Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 3
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REGISTER.^-WEDNESDAYEVEmNa '^Qi !rrOBER9^ -1 WINTER WEARING APPARE A splendid collection of stylish winter wear awaits your inspection al our store. By keeping in close toucK with the leading manufacturers we are aWe to show the season's latest novelties as soon as they appear in the largest cities. Our prices are always moderate for the high class of goods we show. Beautiful Coats If you appreciate styh-s that 'are really "dilTercnu" you'll see a lot of Coats here that will win your enthusiastic admiration. Our prices will please you. too. Will you drop in today? Beautiful Suits We have a tremendous assortment of new Suits of beautiful fabrics and every wanted material. Our styles are exclusive and of the latest designs. We invite your inspection. Millinery Tliat Will Appeal To You. You Must See Ws Handsome Lin - ^—- 113 F.. Madison RICHARDSOIV'S n3 Madison DAT LEGISLATrRE. All the OB At the KijiKi'sl lino nf N>\v Fancy Work In :./a; li.a: I 'lo .ir Nea- Vnik Store. -,-^..r^ ("!i:irli'.v .MrPhi'iVir:. niio ii :is l.>'on \is:t. ri'niri:iil home rliis iiltrnir-m. i'lirni ;u!il fjiy Loans. It. M fun-: nin:;li:uii. i I THE UNrTEDAMOSEMENfCOT. , „ . , , ^ • I, ^TvmL m m wm—m-iM .\ .Mn-mv. u'.ici liris ''.^'n in AUiui.i lii. .v-'iluim i.>r -.>iiii> iiiiinili^. r.-tiirn-' iii :t,;.- .iri.M-niidii ti«r a hiiff; Shows BUBflfV Adults - lot '.isit uii,'.: r-laiiA..-. - Kii.-. l!a'-= oif i![si>l:>y ^oconrt ' at 7:oO V^^V ' iMJMn.iy il.-i.artin.>ni .Vw York itnd 9 Af*w Choice -._ Sharp ••••I Scats at • 2 .^c •' O. ^iiriu<>ii.<. of K:insa.~ City whn ~ ~, ... ! as l.vvi- on !i'isin>'.ss. went to OorHot^a Urn Two Reels Best Pictures and the Play ••LENA RIVER5" [PEKSONAl MENTION.) Cliai'lf> <'iimntiil. vt\\ i«> t':-irv' this alti-rnKon Icr n (•rvl x:' With II ;|lM\ll i —Mr! H,rMm«n. niiinr.> IK iiml i:,r i;i;aiir> anil tin' \'iU\- ,\.« Vii :k St.'.-.'j \l - .1 li t'ait.r. >; I'awt '.iv Koi-k. Willi li:i.^ ln -.n hi-r.' aiNl in Lallaipi' \i-riiiu [.lilliN. 11't in iioiiu' iiHi'i n<<i>n Dr. n. I.. Ilrniirlrk^. OM CoiiH' llon-'r. TnlU nn^wrrft inj or RlKht I V. I>iirn<'wv'!. .•! liu",, V,:.., , broil lnMt> <>M 1 M,SII:I--. V. lit <';i;i nnte t!»!s altniii 'ia —Vi. A. ItoTfdrn, paper hanscr. Phone M7. J. K. Haiiiblin n! H !'.v<l! xvi'o f-... been Aore.on butin.-^. ;.;;!!•.•! ];•>'.!.•• this afternoon. —Graduate N'lirsp; terms rcar^ona ble. Phone 1363. poorgo Wfs'prly. <it i i.^n •. v.ilf. w lii> has been hfto .m hii-in-\~.- r.'-uiii"i home thiH alt-iin'on \ lll 'll .111 of Okin!' l1 >. |. 1II'."I lirii' \i.-,iimf lri-n'!>. ! • ' :;,•!!. •! b.Miu- • .It: ;T. ^;on . - \i'- w-nt t-i I'hantit. ' ' ' • 1 liaii.x ami \'. .1 - M.ii;a.-iii.'.-; ;U Mnn<li.~ i'rti^, Sluro Ml-- Kl.'ia Ni: . ••!' I'ol 'iiy uas . vi.-i'i"! li-'-'- 'I'ltay - - 1^ '!!> I" I' iixi-rniaii "t" .•^:iiirpti-'!ii Mi> . who ill-; 111 11 and in !!i ir ''"MT vi-iiir.c rn .nil.-i. 'irii-'.l licm. a:';frtioi.ii —Prs. Hnll * nnll. OstropnlM. Trl- i cphones 120. Ml- <; r: K-n.lall. uli.i lias l.ron is now ready. W^e serve everything in the HOT SODA line, and we're waiting? for you. Morris & Howard I'rrxrrlptlon l>riitrvio|<« Wosi Sill.- Sq I'lO!' l.i.Mlv"ry > TJlTaiiv. ol iiriivvnitiK. 1 .vlo. »li>> ha.s hr.n ii.f.. Mhiiini; \Mtli ' •rii-aiN. w'lir III Tnl .-ia. Dkla . Imlay. i bears liiR niimp In'Wicbitti. was herr I vi.sitinK I), .v. Mctisor this niominp i \\i:i:>' on n lite to Kan.-a.< City. I .1. O Saiiiii.Nii:! 1,1 ("lay ('I'T;!-'.". \va. a litiiiliifs.i \l >iTnr III T'- li 'ilay I rv I'l't'Iii 'i" '• !' iiii.- alt' rnoon foi K!.n^as City '<••. a V '< ! vl^it niii friends. t'. K Tro;; r. n! P; I.nuS \\ lio has born hen- i >n ^l ;:^i^l•s^. wi-ni t Kansa- City al'iMKHin t; \ \Vi ';.il. ui Ca.- City. I.^M il'ir. .ir -'ino '-ii fur Ottawa fill' lirii't vi-it wrli t'riiT.fl- ' I '.V Lovr;:. of K :".i:- City. « !iii li.ij bfi'n .'.I'll' on !iM-i:ii'-.- an'l \i«itlir< fitfOi!^. ntiirni'il iu -iii.' this aftermxin i • ^ I \i'i-ola- Tf 'l. I .I lias City. !(•:; •a: ino '>n ;i'! TliiTJca. \Vi.».. tor ar. • x 'lm! •! \isit with frii'mis I '• .M Hiin'aii i.i n«al' Carlyl.- wa- I i .: Inr-:. .l-iior ill -re tiii.-; atiiriioon I'r-I if IViilaii. ol Colony. »a< a b.i iii.^- \i~iiiir t'Mi- tills alii'iiioon I .Mr- \l \ i;i!l !iam !i-ft liti.n .ifirr- iM '1 t'li Ciir \a!li-. 'iri -^i -n lor an o\'•••:•!•! . :t w it 'i 1 1 'lalix (•« Arkannfi Tote* m Limit .; Ses ^loB-o. ^J .Jttlc Rock. Ark../ Oct. 8.—By a large mnjority the people of Arkansas have voted that the pfloplc's mpfley shall n^t be wasted in useless legislation. This was the result of Ar-j kansas' initial attempt a direct legislation under the intiative. and refer-: endum. By a majority of IS.4,'57 of all the. votes cast in the '^lection of Septemb'T ' 9. complete returns of which are just \ at hand, the people said the lawnwk- ers shall receive pay for only si.xly i days. Here is the amendment: Bach member of the general ••ssem- bly i »hall lereiv.^ $« per day for his services during the first tiO davs of the'| regiilar session of the ponoral n.s .-sem- I biy and If .my s>e.ssion sli.all coniinue further «-acb m -'mlHr shall serve without fiirtlif-r per diem. , nUl V\y\M\ (OMRACT. I.:KMI Tfin« of Kanttns iVodnrI Will lie Shioited (n ('MnnI /.one. Leavenworth. Oct. X -\V. K Tboin- ;i8 of this cllv !ind('hnr!<>.< H. Carlisle of K.insa .4 City liavi> Just bi'<'n noil- rtwl that thfv have IHTU awanlnl the contract for l.l.'nii ion.<< of Kan.^a.i hay to be (li'llvereil at Colon wftiln the r.f.vr six months Tin' contract callM for .iO" tons of alfalfa and ilo- satu'' amount nf prt'lrle hay. Tl\f bid sub- t mitted by Thomas and rarli .-ile was • J22..'i0 for pmlrie and ,«2.'^..=io for alfalfa, rli'Iivi-red. The .shi;)m<'nts will original.' along thu Mti.- of JIM- Saii'a Ko railway, and will be s.nt to .Ww Orleans. ELLIOTT'S ELLIOTT'S ELLIOTT'S ELLIOTT'S CaUige! Cabbage! Make Kraat IVImS 10,000 pounds of fine Northern Cabbag<^, 100 pounds for CARS OF FLOUR Buy your winter supply o/ Flour now. We have three cars and can sell you at following prices: WOLP^ PREMIUM, TURKEY PATENT or OLD GLORY Flour—evei-y sack warranted—sack. .$1.20 2 sacks $2.35: 5 sack 'lots. .,$1.15 1(^0 cases New Sugar Corn, 4 cans 25c, dozen... .75c 100 boxes Silk and Lenox Soap. 8 b'-irs 2."ic. box. .$2.95 2-5 boxes Pearl White Soap. 7 bars 2r)c,,box.. .. .$.3.35 Fine Northern Potatoe.s per bushel .'. ,.8bc Corn Meal, per sack .20c Graham Flour, sack .25c; 100 pounds of Bran for .$1.10 100 pounds of Shorts for $1.30 ELLIOTT'S ELLIOTTS ELLIOTT'S ELLIOTT'S tUL BKI.T .MOTOR ROW. sii.ACK iiTTKit IS u.\>f.i:Rors. Kl Itorado VonJli'.< Han I Tnl Kadh y,-r. Uorado VonJIiN Han I Tnl In One of Them. ^! I..^e Foster., who had his riclif annji'l''!' fallfil at elii-wi-(| otT in .'ioni.^ cocs to an en.^ila::.- • '•ouinii-.-ion .-r cutter Friday, r-sted w.-ll Friday I'loV il night, when pa.ising thi- m:.- c!iin»* noticed that ihope w.-is a ran;-- ilrr><in Count} Takint; an Interest III the Project. mmittc -of \'r.f t;ani.-t: P.i '^LT tfi- ^l•^\.••^I ;,:.M .-i 111 .Millinery Turk St.ire. —Off f.i 'lT f'ir •.\ii!i.' I C r.Tki" • ii' I..IW I'•111-.' will' li.i'ii 'tiM'i' i -n tr,i-in. .-s. w.'ni to , :ii t'.iis ai'trrnooii .\i -w ' • — Mr anil .Mrs K K ;>trriii. ot Oi— -a -ia. «;r !:a\.' I.'i 'n ii .-r.< vl.<itiiii; l>aae Klowirs. m .\lva. Texas wlio ^'ii'tn.i- r.t.'.n.'.l afterijoon ..itr 1 ii -n lii'ie atiil in Cta.-. City ;i>il- — •.••J. iii'iiiis. .•••tirii.'il hoai.' t .iiliiy. '!r.-. Pan Hilt .iii. .t Karlion. arriv- •».! it.-re this aft»rn<> ^n :i>r a liri> f visl' - Onhc-'lra lor ilan.e wirk. rhone i''^'"' M!"> <"• W Ai |:ii:.< _ STIBIIS SIIOMS AI.AKM. .Mrn (•' .\ Wati 'Ts. of Toiwka. who !ias iie..ii 111 re \i.-iiinK tri-nds. •*<tnr)v .>In»c to Onrani/e ( Inhs For II C'.ani'ti- ililb af '-riioon. Him 0«er Stale. I . Mr.* l>oiii.s Webb, of Pittsburg, who Topekn. Oct S. -Tlip nurlrn.: of a ha; ix'.'n li.>r.' visiting hfv •.Iringhii.'r.- sfate-widi organization to known vi.-ititi.-: ii.r -i-,|.-r ill C:,, cii\ r-tiirn-i Mr;,. A \V Stillwell return..! Iiome a.s the ".muhbs for Ini'ed Statr.s S. n'! ti. h<r lioiii.^ in ll'iniUilil! iliis aft<>r niK 'ti 'his tifierncdu York Store l.-adi; al! in laury ; work. ! j —Lown«>y's Candy .M'tn-i:.- lia;; it ' Vi .-!i ii'ir \rt ii.'i '3iftiii. nt. •r .N'-" V 'irk Sure. i P. W. .'Janders .;i lyin - I'i-;.. «a a b'lsinnss visit.-.- t,. !<• ator club." the of which is t.. flref Oov.-rnor W. R Stiibbs K. th. 1 J. I,. Smith, of Caney. was a btisl- oflice of Ciiit.'.i Stiit.'s .^^.-iiator oa No- fir.<l 111,.-, r, vi>iiMr li .Me ihi.- uiorniiic v«'niber r>. wa.-; inrinxl by nearly on. I -— hundred fri'MiiN and admin-rs of th.^ i I'lia.- .S Seyniore. of .Arkansas city, povrrnor. who tilbi^l to overflowing ! ; .M^s ^\. c .\ilii,i!gt "n nliii lia.. b«" ' .vim has b .'.'n ln-r.- and in I.:illar|>.t last night the Ii.'a.l.iuarii'rs of the Re: ' I 1 li.-^i'iiig iiir f.'t 'rr i; \V. Kit: - \ i^itiiig fii..-nils. returned lionic this; |)ubli.-aii siatt- r-nira! comnilttf... It .ittii iMiiiily. r.'iinn.'il to tier liDiue in i afti'inoiui. , is uropo'sfd t'lat within ri f»'W days! \V. CaMT. tr.r.i-lii'u'oi f..V j I'/'^'sii ;ri; this affern.->on ; — i ati..c!!;ary ei|ibs will b>' organized -•• t ••' • .. : , — ; .\irs. K T i |i >l.-nian. ot P.ron.son. throughout the state. I whri ,:a.-. b.'en 'i.-r.' Visiting friends. . w.-r.t II. n,\a>a. Okia this aft.rnix'ii .II'I'K.VI.S TO .M(M»SKIIS, Mr a vi^it with her hiisliand. who is Irllliiig n-i.r Di.r.- >Vhitc Can't stt >I"nev from Talriol* — Ka-t Knouh. .Mi-s CaliaS'-r. of 1 hitalnddt. «lii« i:miioria, Kas. '•<•! s -Th.- Kan-..-< lias II here \|siting .Mrs. C. II Card Progr.^ssives. according to a snorii and l.iiiiily. leliiinetl liiniii- totlav , >iiai. :iv'it ol ri-r.i(.is ami .'ViifiKll- tiir.-s iMMil.' by W .\ WliiN-. national the Santa F<;. .^f Chanut n.'ss visitor' h.-:.- tl .i^ a I .lfi: ii' liin;; —Dr. O. L, Cox, ncallKt iTIAR^S ft FO?TIR iMATTItESS \ It is I he wonderful wcl >procc5s by which it is made, and the perfection (bf workmanship in every detail, the result df sixty years experience, that makes the ST|EARNS & FOSTER best of all mattresses. It i$ dust-proof, moisture-proof, \tmun -proQf, nrot-prtKif—the most Mnitary mattrcM Imown. it tt fKalth protedhn to h«\-e a Steam & Fo«ter. Soli <m 60 Ni^h'Frtt Trid L. SLEEPER & SON FarnilHrc and rndertaklnir .\Irn Frank McKenie l.t' this aiier- tioii tor^CoIlltisvilIi.. Dklii . tor a htt'l visit wITb rilatlv.'s. .•"inniM 'e.'ijfiii. ludav. Ii .iv.- J .'.'.'ii if the bank and ov . iiiiirly .\r coiiliiiK to Mr Willi. 's siaL -m'-ni I' will • (wt -*i ;,iiaii iiiiirt- lo i-oniliict the taiaia'"M frmn ti.v. 'liitll el.'ttloii i> ^ *T w B S © •? .'^^ .\iiiir.'-• .\nnual llif.'t-ini; of tola In.liisiiial P.iiHdlni; Ci <iiitiuny In Coun- lil lomii of Ciiy Hall at S |i ui \V..l-; KiMMi rKVIIMK CIIICKKN. Ill Mlay ••v.nliii;. Oi -tober !'tli. I . — i llnnler« Killc.l Ihrlr t .'nnie llair» I? Car.l of lola a lawv .M. vi-ln-dl \Uth Thirteen l»nrk». jIn Ollawa* ii .iordllig '.. lii. pi. i,-li Markl.-, H II S.oii and Fre.l pi .Tald. riler\;liiu l.i r, U C.ur.l. |.r.- 1 M.xjmd .r hiiiif .-.l -i .Mr \V..|da \ I '.HL .r-i —"t<'i>'>l.* :li\ 111 ,1 nil., -..r-iiri.,. ehlkxn ami ih^r-' !• .lurks «.r- liiiiig.'d Tliiv w.'iit I I Mrs R II H.-nnett. whose long III- ;,,.d reliirn.d .-n Co - phm " Frl: ness has lot: b.-i lather w.-ak and .),,» .i„.v Irov.- ui. in .Mr .Stotl« .art ;n .-rv ...i>. Id planning 10 g.. m Califor l;,nd lad i.ior.< Iii.-k on that ini. «lth ;nla and M'en.l sev .r .il nr..nihs in Ci.t,!,., ,.ralrl.. chtrk.n.* I'hnnut. " Tri ; sunshin.' in tln' lioi'.- oi i.-ioM-rlng h.'r bune. : heulta • . - 1 wii.i. »;KT fl .tMw K\tii. K. K.'tiel.l of Wichita, w li.> • . h.ts b.en h. re ou business, w.r.i «' Thr riuiem nf M InninK CInh Will 'Cbanule this altern.H-n. 11, p »|H Well ThN Yri^r. — New York. O .t ^—.\II for i K !l Uerrlngtiin of Uroiison. -.vii" it ;,.ti,!anr.- an.l r.r.ipts will i.jol.ablv has bf ^D here on business, tt.nt t .i i,.. t-r. i-.»n <i> '•»» .....rids i ^rles b. Burdeji this afternoon fer a vis't wi'l. fw.en New York and IX>»X.M\ now b. '''••ndK . ir,._' piay .1l Ui-' v .ar the ailmisslons i — ' lotnlefl ITS.-;.'! ."ind the proce«»ds w.-re - I'arlj that took two |>lninf -t< from $4:tLv:Ti;4 ..'iO wi-h fxnl weather It !<= .Mlllinerj Dr^rtmrnt Saturdajr nlslit ' nvjii-cted that ih;.-- rears series will • ; irom »n York Store h known. Woaid , heat these marks by at l .>a»« ten tier advUe to ri-tum iiame to amid ex- i r-nt. For one thine the Hoston t.ase^ ; l «"*orf. 1 grounds have a larger ifeating ca- i — , nacity than Shi'>e park In Philade:- ' Mr.- ( . .N lackson. of Ottawa, who| pi,ia ' has he<-n here and in IjHarpe visit-^ The idaver^ on tt:e winning t.-ain i in- f! i .liuii.-d !;uin.- thi': .nfi.-r-1 ,,if ked iii. Jti (Mil a |.ii ee and the l ..ti,- ' . got $2 Hill en« h la-i -eiron. It '^.n.ld j not !»• .'•liriirifelniF if the winiiera' (.art! rum whi.h ran in> to |t ,tji >0 va.n this year I and stopped to tighten a bolt H.> .lid not remove his glove. Ori.^ of his fiiig ••r tips raiight in the ros? and b<-for'' hi' could free his hand it was eb.^wi'd off two inches above tli>- wrist. ^1.' wore a iiair of gauntl.'i clovi-s whii li probably accounts for so iii'ich of his artn being taken of! —KIdora.lo IJ. - ptiblitan oftir.' o: tt*' .•oiint\ \ ••-t.^ri!;i> . tit ilis. 1:-• Oil lioin." w !ii h b.'iwffii Kan ?as Ci'y and ;Tii;.-a' Oklahoma i iinn--; lini; wiiii tin- ; an.l hav Indtcated .T -wi!^(aKnesa^t$ •'!.-u'! a Iiand" So. arVangcmeirtB wer«- iiiai'" for the lotnmissjoneri and , the ftoostrr cormnitf"!' to go over two' ro;..'!s betweon c,arn< ;t and Welria. for , iMirjiosi- o:' choosing . the moat'i' t .a .-ibl'' route l .iiw.-on thetwo townn. | They have nor. fully derided upon'a rlioice of roail.-. as yet.—Ctarnett Review . iif.'r-in ri .Santa K.- Trail at Ottawa It t.s ne (.--in> tha: .\n •y tak.' ;iii':..-ilia'.. a •ion in ihc t. .• or :!i.' i.'iiil will 1:0 by «av . : Sf'-t. and th.-!.- .i' a tiiar is jiroj."! f.I 'roni Kan.-as to .1 'lilt iilt -i-.-. Ti ill—.."on .'•oiint> ' i •il'- 1 li; lt.-!r lii>iit. oiin- IIKC- Frrt ro;i'! Ci'y - woiiii! l.a\.' .\n: •• ii^ai'- ->> tar a.- . in^ .-rn.'il Our W. K .V-wroinb of this city has juir- ' • ;isi-d ti... u H H.'rry grocery and "ill o|..>ii lor liiisiness In tho oJd Elliott srand in a f'-w days. .Mr. f«ew- • oiiih !.i-.'n for some years In this"' btisiio'ss an.! will .-iiulp a store wItU an ail.-'inato stoik of groceries, ai»d will la't.-r in.stall a iijeat market. II K P.iisli loft this affrnoon (;arn»tt for a brief Imsini'ss vi:-i- I riiitiitj rrtnini..'- !<.;ii r>. for Mn": 1 a'.iod to iiii> ii.niu- n'.-.»' ti 'i itiiporJan 1' of ait.'ntion l»'th<y r.i..:- takini: a.tion C. .T. Peterson and W. E. King drove to .Moran this morning in the former's iiti'o for a t'ri'f biisiaess visit. •i -J Three Good Pals Breakfast time should l>e the "curtain raiser' of a happy day. Hut the flay can't be a happy one with ill health. ColTce is often a disturbing factor. Il contains a drug—caffeine—that gets on the nenes of niaiiy a naturally happy-tcnipcrod man or woman, resulting in •*cr{»ssnoss" and irritability. i. Hut now comes which is free from any-tirnip. This new fotnl-drink makos "gooil eompuny" at breakfast any other menl. iManufactured from choice Nurthern wheat anil the juice t»f pure Southern sugar-cane, it is prepared at table inslantly by stirring a level teaspoonful direct from the tin, in a cup of hot water and adding cream and sugar to taste. Everyone can drink it with happy results. •I Grocers Sell Instant Postum KM) Clip tins—.10 fts. rKVcup tins—-SO ct.-^.' A sam})le tin (to make .5 cupsi will be mailed you for 2c stamp to cover postage. ' POSTUM rEiiE .Ai. CO. i.Ti). BATTij: rnrric. MICU.

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