Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1938
Page 5
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<f? •?! Thursday, December -8.1,938 HOPE UTAH, B0I% Corpus Christi fe Headedjor Title Will Meet Houston Grid Team in .Quarter-Finals of State Race By thp Associated Press One of. the most consistent football teams in Toxns Intcrseliolaslie Jjcnguo football history is Corpus Christi—and yet tlio Buccmieor.s never have won t state cliiiinpionsbip. But fans down ut the Hay City are not ii bit biu'kwnrd about telling you it's liable to be different this seasor because right now the Dues boast the impressive total of .'I8G points agains 11 opponents and only twice hove they been held down. And they're undefeated. Corpus Christ! faces John Reagan of Hcnifton this week in the qu&rUy-fjijnls of the .'itiite nice and the Bu.es are DUKE'S GREAT KICKER PAGE City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTE11S. PROMPT FREE DEUVEKY. I'HONK 7n7 Gift Suggestions FURNITURE— " Living Room Suites Room Suites Tables Sp^niM^Not Stands Boolc^Racks * Smoking Stands * Occasional Tables ELECTRICAL— * See Our Window. VISIT TOYLAND— * For Those Better Toys. Hope Hardware COMPANY MEN Buy Your Hanes Underwear from us TALBOTS . . . , , _ heavy score in Dallas, highly favored to dfefeat the Bulldogs i T 4 . ,-, „,_•... ., ,. nntl meet' the Tyl el T Te mple winner in Lil - st week Corpus Chnstl won lts bl " district game by a 59-0 score over tlie semi-finals. Back in the fir.st years .of Hie league race, Corpus Christi was winning district championships. The sports writers usually pick the Bucs at the start of the season and don't worry about them getting out into state play. 1 Last year was an exception when Robstown staged and upset to turn the.trick but Ihis year Corpus Christi swept through with 141 points' to'12.«nd-no team came close to stopping them. The Bucs were almost as successful against non-conference opponents. They were tied early in the season by Temple and Corsicana gave them quite a buttle'-but-the other teams didn't worry them. In'1934 Corpus Christ! wen,t to the finals buVlost to Amarillo by a top- Pharr-San Juan-Alamo. It had taken ts district championship with totals if 57, 59 and 25 over three conference opponents. But the real .tip-off came September 30 when the Bucs tattled that fine Temple team to a scoreless' draw. What a "natural" if Corpus Christ! and T.enipje meet again,—this time in Die semi-finals. • Here's how to be warm . . . without getting burnt) Climb into a HANES Heavyweight Champion today. Mister, you'll find you've got more comfort than you ever thought money could buyl You'll feel it the minute you start your feet through the velvety soft- jiess inside these legs. And then you'll button-up . . . snugging ribs of luxurious iluii right up against •your own ribs! But there's freedom as well as warmth in this suit 1 Bend, twist, stretch, and reach — nothing pinches or pulls. And HANES buttons, buttonholes/ culls, and seams are sewed to keep the wear in this underwear! See your HANES Dealer today. HANES W!M«r $•«< (the new ml.<lfil«wcjatit underwear for Indppr workers, shown by small figure), 50c *o 61« the garment. HANIS heavy weight Shirts and Drawers far men ' a* S»e ~ Suits. Sleepers, 7>c ...... Hanes Knitting $9., Winston'Salem, N. 59c; Soys' Union- i, 6»er'MerrlehiW .pers. 7>c. P. H. Numbers lor Football Officials Is Advocated KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—(/P)—If Maj. Bob Neyland, Tennessee's coach, had his way about it ,foo,tbaU officials in the Southeastern Conference would be required to w«ar numerals like the players. "It would help a lot," Neyland said today. "If the .officials wore numbers like the players. At least, it would benefit the fans a great deal in identifying the officials." Neyland would assign each . ac- cjreclitcd official a number to be worn through the season. Veteran Catcher Obtained by Pebs Clyde (Bucky) Grouse Is Signed by Manager Toprocer NEW .ORLEANS, La.-In an effort to strengthen Little Rock's most glaring •weakness, catching, Manager George Toprocer signed Clyde (Bucky) Crpuse, veteran catcher, here Wednesday. Grouse managed the-Baltimore Orioles last season and .during'the latter half :of J937, succeeding Guy Sturdy. With Rogers' Hornsby selected as manager next year, the Oriole 'miui- .agement made Grouse a free agent, permitting him to make a deal for himself. It's reported that he spurned several offers with other International clubs to become a Traveler. Called "Smart Catcher" • "Acquisition of Grouse goes down as n lucky deal in my book," Manager Topocer said. "I've known Bucky for a long tirno and regard him as one of the smartest catchers in the ininors.' While he's around 40, I hear he hasn't slipped a bit since I watched him play with Buffalo four years ago. "The fact that Grouse 'managed Baltimore indicates his cract. Bucky is a natural hustler, clean athlete and one of the finest handlers of young pitchers I know. While not a slugger, Bucky, a left-hand hitter, is a dangerous one. I would have signed him if he were only a .100 hitter. That's 'how mucfy I think of his ability as a catcher." Most Valuable Player Grouse hit .260 and batted in 43 runs in 96 .games for the Orioles last year. Play;ng in 111 games, he batted .25G !andidrpve in 50 runs while playing for Buffalo and Baltimore in 1937. He was named the most valuable player in the International League in 1937. Bucky will be playing his 18th year of professional baseball as a Traveler. A native of Muncie, Ind., he broke in With Jackson, Mich., in the old Central 'League in 1921. Later he was traded 'to Muskegon in the same league. Then he was sold to the Chicago White Sox in 1923. Grouse remained with the Chisox the following six years. He was optioned to Indianapolis in the spring of 1930. However, he was recalled later in the year and subsequently sold to Buffalo the same season. He remained with Buffalo until sold to Baltimore in mid-season, 1937. Crousc Glatl of Opportunity "I'm glad of the chance to play under Topocer," Grouse, who iasttend- ing the 'meeting, said. "I've played against George in the International League and am familiar with his style of play. Toporcer was elected the most Fine Way to Treat a Guest Wasn't NEW YORK— When the Chicago' Blackhawks defeated the .New. York f _ . . .. ________ T .Rangers, 1-0, at Madison Square Gar- was .delayed by a traffic jam, den the other night, the first eight 'minutes were played without a go!} Judge behind the home club's net. H| \ SEE OUR CHRISTMAS WINDOW 48 n , S1.38 . SUGAR £eSf 10 U. 47c? 2JM I F. ?JUNGES FANCY COKKIES 42 Cookies—Bowl Free '.'-, DNIONS 3 Pounds ... 3 3 Bounds iUC| 1FLUFFO SHORTENING The Best MUSTARD Quart ;;LUZIANNE COFFEE |TOMATOES .Mickey Anderson, jSputhern'California quarterback, uses an effective stiff arm on >a,'Noire Dame defender as he sweeps around end in the'Trojans', 13-0;victory,pver-the-Irish^at lios Angeles, before a crowd of 100,000. _____ valuable player in the International twice to my once. He's a keen student of baseball, a swell guy and so far as I'm concerned, the spring training season can open tomorrow." Joe Cronin and Billy Evans of the Redsox said that Toporcer and Business Manager -Roy • Winder at-e to be congratulated for getting Bucky.. to sign. Both of the Boston ; bigwigs said that Crouse could have named his terms with a score of minor clubs. With Crouse alomst & certainty as the No. 1 catcher,, the battle/for'the understudy job will be between Fred Walters and Fred Coble, wh,o .formed the Little Rock mask staff last year and John Spartachino; and' Ben F.er. riaoli, rooker graduates from. Clarksville in the Cotton States. While the latter two may be excellent prospects, it looks, at this writing, as though Walters has the better chance to make the grade. Search for Talent Now that the ice has been broken, Toporcer and Winder.are .wa'ding deeper into baseball's bijggest buy-and-sell pool. With the catching' problem' believed solved, the next step'is to, obtain an outfielder of socking ability. Every department, of. course, is.,being considered. Money is"available for the right kind of men and that's no'apple iuce. . :..'..". Crouse opines that • Little; Rock got the better of the deal-when, the Tr.av- elers swapped Outfielder Art Graham for Pitcher Hank Harris and Outfielder-Earl Bolyard. Bucky rates both as promising and he should:know because he managed 'em both. Lloyd Woodell Named on Ole Miss All-Opponent UNIVERSITY, Miss. — (/P)— Tennessee's line and Vanderbilt's backfield came in for honors in the Mississippi Rebels' selection Thursday of their all ^opponent team for 1938, as follows: •Ends: Wyatl of Tennessee and Nowaski of George Washington. Tackles: Holdgraf of Vanderbilt and Farmer of Louisiana State. Guards: Suffridge and Molinsky of Tennessee. i Center: Woodell of Arkansas. Quarterback: Hollins of Vander- bilit. Halfbacks: Marshall of Vanderbilt and Cafego, Tennessee. Fullback: Huggins of Vanderbilt. If the total America^ income was divided evenly among .all the 128 million inhabitants, each person would have received ?469 or ?9 a week, during 1935-36. Consumers' Guide finds thaat only one single person out of a 100 in this country has an annual income of ?5,000 or more. PET LIBBY'S JOWL MEAT, For Boling—Pound . S PURINA DOG CHOW-^25 Lb. 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THAT'S FAULTLESS FORMULA STOPS MEMPHIS Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and Cily Bakery LOS ANGELES— Mel Hein York Giant center who lias been chosen ull-professional pivot man for the past six seasons, and Sammy Baugh, Washington Red skin aerial artist, are far in the lead in .the balloting to choose an all-star professional squad, which will meet the National League champions here, January 15. In addition to NationaJ League players, members of the Los Angeles 'Bull-' dogs are also eligible for the game, . which is being sponsored By a -local newspaper. -.''.' Ilawailuns plan Visit ST. LOUIS-Tlie Hawaiian Athletic. Association is seeking .a; h,6irie' and home basketball < series between the Cromwell Hawaiian team, sponsored by Mrs. Doris Ruke Cromwell, and one of the better clubs from the Missouri Vallen Association. Seek Jusurance NEW YORK-The Board ,of Govr ernors of the National Hockey League las voted to seek insurance on the ives of players who might die as a esult of accidents or injuries suffered on the rink. The board has lso endorsed the new system of of- "iciating which pairs a referee and a inesman instead of two referees. See Without Them LOS ANGELES— Notre Dame's first five fullbacks— Joe Thesing, Mill Pie- | pul, Mario TflpeJJi, Ed Simonich, and : Hall Gottsacker— wear glasses off the field. Bees IbJionojrejl BOSTON— The Boston Bees are the only team in the majors never to have cmd a player named the most valuable player in the league. GRO. and Market B and B FREE DELIVERY Phone 871 TRADE with Home Boys and Keep Your Money in Your Home Town. These Prices Are Good for Friday & Saturday SUPER-QUALITY CAST ALUMINUM AT STARTLING BARGAIN PRICES to users of this famous (lour. Finest, extra-heavy, precjsion-made ware for modern "waterless" cooking. Ask us for details! PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR Still On KNQXVJLLE— Herb Tade, Tennessee center of 1935, is stijl a helpless invalid because of injuries receiyed in the Kentucky game that year. Cupl ,011 CHICAQO-71 le dugouts at Comiskey Park will be air-conditioned for the 1939 b.aseb.a]J Viciory NEW QfijLEyyjS-r-A -New Orleans haberdasher barely s$v,ed a ftie lot of jiecktAes wh^fl Twfew* Defeated; Lpuisijwja .S&te, M$. Iji ,a ^ajrge #d W a locai paper he pr«»nised to pass out Ups to JJve firsj JQO njeri who *flt«red his store, if the Green Wave €»jied to defeat the Tigers by at least U points. SUGAR Pure Cane 10 lb. Paper Bag 47c SOAP—C. W - P and Yellow Giant Bars--? bars & G 25c TISSUE—Good Grade, 1000 Sheets— $ RoUs....25c FLOUR 48 Ib. Guaranteed Get Ypurs Early 4 Pounds 8 Pounds 4Qc 79c 2 CRACKERS Pound Box Del Monte NP, 2 Pineapple, 2 cans Crushed or Sliced APPLES, Del. Large Size, Doz. LETTUCl, Urge Heads—2 For 31c 25c 15c GRAPEFRUIT, Large Size—Dozen 29c CELERY Large Stalk lOc ONIONS, Yellow and Nice, 4 Ibs. CliTLT Brick—Lb 16c FresU— ? DO?. 30 CHUCK ROAST—Lb, O R 4 N G E S-Texas APPLES, Winesw Nice Size 2 Dozen — 25c BABY BEEF STEAlT Chuch, lb. 15c Family Round, lb 20c Shert Cuts, lb J9c Country Meat Back Bone-.—Lb 20c MACKEREL 2 FILLETS For GUARANTEED AS FINE AS ANY! BAKING TESTED FOR SURE SUCCESS! | WHY WASTE MONEY ON HIGHER P*ICEB H.O.U.R ? *Baved on comparison of prices current at time of wrifing. : : 48 Lbs. S1.25 GROCERY PRICES Good Fri-Sat-Mon r DEC. 9-10-12 Fresh Assortment Of Cookies 1 AA "Pound.: IUC FLOUR COMPOUND MEAL SUGAR AVONDALE 48 Guaranteed Lb. 8Lb. ' Ctn. PURE CREAM PURE CANE NAVY OR GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 89c Bbl 79c Lt 24 u,33c 10 n47c 6 . 25c ORANGES— 10 Lb. Bag SUNKIST NAVELS, 176's— Doz. 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OSC PORK CHOPS, Lean—Lb 22'/ 2 c ROAST, Loin or Sho,, Lb 17»/ ? c SAUSAGE—Lb. 19c BEEF Round, Loin Steeak, lb 25c Rolled Rib Roast, lb. 29c Thick Rib Roast, lb LAMB SHOULDER ROAST, lb ....15c LEGS, Whole—Lb 25c CHOPS—Lb 29c FRYERS ast-' O|%A While They Dressed and Drawn.—-Lb. OYSTERS, Extra Selects 35 C Pt FISH lOc ,e ht led Ka- aid I," K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER L Cecil W. Pennis, Gro. Mgr> ASCIPT THIS AMA?INC Oy4»*NT|| BUY «ny feroft, item, UKE it M well ocbetter, OR return unuKd portico io wlflatl wotiifler «») wc »;u splice U fRfSf »i* toy oihtr Uftnd we KU of the Munc item, regvdtai of pri£»

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