Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 4
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fife THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING,OdTbBER 9,1912: ' ,Tiic lola Daily Register . Tw tela Dally Record and the lola Dally ' • Index. THE CHAS GISTER I'UBLISIIINfl CO. 8. P; SCOTT. i>res. Hnd Editor F. W. BREWSTER Manager ' Entered at the lola P.jslofflce aa Sccond- Class Matter. AdvertlslnK Rates Made Known on Application. Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. 1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lola. Gas City. Lanyon- vllle, Concreto, LaHarpe and Bataett: One Week 10 PIIIM .On» Month 44 crnt.s One Tear W.Oo BY MAIL: On'e Tear, InsMe ouiity 12.00 One Tear, outside county JS.OO, TELEPHONES: Bunlness Office IS • Society Reporter l*" -.Job and BlnJery Dipt 1 ..141 WANT TAFT I.\SI<iM.\. ' Kaanans W%nt KIIUOIIK niid rictiirrs . ~ for Dlspliif. Topeka. Oct. S.—Kansfis Ilppulili- cans aro rtccl;irinp ilirm.'irlvcs I'mphiH- icatly and apparently ihcy wanl it jiti- dprstood thut they arc mil to rc-cloci Taft. The ll< publloaii I'any h.asu" headquart«'rs is ilaily licsicRcrl Inr Taft buttons and l>i^ postir pkiiii-s , -—of tho Prpsiilcii'. ^ •'I have sent a idosrant almost every day to tijo l!< rolilir .'Mi commillor fiir^ a<!(iiii<iiiat suinilii-s." said Secrotary Clark nf the leaciie. ' "\Vf send tlio hiiltoius and pii-ture.s oui of- here just atxml a.-; fast ais we receive Ihem. We can't k'cp in» wUW the roqucsls—". Jukt llion tile te>phonr liell rani;. •|-onR distance wantrcl Secrc'ary Clark. Dr. ,T. M. ParrinstoM, «)f Kinporia was on the line. Clark 'sent I'.'irriPKlnii ' 200 Taft htilton.s Saturday. "Send ttie another 2<)rt-Taf( hutirin:.' was Parrinctoi-.'s request. "I'eople up .het:e are clamorins for ihein. They want the red ones—these yon can see Wl'cn the phone call was answere-l Clark swime .Tromid in lii.-i cliaii- and said: "Demands like that are coiniiiK right alonp. look ai letters." From .a handrij] of eorrespoiidener- he repd .t nnmher of . letters. "We ! •\vant to vrar the biittoiis and display Wa .KliinKlon. Oei. S.-- Acconlinp to the posters," was iho common senii -ii 'ie last r. nsus taken as of April 15. In your hand you hold a five-cent piece. Right at the grocer's hand is a package of Uneeda Biscuit. He hands you the package—you hand him the coin. A trifling transaction? No—a remarkable one —for you have spent the smallest sum that will buy a package of good food—and the grocer has sold you the most nutritious food made from flour—as clean and crisp and delicious as it was when it came from the oven. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY By HEINE ZII\AMERMAN. s Third Baseman Chicago Cubs, V/tiose Hitting and Playing Have. IVIade Him the Sensation of the, National i.ea.gue Season. B .MIM,I(>\ KOKKH.'X K<M{.\. (.rriiiaii"* Tijid iind Are .Horo <«(ii«T;il- ly Nniiinilized. meiit Uiey exprcKEeid. One of the letters was from ICnreka. the iiome of Congressni.Tn Fred • .lacKson. whore a large consijinnient of liailpes and billions was wanted. •" j"The chanRC in sontimen! in Kans:ts '.iiAory marked," said Secretary (Mark, "kl: osevolt is cojiic back and Presi- djent Taft is gaininp strenRih." KA>SAS Oni» KKI.I.OAV.S Kl.KCT. C> II. MrBniTor «»f Kiowa Is Niinied (•rand ralrlarrh. i Independence. Kas.. Oct. S.—Thrre thousand delecates are jTcsent in Independence at tlio fifty-fifiii anntial Ecssi-m of tl'.e Grand Lodge of Kansas Odd KeJJows. This number incjudes- tho delegates to the forty-fifth annua! session of the Grand Kncanipment. ,The twenty-fifth annual set;slon of thf Ilebekah state as.'ieinldy and tiie elRhth annual .-^psslon of tlie deps'rt- nienl council of tiie ratriarc'i .M;ii- Unt • The variou.s organization.-; liave he'd a number of .^es.-ions. conferrins degrees and irans^MctinR routine luii-i- •a^t,. The Grand I.odce lield a his Hcssion tliis evcninj; in thu opera house In whichCiranil Mu:;ter Cliarles G.- Ully of Wicliiia and j-iaff conferred the (irand l.oiI^e desree on SOn 4elegates and past pra^e.--. At the nieetiim of iiTN . crnml en- catnpment tonif;iit officers were ele<!- ed as follows: l!rand pruriar<-h. (' II McBrayer of Kiowa. Kas ; prand liiph .•Miilhrws. Kansas City, nior wanicn. Gcor.ce n. Kas*.; ^^nind jtin- ;)r Ci .|-ncra! t). S. .Si^v- ciand ^cri ^lf•. .\. .M Rain, l^eftvcnwoft!;- Kas.: jirand tre;;- urer. II. .1. .Afrn- Miaw.iiii.T. Kar. 'The grand par,idc riid iv.orc I '.r^iee ctfnferring takes place (oiiioiTcw, The sessions close Thursilay afternoon. I!*l'i. the number of foreign born white males of voting age, that is. 21 and ovor in (lie I'nited Slates( not including f<ireign possessions! was t;.fi4<J.- Sl. Of this number .•{.0^4.117 wonvj naturalized Tliis syitement was is­ sued-tbday bv Director Durand of the Onsus Ourrau. the sialistics liaving been prepared under the direction cfj Wni. C. Hunt, chief statistician. Natives of Germany, of whom there were I.'iTS.CT.I in ihe country, greatly outnumlierert every oiliVr nationality • mong foreinn-lmrn wliiie males over ihi'fotir year's course. Willi lliis sy;. leiii Ihe riiiperinteiKienl may ea.-iily keep tab on eatdi impil of liie- school, thereby making tlie work more systematic than it has ever been in the past. Su;)erintei;deni Mrown used tlie system iif Concordia and was pleased Willi the results. Tliis system is re(;- oaimcnded liy ilie .National Kducntion- •il Assoc-ialion. as w<'!i as all tlu; slate educational olTicers. STOMACH STAIIVKKS KAT AWTIIf.M; MMV ;e nafiralized^xnai Of the TSTXIO ] cent; Of the 7;!7i1 .=iO Russians Hi: I •;er cent were iifitiiralized; "li.S'J" Itqlians. '7.7 per cent: Ong.'infi Ai;s- frlans. 24.per cent.- XafIre's of Ireland. Canada. Kncland and Sweih n show relatively h'cli V ''''eii*.''Kes. 1>"- priest. C. K Kas.; grand yi. Potter. Pre.-; lor warden; Maj ens. Meade. Ka^ 4onNs<»x SAYS iii:'i.i, <;o. \o Indlire.'^flon, il.r .spe)i .<.!;i or Sour <!assy. I 'jiset Sloniiirli for "Paiie's Hinjii'pshi" Isers. Kveiy year regularly iimre than : tnillii n .-ti>niach .-iiffcrirs in llie Kni 21 year-s, and showed the highest pe-- Slate--. Kngl::nil and Canada lak. Papc'.-" Di-'ipt-'p.-^!''. aiid realize not on'.; iii!n:e<;i:"e. hut lastini; relief. • Tlii.*: liariiili'ss preparation will di- gc?; anything you eat and overcome i four, gassy or o:it -of-order s;n!nacl five minutes afier\vard=. If yoi::- meals don 't fit comfortably ing respeciivelv (M.S. .-,1, .=;!l.4 and fi-.'s.'"'' .v"'-' eat lies like a lump cf Among natives" of Hungary, tlie oii 'vj^'sd in your .-Uimaeli. or if you h.-.vt other group exceediii". 2.->0.'li|0. the pr ri tah; is a sign of iiidige-- eentage nafunilizcd, namely CO..") j-r!'!""- Vatives of these nine,eoiinirles in tl:e! <i'^: .*""':'' I'Mariiiacist a fifty, .nggregate arcoiini for .-...^.O.s \n7.1 or a-- h'"'"' "1 ''a"«''s Diapepsiu nni: nroxlina'eh- Ovo-sLvMi of ilie ict;.l r ""l*'' •' ''"'^'^ J"^' soon as you can rorcign-horn white males of votir-,- Tii'<" «iH no sour ris-lngV. nn age. • The lowest proportion natiiia'- P "'l"''>ln'i 'f "ndlsesied foo.l mlxe.l wi ;li a "!i!. no siooiadi gas or litnirl- hiirn. fiillne-s or lieavy feeling in !!ie • toiiKie!]. iw '.Sisea. i'i!iilltating liead- •iclifs. il "-..'.'iiess (;r iniestinal griping 'i lis ali go. iinii. Iie-iides. there'! l .e ii'i -our ,'<iod left over in the siotiiiii li 'o poison .M '.ir bri-aih with t ':raii -e 11 : « ilort I'ape's |)!ri,spsln i .s a certain cure 'iir cm'-df-fi! der sloniat hs. bccaiue It •;'les lin'il of yei,,- f .^od and digests il jut (lie s:iiiie as if ymir stoniacl: wa .'n 't tlicre. I'l iief in f !\e ;iiiiiiite.j .''rotn all stoin : -If t:-.i>" y i- \>aiv;r.K for yn -i at any >Ilg Si'Oie. Tlit.'-e la:-?' rify-reai eases contain tJiaii sii!"l !eien» thoroii;;iily •lire a 'ii 'os*. .uiy ca .-e of ilysjiepsisi. in- ;.'^e-!fi.n riT any o' .•lnjj ;ac!i disorder. nclleve mo. I'v* pulled my .ohare of bone.'», almost as many as yon fel- lowa have blam"<l on ni". and I'll puil a lot more before I pet through. Hut the one I'm proudest of, with tho re- verso "KngllBh, came near tying Kred Morklo. 1 haven 't flgiirod out yet juat why \ did II, but I have found out, among several other thini;s I've learned since I got Into the big circuit, that every one blunder.'', and the ouen aro those who get found out the f-w- Q .St tiroes. I'm not clniniing any copyright on tlie rlcht to mak<.< bone piry.i In happened (in I'.IOS when wo were battling New York an:l Pitt .'shiii'g for Iho iM -nnnnt. and when we we ."i> close together for the hiFt montli.ifi;il a fumble mlgiit have chani ;e .i the whole race. We wero playitu; in Chicago and flrown was pitching mtalnst Mathowson In one of Ihe grcate-^t games I ever saw. Kveryono was Venn's Bread ^ ThafsAll lOLA STATE BAi^K i'WE Capital Stock Surplus PAY INTEREST OJN l .v:r (;S 'r'. *j2,.»i»W.«r,i I» K. HOKVIKLK, Prea, \\. .H. K \! KM AN, i...l \ i.. J. II. I'.AMPItKI.I., Cii^l 'ler. A. W. BErK. Vlc«'.|'r..(.. K «i. 't I ^>. . 5 LKKAI.S. (Kirs.'i I'.ihlished Seplenibcr 1912). In Ihe District Cojirt of Allen County. ; Kansas. , '11.. Mouii.i Oily Gas, Coal X;, Oil Com- liiuy, a corjioraiion, i'laintlff. ! • vs. ; A. V: Rhodes. I.>efendant. XOTM'K. To I'ercy Kly, one of the; heirs of A. II. UliiHies. decreased: You are herrliy notified Uiat atipll- cati.m has been made by the plain- tiff in' tile .il.-ove entitled causeforan i>ri !<r reviving said cause.against the ieirs of Ihe (lefendanl. A. B. Rhodes, • i!'• . .-iseil, and you as one of .- siieli Iieir;:, and yim are hereby noti- ii> (! ;t, appear on 'he 2>ilii day of Oc- lobi r, A. II. mil', in ihe Oistrict Court of .Mien County. Kansas, and show cans.' v.l:y said action should not he ~ r'.\ i-.'i; .ijvr 'nst you as one of said li 'irft: if siilIiiMenr c .->u5c not shinvii to th" contrary an order will ;:!;:i!e (.'::;( the s ;:rile he revived and iireeei'd :*f;iinst ynn .l<>.VK.S. UKil) .t AI.I.KN, .Mio .ii .y .s lor Plainllir. I. w n-\>i\\y., • •[ CP rk i .f -s lid Court. < ..:.i -«.-i :;;::,Nr i:.K.^')i.inNoN .il r:ir':' i :'ii<' privilpgeg tO U...i. M. ^ . il 1. I',. I .••rt -Ii 'i'iro of the ,.1 ;. iv.o (liful; "1 Ilie in-.-m- '• ...•il l|..u:i" 111' reof e.'in- I. i.e.; (.'»-:.(.••. I i'ln to ntti*-n»I . : r K:«n.'«;>.-> bo I.- .i..:,r''e II ric '-l'.i-ii ;it.|>i' reJuCT >* ' • il.lve-4 It •11 1.. ..I lii" .1 1,. I r lie-.r S'AKKTf OKI'OSIT HO\l:S K«K Ufc.> !. 2. ized is slionn by (he" .sm.-ill croini ef Montenegro, nunihering 4.r.l'o. witli perrenlage of 2.7. WIIITK n ».>rMAM )S AM, PAIMIKS. Or I.-* 'Trvlnc In \rrnrdlnir lo Srer"- inrv lieorgr \. Clark. Totieka, (let S. Secretary Geovi-• •\. c;lark. <if the Ret(,|j,iif.ii I'a'-v l-eapiie stated lo'lav that William A'- len White, ill addition to Iryle- I •> run the Ro-iuhlican and I'ull .Mo ^'-i- ;>arUes In Kansas, has now also '••l'-- eon'liiand of the Ilemocniis. ''lark draws thai ennelualon in view ef tl' fact that White is plantiiiii; to seiel out :r>'i.iiii(i |iie-si :iiite hallots anil !'•!- ?ers lo itepuh'ieans. Memoerats I'H'I lleil M.-ios"rR =n Kansas, to shov.- ih- adherents of ej .ch partv limv 'M V.;* Offer of Aiistniliiin Kisrhl* • ihelj:-j»l»te tickets and for Coloiid ; Rooafyrclt. .Mrlntosh: Arceptcd hy the ('haQi]ti(in. Milw.'ink'.e. O'-; s._ln a talk witi' T. S. Andrews td-'iiy C:'::;;ipion .I:i< " ..Jolrtison .Yinoiir.'r 1 tV;i* 1.'- iv^u r. aeeept Hugh .M--lnio i.'s off^r fei matclies vith M'-Via. larsfMi! an'! poEsiMy .leanev.e in \iistr:il:i aed .will he I'a'ly to ::iil in Nnvirlu r. W. C. J. Kel'y. vlio j.- re fur Mclr.tis:i. will meet .loliiis'i-.i . in C'.ii'-ami iKi\{ Monday .1. I». AlOnr; President WV. MrhlM.i:V, rashier J. K. .MI.'II. VIrp.fresident. 1. P. .Mcl I.AIX. Assf. COLO.MJ, l,A>YO>'. L'nd Viie-Prrsideiil. State wSaiviii.s:;^ Bank • CAPITAL 'f-2:,,mw ^ StKPLl'S $-_',im> lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Dcpo.-^its and S:niii;:.^ Accounts. Safety Depo.sit Ho.xcy 1'rce to our Cu.^ti.iniers. I : -I 1.1. i -.i :., ; .'^..l.iiii I. The null':cf elf'zeii.i nt the i ;l .i|. '.f Kiie -M-: I" \.-''- ii'i 'l liel'l <irrieB i .I1 ..II |...t |..- '!. iie.l i .r aliriilged on iic- ••.•:li,l ..{ Si \-. ••. :*. This ji !'ip"..iiion RhRll hrt nub- .iiiM.'l to II: '[•.I'.rs '.r Ihl.i state <i( the • •l'-eii..n fn: rri'(t*s .*ii (:i I •v *'S lo the l.ei-ls- laluf 111 Ilie y-:ir Tlii> aint!n<llnr;nt IMII.V |iI'i|"i .-,.-.r .sli ill lie kiioivi) oh Ih9 • Liill -.t l.y 111'- fr.ilowiiij; title: I •Aiii' ti 'liiieiit I" th- ''iiifitiiiitioii srnntlni; [ '-'piitl i-it;tlHi anil privili-K'^s to women," r ::iiil 111" V'i |e f„r or iiaaiifil Huch amcnd- I.-.. nr ; li ;,U I— t;ik .ii ;i.i provided by law. .S''- Tin; Mnji-iiiliii'-Fit. '.if ndoptrd, ~l. ,11 1 .0 l,n..'.vii :is s<i liiiii S of article 5 of 111.- ' I.f uli'.ll nf the .si.-ile „t Knn.sBji. I 1 'I'lii! rev'il'iilori sh.ill lake effr >t mil I" In fi.i.!e fr«Mi and alter It.i pub- Iri -.iiion 111 iri<- '•.(-•iliile hn '>k. l-r .I II,.- II ..11 e l'..lirii.-iry 7. tSII. r.i ..| 111'- S.-iiai'• pviTMiiry 8. JSII. ,\i ,.t....'i |-ii.r'i:irv r.. trill. I 1,. r> I.-/ i .^rtifv t !i:il. lie- fori-ROIiiK J'l « tile- •llt'l it'it-Tt »-'>/.y r,f erij :ii ,.-(I |loi|.^« I 'liiie-irf 111 l ; .liitiiii'i N''i. ;!. now on file in my offi'-e. CffA.S- If. SR.'J.giON.S. F>ei-rctarv of J>tat©. (7. •Il "Si 7 t4-L'I I'S- ',:»;-4-iiis.-.:r. . U'li u D in i's. Tints. H. BOWI .L'S, PrvHldenl J. F. SfOTt, taghler Alt^fi County State Bank • lOLA, KANSAS CSTAIILIsnKO A ({1 AKIl-lf Of A TEXTITKY. Capital Surplus . Deposits , . $:jo,ooo.oo, . $^10,000.00 $.>>o,ooo.ot> l.>TEI{KST PAID 0.> TIME OEPtlSll.S SAPETV DEPOSIT nO .\ES FOR KENT BBS .>i'IO>V. PUJN'I'. (.S. II. I'.rand^nhiirgi. TirOTTKO A MII.E 1> I i.lP. I>STAM, NEW SY.STEM. ''ard Ini'c': for PiinlN is Propovrd !ir SnperlnteiidenI Prnwn. Suplrintendi-nl C. C Hrown. of !i'- i -iiv seliool"!. is arraT ;'.:'iig In insl;'l' ntav record card sy.^iem in the his 'i school. The f^yst";n. >vhich is new. to (Vwe i!,,>. iii ;i :ches and j onlv io lola. is er.l|od (he C.imiilativ make fina! arraneeuieD's !,ir t !ie rpp. Card Record, .^nd is now being used . ~ ~ i in Hutehinson. Salina and nianv easr- .Marriace iiernse? have been isstir-I . ^rn schools. The system comprises by .ludge .1. ni .sniit 'i in rhe past two many cards as there are 'days as foiiowij: .Mi^. AJia Merriso-;. j ,he sch„ol.~with"the"age/;:radr7.conVI Moran: lionv-ij MesK.nuer. ol Wic'ii- i nrehension of study at hand, i.nd the tiiipils in ta. .Miss .luaijilra .vi Hale, of lo!;. "and Frank P.. Nichoiton. of .St ]Muf- conduct in and out of tlie class reoir ! carefully tabulated for each month of QvoiticUlcersMean Bad Blood If outside Influences •were responsible for chronic alcers, then external applications and simple deanlincss -^onld be a curative treatment. Bat the trouble is alwajs in the blood which baA become unh2aithy and diseased, and keeps the sore open by continually discharging into it the .iinptirities and infectious matter \rith wTiich the circulation is filled. Sal'vesj \rashes, lotions, ^ctc, may cause the place to scab over temporarilj% l :.. ^^^^^^ but the blood is not made purer by such treatment •^^^^^^^ and^oon the old inflammation and discharge will ietum and the sore be as bad or worse than before. Nor •will renioring the place by si!r;jical operation i insure a cure; the catjse slill remains in the blowl land the sore'is bound to return. S. S. S. heals olil sores by poing down into the blood and removing jthe i?tiparitics and germs which are responsible for ithe place. S. S. S. thoroughly purifies the circulation and in this way destroj's the source of e^•ery chronic ulcer. In addition to purifying the blood ;S. S. S. enxiches this'vital fluid and in every way assists nature in over• coming the bad effects of a chronic ulcer. Book on Sores |ind Ulcers and lany mediad advice free. 7^ sWlFT SPECffIC CO^ ATLANTA, GA. .\en World lleenrd Made at KnsI Ken liirliv Meet. I.'\in=i'iti. Ky . Oct. s._The gates i>f 111' K 'litu 'ky Troitiiic Horse Hre.-d ' rs' .\ssi;( iatii-ri were thrown open Iiere lod.-.y for the cpetiiiiK of the fortieth annual iiiej'iiiig and the twenli- e(h annual renewal fjf the Kentucky futiirily. The weather was idea] and oiie of the crowds lhal ever graced Ihe local track was present. Amid Ilie cheers of spec-tators Man- rlco was returned the winner in ihe Kentucky trotting classic after si-x rruelling heats. In-the last heat of •his race, in which Baldy McGregor look the lead nf Rythmel and Manri'•o for the fir.«; fliree quarters, Manri- po was held well in the rear of the Iradprs and it was thought that ho would have" no chance to gcf up and win the heat and race.. When the contestants turned into the stretch Manrico moved U]; with ii rush and aft-^r a hrusli won tlie heat and race bv h"alins Raldy JfcOrrgor to the wire. The lime in this he;it was 2:07'/! which'is a new world 's mark for tlw- sixth heat of a race. This also was the fastest six heats ever trotted. The "Black Wonder" was put o-it for an f ffcrt to lower thi; track record for trotting, l :.'i3 >-j. . Th • Mack was in excellent Hhajie and the .• -in of ningen made the circuit in 1:", < flat This not only breaks the trSck record but also the world's record for a trot- worked up to the last pitch and on his toes to win, but neiliier side oould score. I think It was in either tV" seventh or eighth Inning th:it I bv.ttel Into the game, as coachcr -at 'hlrd base. The crowd was ail around t'.w field and going crazy. JIaybo it was catchlntr. for Just then Ti:iker comix •;' a high line drive to left center, cli -ar down to Ihe corner ofihe^enco, and he came scooting around ^jdih hia cap In his hand digging for a home run. I don't know wliat hapi»ened to me. but as he came np to third I jumped In, grabbed him and tried to drag him bnok to the base. I hung on. and h< fought, and flnnll.v he punched me i;; the ribs, broke loose and scored a block ahead of the bail. We hen: them 1 to 0 as Tinker's home run waF hedsidc. - - • - - I A'fc-d Hoi k'ii:i:ibl Oct. 7-—.Jiiii:i.-; I'arker is working lor S. 1). nraiideiiluiri;. W - liad :i rain ef alioni .in inch tliiii week accompanied liy a wind wliicli ilid some daniaee. .Mr Waison aii.l •'•'iliiily were rLMuriiiag tn their home ill !!n>iisoi wl;ile t!ie stor:;! was r:i;.- iOi; aii;| a;; :i\le on the aiito bi'iKe iliiiiii:i:.- Ill" n; iciiine in a 'liii'i Ju.s" mii-r crossiii:; liic bridge on lin- .Mar eialii'i river. l.iiiKlly inaelillie 'li'l i.ot turn iiirib- ami ilii- 'inly iui-tin veniitiei siilli ri d v.'i's a heavy ilri iieli- in-j !":-iii.. ill,- rain. Wm. Mc!'arlr.ii.-| took !hi- W.iisoiis lo llronsDii i-i iii-- iiirre.-. »V. T. Hall :"|ii il.iir;!:!' r. Mrs. FIM-I (1 s I'at-.;; Ills, uf (ioodri'-h. Kas. '.: i.'l 1 S II I'.r.iail'uiiiir.u's .~>wiiday il;i ii noun. i Wilie,' ilali is still VI ry lln.v :iiiil !i:s lailu r fit' U'ashin.Etot:. :i. Iirotier 'run: Oi;l.ilr )M :i .;!iii a si.-ilir fi -oni i':ir- I 'lef' fiiTiii I'.n-soiis HT .1 \v ii;iys I it Willi Ihiir paretits and /ild friends I 'liir .''lisHes ll .i and .Marie IlroiiElilon : i:d .\lis.-i l .e!a Mi:Farl.ii;d W 'lii to l'i!i ."-•.•ili'i-da;. iiicriiin.^'. returtiiiu; i .-i 'lie' i ( \"niiu-,.' «,,ii<:o i> iiK.'ii sciiooi.s. li-'ir.; I'lihlislied 0;-|riiier H. • Nolfre 01 Appointinenl (•nardian. H;:i;e of. Kansas. .Mien County, ss. In t !.i- matter of ij'e eMate of M. J. l-'ri-:ini.-in. late ol^:.\llen County. Kan- XOTICK OI-: AfPOI.VT.MK.VT. . .N '.ii .-e Is Her'-liy C .i \on. That on :!:• L'::rd day of Septemlier. A. f).. iM:; the undf r.=imieii \va~ by the Pro- •I'te Ci .i'rt oi'.Ail'-h County. Kansas. !'i'y apioinled .-imi rpialifjed as Cluar- li :iri 'f the K.-tale rf .M. ./. Krishman. •^f 1,1 sound mini!- of Al'en County. All iirirlies iiilere=t (i| in said eriatc will ':il;'' n'lti-e anil novrn themselves 1. . oKl'iL 'Iy .i. A FfJISIIirAN, I !i 'i-:i-!';-2:; Cuardian. ll'li.O PuiilislieiV October t». 1012) the only count In the game, and if I had held him at third, as I tried to' do, neither team would have «core:I. In nine Innings, and New "York ntigh: have -won. If thry had won that g :\Tne they would hav won the pennant. ^ It was fho 'inest exii'lilion I ever gave, and te this day 1 • ould almo: t take oath tnat I saw thi hall coming' Into . the Infield wher I grabbed Tinker. I can't explain it unles.s i* was because I was so excited and f afraid that the ball real'y would beat bim home that I actu; :ir thought l' saw It. (CopjTlBht, 15i:. by W. G. Chapman.) Hard Hitting Pitchere, Pitchers are hitting unusually wel in the National league this year. N<i less than 12 arc batting .250 or bel­ ter.- They aro Cran<1all. Donnelly, Ylngllng. Wiltse. Srbultz, Tyler. Jlr: ger, Hendrlx, Mathewson, Harmor. Ames and Marquard. ml f ;rtii:ly are llnire Army nf Vouni; American-< <•<•(• tiiiir Edlicalion. Miir,' li !:iii :i luilliiin and .i oii.ttt'i lioys and uiri .-i will atienii iii,. Aee-ri- iMU hii -li S'hools. public :iii'l pii. iie '!iilili;r 'he SCIIIHI! year I 'llH -i:'. ac onl inc 111 the ••siiiuali id Dr. P. I* <'l:i\I f. I 'lii 'i'd Stalls I'oiiiiiiissii 'ii 'T I'l i;(!(ie;iti(in. L>r. f'hixtoii In'ii :i.:- iiH -eil by Mr. .-M'-xriiider Siiniiiiers. . i ;'tisl:ei :iii of th" l'iHf:in. \<-!iii h:is i;\;wie .-i spe;-ial siiidy of tli" iii :t'ler. til.:' the estimate is :i i -oiiserviilivi one. f)f I '.i" nunib'r ui \'ii i.lOn .'Mi'i :ire estiit,;iid for the public I'.iul: SI lioois. and I.".••.'inii fur !:i" pri ',:il. sr (.oi'ii :iry sfhools. Sammy Strong Returns. Sammy Strang NIcklln has returned from Paris, bringing his culliv.-:tpl voice with him and recently showo 1 up at the Polo ground.-, and took a work-out with the Giants. Many Young Players. Clark Griffith's Washington team i9 the youngest that ever made a noleo In the big leagues. The average of ter. which heretofore was held by l.ou 1 the players, outside of the pitchers. Is nilloD, made at Memphis, Tenn . sev- < twenty-two years, en years ago. t'hlan was drivin by" his trainer Charles Tanner. Born. Tuesday, Ot. S. to Mr and Mr«., AVil! Nichols, who live up on Deer Creek, a son. Mrs^ Nichols i^as forriierly Miss Llda Keftle. I Clever as Outfielder. Leo Magee Is surjirisingly clever an outfielder. He has good judcmer?, rung like a reevi.-h wolf and <-lijtrhf3 them tight when he rapcbes them. • ^ ' ®0li!l>@N ^^;^^r-•^--^^•^^'"^••^•^•'""••^'"^'•^•^••^ '•"•"••'.••'' ' ' ' ••'-^'' ' ^ it J^^^ :<J\ • .'oi.i J)ai?y If.-.-i .'iic;-. October n. ].112. :•.*•.-> ^^?^l '^A ^-V^j >fn;ES^;^^ Col on* the *fx>7S rouvon. willi fiv- oliieri of - c-:a:-r-«ti»o dates, »n J prcteot Ihem «t this office wi;h iSe elpenie ! K-I-J » r_rno-jrt I ere-n %rt oppciits nnt •ITN of Dictionarir fc-Iocf«-d twhich corcr^ t*-.- JiriTTi ol' c^»t of rirkine. ••xpre« from th} factsrr, ctiecUin'c. cleric hi-.> .intl other rijc ^uiur items). mnd reeeiTo your cboica of liie^a :i.-ro lect:: (Lilce iUiistr.-Jtiir- ir; ifie .rv-r -in .-f :ri '"il ':fr'3nT "Inv f'>ff ,-iy.) <'• i jVrw . T "3 dicti'-in.-irv ^- NOT I :i :-I --.t -d vy tin-" oriKini! p'lb- <; S WEnSTER \.tN''^''"'S 'f Wc!>t'.'-, itii-!-' -•1-;.- or t'V tliri.'- S'VcriSirT. % ? f Gl <]> It is the OM.Y c;.'-'-iv i: ••'>in:--l :t:->n_ by fic world 's X M-vJiiu grcnt-^-t atitlioriti'i-s • •:! 1 . t'irnj i i ;t>-«r>iiic'; i.3 I >oiind in K DICnON-imYinll Unif) I .'Hiici. f ::"•. sti;; P 'l ir, y Vi <:x S-K!C snd * Illustrated aUks, printed f-o nii.i vi li yr} i i:;.:;-. ,-!:<.; cirnrrs rounded; iKn-jliii;', slr'niir. ir-ir.i! !-^. !!- !!-'• ;;• • i-f l v-i !-.••< rhfjr ? color pi lie.;, S:';.;( • ei • K ••.ii.-;. ,'))•••. <i Ip.^^'^? C'iuo-ition 1' I h.-irfi ^--i i ll 'o I.'- t • "•-••'•d 1 • i. Tie ' - t h at this ofTi-e SIX Conseev'-.-ro -.'-'rin-rj C e-.^t* er-J iSo 98c PKOn/A.liATIO.N. •laniatiori ealling an election in City ni- lolii. Allen Cniint^y. Kansa.--. lo be }ie!d .Vovember »>th. I'M'-', and desicnating the voting l .i.ices ani! file iiiirpr ,se of said election anil i!;::iiing the judges and i-!erk:- thereof. • t, ^1'. O. IV.Ilinger. .M'i>-or of the "ily of lola. Allen County. Kans:is. do ,1 n liv uivp noti '-e that there will be •eld .-n ei ,"-tlen in ;--aid City on Tues- l:iy. .Vnviiilier .'.tli. i:i]2. lior tlie pur- :'»i-.e or elect in:: a i're .'-iilent and Vice-' rieiiililit of the Uiiiled .States. State im! Ilmintv Or:'i'-rr:-, Two .litstices of Ml" I '";iir' and two Constables and -:il .ir = "lini: au aiiiendinent to Ihe Con- '•:i''iiij .n "f the Slite Of Kansas. 'i'li'- \i.l':ir' ) !:i es uheri- said elec- ieii u il! lie h'l'l are: l-irst Ward -11'^ K. .lackson. S. i -iinil W.iril S N., Washington. Tiiiiil Ward Fire Department. ^l.i'lll street. I'liiuth Ward -2"'t^ S. .lefferson. l -ifili Ward U't K. .Madison. t^i Ward 201 .\. First. The fnlifiwinc (^ualifle.ii voters ftre I'-liointeii ns .ludie:-; and Clerks of --ai'l < I'-etinn : I-'irst V\";ird -.I'ldcrs: J K. Hender-^ -••n. Ceo I) Vi-.ulesoni;. W. C. Faust', cjerkr-: I-.'. Davis. Barney Hilde- l.raiit. ~ ' ' <i-i'>n(] Ward-Iiidces: C S.. Plural)I ley. ilavis Weir A. F Florence. I'lerks- W O. Lenhftrt. A. It. HecDX. ! Tiiir.l War'.'^.fiidpes: P. E. Bush. I.. A. P Ci:arle-- Clerks: Sniilh. T. A .Milne. K,.':i:h Wan:- .Itidses: L. F. Wll- 1 n. W I .M-Ca'!. K. fl. f .aw. Clerks: v.- ••< Anderson. C. A Clark. f-':f !!i Ward—.i'id =es: Chas. Hadley. " ill l^asie. A. I.. Sampson. Clerks: ^'e... V-.if.'-'ht. n. Rartnn. ^ Sixt>! Ward -.ln<;i.'e .s: S. T. Knfield. f '•. iloernins. T. M. Clark. Clerks: .1 ') AH'-n. K C. I«iwyer. T!:e above named .ludge.s and Clerks -..ill iresrnt themselves b'efore the ''ity C '-rk .it !ea«:i ene day before said I lr;-i;i:n^an.l tnke ,-ind; subscribe 'the oa'h refiu 'reri of .Judgps and Clerks I)! e !,.,)jnii . T'l" pnlts will be ope.hiri at 8 o'clock •I. iM ar'l elntci at. fi <l>'cloclt p. m. Of sa d day. • J C .ivcn under my hand this Sth day ef f !<-*eber. 1013. - • m -iM C O ROl.UNGER. Mayor; \/tr.-t T F. ZinCil.ER. City Cleric. RllLDrW .\EW rHCRCH. The $3,C3 h «ir '-. fr r New « i^'j> I -'. mnstrt^ted " • rir-.r M.iiayrv: '-v " 1 .JrN'V i* ta~c iil'.istra- 1 M-tih «'iBirc_ cariie ^i. SIX ecuJ ;rirTi.u'--.nv it-..'» •-- ..,i.;i-.-. SIX Beai».o> , .„ _ _ ''i-S r* J' • im CoupCA) «sd Ul4 0.^ TI • »^e .;.»i i-'U'-'i* 48c: Ttrirk Work on A. M. E. rbnrclii.(ti .'^iHrtrrf Thnrsdajr Afternoon;. Pev. C A. "Woods, pastor of the A. M K church-, announces that the brick work "on the ,now 'A. M. E. ,> c-h';rch building will, be started Thurs, day afternoon at 2:30 with appropriate ceremony. The pastor and congregation Invite the public to witness the beginning ot the work. t —Place Realty Co.." will olace yon In the right place If you will- let them place you; ' ' a*

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