Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 11, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1889
Page 3
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>few Don't Look atliMe but J. K. Chester Evening Gazette. TUB EVBHTSO QAranrw o»n T>« hud at »11 th« newiitands. Prloeiwo oairrs. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Has just opened. [F-allStoclzoi his Tonight. Broadway M. E. sociable. GOODS "Which is more complete than ever toe- fore. \ His assortment of Robe Patterns, Side'Bands, Stripes and Plaids ME PARMARIY AWT1VE, Serges, Henrietta^, Mohairs,, Flatinels, &c., In all the New Shadea at lowest Prices! Wool Dress 21 Flannels only Best stock of Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. He is'.also showing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. CALL AND SEE. —The Freeport fair began yesterday, —John Melster have gone to Hastings, Neb., to visit. —Attorney O. F. Woodruff, of Morrison, was here to-day. —Rev. A. H. Miller, of PlainQeld, is visiting friends here. —Mrs. Isadore Goldsmith, of Aurora, is. visiting Mrs. D. Goldsmith-. —Will Over left yesterday for Guerdon, Arkansas, to visit his parents. —Harrison Tuttle, of Omaha, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Holly, and other frltvnrti hnrnr- :"_r."ir. —Dr. Doreheotor and wife havo gono to Montana, to look after Indian affairs. —Mrs. Arch. A. Brock, of .Chicago, is visiting her' mother, Mrs. D. M. Crawford. —A number of old soldiers went to Amboy yesterday to attend the camp fire last evening. —The funeral of Mrs. A. J. Matison will be held al Prophetstown, at 10 o'clock tomorrow, —The Mt. Carroll Herald is issuing a newsy daily during the continuance of the fair at that place. —The C. & W. R. B. club dance in Wallace Opera House last night was a pleasant social affair. —Mr. I. Countryman, of Peoria, formerly in the express office here, is now visiting in this city. —During the coming fall and winter let our citizens devise means for making the city grow next summer. —The Sterling Cornet Band has out red printed! posters, announcing its dance for Friday night in the Wallace Opera House. —The Morrison fair will be held next year on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th,'90. —Mr. F. B. Hubbard this morning received a large box of luscious California grapes from his son Fred, at Stockton, Cal. —The Rock River annual conference of the United Brethren church will be held in their church at Orangeville commencing; Seps. 25th. —Sterling has had one or two "black eyes." Let them be incentives to such progress as will show the world that they have done not harm, but good. —Mrs. C. J. Gronis, accompanied by her slaters, Mrs. John Ford, of Hahnaman, and Mrs. William McCue, of Hopkins, left for Kansas, to visit relatives. —It is veryidesirable that a thousand or so of population be added to this city within the next year. Let our cit- iaens all work together toward getting them. —John Ahrens is having materials hauled for a new residence, which he 13 about to have erected on a lot on Broadway, near the place which he recently sold. —Stranger from the east or west, north or south, Sterling is a good town in which to live. The city is progressive and enterprising, it has all modern conveniences, has but a very small debt, and has low taxes. Come here and live. —Let some enterprise be gotten up here, and carried out, which will Insure growth and prosperity tor the city. Then we can invite capitalists and workingmen and have something which will make it desirable for them to locate here. -"Ole Olson," Gus Heege'a new-Swedish dialect play, made quite a hit here last night. Mr. Heege's role is a difficult one to till, yet he does it like a native. His support is excellent and all did so well as to keep the audience highly entertained for three solid hours. —Counterfeit 810 United States notes with Webster's head, are Hoatttig atouud the country in great numbers, yt. Loul* people take them and do uot fcaow tb« aiffecano*. Dlspatchtss yes- itiftt the {Misser* of thtws ttlli* WOTtt WOftdBjf U;S —Col Moses Dillon, like a knight of old, carries with him to Amboy, n cinteen, which looks ns if it might contain some sort of cortlinl. A reporter who snatched it this morning to drii.k Mr. Dillon's health, waa knocked down just as ho was about to drink. The smell of the ammonia in the flask did it. How many thirsty men at Amboy will meet the sarae fate? —At noon today in Chicago, occurred the marriage of Miss Maggie Keller, formerly of this city, and Mr. Charles Baker of Freeport. The bridal party go to Freeport this evening, where a reception is given at the home of the groom's parents. The bride waa an employee of the GAZETTF. for several years previous to going to Chicago two years ago. She is a most excellent young lady, and none wish her more happiness than her many friends in Sterling. Mr. and Mrg. Baker will reside in Chicago. —The Road Commissioners of Hopkins township are doing work this year which might well be copied in some of the other townships around here. They are making permanent graded roads in all parts of the. township. More of that kind of work is being done there this year than ever in one year before. When the roads are once graded, macadamized and gravelled they will need little attention other than slight repairs for long after. We understand improvements are being made on some of the roads in the townships south of here. —George Carroll's road cart business has outgrown the shop at the east end of town, business being pretty good with him. He has made some improvements about his vehicle, and an invention made by Geo. F. Woodard has also been Incorporated with his cart. These two with another man, have formed a partnership, we are told, and are making arrangements to go into larger quarters. __The west section of the three storey brick building on 3rd street and 3rd avenue, owned by James Dinsmoor, has been rented by them, and Is being fitted up for their occupancy. —---'f ho'.'.vciYtl!" r pi-ojrnostiEntor. furnished a vory nice day for the reunion of old s ildiers ot Whiteside and Lee counties at Amboy today. There is a very large attendance from this locality. The excursion train over the-C, B. & Q., which left at ten o'clock this morning consisted of eight passenger coaches, and they were all filled before they got to Amboy. From here went the G. A. R. and Company E, with the Keystone band and a large number of other people. The Morrison military company and some of the old soldiers from there and the west end of the county came up on the Northwestern passenger and joined the excursion here. AH went bound to have a good time at Amboy, and they are no doubt having it. —Fulton Journal: The last meeting of the Executive Council of the Modern Woodmen, held at Elgin, September 5th arid Oth to listen to a report of a special committee appointed several days ago to investigate th.e affairs of the order, recommended several Important changes in the system and business of the ollices of Head Consul, Head Clerk and Head Physician, nearly all of which were adopted with but little opposition. No more members are to be received in the so-called Independent Camp and it was recommended that the next Head Camp abolish the Independent Camp;by having the membership transferred to local camps. The use of the rubber stamp autographs in place of signa- tufes-of officers to official papers was condemned. The publication of the Echo, thu official organ of the order, was ordered to be disconnected from the Head Consul's office; The principal Head officers were instructed to make full financial reports for publication in the ticho on the first of each and every month. That all applications for membership shall be first sent to Head Clerk's office for numbering and registration and the Head Clerk shall forward them to the Head Physician for examination. The resignation of the present Head Physician, P. L. McKinnle, was demnded, and it was recommended that he have no further connection with that office. A. W. Bastiau was elected editor and manager of .che Echo. —Two Mt. Carroll young men recently got the western fever and trav- elled toward the sitting aun. The Herald gives the following account with the reason for their return: Fred H. Colehour, who had a severe attack of western fever last spring, and in company with W. S. Holman, went to Montana, returned last Friday," by the way of Battle Lake, Minn., where he visited with his uncle, James Colehour. Fred says he had a good situation at Elkhorn, Montana, at $3.50 per day, but added parenthetically that nobody could work in the mill breathing the poison from the ore, and live to t*ny great age, HO he and Holman concluded to come home, while Arthur Preston, who was with the boys, went to the Pacific coast, where he bought a farm and will in the future raise hops Fred says, Elkhorn was & lawless place, no city marshal to keeps,the peace. At one time a justice of the peace settled there, but the cow boj s and mill hands concluded they had no need of his services and Informed him to leave the town, which he did. He said that the cow boys come to town, drink whisky at aft cents a swallow, get fuli and ntie down the atmsts, shoaling iut-o * wUoou and orJur mor* iirinks. *u<t ritiA away mif&m wlttiuut killed while hn was there, but a number of IVIIowa were more or IMS "injured" by being stabbed and pounded. Fred ended by saying Illinois liesitn any State he lias seen and was good enough in tho future for him.' —D. F. Erisman has gone to 1'onn- sylvanla to attend the funeral of his mother. —The ball club which waa to have played here to-day canceled the d ite. There will be no game Thursday, but there may be on Friday. —The Standard Theatre Co, which made a favorable impression here last June, is booked at the Academy of Music for all noxt week. Mr. David ,1. Hamage was here to-day and made tho arrangements. —A large party of mechanics sent out to work on the coal chutes at Nelson came to this city last night to get lodgings. They had difficulty in finding sleeping places last night, so crowded are the boarding houses, but they were provided for this morning. —A few thousand dollars more of stock taken will locate the furniture factory here which Phil. Rhoads is endeavoring to get. Let a furniture factory be started here by all means: one thing brings another. Get one thing started, and our people will get others here. —John A. Baker and Mary E. Brown were married at the residence of the Tiastor of the Christian church, Rev. A. Scott, last evening, at 9:15. Mr. Bilker is a young man who has none into the mercantile business recently in our city, and is a good citizen and business man. Success to him in.his wedded life. —Deputy Sheriff Drake hired one of Reefer's best rigs today and drove a bridal party to Morrison. Ina Harrington, a hired girl, appeared in Justice Alexander's court sometime ago ancTdeclared"that"her~recreant lover, Hurt Crist, had neglected to marry her in time to save her honor. Last spring when the appointed wedding day came around the ceremony could not take place, as Burt bad skipped. A few d.'iya ."go he rRnnpsarcd nTi(i_wnM_ nt once arrested. She ancLhe appeared iu Justice Alexander's court this afternoon. The girl declared she still loved him, although he had broken his promise once, and was willing tf marry_hini and lake the risk of his deserting her again. Burt gets a good salary when he works, and is able to support her. He being willing to marry rather than stand trial, acquiesced, so they were driven to Morrison to get the license and be wedded. Their little child is three weeks old. —City Engineer Ilolbrook has been bothered in . his surveying work for some time by a cast off corner stone,, which he found at the corner ot 3rd street and Avenue A. The stone was an old one, but had the usual marks of being a corner stone. While searching for a mark at that place, his assistants found this stone, and as it, had the marks, supposed it to be the one looked for. Using that as a basis, he made the survey for the Depot street sewer, and it brought the east end of the sewer through a part of Mr. II. S. Street's coal office. He knew that could not be right, so he made measurements from other marks, back to the corner of 3rd street and Avenue A, and found the stone lirst used there to be three feet out of the way. On digging down to the place where the new lines intersected the proper corner stone was fouhff. TThe other ~was one which had been carelessly left where It was found. The sewer is now located in its proper place. —Aurora Express:—Nearly all the cities in the vicinity of Aurora are receiving propositions from rapid transit companies who desire to put in an electric street railway. Joliet Is considering such a proposition; so Is Rockford. In Elgin, the "Elgin Rapid Transit company," with rare consideration, are advertising that they are about to ask the city council for a franchise. In Ottawa, not only has such a proposition been made, but an electric railway is"an«ctual fact, having been in successful operation-for several weeks, much to the delight of the citizens of that newly awakened place, and the admiration of thousands who visit Ottawa, some of them from a distance, to observe the workings of the new system. In view of these facts, it would not be strange if some company made an effort to establish an electric line in Aurora. The probabilities are, however, that an outside company would not be given a franchise, if only the present street railway company show a disposition to keep abreast of the times and improve their system. This will have to be done, or Aurora will hav^to follow In the footsteps of Elgin and Ottawa. The present company, however, have been contemplating a change,, for over a year and have done much corresponding to that end, but as yet have not accomplished anything visible to an outsider. Some members of the company have been adverse to putting in an electric system with overhead connections, on account of the great numbers of poles which it would be necessary to ;set in thejstreeta. They consider underground connections and storage batteries as impracticable. They would prefer a power operating from within ft car, and have one or two things in view, aud especially lean towards a uaphtha engine, explosions of naphtha being the pcwer. -s-Charlea Cass and family have removed bark to Hock Falls. -f-Tho Young Ladies Foreign MisR- lonary Society of the M. K. church will hold their annual meeting Friday evening in the church. An attractive pro- gramme is being prepared, Imported costumes representing some of the foreign countries will be used. l<-e cream and cake will be served in the church parlors after tho entertainment. Admission free. Mins Kosfi dishing, the highly rreom- monded trimmrr, lias arrived nt the Kuck Falls millinery store and would be pleased to have yon call. 77 tt IJendquarterrt for trunKa and vntises; ilso bargains in boots ami shoos at Chas. Ifoag's, opposite Wallace House. 77 tO To The TnliliP. Having purchased a supply of plumbers stock aud tools, I am prepared to do plumbing and piping of all kinds. My motto shall be: An honest job, for honest pay. Any opportunity to prove the truth of my ascertion will be thankfully received by me. I am Respectfully, L. G. SPIES. Shop: Under Am. Ex. Office. 70eod Theatre Co. K. W. Blossom hiis t:ikrn the agency of tho "I. C." I'Viirul Spectacles and eptnsHe:'. These Rpcciacles are different from ordinary Rlassei, in that the Ictisps are ground from a Frtnnli nte'ftUryxlal that Rlmts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, tnakingthem very soothing to the eyes, J'e sure and try them, nee that that trade mark "I. C." is on every lens. 70-.1&W I5;irjjai ain pianos, organs and sewing machines, also pianos and organs to rent at Jas. Ilarden's. 75 to w* DEPARTMENT All next week at the Academy. 50 cent show for 10 and 20 centa. The Central W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. Iluth, 4th street, 4th avenue Friday, 3 o'clock p. m. Mrs. S. West, Cor. Sec. Five Hturvcst KxrnrHlonn. The llnrlington Iloute, C. B. & Q. II, II. will sell from principal stations on its lines, on Tuesdays, August Oth and 20th, September loth and 24th and October 8th, Harvest Excursion Tickets at Half Rates to points in the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwest. For tickets and further information concerning these excursions call on your nearest C. 13. <fc (J. ticket agent or address 1'. S. EusTia. Gen'l I'asB. and Ticket Agent, Chicago III. wRO t7 d-ws Teaches Ht. .loRopli Fair anil Kxpimit Ion. Kept. :t to Oct. 5. 'MO. On Sept 13th and Dfitli the C. 13. & Q. II. 11. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the round trip; tickets limited going Sept. 13th and 30tb, and returning, ten days from date of sale. dOOw.'!5-tf FULL. See Co. the new ad of N. Carpenter & and church tonight. cream. at—Broadway Al'nll. There are several families whose children are not properly clothed to at tend ecliool; anyone having clothing to contribute, it will be thankfully receiv eu. '~ixTH}ni'!£ I'i'O \'\.<*\AJ_- i ^o^.'i.^O 1.. such calls in tho past, wo hope this Will meet with the same kind attention. Please leave contributions at Mr. Chester's store, or with Mrs. Harpham, By order of relief committee of -WV-C.—T^U. Cor. Sec. Illinois State Fair, Peoria, III., Wept. 23-27. From September 22nd to 27th, inclu sive, the-.-O. B. & Q. H. K., will eel round trip tickets from Sterling to Peoria for !$4.2fl; tickets to be limitec for going passage to date of sale an( limited for return Sept. 2Sth. G2tf Well done with good materials for Harper's, Century and all other magazines and periodicals. Fine binding 'or works issued in parts. All kinds if blank books made to order andsat- sfaction guaranteed. Fine leather work a specialty, WM. BOEIINKH, GAZETTE Office PEOPLE'S COLUMN taf-We will Insert threo lines In this col-~«| umn one time lor 10 eenta, or for 40 count a week. Ktvch additional Hue will lie 5 cents a single Insertion, or IS centa a week. WANTKII. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. W ANTKD—A competent b'ucksmlth to take i-lirinrn <>f M". uh!! 1 ^!!^ 1 !^'! hu^nnurv Inquire this wtek of Uobr'w.'tihiuhbcrliii. 7» U" W ANTKD-Girl for liousewor*. None but Rood one need apply, dosli OettiuB«r, ut Double Krout Clothing Store. 77-tf TXrANTEn—A Rood show cose, from W elirlit feet I.IIIK, suitable for clfiiirs. TvrsTe.TNo 17"WTThlrd street: from six to Hruce 7MO— W AN TED—Agents on our popular book "Social Dynamite;" or the '^Wickedness of Mortem Kociety," by T. DeWitt Tallimge. For terms mill c'rculars address Globe 1'ublls Ing Co., W Dearborn street, Chicago. W-ttt W ANTED—A uooil girl for work. Good pay. Apply street. general house- at 1'H lx>cust 7S-tf Peaches and church tonight. cream at Broadway me diih-washer and - - - , - .. . A north of Mayuard's livery barn. W ANTKD--TWO girls one dining-room girl. Apply two _rtoors 71-tf The W.C.T. U. will meet in the parlor of the Baptist church at 3::!0 o'clock on Friday September 18. All members, and all those interested in temperance work, are earnestly invited to be pre- Mont, as it is the annual election of odi- cers. Cur. Sec. ]Mew Traveler. My stock of cigars and tobaccojs not to be beaten by any in this city.. The entire stock is new'and is worthy of inspection by the lovers of the weed. Give ras a call aud I can show this to bo a fact. HKUCK KISSEL, 75 to Opposite N. Carpenter's. "Peaches an-t cream at Broanway churcn tonight. I''Oil N.Vl-K. OF Only 10 coifs for J lines under this Heading. 17\OK SALE—A full lot In Hecend ward, -IJ block from street railway; price 8300. ply to John U. Mauahun. one Ap- TJ1OII SAI.K—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas -U land, stock ol goods. Business i laces for sale and exchange. I'rank W. Walzer, Academy of Music, ltoom'4 7(111 TL1OU SALE—Some choice Partridge Cochin JD chlckenH. Inquire of li, E. Bheetz, No. 10 K. Third Street. 75-1 f F OH SALE—A Jersey heifer, 18 mouths old. by registered bull. Eugene Scales. 75-tt Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug Store or at ray residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call." 78 37tf D. II. MEYKP.S, Auct. No use to go any further than Rock Falls for your millinery goods; you can get anything you want there. Prices, quality and styles U> suit. Dill & Co. 77 tf Notice. Having returned from my vacation, I am better prepared than ever to do all kinds of cleaning aud dyeing at my old stand. Respectfully, 78-to A. MAKKS. F OH SALK-One lunch aud six stool-.. Ei bci-lln.orS. A. Hyde. counter, show case Kim lire of Goo. W. Cliuni- 74-t( F Oll SALE-A bargain dances in 4th ward. _ In three line resl- Intiulro of 1.1. Bush. fr'Olt HALK Oil T1CAUK. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. TJU»K SALE OK TllAKK-Au Improved larm JD of :i-JO acres, near Uayward, Iowa. Will take iV. M. Dillon. 77 Ui of :i'JO acres, near Uayward, Iowa, laud herein payment '" LOST. o cents for J lines uniler t/tis Heading. L OST—A black covered mernor,.ndimi book containing list of Kairs for first week lu Septemberauda few personal names. Finder please leave at tho (iA/.KTTK olllce. 78-3 FIXASiCIAI... Choice potatoes 2.">c per bu. at L. L. Johnson's. * 7510 Notice. All the members of the Wednesday Club aro requested to be present at the meeting Wednesday evening, Sept 11. Mrs. B. Dill has returned from Chicago with an elegant line of millinery goods for the Rock Falls millinery store, and is now prepared to furnish the ladies of Rock Falls and vicinity everything in this line in Orft class style. Call a'nd see. 77 tf «»o To Blossom For anything and everything In the jewelry line. His stock is the finest and prices the lowest in the city. No. 15 E;iat Third St. Belter than ever, The Standard Theatre Co.,— new comedies—low prices—good shows and full houses. Only 10 cents for J lines under t/tis Heading. j F lNANCIAI.-Moiiey to loan-SI,500 at (i per cent., on (anil security. 1. 1. Buali. Hock Kails. TRADE HARK All tt'.s aaw brown* Attention, Regular meeting of Sterling I-otlge No. l-J, M. W. A. Wednesday night. It is important that every member should b« piestHit. W. -S, SSUHM-, Clerk. O. and O. TEA The Clioicnst Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOOT DELICIOUS BEVE1UGEL TKT FT. You vill HIT« ui uj ether. frulitj fimr nrfot It I* tho Hiorr^T On\pts T.r.vir. pk-ktut from th« bed H'MI*«•*'<•*"'•» flinl i-uar;iulr(Hl aiwwiSuUSi pttro Mid JIVT! frum *U aiiulu rutUm* or cwl^rtut matter. Thtr (la^'k^i 1 /.-*! att» ii<>;rmtUf*Hy *eai**a Mid w*mui!t'-il iuU woj./ht. It U more«o<Mk oiulcal in u«« Uuui Ibo lowar gr*4«*, Ortetsl & Occidental Tea Co., L't'4;, <«gere, SS li*ilin$ Klip, >,• . at W. Jfor UM D?| M. W

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