Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1912
Page 3
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A splendid cpiMSon^^f ^^^lt;)^^ inspection at our store,. Bxl^l^^ ih.^^ the leading manufaptore»^ei;i^^;ali% seasoii*s latkt novelties as soon' as thj&y appear in the lairges^ cities. Our prices are always moderate for the high cldss of goods we show. ' Beautifal Coats 1' Beadtifiil Suits If you appreciate styles .: We have a tremendous as- that are really "different," i sortment of. new Suits of you'll see a lot of Coats here j beautiful fabrics and every that will .win.your enthus- wanted material. Our styles iastic admiration. Our prices , are exclusive and of the lat- will please you, too. Will you ' est designs. We invite your drop in today? i inspection. Milh'nery That Will i^eal To You. You Must See Ljliis Handsome lin = = f If Every At the Adult: • fOc Children • 5< A Few Choio SeatJ at - 20r Shows at 7S30. and 9 I SHarp TQNIGHT Two Reels Best Pictures and I the Play •XENA RIVER5" I A r. •Honnt'.vcuii f-iurnfd honi<" :ihiR afivriiouii from u tiutiiiM'iiK visit to Slj.iiiiion CouiJl.v, .Missouri, llr. «). I-. Cix. Onillsf. • Major iind .Mrs. Iliiriis. of the Kiiu- ku Cliy Snlvatlon Army who h:iv.- b«en hers for u vlult with Rimlffn .atiil ' M T «. ' Hurviy rvtuniid lioiiu- flil» aft «ni6ou. • ' —Now WVill Pjii 'tT Jii liiirrrlPs Drun Storp. J. N Morris, of I.iltlv Uo<k. Ark , •who lias bwii h«'rt' on liiisliifss wt -iit to Ganiett tliia attiriiooii • —Farm and nty Loans H .M. Ciin- i Dlnghau. #. Mrs. Mary McCowan. who lias Ixn-n ' • hTe visitiijK frionds n*iunu'd to I K' I borne in Oiiawj, this afttrnooii. j —I»r. H. L. Hendricks. (Mil <ourf House. CiilN iili'sKered d.'iv or ulirlit. Mrs. C. B W'fsi. of Kansas City, who has been h^-rt- on business rv- Turned home this aft<rruoon. —Extra low jirlccs on now and used Gas and Cpl StovVs. Kd H^-nnlnger. West Madison. K. Woodlaw, or Kan?a.'= City, who has b <»k >n h«re n-turued ' ; ^is afferndftn. 1^ —Orchestra tor dam;'> work Phone 1074. \f . J-JP,l**^?>; J*?pt to Olatlie this af- —T""^-^^ =^—'—"—— iernoon for a visit with his son Fred, who Is s«Tioii?ly 111. —The very Iie.-it qiiallty and the very lowest prices In the hardware line at J .11. Hlley's. successor to Cole Hardware Co. . J. J. Ilanna v.eni to U'lawa this at- j teruoou on business. —If you wish to rent that vacant house, list it with the Place Kealty. Mrs. Al Abranis, who has been visit- inK her son in Chanute, returned home this afteriioou. —If It's a good house you want, see he Phii-e Kealty. Floyd Sampson, who came iii last , nig>it from Lane, Kas.,. for a visit with i his parents Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Samp- ' i.on, was called home this afternoon by the deajh of one of his parlshnii- <?rs. . -Graduate Nurse; terms reasona- jle. Phone I3G3. .Mrs. Chris Hitter and d.tughter Miss Sannu Hittt-r, and sons Gardiu» and Hu\le> lefi this afternoon for .Mesa. Ariz., to Spetid the winter. .Miss i:ii'l<- ; Adams who has be4-n In tin- city vihli- j iUK rtlaiives iilso refurued to .M'sa. i —Ne.wesi lileas In .Millinery. .New York Store. • ' .1 T. Mr.-^h;in« and \V. A. JoiieK, <;f Ciirlyli', were visitors In the city .o- day. —Lowney's (tandy. Mundls hns It. F. .N'erlhrup, u( Kansas i'ity, w!;o : has been here vlsltlnt: friends, relurii- eil home this afternoon. —.1. II lllli-y. 'uic (s.-or to Cole' Hardware Company, has the Floral "li'm iJtove. tlie berl heater on the ' imrk^-t. G. -Moore of Carlyle, was In the c'ity this noon. YALE ELEVEN HAS STRONG BACKFIELD IN SPAULDING, CAMP AND GOOD NEW MEN. Captain Spaulding at Yai«. In Captain SpauMInK th« Yala eleven liaa one of the atrongeat boeka In football. Tale la alao fortunate to have the vetema Camp In the backfleld thla year. Botb of theae men are heavy and faat. and witii the rood new material that la at hand, ahould make a combination in the baclineld hard to beat Thla aeaaon will probably be known as a aeaaon ot great backa. for there are alao Capt." Mercer of Pennayt- vanla. Capt. Thorpe of Carlisle, Capt. Wendell ot Harvard. Capt Pendleton of Princeton and Capt Thomson ot MlchlKon. all ot wblm starred lost year In the bockfleld. The Une proposition Is entirely different In this department a majority of the his ooUeges are weak this year. Mrs. H. n. Easton. of L:iwrenre, who has be<'n here and in Gas City .i-itlng friends rel«rii«-d home this -.ift'-rnoon. U. E. Jones, of Ottawa, who l.a.s been her<' vlsitins friends returned hom*: this afternoon. —Vi. A. Phone .'»S7. Kondeu. |ia|>«r hunger. BOYS' JERSEY SWEATElRS! Navy and Maroon Priced at % mi, Cas and Healers! C«nti>atl6B Coal and fias, Uyt Blast and Air TieiiU . ECONOMY RAKUES ^alini's CoBiblnatlon Ceal and Gas BaBxe^tke b«<t made. Friees Bi»U! llie^.B^hardHdw. A. V. Fail went to Chanute this af-. feinoon on business. —The Magic Heater, sold by .L H. Riley, successor to Cole Hdw. Co.. lias a special valve attachment by which "blowinB" Is overcome. O. T Osborne of N'eosho Falls, who has ! J '< :i visliiiiK In the city went u Kansas City this afternoon. —Gel reaily for "Xmas " The New York Store leads them all In fancy «orl^ • •'Just beeause we have bolted Taft anil Shi-rman and we and our news- PHpeF« and our Ktate and conRressliiu- al raudidateit ;ire ilolnj: all we can to defoii: him and elect Roosevelt. Is no reason whv vou Taft Republicans should refuse to support all of us who are runnlnc for otllce." Is the gist of henrtfelt. If III OK I CU I . editorials very (oininon unioPK the Moose uew8pup «'rs In K-ns«s riiiht now. The Progressives are aitainst "special privilege" In the al siracl. but in holtin;! they would deny oth «'rs the right they have taken theniselvfcs. ' Mrs \V. T. Chambers of Carlyle. was a shop|H-r her*- this affejnoon. R. T. Fair of Fredonia, who has been in the city on business, went to Carlyle this afternoon. L. M'. Jones, of Humboldt, who has been here on business returned home this afternoon. | Merrill Winchest'er. U. S. A., whi^i I has been here visiting relatives went' • lo Independence this afternoon. 1 i F. W. .N'efT, left this afternoon for ' Sewell, la., for H visit with relatives. . -Hr. .Mc.Mlllen. I'litme.s tti and ini J. H. Peters, of Lawrence, who has | been here on business went to lude- ; pi-ndence this afternoon. C. O. Charles, of Omaha, who has bwn here on business went to Humboldt this afternoon. Cyril Arthur Pearson, editor, owner j and publisher of. numerous British j nrwspiipers and-inajiazines and wi -al-| thy Iteyotid lh< 'In ants of avaric<> lias suffered a complete breakdown front overwork and hw been forced to re- j lire 'rem active journalism. In a! brief cablegram from I^ondon a i'<>w | davR ago the annouiieement was madi'j he had almost lost his sight.' With the proli.tbilily that his remarkable career Is to terminate In blindness there Is much to recall the similar success eiijoyid :iiid similar :if-i nictlon Sllfcered bv the late JoSt -ph • Mr. and Mrs. A. G. LaSalle, of Chanut>', who have b«Hn here visiting friends returned home this allernoon. Work Was Remedial. The following report from the records of a probation officer Is slgnlfl cant: "M. Z., of German descent, graduated from grammar school. Parents ii«at, respectable, and thrifty. Germans. Girl wanted to go to work. Parents would not allow this, as they did not need her wages and thought sho shoukl stay at home and help about 'he house. Girl hccnme unmanage able, .and stayed out several nights whereupon her .parents brought her 'jito court as Incorrigible. The proba :Ion orrieer nrgcd that the girl be al lowed to go to work. The parents agreed, the girt w(;s placed on proba tloti. and found work for herself in ;• i epartmeut store. lYom that tlmesh* *avo no trouble." By Martha MeCulloeh Wllllima. ^ Uaa 'a part at home Is to endure all tilings and eat 'all things, smiling. as though be liked it all, whatever the facta in the case may be. And most men, I believe, nobly fill the port Therefore, it 8 .eins to me fitting that eveiy once la'a while they should be given, by way of reward, a supremely maBculine evening, whereat It Is understood that , woman's part is to stand In wait,and supply the good things to eat—good things that have been cooked to perfection In paper bags. As to the nature of the evening, let the man himself decide. Many things heretofore described in this column suit such festive occasions. Savory mouthfuls. hot chicken biscuits, hot oyster sandwiches, paper- bagged oysters either in shells after Soyer's recipe, or cooked in quantity with butter, cream and lemon Juice and their own liquor added later— they all will satisfy hungry souls and whet the palate for things potable, especially if supplemented with cbeiese crackers, alao hot. salted nuts of any sort, olives warmed in a very little sherry, or crisp radishes and Invariably good sliarp cucumber pickle. Sliced beef crisped is not to be despised, especially if the man of the house has a weakness for ale or 'alf- and-'alf. To go with It make pricked biscuit; none you can buy will match them. The foundation is puff paste, and do not spare either shortening or work in Us making. Put in a trifle more salt than for pastry uses, roll out less than a quarter Inch thick, and cut in rounds two and a half inches across. Prick them well over and bake crisp In a well buttered bag.' Sprinkle about half of them before baking lightly with dry mustard or black pepper and paprika, or even the barest dusting of cayenna Keep these seasoned biscuit separate from the plain ones and serve on separate plates. Instead of the mustard and pepper, you can : use finely grated cheese, or lay a very thin slice of cheese between two biscuit after baking and heat in a bag until the cheese melts. Pimento cheese spread between such biscuit, which have been very lightly buttered, also makes a well flavored mouthful Raisins cut very small, mixed with sharp cucumber pickle, also cut very fine, and worked smoothly through the best cream cheese with a very little French dressing or else a bare dusting of black pepper make a novel nnd appetizing filling for these biscuit sandwiches. You can split the biscuit, or ma'to them very thin, butter tbo under one on top, end bake them togifthor. The baking can be done in the afternoon nnd the biscuit heated bcforo filling them with the ready preiuircd filling. Serve all things from a buffet, even If you must Improvise It, by up-ending a dry goods box and covering it with a cloth. Set things on it, and let the eaters wait uptu tbem-elvea. your- .-ieir discreetly withdrawing, but remaining within call, so as to renew supplies at need. When the hot things have been duly eaten, the cold ones duly drank, and the serious business of the assemblage is again under way, as unobtrusively as possible re- ail the buffet, with platters ot sliced cake, all sorts at hand, tartleU, turnovers—all manner of good things, indeed, your pantry or your cake box can furnish forth. With these supply fresh potables—the sort depending on the Individual taste and purse. (Copyright, 1911, by the Associated Literary Press.) J R. SteWari went to Humboldt ihi.-; afternoon .\o more annuals \<iii \„- nubllshed , by (he Chanute high school. The, nian:>Ker of last years annual gave a . note for J"» to nay the.delictt and now J the school will siv" an entertainm«'nt and skirmish around In other ways t<> men thf r.ot«-, which soon falls due. Fortitnoi in Karef. , —There's often niiich truth in the sayii»g "her face is lu-r fort-.uu-" jm* its never sjtid wllere plmides, skin eruptions, blotlies, or other bl<-mlshes disfigure It. Iitiptire Iik >i >d is buck of I them all, and* shows tl .i- ne.-«l of Dr King's New Ufe Pills. They proiiiote health and beauty. Try them. cent:: at all druggists. Mrs. Alice Caldwell, wi.o visited i IF THE PAPER BOT FA 11.8 TO .. . . . I.. -J... . .1.11 ...Il IB ....I «ra IB III with tne Mothers' club yefsterday rc turned to her hdme in Kansas City today. ' deliver your paper call IR «nd we will, send you a paper hy a special carrier, the same eTenlng. We L Newcomb COOl) THINGS TO EAT! •4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our prices are right; our deliveries are right; our groceries are right. Call on Us FINE FISH AND FRESH.' By ^Nlcolaa Soyer, Chef of Brooks' Club, London. Herring a la Ruase: Take, four very Boft-roed herrings. Get the fish monger to bone them for you. In the center of each place a big teaspoonful of French mustard and a bit of butter. Dust lightly with black pepper and put In a well buttered bag. Add to them half a wineglassful of either hock or sherry and half a wine- glassful of either shallot or tar ragon vinegar, as preferred. Cook for fifteen to eighteen minntes, aceprding to the. thickness of the fisb. In a moderately hot oven. Dish up on a hot dish and serve with a beet salad. This is a most appetix* ing way of cooking herrings, but must be done In the bag if It la to be done to perfection. Smelts Milanalse: Clean a dozen amelts, roll them in floar. Pat an ounce of butter in a very hot dish, let it melt, roll the fish In this batter, sprinkle with a little cayenne pepper , and a little grated Parmesan, and: place them side by side In a well buttered paper bag. Cover llgbtly with bread crumbs and pour a little tomato sauco over each smelt. Seal up and cook for eight minutes in a very hot oven. Serve with slices of lemon. Freah Herring: Slit ,the fish on each aide in a borlson'tal direction. Place on it a litUe mace, bay leaves, parsley, a sitaall piece of onion and some salt and pepper. Add two table- spoonfula of vinegar. Place la a paper bag. seal up, put on the broiler In a moderate oven for twenty mlo- ates. (Copyright 1911, by Stnrgis ft Walton, Company.) It is the "v^nderful web-process by which it is madejlncl the perfecti6n of woifcnzin- ship in eyeiy detail, the result of sixty years experience, that makes the STEARNS & FOSTER best of all mattresses. It Q dust-proof, moisture-proof, vennm-pro<^. germ-proof—ifie most santfaiy mattress known. It is Ara/fA profecflbri to have a Steonis & Foster. Sold on 60 Nights' Free THd L. SLEEPER & SON Faruiture and rnilertakiog FREE! FREE! SATURDAY Gold Cups and Saucers In addition to the usual profit-sharinjg checks. Granulated 25 ib. ^ag$i .43 CANE S,UGAR 100 lbs, ..$5 71 ^/>e Union Pacific Tea Go. Phone 336 I.. 11, CL.VDFELTKlt, Mgr. No. 7 North Jefiferson lola, Kas. is King .Madi- only by NEW ERA MILLING CO.MPANY .\I (K.\.NH.\S '"ITY. KA.VS K. C. McKINNEY \Yhiili-«.:il<T 1()1..\. K.\.NS rhone SS'J At the Allen County Fair POLAR BEAR FLOUR won the following premiums: First Prize on White Bread by Miss Ella Chenault Second Prize on White Bread by Mrs. Lizzie.King First Prize on Light Rolls by Mrs. L. H. Wishard Second Prize on Light Rolls by Mrs. Gus Krannich SOLD BY ALL GROCERS NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 4i)i) Norlli Avenue. Joffer Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford. Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots Kejiolatiutt^ «f Condulrnrc. Whereas. It has pleubcil our Heavenly Father to remove from Carlylo Cjimp .\o. Ut>.">7. Koyal .Xi -ishbors <'i America, our Neltrhbor .Mufisif Suth- p:IanU. Therefore he it Resolved. That vke extetiil to the Stricken faniily our hf-artieli sympathy, and can unly |H >int them to the fiod sUf luved ami trusteil, und who doeth all thing.-' well Be li further Resolved. That He has taken one of oar most !>eloved members, a kind friends, one who was ulway» faithful, cheerful and ready to hel|> in any undertakinx for the KOW I of ilu- caiui) und .Veishbora Be It further Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and to the lola Dally Register for publication, and that a copy be spread on the niiuutf:= of our camp records. .MR.S. .\I.ICE C.A.L.DWEI.U. MR? IH)TT IllCKERSO.V. .MRS MITTIE HARVEY. Tlie following couples were married by Judge J. B. Smith in the probate court room yesterday afternoon: .Miss Effie M : Williams and E. P. Tinsley, hoth of -Moran: Miss Rosetta E. Mill'-r and W. K MeConneil, both of , Chanute. " ,

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