Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 25, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1908
Page 6
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IE Courage and Daring of Colonel James Bowie. HIS DEATH IN THE ALAMO. Dramatic End of This Brave, Generous and Determined Spirit — The Way the Fearless Fighter Once Protected a Preacher In Texas. Ono fitio summer morning In l.Srj.'V the year that K.'inf.a Anna seized the presidency of the new republic of Mex- fco - a Niniill party of horsemen crossed the Siiblne river about sixty mlleri from Its mouth and entered Texas territory. Most of them were, dad In buckskin jintj urined with rllle, pistol nnd knlfe-a rough, delenniiierl looking crowd, with two notable exceptions. on'. 1 clean sliaveii, rlark sUinned, \vllh a bright, restless eye that M-an lied the woods constantly, as II' in search of an encni.v, and the other a small, mild mannered man, whose gen eral appearance betokened the preach er. ThcH.e; two were riding In front, talking earnestly of Ihe convention Avhfeli had Jiis't been held ;it ,S/in Felipe <|e Austin and of the possibility Dial Texas inlghl one da.v become an Independent slate. Suddenly Some ope In the parly behind them started i> Kong with a iiiemorable choru:, SVlK'ii n'.'ni-r ::!ali-M !•<•).•.-I IIH, '/'hi:-i ifi tin: niie (hiit iilwaysj 1,'iki-n ua. (•'roin thai .{Ingiiiig rliyme some derive the name '"J'cxas." Cerlnln I.'. Is that this great m-w laml look In am! t-Jieilered nian.v il fugitive.' "v.iio lel'l his country I'or his country's good." Thai prince of pi rales La title had sail ed away from <<ah'osloii ten years be fore, and his thousand freebooters were HCJItiered to the I'onr winds, but crowds of adventurers from all parts of Ihe world were pouring In, wllh many of Ihe belter class, to swell the tide of Texas Immigration. The little bund Jogged on and Dually reached the municipality of San Augustine, then a mere collection of rude log liutH, with on« or two adobe. 1 Kl.ruct.urcs built by Spanish missionaries. Merc the preacher posted a notice that the Jtev. Henry SlepheiiHoii of the Methodist denomination would hold a meet- lug In the evening. At Hie hour named the house was crowded to overllowlug •with rough, desperate men, all armed nnd ready for any fun or fray that might arise on Htieli a novel occasion. The minister gave out a hymn, and It ivan Hung with spirit. Then cami; the text, but not another word would this crowd hear. They hooted and yelled, shot off their pistols, crowed and brayed in derision. Tha tumult was deafening. The quiet little preacher Htood his ground bravely, (hough In hl« hearl •wishing ho were well out of It. Wllh dlllicully his traveling companion forced his way to (lie front, still carrying his rifle and a huge knife In hiH belt. The wild cheer I hat broke from Ihe crowd Hounded In the cars of the preacher, now thoroughly alarmed, like the howls of a pack of wolves or the yells of Indians hungry for scalps, llul. Instead of jumping upon him tills strange mail, with restless eyes Hashing ami long black hair Htreaiiiiug over his shoulders, Jumped on a bench and, throwing hlH hat to the ground, shout«»d In a stentorian voice: "Men, thin niiiu has come lo preach to you! Von need preaching to, and I'll he blanked If he shan't preach to you! The next man who disturbs him shall light me! My name Is '.Ilin Howie!" The effect was magical. With quiet, respectful attention the rough audience listened to the sermon, Joined heartily In the closing hymn, and not a few persons came up lo shake hands wllh the little man and apulogl/.e for the rough reception they had e,i vi 'ii him. A ninhlli later a> the lirst camp meellm; ever held In Texas some of I'u-iu be came members of the chinch, and in 1S:',S ihe cornerstone of ihe lirst 1'rol t'stlllif house of \\oivl If* ill llle repuMie was laid In San AuguMllie The man u ho:-c limely ai,l |i: p o', ed ;n offer I i ve U as Colonel ,1 a lues Howie, a lid Ihe knife In Ills bet! Ihe holed "Imwle knife," given to him by his brother, Ile/iu 1'. Howie. H was made of a large tile, Ktruug, of admirable temper mid gave Its name lo a family of terrible weapons not yet oMlnei. Cl'oekelt met Howie for the lil'sl time ill the Aliijno, and he \\riles in his Journal. "While We \\elo eouverrdU'-J Colonel Howie had occasion lo draw his famous knife, and I wish I may be .shot if the bare sight of It wasn't e a man »f a .-'ijiieainisli stomach tin' colic 1 le -a v\ 1 \\ as a inning' it am mi 'lil i icklc a \\ ii It ihn OFFICERS AND SADDLES, Jefferson Davit and a Joke He Did Not Appreciate. Wllf't) .JftTfM'Son It.tviS VV.'IS SPfTOliiry of wnr ho ordered ;i!I bin j,'cncr;j!,s to Ionni to rido hoi'HifbsifU. N" flni r li'>r: ; <-- triiiti Hint) .Ji'ftVrsnn Ibivis over lived. Flo won the love nrid hand of /tn-li Taylor's daughter by Ids illstiimuislic! I prison'"' 1 In Hie.* middle, nn well as \<y his lntre[iidlty ;it (lie cannon's mouth. Wliou scr-r<rffiry r) f u -. !r ) /( , ii'/lir<;d Hint only n fow olllror-) In th' 1 Kurvjri; v,-er<> onpnblc lnjiwmci! and Issued ;in order KoinethiiiK like IhiH: "A Illienil ntward will he paid to :itiy officer or prl-.'ite in tiie army who will i offer n s.'itlsfa'.-tory dcvl'-e for kwping I our soldier;* from falling out of ; saddlcH. Communl'-nllons lo the weore : tar.v of uar will be n.'tfardr.'d ;\n con/1- , delitlfll." ! Captain fJrrorge Horn do I)erl;.v, one i of Hie leading army (!iij;ini'«'rs of his day, used to write humorous and witty i stories over the |>MI name of John j Phoenix. lie received a copy of See ; retary Drivls' order while Improving , the harbor of Han IMetfo, Cal., and Im , mediately forwarded the most Intrl- • cate and accurate designs of his iilan j for keeping oltk'ors and rnon In the I Haddlo. To Ihi; scat of officer"** | "pants" IK; n Ho HUM! n hull ring, find another bull ring was attached to UK; Handle. The two bull ring's were to lie ', fa.slied together when th(-oIHeer mount 1 <•<! his Mtecd. "If that, doesn't hold, i no! hiii'.; will," wrot" Phoenix to die : Keerelary. I la vis wan furious when lie f?ol thh-t proposition and Immediately : ordered dial Captain Iferby should !><• 1 court rnarlialed for "otllclal levity." The Keerelary felt Mint (he tiriuy had ' been disgraced and_wanled lierliy se- ; verely pnnlHlicd. OIK- of his Intimates I hastened lo him. "Jeff," he whispered. ' "if yon order a court mardal for Ui!-; j Illlle pleasantry of John Phoenix, one i of Hie salt of the f' and Immensely I popnhir in the army, yon will lie mad* 1 ! n laughingstock. The people will rldl- | ciile yon out of ofliee. Just laugh It : off." DavlH took hlHndvlce. Now Vork ! Press. Cheap Land. Kieh land; crops ran bo grown without, irrigation; situated on line of Haute Fe near the town of Corcoran, Kings county; price; ?f;0 per acre; easy terms. Sol': aarut, J. H. ws, Argus block, Covina. Assessment Notice. The Oreen-narflfcall Co. Paints. ant! Pure Mfxed their high grade? varnishes will Hatisfaction, even to the most skeptical painter. Their mixed paints will stand this e-oast climate to the fact that the pure; pairttfl are com- poHeel eif pure- white lead, pure o.xido of x.ino, ground in pure linseed oil. TheHO paintfl and varnishes nan he obtaineel here at the paint and paper Htoro eif Mr. C. Jl. Kist.ler. ' Home Telephone Company of Covina, : location of principal place of busi- '• ness. Covina, Los Angeles county, i California. Notice is hereby given that at a -regular meeting of Ihe board ejf directors I of the Home Telephone Company of 1 Coviria, held on January 15th, 3908, an I assessment of S()0 cents per share was ; levied on the capital stock of the coi-i- pany, payable iinmediately i in lawful ! money of the United States of Amer- I ica, to the secretary of the company at his office in Covina, Los Angeles county, California. ' Any stock upon which this ar-RMs- i nieut shall remain unpaid on the i7tn i elny of February, 1908, will be deiin- • ')tie.iit and advertised lor sale at public • auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 9th day of March, 1008, at 2 p. in., to pay the cost of advertising and expense of sale. J. O. HOUSKR, Secretary. Office: of the company, 1C. Madillo St., Covina, California. Shopping in Los Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAFE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Csmpany Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Anpeles Notice of Sale of Real Bstate. IN THK StJI'KRIOK COURT of California, in and for the county of Los Angeles. fri the matter of the estate of John Cj. (iauldin, deceased. To all interested in the «above entitled matter: You will please take notice that, in accordance with an order of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, State of California, dated the 21st day of May, 1007, certain real estate he- longing to the above entitled estate and de-scribed as follows, to-wit: An undetermined interest in Lot number Assessment Notice. FrostIciss Holt Water Co., location of principal place of business, Han Dimas, Los Angeles,Co., California. Notice is herr-by given that at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Frostless Belt Water Co., held on Thursday,' Jan. 2, 1908, ati tissc'Hsmont. of 100 cents per share was levied on the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in lawful money of the United Ktsites o£ America to the secretary of the (,, 111 vina MR. AND MRS. DEAN. Roomful of The Surprise Thoy Gave a Blnc/crjuarrJs. In the early part of the nineteenth century Vauxhall was the resort of many respectable persons, especially of those who came up from the conn- try to see London sights. During one season it was Infested by a band of roughs, who made It their occupation to Insult and molest the most quiet, decent, people, especially any whom they guetwod to be country visitors. They | Office OD CitfUS AVC. , California, will tic sold atprivaU at the office of the undersigned, I,. Sanders, attorney for the ad- stralrix, >25 Wilco.x building, Los Angeles, California, on or after the lirst day of February, 1'08, To be sold to the highest bidder for cash, fold coin of the United States, and subject to the continuation of said Superior Court. (loo. L. Sanders, attorney for ad- ministratrix. •.k number 11 of the City of Co- corporation at, his office in Covina, California. Any stock upon which the assessment, shall remain unpaid on the ;{rd day of Foburary, 1008, will bedelin- qiifiiit and advertised for public auction, and unlesH payment, is made licfore, will he sold on the 24th day of February, 1008, at 2 p. m., to pay the cost of advertising and expense of sale. U. M. GIVEN, Secretary. Oflice N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. (flM TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling 1 and Furniture Moving. •Specially prepared to move pianos PKOMPT SERVICE. PKICJJS KIGHT. Covina, (ai. liocniuo Mitch n ntilsnnt-c that sovoral men uhout town, among whom wore Lord Alvnnloy nnd Kcppol Craven, hild u plot to got rid of thorn. They hired Mundo/.n.i the famous l.ifiyii-' ngiiL-r, find dressed him up us a doau, wltu a shovol hat nnd apron. Another prize fighter, a short man, was dressed as 11 middle agod lady and passed as the dean's wife, and one ('veiling they were seated at Vauxhall In a conspicuous position to watch the lireworks. It : ,viis not long In;fore the old fashioned, countrllled pair attracted the attention of the gang, who as- nailed thorn wllh every kind of coarse raillery and Instill, all of which they bore very meekly. At length one of the persecutors, growing bolder by Impunity, stopped ui> lo tin; doau and squirted an orange Into his oyo. On this the dean, rising, said In a meek, quiet tone, "Uenlly. gentlemen, I have borne a great deal, but I must put a stop to this." With that his hat went one way and his coat another, and, followed by his "wife," he sprang Into the middle of the parly, hitting out In all directions. Killod wllh astonishment and terror, Koine tied and some tried to show light, but tin- handling they got. from the prl/e lighters wax too severe I'or the fracas to last long. All the lime Alvaiiley and Ills friends, who were In Hi.- boxes, Wel'i- calling out III delklil: liran! (ilvi> It 'cm. Mrs. t ri'oci n:il stop was llni:; \> iK.yancc. - London Special Penrl Banks of Ceylon. In a rcpurl from ('oiomlm ihe full oil States consul says dial of the world's great fisheries none can compare clihcr In point of aiilliiulty or In the continuity of their prosecution wllh Ihe pearl fisheries of I'cylon. which he thus describes: "The pearl hanks of Ceylon date bad; to the sixth century before ('hrlsl. H is recorded that Vljaya. the lirst Singhalese kin;( i>i° (Vylou, !n the year r>,~iii I!. ('. presented Ills I' i:i law. the Pandyan kin-,' nf Madura, 'a uift of pcarN,' thus allng a settled lishcr> for pearls ol lil, .id'.' 1 Home Phone 108 VETERINARY SURQEON DR. R. J. RAMAQE Honor Graduate, Toronto College TREATS ALL ANIMALS 831 So. Los Angeles St., next to Alexandria Stables. LOS ANGELES Oflicc Phone Home E 3351, Kc.s. Phone Main fiU>2. Calls by telephone or letter day or night carefully attended lo. Charges moderate. DELINQUENT NOTICE. Covina Qarage and Machine Shop Association, location of principal place, of business, Covina. California. There is delinquent . on the following described stuck on account of assessment, levied on Dec. 10, 1007, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: O. Wright, 4 shares, amount $10. And in accordance with law and an order of the board of directors, made on Dec. 10, 1007, so many shares of each parcel of such stock as may be necessary will bo sold at public auction on the -3rd day of February, 1908, at. the h'nur of 2 o'clock p.m., to pay said delinquent assessment thereon, together with the cost of advertising expenses of sale. D. M. GIVEN, Secretary. Olllce of the association on Citrus avenue, Covina, Cal. Baled alfalfa at J. Citrus nvonuo. H. Matthews' FOR SALB Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE! PRICES give us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our methods are sanitary • and up-to-date. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's or phone him and the wagon will call anywhere in Covina or vicinity. LORBEER BROS. W. L,. Grifflths A. Warner J. C. Thompson GRlTfllltS, WARIK & THOMPSON Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands. Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents E. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home Phone 1089 Branch office, Baldwin Park COVINA, CAL. V- KERCKHOFFxCUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, \ V Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. <* -i" * •& ^ *k l- ^ & 4* 4 ^ & <& *& & & * & & -%4 % & * # 4 ^ * & '* * ^ * * & Why Don't You Move to Covina? * -* •** * * Hi H.i.I'N Hl'A'K STl\'l-:i:T their i A.'am that iyh in r.iu forward I" ki by a : ilpl'eme i by I he ha ir. | i- n'u'e iul 'i hi.- heart and I ell When Ihe sio>-\ nf hK death \ to bis uiolhei' in I.oiii.->lau.'i. s "I .-illi sure .Mm lie'ier ilied wound la his back," ami, s\ llh Binile, tinned again to her '.i' duties (1 ),ia,; \silh a ..1 til •Jl u r.n .1 ,..,.. - s. -r. e\pe. V MC'li .-li-ht !i ip. bl.ii Ann- old 1 •t^, e Ha iia n ue'l '.-led neali Mall, • ery rd I i ' 11 ! s Y: ^ lh m: to Dodge Al i.iui. U- ,)0| ml, l"'Hi at in i be e ..•i> i US bi-C the V lo puy linen 11 'J,,'. U r c loin | AlUl uiled bib • •• > We'i. d will. u^poct I'l'UK'UI Siute.-i duty! - ->s r ~ >>i -4» - *f* K i <?6 liMsiu'-itos at .->i:h(»»ls in cv it inountaui I'ovitui DlTors "you ^ and hioh CNivin.i will Lj'iwjvon inonntaui SV'OIKTV .nul well wdtor in abiuul.tiKc invo'stof, tIK''bu.siiK j ss, the a^ru'iiiuirial ; will be- tf'ud to furnish anvutic interc^ie.! with all .util'ui'v sliaiK'el >trect-,; o- a -,, electric Hyiits and. telephones; .•kvttic and steam transportation to and from' Los Angeles, a daily inspiration; a climate without fn>»ts and unscaked by fog's; mountain al condition^ in which to live, C'ovina oi'i'er.-> the best chance to the * ile ligure>; miles ot I .-iilar ai-ove criticism that i mi hiiruculturLst. Why further infonnatini. don't you come here and enjoy life * THK AKGUS 4^H,

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