Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 11, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1889
Page 4
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If ever | the dockmen wpr,- iu a position to congratulate themselves it is now, for no Inss thnn ] £7,000 wus received yesterday nlone. Bui 'nary a red cent' camo from Ami-ric-a. As for thoir sympathy, I would say: 'D—n your pity! Give nsyonr boh'" , Honor* Arc Pretty Emr. i Some of tho newspapers mildly reprove ' Burns for his tirado ngainst American organized workmen, nn 1 gently point out tn him that in all the great strikes which have taken plncoin America within tho past years, if the English trades unions contributed any , sympathy to thoir eousins across tho water, it was all thoy did contribute. Cash has never been so universally a medium of exchange as sympathy between organized In | dustr.y in England and America, and it is hnrdly fair for Mr. Burns [Oopyrl^htoti by J. D. Upplncott company, r.ub. IMiers, riiiln'h-liililo. nnd pubilsai'il !»,- pofrnl-wlon through tlio AiiKTican Pr?.".!* AKCv>ci;uk>n.] CHAPTER I. HOW IT CAME ABOUT. E SURE to look us up whon you como to tho city." , This iuvltatirm was extended with i that delightful nf- fectntion of heartiness tlmt a man can asxuinn U'hnn ho believes that tho person invited will never avail himself of tho courtesy. Fortunately for tho purpose of this Ftory,Master Philip Hayn, whom Mr. Tramlay had asked to cull, was too young and too unaccustomed to the usages of polite society to regard tho reninjK in any but itu actual sense. It would have seemed odd to any ono knowing tho two men and thoir respective stations In lifo. Tramlay was a Now York merchant, well knovm aud of fair standing in tho iron trado. Hayii was son of tho farmer at whoso houso tho TVamlay family hod passed .tho summer. \Vheu tho Tramlays determined to exchange tho late summer dust »f 'the country for thn early autumn dust of "the city, it was Philip who drovo tho old fashioned rarryall that transported thorn to a t<»r tho nc- ' f roul the farm to .the railway station, Tho nt tll. Ollt. a and a \vil.l in s".-.rrh of to In in his uiind n fainil nvorythiiu; that v. • bars it, and !!•-.( all the n brr-^tlini: r<~>n1'l impart en ConPClOttS ilv>n]eiie.< B^lf snti-.n r '<l luiturf ly nt table nt Mrs. H.'i YM'S w, omelet, tell Mrs. iiayn's In Sunday cont Inokrd "so funny,'' mind freely l>oforo thn rvhnlu hou- ! tho horrid way iu "which tho half t Hayn boys worn their hair, and had no ! ' tntion in telling Philip Hnyn, two years penior, that whr-n iio cnmo in from tl; : in l)fa brown flannel shirt nnd pray felt hat ho lookod liko p.ii utter guy. But the Hayns were human, and, between pity and ndmirrt- [ tion, humanity long ngo resolved to emluro ! anything from a girl—if she is pretty. I Blowly tho Hnyns camo to like their board! era; moro plou-ly, but just us surely, tho Tramlnys learned to liko their hosts. Mutual respect licgan nt the extremes of both families. Mrs. Trnmlay, being a mother aud a housekeeper, beeumo so int'Tosted in tho fern- nino half of tho family's head that, sho ceased to criticise her husband's interest in thn old farmer. Tho Tramlay children wondered nt •.nd then admired tho wisdom mid skill of icir country companions in matters not un- erstood by city children. Last of nil, Lucia ound herself heartily respecting tho farmer's >n, aud forgetting his uncouth dress and his wkwardneKs of manner in her wonder at his eneral court*-sy, and his superior knowledge n Some directions where sho supposed she copied currenny without some nolico before- ! hcad of tlle uierchaiit's family was attired For"run-<iown," ilelillllii'tnl mid overworked _women.Jlr._1 > iercc'!ir»vont" 1'nwription is the best of airrcstorutiv.- (unl.J. lr-fcfirtmtt?n*- Specitic for nil those riironlf Weakiyw'8 r.nd Dincases peculiar to Women: n pmvrrtul. t'cn- oral as well aa uterine, tonic! nervine, u Imparts vl (tor and strength to i hew hoi" fiystem. 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Politicians seem to agree with musicians that through base methods are the foundation of harmony. • SHILOH'S CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whoopinu Cough ,and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J, M. Bickford, Rock FalEf hantL As a matter of fact', under similar circumstnncoSj'E inland hns novor sent n pnnny to Amori'Tin Ktriknrs. Anothur Comproml<tn Ilrjectocl. Tho snco id compromise Hahmitt^l to the strikers for thoir coiHidoratinn has met tlie fnto of tho first nnd has boon rojuct"d. This wns n proposal mado by Cardinal Manning on his. own initiative?, and ono which had not received tho approvnl of tho other mediators, nor of tho dock directors. It provided for tho imniedi'ito r(isinn;)iion of work by the strikers, nnd tlw co:iC9Ssion of tho in- crcnsod pay dctmndcd, to dato from Nov 1, Burns told Cardinal Manning that tho temper of the m*m was such that It would b« futile to urRo tho November compromise. Subscriptions for tho bonr-fU of tho strikers continue to flow in, nnd tho result is that many of the dock laborers nre faring bolter in idleness than they overdid while working, and, though this is only irue of the more shiftless of the men, tho fact hns h potent influence in postponing tho dny of settlement • " Another MyHtrrlouw Murder. LONDON, Sept. 11,—Tho mutilated remains of another fallen worn in. wero found by tho London police in the AVuitechapul district yosturdnv* flront oycit.omiM,!; folhnvnd thn discovery. The t>ody wns found in nil nn^!« of arnilway arch, nnd the head nnd nrms wero missing. The stomach was cut open and tho intestines taken, out aud laid on tho ground.' The mutilated body wus entirely JAMES $4 SHOE 08 THE JAMES MEAi S3 SHOE According to Yonr Needs. JAMES STEAKS 84 SITOK 711 IwlitandMyll.b. Itniillkrn stocking:, and TCKOUIKKS I ISO " ISttKAKIN<TlN,"b<v ' Ing perfecuyea«7 Uic ilm lime It orn. 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It was that of a •woman about :!U yonrs old. nnd one who was low in the social scale. Exports declare- it was not t.ho work of "Jack .tho Ripper," ns the mutilation was done with much Bkill, showing that tlio murderer had Bimo knowledge of Burgory. There is no clue to tho murderer. Queen Natalie Going to Visit Her Son. BELGRADE, Sept 11.—Tho city was thrown into a fever of excitement yesterday by the report from Odessa that Queen Natalie was coming to visit her- son, King Alexander, whether the regents liked it or not, and she was determined to Ignore tho conditions they prescrilwd at the instance of her former husband, ex-King Milan. What causes tho meet serious apprehension about this report is tho certainty that Quoen Natalie i« acting under .tlio'guidanoo of tho rzar. The regents aro iu a panic, not being able to decido upon any course of action. Tlu> Cartridge Factory Horror. ANTWEUP, Kept. 11.—M. Corvilaln, tho proprietor of the cartridge factory, is charged with homicide by imprudence. His defense is that the fire originated, in the petroleum sheds and caused the explosion In •the cartridge factory. Large subscriptions to the relief fund have been received. King Leopold heads tho .list with 1^,000 francs. Rilief fetes and performances have been given in Brussels, Paris, and Berlin. Jmlcen Arr«Htod for Talking German. —BT.~ PETKiisuuua, Bopt -11.—The entire bench of jiulgi-u of tho district circuit in the department ot Riga have been arrested by order of the government They ore accused of persistently using the German language on tho bench after they had received orders from Bt Petersburg to use tho Russian only. 'liko a well to do business ninn; I'hillp'h cout, vest nud trousers wore remnants of three different suits, none of recent cut. Tho contrast was miulo sharper by the erisy condescension of tbo older man and the rather awl; ward deference of Philip, and it moved Mi-s. Trmnlay to whisiKT, as lior husband lielp»xl hor aboard tlio train: "Supixjso hu wero to take you at your word, Edgar?" ~~ Tho merchant shrugged his shoulders slightly, nnd replied. "AVoryo men havocalled upon us, my dear, without being mado to feel unwelcome.." "I think 'twould bo loads of fun," remarked Miss Lucia Tramlay. **' Then the three, followed by smaller members of tho family, occupied as many scats near windows, and nodded'smiling adieus as tho train started. Philip returned thoirsalutatlons, except tho smiles; .somehow, the departure of all these people mado him feel sober. Ho followed tho. train with his eyes until it was out of .sight, then he Bteppod into tho old carryall and drove briskly homeward, declining to rein up and converse with suvund bidownlk loungers who manifested a willingness to con verso about thodejiurtod gm-.-,ts. When lie reachix! the outer odyo of the little village ho allowixl tho horses to rulnpso into tliuir nnrnial pnit, which wiisaslmv walk; hu lot the rciiis hang loosely, ho leaned forward until his elbows rested upon his knousand his hat briinBeemed Inclined to scrnpo acquaintance with tho dash board, then ho slowly repeated: " 'Bo sure to look as up when you como to tho city.' You ' J. MEASS Of CO., Boiton. fall HUM «f the «bovo choeii for «sle by J. B. BXXL & SON CUerllag, III* The dull surfaced ooze calf is now made up in dark brown and black shoes as well as in tan and russet, and has a soft, luxurious appearance. FITS.-All flta stopped free by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No flts after first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and 82.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. 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Tetter, Ohayped Handa, C'h!lbl«iia, *. onii, ua<l all Hkln Krup- ttoiis, au4 po«tivaly cure* Piles, or no ysiy r.i.iuirevl, H ta gaurauteej to give (letfeet «atufd«:.tiot», or rn»ju<3y refund- 9»i i'rU-^i i"> «uSj i*)r box. &y F) Is t$°* JS i«-li a* \A U «!..*• w 'o lie Persecuted. PABIH, Sept 11.—A despatch to The Soir- from Rome says: "It is reported that the Italian 'government will eipjl Kossuth from Italy on a demand from Germany, because in an address to Hungarians he protested against Premier Tisza'n tirade against France." - - . _.. Snlllvnu S:iyn It'* a Sham. DUBLIN, Sept. II.—Mr. T. D. Sullivan, member of parliament for College Green, Dublin, spanking at a Loaguo meeting last night, denounced Balfour's scheme of a state endowed Catholic university for Ireland as a sham. * __ Arrostoil .ut the Brink of the Grave. PiTTSBUiuj, Pa., Sept. 11.—Richard Fitzgerald was arrested yesterday afternoon, charged with tho inurdor of bis wife, while he,yet stood on the briuk of her grave at the close of tho funeral ceremonies. Mrs. Fitt- gerald died very suddenly Sunday night and under peculiar circumstances.' The physicians made an examination and discovered that the woman's death bad been eausod by cruel treatment Ono of Fitzgerald's ehilitren stated that ou last Saturday night his father hail brutally kicked and beat bin mother. New York SelecU Four Site*. NKW YOUK, Sept. 11.— The executive committee of the world's fair site and buildiugs committee yesterday decided to report four sites to tho full committee from which to make a selection, namely: Claremout park and vicinity, Oak and Barretto Points, Fort Goofge and inwood, Riverside and Morningside porks. Celebrating P«rrr'» Victory. NEWPORT, H. L, Bapt 11.—A few flags wero dis|tlayoil here yesterday and a salute flrod at noon in observance of the anniversary ot tho victory of Commodore O. H Perry on Lake Erie. Light colored but warm woolens will be worn all through the autumn until the vtormy day* of early winter impost) darker tint*. Tlio oUveut of the Tramlays at Ilnyn Farm had been productivo.of now sensations to all concerned. Tlio younger members of tho Tramlay family hod at llrst opposed tho plan of a summer on a farm: they had spent ono Season at Mount Desert, and part of another at Saratoga, and, as Lucia had boon "out" a year, and harl a sister who expected early admission to a metropolitan collection of rosebuds, against a summer In tho country~tbo rude, comoinu, ivnl country—tlio protests had boon earnest. But the. head of the family had said he could not afford anything bettor; trado was dull, a man had to livo within his income, etc. Besides, their mother's health was not cqijnl to a .-ump.ier in society; they would tlinl that statement a convenient excuse when explaining tho family plans to their friends. Arrived at Ilayn Farm, tho objoetious of tho juvenile Trumlays quickly disappeared. Everything was new and strange, nothing was repellent, and much wan-interesting and amusing; what moro could they have hoped for anywhere—even in Paris/ Tho farm was good and well managed, tho rooms noat and comfortable, though old fashioned, and tho people intelligent, though Miss Lucia pronounced them ( "a\vfully funny." Tho heat of tho family wns oub of the many farmers who "took boarders" to give his own family in opportunity to se-j people somewhat unlike their own circle of acquaintances—an oppor tuuity which they seemed unlikely over to find in any other way, had he been able to choose. The senior Ilayn -would have pu into his spare rooms a Union—Thoologicu seminary profes-sor with his family, but, as no such person responded to his modest ad vertisement, ho accepted an iron merchant and family instead. Strawberries were just rijxMiiiig when tin Tramlays appeared at rlayn Form, and the little Tramlays wero allowed to forago a will on tho capacious old strawberry bed then camo other berries, iu tho brambles o which they tore their clothes and colorei their lips for hours at a timo. Then eherrie reddened on a do/.eu old trees which tho chi] dren were never reminded had not beei planted for their esj>ecial benefit. Then thi successive yield of an orchard was theirs, st far as they could absorb it. Besides, tlier was a boat on a pond, nnd another ou a littl stream that emptied into tlio ocean . not fa iway; and, although the lluyn boys alwuy legmed to have work U) do,' they frequently could be pLM'riuadcMl to accompany tho chii dreu to keep Ihuiu from drowning them lelvea. For Mrs. Tramlay, who really was oil hi Valid, there wero long drives to be taken, over roads some of which were well shaded and others commanding flue views, and it was so restful to be ablo to drive without Special preparation ui tho way of dress— without, too, the necessity of scrutinizing each approaching vehicle for fear it might contain some acquaintance who ought to be recognized. As for the head of tho family, who spent only Saturdays and Sundays with his family, ho wcmed to find congenial society in tlio head of the house—a fjict jyhich at flrst-fjavo- hia wife great uneasiness and annoyauco. "Edgar," Mrs. Tramlay would say, "you know 111', flayn is only a common farmer." "He's respectable, and thoroughly understands his own business," tho husband replied —"two reasons, either of which is good enough to make me like a man, unless he happens to bo disagreeable. 'Common farmer I' Why, I'm ouly a common irou merchant, my dear." "That's different, protesUxl Mrs. Trauday. "Is itj \Voli, don't try to explaiii how, Uttla woman; 'twill be sure to give you a three duy»' headache." Bo Tramluy continued to devote bourn to chat with hi* host, pres*iii;; high priced cigar* ou him. nud sbariue; the farmer's pipes aud tiitwri) in n-turii. 1!.' f-nind Unit Hayn, like a:iy other furmei- with br.iim, hud dt-auisomo hard thinking in tho tuousiuid>i <>f days hU hands vv,-ro i.-utpi'-yv-d ut common *ork, aud tluit his vU-wn of affAirs in ^>-ncntl. out- the invi!M imi u hid had pxt..'ii!U'il. vacaney ]->• tin- Tramlay cil v home, and would avfii'l himself of t he h*-a,l of tho family [CONTJNUED.l STARTLIN G_EVIDENOE. OF THE CURE OP SKIN DISEASES WHEN ALL OTHER MilllOUS PAIL. ad gone rts far ns posr-ible, Sbo had gone through a finishing school of 10 most approved New York tyi>e, yet Fhilip mow moro of lan^iin^cs nnd history nnd cie.nco than she, when they chancwl—never irough her fault—to converse on such dry ubjocts; he knew moro flowers tlmn slio hud vor seen in a florist's shop In tho city; and nco when sho had attempted to decorate the rather bare walls of tho farmhouse parlor ho -orrfectod her taste with a skill which she was bliged to admit. There was nothing strange bout it, except to Lucia; for city seminaries nd country high schools use tho same text xx>ks, and maga/Jnes and nowspapers that ivo attention to home decorations go every- wliero- nevertheless, it seemed Ut T.neia tlmt no hn<l discovered a new order of being, and ly tho timo sho bad been at Hayn Farm a month sho found herself occasionally sur- irised into treating Philip almost ns if ho rere a gentleman. Philip's interest In Lucia was of much [Uickor development. Ho had had no prejii- liccs to overcome; besides, tho eye is more easily approached and satisfied than tho in- j)l\ccl, nnd Lucia hud acceptably filled many in oyo moro exacting than tho young farmer's. There were pretty girls in homes near layii farm, and moro in tlio village near by, >ut nouo of them were—well, 116110 wcro exactly liko Lucia, riiilip studied her face; it was neither Roman nor Urccin.ii, and ho was obliged to confess that thh proportions of her 'oaturoa wore, not so good as those of some girls in tho neighborhood. Her figure sug- ;ested neither perfect grace nor perfect itrougth; and yet whatever she did wns gracefully done, and her uttire, whether plain or coatly, seemed part of herself—a peculiarly that ho had never obasrvod among girls wrn in tho vicinity.' Ho soon discovered th*l sho did not know everything, hut whatever sho did know she * t-imiii not. iietj) eil- joying tho position of listener. 'Sho did not rftcn show earnestness about anything tlmt to him was moro tlmn trilling, but when she did go out of her customary mood for a moment or two sho was saintly; ho could think of no-other word that would do It justice. H(5"1md~not—liked—her—mam!e-r_to_his-owu_ mother, for at first tho girl treated that esti raablo woman as a servant, and did it in tho manner which makes most servants detest most young Indies; but had sho not afterward, witli her own tiny fingers, made anew Suuday bonnet for Mrs. Hayn, and had not his mother, in genuine gratitude, kissed horf Should ho bear malice for what his mother had forgiven? The young man merely admired and re epocted Lucia;-of-that he wns very sure. Regard moro tender ho would have blamed himself for, first, because love implied matrimony, which he did not intend to venture into until ho had seeii moro of tlio world-and perhaps gone to college; secondly, because he did not imagine that any such sentiment would bo reciprocated. Ho came of a family that through generations of hard experience had learned to count tho cost of everything, ovon tho affections, liko most of tho better country people in the older states. Ho had also on aversion to marriage between persons of different classes. Luciiv was to htm an acquaintance—not even a friend—whom he highly esteemed; that was all H<« father thought differently, and one day whon the two wero in tho woodland belonging to tho farm, loading n wagon with "wood to bo stored near the houso for winter use, tho old man said, abruptly: "I hope you'ro not growin" too fond of that young woman, Phil?" "No danger," the youth answered, promptly, though as ho raised his head his oyes did not meet his f ather's. -- ''You Boem to know who-I mean, anyhow," Bald the old man. after throwing another Btick of wood upon tho wagon. "Not much trouble to do that," Phil replied. "There's only one young woman." The father laughed softly; tho son blushed violently. Then the father sighed. "That's one of tlio signs." "What's a signlw-Bigu of what?" said Phil, affecting wonder not quite skillfully. "When 'there's only bno young woman' It's a sign tho young man who thinks BO is likely to consider her tho only one worth thinkin' about." . "Oh, pshaw 1" exclaimed Phil, attacking the woodpile with great industry. • "Easy, old boy; 'twasn't the woodpHo that said it. Brace up your head; you've done nothing to bo ashamed of. Besides, your old father con see through tho back of your head, anyhow; he's been procticin' at it over since you wero born." Phil seated himself on tho woodpile, looked In tho direction where his father was not, and said: . , I liko Lucia very much. She's a now fo>:o; she's different from tho girls about hero. She's somebody now to talk to, and she cnn talk about something besides crops, and cows, aud who is sick, and last Sunday's sermon, and next month's sowing society. That's all." "Yesj" said tho old man. "It doesn't aeem much, does it? Enough to have made millions of bad matches, though, and spoiled millions of good ones." I'hil was silent for' a momeut; then ho sold," wUhlilaugll: r "Father, I l>cliovo you're as bad as old . * 5 yrnrn. covrrlnff f/n*e. lionrt. nn<l cntlrei bo'iy with ivhitpi Rrahw. Nlcln red, Itrhy nnd Meriting;, llnlr nil Roue. Hp<*nt-linnrtrril«» ot itolIarK. l^rononncoa tnrnrablo. Cured hy C'utlrurn Ileniedlcn My disease (psorlasl-) drat broke out on my left cheek, aprejiiiiiiK across my nose, aud almost covering my face. It ran into my eyes, and tho physician was afraid I would lose my eycKlght altogether. It pprpud all over my head, and my hair all fell out, until I was entirely biilil-hPiuloit; It. then broke out on my arms anil Rhouldi-rs, m-- tll my arms were Just one sore. It covered my entire body, my face, head and shoulders being the worst. The white scabs fell constantly from my head, shoulders anil arms; the skin would thicken anil he rod and very Itchy, anil would crack and blce.ii If scratched. Alter spending ninny hundreds of dollars, 1 was pronounced Incurable. I heard ot the CUTICUUA KKMKDIKH, ami afur using two bottles CUTICUKA JtRsoii VIINT, I could see a change; and alter I hurt taken four bottles, I was almost cured; nnd when I had used six hnttlos ol CUTICUHA HF.SOI.VF.NT and one box of CUTIUUKA, nnd one cake ot Cu- TICUUA HOAT, I wns cured of the dreadful ill- sense 'rom which I hod suffered for five years. --"lf );nit. Thn first day g^ h"r feet liegan to d:iy tl!.-> infl.'imination ex- to tho calf, anil the third day M tile . ;ii<e. \Vhen Or. IVeyl w:is cnll.-d the wns In bed with Inr^o swellings and erilp- tinns on both l"^s. She ni'ov.'i'fxj aft'-r bu- hig treated for two wyks. Dr. \\'i-yl said that much nf thn velvet which, for insU-nlcn, is often wurn nroniMl tho neck by young wom^n, (VUIFV--, irritntion of the skin and roughness of tin- whole face. One pii>ce,, which ho prucnred directly frnni a dyer nnd manufacturer, pruduri-d erupt iuiin after It had bii'n worn but a few hours. Every bit of cotton or woolen un-!erclothing, according to Dr. Wevl, should be thoroughly boiled, soaped und rubbed beforo it is put ou for the first time. Colored silk underwear Is not SD dangerous ns other colored nnderwear, lx>cnuse the fllnTofsili; holds the dye mucli moro firmly than the (lliers of other goods.— Chicago Tribune. CROUP, WHOOL J 1NG COUGH and Bronchitis IminedmtHly relieved .-by Shlloh's Cure. For sale by I'e.rry, tlm druggist, aud J. M. Bickford. Hock Falls. would leave n very deep sear, but the CUTICUHA UKMKIJTKH cured ft without any se;irs. J cannot express with a pen what I sulTercd before using the CUTICURA RHM- F.DIKB. They saved my life, and J feel it my duty to recommend them. My hair is restored as good as ever, ami so is my eyesight. I know of a number, of different persons who have used the t UTICUHA KKMHDIKS. ami all Ii!i7o recolTed great beuellt from their use. MRS. KOSAKKIAY, Kockwell ('Ity, Culhoun County, Iowa. Cutlrura ICri Cure every species of agonising, humiliating. itching, bleeding, burning, scaly, bU'tchy, ami pimply rtlseitsrs of the skin, scalp, anil blood, wltn loss of lialr, from pimples to scrofula, except possibly Ichthvosls. Bolil everywhere. 1'rlce, CUTICUIIA. 50C. ; SOAV, 2r«. ; KKSOI.VKNT, tl. I'repured by the )'OTTKlt l)ltU(i AND ClIKMICAIj COIU'OKATION, «"ston. t3F~Ccn<t for "liow 1 to Cure Hkln DlseaRes,"ftl liages, Wi Illustrations, anil 100 testimonials. ptiyil'l.KM. l)l«ck;ieailH, red, rough, cliuppert r I "• and oily skin prevented hy CUTICUUA SOAP. IT STOPS THE PAIN. lliick Rclie, kldnty pains, wcukne^p, iciiiiiiitlsiii, and muscular patiiB itK- 1.1RVKH IN ONIt-milfUTEHTTIIItt'n- ___ ;'iiOi;JLi Ali'JJ-l'AIN 1'liAfiTKIl, lilt' ilral and uiily lust natancnua pain-killing plnntor. Several new and pretty shades ol lilac and violet cashmere are shown for houso dreaaea. An Unhappy Hume. wife-would something" said a husband who had been sorely tried with an Invalid wife. It seems a heartless speech, but who can tell the discomforts of a home where the wife is always sick. 1'oor food, crying children! Ko wonder the man grows desperate. Bin if he would get Dr. Plerce's Favorite Preacription for his wife he would find that the sunshine would return to his home. "Favorite Presciiption" is a positive cure for the most complicated and obstinate cases of .lencorrhea. excessive flowing, painful manstruation, unnatural sup pressions, prolapsus or falling of thi womb, weak back, "female weakness," anteversion, retroversion, "bearing- down" sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of the womb, inflammation, pain and tender ness in ovaries, accompanied with "internal heat." Half shawls of white muslin and lace are worn with bats of shirred rmis lin to match. THEHJEY.OEO. H. THAYKK, of Boarboo, Ind,, iaya: "Hoth myself and wife own our livt*« to Hlill4>H'aCOH- SUMlTtDN CUKE." Fi?f sal« by Ferry. th« arog^iAt, a»\i J. M. BtcStiord, Hock Iu tt.m* »i'.io of lh<i iron tfutte a« Tniiiihiy'« own, IT lljf w»» th-. {! w 14 v re lit !"<t»t i of any t ! A. bound whom WILL YOU cough when Shut, s Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts., and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Mckford, Hock Falls. Pure white toilets, prepared for autumn, are exquisite in thoir artistic simplicity. : "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough; Shiloh'e Cure is the remedy for you. For salr by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Eock Falls. . "or rouge" is the name of a new red gola color, with more red than yellow in it. - Died of Heart IHseose. Many eminent, men, among them Mr. Vanderbilt, Mr. HendrlctiB, Gen. McClellan and Josh Billings died of heart disease last year. Authorities state that one person in four ima it, though few known it. Tim symptoms are shortness of breath, pain or Cenile.rni'Kj in wdn. palpitation, orsmolhei- ed feeling in the ohent, tendency to faint, swelling of feet, ankles, etc If you have any of these symptoms do not fall to try Dr. Miles New Cure for the Heart. Forsaleat A.H.[lendrick's or J. M. Bickfiird's Drug. Full velvet sleeves are a feature of silk und wool gowns predared for autumn trousseaux. From S. II. Hcrrlngtnn, "veterinary surgeon," while treating ahorse for luck- jaw, slightly injured one of his lingers, a tooth of the unimnl causing a very painful wound and for a timo it looked as if it might prove serious. He is now much better. S. B. Crouch, of Coleta. while visiting at Harry Yocum's last week, had a very poor spell and for a time his family were greatly alarmed. Penrose and Mllledgevlllo played a game of ball on Wednesday last until they wero compelled to seek shelter from a drenching rain. The score stood 7 to 3 in favor of tho former. Try it : again, boys. C. E. Goshert has just added two . more sits of rollers to his' milt, ranking mall twelve seta. He hns also engng- ed tho services of E. .T. Polk, of Mar- linsville, III., a^? head miller. Mr, Polk has had fifteen years experience in the milling business, The new meat market starts out with very fluttering prospects. Nicholas tlajt, who hns been visiting frlendd at Augusta. Michigan, re'. . • — .. .. "^ .-- .i — ^."-. .,«> . i — «v ...... . : lUI.JUU llwllltl »/«» XItUtoUI»j. l..\.. *v. ports orops generally very poor, owing to dry weather. Humor says that the store building' soon to be vacated by Brown Bros, will be occupied by another party and will' carry about the same line of goods, except wHl"adrd~gfocerleK : - Quite a number of our citizens attended the Morrison fair last week. Next year they expect to attend the- Sterling fair. What is to;hinderr Jack, the peeper, paid the north end! citizens a visit on Friday night and had he remained in- one certain place' two minutes longer, he would have' felt what virtue there was in a revolv-- er. • C. S. Kellogg & Co. sold 57 ponieff here on Saturday last, ranging in price from S3 to 8125. Taking them as a whole, they were very good. Sol Beard did the most of the talking. The fun commenced whon the owners tried to introduce them to the halters. We think Milledgeville hasn't had such ft show for along time. They tried* to teach one pony to get used to a slipping noose drawn tight around the throat, but just bs he was fairly broke he up and died. Wo learn that John Chiaholm, one of the wealthiest men in tho Co., is very poorly and the chances are against his recovery. He made his will last Friday. Several of our energetic citizens have* leased the forty acres of land just west of town, owned by Henry Myres. and) are putting it in shape 'for a race track. Milledgeville defeated Hock Creek in: a game of base ball on Tuesday 21 to O.i TheDixon Baptist Association willl be held at this place commencing on, Tuesday, the 17th, and closing Thursr. day. . Mrs. Tripsey, whom mother's always laughing at because sho thinks a man's In love if h» sees her daughteuthomo from prayer meet- Ing." "P'r'aps so, my boy—p'r'aps—and maybe aa bad as you, for every time there's a bad thunder storm you'ro afraid tho lightning'll strike the barn. Do you know why I It's because your finest colt is there. Do you see'/" Phil did not reply, so the old man continued: "I'll make it clearer to you. You'ro my finest colt; there's more lightnings in a girl's eyes than lever baw mthasky; you don't know when it's going to strike, and when it hit* you you're g»ne Iwforo you know it." "Much obliged, I'll BOO to it that 1 myself welt," wild I'ulL Novt'rthyluss, Phil stmliod I.urui who ht> ht»d opportunity —studi^l her fttou Nervous 1>1» eases. There are more nervous than blood diseases. Thus, a weakness of the nerves of the brain causes headache, fits, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc.; a weakness of the nerves of the stomach cauafia.dyepephia,.pain^wind, eto4 ot the lungs makes "weak lungs;" of the liver, produces biliousness, constipation, et-3.; of the womb induces irregularities, sterility* pains, etc.; of the sexual organs, impotency, etc. For all weaknesses Dr. Miles' Uestora' lye Ner- vine surpessea all other remedies. Trial bottle free at A. H. Hendrick'a or J. M. Bickford'a Drug Store. Black velvet capes are lined with white silk and trimmed with white silk passementerie. CATAUHH CUHE1), health and swe«t breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price fiO cents. Nasal Injecior free. For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Jlickl'ord, Hock Falla. TO HEAL ALL BLOOD CONTAQIO1?.' 0 , THK I1I3T IN THE •WOULD. I think Swift's KpcclUc b the best blood rcraeily in the ivrrrlii. 1 hnvp'tnirm h II In"miike Bornd"vrbiiclci^~ fnl cures of jsiilfujs v.lio were rouslileriHl Incurnlili*. j). M. CKAYKOK, Crowvllk-, Ui. Treallso on r.lnnil nn;l n:ln Dircfiwi mailed fu-iv BWIPT Spi:ni-'n: Co.. i'r:iw(T3, Atlanta. (; h'il til. . her ii i rt r with t.) it illf- !i.--r Kt» «« i a « dk i) * Stuart frills of co«tly lacefallinx over tbo norsagti are worn on many bodices sligbtly op«n iu the ueck. and tiv in, t

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