Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 11, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1889
Page 2
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THE f\ A 'TT.'-T"'P^. \.T,J\-ll f.J .1 J. ....4 . •EFTEMTiF.R 11, .^.-k4.y'.^,,v.4uwtji!'y Evening Gazette. 0. ft H, U JOHN, Publishers and Proprietors. TJBBW8J ARQREVIATEDTE LEGRAM5. vnrlom pArfa of DltLIYHRBD BT BiUrei it lfe« PMtolEw M 5«»Bil-f!«i itttar. ttfcDKESDAY. SEPTEMBER 11. IBS'). It is telegraphed all the way from • Athens that tho PoIiiiKcnosia is of opinion that peace between Chakir Pasha and the Cretan commission is impossible. Dear, dear! Bow sad! A popular novelist declares in his latest work that every woman who has reached middle life hates every woman •who Is young and pretty, ami cherishes a malice-working spite at her. What do ladles think of this? I The International Hygienic conference at Paris adopted a unanimous resolution that kitchen refuse should never bo kept in the house over night.. This regulation is at present enforced in Paris. The refuse is removed every twenty-four hours, and is kept previous to removal in covered metallic vessels. In the hundred years that have elapsed tinder our present organization of government southern men have been speakers of the national house of representatives fifty-one years and northern men forty- nine years. Kentucky has been most liberally represented, her sons having been speaker for twenty-two annual sessions. Only fourteen states have ever had speakers, and not one of these lies beyond the Mississippi. More Advice to Women. CoU Elliot F. Shepard, of The New York Mail and Express, who hurls daily editorial scripture quotations at a sinful •world, pauses a moment to fling Out lome profound philosophy on the woman question. Says tha,colonel: "To tee a woman run is to look at a goose waddling." Then he advises the fair and fragile eex to learn to throw a stone, to paddle a canoe, to climb, to run. to jump, swim, fence and box, and to assume the pose of an archer just when the arrow is loosed. He concludes vigorously, does the gallant colonel: All these exercises icrato the blood and make a living woman, not a creature In petticoats, with musll In h" r Rknll wh**r« nh<* rthmild hayejjrains^ Woman, take yourself out of doors, and stnml ' with your weight rrsthiK on the balls of the feet. not on the hecla. Draw hi the chin, hold tho head erect, throw the chest out so that a lino dropped perpendicularly from It would touch the toes, let your ahoulders alone, draw in the abdomen, then forcibly fill anil empty tho lungs, compelling the vital breathing oris-n,nn to work. Do this for ten or twenty minutes every day. Kti-nm flttnrs f tho United Stntpq won:' in Bo^i- Tiit'^iay for thn pnrposo of forming n pf»- t*K - tivo eornbiimtiou to b a known ns ''Musfar Stonm nnJ Hot Wntrr Fitters' ni-wjmtlon." Twenty six inmnli-sot tha Colored Or- phnn* 1 lituni! Rt Allf-Rlie-ny, Va., nr.> reported sick with Rcsrlot fover. A Go'novs, Ill»., cnojxT - nam<vl Feeth caught bis sloeva in a tmzr.-si w Mondny. Tho tooth cut o(T his arm nttho simuMflr. rrosiilont Hnrrisnn Tuosd ly npp'jintoa Honry C. \V(irni"t':i, of Luin-i'inn, collector of customs for tho Now Url'-nns district. Ex-H"imtor Kiclill"t>i.M-gi<r, nf Virginlti, come out for tlio vrholn Di-mocrntic .ticket in thnt state. Ihirns, tho leailer of tho London dock laborers' Etrlka, is criticising American labor unions bwausi'. ho snys, that, although they Imve e.tproran 1 any amount of sympathy for his strikers, tho sympathy has not b«?n deep enough to reach Uio p.>rket. English papers say that honors are about oven. It is reported at Fituburg, Pa., that • trust, in hardware Is in proc-ws of formation. . 11. E. Billings is on trial at Waterloo, In., for his alleged murder of young Attorney Klngsley. Louisiana rufllam Monday night murdered Kosemond Cormier and his Ifi-year- old daughter Rosnlin. Tho rufllans were "reguinlurs." It ifl roporUxl in Washington City that Jud^o Gruff, of Omaha, is leading In the race for tho land commis-^ionerdhirj. A now •tovelopmont of tho national name took pinto at Charlotte. N. C.,' yesterday. A row WHS going on over n decision of the umpire ns usual, when tho mother of one of tbf boys interfered to prevent the others stoning him. As they would not doaist, she drew a piatol nnd killed one of her son's assailants. The -legislative committee investigating tiie West Virginia gulwrnatorial election has done its work, and I! rids a majority for Fleming, Democrat, of 212. Fire started by tramps is ravaging the countrv in tho vicinity of Georgetown, H. T. Everybody is out fighting tho flumes. The Mississippi Valley Modicnl association Is in session nt Evansville, Ind., with 800 members in ntteiidanco. Tlie old settlors of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri arts holding a reunion at Keokuk, la. Mrs. Josephine Cox, a flrstcousin of Frank and Jesse James, was arrested at Pierce City, Mo., Tuesday, fur masquerading in male clothing. She has ho-m wearing that sort of costume ever since she was 13 years old. Rev. James Hutchinson, of Wellington, Kan., arrived at Decalur, Illi, Monday, and was to have been married Tuesday night to a woll-known Decatur lady. Tuesday he was strickon with paralysis, and is now al- nK'st entirely helpless --------------William P. • Iligginbotbam, a leading banker of Ililoy county, Kansas, was found short $100,000 in liis bank account, nnd Tuesday a jury said be was guilty of grand larceny. Two mon went to the home of R'W. 8. C. Hyronimous, a Methodist clergyman, near Versailles, Mo., while the preacher was ab- B 'lit, got tho l.Vyear-old daughter to give tiiem dinni-r, tin 1 then tied her in tho yard and. burned tho houso down, after removing the furniture. Honry 8. Ivcs is on trial at NowTork for over-issuing tho stock of the Cincinnati, overfed. The I'l.-mi.-h f:inm-rn :iro as n rulo very <••!.>*> livers-. Most of them drink their eolTeo without milk, RO :IR to bonlilo to convert Hi" latter, which, of course, tliev produce, into Kin<r Leopold's coin. Now these fanners livo on next to nothimr, so wo can imagine that tho dogs ilo not come in fnr much f,-rub of anv strengthening nature. I believe their food consists of buttermilk and potato paring all boiled up together, nnd often not. They fi.-cd their dops like store pips and it is no wonder tho poor animal's loins an-thin and their rib bones are very prominent. Still they toil on, willing creatures to a degree. It is a wonder to lire how their leps.. stand tho work so well. All are Bound, or perlmps I had better write comparatively sound. Their bone is great for their bodies, nnd tho feet nei-m to stand tho strain well. These, dogs really take tho place of asses in Belgium, where few of tho latter arc seen. A good'working dog fetches $3."> or 940. and considering the amount of work ho gets through he is not a dear dog at that Burn. I saw several on sale in the Brussels market on Sunday morning last. - The working dog is generally of a sturdy build. If an American or Englishman were asked how tho dogs were bred, hia reply would l)e: "Probably between a mastiff and a smooth sheep ilog;" and as there seems to be no dis tinct breed of these dogs, tho foregoing might be generally accepted as a definition of the appearance of the breed. All bakers use dogs for their carts. There are, however, no shafts to these con cerns, but tho dog works underneath. There is n crossbar placed just under the handles of tho cart and by means of a bent axle tree the dog can work under tho cart .and between tho wheels. It will bo seen he is closer to his work than the dogs in the usual fashion to bo seen in milk and vegetable carts. The attendant simply steers the cart with the handles, excepting whero tho hill is steep, and then le boulanjjcr lends but little help to tho panting dog. Therefore, on the whole, I do not think the working dogs in Belgium are treated with the amount of kindness, good treatment and nourishing food they thoroughly deserve. I am not one of those who are of an opinion a dog should not work. I believe they prefer ordinary. labor to being chained up in a dirty, stinking yard, with but little but a pail of stale water before them. -Let-tho Belgians feed their dogs better, put smaller loads after" them" and- have—water—trough" placed at regular intervals al>out th» sti eets. and there will not bo much to grumble at; and I should think the St Ilubert society—that is tho kennel club of Belgium—could do a lot to umn;ifti> things a little better on tho side of the dogs.—Turf, Field and Farm. For the past week we have been busy opening find arranging Our bnyor, who has jnst returned from tho market, was able to secure some immense bargains which we have placed on our shelves and have decided to give our customers tho benefit. We wish to call special attention to our Dress Goods Department Black Silk Warp Ilenrietta 46 inches wide at 95c per yard. " «' <( " 42 " " 62c *' Black Silk Finish Henrietta 40 ''• " 45c " All Wool Henrietta, black and all the latest shades, 38 inches wide, at 38c per yard. Flannel Dress Goods, stripes and .plaids 30 inches wide at 18, 25 and 40 cents. New Silks in all colors, 19 inches wide at 75 centp. Black Silks 22 inches wide at 90 cents per yard. Black Silks 24 inches wide at $1.00. Great Baraios aod he Convioed that we MILWAUKEE BEER. Select" "E.r.fiorl" "fioliemian' and "Lager" (Also tho "Heat" Tonic extract of malt .and hops) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, in kegs and canes. : C. n. & Q. Depot, 1/ornnt Hlreet, A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and "Wall Paper. T.V1T, OK ]I;MMi!S, •HTTr.-'II'K cm-NTT, ii Cirruit OiTirt of Wl OotoiHT Torm. A. I- 1 -, Albert Howlior } In AMUVivit of the non-re=ii!i>r.ce of Jonnio .pphcr dffoTidunt nbovo ninn*'J, hrivuiff -en fili'd in tilt- ofllro of thn (;iork of th* ;ircuit ('oil! t of V. hitn»ii!« t'-.-nnt-y nnd Slat;; if Illinoifi, notice if hr-rcl>y «iven to tlio pnul Annio Hce.chcr, thnt ttio nbovo nnnird com- Inir.B"' '!'TOloforf[tilP>lhiRhillof comrlnint pniu C'r,.rt, on the clmnccry pido therfiif, ill that n summons th(>r«npon i»nnrd out of i.l court nR.iinnt tho nbovo named dcfpnd- -.1, rcturnn'hln on tlio flr-t dny of iho tonn of tlio Circuit Court of Buicl Onnly, to bo u'ld fit tlio Conrt lloiixo in ,\Iorri?«n, in RAH! Vliitosido County, on tho third Motulny of )ctohcr, next, (H^'.'l.nsi" J;y law ri-qnireil, nnd which ! I.AIIIIK.N !•:. ^, Circuit Ulcrk. Plcklngfl and Stealings. It is as good as settled that we are to have a World's fair in America in 1803. But all well wishers of our fair fame must hope that no such robbery and extortion will disgrace us aa has characterized Paria this summer. A highway robber has not less conscience, it seems, than a French hotel keeper or hackman. Tha skinning process has gone on in Paris at such a pace that at last tho government appointed officials to make the rounds of the eating houses and arrest the worst of the thieves. It is Americans, always Americans, who suffer most from tho extortions. All over Europe the American is considered the lawful prey of those who make their living off the public. It is said that Americans who live in good stylo at the Paris hotels during the exposition must pay $15 to |20 a day for simple food and lodgings. In tho name of decency let tho authorities BOO to it that we have none of this sort of thing at our exposition. Profit enough can bo made from the _. throng of -visitor)* ut fair rates. Hamilton and Dayton railway. The Farmers' Outlook. At tho Grangers' convention State Lecturer Brovvn, of Pennsylvania, said that the affairs of the farmers had been going from bad to worse for twenty yearn. Prices for their products have declined steadily. Farming, which in this country ought to pay well, had'become one of the most precarious of occupations. At present agriculture pays less wages and less profit on tho money invested than any other vocation. The lecturer might also have rueu- tioned that the prico of farming lands in many of the older sections had steadily gone down. In sorno parts of thia country comparatively good improved lands have sunk in prico till they approximate- the original government price, $1.25 an acre. Another fact ia equally plain: Although, according to Lecturer Brown, tha prices of farming commodities have steadily declined, yet the consumer of those commodities K e ' 9 little or no benefit; from the lowered prices. There ia a problem worth profound study here. — Lecturer Brown bkunea the trusts and monopolies largely for tho bad situation of tho farmers. Ho says: "We are the victims of atrocious discrimination by the great corporations which control our transportation, our telegraphic, telephonic and express business." Well, why do not the farmers form a fcmflt, too? They are now organized into the Granger, society. It has been suggested that, instead of going to the commission merchant, the dreadful "middleman" of the agriculturist, and asking him meekly what he will give for wheat this year, the farmers all over tho country unite, present a solid front to their eoemiea, whether the r&i broad or tho middleman, and gay: "Here is our wheat. You can hate it at such a price or it lica in our borna." The farmer would have one advantage, at least, in ansch a e&aa. Ha would have uoiuething to eat. Tho mat would not. Tu* world la fa big for the fanner as fc-s- *oyboly eiae, iuiii ihi- farmer iiua aa tw»ins it» anybody «?!«». Wh»n a foul, thos« uasat ts STILL SLAUGHTERING NEGROES. The Number Kltlml In MlniliiKlppI EiltI nintotl at Ono Iliinilrod. COFKEYVILLK, Miss., Bfpt. 11.—Advices from Charleston, Miss., last night, report •iiven nogroes killed there within forty-elghl hours, including Uoorgo All™, the Loflore county incendiary, who wus hanged. The total number killed up to dnte is estimated at 100. i • Closed by tlie ShorllT. AURORA., Ills.,- ScpU 11.—The legend "Closed hy tin- Sheriff" on tho door of the watch factory yestorilny dissipnted tho hope that tho omharriia-ini'-nt. of the c .ncsrn was only temporary. Tlie corporation owes .i7ti,00rt, Ix-Mi'ii'H th.-bondtfd doht of $80,001. Thu worst fuaturu of tho trotihlu is that tlio hands aro unpaid, nnd a lar^B lil'ick of « has recently iK?on sold t*i small htiyora, upon whom tho loss falls In-nvily. An i (fort will be made to start the works uiulur tho as- tiigneo. .Tlio \\>;itber \V« May Kxppct. WAHiiixm-ON CITY, Sc|i(. U.—The fdllovvln are the'weather in.Hrntti>ns for tlie thirty- six hours from s p. in, yi"-trnlai': l r or Indiana— I-'air wcntlu-r. t'uilowe in northern Indiana by liulit r.iin: n . rliaiiKe hi temperature: vurlahK' win Is. l''.ir M ch.i; 11 un 1 \VU- conHin —I/itht r:ihi. iveeeiU-1 In easlern portion of IOWIT MI hi-an• !>>• 1'nlr w atlu-r: B!a- tlonary U'in|M.Tiiture. * X(" pt In nordiern Wls- conBla and npp-r .Mi, warmer: e»bt- erly winds. Fo • IMW.I- 1,'ifht ruin; stationary temperature: roiithi.—. y, sliift.ini,' t" westerly .wlndrt. For Illinois - Li'jht I'uin: Htationury temperuluru. I'Xrept -nrar— Lake - Michigan, warmer; easterly winds. THE MARKETS. Our New Fall Style Hats are all in. Boy's Suits, prices way down, cheaper than:i«; WANTS! Situations Wanted, Only 10c*Mitsfor3 linos in tlir KVKNINO OAV.BTTR. A GLANCE Throrgh onr stock of cloths will be a revelation to yon. Enough of tho extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste 01 those who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress and old age, with a great variety of tho neat, qniet things that most men choose. The attractiveness of onr goods is mirrored in the radient smiles oi our patrons, and shown in their tasteful apparel. JACOB EISELE Merchant "'allor T3E3C33 Peoples" Favorites ! of ONE WEEK, CHICAGO, Sept. 10. Quotations on the hoard of tra'lo to-day were of follows: \Vli-at -N"'>. 3 September, opened J.iJdc, closeil *u : ,fc:-. October, opened 76c, closed - ; December, opened 77?^c, closed 779 fie. <'orn--Xo. :i September, opened SIHc, close.l !£>?(!->•;<•; Oct'olwr. oiwned 83Hc, closed iCl^c; May, opened and closed liifSc. Oats— No. « Heptemlwr, opened - , cloflpd l»44c; October, op-jnod lOJ^c, closed ll)V4-Mc; May, ojiened Sk, closed ?J!(i-U:(c. Pork— September, opened -- , closed S11.-15; October. opened $11.51). closed $ll..Vi; January, opened $H.97H, olnsed J.'.UI. Lard— September, opened and closed $5.0.>. Live stock— Union Block yards report the following ranu-e of prices: IIogB— Market opened Btron^er, with heavy and mixed lots 6c hlKher: li«ht t'rad'iS. 84.00Q4.70: rouuh packlnif, i.1.70i't:i.Ml; mlxi d lots, heavy packliiK and Bhlpplng lota, 4,a). Cattle— Market steady; beevea, ta.(»3 iA>; COWB, Sl.Oixai'.'iO: stockera and feeders, I2.00S2.W); Texas uleer, Ji.i*) ft.:!.IX); cowa, '$!.« L90. Hheep— Market »low, steady; natives, |aaua*-70; lambs, JI.SikBu.i.'i; Tcxana, {8.80a 4.10; westerns, t3.6U@4.UU. Produce: Huttfr— Fancy Elgin creamery, 18 ©19o per Hi: Hue dairy. 14®15c; packing stock, TJ^aBcr Ettffs— ytrlctly fresh, 14Vi((f,15o per doz. Poultry— Live hens, 7!.6®8 per Ib; nx>3- tera, 5c; turkeys, SHilOc; ducks 80. Potatoes— 80c<a*1.00 per bbl. Apples— Sl.00ai.25 per bbL BUckberrle8-50«i}$l.UO per W-qt. case. New York. NEW YORK, Sept. 10. -Wheat— Opened flrnj at HO advance and further Improved H« In the early tradlng.but foil back to the opening figures by noon; No. 2 red winter cash. 84<a8l)^::; do Beptember, (tiJ4c; do October, JWic; do November, 84Hc. Corn— Opened tinner at We advance, but after the first Bales became quiet and at noon the market was Bteady: No. 2 mixed cash, tic; do September, 4^Hc; do October, t?Ho. OaWi-UulI; No. 2 mixed cash, 28c; do September, Me; do October, -'5Jfjc; do November. litiHc. Hyo — Nominal. Barley — Noin- inaL Pork-Dull; mess, 31^^401^.60 for inspected. Liml-yulei: October, 8«.'.'7. Live stock: Cattle-No market for beevea; dreB-ed beef, dull; native Mik-a 5^70 per Ib.; Texas and Colorado do, 4-i^k 1 . Hnoep and lambs— Firm for hot.h sheepand lambs; Bheep, W.M&&.XI i>er IK) )|M ; lambs, J5.00@7.^5. Ho^s-Dtiil anil nearly nomiiml; live hogs, ' K«lw»r(l IrrliiK'f* Va^nrles. " A statement, uiudo on Iho authority of - tho-latc Archcleacon_lUiilpat,-tlmt-0!i-oii<i- occasion Edward Irvinp .attempted hy prayer to bring hiu duiul cliild to life, has been stigmatized by the Irvingitea ns an attempt to cast a slur on tlio diameter of a great and good man. But the circumstantial evidence of Mr. J. Rate, in a letter to last week's Ilecord, is conclusive. Some sixty years ago Mr. Rate waa acquainted with two brothers of the name of Douglas, book sellers, and predecessors of tho present linn of Burns & Oatoa. "Of tho two brothers, tlie younger was a follower of Irving. Ilo died of consumption, but was fully convinced, almost till the very hour of his decease, that he should live to see (lie Lord's personal advent. After his death Mr. Irving and some of his prophets caiuo to the house mid attempted to raise him from tho dead. This was told me at the time by the elder brother, lie said to me that ho felt deeply pained at the conduct of Mr. Irving and his friends; for they laid to his charge tlie failure of their attempt to raise his~brother from the dead. The cause, they raid, was his (tho elder Douglas') want .if faith."—Kt. James'Ga- zette. . Hy the I'm-elocU. In listening toolit:ervatUmsof a certain sort, one limls it ililiif.ilt to class the person making them. Ihvs lie. indulge in the subtlest sort of humor or is ho t«x> liberal minded to notice the. real drift of his remarks? , It was near the end of th:i winter term, and a teachers'niei/ltnj; had been called to discuss the timely subject of written examinations. "I propose haviiu; one examination in tho forenoon, and one in tho afternoon, every day," said the principal. "That does, very well in fair weather," answered one of the teachers, "but on a cloudy day 1 object to an examination in the afternoon." "So do I," added another. "Tho children can't see to write without an effort, and they get tired and nervous." "Very well, then," said the principal, "in case of a cloudy afternoon, have that examination the day before!"— Youth's Companion. Jot-ReliableJfioodsjit Jut -Prices , NEW YORK STORE, Originators of Low Prices. Academy of Music Block Cominsr n.t Last C. & N. W. TIMb TABLE. oonro HAST. . ^ oorNO WEST. Atlantic Kx 2:42 ft. m I Pacific Ex 2:2a a. ir. Sterling Fns3...6:W a. m. Sterling I'ftss. 8:00 p. m •' - "* - 1:65 p. rn 3:40a.m.' OIlntonPRSB Denver 1:13 p. m. 8:5il " I.lmlkul 1'iias. 8:B2 a. tn. Clinton Dimvor FumanT TRAINS THAT OARBT' oonra BAST. GOING WKST. So. If ™ 8.15 p. m.lNo. 35 -7:40 a. m N>). 46...™ 6:5U. a. in. No. 17...„ 10:B2 a. n CHICAGO, mmrn & pc? a, & OOINO EAST. I QOINO WK8T. 8—Pas8eu«ur 8::to a.m. Mi—Passenger 4:20 p.m le— FrelgUt «:« p.m. 41—FrelKtit B:00n.ra DAVID J. RAVAGE'S STANDARD THEATRE CO. MnpportlnB tho CIIAI«BIIVU LITTL.K ACTIIF.HH, Miss Blanche Slader. Opening in the famous Comedy Urania in 5 acts, entitled AHKIVK .... "I— Freight ...... 9:40 a.m. AR1UVR FROM WltflT. 36—Faasencer 10:8(i a.m. The civil lint of UK- UniU'd Kingdom amounts to £883,000; tlii* revenue of tlio duchy of Lanc:ister uniounta approximately to £00,000, lUiiliing a total of £445,000. To this sum may bo ndded the income of the Prince of Wales — annuity £40,000 and £00,000 from the duchy of Cornwall — and annuities to tho other members of the royal family making a grand total of £085,000. In Austria the civil list is £780,000, and tlio emperor has a private fortune which probably brings him aa much. In Germany the emperor as king of Prussia" has a civil list of £670,000, and besides has largo domains, tha revenues of which enable him to provide for all the princes and princesses of his house. Tho crown prince is entitled to £50,000 per annum from the country. In Italy the civil list of the king is over £000,000. The revenue of the czar is probably as great as those of tho other sovereigns combined. — London Standard. Arabian Nights and Female Minstrels. ACADKMV OV MUSIC, SKI'T. 14. 18 Beautiful Ladle*. 4 KaA Men; T; o only legitimate Ifonttter Female Combination now before tlie public. Grand Marches. Gorgeous Costumes, Great Novelty Acts, New Songs, N ew Dances Heats now OH sale. Admission 35 and 60 cents. Htaudlui; room only. WORKING DOGSNBELGIUM. Furevd to !><> Mtirli l^ihor un^l Theu Al- miMt Klurvetl tit Death. Now it must not IK- thought that dogs in carts tire only to Uj st-on now and then In .Belgium. Quito tho /ovi-rao, for tho dog wetniLt, t'ajn'ruilty in Driiiwolri, to be tlta chief Insist of ImrUiMi. Hero I must state I thiiik tho l.wuli {>tit after the j>oor bruU^s UV4> "at tiniurf t»ut oi' uH reAtkjn ti>o Itetivy. Iii-ijM.w4.-i h in jil.u-ta tioui-«Uly hilly ttjvl ni.-".'p. iijiii In jutt 4iM>, Si.*) at &M j».)>!»4« ufirf fe .i'..:^ i.-« i-.-.j )nu^U »t a jjytfci ttaUi)j. Alicia, Usu liijji;* «JTO ttist A correspondent much . troubled with "black heads" asks for a lotion. They should be pressed out either with the thumb nails or a watch key. Tho operation is likely to cauko some congestion of tho skin, henco tho faco should be bathed with water us hot as can be Ixmie, Aa a rule, thoso who have "black heads" aro sparing of tho use of soap, which ought to be used quite freely by them. Ladiea who object to it might use, instead, torus ivator, or water to which bran ia iulilcil. Twii'o daily tho following lotion may IK- applied: Ether, one ounce; ciifhonnti' of uiumoiii'i, one ilruchm; bonu-iriirM.otie scruple; water HUtlUttt'iit to i:i:ik<; t\vo oum'(.M. This shouM be ai-|i!i..-.l after thu "Muck h'.i|.,l»" tifl Profusion uiiil Simplicity. Strange fashions are not confined to our own" ago or country. Holinshed, the famous and amusing chronicler of the Sixteenth century, comments severely upon the manners of the English of his day. Ho tells us that "in number of dishes and changes of meat the nobility of England (whoso cooks are for the most part Frenchmen and foreigners) do most exceed; till there ia no day in manner that passeth over their heads wherein they have not only beef, mutton, veal, lamb, kid, pork, cony, capon, pig, or so many of them as the season yieldeth, but also some portion of the red and fallow deer, besides variety of fish and wild fowl, and thereto sundry other delicates wherein the sweet hand of the sea faring Portingale is not wanting, so that for a man to dino with,one of them and to taste of every dinh that standeth before him, is rather to yield unto a conspiracy with a great deal of meat for the speedy suppression of natural health than the use of a necessary meal to satisfy himself with a competent repast to sustain his body withal." Much tho same fashion is kept up to this day, aud publio banquets and the sumptuous tables of tho opulent abound in all that can charm the eye and tempt the palate, and, let me add, lay tho foundation of long aud •uvere illness. How utriuigo the contrast between this refkloits profusion and tho simplicity of borne mt.'dumal wuiit, whoso Ui«t wjw nparo aiui |>hiiti to u tU i - greo, or of him, srvat«>r.than any of th« a, whi» did. hi* £l\>ri«u» Hfo work <* jEfuvfing a!S»»wsau-n uf lix-uxt*, wiiii 1'aaseDger No. 36 connects vrlth trains east an? west on Clinton Bmncli: with 0. K. I & r. K. H. M Itock Island east ana west; with main line nr points west, Council UlutTa, Omatia and be out 1 and tor Kansas City and. points beyond, ADV-EUTISEHS SHOULD BEAK IN MINl> THAT THE OAZKTTK: is IIKAU BY "AT ' LEAST SIX TIIOTJSAND PiEOPLK EAOD DAY. Don't fail to see the celebrated FOLK 1O and itO::, Ilarorved srats for sulo nt the UHiial pl:ico without ejctr* CHANOK OF ll.AY N1UHTLY. All tk Leadim From 8 x 10 Single To 34 x 40 Double. STRICKLER'S; Do Not Buy a Light Weight Henrietta; if You do You Will Regret It. > ~ They are not reliable, they slip and split, the filling having little or no twist, leaves them no strength. All our Henriettas are Heavy Weights. Our 50e quality is the Best Dress Fabric for the money ever shown in Sterling in all the new fall shades. We Have the Only Line oj Priestley $ Co.'s Silk Warp Hen- riettas, Australian Cashmeres, Novelties, -fyc. None genuine unless stamped every 5 yds. B. Priestley & Co. A dill III JJ1UU11 wnu. wvr iui inumiv AVUJU.I i*t xy j.iuv/j 56 in. Turkey Red Damask, warranted Fast Dye, 25c. Sold everywhere at 40c. We have the Finest Stock of Table Linen and Napkins in Sterling. Three-Fourths Bleached Napkins SI .25 per dozen. llai*gj and Ouflfis, ITaiintleroy, I>i**eetorie Jxist Opened. Call and see our new double track railway, through trains, fast time, limited. BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS N. CARPENTER & CO

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