Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 10, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 1889. NUMBER 177. Coal, Lumber and Salt Gbean market pric-9 for HO -OtJSEHOIJ) SHOULD BE WTTHP'J? w DYSPEPSIA, • STXICTOr VtOITAM.1 MUlTlfll MMIUT MtDIOIKt. CA. PHlLAp'gLPHlA. * Prio, ONE Dollar CAUGHT IN ATKAP. Ten Miners Drowned Like Rats in a Hole. ffONE OF THE BODIES RECOVERED. The majority of the Ilia of the human body arise from a dlneasAd Liver, Simmons Liver Regulator has been the mean* of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a health]' IJver than any other agency on earth. • «EB THAT TOO GET THE GENTJTNK. And None IJkely To Ttti for Threo Weeks— Their WorUInc Place Flooded by Water from nn Old Mine—Terrible Holler Ei- plonlon—A Fat»l Fire In Albany, N. V.— Remarkable Selamle Phenomenon In WUooniln—Awful Kr»ult of Playing with Dynamite. GOLDEN, Cola, Sept. 10.—One of tho most jerious mining accidents ever known In this portion of tho state occurred late yesterday ifternoon in the Whito Ash coalmine near ibis place. An abandoned mine alongside the White Ash has for months been full of water, which, yesterday afternoon, without a moment's warning, burst through Into the White Ash mine, filling It with mud and water. Ten minors are known to havo been at work in tho mino at tho time of tho disaster, and not one of them could havo lived five minutes after tho surging moss broke in upon them. It will probably take two or three WBOKS to reach their bodies. Tho names of but threo of the unfortunate men can bo given now—John Murphy, John Morgan and Allen—but It is positively known that ten lives have been lost. Most of them have families. Sho work of pumping and clearing out the mine will 1)3 commence J at once, BALTIMOHE !Tho Prosldont Fronont o» tho FKil.lvltl.cil — Tl CELEBRATES. thn llogl Pro- TOO SCIENTIFIC. ';WHYl TOTJK IS OUT OF ORDER Tou -win hare HTCR HEAPACTKEB. PATNB IN THK BIDE.DTHFEPSIA, POOR APPE. TITE, f eel llatles* and nnaMe to got through yoardallrirork or social enjoyment*. life will b« oborden to you. cure yon, drlvo tlio FOIBON Xhey co«t only «B cents » box and may s»ve your life. Con be had at any l>rug Store. ' PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. FLEMING BROS,, - Pittsburgh, Pa, AN EARTHQUAKE OF ITS OWN. Tooullar I>lHturbnnce of tho Knrth in n Wlncon<tln Town. KAUKAUNA, Wic., Sept. 10.—The village of Florence, Outagamlo county, a small pluco ono mllo above here, was shaken on Saturday by what Is believed to have boon an earthquake. The disturbance of the earth's interior seemed to have boon directly under the spot whore stands tho immense pulp and paper mill of tho Van Northwiek- Rogers company, and groat daniago was done to the utructure. This mill was but recently completed. It Is built entirely of Ntone, and tho immensity of tho structure can readl'y bo guossed from tho fact that It is tho largest papor and pulp mill in tho United States. Tlio Mill Dndly Dnmngod. ,-. -Tho diUuuyu-Lu tiiu• mill will ri)/>i;li fui lulu _tho thousands.- The north anil oaot walls of tho mill aro cracked in many places, and .have separated from the floor and roof several Inches. All of the machinery in the north end will have to be sot over, as It is all out of place, many shafts being bent An artesian well on a bluflt 300 feet above tho mill has ceased to flow since tho occurrence. ^^SPECIALTIES.- Tue Finest, Moat Durable.'and holds Its shape the beat of any whip in the market. The Easiest Dumpf d, lEaslest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. FRIGHTFUL BOILER EXPLOSION. It Bond* Five Men to Eternity Without n Moment's Wurnlng. CARDONDALE, Ills., Sept. 10,—At 11:35 yesterday forenoon a boiler used ou tho form of John W. Snider, half a milo east of this city, exploded with fearful results. Five men lost their lives, viz: Jobn W. Snider, Thomas Lyget, Andrew J. Lygot, John Biggs, and Isaac Miller (colored). The men were grouped about the boiler, which -was leaking and giving tronbla Mr. Snider gave the order to shut down, wbon In an instant tho boiler exploded. William O; Spiller was blown some distance, and escaped with a broken leg. All tho men, except Andrew J. Lyget, have families, and all are residents of this vicinity. Four Live! Lost nt it riro. ALBANY, N. Y., Sept 10.—Tho paper stock warehouse of P. J. .McArdle burned Two sacks 12.1-0 Fancy Patent, per sack, $l.CO. Half Patent. " IM. " Borne of the oldest residents of this city claim thla to be the best flour they ever used In the State of Illinois.' Or earn Hun, Daisy and. Minn. J*oiler in stock. SI <A Good Stock, of TinlTomato [Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of j MASON'S GLASS FRDIT JABS AND JELL TOILERS LEFT AT L. L. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ISUCCESSOIIS TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. yesterday. Tba flro mado such rapid pro- gre«s that thosa on tbo upper floors had no time to descend, and tha result was that two women, Mrs. Scott and Mra. Hyman, were hurnod todoalh. Several persons jumped "from the fourth story windows, ono of them, Mrs. Powers, alighting on a pile of iron and receiving Injuries from which she died, Uichard Gamble, tho bookkeeper, Jumped down the elevator shaft_and_was killed. Others badly injured wore Lulu Hartmann, Carrie Swartz, Ellen Franks, Mrs. McShano, Daniel Gorman and John Biglin. All of theso will recover. Cremated by Forodt Flrei. HELENA, M. T,, Sept. 10.— Information has just been ro:eivod hero that ono of tho fiercest forest flres yet reported la raging in the St. Regis district, in Mlssoula. county, on the Cokely ranch. _Cukoly and tho hoatoen of the ranch mounted norsos and barely escaped with their lives to tha river, less than a quarter of a mile away, and reached the water after having the clothes nearly all burned from tbeir bodies. A Swedish prospector and hla horse perished lu tbo flumes. J. C. Voodor, who has returned from the 8t Regis country, says he Jeols certain that several men peri, bed in the conflagration higher up in the mountain. Heavy Storm at Atlantic City. ATLANTIC CITY, N, J., Sept. 10.— Atlantic City was visited last night by a ter- rlflo ocean storm, the waters extending to a point at least 500 feet from the beach proper, damaging tbo bath houses and pavilions along tho beach to tho extent of 450,000. Jackson's pavilion was almost entirely washed away, and Lee's bath houses and pavilions were greatly damaged. They Monkeyed with Dynamite. CIARKBBUBO, W. Vo., Sopt. 10.— An Italian working on the Midland railroad, eight miles north of her*, picked up a dynamite cartridge Sunday ami liogan tossing it. to a companion, who lot it explode. Two of tho Italians were literally torn to pieces", while others were seriously injured. Tried to Polnon a 1'amlly. CHIOAOO, Bcpt. 10.— Dr. Morsch, an aj- legwl physician of this city, haa boon held to the grand jury charged with attempting to poison Fred Brulzlcr and his family. A wotk ago Morsch entered Brutrlor 1 * saloon and called for a drink, at tho fuimo lime expressing his willingness to treat Urulzlor and his wife, thuir BJH Andrew, and daughter Louise, aged 8. They conaontud, mid shortly afterwards Brulzler, his wife, and daughter weresoiiod with a \ioluut vomiting, and despite ever)' effort Louise dioJ a few hours afterword*. A idrowa claim* that he saw tho doctor puss his hand over tho different ulusscsnnl drt.p a whin poivdor Into the licor. Ho throw Ufa IMV.T out an I was not taken ill. Tbo poculinr p.irt of lu.i case is that thcro l» m> known motivo for tho doed. AmiitUT Oulrnge U«p«rt*il. BHUNSWU-K, On., y*,-p(- J° ~ 11 '« "'ported hare that »ix umtro pr •uflK'ra, <m routo to Ciu<-*l»ntttl, **re tttkun from Hie ladiw on » »-xUi bou».i K. , T. , V'. A O. train »li Etaitay, Ua. , !*alur4»* uiurntuc, i twaiuii fur ha»uig rw Sopt 10. — Tlio Momminntal city was drcs-ed In itn holiday attire yostor- ^ay, and prosj'nt-e<l an animated appearance with ifci fli(f! flyinff, its olllcial buildings, commercial houses, and privnto dwdlingK, arrayed in rod, whito, and h.'ue, and its stroots throngod with an ovor-movinK mass of pooplo who had como to holp it colobrate tho soventy-flflh anniversary of tho bnttlo of North Point and bombardment of Fort Mc- Hrrnry, during tho thunder* uf which the national hymn, "Star Spangled Banner," hatl its birth from tho brain of Francis Scott Koy. Tho occasion was also gr.iccd by tho prosonco of tha president of _tho United States, accompanitxl by Socrotarics Wtii- dom and Tracy, who came ovor from tho national capital curly in tho morning. Governor Jackson was also present, with many othef distinguish'.*! ciciz .MM of tlia nation, state, and city, on tho stand where tho groat parade was reviewed. Historical nntl Industrial Pngnant. Tho programme for tho first day was a civic and trades parado in tho morning, races nt Pimllco In tho afternoon, and a banquot and flroworks in tho evening. Tho parado was divided into six sections, preceded by a ..scries of historical II >ats, and guards of honor, comprised oxr.lusivoly of ilc,c.<iidnnts of thoso who woro at Fort McIIcnry and North Toint at tho tlmn of th.) bomhard- mont and battle. Tho first division wuliraced the G. A. H. and tlio Army ot' tho Potomac; tho second, tho voluuti-ur flro d.-pirtmont; tho third, tho city lire department; tho fourth, civic and tx'uovolont societies; tbe fifth, Gorman societies of Bulti'moro, with elaborate flouts; tho sixth, trades' display, also with floats reproionting ovory interest In which tho city is interested, as well as tiie progress of railroad development, tho art of printing, etc. Somo of tho Florttn Drucrlbail.. Among tho hundreds of floais were groups that reflect great credit up.i.i t loir designers. Tho browurs' display, tho Pennsylvania railroad, and tho Baltimore and Ohio aro do- serving of especial mention ll:iri'y Vondur- horst had a miniature brewery in full opira- tion, from thn steam engine to tho vais and vaults. The float preceding thii ono ropro- sentod King G.imbriuus seated on his throno attended by two young women, arrayed in gorgeous costume. Thought They Wore "Nice Glrl«." Tho women courteslod to tho president, who politely bowed, remarking a moment afterwards to Mayor Latrobm -"Nicj fjlrln.-" Tho Northern. .O.-ntral railroal Ivnl a float bearing a model of their grain elevator at Oantou. The model was ou tho odgo of tho water, and lying alongside was a vessel taking on her cargo. There was a perfect railroad yard, with locomotives attauhod to trains of box cars running ovor tha tracks into tiie elevator. Tho tracks wore ovon ballasted with stono and gravel. Tho B. & O. had in lino tho first car ovor run on the road, and on its top sat tho man who flrst drove tho team that pulled it in 18:!8. Tho seven float* of tlio Typographical union represented printing and newspaper work in its different stages. Fifty Thoununcl In Lino. Tho procession was enthusiastic, and as tho different sections passed tho reviewing stand the president's presence thereon was welcomed by most hearty cheers, to which ho bowed his acknowledgments. It Is estimated that theie were 50,000 in line. Enormous crowds linod tho streets on tho 'route of march, Whoso welcome to tho president as ho drovo by on his way to the stand and back to bis hotel was vooiforoua and continuous. A guard of honor carried a flag made by tbe ladies descended from tho heroes of North Point as a substitute for tho "Star Spangled Banner," which Mr. Appleton declined to loan for tho occasion. A Itnnqnot ami Knceptlon. Tho last float passed the reviewing stand at 3 o'clock, tho entire display having taken four hours and a half to pass this point The presidential party, with the exception of Secretary Wind oni, who returned to Washington at 1 o'clock, were then driven to tho Hotel Ronnort In one of the parlors ot the hotel the may or and members of tho city council proson tod to the pros! 'ont a sot of resolutions adopted at their lost meeting, Reports to the People That Do • Not Inform. FACTS ABOUT DEBT STATEMENTS. BOUND TO HAVE A SLIVER. at A. Syntcm of 8tntln~ thn Hit-nation That In Jnn* Einotly tho Wny How Not lo Do It—VThon tlio National I)«-bt 1» Reported Increased -It I* Generally tiie Other Way,'nnil Vice Yorun—Secretory TVlndom Kxplnliit. WAsniKOTON CITY, Sopt 10.—Secretary Wlndom yesterday, In an interview with a represontativo of tlio United 1'ross, muilo tlio following stntomcnt in roply to certain nows- pipcr statements that during tho months of July and August of this year tho public debt bad boon increased over $7,000,000, while during tlio sumo months in 1SS3 tlio debt had b.'ou decreased over?1l,000,000. Figures That Prevaricate. "Thoso statements," tho secretary said, "convoy an entirely erroneous impression. The fact is, as shown by tho books of the treasury, that on tho 80th of June, ISH'J, tun total amount of tho public debt, Including bonds of all kinds, wns $8UO,.'!KS,OS7.^ind on tlio 31st dny of August it was only ?S7.~ V 473,807, Showing a reduction of f,!0,!HO,180 during those two months. Tlio reduction during tlio same months of last year was only about ono-third of that amount, viz.: $7,051,270. Tho reduction of tho annual iu- tores; chnrgo on tho public debt during tho mouths or July an.l August, IS*}, was only $291,301.10, while tho reduction of tho annual Interest chnrgn during tho samo months this year was $iJ75,(iS5 l bein,j a littlo more than three times as groat a reduction as that of last year. In fact tho reduction of annual interest on tlm public debt during tho last two months h:u II.TII i quailed by •july a few periods in tlio country's history,. notably in President Garfljld's administnx- tration, durinR tho llrstsix monlhs of which tho annual interest clmrg.i was roilurad $15,- IJ47.S72. Why Not Eliminate tho Peculiarity? "Tho erroneous newspaper conclusion above referred to doubtless from tho peculiar firm of tlio monthly statement of the public debt issued by tliis•department, in which tho a umint of tin-dobt is givp 'less caih in ttio treasury'. Hy th's form any in- crenso cf the CMSM in the troustirv shown nn i;j;j;.aoul.<!.,<»u "i tiio debt; and' dlihunio- inuniB, for any purpiM other than the purchase of bonds nt par vuluo, slum- an apparent increase of tlio public debt equal to the amount of such disbursement!) For in- ttance, if thn public debt were stated to-day A Tlolmit I>:iluro of tho ISpfenno Croiiln'n Allowed Mnri!eri.r«- CnicAoo, Kept. 10.—EviTSincp the Cronin murder cnse has been ou trial tho attorneys for tho def''iis-» havo desired to obtain somo portions of the bloml-stninnd floor niul wall of tho murder cottago, They tried lust wnek to got Judge. M>-Co:inell to order the ownor of tho cottage—Carls >n—to permit them to take what they wanted, but tho Judge de- cline.l to dispute or Cnr.s MI'S property. Tho prosecution liavo some KfK'cimeiis, and tho defense asked n portion of them, but wero refused, tho best thing offered being permission to examine them. A Iliild on tho Cottage. Tho defense, howe'.'er, is resourceful, and othor i'ir<irl-s fulling, Lawyer Forrest, who is defending cx-Petectivq Coughlin, yesterday tiftei-noon, with the nid of three largo and heavily built men, raided tho Carlson cottage and Kucccvdod in getting away with pieces of the flooring and walls covered with spots of C'ronin's hloo.L Since the cottago has bo- como famous, it has beon arranged for tho inspection of visitors by tho building of a railing across tho corner of tho room. When tho attorney commenced digging up tho flooring with a pocket knife, Carlson and bis son-in-law, Mr. Llndgren, attempted to stop him, Carlson presenting a revolver to Forrest'.) head. Tho Objectors Sat Upon. Tho threo men accompanying Forrest juiii;>ed ovor the railing and overpowered Carlsen and Liml ,rcn and hold them down on tho floor until tho had completed his work. Thuy rdsn tool; Cnrlsan's revolver nwiiy from him. Having secured the j.prcl- mnns Forrest and his threo accomp.iers jnmp"d into a cnrringo and drove away. \Vlun they had safely seated thcms^lvi-s and tho hors.'s had been whipped up ono of t.he:n tl.rjw Cin'lsen's r volvcr back into the yard. Sjvernl ollli'ers wero S'-ut out to hunt Forrest list night, lint they were unablo to find him. The la wyer's three accomplices are unknown, and Carlsi'ii and LindgriMi can givo but a vagii4 descripti -n <?f them. Juries Comn Hltfli at Chicago. P.ut littln progress was mud•; yesterday in tlm work of s< cni-ing. a jury in tho Cronin murder trial. When the cunrt adjourned at 4 o'el 1 c!c but. one tal'-sman was lield over. •The ri'st uf the r:ise lias been thousands of dollars, nn 1 tliero nr" no signs of even a b'-ginliin^. THE DRESSED BEEF INQUIRY. Vest's Conmiittop SlrlKo-4 n. It oh L,entl in KIIIUCIH Cit.v. . KANMAS f'tTV,'Jin.,- Kept. 10.—Tbu suniitn- cummitti!! 1 inveatig ilin;i tin ilrjswi*! .!> mf qiu'stiun hegan its H'Siion yesterday morning in tlio parlurs of the Midland hotel. G'-orun \V. CJlick, ex-governor of Kmi-'iis, mid Chnrl'.'s Durst, of Alchisim, wero the witm'-sses examined. Tln-y botli Raid that Absolutely Pure Tbls powder never varle's/A.'mtirveTtof piin> strength and wholesomeness. More economical than th*» ordinary kinds, and can not be «old In competition with the multitude of low test, short woti;ht, a.unm 01 iiiiosiihate jtowder?. !>0ld O ilV I \ r»!H. linrAL.KAK1>O POWIIFB Co .Hog wall si., w iork.r^'f^l jan3lil-«lv John Habbsr- ton. has written many good uto- rlos. This is one of bin best. Watch for the Opening Chapters! FEK LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads j In lh« Kvcnlng HUE OF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOR THE NEXT. ™ CHASE SANBORN. SCENE ON A COFFEE PLANTATION -- CONTROLLED BY— OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION HCrKtSEN 1 '»MCi -•••'• THE FINEST GROWN. " JAVA and MOOHA. surpassing all others in Its richness and delicacy of flavor. Justly called The Arlstpcratlo Coffee of America. Always packed whole roasted (unerourid} In a ID. alr-tlifht tin cans. standing Iho fact that tho outiro SlO.ODO.uOl) so drawn out mny still bo in tliolmmta oC tho bonded disbursing ofllcors ot tho othor departments, mid to all intents and purposes as much of tho government as if it wero in tho Taults of the treasury. "Tho facts during tho last two months exactly correspond to this supposed cose, and though tho actual reduction of tho dubt was $-..'0,910, 180, tho debt etatcmrht showed nn apparent increase of $7,004,003. "Everything Goes" In the "Form." "Tbo largely increased purchases cf bonds for the sinking fund during tho last two months, ovor tho corresponding months of last year, show an increase in tho premium paid of t3,575,i)'JO,4:i All thoso things flguro in tho last debt statement as an increase in the public dobt, while in reality they havo nothing to do with it I can roadlly seo how an honest misapprehension may ariso from tho form of tho monthly statement, and therefore havo taken tho troublo to mako this explanation. Similar apparent additions to tbe public debt are quite common. For instance, in March, 18M, tho apparent Increase was 8SU,i!5(l; in November, 18X5, $4,889,000; in November, 1887, $1,400,000; in November, 1888, $11,199,817; and in February, 1889, $0,443, ^^____ .welcoming him to Baltimore, and tendering him the f rewioiii aiid liospitali ty'of " the city, and requesting that he bold a public reception at the city hall. Upon receiving tho parchment. President Harrison said: Mil. MAVOH AND GENTI.EMKN: I assure yon that It Is with pleasure that I have heard the cordial terms in which you havo welcomed mo to Baltimore and tondarnd mo your hospitality, and I hlshly appreciate your action. I havo foil it an obligation ui>on mo to agree .to any request that you might make of mo when I came over on a pnhllc visit. There arc things In which we all have a common Interest, and I bolieve that it Is well lo have thi'So frequent interchangi'S of friendship and hospitality between the president of tho United States and tho people. It will give mo great pleasure, thtTffore, gentleman, to placo myself In the hands iif tho committee and meet as many of the citizens of Baltimore personally as time will iwrmit. Tlio presidential party and other 1 nvltod guests thon, at 4:15 p. in., repaired to tho dining-room, where an informal though elaborate lunch was served. MiyorLatrobo sat on tho president's right, and James A. Gary at his loft. Among ttiosa prospnt wore Secretary of tho Navy Tracy, Governor Jackson, United States Senator Wilson, Adjutant General Kelton, Walker Elaine, and others. Two Thounand Five Hundred Shakes. The president loft tho ban (met hall about 5:80 and proceeded to the city hall, where Ue^took hia stand In tho mayor's reception room and crowds of men, women, and children, whites and blacks, began pouring- in upon him at the rate of forty a minuto. The president was in excellent bumor, and tho reception i-ontinuod for exactly one hour, the doors being closed nt 7 o'clock, much to tho disappointment and even remonstrance of the hundreds who still thronged tho square. Tho president shook hands with 2,500 people. Ho was vary considerate of tho children, find little ones who were pushed beyond him wero ' frequently called back by tho president for the handshake, The president loft tho city hall at 7:16 for Camden station, whence ho departed at once for Washington City. A Whlnky Firm Embarrassed. LOUIBVILLB, Ky., Sept. 10. -Tho big distillery firm of J. B. Mattiugly & Son did not make an assignment yesterday, ail expected. The firm's attorney said there was no reason why an assignment should bo made othor than to tide over a temporary embarrassment, which can be relieved by a littlo indulgence from creditors. The flrm'i Hnbllities ara estimated at $400,000, with ovor f-ViO.OOO. They Cot It About Correct. __ .WASniKQTQij CITY, Sept 10.— The state nr mission man at Chicago lold him in confidence, that tho "I'.ig Four" controlled prices. Hanks said ho dnnnl not tell the commis-ion man'd namo for foar tho Chicago pot p'.o would boycott him. Two -\Vllitfsses ^Vlio Know. Jnnicii IIan|>, of Kniisiis City. «nld ho operated on Iho Kansas Citv market. Ho testified that ho had roc-eivi'I a warning nnt,to liny too innny cattlo. Ho had not beedinl it, and was forced to s^ll his noxt buncli of cattle at a loss of $300. Tho combine then wanted to kuow if ho had had enough. Ho told thorn ho thought ho had. A. J. Morris, of tho packing firm of Morris, Dutts & Co., thn Inst witness, gavo his testimony very reluctantly. Ho WHS forced twadmit that his customers had received threatouing loiters from ono of . tho packers in tho "combine." His own ilrni had received threatening lott-jrs, but they did not frighten him. Tho witness had personal knowledge ot a combination between- Armour, Swift, Morris ami Hammond, by which tho territory oast of tho Mississippi was divided between them In such n mannor that uoithor would encroach ou tho territory of tho others. It! H. W. BllNN, BnlE AQEnt far BterlinD, J3y Dealing- ^vitli Him. "Voii \Vill A. void the JVtid.Ulernan'.-« IProlit. Oo£fees In. l to *»»* . Z>an»'l Stealing* Broke Uliu. K«w YORK, Sept. 10.— William A. CnW- weli, doalur in bardw»r«»nd cutlery, made t y*»t»rd«y, Tba (niiiira it *t- by (tm ti-ada fc> tda <u«|«ili!.m of liw Ax Uanuf*cturiug o.>nuj*tiy, i>( wto which Mr, revjilwolt *« dv>*s- .»ii In !'i4i »•**»- Kte iUbiHUos tf-i w to ate*** $*«j«* department has rocoivod numerous clippings from foreign newspapers, forwarded by United States consuls, all of tbo same tonor, and against tho International American congress, which is to meet in this city next month. Thoso journals profess to seo in tin congress a well directed effort to divert trado from Europe, and a gonoralmonanco to European industries. Sullivan Known Ills District. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 10.— Somo Boston Democrats who aro In Washington say tho announced candidacy for congress of John L. Sullivan may not prove a laughing matter. Sullivan is located in what is known as " Tat Qollins' " district It has a reliable Democratic majority of 7,000 and is controlled by Irish votos. : . A Small Counterfeiting Business. WASHINGTON CITY, Sopt 10.— Chiof Bell, of tho secret service, is in receipt of a telegram from Agent Harris at San Joso, Cal., to the effect tbat ho arrostod Charles and Lizzio Atkins m San Francisco, Sunday, for manufacturing and .passing counterfeits- cent nickols, and that ho captured a oom- ploto outut ______ Some New York Appointments. WASHINGTON CITY, Sopt 10.— Tho president lato yesterday afternoon made tho following appointments: Ooorgo W. .Lyons, surveyor of customs for tho port of Now Y rk; Theodore B. Willis, naval officer of ojstoma lu the district of Now York; Eruost Latham, collector of internal rovonuo for" tha First district of Now York, Tho Ito-ie Vail Scores. CHICAOO, Sopt 10.— Boston and Chicago played a mutual shut-out game at tho "Hub" yesterday, neither sido making a run in sovon innings, tho game boiug ended by darkness. Other League and Association scores are givon below: .At New York- New York II, Cleveland 5; at Washington City— Washington 9, Indianapolis 0; nt Philadelphia—Philadelphia 10, Flttaburg 4. Association: AtJBttltimortf— Baltimore 8, Cincinnati )3; at Philadelphia— Athlotio 7, LouLsvtlla 10; at Columbus— Columbus 0, Kansas City 0. Western kwgu.i: At Minneapolis— Minneapolis 7, Den Mnines 3, DroplvtMl I>«>a4l- at Coney Inland. NEW YOKK, Ho;.t 10. — Jauios Mcluerney, ^uprumu u-ustiM uC tbj Catholic JCnights of America, a very liirtunnlial bjiwllt society, Jrop |i-d di-nd nl l'«.ii'<y Inland Hundav oven- hii(. He \Vi>a ~M 3 r:ii s of a^e, and waswkltily known and n" p i-to.1 Hii-nugliout the onlur. Tho Inillnnn School Hook Law. INDIANAPOLIS, IinL, Sept. 10.—Lust winter tho legislature, onactoil^ a low by_which the state board of education was authorized" to contract for tho supply of n uniform system of school books for tho 'entire stnto. The law was fought bitterly by tho big school book publishing houses. Tho Indiana School Book company secured thecoitrnct for furnishing arithmetics, readers, googra phios, and spellers, Ivison, Blakoman & Co., who had an arrangement to furnish tho Indianapolis schools with geographies, brought suit for an injunction in tho Unitexl States district court to restrain the school hoard from substituting tho books supplied by tho Indiana company in place of thoso furnished by Ivison, Blakenian & Co. Sat urday Judgo *Voods rolused tho injunction, Steve Itradlo Million un Allliliivlt. NEW YonK, Sept 10.—Stevo Hrodiu, tho latest horo of Niagara, yesterday ui'iniing, accompanied by his witnesses, Kniest Jor- rold, Louis Ledger and John McCarthy,wont before Notary Public li. B. Woolf, of 74 Essex street, and in a sworn nllldavlt told tho story of the passage over tho falls by Brodio last Saturday. Tho affidavit roitor- ates tho story as told in theso dispatches,and is sworn to and" signed by tho four men nbovo mentioned. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, : GOLDEN CROWN, * PEERLESS, * BL.UE RIBBON, CAPITAL. 1- C-RKAM-PATENT—----- KANSAS \VINTJER, - ' SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove np as represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE We are selling nothing but JVo. 1 Meats Prices Low as the Lowest, MIKADO MARKET. No Seconds. Where Is That Kniil-Klllcr? NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Sopt. 10 -Walter l>. Campbell, of Youngstown, N. Y., has constructed a life-preserver with which, ho B lys, ho will on Sunday next swim th? rapids from tho Maid -of-tho-Hidst Lauding through tho Whirlpool rnpids. His lifo-pre- s-TVcr, or rathor double life-preserver, as he c:ills it, is mado of iiixteeii pieces of cork, flvo by fourteen inches, on 1 0:10 inch thiik. Dlsmnrr.k to tho Tope. LONDON, Sopt, 10.— Tho pop> Iris sont a telegram to I'rmco Bismarck convi'j-ing his thanks for permitting t'.ie Honuin Catholic congress to assc'inlilo at Borhum recently. Bismarck replied to tin pope's t.-ki;rani that, notwithstanding ho had s:iiietio:u' i the convening of tho congress, ho wus not at all in accord wllli tho work it ha 1 dono. 8curlo llo«t« O^-'itniior. ^ LONDON, Kt^pt. 10.— A smiling raco wat roweil on tho Tbaims y (.tir-lay 1> -twi>on Wiliinm O'Conmn-, ilic'chiiuipinn iursm:m ol Canada, and 11 Miry K Scmi'l • A'-is'.rallit, for f.i.D.t) a:id tin' of tVo world. So.'i'l.- «'>u by - Th,< U !b tba W. 1 Itt rm-oa at tho e won an fu LitU'i't, 1 o»t Tonlvx <•<! .lu Bl.OOMINi.1IIN, onte»».-l j.i.l MII "i IVv.T Ol' C'.-Uuili*U I'.-.UIs, minpinn ot i Immploi-it'ilp i.OHO. -Tin P. : .t I 1 'kin, ,5 i;,'t <i in , .>; cut . I.N': l!e.ilijjbt, By everyone that comes to our store that we have the .. that can be found in the city. We keep. on hand from ten to fifteen Bedroom Suits which enables all to make a selec- •r 3 tion, and we- are offering them from $18.00 Also a large stock of *n.rlor GJooda, I^icture IVforiltlUigffSa saiicl in ^wiieral. TL T phol- stei'in}>- a Specialty. FAIR DEALIMQ, LOW PRICES AMD Reynolds Bros., WKWTT KSO

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