Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGlSTERyWEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 0,1912. , ^ i ^ ? BVRbNWlLUAMS CHAPTER III. A JOBt Is ft Jest, but tho followlnff Ipttnr, rerelved by "His Honor, tho Mnyor" next mornliiK, KiigRcBted a straw too much for tho Anlntlc rurnl* nanfa back. Tersely, It paid: "Squirrel Inn, "Sunday Jlornlng. "Mr. Walter Bcdight, "Mayor of Osslan: "De4r Sir: The IcvUy of your demeanoi: at ypstorday's trial and tho ostensibly ncmchalant attlttido you chose to take of tho acntrnce Inflicted, leads me lo brlieve that you arc consldcjrlng this very serious matter altogoibcr too 1 ghtly. Under ordinary circumstances a band^me trliler might jrldo Into a womanis camp lilto I-.ochinvar, boldly grasp a pretty girl In hia arms and kiss her, without paying a more severe penalty than tho -scorn of the camp and a' few surfaco scratches. And even you, evidently a gentleman aa well as a politician, might i have escaped with a fitting rebuke had you been luckier. Unencumbered by baggage and feeling unbound by our court to remain, you could have drifted away into the evening shadows and laughed at our efforts to restrain jou. "nut; Mr. Bodight, as a candidate for representative at the coming ol<c- tlon, for which Von are ovid^ntly recouping .your vital forces In ihls tranquil spot, you will scarcely desert while we have In our possession a document so_^ incriminating as that found by us yesterday in your wako through the dogwood swamp. "Tho document itself Is evidence enough. If given publicity, to lose you the votes of almost every woman In th4 district. Such treachery as you have in mind—the drafting of a bill against woman 's suffrage—wiH not be countenanced by the fair voters of Ihls land, once the facts are in their possession! "I trust you realire the enormity of :your crime and the hold we Lava on lyou. Should you be unwise enough !to violate the sentence of this court, 'the news of your duplicity will be sent to the women's clubs of your di:> trlct, to ho followed by unimpeachable evidence In your handwriting—the bill Itself. I am satlsllcd th:it your better judgment will prevail and that you will serve your sentence as becomes a go.ntleman and a candidate. This being Sunday, you will be allowed your liberty to go and come aa you please and fortify your mind against tho ordeal you arc about to experience. On Monday morning you will inaugurate your sentence by beginning with Mae Andrews, whoso name appears first on the alphabetical list. Mao is a stunning blonde with hair like spun flax and cheeks Hko the down of an Alberta poach. She i.^ city broke and a high stepper, has a COLLARS In •vMtc M'!:T ,| 2 f«" 25c Clucit, !'«j'wii,v /t (>t.. M.ii.tii iiW— iiMi»r«i I'm fAKESTAHLOF DOStON, WHO'S IDOL FANDOM, HAS HAD INTERESTING CAREER lie turned htn head to cntrh a tllnipso of tCt^r, flitting throui^h the rcps, hut tiiillka LoVa wife, aba dl(^ lot look back. lUfi mayor vlghcd. "What an awful mess a man can jet Into," be sorrowed, "through the •erlectly b'armless diversion of klsa- •.ng'." (To He .roMtinu«-il.) "Guilty, I Say, and Proui] of If* dozen' Beau Brummels Infatuated and loves to see enamored men turn somersaults in the service of the queenly fex. You will do what she tells you —even to jumping through a hoop, Ehould sbe demand it. "For purposes of assignment, I give you berewltb the list of your owners and tbe days ot\fouT Berrltude, aa ; follows: "Monday, Mae Andrews. "Tuesday, Mabel Amey "Wednesday, Harriet Brooks "Thnraday, Margaret Rimsworth "Friday, Alice Mason "Saturday. Molly McConnell "Sunday—open date fpr repentance "Monday. Cleo Summers •Ttiesday, Lucille Walters "Wednesday. Bess Winters "Thursday, "Jack" Vining ^ "It comes to our knowledge that you •re very desirous of reaching your district oii the Saturday night following, where you are to open joilr campaign.. Should you prov« yourself a perfect gentleman during the Interim and serir« your sentence with due humility, we-will you the In- "Jackie" VInlng. criminating bill and Permit you to depart In peace. "IJut for every Indiscretion on your part, you will bo given a ten days' KCDtcnco under tho same conditions now governing. Tho court has en- c'cavorod to linprcs.s jou with tho seriousness of your situation and shall f<-oi no regret should yoti, in your hccUIe .-^sncss, fail to grasp its Import. "(liven this day and date under my letter seal at Squirrel Inn, DInsledalc, Wisconsin. "•JACK' YININQ, Judge." Walter Bcdight, mayor and candi dale for tho icgi.slaturc, frowneil. ri.iinly, here was a predicament. The hi:mor of the .situation had fled. The l>iqued attitude of tho "judge" toward him was plain. It was more than tbis. It wa-s "catty." She ran after him and he kissed her, a perfectly thing for a handsome bacliclor to do :f tho pur .suer were pretty—and goodness knows Jackie Vining was enough of that to give almost any inquisitive young man palpitation of tl -.c heart: Hut even male judges hr.vo a way of thfir own, ab.=oluto and imrclent'- in.?, while a woman judge, pretty, -vi- vaoiou.'', enticing, raptured in a dogwood swami» and kissed against her will —Uediglit shuddered at his pos- siblo fate! Tho fury of a woman osculated Is frequently as accentuated as tho anger of a woman scorned! And he was tho goat! Deep in a quandary of ways and means, tho luckless politician, mentally berating tho fatal day of woman sufrr.ige, wandered into the cool, umbrageous wood. It was midsummer and the forest was .1 sylvan rt -treiit monk and man might los« his (roubles in the riiii-iling of tho rlils and receive divine unction from tho nature god rul- li ^g with soothing zephyrs- and elixirs of ellloresc^ce. Bcdight p-netrated. far Into the heart of the wood, where dryads romp along the sunbeamed way through interstices in tho trees,where n.other brown thrushes peep frQm shvJtered nests and frisking squirrels chatter of thn hickory nuts a -ripening upon the scraggly trees. And then he saw her! Like P .syche, ; he stooped beside a quiet pool, al»ovo her the Fpri »adlng branches of a water elm.' Bcsido her on the brink the hareltull grew and to her ear there canio from down below tho rhythmical cadence of a brooklet's song, (he s.-ime song that. In crescendo or rtimim :cndo, it had sung for centuriei?, tho ever chanted, perpetual song of the brook! He stole softly forward on tip-too. Absorbed In her m.ood. sho gave no heed. Tho rich outline of her figure 1 hi Hied him and on hr>r golden hair the sheen of tho morning radiated like a halo on tho head of a Titian masterpiece. Stop-by step ho drew near, rn:i!io:isly. Little by little he crept forward until he stood with hls|hand uiwin tho tnmk of a tro/>. * And! then, quietly, fearlessly, he stepped behind hoc. his shadow failing over her fhoulder upon tho placid waters of tho pool. With a cry of alarm she sprang to her feet and faced him. Ho stood his ground boldly, but in his eyes there was an appeal. "Forgive mc," ho said evenly. "I— you needed the shadow of a man to complete the picture.'.' "Vou flatter yourself," she replied coldly. He started to speak. Impulsively, to plead for forgiveness, but she held up her hand mandatorily. "I hold no conversation with prls- oners outside of court," she said.aiu- terely. Turning from the pool, sbe stood before bini as one in authority. "I am,. going. Wait here. Do not follow me," she admonished. He sat down beside the pool. As he did so, for a fleeting mo^nent the form of a litJbo and gracetu] woman fell over bis shoulders upon the drowsy -waters— btit the face was turned toward the! backward trail. "EreryjIhiDg—eren mytlioiogy — la twisted,"! be growled, *in these parlous dajrii of W9iiu4^:ibdlra{;e.''. _ ST IK IHSTKHT. (i^ .M Iii<i<ersont Odulier I'. \S"e eviend our deppp ;yuiiiat!iy to <" I. Sniherianil and •.iiiiily in (heir ID.-;.-; of a dear wife and uotlier. i .Mr.v. S r llo/.eiiicu) and son- Kusi ;iie. attemliMl sirviees at the T.'iber- laeje in .Nortljeiitt Saturday cv'-ulnir. Ceo. Mal'ie. Haiiiuej II:irris and Mr 'eai^'in mill tmi;.-; last week f"r I -i ')er li'iniir4>il j The kafl'ir eorn In mir vicinity wn ; 'laiily; frost liitlen ami ••orn makes a mor i-!i'nviii£r .1. i-; l'o>\e|l iinil I'".iist .T <'e Ito /oMi .'in vere Colony slioppers Saturday after- tidon. .Mrs. .\nna IdiUerson and I.<uiiy *-ere'eallers at Mrs. Bert Paynes and Star school Friday.' Mrs. A. \. I.artlirop visited i.>st ttook with lier dau;:liti r. Mrs. C. I. '1ickir.-on. and family Miss .Mjirgaret Pearson wsr: in town Kriiiay afternoon. .Mr. and .Mrs. :S. M I>iiker.'-on ami rmuily spent ;\ very .tijoynhie itay at 'he 'lome of .\I\:i Itioolis in Deer ('reek. l.iltle l.nui.'e i liiker.-on is (piile ill ai tliis writina. It Itirk<.M>in iKiuIeii wnt.-r Monii.iy .Mr. am! .Mr.>. All.-rt I>i-u-oti cilN-d on l>r. and Mrs Sniitli Sunilay ('has. [licker.-on ami family ri<:fef| at W. P. P:iyn<>'.< Suailay afli'rnoon. .Mrs. Win. Vnytn' rall<-(| on .Mr- Steve l>ii-ker-:e« Tu"S(Iay afiernoon. ilso c.Tlleil at n. .M<'Cal)es on a \isii Id tlie sii-k. Dr. .Smitii was <;iJIe/I Tue.'.-day to iire-cribe for I.onise Hickevson. C. 1.. Dirker-^oil anil wife visiteil in N'ortl'.eott Tufsday. Cliarles went to inve.-ilsrate a |»>.-<sil>le i-lue to some 'ost eattlr. l.iil'e .\l:.!ide MrCahc j .s a little Letter al this j^itiir.;.. HM.NTIC MITII i:C/KJI\. ttrliiu'Z iind Uurniusr l»rl»r One VlnMi>t Mild. Irv llii> Kiniid) al Our Kisk. ChMilren and. srovn I'K r.^ons ioo. ire so ofti'n ilriven aluiiisl frantic with the inlolcraltle ileiiiiig and luirnini: of Ic/eiiui and otJH 'r skin trou- liles. tiiat a remedy wlii.ii will not only secure their immediate comfort- liut also clear away the emiitiim in a .•iliort lime, is nniliins I'ss tlian a pub lie tipnefi;. It is reniark:ihle fliat so mild and 'lariuless an aiipli.'a'ion as our new -kin remeily. .Saxo Salve, can strip tiie itchimi s'> <;i!ickly as it <ioe.-. .\iiil Its penelraltn'.; iiealinu jiower is even more reuiarkat>Ie. Tor inipr-ive ineni is seen after the fir^-t few liays md tlie final results IMUHI saii.-jfy tue user or we refund the money. if you liave ;iny itcijiim. or l>uru- in;; ra:-'i or lonror of (!;e skin, any .-caly or ctnouie old .•^^kln iioubl^ .SaW' Salve i- wliat yoo need and yo^i 'ijionlfl try I hi;; splendid reiii.'iy. Uur- rel!'.< Drue .Store I Am Willing To Prove I Can Cure You \ To That End I Am Givinj* Away $10,000 Worth of Medicine Jake SUhL Manaccr Jake Stahl ot the Boston Red Box, who la the MggMt maa in ba»eball, and also one of tandona'a Idols, bail had »otere«^ c*- recr. Ho was bom In Elkhart, lU, In IMO: »eJ,^«„t^|»?''S2f' hlKh school in 1897. and entered »*f' 0» """'S S.hfS ins his spare time be played IwaebaU and J^.'^^SST* Ho niayca-.four years cf varsity baseball and football and • on h'a Iraduation Jn 1!K)3 he Joined the Hed Sox. wltU >rhom ba baa Iw a good ^bara of the Ume slnca. . TVKIVK .MF> AKTKK WII.SO.N. HAT I,AM ; uisi I ssi(»>. Hut lie Ilucvn'l T. S Itail and wife who !i.-'ve heett visitihu relatives In the -ast have returned home. Mrs. F. C. yi'orih, of Leavenworth, wiui lias been liere visi'ini; frienils retained home tills morning. RESTORE CimYiR JO mRAL COLOR By Common Garden Sage a Simple Remedy for Dandruff, Falling, faded, Gray Hair. ScMTiil (iood Siieakrrs Tniil the IHni- ; rurlis an Ilelr tii| il, I arralic Candidate. . | l.iKe it. Iienver. ()!•;. S---'|'ttenty-l<iiir hoiMs | Senator Curtis is l>iifer In his il'i- in the wake of Wonirovv Wilson. Hem ; nuiiciation of iiis opixineui.-;, |).irticu- "cratie candidate, wlio is tJiuring tiie | larly of Coveruor Sluhlis. Senator West, tbe Ucpuldiian Tariff Train , Curtis forgeis iliat Iii.s cise is no e>:- wil! r «i!!(r -.v him into and tiiroti;;li ' ception to the rule. Il,- knows (!i'- Kaiiias ou Wednesday. Tlie first stop | liistory of jiolitics and I:.of ihe train, with its tariff exiier's j knew tliat lo- w :i.-; ciooni' il lo the Ivuifc will 'l.e a'. .Newton The jiriucipa I ! .snou'T or later, and tliaf no huni.-in -lo|i fif Hie (lay is al Toiieka._ Kansa.: ' power could s.ivc liiin.' To !)e .save'i City. Mo. Hill l ;e tj 'e center cf tile every rule atnl preec,j,.||t in' file JMI- -tace Wciincs'iay ni ;,'ht 1 liiieal history of ICaiisas wvnild ii.-ive •Jhe l !i |m!'li. an .-peak -T- alioarii \ („ („. ignore,) ,,r hrolcen. Fl- ;;ilinin-,' the tarilt" train. headed l.y Cnitc -I , wlili Coviriior Kohinsoii, llie eieniy Stai.-M Scnai'.r •rii.oilore llurlon. of ^,,1 whil,- (li.-y fli.l not d' Ohi... ami I.-a :u- M Meekins. of .N'orHi , f,..ii^. Ile-y del WOIM - a >id drov Caroiina. are sliouiini: at t lovernnr . din, to jaitcide. 'I'Jicn the ^etter.s "KOI"' every slop: -Wiiat alioiil | suci-e.^.sor, anri Itosr- wn.s sent th- tariff.'' 'KMdain liow voor f ri,vf/. r him came f;.).."well, aivi rraile ii!' as. iiiaiie law. v, ill not ile- ; i|„.„ |Vim< roy. St. .Foliii went down stroy prosperily. i-.aralyze liiisine.->. („ disastrous ilefe.-ii. .Xni'iony w ^ts and throw niillie.n.- i ;ut of empl'v-: scalped and l!i< a the ii::itchles .=5 lii- ment!" galls was. I lie victim. Senator I'lumli .\s tin atlrnriion for the train Mr. ! ..c,.;,,,,.,] .inlv by li^ Then came .Meekins is of irore than usual inter-' Uunon and then U.ji-. till went down est. II.- wa.- !i Iloosevel! delegate ill and-out under the irresisttilile force of the Chitauo convention. ;.'avin:r Iiren I lonu [lersona! fiii.'Ud tlii' Color.el. lie fidlo>v.>| him .tiiroii^li thick am! lliit*. al the h< ad of tiie .Vorth Carolina ife!e-.:a !i <m. Wheu itie I'rdone! bolted .Mr .Me.kins s«'|ck fa .-t to hi.- party. S« man i.< l .iu^cr than Hie, llepnlilictin party." h'- said "Presi- , den' T;.r jio (i ;inalion was lione ;t , and fairiy won I am a Keiuiiilii-an , My stale iviU soon l .e R.oiilili-an We to: I if it four year.- at;o by eich- leen thoii;.and. IL'C.tMi.i while Mien vot- ' iiig for Taft. for the n.-ttro i.^ disfranchised "I would like to call alteinion to nu'itUrr '.'(ing. William .lenninus l?r;.:in. tlie l>eniocralic war liorse. In otili-r III rliow lieyoiiil all tf.iul'l that I am In \><i-- , of ii iiirdl.'iue llial will I'liie Ulilii .'v lioitlile, bla.hli i' ti.»iili|tt'.tf )h.'iiMi tii:>ot, t \^ ill itit.-i v'tai (•.l\.> mviiv l.ii llij .ii .nil .lelliiri w..ini ef lliN iiM'di.'Oii. ittid iifisofi.' (.(ifoie.; IroMl llioe .III... ... .Ill III I II l.i.x III 11 lilixi.ltltely ti.... .Ml IIIMI I.II I|. (I iiy l .i te *.<ml III*. ><.iit- f.iMt. .4..., I delt'l Ml.' .11 III:. I ,^.111 -'.re lo IM.i a pnri .if U t.r ;itl ..f tl i>-.v 1.).; it riiie .1. I HI. all t 'll I nOt .'-Mi.l vi.ti .i IH.X of till I III ..II .ii.i i .iii. I-, rr . ...r 1 li.iit,-.i. a itifi ri..i .i iiie I.. Mil ri>- \. jl »iia .i .-i5i (.r 111.. «.iiiii. .-1. I . HI • i,..>v ^ llieid x\ h. f.» .mil hiiw 1.1 1' \ HI IV In ii .i '-I I will lliil rxi» . I I •<• ii- tit (..I III. III...h.-in.', iioi- weniil I ,111.1.! it ... .\ .-r In 1. 1- if \ en ^.-nr .i , li i:; ill li: |. it • III* ;.ii.u'.: el III' '.^ i:--l. i-'er I'A • !il\. In I- \..ii." a .ri.rl..- ..f -i e.'filiir.i- 1 J '.ive 1.. ...'I Jr.ifn; In .-"rr. nc-f tlt»* iiiil'Ij.- iliMi I lti\'- it (ii I hiTi.: -.ill', ifii . .-em.-iljinir !'• i'- r II..m i!i|, t-. I; I'.e fi'i- l^"• ef .'••fit...rii. .ei'.-it-- r-S.-!- i tir tte IT., I'.il Iiel'i-Ill^ I.l.lri- .\ I el; e-'. -.[ : f". anii'i-. in.; r til. te ii -ie .i. tta' il . 1'. .-I'd', iiii- 1- I 'l 'I' 'II..- 11'. I'.'- , ltliit'.:s UTi'.ii. • - l.iUy ..11 .1 I-,;. ,,'.1 ' )...;..' ;oi.| I.--:. '- I.. Ii-t.'n l-. -n , i>ii" ' Ih-'re.-ilt. r. I t..;\-. I ;ii.i in :i i"..-i-.-:. \ l|..\v t'l iI »'»iii »Ti-*r..». li. silff' 1-' : - .il - eiv.-r evfv n. *• ti-tt 1 l :ile .-, .te ir.-- tj-,,.! cur-, tii -c- e ill ....i-.. I ..... • —, t'l ^f..i..| ,.Tiy Ill t |.(.i ...If ; t .i..!i'r , li^l; tf.-'Tt t*. fi-..-t:.-.... itiv. I'.. I ._'.vn '•• ' 'i' I!;' v-.<'l .a t.-h.iil. I'll..!.. Ii.ll .'M ' a-k i,i I)..I 11"-. '11' I' ^ • r .1 "r.. ti Ihv le — h. e .It I,.-.- ..Hll .'. !. Tin' :.• ruri 1. t.ii.. 'I'*. Tilts Tvt f tl iv. : f ri-'i'^?': t.-ri I 'l'.'i- Farel ili.IIaT^-. w ! !. \\i:l !•. .i,-- 'I t-. ...I 'l- : |Mi!i.|.! riiv ri;. .1:. i .f \Iii.-h et il i . r. ...U- . new to I.-' f^. (1.1 :.I| f-f It f.-. .-1| :ir; I : • .n .l .t..]. Tl:.'..' -.Mil •»!i ! .1 : • 't'r-r..-, ft,.»..i-'-. T'CI.- U- lii..i iifl .1 til* III Ali.t \\-lie n. . il i-.n ; C.r .wJ.lrte i.f It l|..,. P,|;| If; n:-!. . 11,1- I -*t.fM kr ('.i\- tli-.I v .'ij 1;,.-. e ;( -Ir-.-I I'.' win h tlr. ^ ill.- r. r^'-nd. i. t ;IK 1; y...l 1.. . rnl ii..- -..ttl.' ..f '..i>.r l .-».llL.r ! ^.-Ti .t .l ..lii' If -.'.11 iin\.- :il.-. -.1 t::. /, • nr l.teis in III.' !-sI |.-it;t ..I !|. r.- v ..i 1, Itiy l.l.-ii.-in" .i :"I if y.i.l ill \-. Tjt.. e I v .lll 1 ,-I:t.l:-. .-i. ...I V..1I :i 1....; -.f il f- v.-tl!i fiill ..-.r. .-:}..I.,^ V'.- .....I- 11-.. , tie - ..,.-r. .•. ..v)!..-!; \-:ntit "ii: »-i..l li:i\.-. .1 \ :.t. i:i. :...i.-:I le' DR. T. FRANK LYNOTf who ••civinK «»v»y $IO,(ipOwurth <:(nuyicino. V ill i'.. till!; I ;t ;ii rreinl.'siM:; lo .•i '-nrt .i,iv -.t; •; \ , \-. > ..i.. .i I.-.x ef •i • - tv .11, ( l .i 'l .lit. .-!i'.;. ( of - -. , .t .'l 1 :: <\ .!.. Il; It 1 i :a • {HT t!" •:. II •• . '!,.-„... tl , . |-..-i-ll • .' 1..; t - l,;\v . .Mi.I»l-.'- ii'.; ' . • .- \ .'i r,'»J <' i -t. I't ij.|l :.'l.>.-|^i ii.v,r-'.i|. :\: '1 i.iii It \iii rui" ..Tl 'l |. -!..-. i; ..el : :.n. I'^o t: |.l.-.'lt '.' V. :,. liijfi,.'.-: .1 .1 ,11 1,.;*I. ,-,..'»Ue? ;i-i.i .;:ii.| Il V ...1 -..111 I,. 1.. ti.-F in v.... I .Si I' ; IV: l .ii, -fl '.* 'It -l-T 'l I ii'ii •! t;t-,-•-.'.• I. I i- -i .-I 'l i.i'ire; I le- i..|i -.• .1. I. ... M - .Ml !l. '. 1 .-.=.1: . 1- li ii •.•>'. 11 • ;• "••..-at•• '..:ii you .f..i\ I..- ,.'1 '". -.- .-", • *^\\ 1... t'!' iiii:. f'.-e!i\'--r '.f re- -J'l' • I -. I iM- • i :"1 1 :• t'lei- ni'TO . 'l...... -a ....,' . ii .;:l I- ;, !, Tlilx I U 1 tf-\ ,tt' I ii;. 1.. .;.'. ..irt • .Ilia f .il .tpf. e'.--. .-..['•i...--': , . .til..-' re.-:. i. I.• . t I . ... r -i- r-'aail I''. ei .Mli' .1- • •.'.-, \il iv;.... rtll'.^ |..r He- fr.. III. 'I:- .II.' .\iri il-- F>f':t .-..[.•,- tl'l - ur.i,.: lil -i I ,«...ti. ,1 I„...;;-..t),., ' -.1 '.liM-ti .1.. . ili...' ;|::l...^ l -.l ! • . .::'l le 1 il .'1 ! • i'.' ' i..;.. if -I i-i .1'. ',. • • I h .-.VP'. il' - .11,-I,i.-. ... ,1 riri.i .(..a't -,, I r.. • : - • y l!^ j I ,' H "K i Nl . for • It--:, '-n'-- I.- ' K! ."I i:i' : ,. •i .:!i ..M .i r ..r-l f,",- le-- t;---ir .'-..i.i (•-•l.e/. ni.eil.- .*• (,. ... tin- .^ " 11 . 1.1 Til.-. .fl; I .-.ii '.'.t, <jl.< I". •;ii' I.II M,' II f..r II," .. l>r. I l;-'|i. " I-.: .j .Il 'I ,'1... ir f.a .'.' tii • ;.-'.l -ill. :. I.'- -.• ...11 ^ •: i- .1 I .,. . •i -l. 1 -I '.' ll' I" I .1: .1 I.-' t... . r '^',1 t ' or . -.' ni' 'I-' ee* : t ,,iT • -ef! • . -T . I -.1'. |....";ii.ii,- '.. ..- - t- s-iiu!'.Ma ..f •'::; . Villi- T t t •< .,' :.-.'f-' it I These Are the Symptoms: I JV'i't In f !i.- r •• T-M. fr. .|... .f .-^i*-,. fi» mr*'.;«*••. I f.llt* "r .f ,r» r.j |,J , '.); i. IVf-t^iiti (I •••i.ltl*-. II i;:i<« ..r (...ill i». '-ttiiiiji It \* -w«i:-t.; ill ....> pt ..I jt.-- I'll * 'ti'f . •(•.? T imt I ir li«• I I r*-i*I>I<~ I! •'.•If^Mli.-ti ..I ' •(». -iirfN-i (Jf< tuuiti. . I • r -.1, h. \\\\. ».I I.; Vi\.- !-. r!,t- u. F i. .„ ... I % t'iitTi «M -«tr.-?»» 111 lie j .i -Trfit*. r if. - ' •itti..; i»f»'.. ». i,..- \r,it, 4.r< i Jtv For Countv Treasurer (he K-m.-'j-s ilitermination to "r^et" .«otnel)ody. Curtis' time cair .e .itid iliiy "^ot." bini. Xo prominent Krrii- .vas man h ;is e.scaind the knife utile^is de .iili ;;ot liitii first. 'Ibis m.iy In- jrio comfort lo Seiititor Curtis, hut. jj j>j liislor.v, and lie should bave |,e. nt warned by it.- I.tiwrenc (laz. tie. iMiM.ivs TM. K»:T !'K ( ri.iAi:. Lrllerlifads of Stale Cltairmtin Onitf rrrsidfntV Name. Ref. rrins ' > tli.' •IV-iiiibliean St;ite t'en'tral CoMiiiiiler..," I.tii-is. llie Kt .Scott Iteimblican say;: • , , . .. The letipriiead i< a ii>rv elaimrtii.- .emleri the rbicaco conviittnn as ^ati ,„..,„^. j^,,.,, ,.„„,.,;, acive newspaper man. In- funded • ^„„„^„ „„,,.^ „,j^,.^ ;„e .i ;e...Mons of the national coiamii- ,„„„„i,,^..n„ n wi.h the lee. h.-arin;; fhe ev..|..nce ,n t,,- . o,,- ,,,,, ^.„u,„,i„...,. 11,..;^ ,,:'..,.i„...... „„j tes,.< and was an at en.ive observer ,.,„,„fn,.e addres.-^e- AUO „,.. n,„„e. nf .nil iba' transpiie.I 11- has no ..^ ,.,„„„•„„, .r,,..„ ,., wr.ien one word o,- iitterrd ..tie wo,i! ,„f, ^„ ,^ f,^,, ,n his specehes "''^"'.T:'!',,.:„,.,., -,. ,„,.,i,...„ ^ nomination eeived." w a - not hone.-tly r' - | K I-'rid K'es ell. 1; O Smith I) llilne^t. )i c porter., Il r; Day. Ceo .1. Pa^e. .1 .\ Slioiirtiii. tl <• .Mvrr. t'a.-I .Moon Ceo N l;,in?. I. II. Cor.Ier. .lohn t'o\ and Ch.i.i I-!. C'.e. of Dli-.e I5ran-h I..ii|t;e .No Colony. K;!.- . alieiided the ;iiittii.ll di.'.trlel convention of tho. A. F. KA M . Ill Id here yesterday.' .-Ml re- iiiirir.l a ;;ood tin.''. fir I litinie is that of W K. Slulilis I'.iill .Moo.-., candidal' for Sen.-iior \f|.'r liii.- the ii.niifs of the landidat.s for jiitl 'ji'R of the .'^iiiirenie eourl. Tli.-ii the State tirli.-t I'lien tli"' camlida'.- for C'>iii;ress. Mr Hiady .\fter ihi- the coiinly licki-t T'l" '.i:;!tonal Hi -|.iib|iian licliet ii .tiiitteil iNinies of Taft and .s'inr, man apiieariuc in tho colutun. Tflo old idea of u.-inpr Satri" for dark- rnini? tlio hair is again cominR in vopi;e. Our grandmothers h .-Ml dark, hair at scventy-fivc, while o-jr mothers aru RTSiy before they »re fifty. Our Brand- mothers kept tlicir hair ?oft and Riossy with a "Sage Ten," which also restored the natural color, Q <^ OntfTibjection to using such a preparation r.'as the trouble of making it. This objection has been overcome b; the Wycth Chemical Company of Ne \v York, Vho has placed on the market ii superior preparation of Sapre, combinec with Sulphur and other valuable remedies for dandruff, itching scalp, ant thin, weak, fallin'tr hair. _, The beauty of the hair depends men _ on its rich, even shadint; than anything j else. Don't have dry, harsh faded hair ' when a simple, barmless remedy wil brinj; bade the color in a few, days; an* don't be tormented'with dandniit, itch . ine scalp, and loose, falling hairs 1 It has been .<taed that more t.iai' \Vyeth '8S8g »and'Suh)hurHairReme<]> leiKhty million peoide In the inlict; will quickly correct these troubles, am i States are victims of some form of In- give color, strength and beauty to yoai'digestion. The .^merlra^ people do hair. CI not take time enough to etit. There- Get « fifty cent botUe from yoni, suit is stomach dlsirei ?R. aas. belching Kelated by the -Ml bison f.tolie- "Why ikipa. .this is roa.'^l lietf." sai'" a small boy at the talile v.liile com p .-ii -y Wa.? present. "Well, what of-it ?' tisked tlie fond parent. "Well you tolii mamma tlii.s montin^ voij were en- There is on the I{ei;i;^ti r 'le..k a sweet potato which must have i-ui- lated some animal in niakins 'ip it--' An ordinary sized body is shown, with n«tliin neck, as if grown jnc to brine a miiitnn head 'lome for with a strinK about it, tli- n a bulp- dinner." .Ve"dlcs.s to .<;ay ilte comp .T- inp. brainy lookinc head, taperin;: olf ny didni finish the. meal, but wen' in a lonK snout. The freak tuber was home at once, with indiRnation writ- lirought in by A. It. Shippy, of IX. V. D. • fn on his couatenanee. •Vo. 4. lola. A Mere Man. isnorant'af; sio of gen W. L. Cox. who has lieen with fhf ; inine Frills, gazed nt those gfrnzy par Roberts Music Company for the past mcnts In Ramsay's window and wa> two months has f.iken the position '>f' overheard to remark: "Those toe roaa salesman vacated by F. h. Sindc- are sure dainty, but Rosh-all-heralock lar. j they do. look thin for winter." IF YOU EAT YOU NEED DIGESTIT— THE NEW RELIEF FOR INDIGESTION druggist today, and prove this U your own satufaction. All druggist' •ell hi 'mder guarantee that ihe wIDr be refunded if the is not .exacts as reprejented. S |i|i ^b«l ^Ageat—^ B. Bnrrell. liidlRestion and dyspepsia. Oigeatit Is the new relfcf—It has been found a cert^n. quick and permanent reiAedy. Thousands of people , have found relief from its use. Their iown statements on file.In oar office ^rjhPlojJf., jToii,<»ii try it for youraelf Aitiiout any risk—if it fails to givf von ab.=oInle satisfaction your money will b< returned. Brown's lUgestit U I little tablet easy to swallow and ab- •rolutely harmless. U relieves, indigestion almost Instantly, stops foot' fermentation, prevents distress aftei eating and cures dyspepsia. You nee<f It even though you are not sick.— it aids digestion and. gives you all the noiiriahment from your food--^Oc Bwireirs' Drug •Store, 1^ JOHN T. TYLER Pres. loIa l!i :sinoss ColIcL-e. Your Sii ])p:)rt Si >iic'ilecl '^MISSOURI PACIFIC • IRQN MOUNTAIN TJi're w.-i.; a exo .|i |s of i .oliti- inns c ;iiiil :dat".=; to the .Mo- raii tair this iiiornit!:.'. '"atidtdate • nil 1 :.e i;. imblii-an and 1 leieoera; loiiniy tickets went ov.-r in iii'iio'- .ind wi'l endeavor t.i maKe ui 'c; wiii'e <;e <ir :!e ('r.'.I WiHi .'iti'.':. n"'' •! iiiiblicisi. .and l>ei !:o(r;i!. deliver.; t'l" addr'>.-= of the /[ay. COLUfIS VS. MATTY IN WORLD'S SERIES To the Pacific Coast Siiorie. 1 aiiil 1110. t scenic route TIiiii. ii'ii )-, not i .'<iii;iled by any otlier iiii". < ;in -^ivo yr>n cl ;i,.ici. of routes, ttiily ono I lianL-.' of <;ir< oni '.vay lickels on ' sale S. pt. L'- !li to Oel. lOth', inclusive. Uat'-s to-— . 1 /iS .\iii;e!|..., Calif. . S.icraineMo. Calif. --^ , Sail I 'ieeo. t '.ilif. S.m .lose. Calif. Siiii Francii.i (i f'allf. . . J'.akersfield, falif. • - • Vancouver, (; (;. Victoria. I; (' ^ .\;^lllaIId (lii'Cf.n. Portland, ( ii -eirtm fnia'illa. '»r.:^on. • .Seattle, V.'.l~ll. ;-'i.f.kati.-. fi '.i .'.fi. T.i.'oiiia, Wa; h. .•^Il <I lo.niany oth-r points Oil Pa;:iIio Cna.'-I. Dnlv / $31.04 Ple:i:;e rail, i-hone or write., advising your ad.tre-i;; and full inforination will b" fiirnisbi>il.- ,; .l'!i>senifer Ofifre, Phnne ijtl. Fri'itrht fH'fIre, Phone I7 ."V K. K. MONGER^ Agent Is thf best lime lii start j«nr- niniiernare Set. Wii show liriiu.*^ tiiul paftcrns at popular prices.: 4 lery small .ini(>stii!^>ii:t TTIU : slart .;• set. • Look into this. ' STOVE* ConU fiiin. and Wood Heaters! Coni'dnation Cnal and tias. Hot ICIa.«t and Air TiL'hUi ttOXW^ K.INT.ES Bom's romiiinatlon Coal and Gas Bance—the tiiest made. Prices Right: Tliel.B.WisliardHdw. Ray Collin*. "With Joe Wood, tho Ked Sox (recorj maker, taking, care of Jetr Ttsrtau In the world'a scries. It will probably be up to Ray Collins to bold tJo»vn Christopher Matiiewsun. The younj Boston southpaw is -studying up th^ dope sheets to And out a!i he- can about ttie veteran Slatty. Hiricily on paat performances and form. .Matty will have it on Collr.s. Ile has n-orlv- ed aisainst th« Itoston AiSerii .-.tis mill Ha never forgets ibe groovii ul a Oecti-ic Wiving! Hone by esiiorlenoed nicn; .I'rie.-s reasonable. Canf iield &«Thoinpson ^•jth the I.. H. Wishard Udw. Ph«ne 39. I Gutter that faces ^im. 5. La-*. ..V^_ - ,'

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