The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 5
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1892. 5. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. JOHN (.. Hl'ON'HI.KK, Secretary i>i»l BU«IBM» Malinger. BALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO,, Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods, No. 10 Second Ave. Eiisl. Oloae Price to Dealers, EMERSON CAREY, Dealer in HIDES. TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court, house. EASTER SALE. EASTER 6L0VES See our Itiarritz in Spring colors. Easter Neck Wear EASTER UMBRELLAS Let April shower. Umbrellas from 88c to$10 00. Make expressly for us in Philadelphia. See our Dent's London made umbrella. EASTER HOSIERY In cotton, lisle and silli. See our Hermsdorf. fast black, six pair for 81.25. Easter Underwear New stock—in all grades. Easter White Goods Exclusive Dry Goods House J. S. DUNN, OPTICIAN, 112 North* Main St., HUTCHINSON, : KANSAS. We are "Bucking the Pool" ON WALL PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decid- . ed to GO ENTIRELY OCT Of the wall paper business, as we need the room for our DRUG- STOCK, And guarantee to make the lowcBt figures ever quoted in Hutchinson. UuittllU 1 Ml J.M. BEAM, Prop. Going into the MO OLD PATERNS. NEW GOODS. Wc arc not Experienced selling it at cost, hangers furnished but'at a to put it on fair, living profit. the wall. COBURN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA. HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall' paper business to stay W R MARSHALL & CO. 1'RECIOUS JEMS, FINE JEWELltY, CUT CliYSTAL, WATCHES, CLOCKS EYE GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES: OLDEST JEWELRY HOUSE IN THE CITY. ESTABLISHED, 1878. 11N0BTU MAIN. Wall Paper and Room Mould, Latest. Designs, All Grades. Low P RICES, -ATH. D. WINSLOW'S. Experienced hangers furnished if desired. CITY NEWS. tf. Five persons on an average read a paper, this will make your advertisement 93,000 times in a week and 307,000 in a month. Remember these figures when you place your "uds." Linen vests at Wanamaker A Itrown's. 3t Leave orders for bread at the Hon Ton Itakery and the wagon will deliver the same at your door. tf For lame back side or chest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents For Bale by A. A. Drug Co. Sweet Florida oranges at Cunningham's, 13 South Main. Go to Guhan's for pants. Strangers and traveling men can order clothing and furnishing goods, suits, spring overcoats, pants, neckwear, underwear, collars and cuffs, outing and white shirts, silk and linen handkerchiefs, all to your special order, made by the best New York, Boston and Philadelphia tailors, and have the goods delivered here, or to any express the United States. Time required, fifteen to twenty days. Leave orders at Wanamaker &Urown's, Woodard block, First avenue east. Ten houses represented by L. Schilling, sales agent. tf For good work go to the American Steam Laundry Hand concert Friday night April 15, at the opera house. $B-plush rockers for SO.75 at King's. Ot Baby carriages at a bargain at King's. tf The finest candies in the city rft the Bon Ton. 5t Encourage the boys in building up the best bahd in Kansas by buying a ticket to their concert April 15. You can get cream puffs at the Clarendon hotel bakery. Try them A new creamery is what we have been needing, and the farmers of Reno comity will profit very materially thereby. For good work go to the American Steam Laundry. Harry Wiuslow has placed .> new lloor in his book store. In the window of the American Clothing house are two samples of the crayon work done by .Mclnturff, the photographer, the announcement of which upp'iars in another column of the NKWS. See them. Florida oranges, the finest ever brought to the city, at the Bon Ton bakery. !it Special prices on bananas at Cunuing- ham's, 13 South Main. Carey is still in the coal business, tf For good work go to the American Steam Laundry. Special prices on bananas at Cuuumg- ham's, 13 South Main" S25-bed room suits for 810 at King's. Ut Buy of the business ineu who advertise. Ladies, you should not fail to look at Miss Koddy's trimmed hats. 2t Gentlemen will find new' invoices of beautiful spring suitings, brigbt as new dollars, at Wanamaker & Brown's at The American Steam Laundry will call for and deliver your washing. Their telephone number is 107. Call them up. Why buy a poor quality of candies wheu you can get the best by going to the Bon Ton bakery. at If you want hand-made furnitm'e at a bargain see King this week. Ut All wool, fine imported suits for youths and boys, at Wanamaker &. Brown's. • 3t Gentlemen's furnishing goods ut Wanamaker & Brown's, made to order. White shirts, outing shirts, neck wear and other goods. 3t Florida oranges, the finest ever brought to the city, at the Bon Ton bakery.' - 2t Mrs. Graves has removed her hairdressing parlor from Passmore block to No. 7J4 South Main street. 5t Special Bale of bananas at Cunningham's, No. 13, South Main street. You can buy bananas there for lo, 15 and 20 cents a dozen. Spring overcoats and rain coats made to order at Wanamaker & Brown's. 3t The American Steam Laundry will call for and deliver your washing. Their telephone number is 107. Call them up. The best place to buy a lunch or short order meal is at the Midland Restaurant, Winslow & Oswald, proprietors, at Every person in the city should buy a tieket to the band concert, whether they attend or not. The money is used to maintain a band we are all proud ot. A week from next Sunday is Easter Sunday. The ladies should all call at 104 North Main and inspect the hats Miss Koddy has trimmed for Easter, iit Attention everybody, \ourfelfand lady are wanted to attend a great auction sale of mother of pearl pictures, now going on at No. 3 North Main,next to the Golden Eagle. Come and examine the pictures wbether you buy or not tf COL. H. C. UAIUIIB. Everything new at Mrs. Berglof's gallery, 10 South Main.. , tf A large line of handsome trimmed hats for Easter, at Miss Roddy's, 10-4 North Main. 2t Bring your magazines and books to the Nuws bindery and have them neat ly bound. It is the best way to preserve them. Seven importing und three American houses have their goods on 'sale at Wanamaker «5t Brown's, h. Shilling, agent. 3t Early Risers, Early Risers, Early Risers, the lainous little pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and uervousness. Beam's Midland Pbarnia- ev. Advertisers should make a note of these figures: Your advertisement run one week in the Hutchinson Daily and Weekly Nicwa appear* in 18,000 papers, and in one month .in 7B .400 papers. PERSONAL. Mrs. Jas. Milne is seriously ill. Fred Yustof Sylvia was in the City to-day. 1 L. Reicbenbccker i f St. Louis, is in the city. Geo. H. Cnrtls of Pratt was in the city to-day. A. G. Kruse of llalstcad was in the city last night. « C. F. Gibson of Denver, iB registered at the Brunswick. Elder T. ,1. Crotts of Partridge, was in the city to-day. Mr. Tennis of Geneseo, was doing wholesale business to-day. .1. B. Hodge of Pratt was registered at the Midland last night. Miss Estclla Milam will spend Sim- daywith friends at Castleton. .lack Beauchainp of Liberal registered at the Midland last night. W. A. Anderson made a flying business trip to Nickerson last night. G. C. Ripley of Kansas City, is spending a few days in the city oi' salt. Henry T'hcnix of Winficld, was reg istered at the Midland last night. C. A. Kiger will leave on Monday on a business trip through Oklahoma. Mr. Holcomb of Castleton, transacted business with P. Martin <ii Co. today. Mrs. M. L. Wattermirc leaves next Monday on a two months visit in the east. Attorneys Campbell and Williams were in Nickerson on legal business yesterday. W. E. Hutchinson, E. B. Wilcox and wife and Thos. Foley will spend Sim- day in Newton. . Mr. Tom Crotts of McPherson, was the guest of his cousins, the Misses May, last night. Mrs. Bert Harsh a Van Osdale and .Mr. Ed. Itarsha left for Kansas City this morning. Miss Mary Magers is again at her counter in P. Martin's store after four weeks vacation. 1. S. Triuibly of Arlington, was transacting business with the opera house book store to-day. J. W. Rose, one of St. John's leading attorneys, was transacting legal business in the city to-day. Chas. Steinberger was in Lyons to-' day on business connected with the Hutchinson Music company. Miss Lizzie May returned from Kansas City last night, where she has been visiting friends for some time. Amos E. Wilson, national bank examiner, was performing the duties of his office in the city to-day. Ed. W. Stivers has returned from Haven, where he was doing some decorating work for the Haven bank. Jed. W. Burns, with the Bank of Kansas City, came in this morning, and will spend Sunday with his parents. D. S. Pipes, representing the Lockwood lawbook firm of Topeka, was transacting business in the city to-day. Geo. D. Lytle left for his home in Topeka this morning, after a week's pleasure and business visit in our city. Hon. S. W. Campbell came up from Kansas City this morning to attend the regular monthly meeting of the directors of the Hutchinson National bank. James Malone of La Porte, Ind., is transacting real estate business in the city. He is delighted with his Reno county possessions, and is not anxious te sell out. H. D. Brookcr eturned this morning after a business trip through several counties in the west and southwest. He reports business on the boom, and prospects out of sight. J. D. Weincr leaves to-morrow on a two weeks purchasing tour of the east. During his absence he will be glad to look after any business mutters of interest and concern to the city or any Having just returned from New York with my new stock of goods I am prepared to show you novelties in dress goods and dress trimmings not to be found elsewhere in the city. of its citizens. While absent, Mr. Weincr never fails to speak a good word for the city of his choice, or its citizens. M. It. Potter came into the city this morning, bringing glorious news from the country. He says that prospects grow brighter all the while, and that farmers are wearing a 10x12 smile. Hawthorne Brothers of Kingman and Beams of Wichita are in the city to pruetice with the Second Regiment band, and will assist in the concert to be given here next Friday evening. J. P. Coudra. an Illinois farmer called at tliis office to-day in company with C, L. Bowman. Mr. Condra has been traveling through the west and southwest, and is now taking a look at the garden spot of Kansas. He is well pleased with what he sees, and thinks that our prospects are as fine as lie has seen anywhere. A Flncl.ot of Cattle. Paul Langlois bought sixty head of cattle a few days since, from John M. Brclim, consisting of fine, fat, young heifers und steers. He proposes to give his customers the. benefit of the finest meat to be had in the country. Paul is fast building up a reputation for handling nothing but choice meats, which he proposes to maintain as long as money can buy the best grades of cattle. A CarloiKl. .1. M. Brehm has just received au- olher carload of decorated crockery, to which ho invites the public's inspection. These goods are very handsome and of the latest styles. it Official Statement OI the financial condition of the Bank of James St. .loan & Co., at'Hutchinson, state of Kansas, at the close of business on the Stith day of March, IKiil!: IIEROUUCKS; Loans ami discounts on personal and collateral security, s :iu.(i:)(> H.i Loans on real estate .- -Hid O.'I Overdrafts Ill 711 Real estate 10,000 00 I'urnlture and fixtures 2.000 00 K.\pense account IT.'t 77 Checks and other casta Items 3.772 70 Clearing-house Items 410 :i(l Currency, 2,007 00 liMld coin -'.000 00 Silver coin -tlO 10 Due from other banks, sight exchange 3,HKK 20 ATTENTION, E¥ GIVEN AWAY! GIVEN AWAY! Something that will please the little one: something that is perfectly harmless; something that will furnish the children, both boys and girls, lots of fun. We have just received a lot of MEXICAN BURROS, which we intend to give away, one every three weeks, to the person making the best guess. With every one dollar purchase you will Deal- lowed a guess. The burros will be at the disposal of 3ie boys and girls every Saturday afternoon, so bring your bridles and saddles with you and enjoy'yourselves. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. I. GOLDBERG-, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. Total, S "i0 ,:i07 32 LlAlllI.ITlES: ' Capital stock paid in »:: 1.000 00 Undivided prollts 1,813 01 interest s:i:i in l:\change 17 70 Individual deposits ~M,4*J4 3:: J'emand certillcatea 7,03.", H-t Cashiers Check Out ,->8.'i 00 .S50,:|07 :i: Total, STATU OP KANSAS I i-'ountyofReno. f- H ' I. A. W. McCandless. cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God. A. W. McC.-l NOLENS , Cashier. Subscribed and sworn lo before me, this •Mil day of April, 181)2. [SKAI.I f,\ V. Patau, Kotary Public. Commission expires on the tith day of June. 18!)^. Correct, Attest. JAMKS ST. JOHN 1 N ,.. N „_„ A W. MCCANDI .E9B |' U1 " ,CrB Pure Distilled-W atcr Ice. Our delivery is regular and reliable, and the quality of our ice is beyond comparison. 50 cents per Hundred to Families. We solicit your patronage. Orders received by the drivers, at the factory, nvenuo C east, at Kanaga's •.tore, or you can send your address on a postal card to Union Ice & Salt Co., .Successor to llntchinsou Ice Manfg 1 Co. MUSIC_LESSON. I will receive pupils in mu­ ni o at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lessons. MKS. A. W. INNES. Sole agent for Smith & Angell's celebrated black hosiery. Butterick patterns, of which we keep a fall line. Metropolitan fash- on sheet sent free one year on receipt ofl2o to pay postage. JUST RECEIVED. Latest Styles. Lowest Prices; A handsome line, of Ladies' Shoes. Oxford Southern Ties, Ozoo top, patent leather tip.' Oxford Shoe, Cloth top and patent leather trimmings: Oxford Ties, Patent leather heel, \ tip and lace piece. All these goods in C, T> and E lastB, in sizes from 2 to 54. Shoes for Children. The celebrated Sussex School Shoe, In pebble goat and kid, with patent leath er, pebble goat and cordovan tips. The best wearing chidreu's shoe in the country WM. REDDERSEN, Comer ot Main ud VinU -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OK— HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. IJ, C. WELTON, Farmer. JAS. UimntiR, Hanker. Jons UALI., Preident- .INO. J. I.NOAI.I.H, ex-Senator. T. K. HOWMAN, Capitalist. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. C. W. TK.MPI.KB, Vice-l'res., A. J. Hiai.nv, Insurance N. O. IIOI.MBTEK.Catdiier. Kan. Grain & L. S. Co. aud Ileal Estate. mm CARPETS AND CURTAINS. i Saturday, March 10, we opened the largest line of these goods ever shown in the city, consisting of Portierres, Lace Curtains, Silk Curtains, China Silk, Embroidrd Muslin. Art Lace, Plushes, And the only line of Hartford and Lowell carpets in the city. Our new illustrated catalogue for 1892 will be out about April 1. Send for one. Mia tH^r /vV -A >/<•• w''« .V'^« BAKING POWDER 25 OZS.FOR 25^ ABSOLDTEPT PPBE - JllSTTtaiT. r.r .JA«^UC4 fcCQ, KANSAS CITY -«<?.

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