Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 27, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1903
Page 5
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r u Man< Here BeMw ' , Bj}t a(M :ordiD^ to Dame Fashion wc^ea^want a I good deal. So many little artlcleB are needful for the^i^lyl^appiness and: convenience. Therejs nice wateir sets in coldr^and dear glass^from 16c to 31.25' Ice chisels and picks iOo. Smalfii&h*'scyeea'coveirs from I- 6c to ibc. Tumblers jlEc a sot. Pans Ic each.' Matches 6 boxes for 5c. So [many clothes pins you'll have to oome:i»lce to carry home 5c .worth. i'Speclal valiies in towels atoc, 9fc. lOc/lljol 15o and 19c. We have arranged a new Toilet Department where ^Ou^^fibd yonr needs at the same little prices. Saturday evening Chihaj Plates 10c. The People's Store Of the slightest misrepresentation or ifraud; everything exactly as reptesentated; all prices fair and lowJ Qualties considered, who can beat these prices: Mothers Oats, per pkg .08c Friend Oats, per pkg 08c Grap*e Nuts, 2 pkgs 25c Korn Krisp, 3 pkgs .20c Egg-O-See, 2 pkgs. .20c Crispo, with spoon, 2 pkgs 25c 3 lb pkg Crackers .20c Gallon apples 25c Gal Pie Peeled Peaches .35c Phone 308 North Side Square lOLA, KANSAS. ^ k Pirfeet Wall Coating Combines Cleanliness and Durability Any one can Drush It on No one can rub It off Pkotico is a pure, permanent and porous wall coating, and doefs not require taking off to renewasdoallkalsomines. It is a dty powder, ready for use by addm? cold water and can be easily omshed on by anyone. Made ini white and fourteen fashionable tints. MTI-KALSOMIIIE GO. GiUiND RAPIDS. MICH. / F»r fall particnlars and imple card ask BROS. LOCAL NEWS. DoooQooobooocooooooooooooq E.C. Pirikertoh ~~ PlNB CIGARS and , - TOBACCOS. LeadSsf Periodicals and , imwagpa^pefs lirBAST MAOtSOM AVBNUB SB THE LUCCOCK Sterase and Tranafer Ufliie. UnUm Une^ JDoes Contract Wotk. Genera TniBSf er iron. Honse. Safe anfl Ftuko MOTIIIC Triuiles and Baggage Hauled, Holnaelwll Good* ' Packed, Stored SBd'R &Ippeil. OfBoeandSttNre' Boom U4 West Had^ Arcane. Pboee »e • ' HT^ Port«r, Dentist . J. e.: Chattalm ptntM. A Park? went to Ottawa. Dr. O. B. BuBhfleld. Dentist Kodaks and supplies at Miller's. Business men's lunch at the "Oui^ Way." Miss McAdams left for her home in Cedarvale. Coolest place in town for soda is the "Our-Way." Northrup's quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. V. J. Alvarez left this afternoon for Girard, Kansas.. Remember the "Our-Way" when hungry lor thirsty. ^ W. H. Wycoff left for his home in Moran yesterday evening. No. ll^Sist Hadlson ,up-ttaIr*. Henderson &. Powell's office. Rose Dickinson left this afternoon for her home In Humboldt. Money to loan on fanni or dty property. L H. Easbeer. For tin work go to Ira B. Patterson, 715 East street TeL. 63. Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup's quit business sale. The latest perfume—^Locust Blossoms—at Campbell & Burrell's. Private money to loan on city property. Frank Wood, Northrup BIdg. i Mr. S. F. Hayden was here yesterday looking over the oil and gas fields. Alvan Theram, waiter at the Our Way, has become a clerk at Spencers.' Winfleld Jones who was clerking at Spencer's, leaves tomorrow, for St. Louis. • Born, this morning to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wiley, of 21 North, Third street, a girl. Bom. this morning, to Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Milton, of 412 South Cottonwood street, a boy. F. N. Beeson left yesterday evening for Kansas City for a few days on business. W. F. Crouch of Kansas City, came down this afternoon to visit his son, F. V.'Crouch. Business men, and their clerks will find it to their advantage to lunch at the "Our-Way." Attornej-B H. P. Ferrelly and S. W. Brewster of Chanute. were in town today attending court. Mr. and. Mrs. A. V. Donlman left this morning for Chicago for a few weeks for their health. The White Mountain refrigerator is the best on the market for the money. Buy it of Scheli & Balrd. Mrs. Mary Baten went to Pittsburg this afternoon for a visit with her friends.. We can make you low figures on furnace heating. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street Tel. 53. Roofing and spbutlng. All kinds of sheet metarwork. Iia B. Patterson, 715 East street Tel. 63. Only a few more days and the greatest quit business sale at Northrupsf [will be a thing of the past If you want; to get your money's worth in a refrigerator buy the White Mountain of ScheU ft BalnL Too bad Nolrthruj^^:?flp^tting business. Ton can iailf^ayi^.d^ij^nd' on what you bought' at Nortli Buy the White M^nttln'tefrigerar tor, the best on the market for thQ money. Fo£sale by Bchell^ft Baird. Mrs. J. F. Pattee left this aftennodn for a visit with her steter in ifumboldt; A..F. Irwin went to Chanme on business. A blessing alike to young and dW Dr. Fowlert Extract of WUd Stniwt berry; nathre's specific for dytentwr. diarrhoiea and sunimer'boibilUiitj.' Another Lot of Imported Woolens QOotf THE YEAR »ROUND^ "HT ^p. Clark Vent business < this aitemoon. J. B. Fletche.r'left this aftemOOn for. Pittsburg for a few days on! bosfniBS. J. A. Shortridge left this i^rtenidcm for Cbanute to be gone a few daysfdn business. Miss Mary Greemah.'of ^^^bolitt. Is here ,visiting Mi^s Cr^&HSe Oak- ningfaam. . ' ' • J"^' J. A. Clark, from Craig, Neb., went down to Humboldt to look: over the oil and gas flislds. Mrs. Amos A. MOrgan came in this afternoon from Pomona, where she has been viaiting her mother for ^a fejw weeks. Persons desiring stand rights for. th cf July should apply to W. Morey, ioQk box'762, lola. or 306 South Tennessee street Do you need a refrigerator. If so buy the White'Mountain of ScheUifc Baird. You are sure of getting ypur money's worth. The citizens will have to get busy |f they want to get some of the goods now selling at the closing out prices at Northrups'. The Erie Record notes the issuance of a >marriagek licence Mr. Cbas. \ F. Kuykendall, of lola, and Miss Delia Trent, of Erie. Fred White, who was called to Carrolton. Mo., by the death of his sister, Mrs. Wheeler, returned to lola yesterday evening. Mrs. C. A. Troyer, formerly a res- dent of this city but now living at Yates Center, is here the guest of Miss MUdredi Swlgart Cheap money on city property. Loans made at once if title Is perfect Smith & Travis, room 8, Northrop National Bank bnlldlng. The prices at Northrups' quit business sale are selling the goods fast It's only a question of a few days, when It will' all be over. The Katy ha^ set out four coaches at this station to help take care of the Kansas City, excursion tomorrow morning. The lola people will not be crowded. Up at Gamett there Is a club called The Hand Holders Union." 'The club fiower' emblem is a pair of pressed tulips and the coat of arms is a couple of spoons. There will be an excursion from Fort Scott tomorrow to see the doubleheader between lola and Fort Scott. The train leaves Fort Scott at 9 a. p. and a fare of >1 for llio round trip was made. Mr. Thomas ,'J. Doutney closed his meetings here last night and left for his home In the east today. He expects to make another trip west in the fall and says he will include lola in his itinerary. Judge Jacob Card's condition today was not Improved and he did not recognize friends who called at the house. The doctors say he may live several days but his death any hour would not surprise themi The infant child of Mrs. Oren Rlck- ard of* Emporia, who is here visitin.? hor sister, Mrs. eGorge Wilhite; has been dangerously ill for several days and fears of its death were entertained. It. is better today. A. W. Smith, department command* er of the G. A. R., has announced his appointments. J. M. WilUamson,. of McCook post, this city. Is an aide-dt4 camp on his staff and H. M. Miller 1$ an assistant Inspector of posts^. & I. .iSffhAAt. r %iMMt«*& C!iniiniiie The.diflferenee between Egg-0- See ^itbjB ordinary flaked wheat food lies in the .sanitary care used in its prcpajration, thti selection ofi jnrheat and thJe purity of its flavor- fng. Youcanirtaste this difference. NoTE--The price pf Egg-O- $ee Is 10 cents for a f till sized package,' such as is usually sold for 15 cents. The largest food inill in the world,Jwith the most approved labor saying machinery enables ns to make the best flaked wheat food at .this lower price. Ip ^AYS BALL mL Ft. Scott and lola are playing at the park this afternoon and the score at the time the Register went to press was as follows: Ft. Scott 0 End of 7th inning. Tola 8 Batteries: Ft. Scott. Craig and Cheek; lola, Morgan and Aiimstrong. "While swimming in Big creek Thursj- day afternoon Edwin Gilmore, son of Jesse Gilmore of Chanute. was drowni- ed. ^ He was eighteen ye«|rs old au4 rolled off a log on which he was float| ing. Being unable to swim he drown; ed. • For the next two weeks I will give a set of 35 views of Topeka flood free with each pair of glasses.' If you have trouble with your eyes or have head; ache take advantake of this offer. Call Monday. Dr. O. S. Johnson, Garling^ house block. < Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets are Just whit you need whejl you have no appetite, feel dull aftet eating and wake up with a bad taste in your month. They, will improve your appetltis, cleanse and Invlgorat^ 70ur stomach and give yon a relish fof yoar,foqd. For sale by all drugg^it^ Brick for/the, lower strata of th^ pavement is l>eing hauled and dls^ tribiited along west Mamison avenue ready for work. It Is said the chief reason of delay in beginning work 1^ that the Lawrence Brick Company plant ..which had the contract of fur^ nishing the top layer brick, was sub^ ma%e4 by the flood and hence conI4 nbt'lftllVhe'oriex promptly, j Rev. Hodglns wlUvhold his last sen Vices at the Episcopal diurch her4 tottbrrow. He eiqtidiets to leave heii Wednesday.for rR^o, Ohio, where he has ||)Mn caned tbt a larger churchl TheJedngnNlpati^ a-^eall to Retn raey^ oCiipdorado, to fll' " 11'. ^ ifi^Sehobl Childran \ GUM. >dU -=»vtt, Co4**> Cunrudy V nnrc »AA oka. ^ WLJUU^ *.,b?hl8 sketch was made by Gj M. Leslie, ^e 13f Wishlngton SchboU lola, Kas. We give'* cash prize of 85.00 for any drawing vbf .Uiis: character wbich we accept and.^se.: All school' children can compete. Pull^'in'strnctions wUl be found dhln'side~'6f each package of Egg-O-See, telling whatto'db'to get the prize and 4iow to make the drawings. ASK YOUR QROCCR FOR THE GREEN PACKAQB If your grocer does not keep it, send us bis name arid lo cents and, we will 4 Address all communlcatidns to BattleCreek Breakfast Food Co.,Quia;&y,IlL Mrs. Hambrlck and Miss Nellie Butler, who have b^ien visiting Judge Thompson, left ' this afternoon for their home in Wichita. Mrs. Delia Beaumont lost her gold watch on the street crossing near the Register oflBce yesterdiay afternoon. It was picked up by. a stranger who left it at this office' and today the watch was restored to 'its" owner 'who was pleasantly surprised to i^ecdver it, as she was uncertain as -to Where she had drbpped it. , i ?* Nebdesha Register: Andy Redman came in again Wednesday. Sober, gentlemanly, courteous, as he i^ways is when in that abnormal condition. He went to work with a will Thursday morning but by afternoon he j declared that he .wouldn't set tijje oiit'of two cases !at a time for any man and left the office. The last the,kegister maii saw 'of ked last night was i^'bout ten o'clock when . be. wai" being jerked along by the marshal who had.him by the collar and Was taking him to the link house. The young people who have heart troubles are rejoicing over the discovery of a new fortune teller In town. She Is an old woman who lives west of the Ekigar lode and seal works, her home not a ahoe but a tiny cottage about the size of somctrubber boot.'^. She told one girl who was Introduced as a Miss that she was married, and the girl was delighted at the news for It was true. She told another woman that she was soon to get a lot of money under distressing circumstances. Her husband carries insuran^^ and works at one of the lola factorir It is a great privilege to knov/ the oracle. ' .CHemberiain's Colic,. Cholei^ and Di­ arrhoea ' Remedy. . The uniform s^nccesa of this .reml- jledy has .'made >!t the-; most popular -preparation hi' nse for.bowel .comt- plaints. It is Everywhere recognized as the one remedy that can always be depende'd lippnand that is pleasant to take. It'lsespe^ly valuable Tor Sunbaef'dlaiThdek'hi'children and Is Jdhtfot^te^ the = means of saving thd iiV^s oT^a^great;'many ehildren each year. FprsaJe by. all druggists A small amount!of the development stock of the Sunflower & Shamrock Oil & Gas Co., located in the Humboldt oil field, for sale at Smeltzer's office. No. 3 East Madison avenue. • A voting contest as to who ,is the most popular and handsome girl in Chanute is l^eing conducted by a medicine company .Miss Lulu Beamer is fourth in the race. Miss Beamer is well known in. lola and, by the .way, is coming for a visit soon. Who says the Register isn't the friend of the boys! Did you ever notice how the; whole world, supposed to love a lover, will turn detective to prove' some theory about a prospective wedding? The otl^r day the purchase of 200 stamps clihcbod the theory of one person that one certain wedding is in sight, and little things are ; being remembered by everyone else. • » Did you ever know of a fire where there wasn't some crack through which the insurance company ;crawled out of at. least a part of its liability? The cement company carrfes tens of thousands of insurance, on th'^ steel building and on the.contents and machinery. Yesterday's, fire did not bum the building proper but destroyed a lot of cement. The insurance on cement is carried on that stored ^n the warehouse, but the burned' cement had not yet been lifted over .the tracks. It will be Interesting to see if the company will pay the loss. We have found that we can get'all the books we need at the Register bindery." said the cashier of onejof our banks the other day. "and that they are Just as satisfactory lo'-^ery way as^ those we have been getting from the cities. And aside from the fact that we like to patronize a home indtistry, we are glad. this is .so ifpr it is a great deal more convenient:to call a man by telephone and have him come and take our order whenever we need anything than it Js tb wait anywhere from a 'day t(^ a month, for a drummer tb' come around.". Nearly three hundred doilars worth of new machinery has just been placed in the Registifer bindery and it is equipped now to do work which will compete, hi style, quality and price! with' that turned out by any ; bindery -in the West. • :. • send you a packajfe, prejpald. Expert Machinest RcplffW ^r T:)^pewriter, : Sewing riachineJs, Bicycles, L^#n flowers, > ^ Door L ^ckSr Etc. anted^A lady to ' travel" and in* iew representative, people at' their, no collecting or dellvbrfngft' 9 till 4; speplir spbscrlpabff experience may be'iplJid^iisied f competent; :wiir guanintee. gool pay. Address" ^ for threfe" days, Hess iSb Harris, 720 Del8 ;ware street, Kaqsaif City, Mo. terv hon es hou s woric; Witt "V raiited—-Chamber Peinsylvanla hotsl. maid at th« Conipetent stenographer wishes posit! >n:io begin work Jiiiiy 1st. Addreia '*B' this office. • • - ..^ I orJjSale^New three rbom'lloifMiBt cost. 'Inquire at 411 N. TlMra ,...^^Oflt!|* qulpk| to J n eight room hous^ Soi ;th;|Cottonwobd.. Inquire Mrs, Wsgeis, 201: Soutti ijCottonwood. ]'or moD, ror rit)r3^l Sale—On^CaiC See A. L. d|ir« fr4 East Lihcih street; . • '• Sale—Newspaper in Indian- Town of 1,^500,- juncUon diijisipn point on main iline of t "Wll sell cheap for cash or trade pr )perty in lola. Gas City or A( dress Register office; Ai ^QrjRor the At

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