The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1892. 8. The Dearest Spot ' on Earth is the spot that's washed out wUluntt Pear line. It costs in clothe;,, in the. nibbing and scrubbing that wears them ovit * ^' quickly; it takes twice the time, •and double the labor. It's expensive washing before you get through with it—and the cost conies home to you, no matter who doi?s !:h>: work. Pear line save:; money by saving work, wear, and time. It hurts nothing; washes and cleans everything. It costs no more than common soap, but it does more. It's cheap to begin witli—but it's cheapest in the end. l-£f£k'txr«~3 f*t^k of imitation!* of f'liAKLIN'U which :ire t»einr; jiciltllufl from tlonr Well C to door. loS IAMB'; I'Vl.F, N ~U> Vorlc. I HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. BILL NYE AS A HERO. HE HAS THE HERO BUSINESS DOWN TO A SYSTEM. Resetting Dlnlngr lloom Olrlfl to Order. Tho Water or Homo ami That of Mvxioo, Mo., Compared—Cronslnft the Mlinonrl. A Would Re Author. ICopyrlght, 1802, by Edgar W. Nyo.) My last letter was written at Beatrice, Neb., at a hotel which was on ftre, nnd ssn number of errors have crept into the press regarding my bravery at this great fire, known as the Paddock House Ore, I will say that I did nothing at that time that was not my plain duty; nothing that I would not do again. I would have been less than man if I hod shrank from my duty at that time. 1 was engaged in writing, in fact, had just seated myself and loaded up my stylographio pen with bluing, which 1 carry with me, and was just about to think, preparatory to writing, when the 1 The only manufacturers of SIFTED TABLE 11 DAIRY SALT West of New York. Guaranteed not to Wen in Any Climate. OTTFL WESTERN, RIVERSIDE, DIAMOND, NEW YORK DAIRY SALT. >Te guarantee our Dairy Salt equal to either? the >Ashton or Qiggins 1m- portsd salt in every respect. -• with us. Give it a trial and you i will ceretainly agree R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT. ABk your grocer for it. It will suit you, 1 THe Universal Xt.03aaecS.T- THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMQAQO NEURALGIA STIN6S BRUISES MAN-BEAST HAS 8TOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND BALLS SWINNEV Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.^ It will save many doctors' bills. Forsaleeverywhereat25c.,5ocand$i.ooabottl4 | PICKING OUT A GIRL TO SAVB. shrill cry of fire was seen approaching, and a fire laddie, in less time than it takes to tell it, was up my window like a squirrel, playing tbe hose on a beautiful and elaborate scarlet embroidered nightie of mine which hung oyer tho head of my couch. Tho statement in the Nebraska papers that I was perfectly cool oven at first is very kind, but not borne out by tho facts. I was not real cool till tho hoso company had been playing on me for somo little time. ftogarding my heroism in saving tho life of a slender and beautiful dining room girl, or doughnut lady, 1 will say that the press, especially of Omaha and Beatrice, has erred in its enthusiasm and haste to do me a favor altogether out of proportion to the act of courage and heroism itself. 1 always, while stopping at a hotel very oarly decide in my own mind which of tho dining room girls 1 would save in ca60 of fire. This I do invariably whilo 1 am perfeotly cool, knowing that should a firo break out I might in tho wild ox citoment of the moment rescue right and left without any discretion or sonse. Onco 1 rescued a shrouded figure in the darkness and uncertainty of night, and when 1 took her to the light and got threo reporters tbero to take down what she might say by way of thanks, 1 found when it was too lute that Bho was a little colored bootblack who could neither read nor write. Tho dining room girl whom I rescued at Beatrice was heavier than I had supposed, and 1 had not more than half rescued her before I regretted it. However, as I reached tho foot of the first fire escape she returned to consciousness and sprang out of my arms with a cry of horror. 1 calmed her, however, so that her fears at last vanished, and with a deep drawn sigh, having already noticed that 1 was very much out of breath, she took me over her shoulder and earned me to the foot of the fire escape. 3A**Att OUCguiMTEOmTH THE OEOOIUPHY OFTHIS OOUNTBr Will OSTM HUGH niUltUE MFORUMlOa TOM * STUCV OF THIS IMP OF TIN 1 Clii&a^o, Rock Island & Pacific Ry„ Toe Direct Route to and from CHICAGO, ROOK ISLAND, DAVENPORT, DE8 MOINES, COUNCIL BLUrF8, OilAHA, LINCOLN, WATEBTOWN, SIOUX FALLS. MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, ST. JOSEPH, ATCHISON, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS CITY, TOPEKA, DENVER. COLORADO SPBINOS. anJ rUEULO. Free Reclining Chair Can to and from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGB CITY, and Paiaco Sleeping Can between CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS of TUronsli Ooaclies, Sleepers, JPtee Tlecllulng Chan C »rB Rndl>!nin» Cats dslfr between CHICAGO, DES MOINES. COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAnA anil LINCOLN, nnil lie'wceii CHICAGO and DENVER, COLORADO SWINGS and PUEBLO YlaSt. Joseph, or KUIIXM CH)' and Toneka. Excursions dally, with Ctwtoe ol Routes to a«4 (tom Salt Lane, Portland, Los AnMteaandSan Francisco. Tbe Direct Line to nod Hun Pike's Peak, Manlloo, Garden of the Gods, the aanUacVuns, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via Tho Albert Lea Route, Fart Hzpree Trains daily, between Chicago anil MlnTaJaSSfs «d St Paul, with THROUGH Becllnlol nir Cart FUBB, to and from those point* and Kan dir. Throngti Clialr Car and Sltener betweef .risTsvlrit Uke and Blow Falls vis hock Island. iS^fe ^i^Wrl^^ 1 ST. JOHN, 4OHM MSMTIAN, gKrCAOO, tu* Tl)8 Celebrated Freooii Curo. Warranted ''APHRODIT^E'' »*L moni>_y to ouro BEFORE Is Sou? ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE t o curo any form ef uorvons dls- eaBo or any (Un­ order of tho generative ortfanfl of either BCX/ whether arising from tha OXOOH- refunded. AFTER slvousool Stimulants, Tobncco or Opium, or through yonthfiu Indiscretion, oyer Indulgence, iio, snoit JIB Lass of Brain Power, Wakefulness, Bearlna down Bains In the back, Seminal Weakness, HyBtcriiv Nervous Proa- tratlon,Nootumoi£miaslons ,liOuoorrhoaa ,]Dlr- «lnc«8. Weak Memory, Loss 11 Power and Iru potency, which it nogleoteu oltcn lend to pro mature old two and Insanity. Prion $1.00 a box S boxes tor 13.00. Bent by mall on receipt of price. A WRITTEN GUARANTEE la given for every $5.00 oMer received, to refund tho money If a Permanent cure is not effected. We have thousands of testimonials from oldandyoung of both sexes, who have been permanently lured by the uaeotAphroditlne, Cliculara tree. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEQIC1NE CO. 67 Washington Bt., CHICAGO, TT,T. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. MANHOOD RESTORED. "BANATIVO," the Wonderful Spanish Itriuedy, Is sold with ~ Wrltten.Ouarante. tocure all NatvouBDls. eases, Buch as Weak Memory, Loss of Drain Power, Headache, Wakefulness, LostMon- hood, Nervousness, Lassitude, alt drains and loss of power of the Generative Organs In either scr. caused ojr over-exertion, youthful liidlecretloru.ot the aiceselje aseof tohacco,opium, or stimulants, which uKlnmtely lend to Infirmity, Consumption and Insanity. Pot up In convenient form to carry in the rest pocket. Price II a package, or 6 for JJS, With every «5 order vreglve a written guarantee to ourjs or refund tho . Beut by mail to any address. Circular free wash basin at the eating works and turned on tho faucet, Vint soon had to poke out tho water with a stick. At table 1 oaked for a glass of water and tho colored man and brother wont to thia smue faucet to get iny glass filled. A man in Mexico who had been drinking considerably, and was said to have his skates on a groat deal of tho time, told me while I steadied him up against the depot that his only reason for drinking was that he had to cnt away the sandbars in his system every few daya or ran aground. Mexico is at the confluence of the Alton branch with the Wabash railroad. The branch, as it is called, is a road which rnns from Cedar City, opposite Jefforaon City, or Jeff, as it is oalled, to Mexico. In starting from Joff we got on a four horse 'bus at the hotel, filling it inside and climbing to the deck and covering the entire outside to a depth of four feet. We rodo some distance to the ferry across the Missouri, sometimes riding on four wheels and then gayly tooling along on ono. I could feel my late hair turning gray. On the way we passed the humble cot of a colored woman who lives on the corner and who is the mother of two bright little twins known as Eyether and Nyether. Each pasBenger had some bright little episode to get off at tho expense of tho broad and massive mother, but slie took our sallies good naturedly and replied with many a little esprit du corps of her own. When we approached the boat we saw at once that it was not the City of Now York. Even tho novice could detect tho little points of difference. I can truly say that 1 novor saw a sadder sight in the nautical line than tho steamer which treads the dusty road between Jeff and Codar City. As wo approached the miid pio which is used as a landing our driver sonnded the aackbut as a signal for the old colored inebriate who acta as crow to lower the drawbridge. The hitter is an old and well gnawed collec' tion of warped fence boards, one corner of which curls up like the toe of ft burned boot. When the omnibus passes over thia bridge the entire crew has to stand on this corner to hold it down or the wheels will not go over, but the crew had been out the night before attending a dinner given by the board of trade, I think, and he did not liavo entire control of his faculties', so he neglected to stand on the warped gang plank, and a serious accident was only prevented by getting off the 'bus and lifting it on the boat. Tho boat itself is broad amidships with no saloon to speak of, though if you are acquainted with the pilot you can get something out of his overcoat pocket which will answer every purpose, it is snid. Tim train does not start until this boat gets across, no matter when that is, and it is very uncertain, for the boat might spring aleak and fill full of sand in a little while. Then it would bo very difficult for it to start up again. Tho crew, as I said, consists of a colored man named Potiphar P. Rawlo, of Callaway county. Ho has been married ten years, and eight children have blcwd their home, so ho is told; but as ho has lived on tho boat all that time, night and day, he only knpws about liis family by report. Lately ho has tali on to drinking, and talks of establishing a residence at Sioux Falls for tho purpose I of obtaining a divorce. Hew sad it is, after ten years of wedded happiness, living of course simply but happily, the wife on shore and the change for broken candies and the boet taps of large public dinners, is orronconr; and ought to be exploded somewhere 0 :1 a vacant lot outside tho city limits. This manuscript is, or will be, rendy for the printer in a few days, so the writer says. He never wrote anything beforo for publication, being an engine wiper at tho roundhouse, but ho can hardly wait for this book to come out. He thinks t am setting it up now and sewing on the bindings, perhaps, of evenings after the childron are asleep. Thia ia a mistake. Any publisher who would like this manuscript, howevor, can obtain it by writing mo and inclosing postage, together with a promise to got the book thoroughly scattered among tho masses prior to the great national conventions. The author is not a man of letters, thongh ho haa received quite a nnmlier, ho B»5'S, from the division superintendent, and has attracted some attention in literary circles by having his pay garnisheed eighteen times in eighteen months. Ho has a style, he says, something like that of Laura Jean Libby, but he does not think so rapidly aalihs* does. Eight pounds of manuscript in twenty-fonr hours is his highest record, so lie says he knows that hoianotMV prolific as a writer as Lanra is. But still he thinks with groat rapidity, and many of his quirk thoughts, lit nays, nro just us good as any that ho ha*. He has thought qnito a number of thoughts nlmost identical with those thought by snch men as Tolstoi 1 and Thomas Grower Peacock, of To'ioka, Kan., thus showing that he can if necessary think as good a thought as those men who have made a good living by it. Alwve nil, he says that the book is a timely one, and when an author oornos right out and says that his book is timely yon must admit it 1 would print it for him myself, but the Littlo (Jem printing press which 1 am doing all my publishing with now is in use. I loaned it to a Kansas man, who is using it to print a stud book and mark his listen. HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, bogB and sheep. This company's yawls have direct connection with all railroads running Into Hutchinson—five road*. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Kest distributing point in tho woat. All parties wanting stockers and feeders should try this market. Information furnished upon Application. BEWJ. W. LAPP, General Manager. Ill COMPANY. ft Do all hinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially Iron Safes and all kinds of machinery, being tbe the necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods f >r«pared . n the city to mova haying I notice recently that King Humbert of Italy has severely criticised the Roman fire department, and i agree with him that it needs a thorough overhauling. Having Been tho Roman fire department myself, I would say that the insurance company that would take a risk in Rome would deserve to die in want. In the first place, the Roman hose ia decayed. It would not hold railroad ties or hoop poles. I did not get to see Humbert while I was there, but I wrote him a well timed note regarding his fire department, and in that note 1 said that if he would give less attention to his personal appearance and more to tho question of tbe Roman firo department ho would make a hit. This winter has proven what I said to be truo. 1 wrote a piece also for the Roman morning paper—The Roman Candle, it was called—a piece which 1 signed "Veritas," and in which I said it was time to call a halt. Tho piece was nover published, and 1 had to leave Rome beforo I had got my visit out on account of it. There were some good points in it too. I managed to mildly roast Humbert in it, and got off two or three good local hits in tho piece; then 1 got it put into good Italian by tho restaurant where I stopped while in Rome. This winter Humbert was out to see a Roman fire, and the department did not reach the scene for an hour and a half. Over 1,000,000 francs worth of property was destroyed. One engine tipped over on the way to . the fire, aud the others might as well have done so, for the hoso would not hold water—even the coarse and impregnable water of Rome. S onar, p plain envelope." Mention tWa paper. Address, MADRID CHENIOAl r-j,, Branch OBca for V. 8. A. IM DearboTj Street, CHIUtuO, ILL. FOP. SALE IN HUTCHINSON KAS B V' A. ). Daomtaardt, Dnujflal. oaa door upttUet The" water of Rome is iu many respects like that of Mexico, Mo. Wo stopped there for lunch not long ago. Mexico, Mo., is one of the thriving and thor oughly prosperous towns of that pros porous and now rapidly growing state. But tho waters of Mexico, Mo., like the board bill of a man who boarded at our house once whilo engaged in upbuilding big fellow man, still remains unsettled The water of Mexico tastes some of Jefferson City, bat haa a strong flavor of Callaway county. W« went to the We Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of tho city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without tbe least injury. If you want to move your office or household goods we can do it better for yon than anyone clad and save you money. , THE TWINS. husband on the wave, to snap the golden conl and to go forth unfettered; forgetting the happy past forever. Is it not indeed tough? Storage Department. •jj We have the largest brick store room in the city for storing goods. Parties leaving tbe city can have their goods packed by us, stored away and shipped whenever desired. Thia is one of our specialties. We guarantee our work to be first-class in every respect and use teo utmost care. A reasonable price te all we ask and a trial will convince you that we are the best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. We will take down.your stoves, move them and take all tho nickel parts off, oil them, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it in paper and store them for the season for the small Hum of 8a.50, the season ending Decombcr 1, 1892. This way of taking care of stoves makes them absolutely rust proof, and makes a small job for the man who cleans it. We do not polish stoves, for that is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., KB, LOCK, M anager, Office and\Barn, Second Ave, East. Telephone No. 19. I had intended to make this letter more profound and recondite than usual, but other matters seem to crowd out those plans and prevent the work being so recondite as I bad arranged for. Yesterday I received a condensed story in manuscript from a man who wishes me to got it published at once, as "it should be issued at least four weeks lje fore the national conventions," he says. Otherwise tbe conventions will most likely be bitter disappointments, I judgo. He says "the book iB a timely ono, aud Bhor.ld have been published two mouths ago to fit peoplo for the coming national convention." Ho says this to mo in a tonu of reproach which 1 am sure 1 do not deserve. I could not have published the book, even if 1 hud beon at home, and hud it done by this time. Possibly not by another year even, or may be later than that. 1 hate to have a stranger hop on me that way for not publishing his book and going out afterward personally to canvass for it. Pew people of the great work-a-day world realize that 1 am engaged in business—a busiueas which occupies my time and requires my l^est energies. The idea that 1 sit up in a large haymow all day reading rejected manuscripts, and then in the evening that I go abont from house to house as u professional parlor entertainer, giving readings from my own worlu ia w- John Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER & WHISKEY Kansas and Family a Specialty. Write for catalogue. 429 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Mo, IDTITS. the Plain facts, Hw •dtcsl 8>.«"ice <is itpMK Br<rry HAS who srould know tlie OHAND THOTH8, the Plain facts, Mx> " I jsecrcu sod las «• Ulxwrerlsa or llsdlcsl Scionos <i» »»(•'"- BIIATliB *oaMBK QNLV." <to snr wans* ci»a «• wilt imit as* m Hsulf Wrn, |n iilsfa _BMM»W«,_»A rtf»«» from Usu «sssts7 Old jsecrcu sod the »s» Dtsourerli Msmsd " "A Ti~ TMI WIK MIMOU. OO., tiffM*, .ft,.*.

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