Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 25, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntcred at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Jl.SO .50 .0.', One Year in advance * 8iX Months Three Months Single Copies • AnVKKTISI'MKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. lyiners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices SI.00 per inch first Insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, J;m. 25,, 1008. Appeal for Work. The ArgiiH in in receipt this week irorn the Associated Charities of Los Angeles of the following appeal for work of the unemployed of that city: We are receiving applications every day from H.cores of men who are out of work and unable to find employment. These arc not of the hobo or drinking class, but most of them arc men with families or some one dependent upon them. They are willing to work for small wages and to do any kind of work. We also have a number of boys that lire anxious to find homes on ranches. We should like very much to get into communication with country residents who may need help, and we should appreciate it very much if you should through the columns of your paper make known to your readers that we shall be glad to furnish help if they will address us at room 15, Courthouse, Los Angeles. Real Estate News. Welch report, the sale of ten acres of Vnlenclas and navels owned by R. J. Laidluw, located near Han Dimas, to F. DeWitt Smith of Pasadena, consideration $110,000. The seller allowed $8,000 of the purchase price for the crop now on the trees, and took as part payment a house and lot in Pasadena valued at 80500. Tho same firm also reports the sale of ten acres of navela owned by C. W. Benedict, located on Cypress avenue, to H. O. Hovde of Fowler, Colo., consideration $113,000. Mr. Benedict takes property in Fowler, Coio., valued si,».«.DQQ.«n8 part tip-*"' •-,».• Griswold tract, owned by K. A. Welch, to JOH. Moxloy, for 8100, and Jot 14 on the Sh'erwooel trad, the property of T. II. Urun.jes, to A. Jfl. T.UH of LOB Angeles, for 8'150. Fine Shoemaking an Art It, is considerably over a quarter of a century «ince our firm began manufacturing footwear, and while our beginning was modest in more ways than one, we e;in point with pride to our record and say truthfully that "we never made a poor shoe," While the size of our first factory and the short, line of shoes we then put out peerri very firnall in the light of present, conditions, we worked just as earnestly to please the trade then, making a few do/ens of pairs of shoes each day, ns we do now in a factory with a daily capacity of 8000 pair". • Khoemakirig has become one of the Arts fine Hhoernnking i« a Fine Art. and is appreciated as such bv every wearer of a shoe that (Its the fed to a nicely, if, made of the most carefully selected leather in both sole and upper, gives reasonable wear and is purchased at. an honest price. Shoes of this character have always distinguished thin factory. We do not rob the shoe in a single particular---we use solid leather heels arid one-piece- counters- do not cut off the varripw, and do not use an ounce of shoddy material, which permits some shoes to be fine looking arid yet to be sold very cheap. It is economy to buy a good shoe one that not only looks good, but is built on honor. Our reputation for honorable and good Bhoernaking in of years' standing arid extends from Alaska to South America, from coast to coast and in many foreign lands. We sell to the retail trade exclusively. No jobbers handle any of our shoes. UTZ & DUNN. Acme Cushion Sole Shoes. Are acknowledged to be the easiest, healthiest and best wearing shoes rnad. I'ersoris who walk much or stand much suffer from the jar of the sensitive nerves, producing extreme weariness, imperfect vision and other troubles directly traceable to exhaustion of tho nerves on which their whole weight rests. The "ACME" Cushion Bole Shoes contain a flue Australian wool felt cushion insole that is soft and absorbs moisture. It prevents cold, [clammy feeling of a damp stocking on a hard leather insole. The felt cushion increases ciroulatir.ii of blood, and that strengthens and stimulates the nerves. It also prevents tbe jolt on the nerves caused by tho wearer's weight coming down on them thousands of times lii'y'--••»'-'_-'• Unary ahoo. Tho felt being n non-conductor of heat or cold makes this shoe suitable to wear the year round. The "TURN" is made with a heavy, flexible sole. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity, third Sunday after lOpiphuny: Morning Prayer 11 a. ru. ; subject, "Freedom by tho Truth." KvmiBong 7:'<0 p. in. ; Hubjeot, "Klein- outury Truths of the Christian Faith." Offertory anthem by the choir. Sunday-school 0:45 a.m. Christian Church: Nov. \V. (!. Con ley, pastor. Sunday-school !):4o. lYcncliiiiL' at 11 o'clock by the pastor; subject, "Tho Heart, of the (Jo«pel." Junior Kiidcavor ,'J. Senior Kndt'iivnr (!:!10. Preaching 7:'H); subject, "Felix; or tho Danger of Delay." Special mimic. All are cordially invited. Worship at tho Baptist Church: Bible school Jl:45 a.m. Preaching J 1:110 a. in. ami 7:1)0 p.m. Morning subject, "Klection and What it In eludes." Evening subject, "The Way to (iod and How to Find It. B.Y.P.U. 0:45 ; topk\ "Hume Missions;" leader, Mrs. W. Q. Cus tur. Presbyterian services will bo held in tho social hall of the new church. Sunday-school !i:-15, Tho J!ov. Andrew Hundley, tho instructor in the Biblical department <>f Occidental College, will preach on "Foreign MiHsionu" at 11 o'clock. Y.P.S.C. K. (i :!10 p.m. Oospol service 7 :t)0, conducted by the pastor. All friends an.) strangers it re imutt cordially invited to attend any of those Hervicob. Paul (J. Stovona, pastor. Tho servi.'oa of the Mothodibt Church will be held in Kt-ed'a Hall, the pastor, h'ov. H. W. White, M.A., preaching both mi.>rning und evening. Topic at 11 a.m., "Repentance Vcr bus Romorsf. " Sunday-school at 0:15. Junior F.pwurth Li-ague !!. Senior and Intermediate Leagues at t;:l!ti. Kvei.\nni- cordially inviU-d. Wo uuu lu make this a homelike church. Silks. Silk is tho strongest of oil the materials used by the dry goods trade. When adulterated with 'cotton, glue and ohwap dyes it is about the worst. There are several makes of good silks which are sold at, reliable stores. We will bo pleased to show you these goods. Boys' and Men's Clothing. We oiler boys' knee pants suits, nearly all wool, two pairs pants and cap, 1:1.85. This suit is Hold in in'iny places at 8(i. 00. We olfer some splendid values in men's suits and overcoats, among them some overcoats Hold at 81)0 and 81)5 by city stores, at half thoir price Shoes. Old Ladies' Comfort Shoes, rubier heels, good $'J values, hand turn soles, $1.85. 15.00 rubber boots $4.00. Choice of any $5 shoo in the house, except Kangaroo, at li.OO. Dig line high top bouts at $'2.85 and up. Hoys' $2.50 shoes $1.05. Splendid values i i wool underwear, reduced. Glendora Furniture Store The most complete furniture house in the valley guarantees to sell 10 to 20 per cent cheaper than any house west of the Rocky mountains for several reasons. We pay no rent. The man who pays rent has to sell goods 10 to 20 per cent higher. PLEASE NOTICE THESE PRICES Dressers from $6.00 to $30.00. Bedsteads from $2.50 to $12.00. Dining chairs from 65c to $2.50. 6-foot dining tables $4.50 to $25.00. Rugs in all styles: Granite, Ingrain, Brussels, Procret, Axminster, Cashmere and Velvet. Batby Brussels Linoleum 45c to 90c a yard. Lace Curtains 35c to $6.00. Couch Covers $1.00 to $6.00. Call and inspect these goods and many otners that we have which will save you money. Costs you nothing to look. Everything guaranteed as represented. Free delivery to any part of the valley. Get your picture framed to your order. F. A. SEIMEARS Phone 166 pJRIDAY, January 31, will be the r second SALE DAY at the B. F, Taylor Cash Store, Glendora. We rmike the strongest inducements for your cash trade. In all lines we cut prices, even below cost on many articles. First, our grocery price list is so low that it is not comparable with those made by our competitors. Dry Goods Ladies' Ufu! olouvoleuH vests, 75c half dozen; no less sold. Men's black cotton host* $1.75 per box oi one do/eii. Splendid valuB at I'J.'J"), a saving of 1 cents per pair, Uuy in box lots. All Oniutu ladies' union suits half oir, H. (i. Curseta--We curry a very laruo stock of this well known make and will furnish any style on approval. Take them homo ami try iheui and if ihcy don't mat, try another sly In. $1.00 to $5.00. Kvery shape. No other linn makes M> liberal an oil or. Ni«\v line nidi's pajamas and t'luett full drehss shirts and collars. Si-vcrui new My ley ill hats, in eluding J»hn H. Sutboii's. BROADWELL'S Sale Day Prices on GROCERIES 18lh Sugar $1.00 25lb Pink Navy or Lady Washington Beans 1.00 17it« Jap Ricf 1.00 3 cans Lily, Honeysuckle or Carnation iSlilk 25c 3 cans Corn or Tomatoes 25c 50c can Baking Powder 35c 50c Tea, Spiderleg 35c 2lb Fresh Koasted Coffee 25c 7lb Fresh Rolled Oats 25c Armour's best Eastern Hams, by the ham, per U> 13c Armour's best Eastern Bacon, by the side, per lb 17c 12 bars good Washing Soap 25c 7 bars Silk or Mermaid Oueen Soap. .25c 3 bars Toilet Soap 10c <> bars A. B. Naptha Soap 25c d bars Ben llur or Western Star 25c 5 bars Fels-Naptha Soap 25c ti bars Cocoa-Borax 25c 3th ICya- Macaroni 2Sc Prunes worth He for Sc Kaisins worth lOc for <>c London Layer Kaisins worth ISctb ... .80 3 pk»s. Libby's Condensed Mincemeat for 2 .->c 3 pkgs. Dr. Price's Wheat Flake 25c A good Potato, by the sack, per 100 Ibs 1.50 5 gal. Kerosene Oil by can 55c 5 gal. Gasolene by can 95c Lily White Flour, as good as Al, Angelus or XXXX, 50 sk 1.40 Our regular prices on groceries will be about the same as the above. You can always save money by buying of us. We deliver goods anywhere in town twice a day. I think we have established the fact that our customers get just what we promise in quality and quantity, so you can depend upon getting what you pay for and at the price we name. DRY GOODS For Friday, Jan. 31, we will sell our new line of Taffeta pla ; d silk finished gingham, worth 35c, for. .. The same in Scotch plaids and checks worth 25c for All heavy Serges worth 25c for Barnaby Zephyr Suiting worth 15c ., Fancy Mohairs suitable for children's school dresses. Also women's common skirt goods that will Htand good hard wear, worth 4Uc Poile du N'oid gingham worth 17>ic for All A.F.C. Ked Seal and Seersucker Ginghams worth 15c for 1! All Dress Percales worth 15c I'. All Prints, light or dark, in checks, stripes or figures, worth 8; .;c . All Kimono Flannels, Flannelettes and fleeced goods at greatly reduced prices. SHIRTS 25c 20c 20c 20c 25c 15c .7c HALF PRICE FOR SALE DAY We will sell $1 Dress Shirts for half price 50c 50c Work Shirts for 25c TROUSERS On Sale Day we will sell anything in stock at 40 per cent discount. ' The trousers range in price from $1 to $5 per pair. HATS and CAPS HALF PRICE In order to make room for our new stock of men's and boys' Hats and Caps, we will sell any Hat or Cap in the house on this day for only half price. Nearly all styles and values to select from. This is a chance te buy hats at a bargain. Don't fail to see them. SHOES We will sell from 50 to 100 pairs at half price, consisting of men's, women's, boys' and misses' shoes, and in addition to'this will sell anything from our complete stock at 15 per cent discount. This includes all kinds of outing and tennis shoes, men's, women's and boys' rubbers. .;? Remember the Date, Friday, Jan. 31 e B. F. TAYLOR CASH STORE Located in the Weaver Block, Glendora

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