Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1912
Page 2
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2 C! A VI i>^er look up tliat^ iflew Overcoat l3 /ml! now. We have all the new'inoveltiesi of t.he season at ,... -97.50 to $25.0q ^{iiiiiianimiDiiHDfi HYDE PARK MODEL 23 English type overcoat 43 inches long. Satin yoke, piped seams, bellows pockets, very full box back. A fine coat. (Model 25, PaU Mall, is same coat cut 45 inches long and full lined.) BARGLAY-SHIELDSGLO.CO. I "Th*' HtMise «l' Qunlitj" ______ A2i L HABIES. Bubl«>s short .And H:ibi*'£ tall. Doni .voii Komi'liow Ixjv.' til.-in :ili: BabiPs fat ; And b:^bi«>s thin, Babie.s with A tootlili 'ss grin, Babfcs with WtrP to<>th and \vliil«>, . Babies dark And babies liKhi. Babies with Glad glinliijg <->• s. Babies sad. ^ And fnll of cries. Babies with dark .iOr yellow hair, I Qabies with their "AVee polls all baiv, Bnbles that all I Bcribbon»Hl go. Babies garbed In calico. Babies strong And babies wi';ik. Babies well i Aiid babies ill. Babies loud . And babies.still. Babies with Straight limbs and strong. Babies with limbs Somehow gone_ wrong— Oripiil.'d babies! Bless your soul— 1 have fallen In a hoi.- — Nothing hurts Ones hejirt so iniirh • As a baby ' With a crutch: Anyhow— Short babi<'s or tall— W«I1 or ill— 1 love them all! ; —J'ldd Moriiraer Lewis, in Houston | Post. ^ Mr. nnd Mrs. \Vni I'urr. of SK-rlini:. t kaiisus, are her" visiting Mrs. Beam ! and other friend?. , " ' •:- • • MR and Mrs. .At/bacli, of /'ollitis- (vilie, wh.i.havi bi><)i lien- visitiiig Mr. Atzbach's tnoiher. .Mrs. Margaret Atz- Cold Feet i.dor bi'd ft'llows, even If tli.-y"rc your own. Better get Diif iif our strongly-inade new nililier nor «AiKi{ rMHTi.K.s .iml kei'i) foinfoitable. One night's comfort is surely worth the iiri<'e and ot!(> ol' l>ot- I'les is g(Kul for years of serviei-. [•"risli lot rigiit iro.ii the factory. STORE The Itexnll Store WV.ST SIHK OF SQr .VKE. UiM' thisw,, Nursesl^ . one hundred rand Sftyniiraes .In st- ttniaabtfuitt one^-of <<tl|e .ihost important dli^Haslons Is <|^tered about th^ proppsfUon of presenting a bill to the o«xt legislature r ^iilring all trained nurses to pass a state exami-|, nation after wlilcb tbeywill be'a1<^ lowed to I's.- tiUe R. N. (registerefl .nurse I. This they believe will pro-'_ tect Lc Ji the profession and those whoj requite C. services of trained nurses. • • * - —Get your candy at Mund 'ls Drfig Store. + * • Trinity Methodist church was well filled last night for the mid-week con, cert. The program consisted of vot cal and Instrumental muSIc and read'j ings by talent from Tola and Gas City.1 Two vocal solos by Mr. Rdwin Huiiterj deserve special mention, us also tbi' piano numbers b.v Mr. Frederick Pr*; vert. The large audience was very at-*! lentive and appreciative throughoUki the whole of the long program. '} •> • <- «| - Lecture Course tickets for sale at .1. v. .Merchant's .lewelry Store. • • •> Tonight the festival will be eontin'T ued with a lecture on the "Symmetrical Lifei" by Rev. H. C. Kephari, of .Moran, who is said to be one of. the tnost eloiiuent of the younger preachers of the church. Tomorrow night; Rev. O. S. Xiisbauni of Parsons^ one of the most' populaj- evangelists, one of the best singers and one of the best ministers in the state will lecture. The music for the evening will bq furnished by the Booster Quartette. , •> <• • • Circle nunitHT ten of the Methodist I^ndies' 'Aid society and the Kpworfli Leaiitic of the same church will hold a joint exchange in the Hcbart building on the south side of the snuart- on Saturday, October 12. * * •> Rev. n. C Mootnaw. who has been attending the state convention of Christian churches In Ijirned. this Week, will ri'tiirn home this evening. •:• •> Mrs. K. W. Mvler went to Mor;>ii today to attend the fair at that place, and tomorrow she will go lo Savour burg to attend the Savonburg fair. •> • At the n'eellnu of the Art <liib y«;<- terday plans for the year's work nnd study were discussed but no delitiite arranRetne-*<» were made. Another tnm-ting be held next wiek to; complet)' f..'.- jdans. <• V •Miller's Champion Now is the time to buy ^ngs and Draperies, And we are prepared to show you the best and "iri<fet beautif111 linfWhavfe-ever shown, at prices tha We bdughl very heavy, in ourtRug andi Drapery Departmt^it .this fall,.therefore were able to get very low prices • and we are going tojrive our customers the,lMnefi^ COME WITH TriE CROWDS THURSDAY,FRIDAY AND SATURDAY J iKich. will li'avc soon for S|)rijigfield. iMiiiois. • •> The I'riscilla club had a very pleas- .•ini meeting .vesterday afternoon at the heme of Mrs. C. F. Lowry. After the bulsine.css meeting' chocolate was served at a table suggestive of Hal­ lowe'en, with a centerpiece of pumpkin \inis a!id blossoms and candles. .\'great dial of merriment was created by the stories which the members told while inarshmallows were being toasted. • Thi' i!je!i ,bir<: of ih>' Working snoi- • ly of the Presbyterian church are iti- ited to take their work and spei'.d ih* •ifWTnoon at' tne iir.'.-otiage tomorrow or if that is not possible at least part of the afternoon. Mrs.^ Hilschi-r will 1.1' assisted in cntertaliiing bv Sirs C. H. Shields and Mrs.iS. R. Burrell •> • At the nnH'ting of the Mother's club v <>8terdav 'he usual routitie business atti 'inlid to and the program piveii. There were no visitors but the members spent a pleasant social time aft.'r the work hours, 4. 4. .> —.\ew Wall Paper at Burrell's Urug Store. * <> <• Circ -le nniiili.-r iwflvf of the Ladles' Aiii soii-'iy of the M .il .odist church will hav.- a chit ken .-inpiii r in the fariinrs" room <if the eoitr; liousi' next Saturday eviuiiig, beeiiinin}-. at fiv*^ o'clock. BRIDES .SILVER The adva:i;.!ges of s»?'iections here, acide lioiii !!.<• intrinsic i^nperioriiy • cf the Silv .-r. are 4 he great variety of patten;:- ftiii: vvhkh to Hr -It -cl and I'lc 'experience of an expert silver lecrehai:! in iilaciii ^T tti'! at the buyer's diP))Osal. PiilCES AI!K .NOT HIGIlliR BFIC.'vrSE OK ITS Plt!::«Tl(;i:. . ^^axm tfoL SSBta Fe and M. IL A V. Watch IfesiHMtors. RUGS A large and beautiful assortment uf patterns to select from. . 9x12 Wilton Velvet Rugs, priced at......... .$40.00 8.3xia(j Wilton Velvet Rugs, priced at $35.00 11.3x12 Body Brussels Rugs, priced at $37.50 9x12 BodV Brussels Rugs, priced at $30.00 8.8x10.6 Body Brussels Rugs, priced at $25.00 6.\9 liodv Brussels Rugs, priced at $20.00 11.3.\12 Axminster Rugs, priced at $.37..50 9xj[2 Axniinsiev Rugs, priced at .$25.00 8.3x10.6 Axminster Rugs, priced at $20.00 11.3x16 Bigelow Electra Rugs, priced al $42..50 .9x12 Bigelow Electra Rugs, priced at $30.00 •9x12 Velvet Rugs, priced at $22.50 "11.8x12.6 Tapestrv Rugs, uriced at $22..50 9x12 tapestrv Rugs, priced at $12..50 and $17.50 • 8.3x10.6 Tapestry Rugs, priced at $12.50 i Linoleums, 72 inches widi.', running yard $1.25 Linoleums, '1 yard wide, running yard $2.80 , »• • • SMALL RUGS, A large assortment of Small Hugs in Velvets A.xminster, Utojiia and Mohair; all .sizes; j)riced fr.iin $1.25, $1.50, .$2.00, $2.50 to $10.00. DRAPERIES^ Never before have we shown such a beautiful line of Draperies and Lace Curtains as this season. • Curtain Scrims in plain and fancy, also plain with fancy borders; a large line to choose from— . priced, at .............20c, 25c, 35c, 45c to H.5c yard Cui-tain Madra.s, priced from 25c to $1.25 yard A beautiful line of Curtain Voilcj^and Marqui .'Jettes in plain and figured; also plain with .sat in linish borders. Priced from; ^ 35c to 50e yard Curtain Net.s in whit^,^ cro .ini :ind ecru; priced from. .20c. 25c, 3.5c to 95c yard Silkoline, priced at .. .15c yard Curtain Swiss, a yard. lOc and 1.5c ' Portiers, priced from , .$2.50 to $6.00 Couch Covers priced from 25c to $6.00 * LACE CURTAINS. in all nets in white, cream and ccni. Spcciallv priced from T.'.c, $1, $1.25, iilSM to$7..50 pair » Our Attractions Are High (Quality and Low Prices is the very best combination conk stove. Hums coal, gas or wood. .1. 11. Riley, SUCT cessor to Cole Ilardwaie Conipiiny. » •> • A yirthilnv Social is to l>e glveti at the Baiitist dnirch tonight •:• * • Jlre R. C. Walker entertained tie <-,-fr.>-iei? sneu'bers of her Sunday school class at six o 'clock dinner at her home on Tiiesday evening: Begs Bilbe. Nina \Vhe«'ler, Mililred l.:;wy<r. Mnry Gates. Cleone Stebbins, Vila Ray ICdna Keith, B-th Swim, Leanore Wil- 'jon and- Ada Round. Miss Ruth Price assisted Mrs. Walker !n enfeirtaining. Ai the close of the dinner 'he class was organized and Mis3 .\'ina Wheeler was mt'd- pp-si- :!eht. and .Misr Bo's Billbe secretary and tren.surer. Social and Sunday school -lesson noirmitteeg- will lie appointed by the president to prepare for the monthly meefines and The Mtiartrrly programs. The class will meet tUe first Tuesday in each month. <• •;- •:• I Mrs. A W. Howland and Mrs. A. W Alleii entertained jit dinner y-.-sier- 'lav (or Mrs. Clara Howland and son. Lewis, and Miss Hartley of Crissman, 111. Miss Hartley was called hf^p by 'he death of her sister, .Mrs. Fi-tliern- gill. i BOWLixr. fl.l.MES ST.IKTED. ItiKit Team nelValeti the Ker>ey Team l,asl Mffht. The first bowling game of the season between the Root and Kersey lea :iis was idayed on the Club Alley: last night. Kersey, RiMit and Postni' who us'.ially roll iip a good score were off last night, and failed to COUK any ways near the standard set b' ".lack" Mundis. who secured the highest number of points for ten framc- l»i '..)*in8 in all. Herb Wbitaker se- •iired the highest score for*the entire •;atne of thirty frames, making .'il." points. The totals of the men who I 'layed are; ROOT TKAM. •A'hitak.-r -'.I't i'osion i-U Ritchie — 43S Root 48S 1ST2 KERSEY TEAM. Bell 468 Bowlus 453 <ersev 381 .\l:indib 48.". 37ST XK.lKI.y .\\ I.X'H OF H.\IX. Showers Las! Mpbl Were Short bof .MeunI Business. it rained last night, and it rained 'lard. too. Yet not a few were surprised this morning when they discovered that tbe total pi-eclpitation was but .88 of an inch. The rain fell, not in one continuous downpour but in heavy showers, scattered through out the night and early morning. Witl the rain there came a small amount of lightning, which did no damage whatever. The telephone company which usnallj'' reports a dozen;or sc -ibones out had no n-iK)rt to make today as not a phone in the city was burned out , The Frjer Brothers store is being made into a double store, with the meat deitartinent located in the old lola Meat Market building. A large door is being ctit between the two rootns. and with the best of. labor It is exi>ected that the new department will be qpened uji Sattirday morning. .Mr. Fryer has been anticipating this change for some time, but not until of late, were matters so arranged that it was possible to make the change. UNCLE SAM IS BEAR TODAY IKOl" RKlMIHT TOO MII^ll' FOK THE Hl'M.S ON .M.VKKKT. The Cows. Ihiweu-r. Were Siead.v in I'flce and Hogs Are I'li al K. C. ! and Itonn iit Chicago. ('hl('»K;o Livestock.. (Tiicago. Oct. 10.—CATTLE, receipts 4..100; market strong. Beeves fiitJiMl.tiO; stockers and feeders $4.4"WTSO; cows and heifer.'* JS.HO'Tr s .m. IIO(;S—Ri'ceiiits lS.O(pi>; market, good grade strtmg: others w^ak. Light $.»i.(;of;!t .2.'.; mixed $'.'fj y.,-^!'; heavy pigs 14 7 -."i 'fr7 .i."«. WE PAY YOUR MILEACE Phones 318-319 {;iiicago. Oct. 10.—There was a stioig lit'arisb sentiment in the wlwat iiit :• ri'-^iill of the government crop leport. and the longs wi-re fr<"e sellers. The oi)ening was •l,'i/,%c down. I'L'icmher .-itaited at and declined to y2>4c. WHEAT—Close: .Inly n^^; Dec. •.I2K; Mav 'JCft IK'."-'.. COR.V—Clove: Oct. f.:;i-j; Dec. r.:!'.i f£.-.3%; May :<2M'<ir'i. OATS—Oct. 321,4ft::2>^; Dec. VJ^; -\Li.v 34!(,. Kaiistis i'Hy rriHluce. Kansas City. Oct. 10.-iJlliTER— Creamery 2Sc; firsts 2t!; seconds 24; liacking s-tock 22Vj. KGGS—Extras 2t;c; firsts 24 Vi: >-ec- !;nds ISc. I l.-\V- -Market unchangeil. Choice limolhy ti:;..".!"?! H.mi; ».|i<iice prairie i $12.r,i). \ BROO.M COR.N—Sleadv at $.-.0. Lead and Spelter..St. Uiiiis. Oct. 10—Lead, market { • liiiet at $4.!>.">; spelter, market quiet , at $T4i)fi7.4.-.. ' R. C. McKlNNfiY 115 VyEST STREET sells FEED WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Deliveries for noon must be in by 10 a. m. Deliveries itii- evening must l)e in by 4, p. m. Knnsjis City (•rain. Kansas City. Oct. 1" ^ ('a.<h Wheal, 'larket iinchan.^ed t<' "^c higher. .\o. : hard. SS(& 91.; .\o. :;- STftS'H'-j; .No. 2 .ed. $1.03ei.o.".i"; .\'o. 3. '.iCriil.oS "lose-Dec. S-JIfS't'^; May SIl^W 91%. COR.V—.Market I to 2; lower. No 2 mixed. til«/fi3: .\'o. 3. f.r.«ii;2; No. 2 white. S.S'TtCn; .\'o. <;7f.iti8. Close— Oct.'4>!%<f»4S*;; I)t<-. 41t'r/4!t!;: .May 49(^49%. OATS—.Market unchanged. .Vo 2 •vhltp. 32'ift33>-..;.N'o 2 mixed. 32>:;. Receipts of wheat. 142 cars. IXTER.OCE.IN IS SOLI*. l-oral Miirki't.s. j fProduce quotations fiir^iish »d daily i by Coghili Commission Company). ' ,, " „ .- , • . .PI ,. /. t < i, • BUTTER-20C iH.r pound. ; H-'l'^''^ V^"' ^^f*-*-'""'"- . EGGS-20C per dozen. 1 Ke |M .I»l)c«n Pt.per. POULTRY—Hens 9c; cocks 4c:' r.i • . .. u ...... i springs '.tc; ducks flc; geese r.c; tur- C.''"'3K"- keys 9c: guineas 20c each. .-ji.ror and puld she- of the ( I'lcugo HORSE HinES --»2-00 to ?2.7r.. , Record-llerald. today purchased the ni.'WK» iifiii.'« too I'icago Inter Ocean from Oeorgt- U BKbF IHnK .s-IOc. 'llinman- who will retire fro,,, .'Ui(Gruin f|uolations fiiriiivhed daily b> • Si,ilth 1). Ray.i COR.N—7.">«r to SOc jnfr bii.shil. KAFFIR COU.\'-S.-.c per IIIISIIHI. WIIE.AT—SOc to S.'.c per liavhel O.VT.S—Hk- per bushel. HA !--$('. to $7 per ton. Kan <H» Cily Livestork. Kansas City. Oct. H<—CATTLE, re- •elpts .'..000; market steady, .\ative steers $6.50(510.90; cows and heifers l?.jilj@6.70: stockers and feeders $4 40 ^7.50; bulls |4.U0fi.'i..'.O; calves $."..'in Q9..=;o. HOGS—Receipts 7.'J"i": market r, o lOc up. Heavy $S.7.''fi s ft.".; pack- •rs and butcl}ers isfiOftSOO; light »S.40@8.90. ' : SIFFRAliE SI'K.VKEK HERE. 1 How to Make Better Cough Syrup thiut HI You Can Buy B A Famllr Sapplr. Sartnc $2 and i .Spi-NkinR Date .Missed She Talked to llii« Keelster. Miss Mills, who has campaigned in Pennsylvania and Ohio for eiiual suffrage, was a vifeitor in Ida today, and when it was discovered that she could nor remain here for a speakine date but must hurry on to l.awrence she calleil at the Register office. She blames the defeat of suffnige in Ohio on the liquor Interests and says that its defeat in Kansas would be construed by the Demon Rum as a victory for hitn. The young lady can talk fast, loftically and pleasantly and at the same time earnestly and local su(fragi.sts missed a good meeting. • I cago Journalism. .Mr. Kohlsaat. accordiii.g lo an announcement niadi- this afiern<K>n. will take immediate charsye of the Inter Ocean. Important changes in the business and editorial organization of the paiier arc said to be included in the iiolicy which .Mr. Koblsaat lias planned. Mr. Kohltaat was part owner of the Inter Ocean from 1891 to 1S93. He he- came editor and publisher of the Chicago Times-Herald In 189.'.. The Times-Herald and the Record v,ere consolidated In 1901 into the Record- Heralil. Mr. Koblsaat was with the Record-Herald until 1902 when ho withdrew, only to resume his connection with that paper .lanuary 1. 1910. Mr. Koblsaat severed his connection with the Record-Herald. He took active charge of-the Inter-Ocean today. In an annmincement issued today over Mr: Kohlsaat's signature, the Inter- Ocean Is declared to be regular He- publican in politics. No consideration of the purchase was made public =I|J LIGHTM>(J BIRNED .\ B.VRN. HIXTIXG ACCIDE.VT FATAU A full pint of cou^li syrup—as much as you could buy for $2.50—can easily be made at bomej- Vou wilj find notbiug that takes hold of an- obstinate cough more quickly, usually ending; it inside of 24 iKJurs. Excellent, too. for croup, whoopinx cough, ^re lungs, asthma, hoarseness and utlier throat troubles. Mix one pint of granulated sufpr with ^ pint of warm water, and stir for 2 miiiutes: Put 2'^ ounces of Pinex (fifty cents' worth) in a pint bottle, then add tbe Sugar Syrupy It keeps pevfcctly. Take a teaspoonful every one, two or three hours. This is just la-xativo enough to help ctire a eough. Also stimulates the appetite, which is usually upset by a cougii. The taste is pleasant The elTect of pine and sugar syrup on tbe inQamed membranes is well known. Pinex is the most valuable concentrated compound of Xorwav white pine extract, rich in ^uaJaeoI and all the natural healinf; pine elements. Other preparations will not work in this fonnnla. The-Finer and Sugar Syrup recipe ia now used bv thousands of housewives throiigfaoai the United States and Canada. Tbe plan bas been imitated, but tbe old Rueoessful formula has never been«qaalcd. A Koarantv of abwiute sattsfaetion, or BKNiay promptlv refunded, w»e» with this Teelpe. Vour druiHot has Pinex, or will •pil it for vou. If not, .send'to The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, ImL W. J. Donnan, South of Lalfiir|>e,j Sustains Severe Less. The big barn on the W. J. Donnan farm, a mile south of Lallarpe, was ! Yates Center Youth Stumbles and Falls and (>un IH Dlschnrged. Yates Center. Kas.. Oct. 9.—Amo Miller, a young man 2.=> years of gage, living 12 miles tiorthwest of this^-ity. , accldentallv shot himself and died struck by lightning during the thun-i from his injuries a few hours later, der showers last night and burned to the ground. JA large amount of hay and grain, some farm implements and two valuable cows were burned before they could be reinoved from the building. Al! of the horses were saved. The bam was partially covered by insurance. "This misfortune comes like a malicious .stroke of Pate, for at the time of the fire, the Donnan family was still shocked by the death of Mrs. Donnan's mother. Mrs. Brister. which oc- The "Finish" of a Photograph T HE Miiialier details of \)ic- tiire making sometimes: calliil 'til., fmish" of a photo. gr:iph..are given a.s- much attention as the lighting and po'sing of the siitiject—giving a PERFECT RESULT. Gibson's Studio MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! r PROGRAM ••TIIE VOICE of the .MILLIOXS** "THE A.M.MATEH WEEKLY" "KE.SCFED BV WIRELESS" A story of an Ajiierican girl' liele :igii».ii in Mexico and rescued i)y iiieanK of a wireless message. Dl'ET—-You're .lust Toe Sweet to Live." MUSIC—PIA.XO AND DRUMS He was hunting on-a farm near his ^ home and was unable to state just ' how the accident occurred fiirtlier; than that he stumbled and fell and in , falling the shot gun he carried was | in such a manner tiiat the , full load of .No. 10 shot struck hinfi in ' the body, .\fter tho accident hej at- ; tempted to crawl to the house and was ! fc-und about 73 yards from it in a. mangled and semi-conscious condi- • tion. ; Two physicians were summoned curred at their home at 8 :1 .5 o'clock! and performed an operation in a des-^ Wednesday evening. Hortirnltnral Xeetinir. The Horticulttiral Society will hold its October meeting tomorrow (Friday) at city hall In lola. over the gas office. The subjects for discussion are "The Rest Varieties of Peaches and Apples to Plant in Allen County." "Getting the Orchard and Garden Ready for Winter." "Best Method of Picking and Storing Apples." Picnic dinner al noon. B. F. PAXCOAST. Secy. nerate atteiiipt to save young Miller's life, but the operation proved inef- I fective and the young man died from his wound, despite every effort to save him. That Cook Stoye which is no(->giving satis/action.. ^ 'can be replaced to splendid ad-, : vantage out of our big dependable line of tJAKLAXDS SEE ABOUT THIS TODAY!.' •••^ The father of Mrs. John Young of .AWlene Rejectorr^ifPtfaty Cj »18^ the Portland Hotel, aged 79 ve -,rs, is' After thei^ Stahdard Oil'bad coatfVSdt- Iving at the point of death at his room | ed |100.000 to the campaign fund and ... .. - 1 f(i .- . I If nnri .ill VkAAti c.tAm, WKAV.. 'i the hotel, after H long illness jrom i liver trouble. He has been growing gradually weaker nnd lapsed Into unconsciousness last night, there bi-ingj slight hope that be will rally. It had all been spent where it iwotild «'n the most good he wrote a tettett four days before election demanding inai it be returned nnd filedjiie letter for future reference. Great foresight..

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