The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APTIIL J>, 1892, THE MARKETS. MONKV AND STOCKS. NRW YOTW , April «.—[Stock letter furnished V>y the Kansas Groin and Live Stock company.]—Hunkers (Tonally anticipate a h\g increase in the ro- KOITO in tho bunk nlatcinent to -day as thoy gained nearly two raillionB troin tlio siib -troaHiiry tills week. 'Die increase, however, may lie ever-estimated as sixteen city hanks chiefly engaged in business with the Interior report this morning a net loss for the week of »»7,000. There was a usual movement this way, however, from the southwest and Texas hunks of 8X5,000 to their New York correspondents. The shipments of currency were principally to Massachusetts and the middle western states. The (fold export was •425,000. The express companies have received from country banks •400,000. Discussing the stock market and its prospeets some commission houses are a little vexed and annoyed becausn of the dullness and indisposition on the part of their customers to trade. The Richmond Terminal reorganization committee say that there will be consideration of •modifications of the Oleott plan until aftor tho close of the banks of the Mth hut it. is a fact, nevertheless, that there is less opposition now to the Ol­ eott committee plan, and it may go through. Atchison, Topeka and Santa l»e, Wl**. Missouri Pacllic, -"ill?.. Uock Island. H7. St. Paul, 7HH- Union Pacific, 44V Wcutern Union. n»>/ 3 . HAY-Haled $r,.o«<fisr>. per Ion. <tt: louse tn.0t )tft.."..tjl) drain, wilt ~'!c; Hard ilftr: No. :i WHKAT-NO. soft (17c: hard 0.1c COKN—S8c. UYE—No. 2. (1.1c; No. a, (10c. OATS-Slc. 1 *lveSto<ik. OATTI.E—Steady. Stnckcm $a .!2f,tR;.1.80; fccilcrH la .aWrill.S."; fat cows and betters in demand, fat steers $ Hue*—Steady. Wagon, tops, gU.OO; car S4.10%4.1.1. RHKF.P-In demand. *:i.75@4.00. Poultry uml Wild flame. CHIO'KKN'S -Chickens »1.7.K»2.00 per ilor..; chickens ,1c per pound: hens .1c per pound; roosters !!c per pound: turkeys .c per poun*. GAME— Wild ducks ill demand Jl .OiNfja.OO per dor..; pigeons In demand,%t .0(1 per doz.: gcci-c 1 1.00 w,1 .50 per doz. (Government Crop Iteport. WAHIIINOTOS , Aprifc .9— The condition of the six principal states is 77 against 07, last year. The states are Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, .Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. In the states from lie] aware to North Carolina it varies- from 19 to 87 but it is 00 to 03 in tho southern bolt, east of the Mississippi and somewhat lower west of that river. On the I'a cilic coast the condition is higher. The seeding was late in the west and southwest, later than in the states of the Atlantic coast. PIIODIX'K. OlUeuffO. • CnioAOo, April !).—[.Special advices received by the Kansas (train and Live Stock company.]— WIIKAT —The elevator incn who have engineered the hull lu wheat were free sellers to-day. Efforts were Hindu to force Pardridge in, but he refused all invitations and was a moderate seller on the sharp bulges. He says the situation warrants lower prices than yet touched and these manipulated bulges don't particularly Interest him. It is quite ccrtnin that neither the foreign nor domestic outlook if encouraging to holders, but a bullish government report and a backward spring would doutbless sustain Che market for a time.. Judging from everything in sight the price is much more likely to touch 77 cents than I)r> cents. Corn and oats were strong early in sympathy with wheat, but the corn clique seem to have unloaded u good share of their holdings and prices gave way under the pressure of long stuff. l 'novisioNS— There are indications of increased nmrketing of hogs, and it will he ilifliciiltto advance prices while this expectations prevails. The following Is the range of prlccw for active futures: CHINA'S OBJECTIONS. Open'd HIgh't. fjOW'Ht Closg. WKKAT. May 8.1 SI! ss.'i s:i July 85!.; ,8(1 8a'„ oonn. July ... ••Ill Ik .•»)•» :iS!.j March :is?. an* May 41Ji 41?i 411 'ii 4 »M OATS. July 27 H as;; -7 \i 27 li May .'10 211ft 2HU 28'i POUK. io a.i 10 :i5 10 IS .1(1 17'/, July 10 47H 10 -IT'.i 10 so io uo May (i ;;r, (1 '.'5 0 20 0 20 July a U7K 0 ;I7'.4 ti ;io o ;io BIBS, May". 5 (15 ft (15 ft ft7!i .1 S7V4 July 5 77« 5 77V, 5 70 5 70 WHEAT—WeaV; cash H'',';c: May H?7ic\ July n :\Hc. (JOHN—Weak; cash-KHSc; Mav 40>i$l40Kc: June :i8Uc; July >lH»(,cf <i .'iH .>.ji:. OATS-Wcak; cash •M !iW :tv.ic.; May 211'ic. MI3HS POKIC—Ba«y: cash 810.1(1; May »10.U0. '-,ARD—Easy; cash SO. 15: May SO.UO. SHOUT UHiS-Basy; cash *«; May »r..5-v,. UYH—Quiet: 7(I!JC. BAKL13Y—Nominal .iftftoor. t'l.AX KEU—Firm UKc. TIMOTHY SKKD-I'lrm; JI..M). HUTTEK—Dull. EGGS—Steady. WHISKY—Jl.l.'l. Kt. Louis. ST. LOUIS, April It WHEAT—Cash higher; Sllc. Options lower: Mav 80c; July 8115c: August 80j(c. COUN—Cash higher; .lU > 4 c. Options lower Mar aftSc; July ;i(lc. OATS-Cash higher; :iO?ic; May lower >>i>Hc. PORK—Quiet: 810.02!;. r .AIW-Nonilnallr: S0.0flijtil.aft. KllUHUtt City. KANSAS Crrr, April H. Wheat, corn and oats entirely nominal. BUTTKIl— Weak, unchanged. KUOS—Firm at 11c Hay and flaxseed unchanged. 1.1 VK STOCK. ' Evening Journal reports CATTMS (UMCIIKO. CuicAoo, April II, Hecel|)ta (00; shipments 1.000, over steers 84.0001 common, H tuckers, Although run was limited, there were plenty on sale a large number were carried last night: prime to extra steer " 4.80; good to choice, S:i.50@:i.75| 8!1.00((WI.25; cows, 81.75542.75; g8.25($;>.:(5.> HOOS—Receipts, 8,000; shipments, 5.000: active, 5c higher; rough ja.OOOil.'.IO; mixed 84.55134.05; heavy 84.05iiH4.80; light, »4.f,CKi'(H.tl5. SI1JSGP—Receipts 2,000: shipments, 1,000; Steady: lambs 85.50<riU.()5; sheep, 85.50® 0.40. St, l.ouL. ST, LOUIS, April 0. (MI'TLB—Receipts, 1,000. Strong. HOQS-.Receipts, 1.000. Strong: fair to choice beary, 8l.45(ij>4.00; mixed 84.00is 4 .50; ynrkera, 84.45©4.50. "No aueep. _____ KuitKitH city. KANSAS OITV, April 0. OATTI.H~RcrelpU.2.UU0: nhlpHlentB.1,700. Steers were active and steady to strong at>'> row ' 8 steady at 8'i.l5©a.»0; stockei 'H and feeders quiet and unchanged at 82.IWO.I.70. HOUH-ltccelpts, 11.400: slilpmeuts, 1,200; active and strong tu ftc higher. All grades, »».76l»4.4&; bulk, 84..'10((7.4.4ll. S-IKKP—Receipts, 1,(100; shipments, 100; steady. IHITCHIN.SON MAKKKT. KxccptionH Io MlnlKtor^ Klfilr Are Hold to he Untenable. WASMINOTON , April !).—Tne full text of the most important part of the, letter written by Acting .Secretary Wharton to Minister Denby, Oct. n 18!ll, concerning the declination of the Chinese government to receive ex-Sen utor llliiir. litis been made .public. It is prefaced with the statement that the position which China had assumed in the matter seems to require a frank expression of the views of this government." lie says that Blair having peremptorily resigned his oflice, there is no question of his goin w to China, but that the objection of tlie Chinese government to his reception is open to inspection, and a clear vtn- dersliiiKling is necessary in the interest of International goodwill. The letter says: The Chinese govern ment objected to receiving lllair because of iiis public record. So far those objections rest on allegations of facts, in respect of the views concern ing the Chinese ppoplc and nation which arc alleged to have been entertained and uttered in the legislative debate, by lllair, the government of the United States cannot admit their sufliciency. A ' careful examination of every public utterance of lllair in the course of the debates '(..tending the passage of the Chinese bill in the senate conclusively shows that lllair has been injuriously repre senled. In point of fact the true record of Hlair, while in the senate, shows him to have huen, first and last, respectful to China and just to her people. The objection to receive Mr. lllair because he voted for the exclusion act in reality an objection to receive a person as minister of the United States who in his character of senator or representative in congress has east a vote for any measure which is obnoxious to the Chinese government. It must be conceded by the- Chinese government that this is not the time to discuss the. propriety of legislation which has become the supreme law of the land, and which commands the obedience of all persons within the United States. Any person who maybe duly appointed United States minister to China is bound faithfully to observe and aid in the execution of the existing laws. This ground of objection to lllair, the president could not take into account in selecting another envoy. It is moreover illogical in this that the objection of China being avowedly agninst the existing legislation rather than the legislator, Uiree years of friendly intercourse have passed since the law was enacted without China's discovering that the existence of the law itself was a bar to the reception of an envoy representing the country which enacted it. If Ulair may not be received as a minister while *that law remains unrepealed, and because of its existence us a law, it is not ready to reconcile, that portion with the continued friendly reception of the present minister of tho United States at 1'ekin In this aspect, as in every other aspect, the position assumed by China is inadmissible. Mr. Denby on November28th, ropliod that the dispatch would be of service to the legation should the question involved ever arise. The correspondence, closed with telegram, of date, March 25th, last, from Wharton to Denby, directing him if he has not already done so to communicate the above dispatch to the Chinese government. The matter has been discussed by the senate in executive session.and tho attitude assumed by the Chinese gov eminent has been roundly denounced on all sides, but so fur there lias been no attempt at action as the subject is still in charge of the department of state. Established Facts: That the ROYAL BAKING POWDER is the oldest and purest baking powder, and the greatest in leavening strength. That it is free from every injurious substance. That it makes lighter, sweeter, more nutritious and healthful food than any other. The Royal Baking Powder Company refines its own cream of tartar in its own mammoth refinery, and thus insures its unvarying quality. There is used in the manufacture of the Royal Baking Powder more than half of all the cream of tartar consumed in the United States for all purposes.' This is required and must be chemically pure, and chemically pure cream of tartar could not be obtained in the markets of this country or Europe, which necessitated the building of special works, and the employment of special processes. All other baking powders, when analyzed, show traces of lime and sulphuric acid, which arise from the impurities of the materials bought in the market, which their manufacturers use. This is why the Royal Baking Powder is the only absolutely pure baking powder made. For Vour Comfort. Travelers to and from Utah will be j pleased to learn that I'ullman palace sleepers now run through, daily, without, change, between Chicago and Og- deu, over Santa Fo. Colorado Midland and Hio (Irande Western lines—westbound via Colorndo Springs, and eastbound via Colorado Springs and Denver. rite, true scenic route; plenty of time to sec Manitou and vicinity. Double daily passenger service between Denver and Ogden. Inquire of nearest Santa Fe route ticket agont, for rates, sleeper reservations.; etc. 4-15 Hantu Te Arrival*,. .1. 11. Meed, Kansas City. C. >S. [J bun. Kansas City. F. C. Kipley, Chicago. \V. Ilaskemcyer, St. i,ouis. Howard Waddles. St. ,loc. H. 1 J . Itcaumonl. SI. .loe. F. M. r ,ee, Chicago. II. Ileutty. Kansas City. 8. O. CuniKick. St. Uouis. \V. C. I'ark, Kansas City. .1. W. Arnctl. Kansas City. A. li. Howard." St. Louis. O. C. Dickey. Indianapolis. W. II. Foster, St. Louis. >T. li Thompson, Kansas City. John McClelland. Chicago. I'. V. liobcrts. New York. II. J. Ruble. Bangor, Me. \V. .1. McCarvoek, Denver, If ere to S(ay. A. Hopkins company, The .1. A. Hopkins company, the wholesale dealers in butter, eggs and poultry informed a NKWS reporter that they are in business in Hutchinson to stay. They are firmly established and have plenty of money to pay cash for all the butter, eggs and poultry thi(t can be brought to them, as a glance (fy our want column will show. Farmers cart'get cash for their prodec of them. And the county merchants can de bet- ONE MASS Of SCALES Afflicted 3 Years by Dreadful Skin and Blood Disease, with Intense Pain and Loss of Hair. by sending their produce to T. A. Hopkins & Co., Santa Fe block, Hutchinson, Kan., than by shipping themselves, as Hopkins >S- Co. will pay them cash the day the goods are delivered in this city, at the same time giving the country merchant a better price than he would get by shipping himself as Hopkins A Co. ship and sell by the car load. l*ret ty uml Toothsome. In the north window of the Clarendon hotel can be seen the finest baker's display ever seen in the city, and one of the nicest ever, seen iu the state. Aside from the numerous styles of cakes, puffs, pies, etc., is a ^pyramid cake iu four sections. The top section represents a liower basket true to na tare, on the handle of which is perched t dove carrying in its bill a letter to the bread buyers of Hutchinson. Around the third section is a bevy of doves, all very natural, and the whole made by the hands of Mr. Masters' German baker, one of the best in the state. This is a sample of the work which the Clarendon bakery can do for you on short notice and at satisfactory prices to all. Toduec. li'I.OUH-Hlghest patent. S'i.40; second patent. tU:~U: extra line, *:'.0l>. HUTTKH-In demand. Creamery l.'flc: (Incut dutry '.Mc; line dairy ir»c; common • We.. KCJGS—•In demand, 10c. lWATOBH-ClioIco fioeuu. APJ'l.BS—Sl.ouat.i.'ri per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand, lied 7ftc per bushel: home grown Spanish II.y5 per bushel. GABFlACJE-rKalr, 4c per pound. TOBNIPS—In demand -luc per bushel. IJKBTS—btoady, ftOe per bushel.' SWKET IWATOKS-Menty, S1 .0Q per buaoel. All Other Remedies Full. Relieved Instantly and Cured In Four Weeks by the CuUcura Remedies. I hn\'c a few -worda to any regnrdlng the, COTI- CIIUA UKJiEUlsa. They liave cured me lu luiu- vcekt*' time from u Bktu and Ulood Dluease wbicb 1 have hud for over threo ycurn. At ct-rlaiu tiou-s, my rtklo would bo very acre, nod always kept ci-ai-klng and peeling off In white acalet). In cold wciither my (aco vvoa onu masa of ecaiea. Wheu iu the cold ulr tbu pain was IIIIOUHD; It would ulmoat bring tearB 10 my eyca, and my blood ulao being in i> puur condition, with a logs of bulr. I have tried evory known remedy that wae recotu- incmlud lo mo, hut It was of no liac, and gave mu very little henelit. Ho, bearing of yourCUTICIBA ItKMEDUSH, 1 concluded to jilve them a trial. Tho Ill-tit application gave almost tnatunt rolluf. In a few weuba 1 .time 1 found royaelf cured, and I am thankful for what Uioy bnvo done for ma. Your CtrTicuitA KENSUIUU area hleaalng to (hose who may have the opportunity to use them. I can recommend tuem to any one. EDMUND KEItAS, 3704( Union Ave., Chicago, 111. Cuticura Remedies Kftcct dally more great cures of humors and dls* canca of the skin, scalp, and blood tbun all other remedies combined. CuTlcuiu, the great Hldo Curo, and CUTICURA SOAP, BU exqulalto Bkln Pud- Her and Beautitlor, externally, aud C'UTlcunA KB* aotvitNT, the new Blood Purlllcr and greatest of Humor Ilemedles, Internally, cure every species of lu-hlng, burning, scaly, pimply, and blotchy dla- eair-eB of the akin, scalp, and blood, from Infancy Io ago, from pimples to scrofula, when the beat pbysl- clans and all other remedies fall. Sold everywhere. Price, CtiTicutu, 60c.: BOAC a5c; KBSOLVENT, 91. Prepared by tho PoTTEtt lJituo ASU CUKHICAL CORPOIUTION, Boston. *»- Send for " How to Cure Bkln Disease*," « pages, ft) Illustrations, 100 testimonials. DI M l ' LI!B > blMk-heada, red, rough, chapped and I Mil oily skin cured by CUTICURA BOAPI A Hound Liver MAIOTH a Wull Man. Are you billions, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, font breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry Bkin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of these symptoms your, liver is out of order and your oblood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbtne will euro any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. Little Judith, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. Mullineaux, of the Inland Christian Advocate, Des Moines, Iowa, on learning that her special playmate, a child of her own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, aud went over and said: "You must take this medicine - , it will do you good. Mr. Mullineaux was cu­ rious as to the result and on making inquiry learned that the littlo neighbor, who had been unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms , were neither so frequent, scvoreor enduring. The cough, under the genial action of this ndmirublo remedy, was loosened. The medicine liquefies the. mucus and enables the sufferer to throw it off. Tho attack in the beginning gave every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping cough. Indeed it was a genuine case; but this preparation, whil,e perhaps it may not be a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate It. If it does not euro it, tt will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to is Chamberlain 's Cough Remedy. For Bale by C. B. WINSLOW , Druggist IS S. Main St. French Tansy Waters. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Dmg Co., San Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 106 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. rCeurnlfrlli Cured In 15 MJniltos Mr. J. >S. Sturtevant, editor of the Waupaco (Wis.) Post, says: "Last night Chamberlain's Pain liulm cured my wife of neuralgia of the face anil tooth in fifteen minutes. "VVe would not be without it." 50 cent bottles for Bale by C. 11. Winslow, 15 South Main, Mrs! L. K. l 'atton, Rookford, 111'., writes: "From personal experience I ean recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and- general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. CATCH ON To the beBt opportunity of a lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noise" or nonsense, we are going to put a. magnificent line of seasonable goods ou the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close margins to satisfy a lively demand. There is some money in it for us, and a good dealmore for customers who are quick to catch on to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at prices never before named for values in any way approaching those we now place at the disposal of wide awake and discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not loBe a moment's time in taking advantage of this phenomenal low price sale Of the season, and secure their pick of desirable new goods at clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up" of Choicest Selections and Latest Styles -OP- Who Sells It? The famous Bon Ton bread is sold by the following grocers: Joe Talbott and Colin Campbell on the north side, and L. (1. Dupler and J. P. Farley. Remember this, and if yon have not the time or it is not convenient to order of the Bon Ton direct, order from one of these grocerymen, nnd get the best bread made in the city. It Krister Supper. The gentlemen of the Presbyterian church will give an Easter supper on Friday evening, April 1.1th, and the Ladies of the Presbyterian church will give a dinner on the Saturday following in the Puterbaugh block, first door north of the postoflice. It Dry Goods, Dim Goods, Fancy Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hats. Fine Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen _ A SPECIALTY. They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. "THE SA1ZA.R/' J E, BARROW, JR., PROPRIETOR. 14 North Main Street, Hutchinson. HAVE MOVED! To our own room, No. 4 South Main Street. CoufiMtorult* Itouulon. NKW OHI.EANB , April 0.—Tho second of the Confederate veteruus' reunion in this city dawned with weather fair and pleasant, A grand review took place this uf tevnoou. Many thousand of the heroes of the lost cause were in line. Duuiocrutlc Mactlufr. There was a meeting of the llcmo- erats of llouu county at the liruuswick hotel to-day, to select delegates to the state convention. There was a large number of the nnterrilled present, and I'ach one declared himself in favor of tlrover Cleveland for the presidency. John Parker was made chairman of the meeting. The following commit-" tees were appointed: Committee on Resolutions—Coffin, ltriscoe and 151y. Committee on Order of lluslncss— Mclvlnstry, Jtrowu and Hettinger. \ The meeting was harmonious, old sores seeming to have healed tip and haired over. At the hour of going to press the delegates have not been named. Full particulars la Monday'* NKWS. OLD F0LK8' PA1N8. Full of comfort for nil Palm, InfUm* maUoD, and Weak new of the Aged U ihti Outivur* Amt-Cain Planter. _ Iho flr»t mid only pain.killing •trencth- cuiug "plaater, New, InitaaUueoui, and lufalllbie. MILLION DOLLARS Would not tempt the busy bustling, brainy American to part with the price less treasure of good health, which he can gain and preserve by the use of UKHC .safe, oflectlve ami unfailing CHINESE VEGETABLE REMEDIES with which the great Lee Wing Brothers speedily ami permanently cure every form ol nervous*, chronic, private and sexual disease, lost manhood, seminal weakness, errors of yovth, urinary, kidney and liver troubles, diseases of 1 lie heart, lungs and throat, diseases of the blood or skin, diseases of the stomach and bowels, rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, dispepsla, constipation, syphilis, ghoncrhea, gleet and all weaknesses and dlscaxes of any orxan of the body. l.KK WINU'S remedies cure where all other means fall. Consultation and examination free, and only a small sum for the remedies. Call for consultation, or write symptoms fully, enclosing stamp for reply. ' LEE WING BROS., J51U Larimer street, Dever.Ool. In looking over my stock, I find that I have too many goods on hand, and in order to reduce the stock I have decided to offer EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN'S for this month until my stock has been properly reduced. 150 suits, in three colors, brown, light and grey, all in sacks, worth$8 a suit. Our, price for this month only $3.99. • | 225 suits in brown, plain, grey, striped, in square and round corners, would be a bargain at $8.50. Our price for this month only $3.99. 193 wood brown suits, assorted colors, in round and square, single and double breasted, sack and cutaway, $9.99, standard value from $12.50 to $15. . I have the largest and best stock of pants in town, ranging in price from 75o to $7. 2-piece boys' suits, ranging in price from $1 to $9. 3-piece boys'shits, ranging in price from $2.50 to $12.50. I have the best made up shirts in the market, ranging in price from 15c to $3. Call and see my line of hats, in,stiff and soft, light brown and black crushers for boys and men, from 25c to $5. I have the largest assortment of ladies', children's, boys' and men's shoes in the city. Call ancl see them, as I have not space to mention all I hav e. ' TO BE GIVEN AWAY! A handsome DINNER SET of 105 pieces, highly decorated, can be seen in our south window. No. 4 South Maii St. 1 A. MINCER, Prop.

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