Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 7
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T ^ "NOW AS I LOOK BACK, I CAN SEE WHERE I STARTED IN WRONG,** SAYS FELIX TO FINK. XOXET TO LOAXI • . \nil lead on hoosebold gooda. • ^ pianos, orgajis, sowing iu»- ^ •> cttines, diamonds and JeweliT. ^ /.W.COFFEY • OtScc, Sow 110 Kortb Street • • WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR RENT—FOR RENT WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the fJnest fruit and tarming sMtion In Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—TO BUY A GOOD young cow.' Must be a Xo. 1. Dr. Shadwick. WA.VTEM—A F.^RM Frn .NiaMEP. i anywiiero |rrom I<^(> to 2(»'> acres', to I tjeiiil in (tlffprcnt klmis of croi>s. I liu\e I two bo.v.s able to do a man's work i anywhere. Address Calvin Burris. Yale. Okla. R. R. No. ;{. Uox WANTED—15 R.^NKS OP GOOD wood, sawed. 4,19 N. Tenn. St. WANTED—TO BUY SECbNDHAND Violin Cello. J. W. Becannon, La- Harpe- Kas. . WA.VTED-p7 OR S ROOM .MODERN housb in pood location. In exnliange for a- $12r>i> first mortgage. Will pay balance cash. W. E. Starks. Accnt. j WANTED—MARRIED .M.\N TO, norl: on .farm. E. B. Butler. WANTED—2.".<'o FEET OF INCH sa.s jiipe; will iiuy in small (iiian:i- ties. A. C. Evans, c:;is City. .MEN WA.VTED—t'E.MENT AND rock loader.s at the I.#hunt Mill of the United Kansas Portland Cement Co.. near Independence'. Kansas. FORM I.O.ANS WANTED—T AM prepared to take rare of Farm Loans larpe or small- at the lowest rate to he obtained anywhere. Prlvilese to pay any amount ar any intere.«t paying time. See me and pet terms and rate, before piacins your loan. R. I<. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. W.\.\TED WORK—MA.N WITH family wanf.= wnrk on farm by month Have three heavy horses will use t;. W. Ray. Vate.s Center. Kans. WANTED—WOM.AN TO CARE FOR ! .-imall child diirin.c the winter. Call • South ^f. • WANTED—.MIDDLE AGED WOM-! an for p-^neral hoir^^ework in private | ianiily. Telephone II*?'* or I'-IT. i jm ^AI^—jmSAI^ FOR SALE—HOUSB FURNISH-' Ings. Ru^ and Linoleums. Trunks and ' Suit Cases. Bozmell Furiiltare Co., 9; N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. ' . 1 FOR SALE—TICKET TO lUTNlST.- ton. Orc.c-on from St. .loe- Mo. Inquire at .Te.?s Howard".* Shoe Shop. Ea>t ' loia. ' FOR SALE—ONE HAT CABINET. ,21* feet louK with 2 mirrors and 24 'drawers. 7 oak tat>les 2 .«ettees. 1 iieatinsr stove and pipe Globe Shoo & C'.ofhinii Co. FOR SALE—EIGHT HEAD OF ntaiisier colts from one to four years old AH wtll bred. Some at'- stantl- .11-; .\rso one .-itanclard bred marc L' y.'ars old. one two year old draft col: and one ^ix months old tnule r <>:f V\'i!I price them ripht. I»np- .•ihorf \- Sutherland. 1-2 mile ea^t of Carl}!.? FOR SALE—TWO UltOOD SOW?. . ons witli s'-von. the, other nine pi ,:;3. Plionc r .'.i.*. o.- til5. j FOR SALE—WHITE NANNY GOAT i wagon and harness. I>ouie. H Klau! aiann. FOR .'-'ALE—GOOD DRIVLVG AND light work hor.«e in Rood condition C F. torth. Phone 3SS -2I. FOR SALE—REBUILT TYPEWRI- tors. all make.';, like new; cheap. New aiidinjr machine. fir..iHi. fall at once H. V. Plant. Kellcy Hot.d. FOR SALE—RUGS. FURNITURE Stov..-.<. Tils stock. Cash or payments. Ed Henninq;cr. We-t .Madison. FOR SALE—SHOATS. nn N Tenn. I.NQUIRE FOR SALE OR TRADE—Jf' ACRES ! ••ir .d'in S. W. Missouri. .\lso house • FOR .'JALE—ORCHARD OF WIN- t'^r applr-s 2'.''t<* hii. 2 miles west. :'. raiies north of .^Io^an. Tobias Kramer. FOR SALE—1. 3ii"(L\I,L0N COP- per kettle. 1. 10i> ecc incubator. ..nd lot in WVbh City for lola proper-' ..^.-res kalfir corn in the field. Harry ty .\ewi.y &. i.o. , Scond Hand Store. FOR SAI-E-FRE.SH .TEIISEY COW .". y.'ars "id .1 .\ .MciH .nald. l-.iHar |ie. Phone, IG. . lio.-.utiful mountain scenery. Best climate in the world for lung and thr</at trouble. Enough flood water lli>ws acro.'rs this tract each year to irrigate a wliole section, if reservoirs were built. .Native grasses inutrious as alfalfa. On main line Rock Island near division iKJint and County Seat. Will trade for city property of small tract near good city in Kan^s. Price $1."> per acre. Call ai once. H. V. Plant. Kellcy Hotel. FARM FOR RE.VT OR SALE— south and west of city limits, 44 acrca. Mrs. O. L. Stelntuan, Lock Box 162. OFFICE ROOMS FOR RENT— over Ramsey's Store. Inquire In store. FOR SALE—A SIX MONTHS OLD re?isterfd Perchiron s'aHion Won 1st at Allen County Fair. I! F. Wriph' FOR SALE—A (JOOD ORGAN. LN<mire S12 S. Third. Phone 84. I HAVE TWO R |-:SI|iE.VCK PROr- erticp in l«>la: one i -lear and on." in- cumh'^r.^'l: will iratle ciihcr for aii- toinohil": .-ame :101s! \ic in first clas.^ londiri'.n. Proffr .-tiiitll <ar. ' t -ithpr •Fon! • or ••HuiiRoy ilackson. Syra• •ii.-.>. Kan.s. FOR SALE—PAWN-ED SUIT CASES and tmnks as good as new. Unless yon see them before buying, we'll both lose. Bigus Pawn Sl.op. FOR SALE—FOR $im>i).. IF SOLD xhls week house and lot. Inquire 8 South Ohio Street. FOR SA LE — TWO A D.IOI NING faniis containing ISO arr.s; well im- pr«\ed: l.'i acres licariuir .orchard ami •he best of farm land. PWnty of tim- b.'r and cood wat.-r: fivp mil^s from U'alker. i -n»' mile from Derrick and nin" tiill. i >f .Vevada. .Mo . county of Wrnon coijnJy; .' 'i hushols •<f Curt! rais.-<? on place »hi.s yr^r. Will sfil for f |n.(i'.i>. half ..-aslj. .Vnyone ,.i-!iiti.; a ui >od farm adiire.-s (!. C Parl.i-ca. LiHarp<». Kans. FOR .<.\l.K OR TRADE—NEW MEX 'It land: }H» acres be.«t valley .<orl; FOR SALE—OLDS GAS E.NGI.VE. 7 horae power. Apply at Otto Hinze. I RELIABLE FIRE IN.SUB,\NCE—IN renewing your insurance- place .<!onie of it with me. I will sec that your interests are safely cuarded. by writ; ing you in a first class company. "Be• sides, we need the businc-s and wifl 'appreciate y.Mir patronape. R. L ; Thompson. Phone 142. Over p;vans ^^r»z Store. 1 HAVE AN EIGHTY ACRE FAR.M for rent near Eri.>.' W. E. Ralston. FOR RENT—S ROO .M HOUSE. L\quire 603 N. Washington. Roy Gard. Professional Directory. SB. C M. RCSS « Dentist • EztracUoo without pain by th«- • use of Nitrous Oxide Caa O- Boom >'«. 1 Xortbmp Bid;. 4> Pboaes—Office 553; Res. 852 * FURNISHED ROO.M .\ND BOARD for one or two gentlemen.; One of the nicest homes in the city. Inquire M. M. Care of the Register. « PHILLIP ^£ie £I^ « • HIBXESS AXn S.VDDLEBX * •> General Bepalrln; •> • • 116% SouUi Street—lola. Ku. « • • <• F. L. B; L£.IT£L£, X. n. • * Specialties; • •> ' Diseases of the Chest • • •> Diseases oC Cttildrea « • Phones—Office 147; Res. 147 • <• lola State Bank Bldg. • * • FOR RE.VT—NICELY FTTR.NISHED room for gentleman. 402 E. .Madison. FOR RENT—Six r.ol So -lefferson. ROO.M HOUSE FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. 6i>4 X. Jefferson. EGGS—20c per dozen. POULTRY—Hens l*c; cocks springs Oc; diicks 9c; pcese keys tjc; guineas 20c each. HORSE HIDES—$2.00 to $2.75. ' BEEF HIDES-H'c. (Grain quotations furnished daily by Smith D. Ray.) CORN—"> to 80c per bushel. KAFFIR COR.\—S.->c per bushel. WHE.\T—Soc to .S.".c per bushel. OATS—40c per birshel. HAi—$6 to $7 per ton. T.O.CANATSEY Expert I^ano Tmunsr and Repairing. "With Roberts Uusic Ca FHOHEttl IRA B. ERANTZ THE OPTOMKTBWT Kxdiiaiw* SUaa*- Flttlna tpTlilll At HsBita's Jewvlrr Stor* PRIVATE MONEY—WE HAVE ! $2000.0.) private money to loam oa a good Allen county farm,, lo^ rates and reasonable terms. See us at once. 1 tola L.and Company. - UHIRPE NEWS FOR TOOXYl 4; 4i 4i 3i * .lust received a select line of 3IAX.S0.\-RF.ED WEDDING TOMGHT OK LOCAL INTEKE.ST. * \W Bines Won Christian Chnrch AHend -i* anfe rontest—Foot Ball TP-am \z Beat Impf) 39 to 0. ! T • if MiLLER-KELLER'.S CiKM O- L.ITES and B0.\ BO.\.S We also carry a full line of thi? celebrated Doiiclas Chocolate for your approval. .V trial is the best introductory. W.\TER.S * ni\FOBTH Drags and Jewelry. I" 3? J. iSi * i- u » 1. * ' ** '• flTHE OArS D0IN6SIIT BUS GmfiWHEIIT EB6E0 OPWMiD TO 92 FANCY CABB.\GE UVHARPE. Oct ? —The marriace of Mi-'S Haze! ^eed of Topeka. an-l ; Mr Ralph Max.Aon- of this city, will jL«cturc Course will occt:r the 2 of occur this eveninc at .< o'clock at t:;r-|thi.« month when .1. M. .tones, a noted 100 Pounds for ?J .25 CARL & HUNTER Gas, Kans. I. 1. h 1- h }. I. 1. 1. > •% -S. k > ->. h I' KA\S\>S RAISE SHEEP. IF THE PAPER BOT FAILB TP dellrer yotxr paper, call 18 and we will are bein.z send you a paper by a special carrier. EI NEKAL OF .\. L lUNTEU \T Kix AID TO.WH:KOW. Fam«nil of yfra. Prirkctt TrMerday. Lallarpo Vhttors at «he City . SchooI.<< TupiMhiy. G :is ritv. Orf. 0— Tl)e r.^mains of A. I Hunf .T who di.-d .it San Diego. Sheep by thethousands .shipped into this valley to be fed this the saaue eVenias. winted on the silo-equipped rand 'e.-; • HOT TIMES IX BALKA>S ^yl> l^t^'"''''""''"'"""'"''''^ nn.U IS .VOKTH DID IT . - ^"^.^^' abundance of feed, tie |J1^2LI!!iiif I large number of silos affording gmpie t-.^^^^"^^^^^^'^^^ '. cheap silage for winter feeding, and 1 ^•••••••••i CaIHe !ind Hos Rem'ptji Heary and I 'ne proximity of a good market Is re-j, Price* Adiance Just the .Same ! sulUng in much attention being paid' -Prwlure Up XUa. 'to sheep feeding in this vicinUy. . j * . . 1 On the Gardner sheep ranch and i '- ion other farms in Clay .ml Valley .t:.v the .v ...A .i.,o.l rre^-^ i 'ov.tisi,w^ tbeye wili be lar^e num- Chira:.->. Oct :> —Wh.^a; <:i„vc-^,\ \^>*''^a ot sneep led. Hanilton. of Salt Creek township, br-ngicj: !n PHON-E 10*9. ^•fre^l:.•th "<>n account of the Ralkan bride's horned Mi?s Reed formerly taught school liere Mr. .Vlaxson i.< the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tlten Mavson and both yntmg fi<>npl.> have a h»>.»t of friends who extend them heartiest congratulation.'!. The newly married couple will return here soon and vi'>'.inist. will entertain Between hi.s numbers a few home talent entortain- er>- will render some mii<;ir3l jmm- t«r-' and a few rc-ulinc-- Misses Fes .iier and Snr ..h Martin.nn are experted today fr .irii I'lwa fity. l.uva. for an e \t >-n<!(d \i-it at the R make, Jheir h.iinp on the Maxson farm i C Edwards home . SDU-'I .>f town south of town .Mr and .Mrs Theo \ j, .M..-Kau;:!.n. Roy Kdw;irds and W .Maxson will give a hijr rec.-ptinn Ch-', .s. Teaguf were amonc tl -ogo Abo ucnt tober I.lfh in honor of their son's ;f,> Kan.««.<: CItv for the -tock s-l.o* marriage. | vesterdav. —A fresh line of r<-lery. ndishes. j —Just rceelv.-tl. a fresh liarrcl of salad dres-<.lng and ,^?«;>\rro5«ir.;d ils.,„^r Kraut M Mltch -n 's crcvcrv. "^I'^'llT"^*"';* ^ ^y^^Ji^V Tl>. Iu.H«r:v. first loam h^s" se. which was to have met last ev.-alnc * f,>, '-^•^ ''^'^ l'«*«».on.^<l, ,y.;;n.rrfVv'afternoon for t!.o se, on.! nntil Thursday on account of a few members being unable to attend. Supt. C F. Cool and the Xornial traininc cla.«;.= visited the Gas Cit.v schools ye.«terday forenoon. '.Calif., will probably .irrjve .-it Kin- confii.r. an.l ctd weather in the.North from th'VM.^t vvork.sto the laboratory :'"aid tomorrow where the fiiiieral will^^j.( -w,. htills. The ofx-ning was .tt .\!t .mti.i. • be pr. ached. Interment will b.; in Ira M.Ginni.'^ is in R.-dfie|d on h.isl- ; '-ry. 1 Cards hav<> Vv^en recived h. r.- from " ... , „ ' Mr and Mrs. Ch.irles Gre=c. foriner- R-.y Striiiiple. f ,f Piqua was in town yAsier'ii.y He will leave Friday ! for f'o.'orado point.* on a vara'i*<u \V. I >inu. who acterl ;i> .-iir 'n' .1; t^ P.icific !!••.-•• dt.-riris .Mr Hurlo'-hs ab- -i-r^ri-. will liil his diiti-s at Piqua. C, C rarlas'ii says that he !> not one tiiat riceiv .'s th» Du'l M'>«>-«' funds, but any .ine ready to donate pay th. se .r.tary. H. R Martin .t n Flint a '.ank.'r cf Ilumb.-'dt. anil F T fuber- n rc.i! estate nian <'f •)i;.t j.I.'ice. were transacting bu.-lnes.s '..ere vestcnl.TV 'Im.' thij 8oa .=on t^e IjiUarpe s»>.op.l ; • rompor^cd mainly of high sfiuw^! i!pf ..ate<« th.' lola Imps In. an uneven contest- rp.sulting in a ,3 ;t to n 1 '. Ictorv .\ small crowd saw the came TEtfiilERS'MEETING SATUROAY —Fine northern cabbace for kraut. .^j^^ Svlva j:vlv«.st<r. o' Elsmore is >$1.;.^ for 100 lbs. Elliott's Grocer}-. , ^ *p „p ^t at the John Bacon home this ly of rity i)ij! DOW r>-sid \Tig in Col linsville. announcing the- birth of a * dauRhter. who has Ix'n christened ." • Maxlne Eli7.ab.'th. I A few from h<;r<' saw th-- lola Imps' , defeat.'.I by the' TJI Harp,' tmys yost.r- day hy a s'ore of "9 to 0 Mr. and .Mr.« H.-.rry (;.<y. r. of .\fo- ran vlsite<< Mr. and Mrs O 1. Pitts i ye.«frrd.iy. ! The fiitwrU of Mr.* Ellen Prickett was held yesterday ;'f'erno<-.n a? tl ; o'clock at the Christian church with { Rev. R. 'Sr. Ctillison ofTiciaMnp In?-r ni'-nt was in ?he loli-. cemetery .Mrs. M'-Carty of I'.ronson. was in attendance at the funTal, —Fine r .'Tfiern rabh.ize for kraut 5! ;..r !• lbs Kllititts Grocir}". This i .s f .l 'l festlv .-l! we .>J{ .It th- tinchanaeri to ',c higher December start'-i at !»!">.'; and rallte.! to 52. WHEAT riose; .Inly Hl-'^jc; Doc. 'i7 '-fr Mav fifv. CORN o .T S4>-: ivc May OATS !).r r .2--;; .May S'.c. Kansa- Cllj' Grain. K-'nsr.s <"i:y. OCT . !> —Cash Wheat, rti.irket bicher. \<. 2 ban]. Sf^ft \.> :!. <•;'•! : \.. 2 red ii, '.>'<•>: N'.> r."''.•Tt 1 Oil... C'..:<.^ -Dec. S «;<s- May ej-^^ sidil CORN Market unch.ange.1 to lower .Vo 2 mIxH.'.. C> ;Xo. 3.. f "2: No 2 wlijt.v 71; .\o 7'^ Close tv l^v.^ 'f-;»\: l».. ••ir'".i. :M-!\ OATS .V" '-' -A^-'t-. "•.••\: No 2 :r.i\.,i :V2':;f»-%. UVK 7:'.'-.;- jer bushel 2.000 head from Xew Me.-.ico. to te wiaterfed. M'ard Smysor has purrfased S.O'.'"' head of sheep which he win-feed on i:!s land near Sterling. T:.-' f*rsf ih.j, meni. ten car loads, has already arrived. There were 2 >'i-> y<'>ariinK speed ia this fir.-: Jot. fhey wi!l be run oa corn iatid The sheep fed in IhU section are uu-iinlj- bousV ;n .Veu- .Mexico .'rom the ranse. »hippe<j in tiere for fa't.=n- ing. and th»n sent on to the market at Kansas City. Omaha and Chicago. There Is not much sheep raising done hero. !>ut this sheep feeding bus! nessi IS prownc u> be a larg»^ Indu.sTy The market is not always favorab,- and fojce;:;n.-'s the f- eijrrs h?ve w-n pinch.^ from profits i'v the ni: rkei. n j b'tt as a ru '.e it is a nrofi'ab!-? V 'l -i- CY U:M\D*S .VPPLE.S. "Mi.«;ses Mabel and Artie Hartzog. of Humboldt, are visitine hero this week week. Mr. and \jllen ConnO Tnslrnetor> Will Galher . Trinity M E church :n h>st lola ar^ in l.da and i.i>ten tn Exc«-Uent ; interestinc i -ni-rams ar. h. ;n:r h.^i.i Mrs .Tame.": McKauphn Thoma.s Kurtz and family have re-j .„ Kansas City yestenlay for the fumed to f'atiool. .Mo. after a 'e-k's ^ ^j^j. ji,,,^- vislt at the Turner h'>me south of; .vjj^g .Au.-aC.x ha .s returned to Els town. ' oiore af'er a pleasant visit with Mrs. Mary Mcfowan, of Ottawa- Is t fn>nds here, a guest at the W. R. .Mitchell home | Methodist .Missionary ladies , this week- I inet vesterday afternoon at the ' _A few hlgh-llffsnlky plows at a .^jj^^ch. Proeraai. The ; iKouinc is the procratn jir.- pared for f!=" m'-..'tin? of th<> A!'.-ii County T'-acliers' AKsocia'ion nieet- ins w'hii-li will Iw held in |oia n.'\! SaturcJay- October 1: Foreuotin .Si '-sion. 9:.'{0 .1. Essays m Application Ine« Nelson Round Tall-' The New Te.vtbooks: •arh ev.inint: Edfiti Hunf .T of this city will sins a .<folo an.I .Miss I.oi,s Bennett wiil play a violin obli:;ato .if this evoninps entertainin'ti'. .V number from her.> will ait« nd. Frank McCarty of Bronson. w;»6 a visitor in the rity yp..»t<'rday. I TTIHI Minder suffered a painful in- j jury at the cem-nt plant yestt-rdav Kan^a* A'ity I.We ^tiK*. K rt n S.I - t 0,-. r. —CA TT LE—Re '••'ii'ts iuar'K»'t steady to l'>e big-j.'- .Vat ;v.> ste .-T -s t»; nofr j.. oi>; cows .TO'! h 'ifer* $:* 4''*i 7 ."0-. stock. r-- and fe. •.'•rs $4 ..Vi *i 7 .VI :bu!!s $« 00 ! Ide if .ahes $.-..f >«ifT? Kt>. " Irr»r ;.t-K''ceipt.s ;>.i>o>>. .Market wa-s strorc. Heavy $*.t -'OSS.*.".; packers and butchers $5...'.rt^.<?.S.>; light is:)»'!] S So. f'hiraco Llvewteck. Chicago. Oct. 9.— C.\TTI-E. receipts bargain. Mines'Hardware. '^-i-x. r ^, .... The Red and Blue attendance con- Lf.l °^ Methodist test which has been tn proRress at ''^\^S^ ^J" tomorrow afternoon the Christian churcii for some time , '^^^^'^^ luilt aft.-r whic!. -Grammar Aha Smith ended Sunday with t'r.e Blues In the 'I"*' arrangements wi'.i be made for Readers Mrs Kat..- C.>op.-r lead. The Reds will ent^^ruin th" ' 1:'^ chicken pie supper to be siven ^ History and ruics.. ..loim F Trw..; victors a' the church this evening „ 1 .-7., • - •'^•^'^ '^'*">' f''-"ipram...EmiI U I.irson with a program, after whir^h light re- ,- •>J'"^ r.iizabet.., nnster is reported a: lecture, -injurinos In.sects »•: Kan- frwhments will be served. "i^ t.vjay i ^^s. p.of H R . Hu'n»erforri. Kansa----- 1. -Mr. and Mrs .lohn MacOonald and Cniverslty as a result of a pie.-, of red hot steel} 14. -.o": market steady toK'c higher. VrithmeiVc . _ . - Vinet'e Manley j sirikinp him on the ripht ch,^k. Th" • wound is not serious enough to keep The next number of the I^Harpe 1S<)0 Sir and Mrs Clair Kerr will ?o 10 Kansas; City this evenlne to attend the stock show' and the Priests of Pallas ', festivities. Miss Oollle .\daras entertained the •* Christian Endeavor of the Christian • church last evening. • , Mrs. .\nna Choieau- after an extend roll* recelv signs - . We would be pleaeed to show • town, visited Mrs vou the line. Mrs. .\nna CUoleau alter an exiena . of new Wall Paper just •.^a visit with .Mrs. E. H. Toby, retum- Ived. Niew and artistic de- *f«d yesterday to VIniU. Okla. s—business aettlns prices. • Miss MoUle Baker of northeast of o would be i>Ieaeed to show • town, visited Mrs. W S. Ford jcs- Aftemnon Se!»»(on. I P. Jl. Eduraiicn by Plays and Games ... : Fred McEwcn Ucturo. Pla>s and Gatues. Prif. Clair K Turner. Kas Sla. N The forenoon session will h« held in the atMiembly n>om of the lola hleii .school ItuUdlnK: the afternoon so-«lon in the itymnaiilum of the V >l C A UuUdlnp. Children will be presen' and Profess .ir Tumor will give a prac him from work Sutx-rinfendef.t C F Cool of thej N'ormal Training clas.s of l-iHarpe —er.> appreelatlve visitors in the Gas City schools yesterdiy mornine. A nvnjber of noteg were t.tken and a re f.orf will be made before th'^ I.aHarre high school The gne.sts passed a number of complimentary • remarks on oHT s(ho.ils. M.-s. A J Battertcn has r.-turned to her hotne In Fall River after a visit with her son .\. Z. naiferron. Roy StrlmpU formerly of M'is city. The Wathena Republican prints I his interesting: ittm: 'We were in '• iTr'>y aboijr hour .Monday betweon trains to ra 'K-.. a s.'ance at the bic: mon [Kent. Mr. Iceland is pack fng his apples in b-jshel boxes and gradinc them, itiakinr e;e.'".r auple of the best srade perfect by which he set.'; as high as $112'^ per bo.v f<tr black twigs and other high qualities .We noticed a !5.> "the iKJss'' on ^je job and matching that ev- »?ry apple was selected for size, color ete.. with more particular care than If he was buying instead of selling them. Mr. Leiand will get more per box than seme people will get p.;r Beove* $7. t'on U 00: gtockers and fpo .'.rs t ?40fi7 .80; and heifers mixed $.> '.'.^V'ft f >.30.- beavT- $S .45&? S-.: | ''^"'^^ piPs $4 7"^7 " San^Ft i Om Sale Srftt iSlh I0 OH. lOtk.' lariaslTr. Liberal ' Stttp^l^rer: privBegri. » To San Francisco, Calif.. Loe Angeles. San l>ii3^ and tbter-; mediate ttaUons WM To Salt l^ke City; Ctah; Ogdcn. Utah To Preacott and Pho€nlr, Ariz. : To Portland. Ore.— si.«r lUt To Spokane. Wash. Tacoma, Wash: Everett. Wash- Seattle, Wash. — -— »L1» To Vancouver. B. C. SLI9 ? W. E. Ralston, AgeaL ' ' now agent for th.' Katv . T Piqua pas -,n ;'^o Kansaii flly Pro4arei Kansas C;fv. Ort. 9—BI'TTER— i'reamery 2 *c: firsi.s 2 »v; seconds 24; pacVIrs stock tVi^ EGGS —Extras 1^; firsts 2t^: seconds l'*c H.VY—.M .>'ker. irrejnilar Choice timothv $13 ".off HtV>: choice pralrVe F. rOOKRET .-ted •hroituh the cltv y.-stvrd.iy He I* takinu a >!on »nd wiU leaie Fr;• dnv tor Colorado Mr «nd -Mrs K S Carpenter will ; le «v,« this we^-k for Hartwlck. Ia . to make their home. Ed Carpenter will [steady at 17 45; leave today with a car of toed*. Mm- IV P BIHbe. of Oak Valley. whOj y. u Wits and wife of I.lnl* Rck. S. Ford jes- ti^ai .temoast ration of his subiect .VII *, terday.' tearhern .\nd friends of education are • , L K Burtch and son- Russell will larlled to tn* pr«f«>ent. • 1:0 to Mena. .\rkansas. today TO make COMMITTEE • !>reparatl0B» to receive (he family. • T; P. Bwrtch. father of U E. Bwrtch. ^ _ _ • will also «n'«>uipanj- th<» faatlr to has l»een h«*re vIsJtiBt her brtuber .\rk., art'h<T« for an vxtended xttlt. • .ihelr new home. , Kalph Howard and oth^r roJallv.**. re-j Mr*. O. A. Chllwuod. of BaTaril will • ^ ' tIsU with MUs Julia Coma ihU w««k. Bi;noM CORN—Steady at'$:it> m Lead a«4 S|>rlter. St Ixiuls- Oct. 9- I -ad m.xrket waa• wvaV nt Jt »7,; speltfr tnarktt wasj ^^^^•^^•^^^l Huch D »Tt« hat beea tr»ut«rr <Ki|iurMd borne this afternoon laral Varfcrta. (Prodnee <(»otBtloBA furnUhs} tlntly by CoithlH Cwuralsalon BUTTKR—3t<5c per t*outt<(. THE NORtHSUP NATIONAL BANS IOL.4, K.t?(SAH OVER FORTY TEARS OF fO.VSERTATITE B.4.>rKt.\fi I^T lOLA ]>e^9itory far the laitrd SUtes SUte of Vaasas. and Altea Centr OFFICERS: E. J. .Mtt.Ut:R. President ' I. L. NORTHRIP. Vlco-Prwt MELVIN FRO.SK. Cashier F. A, NORTHRl'P. VIee-Preat. R. J. COFFEY Asst. qashler , D. P. NORTHRUP. VJ«HPr«at. CAPITAL $50,000,00 SURPLUS $20,000.00

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