Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 10, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1889
Page 4
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EVENING GAZETTE: TUESDAY, yEPTEMBEK 10, Tolstoi, it is n-'porleci, 1ms IJOCH ob'i;;- pd to Btop smoking, iind this has sadly interfered with ilia power to write. TIIRKKV. (ii:u. II. TIIAYEH, of Bourbon,)ml.. Bays: " Both royHelf and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CON- SUMl'TION CURE." For sale br Perry, the druggist, and ,T, M. Hick ford. Hock Falls. Tennyson's forthcoming volume is to be made up of verses recently composed and of scraps rescued from for gotten books. A Slew IMwrovrry. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowela should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Fills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. K. Ilen- drick's or J. M. Bickford's. James Whitcomb Kiley has not been well this summer, and has done very little literary work. He is regaining ia health rapidly. CHOUF, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis Immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. It Is said that Luther K. Marth, the •:— New York lawyer who became a believer in spiritualism and Mme, Diss Cellar, is writing a book on spiritualism. CATARHI1 CUHED. health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Frice GO cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Koch Falls. When unhappy people die they become ghosts and never go to heaven. C. & N. W. TIMk TABLE. ooraa BAST. • Atlantic Kx.~..2:« K. m Sterling Fw8.-6:iW it. m. Limited Pass. 8:52 a. m. 1:M p. m 3;«0a-m. oonfowwr. Pacific Kx 2:22 a. m. Sterling Pass. 8 KX) p. m Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m, ~ ~ 1:13 p. TO. 8:63 " CllntonPass Denver Clinton Denver FMIOHT TRAINS THAT CABBY PABSBKOKKS. QOINQBAST. OOIlfOWTOT. No. IB,..-™ —AW P. m. No. as...... NO. n.. .7:40 ft. m .10:52 t, m No. 40™—..-..«:«> a. m. , warn &.PCT a. a OOINQ BAST. I ' OOINO WKST. 8—Passenger «aO ».ra. 30—Pastenger 4:20p.m 76—Freight 4:45 p.m.|41—Frelgbt 0:00 a.m AltrtlVM FltOM BAST. lABItlVK FKOM WltST. Tit—r»siKi.i;;tii...»:SOi).m, :«l—I'nswnKrr111:.Wl»,m,_ «7_Kralgfct-..., »;40a.m.|43 -Freight 6:ilpp.ii). PasaeDger No. 38 connects with trains enat and west on Clinton Branch: with 0. K. I & P. B. K. tt Bock Island east and west; with main line or points west. Council Bluffs, Omaha and be joaf and lor Kansas City and points beyond. William Henry Bishop, the novelist, i3 now aettled with his family at the Villa Blancheri, near THE CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in 'Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michifran, Minnesota,- Nebraska, Dakota •nd Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AKD NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullrran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, S»n Francisco and all Pacifi* Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BUCK HILLS For Ticket*, Katoi. M«p«, TlmeTalilcB and fa I Isfonnatlon. apply to anjr Ttcki-t Agent or a* dreiilhe Gen'l I'aocnRnr Agvnc, ChlciiRO, III. J.'JI. WHITKAH, H. 0. WICKS, E. P. WILOOH, General idaigtr. Trifl; Mia»e«. Qti'l Pin. Agt. . A. FO^V^LiK i < Agent BTEBLIKW SEVENTH . You should read Tin Cm CAGO DAILY NRWS because __..,_ JK* can afi'rj il. Price PQifmt doesn't stand in the way. It's' I \tltll really the cheapest thine on earth. One cent meani practically nothing—until yon spcnil It. Then you may make it mean a great deal, according as you invest it. A ihing is cheap il it costs little,.and is worth much. TUB DAILY NKVVS islike atclc. graph from the whole world to your Drain. To keep il in con. slant working order costs you . hut onecem a clay. That's why it's cheap—hecause it renders a great service for an insignificant price. ts circulalion is 320.000 a day—over a million a week—and it costs hy mail 25 <-K. * month, four months $1.00',— ant ctnt tt tl<ty- Renews Her 1'onth. Mrs. FhcDbe Chesley, Feterson, Cl;iy Co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and" lameness for many years: could not dress myself without help. Now 1 am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do all my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed com pletely all disease and pain." Try a .bottle, r>0r.. and 81, at D, B. Stickler's ilrug .Store'. - ....... ~ There is said to T>e~ "little "dmibtTri England that Sir Edwin Arnold will be tho next laureate. IIlbbard'K Bhcnmatlc anil Liver PlIlH These Fills are scientifically com- pmmded^ uniform in action. No grip- Tiig~~paiir~8o^commonly "following "triir uae of Fills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety.. We guarantee they have no equal in the. cure of sick headache, .constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Mr. Marion Crawford is described as a man of really profound scholarship. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. Bichford, Koclt Falls _." ___ _ •_.. Mr. William lirnest Healy, the au thor and poet, began life as a laborer. Worth Knowlnsr. Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant, Lake City, Fla., was taken with a severe cold. attended with a distressing cough and running into consumption in its first stages. He tried many socalled popular cough remedies and steadily grew worse. Was reduced in Hesh, had difficulty in breathing aud was unable to sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and found immediate relief, and after using about a half dozen bottles found himself well and has had no return of the disease. No other remedy can show so grand a record of cures, as Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Guaranteed to do just what is claimed for it.— Trial bottles free at D, B. Strickler's Drug Store. A new novel by Dumas is expected about Christmas. of Heart Many eminent men, among them Mr. Vanderbilt, Mr. Ilondricks, Gen. Me- Clellan and Josh Billings died of heart disease last year. Authorities state that one person in four has it, though few known it. The symptoms are shortness of breath, pain or tenderness in side, palpitation, choked or smothered feeline in the chest, tendency to faint, swelling of feet, ankles, etc If you have any of these symptoms do not fail to try Dr. Miles New Cure for the Heart. For sale at A. 11. Uendrick's or . I. M. Bickford's Drug. Considering how little the bell knows it is wonderful how much it has tolled. .,,l 1 III t pip-1 p. •1 il ei-nntry. A" •'" lowed, d'-i'bn in.: lirit l":ill--i p"rmitt-d toen'.'T on tli'-i-.ta friim Parnoll. F.illon hn?. r H»« posne«<?-i a lettiT from Mr. Jv-rr. n"ll's ngi-nt at Avon-liilc, wlm-h i?iv-'s instructions alxiut bis mis-Jinn. \rstvnlny John Fnllnu, ot I'-S M-mlrUtnn nvenii", Grwn Point, n cousin of Michn-l, cnme to thn Garden nnd ol>t:un-d his relative'^ release by giving Ixm l-;t'ithpnin '(in 01 s'JSjiKii) as security against the family boci>ining n burden on the community. kin: and j.nor nnd i')'.v.- tn fnir, V:I.MI - i f..r-di-1-i. :>0. Market, w-ak, lu-.vrr; lnut!"ii". •, Tcxnr.i,;, Innilis. si. u> ''''• Prodnre: Unit r Fnn. v K!'.-:n t-r- wr lh:flnr dairy. 14-.1.V: r-r-.-k r F..t-~Ktrk-tly fr'-h. M'-. - IVervonH Uleeaseg. There are more nervous than blood diseases. Thus, a weakness of the nerves of the brain causes headache, fits, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc.; a weakness of the nerves of the stomach causes dyspepsia, pain, wind, etc.; of tH« !unjrn-m:il;i>ii "weiik li.u'fj"; 1 *-of- t!ii> liver,^^produces"T)iliousness, 'co tion, et;.; of the" womb induces irregularities, sterility, pains, etc.; of the sexual organs, impotency, etc. For all weaknesses Dr. Miles' Hestorai ive Ner- vine surpasses all other-remedies. Trial bottle free at A. K. Heridrick'a or J. M. Hickford's Drug Store. There they ARE the genuine Yes, Barber, what you say is true, I need a number one shampoo, And came in, as I always do, Because I can rely on you To choose pure IVORY SOAF, in lieu Of soaps of divers form and hue From use of which such ills ensue. Well, sir, we Barbers suffer too, From humbug articles, and rue That we have tried before \ve knew Toor toilet frauds to which arc due More scalp-diseases than a few. I know we are the safer who Use IVORY SOAP for a shampoo. A WORD OF WARNING. are many white soaps", each represented to bo "just as good as the ' Ivory'(" E NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of Ask .for "ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it. Copvrlrht IMV.. b'- Procter 4 flnmM" THE "DEMNITION HORRID GRIND." The ancients had a series of divinities, but the goddess of agriculture was a whole Ceres in herself. iAMTELf TILE FLOORS AND FIRI PLACE GOODS AT BEST the largest an- •toclc am 'DESIGN! • We carry modi CO.TII mo»lorlKliinli mrllmlle and UIvS'l' de- •ISHB In Uila country. I Weahall be pleased to correspond with Intend lux purchaser* or invi-te inunction ol our oom pleto otock. Wo arc miuiufucturcra. C. J.LMeyer&SonsGo. 307-309 WABASH AVE.. CHICAGO. ILL. BHILOH'S CUKE will immediatelj relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and IJronchitis. For sale by Terry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls • John Wesley had areraarkable merc- ery, and at 88 even, it was still vigorous. ..HAD- ... Country Luck, the Qrcat Story by John Habborton, Soon to Appear jn this Paper. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures consumption. For sale by Ferry .the druggist, and J.M. Bickford Rock Falls Andrew Fuller could repeat a poem of 500 lines after hearing it read once or twice. Very Risky Indeed. To tamper with gymptoms indicative of growing kidney disorder; to neglect for a brief time needful stimulation of the renal organs when their inactiveity points, as it always and unmistakably does, to their eventual permanent disease, is certainly very risky indeed. This is, however, a risk that many persons perceptibly drifting into Bright's diseases, diabetes, catarrh of the bladder, etc., constantly incur. So those who read, reflect and heed the lessons of recorded experience, the advisability of using Hostetter's Stomach Bitters as a diuretic, need scarcely more thsrr a suggestion. No fact is more generally admitted by the medical profession and the public than its efllcacy for the prevention of serious renal disease. The unmedicated excitants of commerce, no matter how pure, bear in mind, reacts prejudicially upon the kidneys when inactive. The Bitters subdues malaria, constipation and rheumatism, tths Both Macaulay and Sir Walter Scott had prodigious memories. An llnhBppy Home. "I wish my wife would get well or— something," said a husband who had been sorely tried with an invalid wife. It seems a heartless speech, but who can tell the discomforts of a home' where the wife is always sick. Poor food, cry ing children I No wonder the man grows desperate. But if he would get I)r. Tierce's Favorite 1'rescription for his wife ho would flnd that the sunshine would return to his home. "Favorite Prescription" is a positive cure for the most complicated and obstinate c-jses of leucorrhea, excessive flowing, painful manstruation, unnatural suppressions, prolapsus or falling of the womb, weak back, "female weakness," anteversion, retroversion, "bearing- down" sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of the womb, inflammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries, accompanied with "internal heat." Too long a rest seems to tire an oyster, and when an oyster is fatigued it makes everybody around it weary. Mtatement from Henry HelueRhelmer. RHEUMATIC SYRUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: in December, 1887, I began using Hibbard's Kheumatic Syrup for inflammatory rheumatism, from which I have been a great sufferer. I usc'd the Syrup and piasters, applying the latter to the parts affected also to the bottom of my feet. The Syrup relieved me from the first, and, in March, 1888, discontinued its use, being entirely well From a personal knowledge of this and other similar cures affected by Ilibbard's Kheumatic Syrup I unhesitatingly recommend these remedies for rheumatism and blood .diseases. tths J S. BBUBAIEB, Druggist, Vinton, Iowa. Anent the late oil boom, it may not be out of place to remark that well- done people are not at all rare in this community. Tlin funny man sat at his desk one daj And sharpened his pencil lon^, Tlien started to write with nil his might —-—- -The words or a rollicking M/HK; 't| For thii managing oillUir, mt<rn and grim.— In planning the worlc that day Had said In a solemn tone to him. To "drive dull care away From tho readers' minds," so he'd begun To grind a column of boisterous ton He punned on his woru and threadbare coal* Then glanced at his shabby hat, -And qutclrly;-wllh nervous Imnd-he-wr A laughable joke on that; light e And his eyes began to glenni With humor bright as his hand would write Some fun that would makb"rneu scream; Then ho thought of bis sad wife's anxloui tears. And wrote some Jokes that would live for years. He wrote his Joke and verso and pun. Pure coin from humor's mint; Nor paused till the Insk was fairly done And ho had finished his stint; Then quietly crept out Into tho night, -And homo to his nart eyed wife, And with her ho watched for death to smltt i His child, and end tho strife; For while his pencil had laughter bred His brain was tilled with a terrible dread. And so It hapixmod that the very next day. While readers far and wide Laughed loug and loud In a boisterous way. Ho sat at a coffin's side. Tlio world moved on; but little It rooked Ills sorrow cruel and keen; To furnish folks fun was all they'd expect From tho brains of a hired machine; So seizing once more his pencil then He stilled his sorrow to grind again. —Harry J. Shellman In Journalist. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shut. B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 eta., 60 cts., and 81. For Bale by Perry, tbe druggist, and J. M. Bickford, llocfc Falls. HIS SUN SETTING. Congressman Cox Lying at the Point of Death. A. FIGHTING CHANGE FOE HIS LIFE KXIa PliyMclnns Conntuntly at Viand and Forced to L*ave Home. i Over 00 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for a/ree trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grand remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 50 cents. 2 The Fountain Head. Johnnie has lately takon root rapidly In the educational linn and thinks there is nothing quite no Rrund OH studying the big dictionary. Cut this doOKn't_o(riiot his appetite (or watefniisiou, and 0110 day his sister bo- cauio ularnnnl nt the amount of this vegetable be was gutting away with. "Don't eat any more of It, Johnnie*," the wild; "you'lllie »ick," "Won't you ploase look in the dio- tionai-y, sister, and see if I've had onoughp' & foot.—Buffalo Express* A mean man can haye a good deal-of fun by yawning conspicuously in a well filled horse car and then watching the involuntary yawn run down the car. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miser^ able by that terrible cough, "Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock FaUK> v ; "The greatest paint," writes a specialist in the treatment of obesity, "is to find the right diet." But the greatest point in these cases, after all, is the embonpoint. Bnekleo'B Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cats, Bruises. Bores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by D. B. Striokler. Valuable Information to Boarding; _ Hooae Keepers. Do you" want boarders? If you do you can easily eecure them by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 8 lines. The Bombay Guardian colls attention to un extraordinary book which is Iwing distributed broadcast as a prizo book in the government girls' Bchools in the Bombay presidency. The following quotations are given as specimens of the teachings set forth In the book; "If the husband of a virtuous woman bo _ugly, of-good-or_iiad-diapoaitkui, diseased. R UNNING THHKB WAUONS. All (jotwls promptly dellvBred to way part oJUi»clty BueeliiKy of removing household gaod« Mid ptoaos. [inhl'Jyl] E. II. W1LDA.HUC QAJ&TTl ^JAC I*«rm»n»ut Ouraa. 8&jUr«4 » 1^04 Uaw vttk m*mra V«« priMtt»t«4 fti tiJtMj fmv* It. j nttr^tr ««r»a; BO r*t«r«. IMt. 4 k te OU » t Little Johnny, who had been teken by his father to tho uoologlf.ul goj-den, was greatly lnteroit«d in fiomo knngarooa, and esjxiclally In ono which h>u1 a iiunibtir of young ones la ltd pouch. "O papa," eiclalmmt Juuimy, "I wish you was a kangaroo!" "Why, Johnny I" " 'CauMo if you had u pocket liko that, wlut* pileB of candy you could bring uomel"— Youth's Companion. C«rd of Thank*. If the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam should publish a card of thanks, containing expressions of gratitude which come to him ilullr from thoso who huva been enreti of sever*) throat and lung trouMoa l>y th<a n»o of Kemp's Balsam, it would sill a tair-ei/iwl book. How T to invite itil to o*l! on *oy d get » SAiajiJe buttia th«t «H fer rou-fw*U its j fewtlfcw S«f ao«t 9 S «.». flondlsh, Irascible, a drunkard, old, stupid, dumb, blind, dVaf, hot torn pared, poor, ox- tromely covetous, a slundoror, cowardly, per- Qdious and immoral, nevertheless she ought to worship him as God with mind, speech and person. Tho wifo who gives an AU(?ry answer to her husband will become a village pariah dog; eho %vill also become a fetnolo jackal and live in an uninhabited desert. "The woman who eats sweetmeats without sharing them with her husband will become a hen owl, living In a hollow tree. The woman who walks nlono without her husband will become a filth eiiting village sow. The woman who speaks disrespectfully to her husband will bo dumb iu tho next Incarnation. Th» woman who hutts her husband's relations will become from birth to birth a muskrat living in filth. She who ia always joalous of luir husbaiid'* concubine will bo cUiklltstt in tho nuxt incarnation. " To illustrate the blessed rraults of » wife'* sulsorvU-ncy a utory U told of the grant reward that camo tothtfwlfoof on 111 tompofrtl, diM^awMl and xvii-kftl Hralunin, whostirveil ht^r hu^lktiiul with a alavifih ol*Milr.'isc«, and even $ thu hui^tb of carrying him ou hvr own Slight Illnovl OovMiipH Into Peritonitis —Tb« Sick Man Cheerfully AwilIU tlio Outcome, FonrlnM In tlio Awful Presence. NEW YOHK, Sept. II). --Congressman Samuel Bull i vim Cox is lying at tho point of death at his home at 13 K-iat- Twelfth street Ho was attacked by neuto peritonitis at 2 o'clock Sunday innr:iiiv;, and thorn has not boon any quarter of any hour sinco, his doctor says, up to tin Kama timo yesterday, when bis death wns not, expi'Cto-1. At 7 o'clock yesterday morning tTu-ro wtrn fnint indications that lif.) --Imd the 1) 't'er of the conflict with diseas-!, nnd l:ist night ho had just n fighting chance. His death of heart- failure at any Inn,-, on li ill' an hour's notice, will occasion no surprise. Tho Doctor Constantly at Iliuid. The physicians relievo each othor in watching at his bedside. There is no moment when a physician Is not at hand. The only relative at his bedside li his wife. Tho only friend admitted to his room Iwsides his physicians is W. J. Hirsehliold, who bus long boon his private socrotju-y. Peritonitis Is not a new disease to Mr. Cox. Two years n?o he had an attack similar to this in Washington City. Ho was then attended by Dr. Blisi and Dr. Z. T. So wont, his Washington City physfcians. His recovery was then eon- •idorod remarkable, and it was predicted that ancther attack .would be fatal. ,..-'... Caught Cold iittlin Capital. His wife is prostratod with grief. Mr. Cox returned several weeks ngo from a lecturing tour in Dakota nnd Washington territories 111 bia usual good health. Two weeks ago he went to Washington In the interest of one of his constituent nnd caught cold, which was followed by malarial fever. Yesterday morning Mr. Cox appreciated the critical condition ho wns in. Ho said slowly to those in tho room: "I sup|Kiso I will never get over this," He was silentfor atimo and then added more cheerfully: "Well, what matters! I am willing to din, if it must be. The chief regret I have in going i? to leave my dear wife." Progress of tho DUen«e. Mr. Cox had been in bed several daya previous to Saturday, but wns not thought very ill Dr. Wypkoop called on Mr. Cox about midnight on Sal urdoy and ro'nainod until 1:30 in tho morning. Tula Into visit was not necessitated by the severity of Cox's sickness, but was prompted by tho doctor's desire to see tho most of tho f over, which reached its height about that hour each night At 1:30 ho wont homo, and Mr. Cox apparently slept At 2 o'clock Mrs. Cox was drawn to her husband's sido by signs of distress, and was astounded nt tfco change she saw In him. Ho was pale, appeared to be suffering keenly, nml snnm»d rapidly sinking. Bbe sent at once for Dr. Wynkoop, whom it did not tak) long to discover that the trouble was nonto peritonitis. A More Ilopalul llrport. The patient's condition hist evening was noi materially changed Ho soemod to rally at times, and tho doctors thought that tho turning point for tho better or worse would be reached within twelve hours... Ho retnina his faculties, and wants to see tho numerous people who call to Inquire'after him, but tho physicians will not let him talk to or seo any one. Mrs. Cox sont tho following reply last evening to on inquiry from a friond In Washington: "Mr. Cox is slowly rallying, and hopes of recovery are increasing." Waiting for the Crisis. At 11 o'clock last evening . Mrs. Cox said that Mr. Cox was resting better, though still in a precarious condition. He has spells of choking, owing to inability to expel phlegm from tho throat. At midnight the doctors bold a oonsultatioiij and decide 1 that no cd- sis would be reached for some hours yet A Corner In llmi- null. IsiHASAPOi.H, In I., Sopt 10. —A rumor bus reached h&ro from Cleveland, O., that Albert Johnson, a stroot cir man of tlmt city, is fit thn bn;\d of a scheme to corner tho bnfl'j'lmll mark t this fall, an I control tho whole business next Bonson. It l.i said tint Johnson's sehomo is to sign ngrpomnnta with allot thn leasni players nnd placo clubs in iloston, Now York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, rind on? other city not yet named. ignnrinf! th« IOBRUO nltojothor. A gentluiiian who 1ms juit returned from Cleveland saj-s that John-ion, who Is a man of moans and tho wild'o-it kind of a crank on base ball, has actually si-cured tho names of leveral prominent brotherhood players and Is now In the eaiit working on his scheme. UUhop Npwrann on ForolKners. CniCAOo, Bept 10.— At a meeting of Methodist ministers yesterday Bishop Newman used tho following language: "I look forward to tho time— and I hope it is not far distant —when wo can s f «nd up and firmly say, 'No foreign-born citizjn shall henceforth have a place in tho legislative conduct of this country. 1 " Bishop Newman's remarks were ro- Soivod Tilth applause, tint were not discussed. llio ItintlB Out of Fashion. BHirvjEPortT, Conn., Sept. 10.— Taylor'; oustlo manufactory, whore about (100 girl have boon employed, shut down Saturday night. The suspension is likely to bo indell nite, from tho fact, It is sniil, that tho bustk has gon? H > largely otib of fashion that comparatively n ' demand for it. remains. ABDREvlATEDJTELEGRAMS. On Monday California celebrated tho thlr ty-ninth anniversary of her admission to the Union. J. L. Barnhill, ot Ashland, Ala., died la- Thursday night at tho hour appointed fi his wedding. The emigration return for Ireland for II pnst year show that78,(JS4 persons omigratec from Ireland to foreign countries. Three men, \Vhlte Caps, who mnltroato Mrs. Asoneth Street, near Marion, Ind somo time aifo, for alleged gosssplng, hav lieen arrested and indicted. Miss Catherine Ashmore Adams, of Ch cngo, an English girl, was married Momla at Milwaukee toThoodoi-o GonznTomagnwa a Japanese embroidery te:ieh:ir, of No York. It was a runaway match. _________ ___ T!iO Triii'ik 'liSii liur u I ufiintni in |ir<|- I'UH' with Chlcngo railnnyaon north u'ratnrn-bnii* ness, and somo heavy reductions m rates with a serious disturbance of trnlllp are •imminent Tho finest livery stablo in Wyoming territory burned Monday nt Laramle. The horses wert saved Lut many costly carriages were destroyed. Loss, $50,000; partially in-. surod. - . _ _ 7H, aiul nii-ry, IS Ptock. - turkey •>, l .m per hlil. ' duck" • Poi.M M.T.p, Nnv Y!»!<. Nnw YORK, f'-ept. n. Wlipat-Opcneil steady nt Kr decline. Inlt, ,fter vii-ldliiK "«'• mnro became foofi-n-il tlin lo-s by mum: No. Itch. fli'-S.Vi-; do S<-l>t<-iMlier, olier, Ki~'n,-: do H ~ r» R l( ipent'd Kleady nnd niu'hinwd prif' h" llr«t rail tin; nuirk«'t ri-lnp^";! nsiml dnlln, fl" and no.-hantie In recorded: N". ~ inisnd ra->li. 4:)'-: >er, 4\~ti". do October. -'' winter i!o Oc- Corn— . After Into Its en \vero in' Septem- Nnveniber, -„,,. Outs-Dull; No. U inix.-d ra"h, »«-•; , September, *'•'<••: do O- tober. -.>*•. Kyo Nominal. Itnriey-Nominal. Pork-Dull; L'.-L-S =\!.-r,r>,\:'..~*} Mr nixpi.."t'! I. I.ard- teiuly; September. $11.1"; October, S'W'.'. Live Stoek: C'iitt.1 —Ordinary to prime native ste rn, j:l.~'V;,»4 HO per .«> Ihs Texa-t and Tolorndo. $i.MKi.:i.-'i; natives, bull" and'dry oov/s, $;.10<t:;.H"i. Sheep nnd l.ninlx —(ii'drt offerings at strong former prlc-.-F.; inferior and o imtnim, dull; rommon to prime sheep, *4.WI <fr,!>.3r!-<j per .W lh-; common to rrimc liunlis, $L7"«B7.l»). Hoys—Lim.ted trndlnc; Hvo IIORB, Ooetho said ho married to obtain respectability. Wycherly, In his old age, married bis ser- raut girl ia spito her relations. Tho joining of right hands in ancient times iod tho solemnity and validity of an oath.^ There is a story of a man who pot married because ho inherited n four post bedstead. Giving a ring is supposed to indicate the eternity of tho union, seeing that a circle Is endless. A man got married because ho had bought piece of silk cheap nt a sale nnd wanted a wife to givo it to. Under the Romnn empire marriage was . simply a civil contract; hence wo rend of men "putting away" their wives. • Among tho Jews tho rule was for a maiden to marry on the fourth and a widow on the fifth day of the week—not earlier. In Jewish marriages tho woman la set on the right, but throughout Christendom her place iu tho ceremony is on tho left. In a Jloman marriage tlio bride was purchased by the bridegroom's payment of three' pieces'of copper money to her parents. The Russians have a story of a widow who was so Inconsolable for the loss of her husband that she took another to keep her from fretting herself to dentil. Tho custom of putting a veil upon- tho maid before tho betrothal wns dona to conceal her blushes at tlio first touch of tho man's hand nnd at the closing kiss. i Kissing tho brido tho moment tho marriage coremnninl ended, though lirit now proscribed by tho rubric nf tho western church- piirt of the' liridi'Kvnum. ' ^ -Thtr early hiarri.-igir ceremony amonc tho early Ar.glo-Paxinisconsisted merely of hand fastening, or takin;; each other by tlio hand, and'pledging iwh nlher love nnd affection In tho presence of friends and relatives. An old adage thus lays down the proper days for wedlock: Monday for wealth, Tuesday for hoalt\i, Wednos- '1 1 ____ "Tire. Catherine Irons, ago! Isaac Mitchell, aged W, died in tho vicinity of Bloomington, Ills., Sunday. They had each been residents of tho county for about fifty years. Buffalo, N. Y., labor unions have decided to try to obtain a repeal of the conspiracy law of Now York, Imcamo it sat upon an attempt to ruin thq business of the' clothing firm of Bronner Bros., of that city. Dr. Louis Morasio, of Southbridgo, Mass., was denounced from tho pulpit by R?v, G. E. Brochu, Roman Catholic, bc'cansd tho doctor, having Iteen divorced, married another woman. -Tho doctor sued ihe priest, Bud Monday wns given damages in the hum of $1,500. ____ _ ' ' ' . Thursday for crosses, Frldny for losses, Saturday no lurk at nil. CONSIDERATE OUTLAWRY. -Tho Tower Hill Mob Didn't Lynch T.ite, but KMleuned Him. MATTOON, Illn., fcK'pt 10.—Tho rumor of lynching at Tower Hill Sunday morning in contradicted by later reports. Tuto wrs taken from the train by a party of men, but be fatisflod all pnrties ibat ho was not tie person who stela thi horn at Puna, Uou;i he left for this county llio same nigilt Tnto appeared in Puna yemardny morning i,nd said he vrns ready fpr a hearing. Ho wns accordingly p'a od in Jail, nnd rtur ng the forenoon had a hearing before Justice Dobbs, but, as no one appeared to prosjcuto him, was released, and paused back through this city yesterday to Humbotdt, wiioro lio had been workiiig~ previous to his arrest. Tato appenrad to bo badly frightened. Though known HS a garrulous follow, he refused to say what was done with him..after reaching the woods. There have been several horses stolon In Puna and vicinity of late,' and tho mon who are looking for the^thieves mny be expected to do something when they are sure they have the right man. Tho Shah Grows Saeplclout. ODESSA., Sopt. 10.—Tho shah of Pdrsia has relinquished his plan to visit Odessa before his return home. He is greatly alarmed at bis recent railway accident, and bos grown suspicious that it was not altogether an accident. Ho will on this account got out of Russia as quickly as possibla and go direct to Persia. Tlio Anront Wntch Compunj Assigns. AunaitA, Ills., Sept. 10.—The Aurora Watch company assigned" yesterday, with liabilities amounting to $250,000. Tho assets are supposwl to be double that amount. Tha managers of the concern say tho shut-doWn is only trinpor.'iry, and It is rumored that a foreign syndicate is at the bottom of tho matter. Victim* nf IHo Antwerp Horror. ANTWERP, Kept. 10.— The bodies of-numerous victims were recovered from the ruins of tha ~ cartridge factory ye»tard»y. Many others wore blown to atoms, and only portions of their apparel can be found. Among these WPI-B five English Tblton. . lliul Now* (or the Pops. ST. PETKKSiiimo, Sept 10.— Fully 8,000 Roman Catholic Czochs, residing in tho government of Vilna, have renounced their own on and jitnt-d tha Greek church. TO HEAL ALL B:,OOD CONTAGION. TIIK irnsr in Tim WOULD. 1 thin!; ilwlfl'a Fiwciflc h Hie best blood remedy In the world. 1 have known It lomnkosomewoiu-er- fut cures of piitlenti \v!u> were, considered iw.ur.'iUc. 'i>. M,. C,r.AYBOK, Crowvllle, I,:i. Treatise r.n r.lood nnd r!;in Plseiwes mailed five*. TUB SWIFT Sry-cinc Co.,'Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ot ^ OLOUD TIMU* £OAJ>* \VRAPPERS UFFtBED for an fiKMirabloenfio of Catarrh in th« lloud by thu proprlvtoruof DR. SAGE'S CATARRH REMEDY. Symptoms of Outarrli. — Ifcwlaclic, oliBluifdon of noso, dlHcliuiws falllnif into tin-out, pomotlmcs profuse, watery, ami acria, it others, thick, tcnitftoiis. ihturoiis, purulent, blooily nml pull-id; i-yrs weak, ringing in ears, UeufiK'ss, UltlliMilty or flcnrlnK throat, expcoto- i-.UIori of ollVnsivo inuttvr; Urt'ntli otloiiBlvo: srnrll nml tiialo iinpnhvil, uiul (fciu-rul debility. Only a few of thowisyinptoiiia likrlytobcpmi- cnt lit onoc. *'li(ii!8niuls of rases rrsult iu consumption. IlIKl Olltl ill tllO KIIIVl). By ita milil. sixitliitiK. >»>'l lii'iilliiB propcrtloa. Dr. Siiire'8 Itr-meily curca tlio womt ousi'B. IXIc. «houl4<>r» I" vuit hlj govuruiurnl In It>Ji», Jouru^l. ikititou, b-&3 lutertvn* witti thw felljjiii Tho y* Tlia Wouian'» UuJ itstjlf av^t to \it tiw u«ti-<w, but 'uk'filt^ itt ^UVCJ"W- SUSPECT FALLON IS A FRAUD. An Aliened Oiimi—Kci-per nt Pnrnell Under Suspicion ut New Vork. NKW YOUK, Supt. 10.—Michael Fallon, the game-keeper ot CharloJ Stewart Parnall, who for twenty yuarn bail boon in charge Ot Custio Garden last Haturday mid'ar Inntrui^ tioiu from Purimll to tike chsirgo of tho Bordantown, N. .'., entnto U'fi. by hU grtivl- father. When Kit I Km told hi» utory to B«o rutary Jiv-kion, that gftitU-niati communl- eotwl with ilr«. Pariinll »t Ik-i-d-;ti'-i»*\i, anJ ci«tai!.Ksi KulU-u and Ins wif.i ^ml *.iv^ji ct'-H- Tlie Weather We May Kxp«ot. WABHINOTON CITY, Sept. 10.—The following are tho weather indications for the thirty- six hours from B p. m, yesterday: For Iowa—Usht rain; stationary tomporaturo: southeasterly winds. For Illinois—Light, rain, proco ted in southorn portion by fair weather; stationary temperature, except In extromo northern portion, slightly warmer; _ easUrly winds. For Michigan and Wisconsin—Rain, precede I in custom portlonof lower MlcUk'an b/ fnlr we ither; atatloivary temperature, ex* cept in southern portion of lower Mh-hi^an, cooler; aoutheaaterly winds. For Indiana- Fair weather, followed by light rain; stationary temperature, except in southern portion ollghtly cooler; easterly winds. THE MARKETS. • T »S al LlVEHPlLLS. UncqunlodnaaljIvorPIH. , ent, oiwicst to tuko. Olio Pollot il Doso. Cure Sick IlenducJic, UlIloiiMHcndnclie, Dlzzliioas, Coiictlpalioii, ludlKCHllon, ISillouH Attack)), una uil dcrungcmcnta of tho stomach and bowela. SO cts. CHICAGO. Sept. 9. Quotations on the board of trade to-day wore iff fi> low-*: Wlu-at— No. 2 fewptumbor, opened "'-Kit 1 , closud TW^s; Ootobor, opunwl TtV^c. ctt»-fd 7-VV-ic; December, opt-nwi 77'^fU', clu-H-'d ii^H ; '- Corn- -No. 3 fcH.'i>touil>wi', oponod HSVio, I'Uwl ;WH-*4i:; October, opened. Oftt*--Nii. 't ix.'i't«3mbt>r, tip liMgi-; Oet»l*r Miwiwd I81*». May. oi*v.«d iiV, i-Jiwvit SBJi-aic. Ullil-or, i"t-':u!il SH.-'' 1 , i-Unod. J1I.5.V J%0 N!H' DLLAV VOUn BUBSCKIPTfON u .'L:??irjcon's MAGAZINE, •hicfi ii->w ttJi' in tie froat noJs. ol monthly jv Uonj aiiJ ocoui'iei th« potittua ot ft LEADER AMONG LEADERS. Eachnumb«r«ouUiiU A COMPLETE NOVKL.^ tllwral quAntUjr of tatio* llitiwaa m»it«r of a ' riBRrRY"oTiJ8 CO'MPLETE NOVELS 6r Amerlciq tuttuin. tenUor vllh AN AIJi:NDANCE OF BliOUT iTOJUES, 1-OEH3, laSAYO, md i NEARLY TWQaTHOUSANO PAGES. ^i (a Th* iu«*u of irirnticorr's ih« &aa«li of iu>4 la trst r l*h» Ujt, writer* of tisj »n h»r« W«m (Mcur«dl tstd h*4ar*« will, frttta Uiu« lo U»*, b* ' D!STINCTIVE PLACt OF ITS "

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