The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 1892 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 7
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HUTCHES SON DAXLfX NEWS, SATTJBDAY, APBIIi 9, 189a. U NSURPASSED. BOYS. BOYS. BOYS. A great special sale of boys' suite. OVER 2000 TO BE CLOSED OUT By order of our New York house. Lowest prices ever made on children's suits. Mothers, consult the interests of your pocket books. Don't miss these great bargains, at The American Clothing House. Entire New StOCk of Spring and Summer Clothing Latest Novelties in Neckwear. New Stvles in Linen and water lilly collars fromE.& "W". down to one cent each. Reversible Cuffs—try them. New Fashion HatS. Sole agents for theDvmlap hat, new stock from bottom to top. Specialties in white and negligee shirts. the best fitting white shirts in Also night robes. We carey the world New Designs in summer underwear, elastic drawers, Scriven's patent We have no leaders—everthing is uniformly cheap. Foreign orders receive prompt attention. CROCKERY, CHIN AW ARE. GLASSWARE. A handsome and attractive display, at KANAGA'S We have lately made a vast improvement in this line of goods in our Btore. Our line of English decorated chinaware, ruby etched and opalescent glassware can not be beaten in the city. Handsome chamber' sets, from $3 to $15. Examine them. A nice line of cuspidors. At the KANAGA GROCERY HOUSE. 20 North Miiln street. Spring Medicine. Dr. Gnnn's Improved Liver Pills, on account of their mild action are especially adapted for correcting spr'rng disorders, such as impure blood, tired brain and aching and worn out body. They aet promptly on the liver and kidneys; drive out all impurities from the blood, and malaria from the system. Only one pill for a dose. Try them this spring'. Sold at 25 cents a box by C. 11. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 Bright people are the quickest to recognize a good thing and buy it. We sell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers. If you are not bright these pillB will make you so. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. THAT HAcltlNfTcOUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. Dandruff is an exudation from the pores of the scalp that spreads and dries, forming Bcurf and causing the hair to fall out. Hall's Hair Kenewer cures It.' Pr, Goon's Onion Syrnp. TMB remedy is si sure cure for all diseases of ihe Throat and Lungs, caused by taking cold. It will stop a cough in one night, no matter how severe It is just what its name implies; an onion syrup, compound in such manner as to do away with the unpleasant taste and odor of the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price 50 cents. Sold by C.'lS. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 * For a lame back there is nothing better than to saturate a flannel cloth with Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and bind it on the affected parts. Try it, and you will be surprised at the prompt relief it affords, The same treatment will cure rheumatism. For sale bv 0. II. Winslow, druggist, 15 South Main street. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health, one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of De Witt's Snrsapa- rilla. Ucam'a Midland Pharmacy. SniLOII.S VITALIZER is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 cents a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drag Co. Tb» Chnrefces. CH1U8TIAN CHURCH. Corner of Main and Fifth streets. Sunday school atO:45,Shcrida!iPloughe, superintendent. Preaching at 11:00 a. and 7:45 p. in. Morning subject, "The Resurrection of Christ:" night, "The Resurrection of all Men." Christian Endeavor at 3 and 0:30 p. m. Prayer meeting • Wednesday night at 7:45. Teachers' meeting on Friday night at 7:45. KIUST BAPTIST cuirncn. Corner of Firet avenue and Maple streets, J. H. Miz 'e, pastor. _ Services each Sabbath morning and evening at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor prayer meotingat 0:30 p. m. Church prayer meeting at 0:30 each Wednesday evening. Rev. J. Y. Montague, pastor of the Haptist church at Kingman, will preach both morning and evening. All are invited to hear the "Lawyer Preacher." KVANQKLICA1, cllUltCll. Cornerof Tenth and Jefferson streets. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a, m. and 8 p.m. Young People 's Alliance at 7 p. m. Everybody is invited to all of our services. .T. II. KKKI.EK , Pastor. I.UT1IF.HAN OlilJItCH. First avenue west, Rev. .V. O. M. Hursh, pastor. Services to-morrow at 11 a. in, and 8:00 p. m. It is Palml Sunday and a suitable sermon will be delivered. In the evening the subject, "Godliness the Chief Element of Character," will be treated in the discourse. Sunday school at 9:45, a. in. Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p. in. All cordially invited to attend these services. Preaching also on Monday evening. FIH8T 1T.KS11YTKIHAN (,'IIUIICH. Sherman and Poplar streets, the Rev. A. F. Irwin, pastor. Services at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by pastor. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m. The Jnnior Endeavor at 3 p. in. The Y. P. 3. of C. E. at 0:30 p. m. Strangers are cordially invited to all services. FiusT iinTiiomsr CUUIICII. Quarterly conference this (Saturday) evening at 8 o'clock. Services on the Sabbath as follows: Preaching by Rev. J. T. llannu, D. I)., at 11 a. m., followed by the Lord's Supper. Preaching and evangelistic services at 8 p. m. in charge of the pastor. Sunday school at W .30 a. m., .Junior League meets at 3 p. in. Epworth League at 7:00 p. m„ H. C. Minnich leader. Prayer meeting Wednesday evcuing at 8 p. m., and Friday at 3 p. m. Cottage prayer meetings Tuesday at 8 p. m. Teachers' meeting Friday at 8 p. in. C. L. S. C. meets every Monday at 8 p. m. Public invited and made welcome to all services. <1AY W. SojiEiiVii.i.K, Pastor. CITY TAHKUNACI.B. Sermon morning and evening by J. Q. Swinn of Stafford. Sunday school at 9:30. Y. A Tucker, superintendent. Y. P. S. C.E. meeting at 0:15 in the evening. directly on the Liver, Stomach and Kidneys, gently aiding those organs to perform, their functions. If you are amiet- ed with Sick Headache, you will find speedy and permanent relief by taking Electric Bitters. One trial will convince you that this is the remedy you need. Large bottles only 50c at C." E. Sidlingcr's drug store. 0 Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorb The Iliinclsomest Lady in liutclilnfum Remarked to a friend the other day Hint she knew that Kemp's ltalsam for the throat was a superior remedy, as it bail stopped her cough instantly when other cough remedies had no effect whatever. So to prove this and convince you of its inorit, any drugist will give you a sample bottle FREE. Large sive 50c and $1. THE COLUMBUS IS THE BEST A gentleman in Union County, Mo. who is too modest a man to have his name mentioned in the newspapers, was cured of rheumatism by Chamberlain's Pain Halm after trying other medicines and treatment for thirteen years. For sale by C. 11. Winslow druggist, 15, South Main street. 'A trial convinces the most skeptical. Carefully prepared, pleasant to the taste. DeWitt's Cough and Consumption Cure is a valuable remedy. Beams Midland Pharancy. Wo truly believe DeWits's Little Earley Risers to be the most natural, most effective, most prompt and economical pill for billiousness, indigestion and inactive liver. Beam's Midland Phormaey. If dull, spiritless and stupid; if your blood is thick and sluggish; if your appetite is capricious and uncertain, you need a Sarsaparilla. For best results take Be Witt's. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. A Suro Cure for Flic*. Itching piles are known by moisture like perspiration, causing intense itching when warm. This form as well as blind, bleeding or protruding, yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly on the parts affected, absorbs tumors, allays itching and effects a permanent cure. 50 cents, Druggists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. Bosanko, 320 Arch street Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by C. B. Winslow, druggiBt, 3-11-93 Chamberlain's Kye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Cb»' >|iic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Salt Rhem, St'ald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had failed. It is put np in 25 and SO cent boxes, For sale by C. B. Winslow. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured by , Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price B0 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by A. & A Drug Co. A Honu of IK'Jll. When grandpa went a-wooing. He wore a satin ve3t A trail of running roses Embroidered on the breast. The pattern of his trousers, ilia linen, white ana line, Were all the latest fashion In eighteen twenty-nine. Clrandpa was a fine-looking young fellow then, so the old ladies say, and "ae is a line-looking old gentleman now. For the past score of years he has been a firm believer in the merits of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. "It renewed my youth," he frequently says. It is tho only blood purifier and liver invigorator guaranteed to. benefit or cure, or money promptly refunded. It cures liver disease, dyspepsia, scrofulous sores, skip eruptions, and all diseases of the blood. For lingering eoughsand consumption (which iH lung scrofula in its early stages) it is an unparalleled remedy. Kind Not Mlept for Years. Mr. A. Jackson, an old resident of Rusk, Texas, and manager of the magnificent new hotel at Rusk, informs us :he had not slept for years except in short naps, owing to incessant coughing. He was advised when very much rim down to try Ballard's Horchound Syrup; he was immediately relieved of his cough and lib) rest improved to such a degree that he could sleep soundly all night. Mr. Jackson says: "I regard Ballard 's Horchound Syrup superior to any cough syrnp on the market, and its freedom from opium and morphine leave no constipation after using it. For this reason alone I consider it the best cough syrup in the world for children. Sly lungs are now stronger than they have been for years. This syrup is very soothing to the throat and Kings." Sold by all druggists.' liu Oiieklen'H Arnica Hulve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 25,cents per box. For sale by C. E. Sidlinger, Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria Crlpplo Cre-clr, The rush for this new mining camp continues and is increasing. Very rich linds are recorded daily and the town of Fremont, which had no existence a few weeks ago, now boasts of 3,000 inhabitants and is growing rapidly. This new El Dorado lies to the southwest of Pikes Peak, about eighteen miles from Florissant, a point on the t.'oloi-ado Midland (Santa li'e.l line, and about fifty miles from Colorado Springs. Daily stages run between Florissant and Fremont. Call at the Santa l-'e ticket office and get printed matter giving much valuable information con- eomiiig this camp, or write the undersigned, who w'll mail the information to any.address. J. W. TKDKOIIM, Santa Fe Route. I oil Dead. These words are very familiar to our readers, as not a day passes without the report of the sudden death of some prominent citizen. The explanation is "Heart Disease." Therefore beware if you have any of tho following symptoms: Short breath, pain in side, smothering spells, swolen ankles, asthmatic breathing, weak and hungry spells, tenderness in shoulder or arm. fluttering of the heart or irregular pulse. These symptoms mean heart disease. The most reliable remedy is llr. Miles' N'ew Heart Cure, which has saved thousands of lives. Hook of testimonials free at A. and A. Drug company, who sell the New Hunrt Cure. children Cry for^Jtchert Castoria. A Sprained Ankle. This is a common occurrence and one that will lay people up ordinarially six to eight weeks, yet wo will guarautee Hal lard's Snow Liniment to cure any case of sprained ankle in one to three days if applied at once, aud to immediately relievo all pain. Snow Liniment will cure any old sore on man or beast. It will heal all wounds and cureB sprains, burns,, scalds, braises, sore throat, sore chest, lame back, corns, bunions. For rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia, contracted muscles it 1ms no equal. Do not allow any other white liniments to be put off on you for Snow Liniment. There is no other like it. Ask for Ballard 's Snow Liniment. Sold by all druggists. lin I HAVE BOUGHT THE STOCK Of Buggies, Harness, Robes, Horse Nets, etc., of J. G. Wolcott & Co., • and moved the same to 404 North Main, and in addition to his stock v have added a large invoice of Columbus, Stover & Abbott andStu- debaker Buggies, Victorias, Surreys, Phaetons, Carts, Farm Wagons, and a complete line of F f . ,.. __J#* ARMING - IMPLEMENTS ^poMPiM waww^wtw^uwww^ M **°| ^^^^^ The Columbus Buggy company's" goods are the best in the market, and I am the only dealer in the county handling them. Come and see me for bargains in the buggy and implement line. I have the stock to pick from, and am offering some great bargains in prices. J. B. TALBOTT, 404 North Main. LATEST STYLES NEWEST DESIGNS The Population ol' Hutchinson Is about 10,000, and we would say at least one-half is troubled with some af- fectionof thethroatandhiugs, as these complaints are, according to statistics, more numerous than others. We would ndvise all our readers not to neglect the opportunity to call ou their druggist and get a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottles 5l )e and SI. Sold by all druggists. Mile*' Nerve mtd Liver rills. Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 50 doses 35 cents. Samples free at A. ,t A. Drug Co. When Baby wu dek, wo gave her Omtarla. Vfben ahe m • Child, «he cried for Cuatorla. When ahe became Miss, eho clung to Castoria. When the had Children, sho gave them C&storUV Are cheaper to operate than coal • stove. Price of Gas for Fuel Price of Gas Stoves Itev. .Joslfth Davis In the City. The Rev. Josiah Davis, one of the most eloquent and able speakers in Kansas, and state missionary for the Universalist church, is in the city, and will preach at the UhiverBaliBt church to-morrow morning at U o'clock and again in the evening at 7:30. Those who attend may be assured of an excellent sermon, as Rev. Davis is quite an able man. Uolv'a This? Wu offer one hundred dollars reward for any case of catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. V. J. CUENEY & CO., Proprietors, Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known F. 3. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WKST & TKUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALKING, KINNAN & MAKKIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials Bent free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Home Potatoes. Wo Bhould Bay BO . A whole car load of elegant foreign raised potatoes at the popular grocery house of J. M Brehm's. Strength and Health. If you are not feeling strong and healtiiy, try Eleetrio Bitten). If "La Grippe" has left you weak and weary, use Electric Bitters. This remedy acts A I .lttle Girl a Experience In u f .lf ;litliouse. Mr. and Mrs. f.oren Trescott are keepers of the government lighthouse at Sand Beach, Mfeh., and are blessed with a daughter 4 years old. Last April she was taken down with mea sles, followed with a dreadful cough and turning into a fever. Doctors at home and at Detroit treated her, but in vain. She grew worse rapidly until she was a mere "handful of bones." Then she tried Dr. King's New Discovery, and after the use of two and a half bottles was completely cured. They say Dr. King's New Discovery is worth its weight in gold, yet you may get a trial bottle froe at C. E. SidlinJ ger's drug store. _ For Hale Cheap. The oaBt half of section fifteen, township twenty-three, ranga eight, in Ileno county, Kansas. Will exchange for Denver property. Address H. S. DeSollar, Denver, Col. 1m. WILL YO0 SUFFER with dyspepsia and liver complaint? Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria Full to Oo Our Duty. Everybody has at times failed to do" their duty towards themselves. Hundreds of lady readers suffer from sick headache, nervousness, sleeplessness and female troubles. Let them follow the example of Mrs. H. Herbechtcr, StevenB Point, Wis., who for five years suffered greatly from Nervous Prostra tion and sleeplessness, tried physicians and different medicines without success. But one bottle of Dr. Miles' JJcr vine caused sound sleep every night and she is feeling like a new person. Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City, Wyoming, who tried all other remedies, declares that after three week's uBe of the Nervine for Headache, Nervous Prostration, etc., she was entirely relieved. - Sold by A. Jfc A. Drug Co. Trial bottle free. As early in the season us tho heat of the cook stove can be dispensed with for comfort, a gas cook stovu can bi substituted at u great saving In money, and a, wonderful saving of labor. Funeral expenses are too high to permit tile use of gasoline stoves with economy, even if gasoline cost nothing. The cost in meat and potatoes of replacing by natures process the animal tissues worn out in splitting kindling, carrying coal aud ashes and cleaning up the dirt, for the care of the coal stove, will foot up more actual money than the gas would cost to run a gas stove. Then there is saving in soap and temper to be considered. What Reduced A. I VAUGHAN & CO, Manufacturers of and wholesale rlealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies. Correspondence solicited. Mail orders v/ill receive prompt attention. 406 North Main St. KIRK'S IAM0N TARSOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Cures Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns, Eta. Removes and Prevents Dandruff. WHITE RUSSIAN SOAP. Specially Adapted for Use in HardWate* A Man, or Woman, ofintelDcence ami quick-witted enough U» know a. "(iooil TlilnRl' at night, but wlioha« lo«t the most iireclouH POHHCHHIOH on eatfth, viz. UootX Health, will not require a second, tilling to be tiuluceil to become a purchaser of Dr. Gregg's Electric Belts and Appliances. Do you know why? Becmiaelt is plain to be Hecn that the truth once tolrt IH enough. The HurprlnUig qromptnc*«H with which all cliMMCB of people rcHpoml to our announcements; and the rapidly Increasing demand for Dr. Gregg's goods wherever Introduced, lady can not recall the loss of material., ^KJ^'£BlW&$ and family happiness caused by the coal ilro getting 1 either too low or too hot on bakinff day. This can all be avoided by the use of gan utoves, because the heat can be regulated to a hair and maintained perfectly steady. Look at the JEWEL GRAND GAS-STOVE takes care'of tUelf. Metaphorically our Htatevnftiit VH the iiuuon —the L'uuHc Pr««H Dfl.TREEG'S ELECTRIC SPECIALTIES "DO THE BEST,' The extent ot prenuuro on the button and the aucccBB of Dr. Oregg'n Electric Uoods In "Doing the Rest," 1« most »atlHf:ictortly Hhown In the marvelous gcuwUi of our ttuAV ness the paiit 110 ilaya. Itepcatcd anil IncreaHlng Aetnandx for Tlfff GltEUG 1 !r .K(!TKIO "FOOT WARMER" arc coralni! in from all narl» ot the country with profuse acknowledgement* that BO much comfort fur SI.00 (the price) was like UuvliiK gold dollar* for ten cent*. The delicate organism of woman rtuojecta her to many peoullar aliments and unfortunate mlftery. The extreme HeusHlveuesB of her ncrvoua HVriiein very frequently ce quired arttJIclal ntlmulu». The (Irege Electric llelt and other AppllaticcH supply this, as nothing else can. The rugged couHtltutton o[ man, when once broken, becomes pitiable In the extreme, from which there Is absolutely iioen- caqe without asnl^tance. The Clregg Electric Bella and Appliances, In cases of this kind, have honestly won tbetr title of Kin? of Remedies. HheumatlHin Is conquered, sufferers from Obesity are sqeedlly relieved, Dropny quickly yields, Splnat nlfllcultleH anil I'aralysli disappear, and many other disease* of men aud women are permanently cured, fully described In complete catalogue for He, or elalsjrate circular free. We guarantee to forfeit iwlce the price of any of Dr. (Jrcgg's » ue uut genuine. We make Goods found to And note the reduced price*. No. 307— 4 burners on top S22 .M " 300—3 " '• " 21.00 " 305 —2 " " " 10.50 All the above with baking, roastiug and broiling ovens all the same. We would ho pleased to show tho 1 the ladleB of Hutchinson either the above or scverul other styles of gas Btovi 'B ID operation, at the office at the Water Worka, lilMltiW Iffll. UCIIV MM fttNEB CO, . not genuine. T , an elegant little JM.OO Electric Belt, which m selling very rapidly and which we will take In exchange for any higher power belt (except So Belt) and credit S.1 on the price of new order. Remember th« Blectrlc "Foot Warmers" are Jl a pair, worth $10. Ad dress THE GKKOO ELECTRIC CUKE CO. . 501 lnter-Occan Building, Chicago, ril„ and mention this paper. C II IITTICPPn "tuoll»nod 18^, 0. in. LI I ILC4ljU .,!aos.WATEKer., OXJCIOA-CiC3, Iljli., COMMISSION MERCHANT*; BROOM CORN. . fay* If l*wU. tirtta t'M» " XHW. truster Mn . . A. KHI, l ••RhMK HUtoul Hut.

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