Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 27, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1903
Page 1
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ThOMWIwRMdtiM ReaUTERgM tb* ttewt i tiMDayltHappmt TMOSBWIfO OCHT pvmrFOirr THE DAY JUTBR*. yOLtl HO JIl.jWBOLE NiJMBEK 1891 lOLA, KANSAS, JUNE 27, J?03-SATURDAY. SIX PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS GOVERNOR BAILEY SAYS HE CHECKED FLOOD TROUBLE UP TO LEGISLATURE. / JCTEO ON M JODEMEHT GOVERNOR SAYS HE DID NOT TRY TO INFUENCE THEM IN ANY WAY. "Somebody With a Political Graft to Work Started a Back Fire on Me," Declares the Executive. Assbclated Press jDispatch. Topeka. June; 2J.—Governor BaiU\v today denied that he haJ exacted promises from ^legislators before ho called the recent session: He said: "I (lid not exact a promise from, a single member, nor Jl* I attempt Jo exact a promise. I checked the flood trouble up to the legislature and wh ;!G a majority of the members acted in accord with n/y views, they acted oal their own judgment. When the ler^is- lature decided to make no approp-la- tion, a few men with a political giifr to work started.a back fire on me. I am not worried about the outcome." 1 POSTPONED UNTIL TONIGHT." Kansas City, Kan., Will Have, a Mass Meeting Then to Protest Against Work of Legislature. Associated Press Dispatch. Kansas. Qity, June 27.—The prbpos-j od mass meeting ofj the Kalisas City, Kan^s, citiziens to protest against the failure of the extra session to appropriate money for flood sufferers, and Governorr Bailey's •has been postponed FRANCE RECOGNIZES HIM. Attitude • thereon, until tonight. King Peter Receives a Telegram of Congratulation | F>rom President Loubet-pOthe'r Messages. Associated Press Dispatch. Belgrade, June 27.—The kings of Italy and Roumania and President Loubet of France and Prince Nicholas of Montenegro have added their congratulations to those already received by King Peter from ather chiefs of state. These telegrams are regarded as constituting ofBcial recognition of the new ruler of Senia. LUNIITIC GREIITED IK FLOURISHED A REVOLVER IN FACE OF CASHIER OF KAN-' ' SAS CITY BANK. TH^ WEATHER Associated Press DIspatcti. Chicago; Jun» 27.—Missouri—ParJy cloudy with showers in east tonight and possibly Sunday; variabia, winds. Kansas—Crcnerally fair tonight and Sunday; variable winds. SMITH'S REPLY TO BRISTOW. Says He Had "to Do Things Which Subordinate Officials Neither Did Nor Were Required to Understand." As<'nc!at<H! Press DIsoatpn. Washington, June 27.—Ex-Postmaster General'Smith is out in a reply *o the charges made in the Bristow report by Mr. Tulloch. The lettpr is dated Philadelphia, and is addressed to Postmaster General Payne. In it he goes at length into the charges made by Mr. Tulloch, and incidentally takes occasion to rawhide Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Bristow, saying that all the charges, have been "fiilly explained," and that it was necessary to do things that "sub­ ordinate'officials neither did nor were required to .understand." A-POISON CASE. Negro Herb Dactor Convicted of Murder in the First Degree—Dead Man's Wife Implicated. As.sociated Press Disr-itch. Philadelphia, June 27.—The trial of George P. Hossey, the negro herb "doctor" for murder of William G. Danze, has resulted in- a verdict of murder in the first degree. Hossey was indicted with Mrs. Katherine Danze, who is charged with administering to her husband poison furnished by Hossey. She is awaiting trial. HIGIiWIITERS_f eiO ERiDE THOUSANDS ^ A"RE RENDERED HOMELESS IN NEW MEXICO. Families Are Camped in the Sand Hills, Where the Heat is Intense — Much Suffering. Associated Press DIspatcli. j El Paso, Tex., June 27.—The high waters of the Rio Grande north of thi:* city in New Mexico have driven hundreds of families from their homes. The high Water has practically rcu- dered homeless every resident from Mcsquito and Earlham south to While Spur, N. M. All along the road in. the sand hills families can be seen camp-sd with no shelter. The heat in the hills is inten.^e. "I've. Been Robbed by That Man There," He Said While the Onlookers Rushed From Building. Associated Press Dispatch. Kansas City, June 27.—George Earr hardt while temporarily dferangeJ. created a panic in the Union National bank shortly before noon today by flourishing a revolver in the face of ' Bird H. McGarvey, the receiving lel ler. "I've been robbed," Earhardt cried frantically. "Robbed bjr that man there," as he pointed his revolver at McGarvey, who stood behind the counter. The room was crowded. Much excitement ensued, and men and women rushed from the building. Earhardt was: overixjwcrod and taken to the police station . He la a stranger in the city. COAL FOUND AT SEDAN. Five Foot Vein Discovered in an Oil Well at a Depth 61 500 Feet Associated Press Dispatch, i Sedan, Kan., June 27 —A five foot voih, of coal was discovered east of here in an oil well at a dep ^h of 300 feet. ' ' THOMAS RYAN IS BETJER Assisjkant Secretary of the Interior is Reported to; be Resting Easily Toddy. ^ KAW RIVER AT LAWRENCE. Has Come Up Two Feet Since Last Nightr—It is Not Thought it Will Last Long, However. As.sociated Press Dispatch. v. Lawrence, June 27.—The Kansas river here has come up two feet since last night. The ferry landings are covered with water and the only means of crossing the river is by the gasoline launches which have been running since the flood was at its height. \t Is not believed the rise will last long, nor that it will cause any serious trouble. STRIKE AT ST. JO^PH. All Freight Handlers, One Hundred in Number, Want an increase In their Wages. As.<!OcIated Press Dispatch. St. .Joseph, Mo.. June 27.—One hundred freight handlers, comprising all the freight handlers employed by the Rock Island, Missouri Pacific. Santa Fe and Grand Island railroads, went on a strike today for increased pay. ROOSEVELT AT JEf^SEY CITY. Train Bearing the President Arrived 'here at Noon, Enroute For Oyster Bay Associated Press Plsoatcb. Jersey City, June 27.— The train carrying President Roosevelt, who is on his! way to Oyster Bay, arrived berg at 1 o'clock this aftemoob from Washington. "IThelr Treasure of a Cook. ^Miss^—"Don't ' forget, .Kate, that lie i Mggglnses are coming to^ dinner onlSht'> - .iKKtcf--''Ali, dop't let t|iat botber^ PENNSYLVANIA CONGRESSMAN DENIES'HE IS MIXED UP IN POSTOFFICE DEAL. HRE ACTIVE SEEM DETERT.IINED TO MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR JEWS IN RUSSIA. HE INVITES HAD BEEN CHARGED THAT HE WAS INTERESTED IN MANI­ FOLDING CONTRACTS. Secretary Wilson Finds Government Has Been Swindled by Seed Men —Packages Light Weight. EVflLOTIONIlRlL MOBEMENT APPEARS TO BE SPREADING ALI OVER CZAR'S DOMINION. Leaflets Have Been Issued, Saying: "Let Us!Embrace, Kiss and Go and Kill the Jews." Associated Press Dlsp?ttch. j New York, June 27.—The Asso- ciatdd Press has received the following telegrana from Representative Jos. C. Sibley of Pennsylvania dated at Quebec: "Arriving here today from a cruise. through; St, Lawrence I find published intimations reflecting upon my official contjuct as a representative in congress. lo every instance my official ^ actions have reflected my hip!!est conceptions of public duty and £0 far as I am aware will never cau^c any friend of mine either regret or sor- I 'ow. I invite the fullest investigaiion j of my ofncial conduct. Jos. C. Sibley.' . The intimations referred to make it; appear that Sibley was largely into-- ested in the Manifolding Co., which furnished supplies to the national gov-' ernment. A."?socIatcd Press Dispatch. St. Petersburg, June 27.—The revolutionary movement in Russia seems to b.e spreading unceasingly and is reaching regions hifhertb free from radical agitation. The monarchial society organized at circulated leaflets .beginning: "Brother workers, orthodox and Catholic; .Christ has arisen. Let us embrace, kiss and go and kill the Jews." At Rostov on the Don, it is said, an officer of the gendarmerie has been going about bazaars telling peop!o ih.n it i.'-, tlic Jews and Socialists who prevent their "little father." tl\e Czar,' from giving all his children everything they need, and that therefore, the Jews and Socialists must be killed off. SEED DISTRIBUTION FRAUD. Secretary Wilson Finds Packages Are Light Weight and Holds up $1S,- 000 of Contractors' Money. Washington, June I>7.—In the Ncl- lis si^ed contract suit before the court i of claims, an afiidavit by Charlos Kingsley. of Falls Church, Va., has been made public, alleging that A. C. Nennis of New York, who had the I contract for furnishing seed ready for' distribution to the' government, two; years ago. directed that no books were j to be kept, and that the packages i should be lightweight. The legal representatives of Ncllis are suing for the payment of $18,000, which Secretary Wilson withheld from the contract for alleged non-performance ofi contract. The full amount of the contract was $108,000. Secretarj- Wilson said last night that the $18,000 was withhold as the result of an inquiry irito the work of the co&tractor at tho time, and that the government is still in possession''of Nellis'ibond for $35,000. Mr. Wilson said that ho had di- rfjcted that the seed contract and it.^ exectition be probed to the bottom, and that the investigation has not implicated anyone in government employ. The distributing machines used by Nellis, he said, failed to do satisfactory work and caused serious delay in the annual seed distribution and a great rush of work subsequently, making it imiMJssiblc for the government inspector to see all that was being dot z. Kingsley was foreman for Nellis, and in his affidavit says that no record books were' kept showing the quality of seed received in bulk; that he had suggested the keeping of such books, but that Nellis said ho did not vrant them kept. Kingsley says that these I books were kept under former seed distributions. He charges that a great jportIon. of the seeds were put no In lightweight packages, that Nellis instructed him to notify the employes engaged in putting up this seed to let the weights run light, and that ho knows that those Instructions were followed. Kinksley'also charges thut Nellla told him that' he did not know how many seeds he had sent out, and that beet seed^ weire put up at the rate or eighty packages to the pound, though the contract called for sixty- four packages to the pound. Only t.he other day President Roosevelt decided to transmit to the Russian governraent the petition of the executive council of the B'Nai B'Rith, a Jewish organization in the United States, protesting against the condi- uoJ persecution of the Jews by the czar's subjects. This action was taken by the president after mature consideration, and with a full understan 1- ing of what the result might be. The president realized perfectly that this ailion on the part of the United States might bo resented by Russia as impertinent, but with,the consideration of Russia's p-ossiblo resentment on the one hand, and humanity on the- other, Che prcoiilcnt decided to' stand for humanity. Tl OEIID IN CD HAD A GOOD EFFECT. The Closing of the Saloons at Wilmington, Del., Produced a Calmer; Feeling. Associated Press Sisxta^cb. Wilmington. June 27.f—The city Is in its normal' ^condition. Excitement over t^e lynching of White and the eyents: foIIowiJig h^e. (pothcely disap- SION SMASH-UP ON C. M. & ST. P. RAILWAY IN DES MOINES YARDS. i Wreck Was Caused by an Outbound Train Pulling Out Without. Orders Five Persons. Seriously Hurt. Apsoolatcd Pro.S3 Dispatch. Dos Moines, Juno 27.-;—Two men arc dead and five seriously injured as a result cf a head-on collision that occurred in the yarJs of the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul railway early today between an accommodation train and a freight train drawn by two engines. The dead: JOHN ERICKSON. Dcs Moines. JA »rES HOWARD, brakeman, Des Moines. Injured: J. W. Morning, engineo/: Fred Solsor, fireman; M. J. Pbtiite, conductor; C. W. Robinson, fireman; F. W. Bern, brakeman. No passengers wore injured. The wreck was caused by an outbound train pulling out without orders Both trains were traveling at a high rate of speed. FUNSTON TO ALASKA. Gep;ral Notifies War Department He iis Leaving For a tour of Army P03tn There. Associated Press nisp.ntch. Washlrigton, June 27—General Funston, commanding the Department yf the Columbia, has informed the war <Iepartment that ho has left for Alaska for an inspection of the posts In that territory. He will visit Forts Liscum, Skagway, Egbert. Gibbon, St. Michael and Davis. BREVITIES Associated Press Dispatch. Washington. June 2t.— The president today appoint^ J. F. Smith postmaster at Pleasankon. KMisas. Ardmore; L T., George Bearsk^. assistant chief 6f, the Sentera In^a, THE mum wimm Associated Pre-ss Dispatch. {Kansas City, June I 27.—Cattle—;Rc- celpts, 500, unchangeii. HogsJ3,000, steadj| at yesterday's close. Heavy, $5.5^^-5.75: packers, $5.50@5.G5: medium;: $5.60@5.75.^; light, $5.50(g;6.71Vi; .'yorkers. $3.05® 5.67%; pigs, $-I.25@5»tJ0.| Sheep—None. Wheat—July, 71'/^; Sept., 68;^^; cash Nb. 2, hard, 73475: ho. 3, 70@ 73: No. 2,,red, 74@7G: Nol.S, 72#73. Corn—Jillj-, 481 .4 @p&; Sept., 45; Dec., 43%;; cash No. 2^ mixed, 53; No. 2, white. 54® %; No. X 53i /i @54. Oats—No. 2, white,, 4CW.. Rye—$2.50. Hay—Timothy, $13@ 13.50; prairie, $11." Butter—Creamery, i5@19; djiiry. fancy. 16; eggs, fresh, 11%. Receipts of'wheat, 10 cars. Chicago, June 27.—Cattle—500. Na- tiye steers. $4.25® 5.50; stockers and fcoders, $2.75®4.75; |cows and hpif- ors. $1.60@4.S5. ' \ Hogs—3,000, steady: at yestenay's 5.90. -• Butter—Creamery. 16®21;. dairy, 15 ®1S. Eggs, 12ii.@13%. St. Louis, June ' 27.—Cattle—o?)0, steady. Hogs—1.800. Pigs, light. $-5.65® 5.80; packers. $5.75® 5.85; . butchers. $5.75® 5.90. Wheat—July, 80%: old, 81%; Sept., 78%®%; old, 78%®%; Dec, 77%; old. 77%; i^VIay, 89U. , ' Corn—June, 49%; July, 49%; Sept, 50; Dec, 44; May. 48%. Oats—June 40%; July, 40%; Sept., 33T /s; Dec, 33%®34: May, 35%.," Pork—July, $15.17%: Sept., $1.5:40. Lard—July, $8.10@8.12%; ': Sept., ;.27%; Oct., $8.17%; Dec, $7.87%. Wheat^Nb. 2, red, cash elevajor, 84; track; 84®85; July, 841 /4; Sept., 74%@%; No. 2, hard, 79®82. Corn—No. 2, cash, 51; tra'ck, 52 @o3; •July, 49%; Sept., 49%. . ' - ' Oats—No. 2' cash, 40; nominal, track, 42 ®43; July. 42; Sept., 33%; No. 2, white, 43® 46. • Pork—$16.17%; lard, $7.80. Lead—Firm, $4.02%. Spelter- Firm, $5.50. - • 1 J isp BRITISH WAR OFFICE ' DENIES FRENCH REPORT. OF REVERSE IN SAMOLILAND. mmm DHDTLE BRITISH GENERAL SAVS HE GA\fl- ED OBJECTIVE POINT UN- / OPPOSED. French Report Had it That British Haxi'Met With Disaster in Clash With Mad Mullali. FOOLISH THINGS THE RICH DO. [cap liank .in- It 's a Great Fad in New York Society Now Not to Take a Dare, No Matter What it is. New York, June 27.—There is an uo v/ritten law among the idle rich that to take a dare is more disgraceful than mokiag one's self ridiculous. As a result!the giving and taking of dares has become a sort of fad among the young people of the "4G0." Ye ;ter- day they amused themselves by giving and taking all kinds of peculiar dares. "Jack" Crawford, jri, of New York, one of Princeton's chacipion athlc^tcs, was dared by a fcllBW; student to f;:)ly dressed into a hujge bathing of the Brokaw gj-mnasium. Th slant the dare was given accourter::*!; as he was, he plunged in, and be ^j nhowias ihat he would jnot take a won a bet of $20 which had-back 'i 'l^ ir. TIio newspapers a fciw days a ^o cbn- :a;r .cd accounts 0* thq marriage ©1^ a young couple in Jersey City on aiibre given byl the guests at a weddin*; reception they had attended togethaj;. The dare, as an amusement od society,was popularized j by Harry lieir, when the court jester took up thefhHl- longo of a mem her of a party on a public wharf to get down on all fours apd bark like a dog. The spectacle of Sir. Lehr crawling about, picking up chatelaines that were thrown to him and returning them to their fair owners in his mouth, is saiJ to have been a most diverting one. Among the better known of his late exploits was his dare to wade through a public fountain in I?altimore. gl^'^a to Miss Lulu Morris, ^ifterwards Mja. Fred Gebhardt, and now Mrs. Henry Clews, jr. Mr. Lehr Iwas crossing: a public square with Miss Morris whjj'n he dared Miss Morris! to wade^with him. i • - ; No less famous Was the. ypniig man's dare to Stuyv^sanf Fish; a :-nd Mrs. Herman Oclrlch^ to walk;with him down Bellevue aybnue, cariyiig and talking "baby talk^'; to a huge riig don. : ' J|| i / Less known is the]'exploit of other .sficiety ^att <rbo was foond early one morning nd long.'ago, tor-, iiagto qlimb the .Cent td park;oheibk and (iiharl<i?n&dwl. . to the 'fK^ooDBdui Assoc lat««l Press Dispatch. Londbn. June 27.—The war office has received a telegram from Soihall- lahd enabling it to contradict the ' French report' of a British; disaster. The war office dispatch received today was se^t. by General Manning from Bohotle June 26th and apnoUnced his- arrival there unopposed. The general- said tire Mullah,, with his fighting men' had crossed the British line of com- 1 munication half way between Bomot , and Bojhotlo. Manning added: "This flight of the Mullah would have been been turned into a rout if It had been possible to send a column of sufficient • strength from Bohotle." .\ssocI.itc<l Press Dispatch. ' Paris, June 27.—A • dispatcji from .libutil, Asyssinia, says the Mad Mullah has destroyed five British post.s between Burao and Bohotle, in Soma- liland.. Thirt3-nine British officers out of forty-two white men were;killed in the engagements. Two thousand native soldiers were made prisoners. WANTS TO KNOW. Bulgerlan Agent at Constantinople Ha^ Asked For Explanation of Concentratron' of Troops. .-Associated Press Dispatch. Constantinople, June 27.^3'he Bul- vizicr for an explanation of concen- viscar for an explanation of concentration of Turkish troops at Sultaa- tipe. - r Bie STEM STHD. MEXlfcAN CRAFT IN DISTRESS OFF TEXAS PORT. Captain Was Killed in Wreck, But Part of Crew Was Rescu&d by Life Saving Service.^ Associated Press Dispatcb. \ Wa-ihington, June 27.—The; life saving service has received a telegram from thf Saluria life saving station in Tex35; stating that the Mexican,steamer Caramolapam is stranded twelve miles 1 northeast of that station. The captain was killed in the wreckage. The crew of thirteen were saved in a destitute condition. ^ : RAIDED THE "TENDERLOIN.'! Policfr Swooped Down Upon the New York Pool Room^, Capturing 592 of the Inmates. ': A.'s'y^iiitfHl Press IJiispatch. Ifevr. York, June' 27.— Six alleged pool rooms in the "tenderloin" dis-- tricjt. Including Allen's,, have been raijled^ and 592 prisoners jcaptu ?ed, making the raid the biggest of; the kind ever executed here. None oftls inmati<>s escaped. A lot of gambling I>araphernalia was confiscated. LEFT BONDSMEN IN LURCH. Anarchists at Patterson, N. J., Failed ito Appear to Begin a Five Year. Jail Sentence. .^.<iocirttcd I'rcM rHstntch. . PaitJBrson, N. J.. Jane .27.-r-WiUl3hi MacCJ&en and Rudolph Grossman, anarchists convicted of having i taken part id the labor, riot here last June^. have filled to appear in court to have their Ave year sentences put into ex-» eputipn, and their bail bondsjof $6.50^ aich -I Were declared forfeited. It i? i hbught they have left the cfountry, j .5* Citj^Councilman ^td streed-sw©eper>_; —Nojithey won't be no osefer.ypu tiirk;^ come 'io cooncij^ ijieetiu'v. fSiight^t"*^ .show ipff your new-i&u^ed,^irj' ~

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