator Dirkoen 5:30- 3 F Troop 4 News Evening 6:00-2-3 Land of the Giants 4-12 How the Grinch Stole Christmas 5-6 Adventures of Huck Finn 11 Magis of Christmas 4-12 Gentie Ben 5-6 Wonderful World of Color i 2 Ray Connff Christmas Show 3 FBI 4-12 Ed Sullivan 11 World Adventure 7:30-2-3 Mofher-in-Law 8:00-2-3 Movie: "The Great Sioux Massacre" 4-12 Smolheis Brothers 5-6 Bonanza L 11 Bill Fields 4-12 Mission Impossible 5 Merv Griffin 6 Phyllis Diller 11 News 3-4-5-6-12 News 2 Movie: "Miracle on 34lh Slreet" 11 John Gray 3 Movie: "Auntie Mame" 4 Mov.e: "The Lemon Drop K.d' 5 Johnny C.irson 0 AAovie: "House of Wa>." 12 Movie: "At Gunpoint" 2 The Shepards Play 1 1 Route 66 Drama 12:15-4 Movie: "Enchanted Uiand" 9:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:30 :3C Indians Block Bridge Traffic AiASSEN'A. X. Y. tAPi All bin three of 48 Mohawk Indians tirrostcrl after a two-hour uprising that blocked the internation- ... bridge linking the United Slates and Canada were released on bond Thursday today. A spokesman for the Cornwall ("i;> Jail said three persons remained in jail on charges stemming with the shouting, shoving . i -monstration Wednesday that 'iouked an international bridge for two hours in protesl of Cana- il'-.'s lailure to live up to the 1794 ,'jy Treaty. Cornwall police said two shots from a hunting rifle slammed :ii'o the Canadian Customs Mouse on ihe St. Regis Reservation, home of the protesting \'lo- h'-uvk Indians. The Indians had fielded some 100 demonstrators for Wednesday's blockade. The bridge was quiet early to- .iii.V. Ernest Benedict, the craggy- T:.;( ed. black-haired chief of the Indians, said there would he no i.'peat blockade. "It is not the Indian way, to be arrested," Benedict said. Canadian Police. unarmed, wided through a wall of angry Mouawks Wednesday and ' l( areri away the 25 automobiles the Mohawks brought up to blockade the bridge. There was no one hurt in the shots at the customs house. CVimvall police officers said they had no suspect. A spokesman for the Cornwall lail said only three persons retrained inside on charges stemming forom the demonstration. * ne others were released shortly after midnight. Benedict spoke to his tribesmen late Wednesday, making it clear that he was against fur- irer demonstrations against the Canadian, who drew the Indian's ire three weeks ago with he imposition of customs dull, s. The Mohawks, who live on noth the Canadian and American sides of the bridge, contend ;i>" 1794 Jay Treaty guarantees t.iem free passage. TI.YIKLV QUOTE What happens to me as an Individual is of no consequence. The important thing is to get my ideas across, and I can do that bes; as a presidential candidate. —Harold K. Sassen. running for president for the fourth time 1 since 194X. TV Review Williams Show Fails To Click By CYNTHIA LOVVRV ' AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (API Danny Kaye once reflected, almost regretfully, that it was less strain to turn out one show a week on television than to do one or two specials a ( year. The audience does not expect as much as the performer learns to settle for the best he can do in the time given to him, said Kaye. Goodness knows what we expected of Thursday night's "Andy Williams Show." but as one of NBC's trio of Christmas specials, it seemed to suffer from the one-show-this-season problem. The hour, full of assorted Williamses. loaded with song and looking like an old- fashioned greeting card, would have been a dandy, sentimental i show—if Andy and associates had been visiting us in our living rooms weekly this year. But we really haven't seen much of the gentleman for months and most of us have, quite frankly, lost touch. The intimate show. which even had Andy's parents clowning a bit, just didn't bring off the atmosphere of informality, warmth and family reunion that was its aim and object. "The Little Drummer Boy." that started as an oft-heard holiday season song, was given form and substance in an animated half-hour musical show primarily designed for children. :The three-dimensional animation was intriguing and a num- iber of fine talent participated-i Greer Garson as the voice of the story teller. Jose Ferrer as the voice of the villain who kid­ naped the little boy ant', his pets, and the Vienna Boys Choir, which sang the famous song. The p-ogram never really came to a decision, and moved violently between the broadest kind of comedy to the reverently dramatic. Bob Hope and company were in high form in his holiday special. It was a show with sketches and musical numbers hung around a plot that had Sanla Claus kidnaped. Naturally, it was suspected that he had been hijacked along with his flying Volenti Defends Screen Violence WASHINGTON (AP) — Violence is a necessary ingredient in the movies and other art forms, President Jack Valenti of the Motion Picture Association of America told a presidential commission Thursday. "The human race is eternally and alternately fascinated and horrified by violence and! death," said Valenti, a former i aide to President Johnson. "The I screen must be free of fetters if' creativity is to flourjsh." "But. this freedom must be re- i sponsible if it is to endure, else j libcry becomes license,' he add-! ed at a hearing of the National' Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence into the effects of mass mebUa presente- lion ol violent events. "Throughout the history of the drama, violence has been a ncessary in­ gredient in artistic expression— indeed, the very essence of drama is conflict," he said. "Violence should not be presented as a way of life but shown in balance for what it truly is, one of the many facets in the whole complex of human experience." Norman Isaacs, executive editor of the Louisville, Ky.,' Courier-Journal, criticizing the news media for its coverage of violence, called Wednesday for a federal commission study of the news industry. But Valenti joined today several earlier witnesses representing radio, television, newspapers and magazines in urging mass media self restraint, in portraying violence as the only solution in a free society. sleigh and reindeer by bad guys who looked like Fidel Castro. In addition to the rapid fire gags by Hope, there was an effective dance number starring Carol Lawrence—but how an oriental number was inserted into the story is a mystery—and gooc'. songs by Nancy Ames and Glen Campbell. Jerry Colonna appeared briefly and while his contribution was short, it was pleasant to see him back with Hope and looking so well after his long illness. It was a pretty giddy show, but somehow it hung together to make it Hope's happiest outing of the season. major networks will preempt: regular programming for the start of. the six-day moon probe scheduled for Saturday morning. First television reports from the capsule are tentatively scheduled for midafternoon Sun- clay. ' From launching to splashdown, all networks will drop regular schedules to report any significant news of the space flight. CBS plans a partly live half- hour special Sunday—6- .30 p.m. EST—showing highlights | of the wedding of Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower. Apollo 8 and its three man First U.S. satellite was Ex- crew will be the big stars ofjplorer 1, launched Jan. 31, weekend television. The three 1 1958. PARTIES? RECEPTIONS? Don't Borrow It! RENT IT! 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