Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on December 17, 1962 · Page 20
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 20

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 20
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MONDAY, DICtMIU 17, 19«2 ANOIISOH DAILY IULLITIM PAGI 21 The World Today Soviet Troops In Cuba May Be More Help Than Danger By JAMES MARLOW Aswcialrd Pren News Analvit WASHINGTON (AP) - Things look upside down and wrong side up as 1962 slithers toward a close in this dizzy world where mankind has been its own worst enemy. Soviet troops in Cuba may be . more help than danger, at least temporarily. . Gigantic Russia's relations with her gigantic Red Chinese ally never looked worse. Give a Lasting GIFT NEW INTERNATIONAL'CUB CADET ROTARY SNOW THROWER Cuts 36 inches wide even in deep snow, discharges up to 20 feet right or left. Heavy duty construction for years-, long dependability. Fully controlled, on-the-go, from tractor seat. ill W. H. HARDY 3400 Broodwar 1 SON Ph. 643-5193 And U.S. allies may be worried because American-Russian rela-i tions suddenly seem better but! for the worst reasons. Russia, in addition to medium and intermediate range missiles which she meekly withdrew under American pressure, gave Fidel Castro other weapons. The Russian troops nothing since World War II matched the Soviet attempt to put missiles in Cuba, aimed at the United States, while insisting they were strictly defensive. Once the scheme was discovered and Khrushchev backed down, • relations between ' thc around, perhaps to handle those ,. .. i United States and Russia became, sucKing] if not downr jg ht corc iial, at least other weapons in the very unlikely case of on American invasion, may be serving anolucr purpose! r. which benefits the United States. l_ amazingly non-hostile. Last week before the Soviet They may be also keeping the Soviet weapons out of thc^ hands of Castro's unpredictablcs..'partic- ularly if they're the kind which could be used against the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo.. An attack on that base. would really put the fat in the fire for then thc United States would probably feel compelled to invade. And if that happened Premier Khrushchev would probably feel compelled to go to Cuba's assistance—unless he washed his hands of Castro altogether—and then all the fat there is would be in the fire. It was Khrushchev's withdrawal of his missiles that set the Red Chinese loose in their worst burst of vituperation against the Russians. Khrushchev has replied in kind. At this moment no one seems to .know, and this includes the Russians and Chinese, whethci thc Red allies will split and thu; split the Communist world o somehow continue to do busines while loathing each other in pub lie. For sheer hypocrisy and deceit pleasant about the United States that in Paris the speech of Foreign Secretary Andrei Gromyko was regarded as "virtually pro- American." It's too soon to say whether the purgation of the spirit which the two foes endured in the Cuban crisis has created an era of new and better relations between the United States and Russia. But Sunday French officials said they understood President DC "YOU'RE THE BOSS 1 $2500 — or any amounts from 5501 on signature, furniture or auto! Phone BENEFICIAL foi-aBillClean-TJpLoan. Then make only one monthly payment instead of several . . . have more cash left over for yourself at the end of each month! Phone today! UP TO 1< MONTHS TO REPAY BENEFICIAL FINANCE, INCORPORATED I 1211 Mtridion SI Fh. 4O-I3II . . . AT BENEFICIAL $250—for between paydays ... or loans up. to .$500 for a year or longer . . . for.any good reason. Small monthly payments . . . everybody welcome, men, women ... married or single. Whatever your work or business, phone, write or come in today . . , Just say the word! BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. • 1127 Main SI ..Hi, ttt.77t\ • 1231 M.ridian SI Fh: 6O.33I8 LOAN COMMONWEALTH COMPANY • Meridian I llth Sli,..Pht o<4.7731 "OPEN ON SATURDAYS 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. UNTIL CHRISTMAS" BENEFICIAL FINANCE SYSTEM pressed concern at thc possibility a special American-Soviet relationship might be developing. This may seem an odd reaction since De Gaulle has hoped for a new and better relationship between Russia and the West to assure a long period of peace for Europe. The 1 most dramatic sign of Vashington - Moscow understand, as De Gaulle was said to see [, lay in the plan, endorsed b> 'resident Kennedy, for a so-called iot line between .the White House md the Kremlin. The idea behind such fast com- nication would be to lessen the hancc of acidentai nuclear war. 'o this extent Paris endorses it. But some French authorities ear this kind of direct tie-in might cad to direct political exchanges jctween thc United States and :ussia, making them both less group took opposite stands Sun- 'provided the greatest economic day on the vslut of a $250 million stimulus this area has exiwri- steel mill to be built at the siteienced for a very long time." Is Held Triangle Slaying Views Vr~y On Mill Proposal FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP)-An economics professor and a labor firm's decision to build the mill tiled to appear in city court here plapt in Brownsville, Tenn., in tho ._-i. :._ -t—i- c.... " n .- n ..;,)..,( UK. Hrnn t« F t n ,. n ,. n ..*: n today on a preliminary charge of production of television compo workers would come from other states. However, a group which it said represented a wide variety of labor unions in the port wrots Arthur B. Homer, chairman of Bethlehem Steel Co.. 'that his State Finn To Open New Plant BLOOM1NGTON, Ind. (UP1I— EVANSV1LLE, Ind. (Ul'I) - A Sarkes Tarzian Inc., Bloomington, Henderson, Ky., man was sched- has leased a large manufacturing murder In what police termed aninents, officials of the firm an- of Indiana's proposed Lake Michigan harbor near Chesterton. Butler University's Prof. C. W. Efromsbn predicted "long-run em ployment for northwestern' Indi. ana if thc dunes go to a port and more steel mills. He said in a letter released byjmsn for thc Auto Club of Kan apparent love triangle slaying. The letter warned. "Do not ire, Russell Brown. 42. surrendered dismayed or alarmed by the few loud voices.representing contrary, selfish or short-sighted views." Former President Harry S. iTruman was a membership sales- nounced Sunday. Tile plant, located 60 miles the Savc-lhc-Dunes Council here'sas City in the early twenties companied by his attorney, sur- the mill and harbor wquld only and turned in a record total of rendered when told police wanted create jobs chielly during the construction period and most of those members during a drive in jSaturday. several hours after the northeast of Memphis, will employ Ixxly of Emery Fields. .34. a 600 persons, most of them women, supermarket produce manager.iand begin production Feb. 11. Tho was found in a residential area. Officers said Fields had been stabbed to death and his body, dumped in the street. Brown, ac- lease is for 20 years. Tarzian opened a plant several months ago in Clarendon, Ark., where there is an employment potential of several hundred persons. him for questioning. ' jbeen with thc victim a short tiitu Police said Brown's wife had'before the stabbing took place. QUITS ARGENTINE POST - Alvaro Alsogaray, economic! minister and strong man of Argentina's government, has handed his resignation to President Jose Maria Guido. With his went the resignation of 20 officials he took into the government nine months ago as an economic team. (AP Wirephoto) Sen. Maddox Is Soybeans Champ LAFAYETTE - Slate Senator Charles M. Maddox, Otterbein, 1962 Indiana Five-Acre; Eastern Star Meeting Held ELWOOD —The Elwood Chap-!! er. Order of Eastern Star, held] oncerned about Europe, particu- "AU these'uilngs^rebits of uii-Wbcan Yield contest with a roc-!'Is regular business m e e t i n Wished business, unimagined at|orii production of 64.3 bushels ani Tnul ' sdav ni S ht '« thc Mason: he start of 1962, as the old yean acr( >. jjj s y^y topped the prcvi- Temple with Worthy Matron Helen!! ous high of 63.6 bushels an acre Gough and Worthy Patron MiltW set by his son, Tom, in 1954. Gough presiding. Initiation scrv- Runner up was W H. prr,| lces f hvo candiria t es was held. Tipton, with a yield of 61.2 bushels OUt. More Aid Urged WASHINGTON (AP) - Th e an'TrorOrr'warstale'SiampTonjAf 1 "' thc m« li "S. refreshments ratholic Association for Intcr-na- j n 1950 The l%! contest was were served in the dining room, ional Peace has urged the United won b y Marvin Flint, Washington, tales to increase its aid to new wilh a yieH of Mi3 busnc | s \frican nations, not only through ic United Nations, but also hi aterally on its own. Use BulMln-Hcrald Classified.* 24 Hour Service On All Make, FURNACES BSJ HEATINC 1023 N. Broadway Phon« 643-7904 Thc decorations committee consisted of Mrs. Porrv Cornelius. || , Mrs. Larry Manis. Mrs. Roljcrtj bean yield for Indiana is 27 bush- |UJ , v anri M ,. s KlhEl wimmerJI els an acre. i Refreshments were in charge nf Other high yields in this years ;Mrs _ I|TO UUyi Mrs . Iamos The estimated 1062 average soy.: Mrs I/lrry contest: Russell Bridges. Henry county, 59.8 bushels; George Woolen,; Henry county, 58.6; Floyd Lenderman, Vigo county, 57.8 bushels; John Kissel, Gibson county, 56.2; Willard E. Henderson, Benton county, 56.9; Charley R. Ferrcll, Parke county, ett, Hamilton Ross Miller, 55.8; Robert Pick- Tear rifles, bullet gas pens, pellet cross bow, indoor (raps. Gun Barn. mnrv IMITF if mure LAnLl WLL& VALUL) Pricei Effectivi thru W*dn«day Night Only Fresh Ground Hourly Krogtf ground beef contains more Uan rtd bttf far lest fat. That's your assurance of b«f1*f flavor end quality tvtrytim*. Ground Beef Kill lodi.J Scotch Pintl-i Fl. Toll Christmas Trees , . ' fllltd with tiauliful Finh rru Fruit Baskets , ' Pnc.1 , SUM At , ,Wlo<ll S.l.tlior, Christmas Wreaths PriCBI Slirt At *2" $2-98 93 Up to 150 frst T.V. Stamps With thi C»p<n (hit Motch.l Tour Purchail tf Blue Spruce Glasses Makt Kroger Your nnnTnTifin TIPinnTTiTwrnn C1ISTMAS HEADQUARTERS Mrs. William Davies and Mrs. Ann Courtney. Thc chanter will hold insncctinn Jan. 23 at the Masonic Temple. A dinner will be served at 6 p.m. preceding the meeting. The next stated meeting will be Dec. 26 at 7:30 p.m. , , Mrs. Robert Ulrey entertained county, 55.1, and thc R Cnl | )CW ons Club at a holiday Delaware coumy.| 1)!lrly a|1(1 ,„,,„,,,. | n . nrr | mme . Mrs. Ulvev was assisted by Mrs.jj George Horn and Mrs. Carl Tn-' turn. After the supncr a gift cxchpn^e was held. Prizes were wnn bv Mrs. Perry Manias and Mrs. William Reseieh. The next will be held Jan. 9 at the Elwood "Y" Center. Tlie Lady Elks were entertained by members of the Elks Lodge Uic Elks Club. Tables were festive in the colors of red and ereen and centered with Yuletide arrangements. Following the luncheon, tho ladies exchanged Christmas gifts and fables were irranced for canK. C.o n t r a c t favors were awarded to Mrs. Robort Holland, Mrs. Dannie Austin. Mrs. Charles Krohn. Mrs. Krncst Reichart ,Ir.. Mrs. John Graham, Mrs. Lester Etcbison and Mrs.! Ray Barnes. In auction, the favors] were won by Mrs. William Down-' ey and Mrs. Milton Hushes amlj in euchre Mrs. Robert Hembrcc, Mrs. Charles Stage and Mrs.] Mike Kennedy. The committee in charge of the event consisted of Mrs. Virgil Ray ,Mrs. Art Noble,] Mrs. Fred Marty, Mrs. Darris! Bishop, Mrs. Tom Flcischman and! Mrs. Clarence Lippott. [ Births at Mercy Hospital: Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCarty, 2228 Soi-Mi II St., a girl; Mr. and Mifc- Dean Archbald, 909 South B ft., a girl: Mr. and Mrs. Doiilid Dinsmore. 1615 North C St.. a girl. Merc y Hospital admissions: Thomas Lindlcy. 2203 South II St.; Mrs. Helen Hoover, Frankton; Mrs. Waldo Darrow, RR 3; Homer Kimball, 2(103 South 1 St.; Deanna Oswalt. 619 S. 18th St. Wid. Sil.dioni «f Pruil.d Honi and Kinicl-Dtlicioui Frull Cik.i- ChriiMai Tori .. . All of Krogir tow low Pricn. 6 Rolls of Christmas Decorated 1} loll Combinolion Poll Paper Foil . , , 3 loll Pockoo* of Gift Wrap Paper , 11 Inl Pockogi of Christmas Ribbon boi$l,49 , boi 43c , boi79c Ihop Krogir fo ol Chii r thi Widlit Vo, itmoi Candy 50 FREE TV STAMPS with th» coupon and purcfioM *f • D«llar tr Mtrt »f Christmas Candy Ruth lyonj' M 50 Chib SfKW MFrn lh tht coupo putchaii • & Strvt Rdli Gift Wrap KROGER STORES: 2547 NICHOL AVE. and 38TH and MAIN Suspec.l Held In Ambush Shooting MARION. Ind. (UPH - Frank. Brown. 23. R.R. 2. Fairmount.; was held here today on a charge: of assault with a deadly weapnnj n the shotgun ambush of a house-, wife. ; Brown was arrested Sunday, eve-; ning about a half hour alter Mrs.] Katherine Shelton. 28, reported a. man threatened her in front of, :ier home and fired a shotgun at' her. ' i Mrs. Shelton said she stepped from the front door into the darkness to hear a voice say, "Come here a minute. I want to talk to you." When she refused, she said, the stranger fired the weapon at her and fled. A pellet from the discharge lodged in her scalp. Minutes later, Frank Cause of Marion told police he was in his parked car when a man armed with a shotgun attempted to com- mamlccr the auto. There was a straggle, the shotgun was discharged harmlessly, and thc man ran away. They furnished descriptions of the man to police, who arrested Brown a few minutes later several blocks from the scene of the two incidents. i Botanists declare one-fourth Afl nil the known species of pbnis I in Ui« world flourish in Brazjl.'l • 109 ByPass • Edg«wood Plata * * Monday • Thursday 9 a.m. • 10 p.m. Fri. • Sat. 4:30-10 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m.-S p.m. STANDARD FOOD STORES WITH EACH IDc FOOD PURCHASE QUANTITY RIGHTS RECEIVED PRICES AND COUPONS IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE THRU DECEMBER 19TH PKG. OF * CHRISTMAS CANDY 29*' ;29< .39* PEANUTS CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS.... KEEN CANDY CANES CHOCOLATE DROPS WOLCH ASST. CHOCOLATES WOLCH 11 Oi. llc.,k W.lfiul Bo. ORIE MIX ••£•• A QUICK MEAL FOR BUSY CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS BEAN* Beans 'n Wieners VAN CAMP PORK & BEANS 35' STARK t WETZEL WIENERS Ib.j Skinlttl Pkg. BONUS COUPON GREEN STAMPS S* H GREEN STAMPS Sav* Your 'Stampi For Beautiful Fret Christmat Gifts With Ihil Coupon and Ih. Purthoi. . 14 OZ. klllTC WELCH CAN ™UI» ANT VAIIETT Coupon Good thru Dtc. 19th JOHVS COUPON , V. GREEN STAMPS With Thl* Coupon and tht Purchatw of CHRISTMAS CANDY log. Coupon Good thru Dtc. 19th NUTS IN THE SHELL DIAMOND — LARGE ENGLISH WALNUTS ..... EXTRA FANCY NO. 1 QUALITY MIXED NUTS NEW CROP BRAZIL NUTS. ' BONUS COUPON ,4/Y. GREEN STAMPS 'a With TMi Coupon and rhi Nrthoit of >l ™ 0 ..;.', CHOCOLATE CANDY } Ccupen C»*d thru D*e, Itth BARCELONA FILBERT NUTS. PKKRLESS AIMOUNDS I'APKIt SHKI.L PECANS to.

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