Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1938
Page 2
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Star of HOJ*. 1&9; pgai, 1937. Consolidated January 18, 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Hernld Frmn Ftihe Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. . «t* i B ' Palnier * A 16 *- M- Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South •« walnut street, Hope, Ark. G. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASMBtRN. EdHo* and Publisher (A*P) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)---Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week P6r sn ? nth ^ one -- «, >n empsea, and LaFftyette counties, $3.30 per year; elsewhere $6.30. , >n Hempstead, Nevadai Howard, Metab^r of The Associated Press: the Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republkation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards oJ thanks, resolutions, or memorials, cohcerninit the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space*tafting memofiak The Star disclaims responsibility o r the safe-keeping of feturn of Sny unsolicited manuscripts. Democracy Means Voting On War or Peace , The next session of Congress will hear much of war and the rumors of war. It Wit presumably vote money for further expansion of the army and ^^•-A . S . pe< : cl UP P™ 1 " 6 *' 0 " ot war planes. If will do other tilings to perfect the nation's military preparedness. And it may. just possibly, get around to taking p vote on tho Ludlow anti-war amendment. " " uuluw This is the proposal which would make it impossible for the United States government to declare War-except in case of invasion of American soil-wit h- dUm vote° approval of the people through a nation-wide referen. Jtought to make a first-rate trailer tq the preparedness omnibus There cannot be any question that the people of the United States, support- m ga strong rearmament program, arc thinking solely O f self-defense Events ovetseu have convinced even the blindest, by now, that this world of today is no place for an unarmed innocent. A great nation has great responsibilities and^raponsibihties cannot be met nowadays unless there is force to back Pe ° ple ' Wh ° are putting up enormous sums to make _... , **t "**• "iwnnio riarufEiify Editor, Journal «f the Amcrienn Medical Association, and ot Hygeln, the Health Magazine Vocational Guidance May Help Pupils' Physical and Mental Disturbances • * - ' • . If a student in college keeps relatively free from sickness, keeps up hi work, sticks to his courses, gets along with the teachers and classmates anc Joes not betray a serious quirk of be- lavior. he is conslderated to be norma < t ,o>f such force s o mae have a pretty clear notion what they intend to do with! knowledge iousll^T? jouslj. It A J ° £ the " Ludlow Proposal, would be an excellent means of in- new armaments would be used for that purpose-ami no t °- t !l te S ° m t oi ' the n « u «"«»te Gainst this measure ser, for instance, that such a law Would tie the hands of Amer- , r ' gidly restrict them in theii - of foreign affars u uc o oregn afars Then there is the argument that the delicate matters of stitecnft in 6 ? m / P ° S - ible declaration of wa ' «* not things that tlie masses can prop" decide on in a. general election. Yet the very Theory of democracy is thnt toe people have Uie right to make their own decisions; and t sTtHfle hard to . Salesman Wanted BAWLEIGH' ROUTE available at once. Good opportunity for man over 23 with car. Write at once. Rawleigh's, Dept. AKL-118-105, Memphis, »enn. Wanted WANTED-Want to dp Tractor Work. F, L. Padgitt, Box 350. 8-3tp ' WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY • S35.00 per week, man or woman with : auto, sell Egg Producer to Farmers. ~ Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, 111. LADY—Who can sell to ladies. Big -_ money from now until Christmas. Easy ;--to sell. 'See Mr. Alexander, 302 East « Third Street. g.jtp Notice •• NOTICE—Specials. Guaranteed. Oil . Permanents $1.50 and up; Shampoo •- Set and Dry 50c; Lash and Brow Dye 40c. White Way Beauty Shop, 119 Front Street. IM-Dec-30c ---• ..^ ,o <-ui laiuertueci to ue norma college student. Many student vary, in some of these particulars. Dr. Harry M. I lebout points out thant these deviations should be looked for by anj iirector of student health because ne yrnay carry them on to the point Where they will ruin the life and the career of the person concerned. Everyone knows that a healthy body s desirable for n healthy mind. En- ugh sleep, suitable diet, exercises and egular living help toh make a health- ul life. In most colleges there is at east a dispensary and a physician a- wulable for the minor illnesss and nythin gmore may be referred to the amily doctor. FreciUently there are serious new trams put on the student without dequate consideration of the ability of is health to withstand them. The stu- ent who has been compiled to be absent because of illness may, because of his endeavor to catch up, submit himself to a mental schedule thaat is not suitable to health. Sometimes it is better to repeat an entire course than to submit a student (o such a strain. Among the college students, as well as among the population generally there aer some people who are much' more inclnied to be ill than others •then there are the hypochondriacs who seem to enjoy ill health or who find m the manifestation of ill health an escape from some of their problems. College physicians regulary see boys and girls who have been frustrated m some of their activities, who are disturbed about love affairs, or who feel themselves out of place in their environment and who develop vague aches and pains related to the heart the lungs or the stomach as a means of getting awiiy from conditions which they cannot change. There are other students who are who complain of inability to sleep and who' tire easily, who are in such condit.on because of an unsatisfactory environmental situation. If they get into surroundings whoch suit them "icy begin to eat and sleep better and as a Jesuit overcornethe diffiPMltip. mentioned. Among the most serious of case seen in college are those of student who have taken the wrong course of study. There is the boy who has been pushed into medicine'and who is not fit all interested in medicine but who Would prefer English litufnture or philosophy There is the theology student who realizes thct heh hns no real call for this vocation and who ought to be either In bxiamess or in science. JYe* ., ,,_. .^.^...^.^vj V1i . (11 ouidiUtJt i? kquently tho aid of an educator in selecting for the student a course suitable to his aptitude brings about a recovery from his physical and mental disturbance. • A Cleveland WPA worker told a 3'iidge WPA workers Were in the habit of getting drunk while they were supposed to be at work. Stagger system, eh? The old right eye expression is a 'I'd give iny tricky saying — * - . . ... ., 11 ii_i\j ,-m^iilg these days, the market for corneas being what it IS. that knocking at Hitler's door which he mistakes for opportunity is really the sheriff with some long overdue accounts. Pour fellows arrested in Cleveland OUR BOARDING HOUSE jtday,.Decembert>j 3038"• With 400 pair of loaded dice may be cx- --- «-—.- «. .............. vit\.v- mtijr uc UX" fficled ttt shfcot their way out of jnil. Steeping With the widow open Is reported to be good for insomnia. So for (hnt .matter is sleeping with the window shut. She Studies Fingerprints Just For the Fun OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla -Wl-Ifs only n hobby with her but Mrs. Unas Oden. w.dow. 1ms classified more fingerprints in two years than mnnv police Klcntificahon bureau, handle. She started studying fingerprints "just °™ n . .I""' llns cl «wificil more than ot tnem. spare moments at n department In the evening she stray flngorpflnls ami In marches ,,ut am s the person that modelhem. ESCAPE Are you letting business esc.nile? Why not do what other alert buyers, sellers do—catch more of it. With Hope Star Want Arts! It's a simple Way to get more costumers at little cost. You'll be more than satisfied \vith the results you get. Why not prove it for yourself! • Send Your Clnasificd Ad l>u Mail or Bring to Hope Slat- The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can. Talk to Only One Man • Want Ads Talk to- -Thousands '• : SELLlRENT BUY OR SWAP Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone m ln1mum Rates are for Services Offered _. -CIALS — Permanents 51.50 ui Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampo set, Eyebrow-lash dye $1.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phorife 39, Street. 117 Fron 21-26[ SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured is the map of ——, 6 Its king is V, 12 Beam. 13 To love. 15 Fuel. 16 To meditate. 17 Grinding tooth. 18 Astringent. 20 Unit. 21 Tampered. 23 Silkworm. 24 No good. 25 Note in scale. 26 A pinch. 28 Plural. 29 Tumor. 30 Arabian commander. 32 Sheriff. 33 To choose by ballot. 34 To implore. 33 Pencil end. 3$ Hour. 38 Musical note. 39 Skirt edge. 40 Railroad. Answer to Previous Puzzle 41 Still. 43 Shrewder. 48 Horse's food. 49 Beret. 51 Near. 52 Pig sty. 53 Beast oi burden. 54 Semidiameters 55 Seaweed. 57 Its iron mining section is north of the Circle. 58 Half of its people are VERTICAL 2 Twisted. 3 Comfort. 4 Indigo. 5 Title. „, 6 Yellow metal. 47 Fish.' 14 Drain pipe die 16 It is a constitutional 19 It has compulsory — service. 21 Riding academies. 22 Verse of two measures. 25 Starting bar. 27 Large pestle. 29 Spider's home. 31 Rebel. 35 Arab prince. 37 To happen again. 40 Cook stove. 42 Powder ingredient. 44 Pressed grape skins. 45 Data. 46 Maxim. ...with... i SAVS HERE A' DISPOSITION" •To SUAP AT ANYTHIkkS is THE ."FIRST SYMPTOM WELL, HE'S BEEM TAKING BITES AT MY BAUK ROLL MEREfe A. LITTLE UUMBER WITH AFIUE MESH, Bur YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKS \r OFF TO FfeSD HIM-^THIS OWE 16 A BASKET TYPE THAT'LL FIT DOWM OVER HIS THREE CHIMS/ ACCORDIMG T6 TH 1 LAW, WE'LL HAVE TO MUZZLE HIM 1 BY A AT 1MB MOUTH/ VVOULD VICTIMS AA — ^, - <0\X>EASURIM<3 HIM \ FOR A MUZZLE as OUT OUR WAY FAMOUS ENGINEERS DESIGNED . THESE ACCIDEMT- PROOF MACHINES-I DON'T SEE HOW YOU COULD DO IT! I DON'T NEITHER, BUT I DID} By J. R, WILLIAMS THAT GUV THlNkg HE'S GREATER THAN THE EXPERT WHO eUlLT THEM FOOL- f ROOF MACHINES, BECAUSE HE SOT HIS NECKTIE CAUGHT IN AM UKlKETCHABLE MACHINE IT'S GUVS LIKE HINA THAT PUT EMGIMEERS TO WORK ptrrriNG US OUT OP WORK! THEY'LL SOOM HAVE ONE NAAN .RUNNIM 1 ALL THESE I^CHINES WITH PUSH BUTTONS FROM A STEEL CAGE I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YOU oo\^"Kt«E."f 1 OWt That Settles It THE FOOL.-PROOFER For Sate Just received large assortment Fit Christmas trees. Make your choice MONTS c ° Paul raul -otton Mattresses work and material Mattress Shop. Call l-26tc FORT SALE-FaT Turkeys for ChrisT- mas. Inspection of flock invited. Place orders now. Lee H. Garland, Phone - 3 ' 7-12tpd FOR SALE-Beautiful diamond >-ing mounted latest design, wonderful Christmas gift. Box 945 Winnfeild Louisiana. g., tp FOR RENT FOR RENT-Unfurnished apartment Pnvate bath. Phone 1-W. 8-3tp FOR RENf"^Fu7nT s hed~IpIrtment, with garage. Close in. Mrs. Cora Baile y. 205 South Washington St. 8-3tp FOR RENT-6 room furnished liouse, 406 So. Spruce. Phone 38F11 Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 618 ch Wanted to Rent ALLEY OOP By EDGAR MARTIN AHH/JUS'UKE OLD TIMES.' WHVN HECK , PIP TWO GOOD PALS LIKE USHI-VER HAFTA --V FALL OUT? AWyZEL AND OOOLA HAD ^ ^ _ A LOT T'DO WITH IT,BUT... 'ROMJ HERE IT'S GONNA . _. US FOR US' NO MORE WOMEN' No, It's Nothng to Oop WASH TUBBS PON'TCWA THINK SHE'S KWELL, OF COURSE IT'S KINPA FOOLISH, CHUMMIN') NUTHIW TME-BUT FOR AROUND WITH A SUV /QOOUA'S SAKE I'M wo&opy KNOWS ANy- yeoiM' OUT INTO THE THING ABOUT? r< STICKS AND PO SOME INVESTIGATE'? By V. T. HAMLIN <!?N THE ^ BEWOTE PROVINCE OF SAM3UAN, PANAZUELA.. WEETW THE ACCURSED TV RAWT! WHAT 1 . THEV PARE REVOLT AGAIUST ME. THE MOST BEUOyED AMD ENLIGHTENED RUUEB EEM THE H4STORV OF PAWAZUELA? HAVE THE 60VEEWOR SHOOT \ THEtA TJOWN UKE DOSS.' The Revolt 7 Russian mountains. 8 Calm. 9 Chief officer in Turkey. 10 Glen. 11 To arrogate. 48 Tiller. 50 House canary 52 Nominal value. 53 Mother. 56 Measure of area. WANTED TO RENT-Unfurnished house or apartment. Phone 886. 7-3tp Lost LOST—Female hv«r and white Pointer, 12 months old, weight 35 pounds. Reward, Newt Bundy. 8-3td Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. False. The first day of spring is April 21. 2. False, Florence Nightingale was a famous war nurse. 3. True. Harry Woodrlng is secretary of war. 4. False. Crepe Suzette is a French pancake. 5. False. King Konk was the name of a movie. A WANTAD FIND IT / FRECKLESj\ND HIS FRIENDS THE GOVERNOR, . VOUR EXCEUUEWCV, FOOL 1 . THEM ORDER THE COMMANDING 6ENERAL. By ROY CRANE TO SHOOT THE GOVERNOR.! \ BOT TWE GEWERAL HAS JOMED THE REVOLUTION, V TOO. fa , LOOK AT THAT SNOW ITS so DEEP we'u. NII GET THE TRUCKS ourT AREN'T THEY siNa TRACTORS To CLEAR THE STREETS His Work Is Cut Out JR. 1»3eBYKEA3EllWCF INC. UWGRMEFUL DOGS! S\MWE'. v W>OB\U2E THE ARM SUMMON DAWSOM! SUPPRESS AU WAR WEWS, AMD HAVE COM6EESS PROCLAIM ME 'THE BELOVED UBERATOR." I.ADOIFO OE LA CUCARACHA, WEEL TOLERATE wo opposmow.' "tf MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE rr COMES DOWN FASTER'^ THEY CAN CLEAR IT OFF I THAT f MEANS <^ WE'LL <? HAVE To MAKE (TON FOOT/ DON'T BE SlULY,' DID EVER. WALK A HORSE IN TeN-Foor DRIFTS OF SOFT SNOW.' CAN'T WE USE SLEIGHS ? J-JISSURED TH\T LOVIE AMD MAJOR GILDER. AftS. UODSE, COMPETENT MEDICAL CARE, MVGA TAKES UP HER POST BY THE GATE..... \ THERE'S THE CARPEJslTER THEY CAUL"BlkJ&O" NOW... OUR. DULY DEFINITE SUSPECT IM THE CASE SO FAR- A Chance Meeting? By MERRILL BLOSSER GET GOING .' THIS STORE HAS NEVER MISSED DELIVERY ' THEN SOMETHING TBLUS MR X'M (5ONINA MAKE HISTORY' AH! HE'S GETTIUG IMTO THAT J4,UOPPy OM THE PAEKIMG LOT-MOW TO FIWD A TAXI AMD 7KAIL HIV\/ -U. By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll

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