Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 6
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THE JOIAJIAILY RE(fanBR> TODNESDAY Wrfr'i V ^f^^^i^ Wfii liiick' and Owbd Plt«litrip Gave Boslonj. file OiMSii«r^n.*ta $75,000 to Look (In. New York, Oct 8.—The National commiseion's figures for attendance and receipts at today's game are as follows: Total, paid attendance 35,730. Total receipts $76,127. National c mmission's share 17,513. Players' si ^ $40,568, Each club's .re $13,623. Hi New York, Or S.—the Bostoii lAinericanB orerca .i .e the New York Nationals by 4 to 3 tn'ajr. before more than 35,000 persons, itt tho first game offtbe world 's series. r)ie contest waa alp and tijtk all the way. The New .Yqriu made a thrilling rally in tlic. nttith inning, when th <'y nearly tin^^j the score, but "Smo^i^ Joe" Wood's be >UdeHng speed turn- d two New York-) Ibatters back to the i> ncl^ on strikes" lor the last two piitoats ^rid the Bo*-* ton's carried off the ho^ofsT^ When Tlctory perched on the banhoii of the Tlsltor 's post tho Boston dele-ii gatlon marched across the field andj] Mayor Fitcgerald of Boston who ^as° a guest of Mayor Gaynor. led \n the: cheers of the playrrs ht both teams Governor Eugene N. Foan of Massa-, . chasetts and Governor Tenor of Pcnn! aylvania saw the contest. Rarely. If ever, has any world's series provided such a dramatic finish. Ttyo runs behind the New York supporters had glVen up hope. Hundreds were hustling Merkle sent a f\om the stands when single -whistling to the outfield after one man was out Even • then the chance -ot tlcing tlm score • . seemed remote, but a Texas leaguer i by Herzog followed quickly by a smok i ihg hit by tho Indian Myers, which ' salt Merkle home, put the stands in a flame of excitement .With th©.loc«(ls on second and : third, thousands stood in their seats ' and yelled. Fletcher swung his bit 1 nervously at th'p plate, while Joe : Wood seemed akxious. The Boston twlrler patted the grass, hitched his ; belt, rubbed the ball and adjusted his ; cap. The delay, unsettled Fletcher and he swung futllely at Wood's fast breaking shoots three limes and went ' back to tho bench. . Crandall, strong In th. i :nch, came ; up. Wood put over two ^'rikes and. t then three balls. .The pit': T drew. ; Ills arm back and shot ov. r a high, i-^st .Irishoot Crandall t>.:\ ml*; sed it by an inch and the •j .^ie was t over. " ;. It was a battle pf man;i • f i^M wits i in the selection of pitcher- v. .aagef i: McGraw pinned his faith r. ". Tes; :Teau and the Ozark bear liunter held die Bostons hitless until slrt:, in-i - :^lng- when Speaker's ihreehr.crger. ;^broke the ice. Tesrean veakor.'rt In •I the sevopth and b«»fore Ib-^ fuFiU'.^'' of : Boston hlts^as o\er. thryo runB wi «re across the plate Uf- visitors liadjl l k lead of tw6 runs. ; ; Mai^ager Stahl pin • t ;.is star i^^'' h Ter on the mound r. .il >•. only two ;a- •tilngs waa the m'^nt>' ^.nan hit Jvr.l.i VHls dassllng spee,! >-;>; ; nued'unti' rY-.c. "t.last man had ptru.' .it. Wood i.m- ; Bed «]oven batters i cnve only two . baaen on balls. .:. • Tesrcau was mlg! t- . M' 11 the sixth when Speaker got n t: • . bngger and :.'Mme home on an Inflel.'. out by lluCfy Xewls, ' » ; As predicted by pvrry close follower 1 of base ball and m<v^t of the managers in th« big leagues, tuck: hud something i. to do with tho Tted So:i victory In the • Jlrst game of the series yesterday. X: Each team made aa error neither of Vhich proved coF'ly. The Giants got rS^ight clean bits lo the Red Sox six, 5uJd k walk by Wood proved costl.v. Tet tbe Red SoV ?on despite their bc: Jng ontbatted. Soine will sa; =• was good pitching .and others will t it was luck in the ;ilntJi'that saved rli" game for Wood. .'With one dowQ ^ K.-KIO singled. Her: Bog tingled to right and Merkle was Mield at iecond. My. rs singled to : .Tightsvcortng Merkle arid Heijiog went 1 ;:to ihird. Myers gettir^ second on the 'throw' in. Here a long fly, an Infield rbut or a hit—three chances—would '-•COT* a rnh, yet Wood struck out '.n ^chcr and follov,-.-l it by striking mi Crandall, a good hitter in,a pinch :lna after he had thrtu balls and two : strik ^on him. ' Therefore with base running, errors and all else as even as it can be tn baseball, the Giants onthit the Sox but I(»t. because of the timely bittingf : o fthet Sox In the seventh inning. TWO JOBS TO BE FILLED. Knowledge of Farming Being Rerog- abed In Instrnrlors. ' Th» United States Bureau of Edu. cation, has several responsible gosi- Ltlons 'open for high class ciducators. ^according to a recent announcement of tte Civil Service Commission. Th? poBlQen's are. Specialist in Rural Education at a salar>- of $3 ,000. and a ootleSor and compiler of statistics at $%400. i Th* nwn'who fills U»e first position 1 ;wlll bave to possess a thorough know i]«dge> of. rural conditions. He must BItEATHE HYOMEI AND END CATARRH — . If you really want to get rid of VIIP !- CaUnflS why not give Booth's HVOMEI treatnent a fair trial. ^C, i;'Bpencer & Co. '> autJiorired in rofaEd, money if u think you t^^ IjiTajnot been benefited. a'i>» on that b «baj.4irery Catarrh vir : j in lola ]oa^t^ start to banish f .trh this * .HYO|IEris a soothing. h.:i:njr anti- jR- septic i(lr made from Austrn , •. i: Eucb- i lyptuB ftad <^er antisept; s. : kills ^tarrtigeraiis and contain:-ii'l^ison- ?J ona drugs. Simple Instr j>^rioia for use in^ach package. Complete outfit- I |L0OJ^ext^a bottle, 5C'c. Our Big Suit Sale in fuil blast Just think of it 400 Nobby, New, Up-to-date Suits at 1-4 and 1-3 off regular price. These styles were chosen with the care of the artist selector. Contracts for making, closed withth (business judgement of the expert merchandiser. THESE SUITS are combined style and quality- merits which we bring to you, through this store at these remarkable LOW PRICES so early in the season. Having a RESIDENT buyer in NEW YORK who is always "Johnny on the Spot" with the ready cash to take advantage of any bargains offered. $8.95 S12.95 $20.75 $16.95 $20.75 $24.95 $12.95 i;8.95 $16.95 $8.95 Serge Suit, black and navy material of mannish cloth— will wear splendidly, lined throughout with French satin such as is used in Men's Coats; also fancy novelty cloths. Sizes 14 to IS and 34 to 40. A ^ce...^^..$8.95^ [$12.95 Novelty Suits made of Mannish Serges, also Whip Cords and Knickerbocker Suitings. Some have wide braid trimmings, others man tailored with button trimmings. Black, navy, greys and beautiful Scotch Novelty Mixtures. Sizes 14 to 36. Price .. .: $1^.95 $16.95 Man Tailored Suits, made of .strictly Mannish Serge in navy and black, also beautiful novelty mixtures in grey -and brown. New vestec effect, velvet collar and cuffs, guaranteed two season satin lining; all sizes; at...$16.95 • $20.75 High grade Cheviot Serges, also novelty diagonal weaves in navy, brown, grey and black; new shape back, slightly cutaw^ay coat, lined throughout with Skinner satin lining; bound all over with tailor braid or straight tailored collar. All sizes- priced at...... $20.75 $24.95 Elegant high gnide man- tailored Suit.s, of imported Diagonal Serges, Cheviots Whip Cords and Scotch Mixtures. Njo two alike. Brown, navy, bla^k, grey and an exquisite assortment of novelty cloths. We have 'em from 14 vears to 52 bust. Priced at $24.95 I? rs;•" ''mm TO -BLOW UPCIUIIIL have studied the theory of education for at least one year, and have had .at, lea'st tVree year's experience in prac-1 • tic;.: -<: icational work, as superin- u -Juit i'. supervisor or teacher. It is .ilso sii;:KPft«d that experience as a public s]H>akpr is desirable, since the spoclalit! will travel a considerable part of his time in the interest of rural oducution. Above all, he mu^t be a lirm l>(.!iov<>r in the possibilities of •'ountry life, and he must be an en- ihusiRst on tho betterment of rural s^chools. Tho man who fills this position will l>c an important. facti>r> in 'he vigorous cami>aign Jhat the Corp- inissloner of Education is waging for the advancement of rural education. The collector and compiler of statle tics will be chief of the Division of School Admlnlstrntlon In the Bureau of Education at Washington. He wil! bo expected to keep in close touch' with ?thool .<;ui>«'rintendonte throughout lh«- foiihtry.i concerninK himself particularl.v witb school sy.stems in citifcs of 3r..o <>0 pd luUtion or lesa.^- Ides tiR., u^ual hJkh scholastic attaln- menrs Uie c-ijididaic mus^ ha^'c h^d at 'east tliret" y>»ar's' ejjperienc"? as sup- •irintcaOL:.: of ii;>' schools. • , The examination for the specialist io rural education will be held Octo" her 19; that for collector and compil-f er of staUstlcs October 26. Candl- —Mundis the place for Drugs. ' i iS FEKiLCi; =S m NEGLECT A COUGHCOLD It sows the' seed for grippe, pneumonia or consumption. Don't trifle with sjnrups «n<] nostrums; take Scott's. £fna£iion whicheffectivel^ drweadut ttidi'dthd builds; strength 'and yemfonce-. force < to' dooid 'aicKness. hdiUmiw ^M scorrsJ WILSOX -IT K.\.>SAS (ITY. araa and see what you can do down I there. Tho .McCliutic-Marshall Construction Comiiany has a lot of dyna- J Dcniocrafir fiindldale Supported i>> mlto stored down there You could; (iMimp Hark. !,. ,4 .V . ..... 1 easily Kt >t hold of It and blow up the „, ' ^ „ ... Ujnamlle (,anir Ordered It Done loj ,ocks. That would make em sit up ^ Kansas City. Mo. Oct. 9- Too mu .h DIstnirl Attention From Las .Inireles Cn>e, and take notice and take their minds s''akinK in tonvention hall <.n.l off the I^s AUKeles affair.' : f change m Governor \\i!.-on .s "McVanipal refused to go at that Jf,"'?""^ schedule, caused Chanii.; ; time. Soon after thev all were ar- connections at the I n- i., Indianapolis. Oct. S.—I'ases from tho careers of the McXamaras and Ortic E. McManigal. as loaders of "the firing squad of dynamiters," with conversation!! In which they were said to have plotted to send McManiptl to Panama to blow up tho gates of the Gatun Jffcks of the Panama Canal, were read by Charles W. Miller, district attorney, before the lury at the trial of the accut^ed "dynamite conspir ators" today. The incident in reference to Panama. Mr.. Miller said, occurred just before the arrest of fae AnReies dynamiters, when thty were becoming; dosperote in their efforts to se; cure explosives without betrayirife ; their identities. ,1 ".lobn J. called James B. .Mc.Namara his brother, and .VIcManlgal to the headquarters of the International As- jsoclation of Bridge and Structural Ironworkers." said Mr. Miller. "John .T. said to McManigal. 'We can't get 'any more dyiiamite around here with out stealing it Now, you go to Pan- ! rested." The contractor •inentiimed was one of those who had; declared for the "open shop" in the United States. Tho repular weekly meotins of the >fens Bible Class of the Y. M. C. A. will bo held in the parlor of tho asso- Insiire Your Skin FRECKLE I ^ CXEAM U wUI absolutely remove frecklea. tan and •unbttrn or joor money back. .Restores bealih. Con* 'and .beaaty to the, slrfiL^ Will not row hair. Deliehlfallr fragrant. V ion depot last night .and tl ;e Dorao- cratic delegation left Kansas ('A:y AVithout thespeaker of tho hoime. The banquet tendered Covor'iior Woodrow \Vil.<:on. Speaker fThanip Clark and Attorney Gen.->r;il Elliott \V Major. Demotratio nominee for governor, at the Motel Baltimore last nis^ht was a well staged •peace dinner." A.s the convention hall meeting- Speaker Clark was given the chief ovation. The applause that greeted his entrance was more spontaneous and enthusiastic than that which I greeted the presidential nominee. The j comment that ran al>out tho tables in regard to Clark and Wilson was all of the same tone. iii .-i ii;>|;f>nonfs s ;uco»'Ss. There -were tow i .f the iirominont IJemoorat.s pn -.-iirit w!!i> h:ul not I.cen active in ti;.- .<uji|'i'r! of Clark's ambitions, and !i :ii<- A;IS a tlofidodly strained atmos phoro !(.!• a few minutes when tho :<po;ikor i -ulojiizod his successful op! ponon'. Tiio .situation was not with- oiuont. i >f paliioS' and sym- •patlioiir remarks ;ran about the :nt>!os in iindortonos; •I liood not fell you." ."aid Clarke .•i.Miilliigly. 'tliat (Governor iVilson wa--^ not my first choice for president." "Voii shouhi have jhad it." shouted on<4of the diner.-. t;i:irlc paused for a .of liisappolntmrnt sp^ face Then he laughed aad said with mock seriousness: "I «ish to goodness I h-i'd." That iiroke tho spell and the "peace dinner"" woni on in the spirit its nian- asrers had planned. moment, a look eading over his 'Show that he can take his medicine I gamely." was a frequent remark. If f the speaker of the HoiKie felt any re- i sentment at having missed the presidential nomination after having, to use hi.s own words, "come closer to it than aiij- other can who had miissed jit." he did not show it. He praised For Sale at Burr^U's Drug Store. - I Wilson and exressed his belief in .The new front in the Butler building o nthe south side of the square is rap••Champ has como to Kansa.s City to! 'dly nearing completion and the merchants iwhind it are anxious'for the Jinish. The flics have tt^en a tremendous interest in the work and have an Inspection committee of several thousand steadily on the job. —See the swell line of Miilin>ry at popular prices; second - floor New Y'ork Store.

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