Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 9, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1889
Page 4
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Among the petitioners for clemency for Mrs. Maybrick were several women who offered to be hanged in her place; The tlmo was September, 1S50, tho BCOIIO San Francisco harbor. The good ship Tarratine, with clearance papers for New York and half a cargo of hiiliw, hail left her moorings nnd swunK at anchor in th3 bay waiting for tho sailors to l>e brought on board. There had boon a now crew shipped, for tho crew of tho outward voyage had, ns a matter of «ourse, desortxxl tho ship on her arrival in San Francisco, nnd tliosu of it who had not been "shanglmed" in tho dens of tho city and shipped off to various parts of the world had gone to tho diggings. But tho Tarrntine. had no difficulty in securing hands, such as they ir'oro. Tho famous vigilance committee of 1850 was just then holding tho city with a grip of iron, and, while a corrupt municipal government and Judiciary stood aside nnd trembled, was reaching out senrching^resistlesa arms nnd dragging malefactors from their most secret hiding places to meet the swif I justice of its terrible tribunal. Every criminal not under arrest was seeking t<?lenvo tlio country, and, as a consequence, tho shipping offices were crowded with men who desired to embark. Tho ship's full complement was twenty mon, but as several were entered as greon hands tho crew w;is increased by four more who desired to work their passage. The crow were, as usual, rowed to tho ship in little parties, each under charge of a sailor boarding house runner, and, In various stages of drunkenness, wero left with their kits on deck. With tho turn of tho tide the anchor was raised,.the sails thrown loose, and with fair wind from oil the shore tho Tarratitie moved grandly down the harbor und through the Golden Giite. HU miles beyond tho pilot loft the ship, nnd tho next morning found her breasting the tmig VHVCS of the Faciflc a hundred mill's fnun 'hind, milking a good oiling before turning her head to southeast by south on her long path around Capo Horn. It wns soon evident that the ship wns more than full handed. When tho wnlchos were tolled olT on tlio first night thero wero found to bo two morp men present Umn tho shipping list <:!illr»i for, iiii.l l;itui- two lilviiwaways' appeared on deck, raising tho iiumhol'uf men before tho niuinmnst to twenty-eight. Out of all these thero wero not over a half dozen competent seamen, or twice that number, that had ever worked, in any capacity on board a vessel. To keep such a number of green hands employed during the hours of tlio day watches was next to impossible, and, the evil effects of Idleness in n ship's crow unavoidably appeared. So few of llio crow wero competent sailors that extra work wns thrown on tho able seamen, nnd this created discontent among" those who othonviso would have been amenablo to tho dutio i and restraints of thoir position. But a danger worso than idleness or grumbling arose from tho character of most of tho crew. 'Many of them were of tho criminal class, whosu solo reason for shipping hod boon to escujH' the penalty of their misdeeds ashore, and it wns evident from tho first that they had no Intention of submitting to any of tho discipline, essential In the relations betwi-en officers and crow. For tho first few days, while sea sickness prevailed and the mon were comparatively strangers to one another, thoy wero fairly tractublo'thou;;li mainly useless; but as they during tho dng wntch on the ovpninp; of tho fifteenth day. "By our reckoning, if this brevzn holds we should l« to-mnrrow noon In latitude 8 dogs, north, longitude 110 (legs, west. "If we propose to get rid of thU shipload of criminals and not go witli thorn to detraction oft Ca|» Horn, wo must change our courso to-morrow, ns soon ns wo have taken tho sun and proved our reckoning. By my calculations it will bo a run ofaboiit. twenty- one hundred and forty miles to Callao, und, tteerlng by the wind- alung tho equator, we ought with fair luck to mnkn tho i»rt inside of twenty days. Tlio winds are southerly at this season, and wo may sail free nil the way." llr. Herbert spoko with freedom to his superior officer, but he had sailed years with Capt. Conyers, who greatly relied on him, .and who in this emergency hnd sought hi? advice. "Well, I suppose it must be so," said Capt. Conyers with something like a sigh. "I don't know "what tho owners will think to have us go out of our course liko this." "It can't bo helped," Raid Mr. Herbert. "And now I propose another thing, captain, if you'll sanction it. And that is to recapture this ship. I think wo'vo been tho sport of- a lot of beachcombers long enough, and I should like to get into authority again, if only for half an hour, just to see how It •would seem. I have a plan by which I think we can put those fellows down and keep them under until wo can set them ashore." "Como to my room to talk, where we'll bo out of tho hearing of the man at tho wheel," said Cnpt, Conyers, nervously. I They entered tho cabin and thero ensued j between them a long conversation of an argumentative character, in which objections raised by tho captain wore successively done away with by tho confident and energetic representations of Mr. Herbert, so that finally tho captain, rising, said in a tone of ; resignation, "Well, we'll try it." • The force that might bo counted on in support of the lawful authorities of tho ship was seven in number, being tho captain, first, second and third mates, tho carpenter, steward and cook. Tho element opposed was twenty-eight in number, but of these several of the able seamen were not pleased with their associates und appreciated tho dangers of their position; thcso men wero neutral factors who would not resist, nor could they bo counted on to assist tho officers in tho event of a mutiny of tho crow. ( ' Mr. Herbert took none of tho other oljjcers into his confidence until the next day at noon. Then while they wero at their dinners they were briefly told what was expected of them nnd given their instructions what to do. They all entered most heartily into his pious. A little after two bells "m tho afternoon Mr. Herbert left tho cabin nnd walked forward among tho men. Thoro ho saw a sight which, at that time of day, has rarely b«e.n paralleled oil » :r;vi"cl;;xiiu miip a<iiltn^ un the high wms. Thoro. was no work going on fore or ait, but the entire, cmw, snv'nthu man at tho wheel, 'wero lounging at their ease. Some wore sitting on deck at cards, others uriM tint V, iU run --'r,': I,; h'. in.' < > !'. Thori:!,;!' >i-!'T!"'--HI !<i')•"-•• •]!• 1th.'v.'."i!li<'r rn*!in'«s and ti'"irly :i!l th<Mii"n in Ihcrii;i;!n5 PtnrtP'l to Minn-'him. Thr,--<> in Hie lower rip;Ing stnu-k the d."-k llr-t, lint th"y could only cnm<> tivn fit R time, p.nd n« tlvy l";ip<*d from thcshrotuU they met. the lmnd*])il;es In tho hnmls of (he ollloers st.<i!i"!i«,l nt tho rail, _ and were tninl'l"! eoncr-irss ono nbovo the other hiohonpon deck, {he We rinfflendpr inilnr nil the rest. —By-the time wvpn-niutinorra hnd boon ,d!s- P<!?rd on the derkprwtrnto nnd Wooding, nnd the revolvers hnd iiecnn to crnek merrily from tho poop, th« men still In thn ripfjinR, not likiiiK the pr.wp«-t<! below nor the. singing were lying in thoir berths smoking, nud, others again wore sitting on tho bits or lean- ] ing against tho rail indulging In conversation which was plentifully mixed with oaths and obscenity. As Mr. Herbert came among them they glanced at him with contemptuous iudiirer- ence and went on with their occu|>atioiis. But his face was very serious, and hia voico was so impressive that they wero compelled to listen with attention as ho spoke. : "Boys, .thorn's danger ahead. Tho old man's boon .looking at his gloss, and ho says wo'ro going to have one of tho worst kind of storms and it'll strike tho ship right away. Now, boys, all hands- turn up aloft and furl tho sails. Wo'ro in the squally latitudes now, remember; and we'll go to tho bottom in a of bullots nUmt, tin-in, instinctively ami unnn iniously concluded to ronscond nnd obey or- dprs. I Tho mon who hnd bwn hit were handcuffed an fnst ns tbi-y rwovorgd ronsc-iousnt-ja nnd placed In tho In/nrnttiV/Viiwhei-e thoy remained during tho ri-st of the trip. After tho Kills bud bi-cn onst Itxiw, the mon in the rigging wcrn ponnittod to dr>icnnd one by one, nnil were Kciircbeil aa they reached the dock. They were not allowed to rotnin even a pocket knife that might bo used ns a weapon. Aft<-r the yards hnd been hoisted, tho rails nhooted homo nnd tho ropra coiled, tho crew worn runted on the main deck, wboro the cnptain delivered n short lecture. Instructive il not pleasing to his niidience, and concluded by settiiiK tliem nil hnrd nt work without reference to tho customary hour of "watch below." Tho yards -were Imuled as FOOII ns tho sails bnd been set, the helmsman receiveil theordcr "East southeast," nud tho Tnrrntine with n crow, for tho time being at least, thoroughly I subdued if not penitent, turned her bend ' toward Callno. j There wns no nloro "watch nnd wntch" on board tho Tnrrntine, but tho men wero kept busy from morning till night. The amount of paint work nnd Iron scrnped, and sennit ; made, during the rest of tho trip, wns something well nigh unprecedented In maritime ] history. Tho officers wero always on deck by twos, keeping well together and' heavily | armed against any sudden Xutbreak; but after their late experience there wns no disposition toward insubordination on tho part ! of any of tho men. ' Tho weather fortunately remained fine throughout nnd tho wind generally favorable. Tho Qalupiipns Islands wero sighted on the tenth day after changing tho course, nnjl eight days later tho anchor was dropped off Callao. There tho crew made grievous complaint of their Into severe treatment before the American consul. After,a little investigation ho arrived at the full particulars, and then had tho complainants all committed to tho Calnbnzo or common jail, where between boat by day and cold by night, with clouds of mosquitoes at all hours, they led a oufll- ciently dismal lifo until, after months of imprisonment, they wero dually shipped off in installments in vessels Iround for American ports. As it turned out, events could hardly have happened more fortunately for the owners of tho Tarrntino, as the California steamer brought dispatches to Capt. Conynrs that had reached San Francisco afU-r his departure, and which instructed .him to proceed to Valparaiso and complete tlui ship's cargo thero. Theso dispatches would have been missed but for tho necessity which compelled him to put into Callao. Three days after her arrival tho Tarrntine, having shipped now men, set sail for thu Chilian seaport. It nmy lie added that tlm voyngo wmMToniplctdd without (lica-.t'jr, mid. with. ;i crov.- of far <lit- •forent character than had sailed with tho ship from Ban Francisco.— Claronco Pulleu in Youth's Companion. TO HEAL ALL BLOOD CONTAGION Tun TtnsT IN- THH "wom.o. 1 think Pwlft'n Fpociflc Is tlio best blnml mi'i-i!/ In the \vrah). 1 havn liiunvn It to mnkc >omn wotm< r- fnl cure 1 ! of jin'.lenl.i who were considered ]ncm::M'-. I). M. OHATBOX, Crowvlllo, I,i. Traitlso on Blood nnil Pkln Dlncivca mnllnl fm-. Trrs SWIFT SiT.cino Co., DnuVer 3, Atlnnt.o. (',•>- ^fr TnEBKrWHIlE SOAPM.'EE iM'AMERICk § JAS-S-KIRK" •FLOATING • 20AP* V/RAPPERS i UKoc size.) receive t Took tho RoRpn There aro times when a subordinate must use his own discretion, orders or .no orders. A striking instance occurred on tho Pennsylvania railroad on the awful afternoon of tho Johnstown disaster. A train with two locomotives, running cautiously and laboriously up the already inundated Concmnugh river valley, reached tho bridgo over the river and stopped, tho conductor having orders to wait thero on account of tho supposed insecurity of the -bridge. Tho warnings of tho threatened breaking of the dam camo to his cars, and, realizing tho danger to his freight of human liven, he sent forward one of his engines, a very large According to Tour Keefls. .TAMES MKANS 81 fi;* light mid stylish. It Illn ... \Kt«iehlnFr, OIK! TM-i'U'l IM-iS \ NO' 4 JlJlKAK]N<riN,"liP- * ln/Iprrfectlycii.Hy tlic Una linn- It ' orn. ItvlllsntklYtho mint Idiom. JAMKS MKANS k S:> S1IOK Is nbnnlnloly tho only B!IOO of Its prk-o n tileh Ima pver been placed rx- touslvelv on tfio market In whli'ti ilnrnlillitr "8 considered brfonr mere outward A «* fiir (lie Jnnwii lk-nna t'J ahnc ibr J. MEANS A; CO., Boston. Fall lines of tho nbovo shoes (Tor imlo by J. R. BELL &; SON lltn. I icniuu,^.., «"« ..^.. ,.,- — — ^ sent rorwaid one ot nu hurry if a cyclone catches us with our canvas On8i to teat tho brillgo . spread." I y^ 0 oxperiment seemed to justify him In Tho men looked from ono to tho other, not vonturing forward, as tho choice of two per- mucb. liking tho prospect held out by Mr. ^ Ho ^coupled tlio locomotive, nnd pro- Herbert, either of tho work or the storm. - -- Valuable Information to Boarding House Keepers. Do you want boarders '{ If you do you can easily secure them by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will coat you but 10 cents for 8 lines.. EAD Country Luck, Black hosiery Is still fashionable, though tan, blue and gray socks are worn. ' - the Story Great by John Hsbberton, Soon to Appear in this Paper. WHY WILL YOU cough when 8huc B Core will give you immediate relief. Price 10 eta, 60 eta., and 81. For sale by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. Bine coats and brass buttons have been worn by fashionable French bride- irrooais this summer. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Bock Falls. For overcoats- the smooth surface goods of the Kecaey melton school wilt be the most popular. HJHLOU'S CUBE will immediat«ly relieve (>roup. Whooping Cough ana BrancbitU. For ui« by Parry, thu druggist, aad J. M. Bickford, Hock Faiij form TheMilttir of Wool "Wlinto." WABIIINOTON CITY, Sjpt 0. —The treasury department him written a lotter to Hon. Columbus Dflnno, Kucivtnry "f the Wool Growers' association, at MU Vernon, O. , in reply to a letter from him inviting tlio attention of the department to tlm alU-gfMl frauds practiced in tlio importation of secured wools under tho false designation of "waste," The pith of tho reply is that tho decisions of the department, now in force exclude all classes of wool from classification ns waste, except what is actually wost-3 or refuse, material, properly provided for by law as such, and dutiable at the rate of 10 cents per pound, and that tho stories of fraud are principally made of whole cloth by wool (peculators. __ __ • THE EXTRA SESSION QUESTION Decided by the Cabinet, ut Last, In the Negative. WABUINOTON CITY, fiopt 9. — Speculation concerning an extra session of con*ross.U for awhile at rest. The ''subject was thoroughly discussed at the cnbiuot meeting Saturday. No other question w?is considered for nearly three hours. All the secretaries, with the exception of Blaino and Rusk, were present, and all of them were against an extra session save Miller, who was pronounced (or it. At tlio conclusion the president said be could see no political advantage to be gained b/ an ex:ra session, aud it was decided not to call ono. At any rate that is what is the current report here among tho knowing on«, The idoa seems to be that as the new ntnto elections will not take place for some time, and the roprosenta- tivea from. them could not get here probably until some time in November, it would not be worth whilti to holti a session (or the short time intervening ber.neon thoir arrival and the regular time for congress to as.somble. The "Philadelphia" launched. PHILADKI.PHIA, Hopt. 0. — Saturday the "Philadelphia," a cru^r built frum purely American deai£i«, was sucoi^iifuHy launched from Cramps's ahipyurd bwre, Hbo daughter buuur oi »!*»», of liw (K.wtiii<u>r^r Keiu> Uad Uia gained their . nea lopes they bccnino insolent ond defl:mt, und tended more and more to band together in oommoii op[X)sition to lawful government of the ship. . There wns ii'ijood and efllcicnt sot of officers on board who assorted, their authority with promptness und energy, but their prttiencQ and temper were tried to the utmost, and they had to nelcnowluilgu to each other that there wasa dangerous, mutinous spirit amon;* the men thut they could not quell by any means that "Beiimod available. ---- : -'- --------- — The BitUation was well illustrnto*! by tho account given by the first mate, Henry Herbert, to Capt. Conyers on tho eighth day out from San Francisco. The captain was a clean shaven, white hatred man, naturally pacific of temper, and especially averse to contention on this particular trip, as ho intended to retire from the sea at the end of the voyngt'. Mr. Herbert wns a short, dark, thick Bet yomipr man of great strength and activity, excitable of temperament and full of pluck and energy. Ho was speaking of tho crew. ' . "It's tho worst lot of pirates," ho said, "that ever came aboard a merchantman except to board her over the quarter rail with cutlasses in their hands. Thero aro burglars, pickpockets, ticket of leave men, desperadoes from the mines, and tho devil's own assortment generally. There ai-fl not six of them know the mainmast from a marline spike to begin with, and thoso that do, through bad example, are getting as bod as tho rest Thero ore more knives and pistols in the forecastle -than would stock an armory, and if there was ono among them could navigate thoy would seize the ship. We havo a nice outlook between here and the Horn. I don't know what'll save the ihip if we get bod weather." Mr. Herbert grew warm with Indignation as ho talked. "They're a set of rowdies," he continued. "Hear them now. Another quarrel over cords." The sound of an altercation came aft from near the foremast, followed by several pbtol shots and tho crowding of moa about the •cene of the affray. Several of the crew who were listlessly pretending to coll Bomo ropes on the deck dropped them and ran forward without hesitation, and ono or two who were at work in the rigging also stopped labor and moved to positions whence thoy could viev the proceedings. The third mate was on the mam deck and went forward, not vi-ry willingly, to quell tho disturbance, without success, it seemed, for the altercation continued, and mingled with hia Umos of authority arose voices equally loud, evidently giving in profusion that abomination in the' mind of a ship's officer known 01 "back l.ilU." Mr. llorln-rt joined the third mate, liut-i-vni with his assistance it was u consiili-nible time before matters were at all i|incte<l. The two ulllcfi-H bad to submit to much moro iiiboU-nt lan£Uti;AM than wan u^rtfciible, and Uusro hnd lnvn mi u^ly and mvnaclng display of weu^'in by tU*» mi;n. They cntno back aft pnl'i und Mlont with anger over a ttUuatiuu M> uiipU'n^ir.t, which they Prt-sontly one of their number dropped his cards and got up from tho deck, saying: "Well, boys, I guess we'd bettor do tta ho says. There'll bo timo afterwards to finish our game." So one by one thoy quitted tho rail, got up from tho deck or rolled out of their bunks, and slouched in aii Independent manner to the places assigned them. By tho timo tho clew lines and buntlinos had boon hauled and belayed tho entire crow had turned to, and irere then all sent up to furl the sails on tho mainmast. They clambered up the rigging, awkward^ Ty enough' the most of Hieiii, but In timo they were all aloft, strung out along tho yards, tugging away at the cauvas, acd working still harder to savo themselves from falling. As thoy fumbled at tho sails directed from tho deck by the second nnd third mates, Mr. Herbert, tho carpenter and tho cook mot by preconcert at the forecastle, which thoy at Uest work on the Hammond horse and on the pastor himself, both of whom wero badly eoeding care-fully, took his train in safety over the bridge. Ten minutes after ho had crossed, the dam burst, and the bridge nnd several waiting trains wero swept away with tfle ill fated city.—Youth's Companion. IlroUo Up the Meeting. At Vornon Center n nest of yellow horneta broke up a prayer meeting which the Rev. E. P. Hammond was trying to load. Pastor Hammond's horse had been hitched, together with a number of other steeds, at tho shed near, and was unlucky enough to disturtrthcr hornetsrwhieh also were having on evening mooting in thoir nest near by. The yellow jackets sailed Into the whole company of horses, and in one minute the praying band fancied that bedlam surely was at largo. Tho meeting was promptly adjourned, and each worshiper gave his whole attention . ., onu unJ K'i,l|ii.;j Uiu position or A LEADER AMONG LEADERS. E.ctiuurahor oontalnl A COMPLETE NOVEL,allot tmnl inmnlllr otmlioe ll»neou> mittor ot «n Interfiling adlustractlTi ndtura. OM yew'i «ukKirli>ti(m glT.i. OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS .Bthori, tonth.r with AN ABUNUANCB BTOBliS, foEMfl. EBB A YB, .nd m»tUr» funtualntoreittogwena r.»ierl, n>»klng»Tolam.of NEARLY TWO ^THOUSAND PAGES. Th. mown of LIF«HMTT'« ilmndi nirar(x»dentod In ( he annri. of MagMln. pokll.blmt, wi Knfar It. famll u tllle li w.loomsdln .nrr hamltt, tllUge, town, and olty Uiroughont tbe United 8Ut««. Tlio twit wrlton of «h« aj« b»T8 boon >ecnr»l ana new rt.«iire« will, from Um« to time. In added which it 111 llr. w liirnxoon'a A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN, proceeded actively to pry open every chest, each of which was expoditiously searched by Mr. Herbert and the weapons contained therein transferred to tho bag held by the cook, • Every bunk and mattress was thoroughly examined with tho same intent, a thorough Inspection made of the topgallant forecastle, and then tho three came aft, carrying with them as booty sixteen ^revolvers, eleven knives, eight slung shot* and billies and an assortment of burglar's tools. These were deposited in the cabin, after which the Bhlp'rt o£Qcers were one by ono called in before the etung.—Norwich (Conn.) Telegram.,. No Fun iii^TmTt Ji« Hunt. MILWAUKEE, Wls,, Sept VI.—At a fox hunt in Cold Spring park Saturday, Tobe Broderick, of Chicago, skipped -with tho hounds and gate receipts, about t-JOO. The officers of the Hiimnno society suizod tin- foxes, li. B. Van Norman, a prominent cattle buyer, • replevlnod tho foxes, assorting that be had been swindled out of his en trance UUil^J* O *» W* W VI1U f J V..W bu..uu ... .*..• — -— ___ - . eoptain and mate to make certain propara- '<*• Congressman Van Bcbuick nnd other Hons and to receive further instructions, prominent citizans were engaged in the very fjmny proceedings, -.l futuro tba ia i » i ! TULsi vtiia liv tltv' at t! o bv mr t.. Ul th<< ,j;VJ* und wwk. Matters WITU inuiK of tha third. The 'j v mi jatrt uf th* aiiio a* One by one thoy returned to the deck and took their stations unnoticed by the men aloft. When these preliminaries had boon completed, Mr. Herbert walked toward the foot of the mainmast. The expression of disgust and -worrimeiit which his face had borne fof a fortnight post hod given place to a look of Intense satisfaction. He stopped smartly, bin tones were'quick and his whole preseno* bristled with electricity. Looking up, he ehoutod in stentorian tones: "Aloft, there! All hands loose saill" At on order so unexpected tho mon stopped the work of furling and looked at ono another. . "What does the fool moouf'-gaid one man, and then thoso who could steady themselves looked down. The ship's officers and the steward and cook wore on dock, each wearing a pair of revolvers. Mr. Herbert and tho third niato stood at the weather, and I he seo- ond mate and carpenter at the lee main shrouds, aud a handspike leaned against tho roil by the side of each. The captain, flanked by the steward and cook, stood on tho poop, whence thoy commanded with their weapons the main dock and_ rigging. "Come, bo lively therol" shouted Mr. Herbert, sUjruly; "throw these gaskete loosol" One or two old sullora, from a mechanical habit of ol«dk>nee, bogou to untie the gaa- k»U so Lately fuxtuncxl; thu rest of the men together hurrltHlly, Thoir dollb- erutlom wart) out bhort by the rage and fury of oii» big follow, thoir rlugluador, wbo, crowding \m*t the rent on tha niutn yard, •touted: "(X>m4<m, boys! Wo may u wall h*Y« tl out witli them, 01 KW fiV alL" "\UW "U.fl "U. JUU rt4 out," *'> • ,.!->( -U Mr H« Wsairtu o.u. t ,il ,f'-> tt Uu Mnnlor ut n Tumperance Moetlog. JACKSONVILLE, Flu., Sept. U. — Wright B. Ellis was shot, and killed by J. A. Williama at a tompern\ico bfirbeeuo Saturday, in the town of Ellz.»y, L':vy county. Ellis was intoxicated and demanded a retraction of a certain statement attributed to Williams. A dispute ensued, which culminated in bptli men drawing pistols and opening fire with the above result. Ho Jury In the Cronlu Cnae. CHICAGO, bept 0. — After five hours of tedious examination of talesmen in tho Cro- nln caso court adjourne 1 Saturday afternoon until this morning, Oyorgo Uroighton aud O. C. Bimmonds being hold over, Sunday as possible jurors. Over 100 men have bion examined without obtaining a singlu juror. _ . Railed the Wu^ca of I'uddlorfl. IlK ADINO, 1'a. , Sept. U. — The wn^os of the puddlem of the Brook* Iroi; .cnni|iany, at Uirdsboro, were advanced Knturday from $Ii.^5 to ta.50 per ton. 'Ihis ull'txta over BOO bunds. _ I Mr*. IlivrriAOa uC the O^plt.ll. • WASIIINOTON CITV, S >pt. II,— Mrs. Harrl- KOII returnoi here H-iliirJuy iii^ht Irom l j hil- | adulplnn, niTivtiig ut II:'.".). The. Wciltlliir W jHtHIKfmi.N ClTV, m tho vvi-iithtT luiUi- hoiin* fund » |i. iauH. Fall- \vi-at.hi -; >-u-»Url> ulii'lo. 'II rui »i.>'it In UJM i Mi <u-i ,H Muy Kxprot. pt. !'. Tho fdllnwliti titHia fur tho thlrly- in. yti^tuniity, Vut Is a monthly magazine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of tho nursery. It la now In Ita fifth year. The Congregotwn- oKtt recently sold of It: "" "BuirnooD Booms almost Indtspeniablo to thft household In which thoro aro young children. It IB for tho iiaronU nnd tlio tiune, nnd Ifl packed full of Important eug- getitlonB of n practical character. From por- •onal o-xporleuco of ft* usufulnesa, we cum- mend it warmly." And the Chicago Advance: " No mothor but must appreciate Ita wine andholprul ftUgKestlonn, anu bo Krateful for tho solving of porptexltloti ajul tho helping over bard placed which evory ono cornea to who has tho oaro of young children. We oommeud 1C to every mother In tue laud." Also the New York Oraphia ; -. - • • VTb. suocons of this periodical haa been ' enormous. It ninke.i youiiK niotberfl ftwl that the only subject worthy ot attention U at last bclnff recognized." Every Intelligent father and mother should read it regularly. Their children will be healthier and happier. It will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Lettera from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received: " 1 ara grateful to lUBYnoont I havo seen but two numbers, but have learned no much from tho.ia (hat I feel 1 Btumlu be doing ray children a wrong If I should fall of the op. portunlty to lewd more." "The help It has been to ufi would havo astonished me had It boon predicted beforehand." "Fuyslcian as 1 am, your maKUBlno IB the mast welcome periodical that ounies to my table, and In tbe ono I read Unit." "1 cannot speak tcxnilKhly of BABYHOOD. During the thro* yeare that t have Hubficribod to It. I have felt repaid a hundred tlmoa for tho oudny by the relief and conndence It has given me 111 too man* •. agcmeut of my children." ' You wont a sample copy— Frlce 1C cents. Or to subscribe for a year— 11.60. On our part wo wish to know that yon have seen this advertisement; and in order, to Induce you to mention this paper when writing us, Wo bavo arrnnffod to have manufactured for us a large quantity of Eludnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give, a packet, free (either " Violet" 01 "White Lilac," aa preferred), (quantity sufficient to elegantly perfume Hatjy's clothing for mouths), to overy pi-nuu vrno sends u* either *1.5o for ayciiraimb- . scrlptlou or 15 coins for & single copy, and i mention* this i,apcr. (ffote the tviulitmn. riiojKi\vaer I* In nosonso ft"promh)ni," but Is offered nlmriSy to aid ua In tntcliiK the ru- Bulucif ourmlvertlslnii In varl»u.t purta of the country. Its lotull valua la ufeout '-;» cents.) AdJre-f BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, B Bookman St., New York. Po not confound pAr,v»(mD with iilrtnri* Ic ulta f,T iliu ni.iu>r n i.-iit <./ cMtm, u la u '/!-,"• '•<»ini<iii«~-ii iiuri-cry lu-lii. ItalMof I-..MI, i,,V,, rl li'iVl'T-l'-'^' " ull i ; ''' l/t (•"ini-'-l--. ^ nifitiy n». c,: i. .1 , ,,.f iT: o'.HUt.ii^ry tt-mi'um- b'lir MlrhU»n »r,,l Wls- m I »i.r M>. ii'^tii, llKtii *a ,| \\ .^o^ , -tU^'itiy ,. i, i rl, n n U 6* OL.TJK THU! \V

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