The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 11, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1892
Page 3
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HtJTCHlNSON DAILY KEWS, MONDAY, APRIL 11, 1898. ft. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. The only manufacturer* of AND DAIRY SALT W«»t of Now York. LOVE'S QUEST. I sought L OYO in each highway fn.r and wide— At ovory door stood lonjr with outstretched bauds, PrayiDR for L OVG*J awcet alms; yet my demands Woro met with only hato and naught besido. At last, footsore and weary, I turned home. To And thoro in thy gentte, tear filled oyea Sweet love, long sought for—and no inoro I roam. —Mary Kent Davey. MAID SYBIL'S LOVER. Guaranteed not to Harden in Any Climate. WESTERN, RIVERSIDE, i DIAMOND, NEW YORK. DAIRY SALT. We guarantee our Dairy Salt equal to either? the 'Ashton or Higgins imported aa-lt in every respect. Give it a trial and you i will ceretainly agree with us. R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT. Ask your grocer for it. It will suit you, TJa.© XTxxlxrearsal H&jziGdLy for IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITE* CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA 8TINBS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN-BEAST HA8 8TOOD THE TEST OF IT CORES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WOKM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND 0ALL8 SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, mem* branes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.*' It will save many doctors' bills. For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottled WMMJBIWTHl WITH THE flgOOBAPHY Of THItCOUtfTRY WILL Q8TW NIX* MUIAM IWOnUHTOK fROM A STUDY Of THIS MAP OF TNI It wag a sweet summer's afternoon, toward the middle of the Fifteenth century, and the inhabitants of the little village of Friars Holt were all assembled upon the green, watching the attempts of some of the younger men to send their arrows straight to the center of the butts which stood at one end of the chosen place of recreation. Another shaft missed the clout," laughed an old man, as the arrow stuck quivering in the turf, falling three yards short of the butt. "The king will never complain that lads of Wainwood make havoo among his deer if he hears of such shooting as this." "Hold your prate, Gaffer Jenkyn said the young man who had discharged the last shot, pettishly unstringing his bow; "it waB a cross wind which marred my shooting, unless, indeed, it was the wizard's ward," he added, crossing himself devoutly as hocast a glance of scorn and abhorrence at a yonng maiden standing some little distance apart from the group of rustics—a fair haired girl of middle height, with a pair of laughing gray eyeB. Her age could scarcely have exceeded eighteen years, and the merry expres sion of her face as she smiled at the woebegone look of the discomfited bowman had no v more wizard's glamour about it than 1 B always to be found in the rippling laughter of a pretty girl. "Yes, there she be, sure enough,' muttered Gaffer Jenkyn, with a glance of malevolent hatred at the yonng girl, "Wbat 'businesa has she down here among us? Even if she can't cast spells herself she can tell all about us to that old warlock who lives in the ruined tower in Coirnstone Chase, By this time general attention was drawn to the beautiful intruder, and throaty and execrations were leveled at her head, At first the girl appeared unconscious of her danger, but all at once a stone thrown by a lad grazed her arm, and as she perceived tho threatening attitude of the crowd a look of intense terror poesod across her face and she turned to fly. "Do not let the witch escape," cried an old crone. "I lost two sweet grand children last autumn. They said it was the falling sickness, but I know better. It was through the devilments of the old wizard and his ward." A menacing circle soon formed around the poor girl, whoso en treaties for mercy were received with shouts of derision and she would have been seriously mal treated had not a figure burst through tho ranks of her assailants and loudly asked tho meaning of their cowardly conduct. Tho man who interposed in the girl 'B behalf was attired in tho picturesquo dress of a forester, though he woro no badge or cognizance to show that he was the retainor of any noble house, and the cloth of which his Lincoln green doublet was composed was of a finer character than that in which servitors were attired. "Hullo, my masters," cried he, stepping between the maiden and her assailants; "what wit is this? By the bones of • Jonathan the Archer, call yo yourselves Englishmen to behave in such a manner?" A confused chorus of explanation rose from the little crowd, but the smith, who had first suggested violent moos urcs, strode to the frdnt. "This is no business of thine, Hob of to The Direct Bout. to, ul from CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND, DAVENPORT, DBA MOINES. COUNCIL BLOWS, OMAHA. LINCOLN, WATERTOWN, BIOSX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL. ST. JOSEPH, ATCHISON, LEAVEN WOETH, KANSAS CITY, TOPEKA, DENVEB. COLOBADO SPRINGS, and PUEBLO. Free Reclining Chair Cars to and from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DO DOB CITY, and Palace Bleeping Con between CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS of Tbropgh Coaches, Sleepers, Free Reclining Chair Oo« and Dining Caw dally between CHICAGO, DES S OINES, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA. inJl"™ JLN^ and Jbrtwosn CHICAGO and IMUK*. w«i feiweeu villUAUU ana DENVER COLOBADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO via SLJosepli _ „ . "—leks, Eicuraloas daily, with or Kansas City and Topeka, Eicurslona dally, w?a Choice of Routes to and from Salt Lake, Portland. Los Angola; and San Francisco. The Direct Line to and from Pike's Peak, Wanltou, Garden of thl Gods, the.! aanltarlumj, and Soeuto Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, Fut Kiprew Train, dall; Minneapolis and St. Paul,_wll — Favorite Line tp WaUrtwn., Sioux. Falls, the Bumroav IlenrU and Hunting and Flabiiif Oroanile of y between Chicago and r —---j-.^JlhTHBOUQH Keollnlcg Chair Cars FREE, to and from thoae points and Kansas City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake and Btau^FaUe via Rook Island. HumnM the Kortbwtet. C BT. JOHN, , JOHN •UASTIAN, Oertlfiaigef, QenlTaX aVPem Ajt. 0*00*00. ILL. The Celebrated French Gyre. W £SST "APHRODlTII,E , 'SniTI Is S OLD ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE to cure any form ef nervous dis- ca»o or any disorder of thegen­ erative organs ox either scr,' tarcnrVrj v wn «Uier arising „ . BtrURE from the exoea- AFTER Blve use of Stimulants, Tobsoco or Opium, or through youthful lndlaoretlon, over lndul- iwnoe, Ac* suph aa Lees of Brain Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains In tho beok, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous Pros- tratlon.NooturnjUEmlsalons.LeucorThccit.Dlr.- •tuesa. Weak Memory. Lous of Power and Impotency, which If neglocted often lead to premature old ago and Insanity. Price 11 ,00 a box 6 boxes, for fc.oo. Sent by mail on receipt of pnoe. A WRITTEN GUARANTEE! Is given for •very »6.00order received, to refund the money If a Permanent con la not effected. We have thousand, of testimonials from old and yonng of both sexes, who have been permanently •and by the use of Aphrodlttne. Circulars bee. Mention papei. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. ST Washington St, CHICAGO, IT.T. Por sale by A. * A. Drug Co, MANHOOD RESTORED. NATI derfu ly, Is i "SANA] Wonder' ftemudy, IVO." the ll „ Spanish sold with a Written Guarantee to euro all Netvous Dla- cases, such as Weak Memory, Loss of Brain Power, Headache, Wakefulness, Lost lfan. hood. Kervonantss, las- .ltude, all drains and loss of power of the Generative Organ. In either sex, cawed by over.exertion, youthful indlacretlons, or tho .iceeslv. ase oftobaxo, opium, or stimulants, which ultimately lead to Infirmity, Consumption aod Insanity, inconvenient farm to carry In the vest pocke |1 a package, or 6 for 9a. with every $5 order we written ' flap Put up el. 'Price . jvea guarantee to cure or refund the ... . , , money. Bent by mall to any address. Circular free that way at night I have Been la plain envelope. Mention this paper. Address, I nnlnrnd HAMIO CHEMICAL 00.. Branch oawforrj.a.A. Kg Daubora street,'CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE IN HUTCHINSON KA8 B V A. }. Banmhardt, Drufgiat, one doer north at Santa F. Hotel. tho Butts," growled he. "Get ye your own business of stealing the king's deer and leave honest men to look after their own affairs. "We will have no witches or warlocks among us, and this wench, who lives up at Caimstone Chase with old Michael Rexthorpe, shall not come down here casting her spell over us and ours." As he spoke he laid a rough, sinewy" hand upon the shoulder of the shrinking girl, but in a moment staggered back under the effects of a heavy blow dealt him by the man called Hob of the Butts, who, placing the girl's arm in his, drew her through the crowd, not one of which ventured to manifest any opposition. Neither spoke a word until they had left Friars Holt some little distance behind them, and then the girl said timidly: "I thank you,- fair sir, for your kind nesa in rescuing me from that dreadful man. I thought I shuJd have died with terror when he laid his hand on me." The forester laughed merrily. "Matt Clink and I understand each other, pretty one," said he. "But tell me, who are you? Why did they call you a witch and want to throw you into tho pondF' Tears started to the girl's eyes. "1 am called Sybil Tressider," answered she, "and I am no witch, though I live up in Caimstone Chase with that fearful man, Michael Rexthorpe. "My father, Reginald Tressider, who believed that he could find' the philosopher's stone, was tho owner of tho house In the Chase and Michael Rexthorpe was his trusted familiar and acolyte, bnt my poor father died and the fearsome man Michael has taken everything. He says I am bis ward, and though I am not absolutely a prisoner, yet he has forbidden me to go beyond certain limits." Hob of the Butts stroked bis chin thoughtfully. "A sad tale," said he. "But what doth he up in the lonely tower, from whence as I have passed strangely vapors issue and clouds of bright sparks float away like evil demons on their errand of ilL" "He searches for two things—the sa- cret of eternal youth and tho waters of oblivion," replied Sybil Tressider. Hob of Butts looked puzzled, "1 know not what yon mean by tho last," said he. "It is tho draft which brings forget- fulnosB," answered the maiden. Then Matt Clink often finds that when he quaffs the nut brown ale," returned the forester, with his merry laugh. "I cannot ask thee in," replied Sybil, but from the bottom of my heart I thnnk thee. I have not met a friend since I can recollect." She turned from him with a sigh and mmle her way slowly toward the time worn tower, which stood like some giant sentinel watching ovor the bleak wast* • » » • a • In a veryfew days Hob of the Butt* again found himself in the vicinity of the tower, and with a wiliness which those who were acquainted with his frank and open nature would never have given him credit for, he carried on his shoulders a fat doo, which he humbly offered to Michael Rexthorpe as a tribute from one who, though ignorant, was a devoted admirer of learning. The cunning old man fathomed the handsome forester's motive in a moment, but he was not one to cast away gifts, even though he felt in his heart that Hob of the Butts had a magnet in Sybil Trepsider. He received him graciously ond accepted the present. Sybil and the forostor had now many opportunities of mooting, and a strong feeling of affection Bprang up between them—not unnoticod by the keen eyes of Michaol. There were times when he felt inclined to rend his snow whito beard with disappointment. And now began a new life for Hob of tho Butts. His" former sylvan haunts and gay companions know liim not, for he became Michael Rexthorpe's drudge, a mere hewor of wood ond drawer of water, and yet he felt that this unaccustomed toil was amply repaid by the opportunity of breathing his love in Sybil's ear and hearing her shy answer in response. One day Michael's countenance was full of triumph. "I havo found them!" cried he. "1 have found them. I am not quite certain of eternal youth, for that will be a gradual process; but of tho waters' of oblivion I have no doubt. I have, however, hit upon a sure means of testing the latter and will do so or that jolter headed archor and see if ' will make him forget Sybil." He hastened away to the keeping roo of tho tower with the silver goblets each containing a small quanity of sonic liquid, pure and colorless as crystal. "I will quaff youth," said ho, "while tho archer shall drain the cup of oblivion to the dregs." Meanwhile the lovers were engaged in eiirnost conversation beneath a pink May tree, which grew on tho south side of the tower. "Have you not made up your mind yet, dearest Sybil?" murmured the archer in impassioned tones; "will you not exchange this dull tower and^he harsh words of your guardian for the sweet retreats of the merry greenwood? "Tho prior of St. Williston's chapel is ready to joiu our band and my trusty comrades will givo you a hearty wol corao. Fly with ino, tlion, and do not waste your young lifo hero." For awhilo the maiden hesitated, and then with a deep blush consented to follow her lover. They returned, and as she entered tho keeping room sho saw her guardian carefully placing two silver goblets upon tlio tablo. "Where hast thou beon, gadabout?" said he, with an angry' frown, "and whore is that oaf of a bowman? Send him hither and 1 will hasten him up by partaking of a cup of strong waters with him before he goes forth on M B quest" -Michael placed tho goblets at separate ends of tho table and then shambled out of the room. As he did so the girl caught a malicious twinklo in his eye, which raised her suspicions, and with liyhtninglike rapidity sho reversed the positions of the cups; then hastening to her lover she whispered a few words in his ear. He nodded, and in a few seconds entered the room, where the seeker ofter the mysteries of the occult was in waiting. "You want some venison, I hear, Muster Rexthorpe," said tho forester. "1 can lay my hands upon a fair white doe in half an hour." " 'Tis well," answered Rexthorpe, rubbing his hands; "but before thou jjoest drain thia, 'twill hearten thee up." The forester tossed off the contents of the goblet and was about to leave the room when the old man said, "Whither goest thou, Hob?" \ "To the broken cross," answered the forester. "Oood. He hath forgotten all about the doe," said Michael gleefully. "The potion works already. Now for my change." He drained off the contents of tha chalice and fell stricken to death, while the forester and tho maiden journeyed on to where light and happiness awaited them, for love has been ever tho spring of eternal youth, while it is only death's hand that can brew the liquor which fills the cup of oblivion.—Sir Gilbert Campbell, Bart,, in Boston Globe. CASTORIA far Infants and Children. •IsseweJs adapted is eMkJraatawA UtaawperlortoaayprallUsalea kmewaaoraa." H. A. Aacwxm, K. rx, 111 aa. Oatnra St, BtaeUyB. X, T. "T B * nan of •Oaetoria* Is sa Vto merit* so well known that j» i lawork of •ur*rarora4ioa toeadot*. la, Pswsretbs intelligent ftrnllle. who do not keap Csssorla wlthlceasT reach. Reformed Caiuro*. _iwSCJnwa, Boor BtaaBSoh, Dtartkoainkrootatl Ems Worses, gives aieea, sad pi Wl tGwutjnrlou* BWokaHssa "For several years I have jroor' Osatorisv' and •ball alwayseontii do so sejUoas LnvariaMr produced atDWntP. Pal "Taw wla»a»»i>,"i2»Ui Sine* saw) tewaeaj, >>JW Task Oft* Tn Oawrjea OSerraar, Tf etna ear HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's paid* have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson— five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stackers and feeders •should try this market. Inforraatiow. furnished upon Application. BEHJ. w. mil, aemrat Hanim. COMPANY. Do all kinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially prepared ta snowe Jron Safes and all kinds of machinery, being the only one in the city kavinr the necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods, f e Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of tho city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without the least Injury. If you want to move your office or household goods we can do it better for you than anyone olsd and save yau money. Trouble with the Eye. To say nothing of the thousands of the hopelessly blind, let any one go to tho many eye infirmaries of our land and witness the streams of patients con j stantly pouring through them, and to I the offices of our numerous oculists, and { see them, forenoon and afternoon, filled with sufferers patiently waiting their turn, and he will certainly come to feel the urgent need on the part of the community in general of a more intelligent and conservative use of the eyes. Youth 's Companion. An Odd Animal* No horned tortoise now exists, but a fossil specimen was found awhile ago on Lord Howe's island, in the southern Pacific, which had tour horns on its) crest and resembled a cross between horned toad and a snapping turtla. New York Preas. Storage Department. 3 We have the largest brick store room in the city for storing goods. Parties leaving tho city can have their goods packed by us, stored away and shipped whenever deBired. This is one of our specialties. We guarantee our work to be first-class in every respect and use tee utmost care. A reasonable price ia all we ask and a trial will convince you that wo are the best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. •~ We will take downyour Btovcs, move them and take all the nickel part* off, oil them, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it in paper and store them for the season for the small sum of ?'J.r,o, the season ending December 1, 1893. This way of taking care of stoves makes them absolutely rust proof, aud makes a small job for the man who cleans it. We do not polish stoves, for that is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., E. R. LOCK, M anager, Office and'Barn, Second Ave, East. Telephone No. 19. John Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER A WHISKEY Kansas nnd Familv TRADE a Specialty. Write for catalogue. 429 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Mo, \ *»**r MAN who wonW know the OrtAMTJ TBDTns. the Plain Itete. taw Aumed Life, aboald write for our wreMdei flil little fceelu eaitea appr ITs»alfsl» Va-ee. In plain Mailed oovu. " A refuipTfraa the aeestav* THt K/1JI MUMCM. CO., BUFFALO, N. V.

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