Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on December 17, 1962 · Page 21
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 21

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 21
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PAGE 22 ANDERSON DAILY IULLETIN MONDAY, DiCEMIEH IT, RADIO SCHEDULE Otf The Air WMa)U~A(i«etM<l IHt—CM UN Niwa.Show I:IS Koarj Show I:N Road Show -..• :15 Dinner S«r*nad« Dinner S*rcii»d» Nfw Wor'd lantt 7:30 Ob««rvallon U S.A 7:43 Tog Tunes ____ T^5 World Trnilght «;]» Nil* Watch B:30 Indiana-Detroit »:4i Jndlana-Dtlroit j _ IndliTn«.Dtlroit Indlsnu-Dclrolt IMiana-Drtrolt Indiana-Detroit _^ Indfsna-Dftrotl Inrilanii-Dtlrolt Nile Watch Is'itc Watch 7-15 1:11 WLW—Clnrlnnatt 1H—NBC HONDA* NIGHT Newa-Rolttn''Aloni Hollln' Alona. Rollin' Aloni Bollln' Along. Snorts-Nfws Newa-Weatlwr Alex Drier i L 3 Star Extra '"News-Confer'fnc* 1 Jackie Gleasbn Hits It "Big' Again HOLLYWOID (UP!) - Ev«ry. lich makes it only logical that thetlc nature ot Crazy. Now Miss Ghottley it no longer as become bad, it U immensely used steadily, and the p-ogram has In the other, he was a suspecting 111:1) 10-30 10:15 a unlqu* human quality th«t often ovcrodnc even the mentally pa- cvllapced, Exutpt for Us uarlen U generally on tiic acts eer- haste, appar- t* WMM TUMI f C30U-Y I I FORGOT- MMLCXNC. , CHRISTMAS •*• CARPS TOtMWf I CAMflHPtrW MAILBOX 9Y MYSELF? Newi Ranil* Hf nnM Dvrni* Dcrnic Htrm ing Jacki« Glcuon does U big, net his w«ek«nd CBS-TV thow News Comment Back to Hlbl« naclitoBIbi* Edwin i> Mot-gun World Tomorrow Wprld Tomorrow chool ol Slut th« Saturd*y "jyorij*. "* nick to the Blbl. Bnck to the Blbl« our Memo) to b« ihaplnf up « back. Thi» Wfte when Clw- tain 'y' but Newi-Aeronsky Music For You ently just to be on c»mtra. On top of that, IK has become determin- several wenks, did charming tene edly cute. Have you ever seen a tent-stcps skits about an ordl- . News-Mutic Music For You World News _ Easy Lltlenlnl News-Weather Timet fat man act cute? If there is one jtry guy and his long-suffering thing Gleason is not, it's cute. 9, MILTON CAMIM These sketches, along with those HI/CLIP.. < >OH,<S«A»-I DOT Off HI,OKAMU THAT WIKE IB THE COllfSB KIPS 1OU HAVE Alt TO MNP THOSE KIPS \ THE CANX3N <9Mi. MIO WILL t£ HOME I SHE MJULP MS* UP HtK fat. cntnr/Msj VACATION IN COLOHAW PUT HOW DO WE SNOW IT WOhi'T K A COMPLETE Joe the Bartender (Ol««son) Saturday was better than his nd his friend "Crazy" (Frank one, mainly because it could not WIK TUCM THAT WE'LL. COMSj LOOK, StABMIC, I CAN' SEE Trt£ W TSNTIAL VAUIt IN MV VI*ITINtf TAK ENSLI5H WP05TLE CLUB ATAAAUMEE IJNIVEMIT>'... li:00 Nile Wifch 11:19 Nile Watch 11:30 Mite Wotch 11:45 Nile Watch News-Seminary News-Weather Sounding Botrd Hal Fryar Hal rryar Hal Fryar H»l rryar onteiaei. were solkl mainstays have been worse. Off again to an round which the rest of the show over-mugged, punchless start, he at tailing into place. There wa» finished strong with two skits. In C-totlP Of THIE6 JANITORS' riJKSDAV .MOIIMNG Cloek Watcher Prayer Period Clock Watcher Clock Watcher 1:00 News Rounmip 7:!5 Mualcil Clock 7:90 Musical Clock 7:45 Clock-Ncwi 8-(XTCfiS Mewl-Waitkw Frank Prater Frank Prater Frank Prater . TELEVISION SCHEDULE 4-lnd 6-NBC 3-CBS 13-ABC Clock Watcher Clock Watcher Clock Watcher Clock Watcher News-Weather Frank Prater frank Prater Frank Prater WTTV W«M " WISH Tat fjrnkol c Below ntlMM Froiram III Color MONIIAT NIGHT 1:00 PoM.vt T. Farmtr Karly Show . Mickey Mouw 5:15 Popty* F. farmer garlyShow ' * Ca«n*r 3:30 'Porj«y« f. Farmer Early Show Mickey Mouw w Pope,v« r, Farmer Ssllln CI«U8 & Casper F. Farmer News Frank Prater Frank Prater Cofret at Mirott News-Godfrey 9:15 Arthur Godfrey P:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:43 Arthur .Godfrey 10:00 News-House Party 10:15 House Party 0:30 Garry Moore 0:45 Croshy-Clooney Breakfast Club Breakfast Club B reakfast Club reakfast Club Yews-Aid adies' Aid adlef Aid adies' Aid B:00 Rocky «:15 Ponfye 9:no Sea Hunt !!*L-5 r A Hunt 7:00 Hiith Road 7:15 Hleh Road Ma wrick Maverick Maverick Maverick News Political H Hound Round F. Farmer r. Farmer News News-Aid Ladles' AID Farm Hour Weather-News i oNcws 1:15 Sam's Session 1:30 News-Session 11:45 Sam't Session •> OIOIGI TUSKA News-Weather News Man'a World Mnn'a World News-Weather Cronkite News Tell Trulh lh The Rebel The Rebel Ctieyenne Cheyenne FELtO W SLAVtS, I'VE JUST GIVEN THE STORV TO TH6 PHPEU6...THE MAKERS O£8OOM-eOOHI VITAMINS. ONI: PILL EOUALS 3 MSALS,,,HAVE UST OROER SPeCTACVLAB... 7:30 WynltEarp 7:4S Wy»ll Earp 50-50 Club 50-50 Club 50-50 Club 50-50 Club SO WHO PITCHES THE FIBS *•? Ne\vl Noonday Melodle Visit With Vernji Hooplcr Serenade News Fred Bveretl Fred Everett Fred Everett 8:00 WrestllnR IMS WreitllnK Basketball 8:45 Basketball Man'i World Man'* World Saints And Sinners I've Got Secret I've Got Secret L. Bal. 1 Show L. Bal) Show Cheyenne Cheyenne Rifleman Rifleman World N'ews School ol Air Women's World Meloriay Matinee 50-50 Club 50-50 Club News-Frederlekl Carllon Fredericks News Fred Everett Fred Everett Fred Everetl Danny Thomas Danny Thomas Andy Griffith Andy Orlffllh Baskelball naskotbal] n^O Raskethall 1:45 Basketball d:ob Movie 0:19 Movie 1:30 Movie 0:45 Movie Movi Saints And Sinners Price Is Right Price is Right Stoney Burke Sloney Burke Stoney Burke Stonev Burke News-Braun Bob Braun Bob Braun Bob Braun World News Melody MatinM women'! world Melody MatlnM News Herni. Herman Bernie Herman Bfcrmc Herman New« Ef rnl« Herman Bern!* Herman Bernie Herman PIONEER MlMIERfHIPCMtp Brinkleys .Irnl. Brtnkleys Jrnl. fitump the Stars Rewi Weather-Sport* Toninhl(C) Loretta Younn Loretta Young Third Man Third Man Ben Casey Ben Casey Ben Casey Ben Casey World News Cook'K Tour women'» World cook'« Tour . News-Hollin' Alone ollln' AlonR ollln* Alont: ollin' Alont; Ne'..- SporU-Weather Steve Allen Steve Allen Newt Movie Movie Movie 1:15 Movie-Jackson 1:30 Sign Off 1:45 Silent News-nolltn' AIonK Rollin' Aloni Rollin' Along Rollin' Alont: ewi Dernit Herman Herman Bernie Herman 4:00 Newi 4:15 Cook'l Tour 4:30 WomAn'l World 4:45 Cook's Tour Tonlght(C) Toniirht(C) Tonight C) TonHhtiC) Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen Comedy Capers Prayer BOND SALES DROP INDIANAPOLIS (UP!) - Sales of U.S. Savings Bonds in Indiana dropped D.4 per cent last month compared with November, 1961. Officials reported sales totaled nearly $9.7 million compared with nearly $10.7 million for the lame month last year. Nevertheless, 39 counties reported sales gaines. Lunching Alone LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Returning to her auto, Mrs. Baymond Hayes deposited her 22- n*mth-old son Andy en Uie front seat, along with a bag of groceries. She also laid her keys on the front seat. Andy's sense of timing was perfect. He pushed the lock on the door and helped himself to a mature lunch of cheese and bananas. A police car came along and Ye*. BUT I HEED •HOOF! oiT HIV. OUT ff THE STUPID WH.ll* I Kt V SOOD «HBFM1'» rMTEREP THO*» STRIPS SINCE 50 YOU THINK ORLOFF'5 OUT- SIPE COWTACr ALL *IX 5TWPS AKE RtAPY TO GO...V /nK, PATAKEX KETURUS W TIME TO CHECK 'EMI FNf O 1 THSSe WERB PWISHED, EKEPT FOR FOUNP NO llUARy WUMSERS IM'EM. 50 IP ALVN H«M,,,WHAT'5 THI55 BL«E5! OF TUESDAY MORNING Continental College of Air Classroom College of Air Today Almanac-News Today Chapel Door Today Cowboy Clyde Tqday Cowboy Clyde " ' silent Silent Silent Silent Silent News-Weather AWIM. EA*YWILT(W " RtACH HIW »V PHOWE>L Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo 9:00 0:15 Silent 9:30 Silent 9j45 Silent 0:00" Silent 0:15 Silent 0:10 Silent 0:411 Silent Movie Movie Movie Movie MarKle Mar«lt June Ford June Ford Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten nded the crisis. The patrolman managed to pry a coat hanger through the window and release Uie lock. Mnvie Movie Play Hunch(C) Play HunchlC) Calendar. Calendar I Love I,ue> 1 Love Lucy 1:00 Silent 1:15 Silent 1:30 Musical Cu* 1:45 Musical Cue Price Right C The McCoys Price Right C The McCoys Concentration Edge of Night Concentration Edge of Night TUKSnAY ArTE Jnne Wyman Jane Wyman Yours For Son* Yours For Sonc COMPLETE Funeral Service NOON Love of Lite Love of Life Search T. Guiding Light 1:00 Lunchtlm* 2:15 Cartoons Lunchtlm* 2:15 Cartoons News-Weather News-Weather Truth- Consequences 50-50 Club C 50-50 Club C 50-50 Club C 50-50 Club C MOPE'MVHOBSE SOT HIT AFTti I DOWNED TH' ' ' We spare no effort to help you plan a tirvice worthy of your mtmoriei. DAY and NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE WHEBE'VE YOU BEIM? woto Youe FIRE, psor: THAT IM'T THE SAMf HORC 1:00 Jack La Lanne 1:15 JackLaLaiuM 1:30 Movie 1:45 Movie Spanish Course Spanish Course First Impression News Fsrtn. Home World Turns World Turns 50-50 Club C 50-50 Club C Ernie Ford Ernie Ford THAT FITTED YOUR DEICBIPTIOMOFTHAT TEXAS SHERIFF. 1 Morv Griffin C Merv Grlfrin C Griffin Show C Merv (C) Newi Password Password House Party Home Party Dnv In Court Day In Court Seven Keya Seven Keys 3:00 Divorce Court 3:15 Divorce Court 3:30 Divorce Court 3:45 Divorce Court Millionaire Millionaire Tell Truth Tell Truth Loretta Young Loretta Younf Dr. Malnne Dr. Malono Room for ueen For Day ueen For Day ho Do You Trust? 9TH STREET - PHONE 644-4469 JESSE "FED" HOWE ItJAHIPOtU CAMP, .'.. iPlMtSALLftliALIASlHl p/toftstoe; iscAfto caHv/c 4:00 People are 4:15 Funny 4:30 Dick Tracy 4:45 Dick Tracy Secret Storm Secret Storm Early Show Early Show Bandstand Bandstand Am. Newstand Discovery Daddy All Hands On Deck ff/efP K/LLt* HI HAS SCHT TOfWSOK THCSHtfUFf • FKOMTASCOSA-* WILL You PLfASE- PRACTICE OUTSIDE-/ LARD? [ THAT'S T«' FIR&r THIWO / ILL HAVE PUT IN WHEW / I GITAtARRlEP, 15 A PHOKlE-- I THEY'RE TH' HANPIEST \ THIWO.' I'LL BORROW A / BED FROM HOMEHERE- [ 'AT'S ALL I'LL NEEPIM \ MY HOME IF IPO LIKE V SHE-B,LU»., LU ,,.. / WELL,I'P BETTER i HURRV--J'M EXPECT/ INI6 THAT PHONE I CALLAWywilOIJTE, { AWPTHAWKSFOR 1 V THE WOtJPERFUL 7 suprsR~&ooD __. *» NI»MT.' Ir V. T. HAMLIN r»r>HY! WERE NOU KEN, "^ BCM I. HAVEN'T J I DIBNT RGGER BROUGHT \LTSEE HIM AGAIN IN MV UTU6A AFTER THAT ...8EEM9 TO BE ALL RIGHT, THOUGH/ MUST BE SUMPIh4 TO THAT 'NINE-LIVES BUSINESS) 6SEN "tOJ ItJA LONGTIME/ Wet fcj MA. fe« TJX left U. P*. «k He's holding my diary for $1.25 ransom!" By DICK CAVALLI OkAY.-.CKAYJ I GIV5 UP. WHV MOTHEftS 66T OBAV YA C'N WATER TH'TWE, SYLVESTER i ON TOP OP HER STUDY DE<SK HA! 1 KNOW A PLACE WHERE •SHE'LL NEVER FIND IT/ "Dot Hloflins' wife left her wants some help. Seems the Doc and she can't read it!" USE BULLETIN LM|«r-U«fUf Frt»ki*M HERALD CLASSIFIED WKITE ERRICNCO IHEA9 one, he ml three cohorts wera wonderful pantomlolfti « four mechanical fiiurea tt a Bavarian town clock that IOM wildly awry. husband wnow wife vampf him after wcrtjt;y uujrinf a |7M COM. When site kluec him pawionately, he nyi: "That'i a W> klas." ; TTwre ie great interatt hire in whether NBC-TV's Monday night moviee, which itart Feb. 4 ,rei placing "It's a Man's World" i Sainti and Sinners." can the ratings of CBS-TV's sock ll*e- D of "To Tell the Truth," "I've ot a Secret," Lucille- Ball and »nny Thomas. Son* insiders eel that if the movies are well; hey might be- considered a» eanons to replace other low- ated shows in the future. On Saturday nights, the NBC- TV movie has often given a tousit me to another strong CBS-TV neup: "The Defenders," "Have un, Will Travel", and "Gun- moke.' But it all depends on the lality and popularity of the in- ividual movie. In the last rat- cs. for instance, "Gunsmoke." hich has had a spotty record ot ale. was hlch on the list again. This problem of getting good Ims supposedly has ABC-TV oiidcring whether to bring back Sunday night movie next sea- nn. At present, however, movis icatre exhibitors are worried xiut the three weekly motion ctures offered in prime network mo, and also about the many ecenl films scheduled by local stations as well. The trend on the networks, lowcver, is toward longer programs — note NBC-TV's 90-min-" te "The Virginian." And the rea« on is not only to tie up the view- r for a lengthy period against etwork competition, but also, in •art, to combat- other luring mareels: Longer theatre movies, the vents that pay-TV someday will fer, closed-circuit theater, televi- on, etc. The competllion for ewers' increased leisure time b erce. Vorlliside Club Hears Students Members of th" Northside Com- mnily Club will hear three ornign students from Anderson Ke compare the observance ' Chrislmns in their native lands ilh the celebrations here during ic monthly meeting Tuesday at erry's Drive-In. Ronald Fletcher, president o( ic organization, said the meeting iTiuld start at 6:30 p.m. and is pen to all men residing north o( Virile River. Speakers for the evening will bs idncy Heckles, Kingston, Ja- laica; Miss Sidney Sicbert, New otilh Wales, Australia, and Miss Villa Rae Schwieger, Kenya, last Africa. The Northside Club is designed o combine th« religious, political nd civic forces of the community o further the progress of North Vnderson and surrounding area. President Fletcher will presid* t the session. « Watch That Stuff LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - An ate listener telephoned Jim Wai- on of radio station WHAS to ask hy some announcers manlian- led the English language by tin onstant UM of slang and abbre- iattor*. Walton'explained that such short talk Ktcted emphasis «nd interest, and so on. The caller didn't budge an inch, : Vhen the conversation di«d do\™, Valton thanked the man for his iterest. "That's OK," he replied. iffifflBuPont WALL PAINT No stirring, no primins. Dip in and start to paint! Creamy-thick— won't drip or waiter like ordinary paint. Dries in 30 minules to lovelr flat finish. Clean up with soup and wafer! Chouse from 19 towilor colors- Exactly matching shades for woodwork in durabte"Duc/>" Satin Sheen Enamel. Off-Stmt P«r*ln« Holsnm HUNTER- CHEVROLET W.IIB. CLOSED For Xmoi HotMayi FROM NOON SIT, DEC, 22nd Until 7:30 A, M, WED,, DEC. 26th NAVE A Sale Mcrrjf Motoring Christmas

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