The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 4
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATUttDAY, APRIL f), 18U2. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICIAL PAPEM OF ClTY*ANfl» QpUNTY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. 1~ HrONSI .KIl, K<lllnr. TEK1K8 OF MJHSOKll'TION. VheNmnita delivered V>y carrler.n InllutcH- lnsou, Sooth llutcliinuon 2nd All suburbs, at IB cents a week. The paver mny be ordered by postal card, or tiy telephone (No. :i) add will be nerved early and regularly. Plcaae A of the report any Irregularity of service or dunce •f address to the NEWS omce Immediately, and It will be rectified. DAILY—DT MAIL. One copy, one year.... Onc'Copy, alxmonthH- $4.00 a.oo .iiO ,O ,0C copyi one month One copy, one year $1.00 One copy, nix month* «u Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. :i. Ill ordering the NKWB hy mail, (Hate Issue wanted. da»y or weekly, giving name, elty. dele^ati.« and alternates to said convention oiwVnt'U '.(0. IHVJ'.:,unless otherwise ordered by thr county cen*.ral committee. Hy order of the Seventh r.oiiKre ^5lonal district central committee. a. J. StiAW. Chairman. II. L. OounoN, Secretary.. delegate convention of the Hepuhllcan .H he Seventh congressional district of the state of Kansas. i» hereby called to meet In the city or Kinsley. Kan., on May :i. 1H»^, at 10 a. »>., For the purpose of electing two delegates and two alternates to the national Hctiublicaii convention to be held in the city of Minneapolis Minn., on June 7,18!):.',. The basts of representation In this convention shall be one delegate-at-Iarge for each county, and one delegate for each 200 votes, and the uialor fraction thereof, cast for Hon. ,1. n. liallowcll for congress In 18H0, S rovlded no county to have less than two elegatcs; U'.ider which rule the several counties In the district are entitled to delegates as apportioned in the above call for congressional convention. It is recommended that the several counties in said district select their delegates and alternates to said convention on Agrll .'10. lH!»y, unless otherwise ordered by the county central committee. Uy order of the Seventh congressional district central committee, s, J. SHAW, H. h. OoiiDON, Secretary. Chairman. county and state. _. .... . ...„ . place of residence, give former addrcBB as well as present, and 1 ea, dally or weekly. Chicago omcc, r,70 Rookery Building, If subscriber changes ,lve former addrcBB as state Issue of paper tak O. E. SIDLING-ER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. THE CALLS ISSUED. For Two. Htato Conventions, arny Oth at Hutchinson, ,fuiio30tli, at Toprltn, 71'7 Delegates in each. A delegate convention of nhe Republicans •f Kansas will be held In the city of Hutchinson on Thursday, May <*». at the hourof 11 •'clock a. m., for the nomination of one eon- •grcssmanat large and three presidential electors; also [or the election of six dete- f ates at large and six alternates to the: ua- loual Republican convention at Minneapolis, Minn.. June 7. Delegates to the convention mentioned above shall be elected by county conventions, duly called by the several county Republican committees, under such rules and regulations as may be by Uiem prescribed The basis of apportionment of delegates to • aid stale convention will be one delegate at . large for each county of the Btate and one delegate for every :;00 votes or fraction of 100 or more votescast forOcorge W. Wlnans for superintendent of public Instruction In the election of 1S00, under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several coun- the national convention to occupy a conspicuous place on its ticket. There is at present no better name than that of Mr. ltrcm for the Republicans to conjure with, and they are fully alive to their opportunity." UeB as follows Allen Anderson 1' Atchison 1:1 Barber •" Barton >> Bourbon 1U Brown 11 Linn 10 Logan 11 I.von 10 Marlon 10 Marshall It Mcl J herson 10 Meade Butler.. Chase Chautauqua Cherokee Cheyenne — Clark Clay Cloud Coffey Comanche — Cowley ....... Crawford Decatur Dickinson — Doniphan ... Douglas Edwards..... Klk •Kills Ellsworth Finney. 11 Miami, fi'Mltchell K'MoOtcomery ll]Mom* .'tiMorton 'JiNeinuha' HlNeosha uiNesH 8 Norton !! Usage 17 Osborne llliOllawa a Tawnce Ii'Phillllw 11 VoUawatomie.. 14 l'ratt . :l Rawlins . 7|Reuo . II Republic filKlce •1 1 Rile Ford,.' MIKooks.. Franklin 10 |Rush Oarlleld .... Geary Oove Orabara .... Grant....... Gray Ureeley .... Orecnwood. Hamilton... Harper Harvey... Haskell Uodguian Jackson Jefferson... . Jewell Johnson Kearny Kingman Kiowa ljabette liane Leavenworth Lincoln....... Russell .LSalinc : Scott 1 Sedgwick—.. I'.Seward Shawnee Sheridan Sherman Smith Stafford Stanton Stevens Sumner Thomas Trego Wabaunsee .. Wallace Washlugtou.. Wichita Wilson .12j Woodson.. Popular Postal Service. Free, delivery has been established in the past three years at 150 offices, and the entire service has hee» strengthened and extended by the addition of 2.40U carriers. The last report of the Inst administration showed a total of 358 letter-carrier otlices: up to date there are S51. An unerring' indication of the increased efficiency of the postal service under President HARRISON'S administration is to be found in the records of the dead letter office. Tho total number of pieces of dead mail matter received at that office in 18S0 was about 4,800,000. Three years later it was about (i,200,000, and for the present year it will be about 0,800,000. In other words, for the three years prior to 188!) there was an increase of 1,400,000 nieces, or 29,2 per cent.; while for the last three years the increase has been only 600.000 or 9.0 per cent. That is to say, while there was an incrense during the three years of fully 35 per cent, in the number of pieces of mail matter handled, the increase in the number of pieces sent to the dead letter office was less than 10 per cent.—a difference of 25 per cent, in favor of increased efficiency of service. These are the bare unvarnished facts. If the whole story of the three years was to be told there should be added the sub-stations and the stamp-stations established; the improved railroad connections and fast trains put on; the sea post ofliees becnu; the lottery expulsion from the mails; expevimenlu'. free delivery at small places: the system of promotions based on merit, ascertained from actual records, a system formulated and introduced by the postofllce department; new postal cards introduced; the substitution ol a new scries of postage stamps of better size and more artistic designs than those previously in use; and a score of minor improvements in methods, to' say nothing of reduction in the ratio of increase ot expenses. . Ex-Minister Rum, upeaUintf of the stability of the French republic, says the government is constantly gaining in strength, and at the. present time is in a more Beenre position than a dozen years ago. The recent cabinet flurry and ecclesiastical episode led some to shake their heads and suggest dissolution. Hut the conclusions ol Jules Simon relative to the strength.of the republic arc reliable. The enemies of the republic are dying or losing their grip on public affairs; the friends of the republic are systematizing and strengthening the departments of the government. The latter, therefore, are the ones that are marching on from citadel to citadel. A new and rather interesting question was brought up in the election at Sterling last Monday, as to whether tho naturalization of a foreign-born husband perfects the naturalization of his foreign-born wife. The judges decided that it does not. The woman in question, then drove to Lyons, twelve miles away, took out her naturalization papers, returned home and cast her vote amid the cheers of her friends, thus exercising the full prerogatives of her citizenship and furnishing a decisive answer to the question, "Do .the women want to vote?" That is a gratifying statement mad by Minister COKOKH relative to our trade with Brazil under the operations of the reciprocity treaty. He says that the opposition to the treaty is rapidly dying out among the foreign merchants in that country, and that many of them are sending to the United States for goods in order to get for themselves the advantages of its provisions. Proof of the growing trade, is shown by the increase of the Brazilian Steamship company's service from three steamers a month to fourteen now. Such facts cannot be gainsaid Wyandotte 17 10 •t| Total 717 The secretaries of the several county conventions arc instructed to forward to the nnderslgned secretary at Hutchinson. Kan., a certllled copy, of the credentials of their several delegates, immediately upon the ad. Journment of the county conventions. Said credentials to be received at Hutchinson not later than the cveulng of May a. From these credentials the Republican state central committee will prepare arosterof those entitled to participate In the preliminary organisation of the convention. By order of the committee. W. J. Ilnt'HAN. .foiiN H. SMITH. Chairman Secretary. nEF -UIU.ICAN HTATK CONVENTION, A delegate convention of the Republicans of Kansas will be held in the city of Topeka. •n .Thursday, the thirtieth tUOUii day of June, lHIi'^. at the hour ot 10 o'clock a. in., for the nomination of candidates for: Associate Justlceof the supreme court. Uovernor. Lieutenant-governor Governor. nt-go > Secretary of state, Auditor of state. Treasurer of'state. Attorney-general. Superintendent of public instruction. Delegates to the convention mentioned above shall be elected' under the sanie rules and In the same manner as the delegates to the first convention, and alBO under the same apportionment, giving the various counties the same- number of delegates In each convention. The secretaries ol the various county conventions are instructed to forward to Hon. John H. Smith, secretary, at Topeka, Kansas, a certified copy of thecredentlalsof their several delegates, immediately upon the adjournment of the county conventions, said credentials to be received at Topeka not later than the evening or June ::». Prom these credentials the Republican state central committee will prepare a roster of those entitled to participate In the preliminary organization of the convention. Ktumbllcau Congressional Convention. A delegate convention of the Republicans of the Seventh congressional district of the state of Kansas, is hereby called to meet in the city of Kingman on Wednesday. June IS, 1H1I2. at 10:011 a. m. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for congress In the Seventh congressional district of Kansas, and Mao to nominate one presidential elec tor. The basis of representation In said conven tlon shall be one delegate at large for each countr in the district, and one delegate for each Soovotes, and ihe major fraction thereof, cast for Hon. J. R, liallowcll lor congress in ISVHi. provided nocounty to have less than two delegates, under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several counties as follows: _ JKrS Barton Clark Comanche. Edwards.. Finney Voni 4 Garfleld.. Grant '-• Cray •Greeley Hamilton a! Harper 0, Harvey 10 Haskell, tf| Hodgeman u Kearney.,..,.. .« 'Kingman....'. § Kiowa 2 Lane McPherson. Meade Morton Ness.. Pawnee..... Pratt Reno Hice Rush Scott Sedgwick... Seward Stafford Stanton Stevens . Sumner 14 Wichita Total., ...1(14 Ills recommended that the several coun »M.Hl,JUldMPJ«WWt<' n l>t a "" ric> y' tct lbtlr Wages in Spain. A correspondent of the London Star states that skilled labor in rural Spain has received from twenty-four to thirty -two cents a day, and in the Spanish cities from thirty-two to thirty-eight, cents. Skilled mechanics have earned from forty-eight to sixty cents for a day of ten hours; stokers working hard all night, thirty-six cents, and an engine driver on the railway, from fifty-four to seventy-two cents. The wages of miners have been thirty cents a day, enough to enable them, working from Bunrise to sunset, to live on a- diet of beans. In Santander the correspondent saw women carrying ore from the mines for twenty cents a day. It is not strange that Spain after such an example of the utter failure of free trade should adopt a policy of protection for native industry. For nges the wealth of Mexico, South and Central America poured into Spain, yet wc find her on the verge of bankruptcy to-day. Spain did not retain the wealth that flowed into her coffers; but paid it put again for goods she would rather import than manufacture at home. If the stream of incoming wealth had continued this policy might have been pursued; but there eamo a day when gold and silver streams ceased to How from the new world. What had already come in, had gone out to pay for goods; then) the goods wore out, leaving Spain without the means to buy more. Nov* Spain must begin anew. She must lay the foundation of national prosperity, whereus she inight.huve been dwelling in the superstructure, had she two centuries ago, offered the protection to her home Industries she is now willing to errant them. It has taken Spain a long time to learn the great lesson, and fcxperienco has been an expensive school. The New York Herald in commenting 011 the work of ex-Minister KEID lias this to say: "No American has recently returned from oillcinl duties abroad who more richly deserved such n distinction at the hunds of his countrymen. Mr. UEU > retires from his high position with the proud consciousness that he has bent his efforts to the accomplishment of some very diflleult tasks and he has succeeded in every one of them. His country takes great prido In tho fact that ho has administered his ollice with tact, courage, diplomacy and patriotism, If his party is half an grateful an it should bo he will be called upon by Vice-President WILSON ', of the Georgia Alliance, assures the Democrats that the rank and file of the Alliance in the south will not desert the old Bourbon party. The assurance was unnecessary. The record of the southern Alliance in politics shows that \U third party talk is only for tlie west. The Alliance men are always Democrats in the south.—Chicago Inter- Ocean. The larni'-i'^ uho are bllcceiaf•.•.: ni'V- those who never loae sight of the fiut that the 'arm is u home: tliut overy- thing done toward beautifying and improving the place is enhancing its value. With this fact uppermost, as it should be, farm work becomes a labor of love—something more than a dollar and cent struggle. — Cimarron i\ew West. The latest story in political circles at Washington is that Senator IIu .L will favor the nomination of CLKVK LAND —to get him out of the way in 1890. But that does not follow by any means. With such men as CLEVELAND, the more they are walloped, the more they want to be "vindicated." Because the Republicans of New York city will not submit to the dictation of such Pharisees as GKORftE W. Cuirns et al., they are charged by the latter with the responsibility for Tammany hnll being in power. What a pity the mountain will not go to Mohamet. The Republicans of La Crosse,'Kan won a signal victory over the Citizens' Alliance in the municipal election last Monday. uses two tons of coal and requires two men to run It. Tho drive wheels are nine feet In diameter and have a twenty-eight inch tire. The expense of breaking Bod not considering the outlay would be thirty cents per acre. The plow costs 85.000, and was bought by the Ditch company -vhleh has bought a large quantity of the land and expects to raise wheat on a large scale -—Great Uend Register. The laidlcs Columbian club of Kcno Comity. "To prepare for and further the interests of tho Kansas women, find to assist the board of managers of tho Kansas Kxhlbit World's Columbian Exposition corporation in collecting materials for a complete exhibit of the resources of Kansas at Baid exposition in 1893;" these are the objects of the elub organized yesterday afternoon at the Hanta Pc hotel, under the direction of Mrs. Judge Ilanback, lady commissioner for Kansas. Mrs. Hanbaek explained the opportunities which will be given for the display of women's work at the Columbian Exposition, urged the necessity for united effort if Kansas is to take her usual rank' in the matter of woman's progress, described the buildings wherein the products were to he' displayed, and gave a general outline of • the work expected from county clubs. It is desirable that every .industry engaged In by women he represented inS manner which will do credit to women, to Kansas and to Reno county. After rending the constitution under which the club is to work, and giving a list of the various committees to be organized, Mrs. Hornback requested that the Hutchinson ladies take charge of the meeting. It was voted to organize, and the following officers were elected: President—-Mrs. Judge Houk. Vice-Presidents—Mrs. A. E. McClain, Mrs. L. A. Bigger, Mrs. Houser. Secretary—Mrs. W. L. Moore. Treasurer—Mrs. R. R. Price. The next meeting of the elub will he 011 Vriday next, at S c-'elyck, at the Santa Fe hotel. The task undertaken by the ladies who organize this*:lub, is. by no means, a small one, and it is earnestly requested that all who have at heart the credit of Hutchinson and Reno county will assist in malting their efforts successful. Committees will be appointed upon decorative art-needle work, house furnishing articles, line arts, domestic matters, charity and church work, literature, music, statistics, live stock, relies, patents, taxidermy, and also a press committee. There are many places to be tiiled and it is hoped that the ladies of Hutchinson will .--now their interest and patriotism by being present, at the the, next meeting of the club: and that all will work together, as they have so often done, for the glory of our city. The Only O110. It will no doubt be a matter of news to most of our readers to learn that Wall & Wall of this city is the only exclusive carpet and drapery house west of the Mississippi river. While there are numerous large houses in Kansas City and other Missouri river towns, carrying carpets, Wall <£• Wall is the only exclusive house. • Wall & Wall are kept busy at this early a date in their season putting down carpets and hanging up curtains. In fact, they are surprised themselves at the rush they are haying. They are to-day enjoying the best trade they have ever had in the carpet business. In their wholesale department theyare doing an extensive business, and merchants living in towns within a hundred miles of Hutchinson are fast learning the fact that 'they can sell a carpet from Wall & Wall's, samples one day and have the carpet' back in their store the next day ready to deliver to their home customer. , ' WHAT IS IT? THIS ? IS WHAT IT IS. Sun umbrellas and parasols. Eeal, genuine, oaBh bargain* FOR SATURDAY Eclipsing in value anything ever known in this city. See the prices— mm th e goods. Silk serge paragon frame with beautiful natural wood and gold plated handles of guaranteed quality. Lowest retail value, $1.98, sale price, $1.29 2.89, " " 1.9: 3.39, " " 2.2 3.89, " " 2.65 4.19, 44 " 2.95 4.95, 44 41 3.65 44 44 44 2 20, 44 44 1.45 Lusterine covers and oxidised silver handles: Lowest retail value, 69c, sale price, 39c 93c, 44 44 63c 98c, 44 44 69c 44 $1.19, 44 44 75c Every day adds proof to the fact that we establish the lowest prlcen on all standard merchandise while others follow us oa best they can, MM Davis, Teacher of Piano, 'Orwn and Comet. Desires to form a class in tlie use of either or all the above instruments. Leave orders with Hutchinson Music company, or at Mrs. Harsha's residence, on Second Ave. east. THK KANSAS VllKSS "Would to God" occurs in Ben Clover's speeches, once to every four lines. Nobody but Ben was aware that he and the Almighty were on intimate terms. —Abilene Reflector. There is a man named Wantland in Kansas. It is hardly necessary to state that he is a boomer, and is now on the border of the strip anxiously waiting for what he wants.—Emporia Republican. Congressman Otis roasted the free wool Democrats yesterday, and told them they were striking a hard blow at the. farmers of the country in attempting to make wool free. By some means air. Otis has stumbled upon an important truth.—Lawrence Journal. Down at Sterling the city election got very warm, and one of tlioT.'flgons tliatwasout hauling in voters bud a banner bearing the inscription: "A vote for Hannah is a vote for Christ." From the desperation of the crowd it is evident that there was something serious the matter with Hannah.— Lawrence Journal. Many southern planters are getting their eyes opened on the tariff question. They have discovered that free wool from Australia and Transvaal destroys cotton in the south. Last year Texas only got five cents a pound for cotton, and if the Democrats continue to howl free wool, they will have to abandon e tton raising. But they are beginning to learn in tho south, and before another year under the present tariff, Texas will be for thp tariff.—Great Bend Tribune. While at Garden City on Monday we witnessed the J. I. Cuse ' CO'B sieaiu plow start out to work. It moved over the prairie ut a lively gate, followed by nine 10 inch plows throwing twelve feet of sod as easy as if It were but play. It plows fifty acres each day, Notice. All members of the order of Modern Woodmen of America are requested to be at the regular meeting of the lodge on Monday night, to arrange for attending the Topeka meeting. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is & concentrated extract ot Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, 1'lpslssowa, Juniper Berries, Juaiiclrake, Dandelion, ana other valuable vegetable remedies, every Ingredient bcla;; strictly pure, turn tho best of Its kind 1C in possible to bay. It Is prepared by thoroughly competent pharmacists, In tho most careful manner, by a peculiar Combination, Proportion and Process, giving to It curative power Peculiar To Itself It will cure, when In tho power ot medicine, Scrofula, Salt ttheum, Blood Poisoning, Cancerous and all other Humors, Malaria, .Dvspcpsta, Biliousness, Sick Headaclio, Catarrh, Rheumatism, and all difficulties with tho Liver and Kidneys. It overcomes That Tired Feeling, Creates an - Appetite, and gives great mental, nerve, bodily, and digestive strength. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold'by all druggists. •1; six for S3. Prepared only by O. L Hood & Co., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. N. B. U you decldo to take Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to buy any other. IOO Doses One Dollar You Want to Buy Hose, Do You? STATE AGENCY II. S. Life Insurance Gompiny of New York Ciij. B. M. HENDERSON, Manager. Issues all the popular policies, the continuable term and the guaranteed income being the most popular. Th« former furnishes insurance at cost; the latter can ba used as collateral for a loan frqm the company. These are very popular plane. All policies non-contestable and non-forfeitable. The simplest contract extant All losseB paid without discount soon as proofs are received. R. M. HENDERSON, , Manager. Well I cant tell you the best place in Hutchinson to buy it. It is of FRAZEE & WILSON, The Hers, No. 13 Second Avenue West. Telephone 146. They have the Goodyear Rubber Company's hose, warranted to stand pressure. They al60 have a car load of 3, 4 & 6 inch eewer pipe. SST'They are the leading plumbers of the city, and make a specialty of repair work. T O N D • R A O - - Insurance Written by E. A, Smith & Co. LOW DATES RELIABLE INSURANCE Office rear of First National Bank. Freeman & Hainfesl HOUSE AND SIGN PAIHTEES. PAPER HANGING AKO OEGQRATtHG iJPECIO. Also dealers in Paints, Oils, Glass and Painters' Supplies. No. 16 Second Avenue East. REMOVED. I have removed my bakery and fancy grocery to No. 16, South Main street, where I will continue to make my famous cream bread. K. RYDE. UOTEL THORN. * n Kansas City, m has again passed into the management of Dudley Bhoads and wife, who will he glad to see oil their Kansas friend*

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