Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 29, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1903
Page 2
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Y CHASi P. |COTT*, - ^~ ^roB8cmPTI0Jr BATE»: ^ • ^_ OneMoBtb - Forty-four Owjl* One ycyl ^^j- Five Dollaw and Twentypw I - 'AdTMrtlsIoc ratM mad* kaoim oo anU- eatlon. -^IRED OF STRIKES IN CHICAGO. During the past'twenty years there lave i>rpl)ably been more strikes, lockptits and othei forms of labor dls- tirbances in Clilcago than in, any loi her city in his country. This sQring, P;! iticulariyi cop<]itiqs|s the have been very- bad, and manyimillionB ol dollars have, been sac^iflbcd in the strug-' gjjs between employers and the wlirkinen. It is especialljf gratifying, tlierdfore, tb note that better days seem to beiftt bahd. At a;meeting of the Chicago Federation of Labor the oher day the following resolution was passed: • , ' We declare thle unions affiliated •withvthis body thait enter Into agreement with employes or employers, as SQClations must be. prepared at all times to, carry out the letter and spirit of" the agreements entered into and that the Chicago Federation of Labor will not endorse the action of any union that violates an agreement, and hereby declares that such action on the part of any union carries with it the forfeiture of any support from this body. I . , Cammonting u[on this action one of the consorvatlvi s labor . leaders is qiuoled as saying "The prevalence of so mi^iy ecnsel ;ss < strikes, because of differences- th it could easily have been adjusted, hjid ifjorebearance been shown, has turned 'pubiic sentiment away from us. We must have the support of public opinion, without which' our cause Is lost before we venture on it." ^The expression of sush sentiment lifould, go to show - that the most thoughtful labor leaders are tired of strikes and are determined to over thrdw the domination of the hasty - agitators.who are for the most part responsible for them. ton that Hon. ThoB. Byan Is seriotuly, — . ^ III wlll^be received wlQi mv^ cem by his Kansas friends. Mr; Ryf^f' as Firsti Asslsta^' Secretary of the ta: ifBrior, has'lkad 'mattjr: jE^iKU 'itimlii |Sr wlilch ho has always most jgeperoai^ used, to bjB of «reat serf ice to Kansas people and his deatl}'would be!a serl ous loss to the State: With the ashes still hot aroqhd the iron stakie' where a* mob of two thousand citizras of one of the oldest and' ri most cultured of the States of the Union burned to death a man as well entitled to the protection of the laws as any other citizen, it looks just a litt risky to send i;etitions to~ the Czar protesting agai|ist the outrages perpetrated, against the Jeyrs in his empire. _j_ " - ^ • Talk about enforcing the law: How mady people even remember thai there is a law to punish a man foi profane swearing on a public street? "Let us embrace, kiss, and go an.i O^wtbe JfWS.V and * affcictionate wording- of the leaflets whibh are being circulated through out Russia. Will some kind philosopher pleaae! explain hov/ it happens that'beef steaV costs aa much when cattle are worth four cents as it does when cattle are selling at seven? There are at least iwo men in thr State who have no kick ct)ming on the meD |iber8 of the Lcglslattiro who dre^\ pay for the special SCSH I OH : They arr the me 'n who are getting a hundrci 'i dollars a montb apiece|for distributing the aid fund at Lawrence. One thing is to be said to the crcdli of the Missouri legislature: It secmF to have treated all alike. So far a^ the testimony has yet been taken ll BfiowB that everybody'' who wanted a bill passed had to put up the price. There was no free lidt,"and no discrimination. They had a- ball storm'in Sumner county the other night and this is th4 way one, man reports his dafQ^e "Everything destroyed; will have nci harvesting; wheat, coats, corn, garden all gone; tWenty-tbree window lights broken; shingles on roof broken into' splinters." There is just as complete disaster for that one man as happened to any individual in the flood area and' if legislative aid Is to be extended In one case it could not be denied In the other. Two. New- Jersey Anarchists, indicted for taking part in a labor rIot,have forfeited the bonds of $C,500 which their friends pllt up to keep them out of jail, by failing to appear in court That a man who openly proclaims h belief that there should be no law must himself be lawless should occasion no surprise. The incident is striking commentary, however, on the Anarchistic doctrine that if here were no law all men would conduct them' selves honestly and Justly. This Is a pretty good paternal government after all. "Up at i Lawrence, as soon as word reached Leavenworth that the Kaw river bridge had gone out a company of Engineers was sent with' pontoon boats. In a few days they had a ferry in working order, operated by an ingenious adaption of cables to the current, and it will be kept nmnlng free of charge until the bridge is again passable. It It a nice neighborly thing for Uncle Sam to do And Incidentally itis pleasant to note that the ladles of - Lawrence havi given a reception, not only to the olli cers, but also ta the privates of the ^mpany. ^ ^ ^p ^XSfll!: It was a very happy thought on the part of the Legislature to reduce the interest on state warrants "not paid for want of funds" from four to si> per cent, and to provide that they should be turned in tb the State school fund. :It jreduces expense and lielpr to keep the .school fund invested. _ Next year it -is Woodson county'; turn to have the State Senator from this disb-ict, and it looks now as if ex-Efena^r Lamb would again be the nominee. Mr. Lamb made a most sat isfactorj^ and effective Senator and i<' Woodson'tpounty sees iflt to again pre sent his name, Allen will most hearili second this motion. Did the Tbpeka Herald really mear just what it said when in the course oi an editorial on the flood sufferers ap peared ithis sentence: "They ar.r strong, helpful, self-reliant people who will I'ace their troubles bravel} and make the most of them." i Some^ ^bowj.those last five words don't seem tc iCon4ept right with the rest of the sentence • i i The .in^^p^atloii meeting which wa^ to have been held at Kansas City. Kansas, tUy denounce Governor BaileyJ and tiie-^JLe^lature for the failure tok pass aid)re;t appropriation to aid the| flobd su#^iers,. failed to fuiterialize T^/xe»ion' probably is t^t most ol the indignation seems to be on the i QthfiT^^ tot this river. In the Kansaf A ^<s (ty, l|iisJB0uri, ^ewspaper offices. KANSAS NOTES. The important event at fiureka las veek was the opening of the base ball reason. " . Mrs, Neyhart and Mrs. Rhinehart interlaincdart at Burlingtonart the nher nlghart. Hiawatha hasn't had a billiard hall tor twenty years and lyet It Is one of he best towns In the 'state. Ottawa barbers have tacked the ex ra Ave icents for a neck shave on and here Is' consternation among the Ot- awa swells. An Eldorado young man says that ivhen the town knockers begin iv •mock on him that It sounds like the 'Anvil Chorus." Ed. Hoch Is billed up to date to -.peak at Burlington and Eureka on (ho 4lh. Hoch Is a liberal man but here are limits. At the Bronson celebration this year int|quc methods will be cut out and nodcrn Ideas substituted. The celt bration ought to be a howling success Exchange: A shutter fell down ancj struck a passer-by on tb^'head. He took the case to court and the judge leclded that the shutter should be hung. July 9th will be Bryan day at life Ottawa assembly but it is a safe bet hat he will not be the drawing card 'le was several years ago. The peD :)le's curiosity has been gratified. The Parsons Herald advises some of •be male serenading parties of that owni to practice more and» sing less •Serenading is out of date anyway and it is a wonier tliat it is tolerated at 111 in as good a town as Parsons. In answer to the query, | "^ow can ••qu tell a female chicken friam a male when newly hatched a farmer sayn: 'Place a lighted lamp on jthe table; alfeo some bread crfambs, and if he eats it is a male and if she cats! it is a female." Talk about your frecze-o|ut game: The citizens of-Newton locked a tramp •n a refrigerator car for three days ind when he got out. he was[ good and ready to leave, having decided before his release that he was getting a very ::hilly reception. " Mrs. Will Skinner of Chanute whose lusband has been teaching in the Philippines for the past two years has :)ecome tired of Jiving lOMO miles iway from her husband and haa applied for and becnj given a position 5n the schools there with him. Mr. Skin ner draws a salary of |1,400 and Mrs. Skii^ner is toTget S900. . ""The formative period in a young man's character," said the professor) is usually the period when he Is at college.' His behavior there invariably Indicates what his future will be." 'TJat's right, p^srhaps," repUed the street railway magMte, "but there are| exceptions. We had a conductor once who tjook a medal for good conduct at 3pllege,'but hei was-AOt a good con­ ductor."—Phlla^Wa Press. 7-,' . ^ a matter'orjfuDDomi^da j-^: ol '^i^j^la the/flrsb^lMig In int UtUe book, tho.'PUIlstlne, an!^k'»;>^i^ and' ho realises. ^Idg ^tfs'of the Order of filks as foK wi^^ thit, the best tjeneflt rl am not a jlner, but If I ever ^Ine the jiners I wllfpr^bably begin Vir'' the <E9ks—aiid pro ••Without any s -I or creed the Elks si bly end there, a written code ...jad for a certain- standard of Intellec^iand ethics. youiself Is to benefit others. for myself, I am strlcUy^on the hose qixt, so I do; not afflll^^o very closely with the boys, but if I were flying light and wanted to ba-- jrotrj ten or twenty ine$l|p, I'd tackle the first Blk I met without apology or "The man-with an elk's tooth onj bxplsnatibn. And my .needs tb him hiswatcb chain, or Ijthe antlers in his^ would be a command for he Is not buttonhole, has no Quarrel with God. clannish and knows no higher joy He accepts life, and finds It good. He than giving the other fellow a lift, may so very wise or so very "And all these.things I have here good, but since ho> knows he Is not recorded are se: don n as a znatter of wise aadlis read7 to .admit that he Is truth, fcfrgetting »he fact that once not so very good he Is wiser than he at Flint, Michigoa, I suffered the knows and better than he will ac- d<jep humilla .tHi* of. being arrested by knowledge. I the Elks and fined seventy-five Cor . '^Thb true Elk does not condemn, advertising Quaker Oats without a 11- dlsparage nor ^p roputiitions up the cfcse. back. Realizing his own limitations he Is lenient In his judgment towards The Emporia Town Row. those who have been tempted by fate ElDorado Jlepublican: '"The Em- beyond their power to resist. This poria town row star-ted in the summer quality of mercy I have noticed is of 1859. Plumb,; Elskridge, Stotler, strongly Implanted in the Elk nature Proctor, Bancroft, Bundrem, Hill, Your Elk never weeps oyer his own Cooper and others were unmarried troubles, but for thej stricken souls of earth bis tears of pity are near the surface. "The Elk loves children, respects old age, and so far as I have seen, doesn't Incline especially towards indifference to feminine charms. In mat^ instances I have imagined this and were the Empora hot stuff. A dance was.given at Phillips' place, on Duck creek, that summer and althougli it was a dozen or fifteen miles away, all the Ehnppria young men' went. There was a blooming widow in Emporia-—she was not exactly a widow, but her husband didn't count—and Elk revealed a just appreciation of j each young man sent an invitation to the elevated spheroid. Yet in . all your life you .never seen one of those homy sons o^ Elkdom going off atone and cutting into the grape—his irrigation Is-aliiin the line of good-fellowship. And his worst fault lies right here-r-fn this matter of convlv-, allty; he sometimes slightly over does It. "But I believe this will not hold; no little ^pology for a man ever joined the Elks—he would not feel at home among them. To be an Elk you must have ifalth In other ^ men, ^aith In youi|self and faith in the Universe. "The Elks allj look alike and. are all of one age. Just what that age is the widow to the dance, and the vendetta was on. Plumb won out and on the evening of the dance they all went over to Duck creek horseback. Some with grls and some* without—girls were mighty scarce those days. Well, when they got to dancing all the other EJmporla boys agreed to boycott Plumb's girl and not oncjof^thcin danced with her during the jevening; and the war was on; and is qn to this day. During the civil war a sort of peace was declared. PJumb was in the army, while E^skridge was at home running things his way. It was In 1§66, if we remember, that Eskridgc was' out for the legislature. \ The soldiers had returned home and they im- W UtthelEILlT. To 1 |i£ people of lola iii^ Tiiie fmdefslgiiied Ltfmbet [Coinpaiiy; has Oipened op a^jsi^ oo^tuitpi Jefferson ar^ive,]*^ Joking tiie 1^ 1^ & aconipllete sto^ bn |ai |il at a^U times. ^W ?ask fof a; sfiare of ydvr Irade and hope to niettt ti^ same by fair prkes ^ucid good materlat Come and see 0S and get-pffees before yo0 b«y. ^ Y60rsfRespectf«Uy» W/H. LANYON, sr., Pres. \ B. (CASE, VIce-Pres. A.B. ROBERTS.'Cask. Capital S^pck, $50,000. D1RECTPR5: Wm. LanyoD, sr., O. Hood, Geo. E, NIchplHOD,! i M. A. J^vf, J. A. Kobtnsoo. U. L. Henderson, ^rank Riadlc, A. B. Boljcrls, J. B. Cftse STOCkHOLOERS: I have not y^t made out, but it lies mediately trotted out Plumb, who was J. B. Case, Wm. Lanyon, sr., Geo. E.. Nicholson; J. A. Koblnson, Frank Riddle, A. h. Taylor W. S. Hendrlcli^ If. L. Hendefson. I§. L. Ponsler, JH. Klauman, J. W. Coutant,; David Ewart, E.P. ScheU, A. licvlnKton, .1. S. Wallter, CalviDHood, M, 4.L0W, n. A. Ewing, 1 A. W. Howland, J.W.Edwards, ' » B. il. Bennett, Ev^ns Bros., A. B. Roberts. ' somewhere between fifty and thirty. No Elk is .over fifty, no matter how long he has lived, and none weigh over two hundred pounds. They all have the joyous, boyish, bubbling health of youth, and no whiskers. Lilacs are out of their line. Gala ways are tabooed. "I never saw an Elk who was very| rich, except in kindness and gooti cheer, nor did I ever see one clrcum navigating on? his upp'ers. They all have the money they need, even if not all they want. They make money ajid'spe!jd it, and the more they seem tb s|)e:n the IIK re they seem to maka. 'Keep the change,' • is a remark the Elk often has in electrotype. I have been occasionally pained by hearing Elks relate stories that were slightly gamboge—tinted on lhe[ edges—but, although these tales of porslfllgo had a Neufchatel flavor, yot there was always enough Attic salt supplies to redeem the mass from mortifying microbes, "The Elk does not seek to pry Into ng his soul—In fact, he Is noi troubled about saving anything. Perhaps that Is his one distinguishing feature—he does not worry "or shake his rod flag of wordy theological war- faro. He believes tha'. everything is all right elected; and this revived the town row. About this time H. C. Cross landed In Emporia. He was an Ohio stockman, had a- bunch of sheep. Failing with sheep he studied law; and although he had no money, be soon started a bank in opposition to the Plumb bank; and from then on it was pull Dick, pull Devil. But Plumb won out as United States senator, but in all his fights he had to 'placate' the Cros crowd. Later • on, when the Ottawa road was bui^t, Plumb took the Cross crowd Into the construction company. Phimb was away and Cross managed the job, got the money but; did not divvy up. As a matter of fact a large sum was due the Plumb crowd, about i>75,000. If we remember, I but Cross never spoke of It to Plumb afterward. Although Cross and Plumb and nearly all the other original participants In the Emporia town row are dead, the row goes merrily on and It begins to look like It would go on forever." OFFICERS : EG. A. Bowers , Prest Miis. W. TI. llAuiMAH, Vice-Prest . T HOS. Hi B OWLUS C'ashI' ;A. II. OA MI'BKLI.. Attorney. J: Impressed by Our Sobriety. "When L get back homo," said Mr. Hugh Asliford, a former member "of the British Parilament, at the Hotel Barton, "I will tell my countrymen that along with other points of super- nearly so—and that hisjiority, the United States has an enor- Transacts a Geneigl Banking Business. Exchange on Kansas City, Chicago and l^ew York* Makes collectious in all partis of the United States. Negotiates first] mortgage loaiis on well improved fanos. Corxespondenjce solicited. task is to do his work, and not bjlher other folks more than he has (o. When All Baba said, 'blessed is the man who does not bellyake,' he had sixtben-pronged antlered Elk in mind., ; An Elk takes his medicine sometimes with a rye face, but he always takes his medicine. Often ho overcomes temptation by succum|)ing to it; and if he trips and falls he up and laughs: wltji the bystanders. You cannot down a man who can laugh lat himself. The Elk stays right in the game; I never heard of one retiring from business; when death calls an Elk ^0 Elk is apt to first send him a bill^of goods and they shake the dice to see who shall pay Charon's toll. The Elk does not sqe kto. pry llnlo moHS advantage over England in the'; sobriety of Its people, "Really, I believe you will see ten intoxicated men in Great Britain to one in America. I have been in. this country now for about a month, and I have yet to see a man presenting visible evidence of inebriation. In our country the mechanics and wage workers generally spend a large per cent of their earnings for strong drink. From what I liavc seen, of the Yankee worklngmen he Is sober and industrious, traits that in the long run are bound to tell heavily in. his favor."— Washington Post. j His Last Hope Reali4d. (From the Sentinel, Gebb. Aiontana.) * In the first opening of o!|flahoma the future, for he realizes pelrfcciiv to settlers In 18899, the editor of this well thai if he waits be will kniow all paper was among the many seekers after fortune who made the big race one fine day In April. 'During his traveling about and afterwards his camping upon bis claim, be encountered much bad water, which, together with the sevei ^B heat, ^ve him a rery severe diarrhoea, which It seemed al- about it. And for a similar reason' he does not chase after women, for j he knows if he doesn't women will chase after him. "And they do. "There seems to bo little danger that this fraternity will involve into religion. Most religious people take their religion seriously, but the Elk takes bis with seltzer. He knows* that truth Is a point of view, that Ic Is llll relative, that nothing is final or ibsolute, nor can It be in a world wh re nothing Is permanent bu<. cl^aige- So tfa^ E^'s religion is pew anc here: to partake of . all &>od thii gs.ln moderation; to give out love and-kindness becaufe tb^e things con e back, and to supply a scnm pniy to the man who reseatedly aSks fc •Xargest tine.. fSM« Ice Crespi Freezes lit 1 W« sell... Bolltrs, EnglnsSf Brass Castings. Drilling Tools. Oray iron Castings, Belting, Packing, Iota, Kansas. iHaaufucturara^of rUchimir Mioes, ^liters and iicl iaots. We Otter... Q04»dW Pn^mjpt Low Pi manship. !lv «rtes. oil Sterajge Tanks, Aiitomatlp and Plain Gas Separators, Sheet Iron Work, Structural W^rl^ ifptary Ojrel Boasters, Smoke Stacks, v Steel Difflip Cars i liada to Order. ntimt F BT Cirtiui > Spec^iy. Efjipatle^ ftt|»iej|- W ^Uft^lft^ Wiley Potteii Has moved froijithei; stone bjjrn oii East Madi- * son avenne to I The Star Barii continue to buy ± on West street, fwher^ he will your horses and; mules paying at all times the I |ii^hest market ^rice.| t most impossible to check, and ai^hg In June the case became so bad he expected to die. One day one of his neighbors brought.him one smal^ bottle iof Chamberlain's: Colic; Cholera and ;DIarrhoea Remedy as a last hope. A big dose was given him while he was rolling about on: the grow^d in great agony, and In a few mltiutes the dose was repeatied. The good effect of the medicine was soon no- Uced and within an hour tie paUent wa^ t^ng his first ^ound sleep for a fortnight. The one little bottle woijked a complete cure, aid he can* not help but feel grateful. 1 he season for-, bowel disorders being at band sug^sts this item. For si le b^ all druggists.' ; ? Card of TbanHs. We desl'r 5 to thank the many friends and neighl ors who so kindly assisted and comfo ted > us dnrin% the illness and death of cluV wife, dsnghter and =slster. Elsiecially do we thank the members ct the Easlem Star and tiiose who tendered the floral offer- lings, i • t PET] :R H. SCHOl^AERTS. WAl ^rER EU .IOTTand faniUy. A cbunt of the unoccupied IhousQS in London shows 40,000. | Women are now admitted to the St. Petersburg academy of art as students of architectural and house building: The Best Cough Medlcirfe. sill morje of Chamberlain's Cough, l^emedy thi n of all sin^ilar preparsi* ' lions put ttgetber and Is glv'es the |est satisfa :ti(»i of amt. medicine I |ver sold. 1 guarantee efeiry bottle of It— y. C.,J laulth, Waijd, lllch, .l^i |emedy Is 1 ar si^e ^ i|U 'dr^^ ,4 -^4 i |i Census re urns just Islned show's iiingular> reo trd forr'Buck l^qgla^nd. T le huinlii^r^ f " men, 57,9 18, la:- thejnumb it ot^

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