Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1912
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VOLUME XV, NO. 301. WMkty Raaliter. ••tabllthtd 18e7. Dall^ ntglstar, EMablithed 1897. lOLA, KAS., OCT. 10, ;912-TaiJRsi)AY EVENING. Sueceisor to the iota Dall Iota Dally Record and thi Register, tha Iota Daily Index EIGHT PAGES SToKSjcE IX lOLA LAST MOXTII 12 DF.ilHS AXD 11 HIRTHS KKI'ORTK 1). nRSTTIMEiNLOCmffEGOROS BIRTHS IX PAST HAVE ALWAYS EXCKKOKI) DEATHS. Of thr Rirllis Diiriiiir lh«> Mnnlli of S«'|»«eni <M 'r, Six Wi'n? Hoys and Fhf W»>n- l.'Irls. TBiE WEATHER. Foreciuit for Kansuxt Showen-(o> {.nl^t nnd yridu}. Pata Tecorded at the Local Office of iHe Weather Bureau:, Temiierature: Illsheat yesterday at 2 |i. ni., SG; lowest this mornint; at 4 n. m.. 06; normal for today. 60; excess In temperature yesterday. 18 degrees; deficiency since .lanXiary 1st. 282 degrees. Yesterday—6 p. ni.. 74; 9 p. m.. 64; 12 midnight. 62. Today—3 a. ni.. 60; 6 a. ni.. 61; 9 a. m..!66. Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m .itoday. O.SS Inch; OXCI-SB in i)re- rlpitatlon since .lanuary Ist, 4.88 Inches. Helative humi(ilty-7 a. in. today. 97 par cent; barometer reduced to sea 29.90 IncheR. Siinriso today. 6:26 n. m.; sunset. •r.'t'i \). in. For the fim tlnu' sliirc Iho vl (!i) FliUistics liiw was-.. l)rou!;l>l i"'" olTi*l n riMiord of dijiitlux iind lilrllisi in every town nnd city in Kaii.siiR. ilie deaths liT tho cll.v of lo'.:i Imvc «'xo<>i>d <>d tho birihs, thirtnK ili<> uioiiili of September, :is sliown on lln» records of City Clerk ZK'Rler wlio is by viriuo of his offic«» registrjir of vital statistics for this city, there were twiOve deaths and eleven births. Siv of the bir(hs were boys and live w«ire girls. ! Of the number of deaths, i-ishi wen- males and^Jour foniales. The death rati! was higlH'sf among a^ed IHTBOUS. Only two infants died. Tlie rrmain- ing ten deaths w«^re iierson.s wlios< ages ranged from ."il to 79. The vital stati.stics law has iirovi-n a blessing in that, aside from tlie important act of keeping a correct record of all birihs and deaths, it has brought ahoui an uiidersi.iiwliiig of the causation of diseases whicli produce death. When the health ofTioers find that a certain disease is prevalent in u certain community, steps are at once taken to learn why. if ih,- disease is contagions, the source of rontapion i.s hunted and ext<rminaied If infection proper precautions are taken to prevent the spread, either by infec-tion or contagion. Kins EN40VKD MVTI.VEE. All Now lioo^tlntr for Howard Wlieut- OH'S Hie Shows, - Tlie children were out in numbers yesterday afternoon to sea Tlie Pnited AniUseiiieiit Coilnpany's Tabloid Stock Company .i* big free matinee given for ^the benefit of all who attend the public schools. l.ast night another larw house saw tWs company present their two act verswn of "Ixna Rivers" tlie piece as ihe.v- played It last nifrht if anvil four-act value i.- line. superior to the oricinal version the story is closely followed and all that is really of any retained, making a nicst enjoyable forty-five minute entertainment. The bill will he repeated tonight, and on Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday matinee the the- atre-goinc people of lola will have an opporttinity ef seeing a twjo-act version of the famoiis New York succe.-s entitled. "The Sins of a Father." a coiHi)anion "Polly of the Circus." anii one that bids fair to rival this most suecessful play in itopu- larily. MOKK RAIN AT (^HICAfiO. ., I Two Local Teams Poiitponp (Jame— First Ended 0 to II. (By (lie A.SKOcl«tod Pre."w> Chicago. Oct. 10.—The-second game between the Sox and the Cubs was postponed, on account of rain. Yesterday's game resulted in a tie. 0 to e. after nine Innings. ^ PRAIRIE ROSE, ' (Vara E. Rodgei-;S). Oct. S.—Miss Mary McKinney si>ent the week end with Home folks in lola. J. K. Jones -was here last wo<-k attending to business matters and we understand he rented his farm to Mr. McKean for the coming year. Carl and Verle Tice spent Sunday at W, N. Ford's. There was no meeting Friday as Rev. Athertbn attended his appoint. ment at South Fairview. J. A. Mattock an^ family spent Sun day at Sam Baker's. Mildred Robb visited over Sunday at Emory Broughton's. J. P. Rogers and family were Sunday guests of I^Harpe relatives. C. W. Bacon secured first premium on his team cf reglst<;red filleys at the Vniontown fair. During the rain Sunday evening. O. T. Nolan's barn was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cline and son AValter, , and daughter Mrs. Dow,- of .Moran who had stopped out of the raiij. were in the barn at the time, and were knocked down by the shoek, but not seriously injured. One horse and a set of harness, was saved. The loss is partly 'covertd by insurance. F. E. Knapp and family and Miss Hennlnger were Sunday guests at J. F. Weatlierble's. Report of Grant school for the llrst .month ending Oct. 4: Number enrolled 13. Those neither tardy nor alM^nt: Ruth Weatherbie. Mable Ford, Loren Rogers, Angle Knapp. Lillian Fmphrey, Medora Wood, j'ar- ley AVeatherbie, Nina Ford.i Grant school will be dismissed Thursday so tbatrteacher and pupils may attend the .Moran Fair. Miss ^u£ie Hennin• ger, teacher. ' Mrs. M. J. Hilton, of Earlton. who baa been here rliiUng Mrs. G. W. Adams, returned homo this after- lioon. CLUB RE-ELECTS OLD OFnCERS W. ,L KVAXS AtJAlN HEADS lM »r ,S. TRIAL KI'ILlUMi fOMrAXV. r. II. Bowhis, Vire.PresIdent. F»nk Hood Serr»'tnr.r Oul) Boutlae Rusliiess Trnnsacletl. The only important action taken by th<' stoeKlioWUrs of the tola Industrial Kuilding company at their annual meetiiij! las< night in the Clinker Club voom was the election of olTicers and Iioaril of .lireetois. Each of the ohl clliiers v.ere re-elected. The roster follows: Pre^ideui, W J. Evans: vici'-prest- dei.t. T II. How'.u.s: s(;ereiary, Frank Wood: 'nas.tirer. C. E. .\ewton. These otHceis with the fotlowine gentlemen compose thi- board of directors: 1.. !.. Norihnu). A. W.~Reck. I.. E. llor- vill.?. I.; I.. Ponsler. E D. Shields, .1. 1>. Arnett. T. M Bartles. J. F. Uoshorn T. 15 Shannon. E. P. Brighain and J. H. rampheJI. , Tylie industrial situation in lola was! discussed by Mie club members iuid" there was a general feeling that the fu'iire promises luich for lola. There was a l.Trpo •-itter.danoe of the stockholders at the mcetinr. I '• eULLETINS PLEASE CROI iiaseball News Posted In Replster IVIndnw Elicits Ciieers From Fans—(Jame lij Inninurs. The Ivla baseball fans who gathered in front of the.Register office yesseiilav afternoon to watch the bul- leiin.s of t!:e game between Boston and .Vew York which were posii-d In the window as fast as they came, crew (luite excited as the lead shifted and .the!led score sent the game into extra Each faction of the eiowil would yell its approval when a ..^eore was matkod up. and between bulletins they c'lewed the rag with each other and tl oroughly enjoyed the Kaine. Knell afternfto i the Register will post the score b- innings in the window and fans w lo are :< K ) Interested to wa't for the finish are cordially invited to share in the news as it hajipens. DEATH OF MRS. THOS.BfllSTER Widely Known Resident of IAIUH**" DM Last M»rtit.—Fnneral at Lallarpe Frlda.T. Mrs. Elizabeth Brister. tvidow of the IateJ"homas Brister,' and one of the 1 .4iHarne neighborhood, died at 8:15 last night at the hom(> of her daughter. Mrs. J. W'. Donnan, one mile piontKr citizens of Allen County, of south of LaHarpe. The funeral services will be held from the Methodist church in I-aHarpe Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock and interment will be made in the l.-iHarpe cemeterj-. Mrs. Brister is survived by several children, one of whom is Mr. W. R. Brister. manager of the Globe store in this city. More extended notice will be given later. CO.M.MISSIOXERS HOME FRIDAY. Salina Jl«-<llnir wm Adjourn Late This Afternoon. ^ The municipal government of lola has been "out of town" since Tuesday afternoon. Mayor Bollinger and Commissioners Glynn and Freeman left on that day for Salina where they Vjeni to attend the state meeting of the Kansas .Municipal League. The league is cotiiposed of the city officials of the towns in Kansas holding membership in the organization. Three-day sessions are held each year and at these Inifetincs ideas are offered 'as to the wnrk in the various detiartments of n:uniclpal government and many good suggestions are gained. It was for the purpose of getiinc In touch with the executive officers of the cities of Kansas tliat lola's commissioners attended the Salina meeting. They expect to gain much \-aluable Information there—information that can be utilized in the operation of the IOCRI government. The mayor and commissioners will return home tomorrow. Miss Grace Fulton, of Kansas City, who has been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. Leslie, went to Chanute this afternoon, • NEW YORK CAPTI-RED SECOND OF THE WORLD'S SERIt.S. BOSTON SCORED IN NINTH SCRATCH HIT, .^OPBLE AND AX ERROR XEl!n,V FATAJ.. O'Rrlon Was .Xenons and Was Taken Oul In the Elvhth Iniihig h) .Manuger StnhL .New York Boston Snire hy Innings. R 11 K jnu ulti tiito— i; 7 1 iiiio tipii tiitl--l 7 u (By tho A !t ..<iK .|men rr*M> Boston. .MasM.. Oct. lu—The .New- York .Nationals defeated the Boston I{»H 1 SOX by a act)re of 2 to 1 todtiy, making the World 's Series contest so far stand: lioKton one game, and New Yorlfr one game, and one tie contest. It was a pitclier 's battle to<lay In whidi .Martiuard lu'ld the home club helpless until the last inning when they earned a run on sharp hitting fiy Lewis and Gardner. An error of a thrown ball put a man on socon<l and third for Boston luit Devore by a nice runnini; catch of a drive iiff Cady's liat .saved the day f«>r tlie Giants. New York's iiilting was steady while Bor-.- lon tielded Fuperbly. ft was announced that the batteries would be as follows: For New York. Marquanl and .Meyers; for Boston. O'Brien and Carrlgan. Dcvore went to right field anil .Murray to left Held for New York, the change being made as Murray usually plays a sun Held. I'mpire Evans went behind the liat. Kleni made base decisions. Iligler went to right Hold and Ol -oughlin to left lleld. First Inninir. FIRST 11.\LF—I)evore singlwl td center. • Doylp fl «.w out to Speaker. On an atteiujited hit -und-run play l»e- vore was out. Carrigan to Wagner. Snodgrass was out on a fly to Speaker. No runs; no hits; no errors. UAUT HALF-Hooper flew out to Fletcher. Yerkes went out on strikes. Speaker out. Doyle to .Merkle. No runs; no hits: no errors. THE ONLY ATTEACTION. Serond Inning. FIRST ll.M.F—.Murray nmde a two base bit to right center. Merkle sac- ritii-ed and was out. O'Brien t(» Sialil. .Murray took tlilrd. .Murray scored on llerzog's sacrillce fly to lliM)])er whose tlitow to the plate failed to catch .Murray. .MoytTS \vas oul Gardner to Stahl. One run: one bit; no errors I.AST II .\LF—Lewis singled tt> center. Gardner sacriHced Hei^zog to .Merkle. IJ'WI.S taking s<'cond. Stahl was out on a higli fly to .Murray Warner struck out. .No runs: one hit: no errors. Third Inuimr. FIRST HALF—Fletcher walked, as O'Brien was unsteady and could not control his moist ball. .Marquard sacrificed. O'Brien to Stahl. Devore fanned. I>oyle lined to Stahl.' A foot either way and it would have been a three-base hiL No runs; no bits; no errors. LAST HALF—Carrigan sent up a high foul which Meyers caught. O'Brien fanned. Hooper also fanned and tho crowd gave Marquard a cheer as he went to the Giants' bench. .No runs; no iiits; no errors. Foarth Inning. FIR.ST HALF— Snodgrri .ss went. out. Yerkes to Stahl. The crowd gave Murray a great hand as he cauie to the plato. . He v;.>nt out, <;'Brieu to Stahl, on a bunt. .Merkle was another victim of the O'Brien-Stahl route. No runs; no hits; no errors. LAST HALF—Yerkes popped out to Fletcher. Speaker singled to left but was forced at second when Herzog took Lewis's grounder and threw to Doyle. Gardner flew oul to Murray. No runs; one hit; no errors. Firth Innlnir. FlItST HALF—Herzog put a hit for two bases down the left field line. Meyers went out. O'Brien to Stahl. Herzog taking third. Herzog scored on Fletcher's single to right. Fletcher stole second. Marquard walked as O'Brien became unsteady over New York's batting. Marquard was forced at second when Wagner took Devore's bounder and tossed it to Yerkes. Fletcher took third on the play. Devpre stole second. Doyle was purposely passed to first, filling the bases with two out. flew out to I.*wis and ended the suspense for Boston. One run; two hits; no errors. LAST HALF—Stahl singled to right but was out attempting to steal on a short passed ball. Murray made a dazzling one-handed catcfi of Wagner's fly after first misjudging it. Carrigan went out. .Marquard to Merkle. No runs; one hit; no errors. W AR IX THE BALKAXS STARTS IX THE I'Sl'AL WAY. GREEK IHVAPERS REPULSED I.IMW DRIVEX BACK WITH HEAYT LOSSES BV, tlRKS. , Albanian VlltaKP.s In FlameS and Pop- iilare lu Flleht—.Hurdera In .Muiitenenrro. (Ily I tie Ass.»i.-»t»J I*ret«) !- Lonilon. Eng.. Oct. 10—Hea%"y losses were inflicted by Turkish troopj^on a Land of Gr.'eks. numbering ' i>M thousand, who attacked a Turkish, frontier post near Dhlslkala. Their were driven back over thefrontier. I JOHN BRA.MHALL At (JUTTED. Jiirv lliiieved lie Shot .Man With Wife In Self-defense. MIV EVEX IP THE LITTLE MATTER IN CALIFtmM.l. [II III .11^7'IHHI ••»«^ . Cause the Star to Bite Itself and Berome Rahld. ' : iV.y the A.«s <H i.ilfHl Pr^-s.';) Ktm a-; City. .Mo.. Oct. lO.—.John J ' l!raiii.'|:;il. <m trial for killing Wllliant ; K. llAi:)'!! at Independence. .Mo., in But In Missouri the -CriiiH^ ^^^^^^^t^^lc!::^ fen.'e was made in the attempt to clear lli-anihall of the charg**. On the unsupported statement of the defendant that I lagan threatened to shoot him and that, on the afternwn of the shootin .ir. when Bramhall.. armed with a shotgun, came up on his wife and lla.i;an tiding alona: the road in a bui;- ^;y. Vla;:an with his left ariii-arounil .Mrs. Bramhalls shoulders. Hngan attempted to drsiw a revolver from lii.s pocket, liingeii tW instruction.s siven the jury by .liidi;e I^its'.iaw. If credence were given the statenu-nt. .ludge l.atshaw iiistrueti-d. a verdict of not giillty n-turned. Itranviiail admitted that he shot lla- gan. I Rv til.. .\ssi>oiii!>d Press! .lefferson City, .Mo:. Oct. 10—The Republican state comniittre. through Its attorney, filed a petition In the Cole county circuit court today to enjoin the secretary of the state fnuii printing on tlie official ballot, the Progressive party's presidential electors. The attorney General appeared for the .>-ecretary of state and agreed to an Immediate Hearing before .iiid;;e Wurdmann. of the St. l.,ouis county (Mrcuit court, who is sitting in the case of the slate i -ommittee suit to enjoin the printing of the Progresshe state ticket. went back to the bench, a victim of strikes. Doyle took Hooper's high l!y after a hard run Into right field. Yerkes put a single over second, but Speaker put up>a high foul which Meyers took. No runs; one hit; no errors. Seventh Inning. FIRST HALF—Meyers struck <uif. Fletcher was thrown out. Gardner to Stahl. Marquard was out when Hlahl took his grounder anil tos.sed it to O'Brien at first. No runs: no hits: no errors. ' LAST HALF—Everybody stood up In the ••Lucky S<!ventb" and chc-red for .several minutes. Lewis went out. Fletcher to Merkle. Murray t«iok In Gardner's foul against the fence Slab! doubled Into the bleachers and hiiil the ball goiie ten feet biglitr il would have cleared the fence for a home run. Wagner sent up a high fly to Devore. No runs; one hit; no errors. SENATE GOMMinEE IS BUSY \ItCnBIH .I) RKt ALLED Tt» IVITNLSS STAND. THE Admits He Wrote Letters to Foraker (jutiled in a Muiraxiue and Shonu in Court. STAHL FORCED TO USE FOIR TWO (iA."tIES. Eitihth Inning.' FIRST HALF—Devore got a hit to left over Gardner's head. Doyle flew out to I,ewis. Snodgrass singled to left. Devore being '•. held at second. Murray flew oat to I.,ewis. Snodgra.-.s was forced at second when Wagner took .Merkles grountler and threw to Yerkes.. No runs: no hits; no errors. LA.ST HALF—Engle went to bat for Cjrrlgan. and It was announced that Ball would bat for O^Brlen. Engle flew out to .Murray. Ball .struck out. Hooper took a base on li:ills Herzog threw Yerkes out at first. No runs; no hits; no errors. Sixtk Innlnp. FIRST HALF—The Boston fans applauded Murray for his s|>ectacular catch as be went to the plate. Murray sent up a high foul which I>ewls took after a hard run. Merkle fanned. Herzog was out Wagner to Stahl. No runs: no hits; no errors. LAST HALF—Marquard sent three curves over the plate and O'Brien) Xinth Inning. FIRST HALF—Bedient and Caly went In as the battery for Bo.iton Herzog w*as hit by pitched ball and took fl^t. Herzog was nit stealing second. Ciidy to Yerkes. Meyers singled past Wagner. Speaker made a brilliant running catch of Elct .her'.long drive and doubled up Meyers by a line throw to Stahl. No runs; no hits; no errors. LAST HALF—Speaker popped*u|) a high fly to Fletcher. Ij?wis scratched an infield hit. scoring on Gardner 's double to right. Gardner was out wheit Marquard took Stahl's grouftder and threw to Herzog: who touched Gardner. Hendrickson run for Stahl. Hendrick.son made third when Fletcher threw Wagner 's grounder widely to first. Devore caught CadyVJ long fly. One run; 2 hits; one error. [ fP.v tha AsoiM-iiited Pre-<!s) ; W.TshinstoM. Oct. ln—A. I.aylin. 'of Coiuinhn.-. Ohio. .Assistant Secretary rif !)!,• Interior, and manager of •!!•• Tafi primary in Ohio, was the f ;r .<f witne.-.s to tnda.v. He said he had fih d a statement in Oliio show ing \\w total Taft expenses were $•;.-•,, or $7.".«>.ii in t!;e state primaries, .(••laries V Taft. fh .iVl ..s D. Iliile.^ aiid Ilttlhcit Taft (nephew of Charles P •Taft) wcr'f given hy Ijiylin as con' trihutlnt: iiio.-t of the fund. A H. Plant. < niptroiler of the : Southern railway, said he knew of no i contriliutions to the preconvention SUull'll U niUnLn rnUDLLllI j»ver any fund to Congressman Cnder- 1 wood's inana ^-t -rs hefore or during the Baltimore <-iinvention. ; Senator fiixon testified that it was '• 'common report thai Plant had han- dli-d funds for t!ie Underwood cam- liaign. .lohn D. .Arehbold followed Plant on Showers Last Xteht Did Not Deter the i t''^ stand Arehbold testified before Wailing Fan .s, Who Stayed at i the committee in August. Chairman the (Jate All Xfeht. ,<^lapp took up the examination of fh# • . ' ' \ Standard Oil man as to the so-called f Archlxdd letters recently published. He first called attention to the let- (y.y ll.o A.".--i .-ifed rr ^-vs) to .Senator .f. B. Foraker. date<I i :4 ).vton. Ma.s.-:.. Oct. 10.—Bright .=kie.-jM:,r(!, ot;. r .tiMt. reading the same, proiidsed gi .od weather for the World f .Xrchbold said the payments to • For- Seri. s game here todav. Fenway I'ark \ •'•f^'" ^''''e made for the services of 1 . . , f-,.. _ • •''<'"3''"" Foraker as counsel in the was soiMewhat wev from a ram lasl ; ^f^nj^^d's Ohio affairs.' A reproduc- niglrt; bat indiciiiious wore that the ; „f letters from Arehbold to For- groT '.nd will b«- ilry for th.- xaiiie. (K-i aker- printed in a m.igazine. were •.islonal light showers are loroeastetl i ri'""" "'^ witness. He admitted writ ! tng "tiieiii. .\ri:h!)o!iI couMn t recol- lor toda.v. I.-. =..:_...,.„ ,„„„„ „f V<=iterdays nii> and luck struggle thiuiigh eli'veii innings brought tin' cotitcst arain to Fenway Park. The rain fail.-d to ilanipen the spirits of a sinalf number of fjins w4io. shelicreU by hexes and lioard.s and newsiiapers, kept their phices a' the bleacher gates liirotijfh the night despite an occasional dov.-npour. One man who saw yes- terila>'s game said he bad been away from the grounds only long enough to get shaved in thirty-six hours. Manager Slahl had a pitching prob- b'lii to s-olve today. With one game tucked safely away. I!o.«it!.n has used foiir {:i:chers in two days, rolliii.s Hall and Medient figuring successively in the box yesterday Marijuard Is regarded as the best available pitcheT for .Ni w Yoik by the baseball sharps, who are of the same ipinioD resarding •"Buc-k^^ Ol'.iieii of the Rt».I Sox. Exich of thesi- two men had b*vn primed to pitch in the third i ;.iii'e. but it was exin-clfd that the ;;ame would be played In New York and it was .\!c(;raw^s object to bring .Marqirurd into 'he game before a I'.osne <rowd. The Giant SL :iithp:r«' neeils symitathetic surroundings to be at his l».»st and some followers of the game thought .Mci^.raw would hold .Marquai;d for the next, game In New York and send either Crandall or WHtse t«i the i:!ound. There i.s no change i;i the Boston line up: O'Brien and Carrigan will b.> the battery. The New York ^ine-up will be: Devore, left: Doyle, second; SJnoJgrass. center; Murray, right; Merkle. first; Herzog. third; Meyers, catcher; Fletcher, short; .Marquard or Crandall pitcher. "*.?. -- — - !evt receiving: the letters, of which piapii ^howed him a photographic copy, written by Hanna. asking for .n:;-=istanfe in'the Ohio campaign and enflin.g with the iiostscrint: "This wholf fight is against the corporations and tue jas their champion.•' Miss Berlie Heath W '-nt to Neosho Fails this :ifternoon for a visit with fri'.nds. • Mr .=5. .1. I) Moore w.nt to Walnut this afleniiMm for a visit with her ilaimbter. Biimiiig the. VniaK«ji. Vienna. Oct. lu— .Many Allutnioa- •.illages to.tbe jiorth of the Moianna river are in flames, according to messages received-here. Many fugitives, indiidjng some - wounded men, '-hare arrived at Soutari. Peasants who fletl to the. frontier posts at Szameai haxo been slain by the Muntenegrini. TERRIBLE TED AT LARGE. IVIII Ise "Big (.uds" Now Abase His Opponents. fBy tli«? As :«j.-iat«l freast • . Superior. Wj;!.. Oct. ,10. —^Colonel ^ K<.u.<»\elt in a siieech; liere criticised, i;o'.frnor Wilson for his attitude toward child labor and also the Democratic platform. Having given more than a month to an exixxsition of the principles of the new' party, which he . believes . now. are well understood. Roosevelt plan.=; to take a new line pf attack during the closing weeks of the campaign and "unliiuber some ' big guns." , KEEP ANARCHISTS IX JAIL. - Jury Refuse., Btiil to L W.,W. Leaders at Lawrence. , Salem. .Mass.. (K-t. l (n— Judge Jo-. ' 9i\>\\ V. Quifln. of the Sulperior court. <leclined an ofder for tl^e release on ball of Joseph J. Etter, Artttro Ola, vannitti and Joseph Caruso, whose trial on the charge? of being reapon- siblo for the alleged inurder of Anna \jn\\\/.zo- a Ijiwrence mill ?»orker, is p>'iiding in court. \ FOR POSTMASTER'S MURDER Ilariey .HrCojr, Railway Ijiborer, Ar­ retted on Sus |dcIon of L0uIatinrg .Van's Death. •• (I'.v tbo A.isotiattnJ rrt.««) ' I Osawatomie. Kans., Oct. 10.— Harvey McCo/. aged iwehty-two, a rjUl- way laborer, was arrested here] today charged with the murder of George McElheny postmaster at Louisburg last Friday. .McCoy was placed In the jail at Paola. The evidence upon which he was arrested is largely circumstantial. It is alleged that he went to Louisburg on Friday ^d was seen :to . board a train, carrying with blm a shotgun. Investigatloik is said to have sliown that McElheny was killed by, shot from a certain kind of shell sold- here and .McCoy bought a box of those shells. - .• McCoy is said to have bad a 'dis-- agreement with McElheny over" an attempt to 'bootleg' whiskey at thi Louisburg fair. MORAN FAIR DREW CROWD. A (.'(Mid Lvttendanre Yesterdari Bat ' lUIn Last Xi^t Cnts Today. The .Moran fair drew a large crowd of visftors yesterday,, many of whom were lolans. The exhibits and attrac tions were pleasing while the political- feature of the day proved a strong card. George Fred Williams, pttbr licist and' Democrat, delivered .the principal address. County candidates on both tickets mingled with the voters seeking'supiiort at the .coming election. ; The rain last night and this morning will cut the attendance at today's ' exhibition and it was reported this morning.that the. fair directors wera contemplating the matter of holding the fair over for another day. PFDE.STRAlX.S DlSAPPOlXTEK Fire Department Wade Run Wa-sh Ont the Hose. Pedestrains.along ihe south sitle-ot the square this afternoon thought they wore about lo see a good fire, when the fire department "flew" out of the quarters an down South street. But nothing was •up." The department was' merely making a run to let out the hose and give it a good washing. This must be done every six months,, in ordor to keep the rubl>er from xol- ting, except when there is a fire and 'he hose la used. Although there hare been a ntinibcr qlL|^ll ;_fires' in the •last siv months t :9^^|(tinf»'I> length of ho |e, 1.000 feet, has not bi>en jased. BECKER * Jl'RY SECURED. New York Police and Marder Scaadai le Be Heard, ^(Ky ttie Associated Preas> New York, Oct. iO.—A jury.tojry Lieutenant Becker, charged Wfth Ibe murder of Rosenthal, was completjid " today. _u. - —^ I

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