Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 10, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVE1H3NG GAZETTE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMTJEU er-B Decorating Mais, m. .-*CrZT,TO i i in ew Skqd^orqe Don't Look atilMe. but J.K.Chester Evening Gazette. Tna EVEHISO GAEHTTB can o« had nt all the newi stands. Frlooiwo OBWTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Academy of Music, "Ole Olson." Has just opened his Fall Stoclc of Postponed. The special meeting of Sterling Com- mandery called for Tuesday evening, haii been" postponed until Thursday evening September 12th.— — —Jo Kannallyla now at Strickler's. -The Hock Klver Presbytery is in session at Galena. —Ralph Norwood, of Chicago, is-yis- iting his parents here. —W. D. Hayes has been appointed postmaster at Malvern. —Arthur Montzhelmer, of Franklin, has been here for severnl days. • —A. B. Kreider, of Chicago, who has been here on a visit has returned. —James McKim returned today to Wisconsin University at Madison. —Mr..and Mrs. J phn Lefever have returned from a visit with Iowa friends. — RPV. W, II,Hunter, who preached in the Presbyterian church last Sunday, comes from Clinton, this Rtate, where the Westinqhouae inc;mdeficant liglit is used for street lighting. 11s Bfiys it gives excellent satisfaction. In regard to lighting of houses and stores by it, he says the people were a little back ward about putting it in at llrst, but when it was once seen there was a great clamor for it, as it were, and the company had to increase the Bize of its pUrit before six'months after introduction. The Westlnghouse is destined to meet the same success here. —The camp-meeting in Miller Park, held by the Seventh Day Adventista, la drawing large crowds this week. Tho appearance of the camp is attractive; the most perfect order is maintained, the grounds lighted with electric light and policed. Besides doctrinal and evangellcallaubjects which have been ably treated the questions of "Education," "Health and Hegienic Reform," and "Religious Legislation" have been severally presented by W. W. Prescott, President of Battle Creek College; Dr. j; H, Kellogg, of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and E. J. Waggoner, editor of the AmerlcanlSentine), Oakland, California. The most uncompromising temperance principles have been advocated and strict opposition on principle to all religious legislation. —The eastern capitalists are beginning to look west for fields to invest money in manufacturing. There is no reason in the world why this city should not capture a large number of those industries. If the natural advantages of the town are flared abroad, capital will ba drawn here. Visitors attracted here this winter or next summer will receive a much more favorable impression of our city than they would have a. year ago, on account of the improvements being made by the city council, the city hall, the electric railway, electric lights, new depot buildings, etc. A celebration of the completion of the city hall and other improvements will soon be held. Let some dellnlte action be taken toward furthering the progress of the town, before that date. GOODS "\Vhicli is more complete tlian ever toe- fore. His assortment of Robe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids \RE PWIMRLY ATFrUCTlVE. Serges, Henriettas, Mohairs,, Flannels, &c., In all tlie New Shades at I,owest Prices! Wool Dress Flannels only 21 cts. Best stock oi Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. He is also showing many Bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. CALL AND SEE, —Miss Rose Oettinger has gone to St. Louis to attend the wedding of her brother. —Tampico citizens are now , disciiE- aingthe feasibility of starting a driving park association. —A manual training department has been opened in connection with the Moline public school.....:. : : .17; —Abe Marks has returned from a long visit in Indiana. He has come back to Sterling to dye. —Mrs. H. Goodman and daughter returned to Chicago, after spending the summer at Woodlawn. —The."Ole Olson" company came in on the 1:13 train today, and will play at the Academy of Music this evening. —Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Hubbard, of Lyndon, and Mrs. 8. Street, of this city, left yesterday for Storm Lake, Iowa. —Jacob H. Hoofatittler left today for Pensylvama to assist in the Prohibition campaign previous to'the fall election. —The two arc electric lights in Josh Oettinger's store front and the two inside make his store as light as day at night. —O. A. Oliver today displayed some of the celery raised on his celery farm south of Rock Falls, and it is of very nice quality. The celery business will no donbt prove a paying industry. —An infant son, aged 14 days, of A J. Btacey, died last evening. The funeral services will take place at the ree- idence, corner of 3rd street and Oth avenue, tomorrow at 10 o'clock. —The Monmouth people told Manager Briggs that the Sterling club was the best they played with this season, and that the game played with them was the prettiest exhibition ever on the grounds. —The Northwestern construction men have been for some time engaged at Nelson in driving spiles into the earth for the foundation of the coal shutes. In a months time they will be completed. At the end of four ..weeks the Sterling yard will present a much more handsome appearance. —4. series of mission lectures will be given in the Church of the Sacred Heart, next week. The meetings will be held each oayTana will be conducted by two members of the Jesuit order, from Buffalo, N. Y. This will be the Qrst time in sixteen years that meetings of this kind will have been held here. —An effort is being made to organize another Chautauqua Normal Union in this city, and a meeting for that purpose will soon ba held. There prom- ses to be a large membership, both of eachera and older pupils of all the Sunday schools of this city. Any in- lormation on this subject may be obtained of Mr. Ueo. P. Perry. —Mrs. Sawyer held her last seance here last evening, aad she and her agent, Capt. Burke, left on an early train this morulugjfor Kansas City. There were no manifestations last night, because of the prea«ue« of a contrary person In the circle. The most entertaining part of the meetings that ha*» btwm h«UJ h** b«en tha »iuf tug by visitor*, including * govern w*oS ttd a —Mr. W. D. Nichols, proprietor of the Nichols Wind Mill Co., of Elgin, is here looking for a location for his factory. The building he occupied at Elgin is an old one in the business part of town and the owners are about to tear it down and put up stores,^o Tie lias To find another locatiau. Mr. W. M. Dillon has one.of his wind mills upon his farm. Mr. Nichols has just completed an improved mill and one of monster size has recently been put up on the farm of Bernard Johnson, a prominent German of Montmorency. Mr. Nichols has had such a good trade in his new mill that he expects to employ .fifty or more men as soon as he linds a suitable building. "We have several buildings here adapted for Mr,. Nichol's purpose, and we hope he may llnd a place and locate here. —A base ball crank says: "Base ball is the greatest game on earth, but there is one great objection to it, and that is the power of the umpire. His calling of balls and strikes, allow him to give the game to either nine when the teams are well matched. Now, I have a patent that will, do away with this objectionable feature. It is a propelling machine which will allow the man who stands in the box to throw every ball over the plate. He can elevate or lower it so as to throw a ball anywhere between the knee and the waist.-The velocity of _ the ball can be regulated and the team with the beat catcher can throw the swiftest ball. Only three balls will be thrown over the plate and the striker must strike or run. Of course there will be more balls batted, but this will require more skillful playing in the Bold. The game will not then go to the nine whose pitcher can the most befuddle the umpire. My ball tosser will'Create a sensation in base ball -circles, and I expect to make big money out of it." —Our former townsman, Mr. E. W. Edson, has hadjiis lines to fall on pleasant places. In all America there is no region which excels in beauty and grandeur of the country around about Klamath Springs, Cal. He and his brother are joint properitors of the hotel and mud baths, the former of which is becoming noted for its excellent cuisine and the latter for their health- restoring properties. A recent article of considerable length in the San Fran- clso Daily Report extols the Springs and hotel in highest terms and pays the following compliment to Mr. Ep. Edson: "Ep. Etiaon is the Edson of Edson Brothers. Although on the- shady side of life, judged by his years, he is gay of heart and light of foot as a boy, and looks after the comfort of visitors. Hejis one of the few, alas! in the country who reaily know how to keep a hotel. He does not depend upon the hired help for the quick service which the people long for but seldom get. Hatleas and ooatless he rushes to andf milking the looking after team, then after bathing facilities, always doing something, yet always ready to do something else." The healthy location, pure, bracing.yet mild «lr of Klamath Springs, only twenty- four houra from San Francisco, has restored Mrs. Kdson'a health and Mr. Edson has become, as the Dally Report saas, r«>j uvenated in the buay life he leads beneath the shadow of the great Count range of mountains. We know the many readers of the UAZXTTK who count Mr. au<l Mrs. Kdson among their frlemia will ixs gratified tt> Usaru of their Mr. ftiirl Miss ITowe, who have h<-pn visiiinfjat Mr. W..II. WhippleV.left today for tlie enst. — A trench is bcinc: dnp on -tth -'. for a pmal) .sewer to connect the city !\:U1 with the Locust ptrcet power. —Mr. David Moulton and son, of Krie, Ilia., were in this city to-day, on their way to Araboy, to attend the reunion. —The Supervisors from this end of the county went to Morrison thin afternoon to attend the regular meeting of the Hoard. —Word was received to-day that Mrs. Jas. McKim is verv low at her daughters m Long Plain, Neliranka, she went thinking that a change of climate would restore her health. —Col. J. W. Uartlett has assumed command of the Filth Regiment of Knights of Pythias. Capt. F L. Carter, of Rockford, Is the adjutant. The other members of the, colonel's staff will soon be appointed. —Reynolds Bros., of this city, had a fine line of furniture on display at Morrison fair, and got the first premium on display of furniture and also the first premium on specimen of upholstering work. —Last Sunday was the 15th of August In China, and it is there celebrated as Thanksgivingday and for a week after by much feasting and worshipping of the moon. The three imperials in this city inform us that they are too overcrowded with laundry work to observe the occasion. —The rcinstrels last night were not up to expectation. The clog dancing and the female impersonations were very good, but the rest of the show was below the average. In fact there was an absence of that vim which is necessary to make a show entertaining. The warmth and the too early opening of the season probably accounts for it. —The wife of the latn'A. J. Madison! of Prophetstown, met with a and death near Denver, Colorado, whither she had gone to escape the hay fever. She was out driving In a carriage and the horses scared and ran away, which resulted in her being thrown out and killed. This occurred a few days ago. Her husband was a well known bank-, er at Prophetstown. She leaves no children. —Mr. and Mrs. L. E. BrookQeld and Mrs. T. A. Gait left yesterday for the east, to be absent for several weeks ; They will first -go-to"~Ningara~TallF7 where Mr. BrookUeld will attend a convention of embalmers or casket manu. facturers. From there they will go via the Thousand Isles of the St, Lawrence to Montreal and Quebec, and from thence to Boston, and New York, and then return. —The excursion for the Amboy Soldiers' reunion will leave here at.o o'clock tomorrow morning: The G. A. R. members are requested to meet at their post room at 8:15 and the members of Co. E at the armory at 8 o'clock. There will be a large attendance from here. It will be a gathering long to be remembered, as so many men of prominence will be present; Gov. Filer, Gen. Henderson and others. • —Keeping pace with the many public improvements going on in our city, viz., the electric light system, tho elec trio street railway and many others looking to the welfare of the general public, N. Carpenter <&f(.'o., the active and enterprising dry goods house of W. 3rd St., have had erected in their beautiful store, the wonderful cash railway on a new plan, the double track and through train; a great invention. " Call and see it~in operation. —The meeting of Will Robinson Post was reasonably well attended last night, and some of those who attended the encampment at Milwaukee gave a laughable description of their trip. Commander Harrison and S. V. C. Van Sant were appointed a committee to secure a place in the soldier's home, either al Quincy or Milwaukee, for Comrade Reeves, who has been sick for some time, at the home of S.S. Lukens, in Rock Falls. The boys are very en- thuaiaatic over the good time expected at Amboy tomorrow and there will be a large turn out if the weather is favorable. Those who went to the encampment over the C..B. & Q road speak very highly of the treatment received at. the hands of Gen. Agent Thome, of theC.B &Q.,andSupt. of Transportation, Simpson, of the C. M. & St. Paul R R. Col. Moses Dillon offered the following resolutions^ expressing their sen iments, which were unanimously adopted: WHEREAS: Will Robinson Post, No. 274. G. A. R., wishes to express its appreciation of the attentions on the part of thelLJl^cojnpaniea whicli made so pleasant and comfortauTe ouf~lrl'p" to the Milwaukee encampment, therefore, be it Resolved, That we owe an acknowledgement in regard to the delightful accommodations which made our visit a success. Resolved, That we hereby tender to Mr. L. C. Thorns, of Sterling,Gen. Agt. 0. B. & Q. R. R., and to Mr. G. E.Simp- son, of Milwaukee, Supt. of Transportation C. M. & St. Paul R. R.,our heartiest thanks tor their courteous treatment of us, and their thoughtful care for our pleasure and comfort dining ;he entire journey. Jiesoleetl, That the Adjutant be instructed to present a copy of these reso —Dixmi TYIi'eranh; Hay ton Lewis, of Amboy, brother of our circuit rierk, Ini \V. Lewis, of thia city, wns lulled by tlu j r:ira nt M fi ndota parly Monday morning. Exictly Mow tho terrible ar.ridcnt (veurred will probably n"ver ho known as no one saw tho younj; man fall and the first intelligence of his death was the finding of his fearfully mangled remains on the railroad track. He was a brakeman on the Illinois Central and the last seen of him was by tho engineer who thinks in returning to the rear of the train from tho cib of the engine he must have fallen between the cars and wan run over. Mr. Lewis w-!S aged thirty-three years; and in thU his aad and untimely death, leaves a wife and two little children. It is not long Binco we announced that Mr. Lewis bad met with v;hat was nt the time supposed to be a fata, accident by being knocked from the train by a bridge near LnSalle, where he was pick- eil up by the side of thn track In a senseless conaition. The fates appeared to be against him. —A Jollet dispatch gives the following account of the escape of a man sent up from this county: The Joliet prison was beat last night for the lirst time i.. many years by two convicts working In'the stone saw-mill. The men were kept out to keep the engines running until 9 p. m. to run the stone saws. An officer and a foreman were in charge of a gang of four convicts. Under cover of the darkness, two of the men slipped out of the engine room and with ropes and hooks attached managed to scale the forty-foot wall and escape before an alarm could be given- The escaped convicts are Edward Stone, a notorious burglar doing .eight years from Morrison, 111., sentenced In 1385, and Henry Miller, a two-year man from Waukegan, sent down a year ago A reward of $100 is offered for the recapture of the men, tod a large force of prison officers are now out after them. Stone is 21 years old, 5 feet .0'inches high, weighs MOpoundp, sandy complexion'; blue ..eyes, bright reel hair, slim built, smooth'-faco.;. Miller is aged 24, about r, feet 8 incheg^Jwoight 1-10' pounds, light sandy complexion, hazel eyes, auburn hair, has a large, ugly scar on his right jaw. Two Curs Sewer Pipe I Ju«t In Ironi Monmonth lit Jto* Flv/» Companlp" of Htate Hllltla Will be .present at the soldier's reunion at Amboy, Wednesday, Sept. 11, ind give exhibition drills for which a money prizi) will be given to the best drilled company. Miss Hose Cashing, the highly recommended trimmer, has arrived at the Hock Falls millinery storo and would be pleased to have you call 77 tr K<- <'iollip« dinner And dyer will return about Sf>ptem ber 15th. 64 tiav. t'tfrr Will attend tiio Reunion of Soldiers and Sailors of the Northwest at Amboy Wednesday, Sept. eleventh (lltli) and to accommodate the largo number going from here the G. 15. & (J. H. H. will run a special train leaving Sterling 9 a. in.; Buck Falls 0:05 a. m.; returning, leave Amboy 5:45 p. m. Fare for round trip only 85 cents; tickets good also on regular trains. Hiiibnrd'a THROAT AND T/UNO BALSAM GIVES INSTANT UELTKF. HIIETJMATIC STRUT Co. .Jackson, Mich. Genta: i have-used your Throat and Lung Balsam in my family during the past winter and find it the best remedy liat we have ever used. It gives in- tant relief. GEORGE CONNER, 211 South D Street, Oskaloosa, la. John F. Cochran, of Sigourney, Iowa, ays his wife used Hlbbard's Bheuma- ,ic and Liver Pills, for sick headache, and they entirely cured her. Hibbard's Rheumatic ani Liver Pills are remedies of great merit. We take pleasure in recommending them, tths JOHN W. ELLIS, Druggist, Sigourney, Iowa. llllnolH Mtnto Fulr, I'rorlu, III., Mcpt. JJS.1S7. From September 22nd to 27th, inclusive, the C. B. & (i, It. H., will sell round trip-tickets -frora-Kterling Peoria for 94.20; tickets to be limited for going passage to date cf sale and limited for return Sept. liSth. 02tf The Keystone Itniiil Will accompany the Will Kobinson Post G. A. It. and Co. "E" to soldier reunion at Amboy Wednesday, Septem ber llth. C. U. & Q. special train leaves Sterling 0:00 A. M.; Rock Fails 0:05 A. M, Fare for round trip only an cents. PEOPLE'S COLUMN IWWe will Insert threo linen in till* uiiin one time (or 10 eents, or lor 40 con is a week. Bach additional 'lino will be B ceuta a sln«ie Insertion, or IB cents a we«k. WANTKU. LADIES' Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. W ANTED-Oirl for housewont. None but mod one need apply. Josh Oettlngpr, at Double Front CIotliiiiB "tore. 77-tf WEAR. W ANTED—A Rcrmnn or Swede boy, with some experience with lioratw. W. It. liur- dtak, West Third si root, HU'rlini;. 70-12' W - ANTEH—Situation as niirso. Call on or Hd.iress, M. F. Williams, 107 Fifth avenue. W ANTF.D—A KOcid show case, from six to elKlit feot li'iif!, suitable for cigars. Bruce Klssi'l, No 17 W, Third street. 75-tB w "Ole Ota" ToDiitit. ' Hear the new songs and laugh at the funny situations in this comedy. At the Academy looitlil i'ou can witness the-only comedy ever written with a Swedish character lorthestnr. This play is very funny and will be presented by Mr. Heege and a line Co. No use to go any further than Rock Falls for your millinery goods; you can get anything you want there. Prices, quality and styles to suit. Dill & Co. ._......7.7 tt._. The ladies of Broadway church will give a peach and cream sociable in the church parlors on Wednesday evening. A literary and musical programme will be rendered. Everybody cordially invited. ' 701:; Headquarters for trunks and valises; also bargains in boots and shoes at Chas. Hoag's, opposite Wallace House. ___ W AN I Kl>—AKi'iits mi our popular liook "Social UynaniHe;" or iho "Wickedness of MuiliTii .Society," by T. DcWItt Tiilni»i;«. Kor terms and c roulara addn-sa (jlohe i'ublis' ing Co.,J!07 Dearborn street, Chicago'. 75-tB W ANTED—A good girl for general housework. Good pay. Apply at 721 l-ocust street. 75-tI W ANTKD—Two girls—ouo dish-washer and oim dining-room glr 1 - Apply two doors north of Maynard's livery liarn. <••-« W • ANTKI)-Wild gmpes, by Dr. Frank An thony. Call at ulllee. T2-VL.. 1'OK HAI.K. Only 10 cents for j Hues under this Heading. IjlO'U HAI.H—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas 1: laud, stock of goods. Business i laces for sale and exchange. Kronk. W. Wal/.er, Academy of Music, Koouvl " u " Fresh Lime. OneonrJuHt received at SIoHed IM1- Ion's. ' "G 12 • Choice potatoes 25o per bu. at L. L. Johneon'a. 7510 I/IOU -HALE-Some choice Partridge Cochin JJ chickens. Inquire of li. E. Sheelz, No. 10 K. Third Street. 1&-\l • .Goods Daily. F 1OU SAI,li—A Jersey heifer, 1» months old. by registered bull. Kugeue acatea. 7.>tl TT1OII SAMi-Ouo lunch counter, show case JD and six stools. Enquire of Cioo. W. Cham- ucrlln, or M. A. Hyde. 74-ti I noil SALE—A bargain In three line resl- 1 -donees in -till ward. Iminlro of 1.1. Hush. ul-ti . I OK H.VI.K OK TK.VOK. Only to cents for j lines under this Heading. Two Cars SAI.K OB TitAl>K-An Improved liirra of:M>Here*,nearllayward,Iowa. Wllllake laud here In payment. W. M. Dillon. 77 td tlilUUlvvl W V* DDDl *^ ** «v|* j w* fcii*tij^ »vu" utiona to Mr. L. 0. Thorue and Mr. O. K. Slmpeou. W. N. HAIIKISON, Com. F. A CAUOUKY, Adjt. Attention, Woodmen 1 Regular meeting of Sterling Lodge No. ia, M. W. A. Wednesday night. It is important that ev*ry tuei«b«r should be piBaeut. W. S. Snow. Clerk. T? t'i . Call »t K, W. iitoMom'it »««! g»rt at. FreHh «'enient |iiHt from the mill nt Slosen imiou'H. "W- Keunlou of Old Holdlera ut Amboy Will be held 'in the beautiful city park. Plenty of shade trees and two pood wells of water. The city council of Amboy have appropriated suflicient money to defray all expenses of the reunion. Arrangements have been made to furnisrrmeals fer ten thousand people. Special train leaves C. 1J. &Q. depot Sterling 0:00 A. M.; Kock Falls 0:05 A. si. Fare for round trip only 85 cents. Azack, the Jailer, A genuine Egyptian, will display his feats in "Ole Olaon" tonight. The 12 ft. snake will spring upon the little child, and the funny songs will please everybody. Rally Around tho Kins Once More At the Reunion of Soldiers and Sailors of the Northwest ut Amboy Sept. llth. Speeches by Oor. Kifer, lion. T. J. Henderson, Judge Crabtreo, Hon. L. H. Crooker and others. Mrs K Dill has returned from Chicago with an elegant line of millinery nooda for the Hock Falls millinery story, strut la now prepared to furnlsl the Imitaar.f Hock fulls anil vuiiiuty evttr?lttiu« in Uiw lun» i" sSri't, e!*»s Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. TTUNANCIAI.-Money to loan-?l,500 at 0 pe Jj cent., on farm security. 1. I. liush. Itoo per k Falls. TRADE MARK O. and O. TEA Cholcsst Tea Svor Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A. MOST DEI.101CUI8 BKVKltAOK. THY IT. 1=7 e'.ief. laiUt? a«T«r nriM. It In Ihn IIlTii-if Or.\i»r I K«*. plrkrd from thflb.";t i, 1 ii:l;-.M,.l,»»lii)i.ilKMi'l''<'il »b«ifluU-ly l>uro ami 1" -i li'"i>i u'.l luiiiivriiiioin or coloring tnatttT Tl.o IIA.-III,-.-" a'" lu<rim-Ur*ny ««<Ut>a and \r»rr»iil. .1 tull wnl.'til. It t» more BOOH otuicftt In uws thAii the U'wor yrmdft*. Oriental k Occidental Tea Co., tfi«, sa ,rniH!«tf sup, K Davis 4 IKeker. li. \v.

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