Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1938
Page 3
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JHursclay, Deceftib'er 8,1 MOI>E STAR, HOPE, The Silver Trail c IJLrist night, | Down a White walk misled with moon- Is ' light, / saw a silver Irnil Uift by n snail. So I, going my quiet way, Would leave behind A trail of silver Fdr those who follow after me to find. Here I shall plant ti tree In a barren place, And sometimes, against the slurs, an elm will shako Its silver lace. I shall slip this gnarled brown root into the sod, jAnd some clay, out of a ruse's heart, (will shine The face of God. I shall not -trample the spider's web, That spangles the grass; I shall try never to hurt a living tiling ( Ai I pass; Ajncl oh, I must remember to be kind Today, Going my silver way.—Selected. The Cemetery Association will meet at 2:30 Friday afternoon at the First Methodist church. The president urges er.ch member to be present. Attending the Arkansas Baptist Convention in Arkadelphia on Tuesday were Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Hamilton, Mrs. Fanny Garrctt, Miss Isabel Schooley, Mrs, Formby and Mrs. A. C. Kolb. for 2 Million Would Soothe Heartache CHAPPED SKIN : YT would be difficult to /4nnd any preparation more ? effective,'for chapped skin jjtfoail.'Mentholatum. Its In- w gradients: arc renowned for relieving minor Irritations of *tlie skin. Mentholatum quickly soothes the pain and discomfort of chapping and promotes proper ncal- 1ns. So, whether you have chapped lips, chapped hands, or chapped ankles, remember to get quick relief by applying Mentholntum. I T T Fri. Sat, Sun. '/2 Fried Chicken Potatoes Lettuce T T T T I Checkered Cafei JANET GAYNOR • DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, Jr. • I'AULETTK GODDARD —in— ""YOUNG HEART" The Best Cast of (he Year! A most interesting meeting fo the Bay View Reading club was held on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. F. Saner on North Hervcy street, with Mrs. W. W. Johnson as joint hostess. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs, Hugh Smith and following the minutes by the Secretary Mrs. V. A. Hammonds, many interesting current events were reported in the roll call responses. The program on "The Santo Fe Trail" was presented by Mrs. V. A. Hammonds. Mrs. W. W. Johnson gave n splendid paper on the city of Santo Fe, the end of the trail, telling interesting facts about the Indians and a description of the surrounding country. Mrs. Hammond gave interesting facts about the train and its beginning at Franklin, Mo., touching on the bloody history of Kansas, suffering from the Indians, dwelling on the romantic scouts of Western history, Buffalo Bill, Kil CarsoivWill Bill Hickok and the woman stage driver known as "Calamity Jane." Mrs. Hammonds had formerly lived in one of hte most interesting towns located on the trail and gave many personal contacts and experiences of her father, adding much to the interest of her paper. Following the program the hostess served a most tempting salad course with brown bread and coffee. The next meetin gwill be hlld on January 4, in the Champlin home on South Elm street with Mrs. Hugh Jones presenting the program on historical old Texas trails. , Mrs. Jack Stewart and 'little son, Barry of Vicksburg, Miss., arrived Wednesday night for a visit with Mr. R. T. White and Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Stewart. Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore announce the arrival of a little daughter. Katherine Louise, Tuesday, December G, at Julia Chester hospital. Miss Merle June Webb was a Thursday visitor in Arkadelphia. Circle No. 3 of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church held its December meeting with a 1 o'clock luncheon at the home of the leader, Mrs. W. G. Allison, West avenue B. The Christmas motif was used in decorating the rooms, and the Circle and special guests were invited into the dining room where a delicious buffet luncheon was served. The serving tabje wps bright with Christmas symbols. Following the luncheon a short business meeting was held at which time reports were given and the usual busines was transacted. Mrs. J. A. Henry who gave a very clever Christmas program followed by Christmas experiences from each member A brilliant Christmas tree bore gifts for each person present including 23 FRIDAY IS OURBIGNITE THURS. "Her Jungle Love" Technicolor —and— "TIP-OFF GIRLS" CASSIDY "IN OLD MEXICO" •—and— GEO. O'BKfEN in "GUN LAW" t Fri. & Sat. Impeachment Talk for Mrs. Perkins Failure to Push Deportation of Bridges Irks Congress WASHINGTON-OT)—Talk of impeachment proceedings against Secretary of Labor Perkins cropped up again Wednesday within the house committee on un-American activities when that committee renewed its discussion of the Harry Bridges deportation case. Two witnesses declared that Bridges, West coast director of the C. I. O., was a leading member of the Communist party, and a third, Stephen E. Chadwick, national commander of the American Legion, said that in his opinion there was "no excuse" for further delay in the Bridges case. Representative Thomas (Rep., N. J.) said from the committee table that unless action were "taken quickly (by Secretary Perkins) after the supreme courts' decision in the Slrecker case," he would "lake the necessary action in congress." Later he said he meant impeachment. Some weeks ago Chairman Dies (Dem., Tex.) also spoke § of the possibility of this stop. Much-married Harold F. Mc- Cormfck, of the farm machinery millions, and Mrs. Olive Randolph Col'oy of Kansas City, who is suing him for $2,000,000, charging breach of promise. Legal Maze Ruined (Continued irom Page One) N E W BEN WALTER BERN1E WINCHELL -in"LOVE AND HISSES with Simoue Simon This Ad with one paid Adult Ticket Will Admit Two Adults. SALE WINTER COATS Sport Coats for All Around Daytime Wear. $10.95 LADIES Specialty Shop y default and Hiram was sued in Ohio on the judgment. He paid. Thi. ype of state law has been one th jooks for years, more than half tlv tales have a similar statue. And thi J. S. Supreme Court has found suci aws constitutional. From this experience Hiram learn ed that a non-resident motorist France Noted for (Continued from Page One* Jews. When the Bolsheviks drove out ,all enemy forces, Petliura saved himself by fleeing to Paris. In 192B he was shot down by a youth who proclaimed himself the avenger for the heinous deeds Petliura had committed in the Ukraine. The jury acquitted the accused. The chances are very strong that Moro Giafferi, if he appears for Grynsapan, will recall that in 1913, as soon as the Nazis came into power, ney honored the memories of those nplicaled in two assassinations, Mat- iias Erzberger, famous German Cath- ilic statesman, who had been Vive 'rcmier of the German republic, was hot down in August, 1921. The Nazis lonpred his murderers, because they late'd Erzberger for agreeing to the rmistice. June 25, 1922, Walter Ralhqnau, who s Foreign Minister under the republic lad signed a treaty of amity with Bolshevik Russia, was murdered. The Cazis honored his assassins because hey hated Rathennu as a Jew and as i peace-maker with Russia. July 25, 193-1, a gang of Austrian tfazis entered the chancellery in Vienna and murdered Chancellor Engclbert Dollfuss. For this crime Otto Planetta was hanged. One of 'the First things the Nazis did last March when they grabbed Austria, was to make a hero of Planetta, showering his grave with wreaths and naming squares and streets after him. With such material in hand, a Moro Giafferri could make a great play with any French jury. He is one of the greatest pluckers of heart strings the Paris bar has ever known. ' • Looks like the Czechs have turnec to swing. Hacha is the leading candidate for the presidency. Dodge Widow Gets JSOOO a month I.sn'l that simply five grand? There are dogs who dislike people in other states. subject to the laws of the stale where an accident occurs. Lots of other people don't know that yet. members and 5 guests. ,, Mrs. J. L. Jamison left Thursday foi a few clays business visit in Tcx- iirkana. "Suppose Hiram was not driving th car. He was at home making mone and a chauffeur was driving the fain ily. Hiram is still responsible." Safe If Dead Suppose Hiram had died after th accident and before suit was brough Could his estate be sued? i A dozen cases like this are all alike. The answer is no, sa,ys Dean Goodrich, since such action would take the adminis- ation of his estate, that is the division ' his property, out of the hands of le Ohio courts. A Pennsylvania man owns a dog vhich goes over into New Jersey and Mies a woman. She sues the owner nder the New Jersey law which lakes an owner absolutely responsible for his dog. In Pennsylvania the wner must use reasonable care only n handling his dog. The court su- tained the woman's suit contending he visiting dog came under the laws of the state visited, exactly as Hiram did. Suppose Hiram wanted to bring suit Could he bring into court all those DOUBLE FEATURES Pre - Holiday CLEARANCE OF LADIES SUEDE SHOES At just the Season you will need that Extra Pair for the Christmas Activities. One Rack—Values to $3.95—Broken Sizes Regular $2.95 Values ........ S1.95 Regular $3.9.5 Values Regular $5 and $6 Values S2.95 S3.95 HITT'S Shoe Store LMEAN MY HUS&ANP-- Wives can sue husbands in some states. whom he had injured and have a settlement in court at once, disposeing of the case for all time? Under the new declaratory judgments acts this may be possible and qf course so could an aviator. What would be the result if Hiram Junior had an accident in Old Hiram's car? The senior Hiram would be responsible, unless, like a case in Niagara Falls, he had ordered his son to stay out of Michigan and the son had disobeS'ed him and gone over there and hf.d an accident. "What about Mrs. Hiram," asks the Dean, "could she sue her husband for damages? Generally speaking, no. But in New Hampshire and Connecticut she lias the right. A couple vacationing in Maine had an accident, then returned to their home in New Hampshire, where the wife sued. Bui the court refused to hear the suit, saying it was against public policy." Their Marriage Causes Near-Riot Hour's Difference Between Life, Death NEW YORK~(/P)-Al 2 p. m. Wednesday Ruth Clayton was found dead by gas in the apartment where she lived with friends. At 3 p. m, the telephone fang and was answered by a policeman. The call was an offer of a position for the 27-year-old woman. Ne ar Miss Clayton's body, police said, was a note indicating she killed herself because she couldn't find work. Throngs of curious folk virtually wrecked the church marquee to obtain this post-wedding glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. George X.' McLanahan, of Boston. The bride is the former Sally Clark, sister- in-law of John Roosevelt. Fashion note: She wore a cream velvet gown with hoop-skirt and leg-o-mutton sleeves. aids to symptomatic control of So They Say Even in Moscow it is difficult to find a set of diapers.—Russian newspaper* ' man tevcstia. I love it. |But golly how my feet hurt.—Brenda Frazier, New York's No. 1 society glamor girl commenting on the life of a deb. That's nothing Pap. I was married myself the night before.Charles Lee of Berlin, Md., when his father telephoned the' son to tell of his remar-> riage.. 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