Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1974
Page 5
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Thursday* August 15, 1974 HOPE (ARK.) STAR Page Five 8 Girl Scouts touring Wyoming highspots 1 IN KEEPING WITH the annual Family Reunion Day sponsored iointly by Kiwanis International and the Freedom Foundation of VaUey Forge, the Hope Kiwanis Club met Tuesday evening for a family picnic at Fair Park coliseum. There was no formal Program- ustlots of visiting and fellowship. Games were played by some of the younger and more vigorous members, and here was a lot of good ood served on a catered basis to relieve Kiwanis wives of the food —Henry Haynes photo with Star camera preparation chore. More than 100 Kiwanis family members and their guests took part in the family reunion affair. In photo at left, Kiwanians and their families go through the food line; and in photo at right, little Ceciley Bauman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Bauman, plays with a basketball. The tennis courts had been reserved for the local club. Readers Digest tJeWitt Wallace Scholarship is sponsoring eight Conifer Girl Scouts on a trip to National Center West in Wyoming where they are enjoying horseback riding, exploring canyons, backpacking, archeological "digs," bird walks, making sagebrush candles and many other interesting activities. The senior scouts, their director, Mrs. Ben Boyce of Fouke, and assistant director, Mrs. Charles Inniss of Texarkana, left the Girl Scout office July 23, for their two- week trip traveling by way of a van. The trip will include visits to Teton National Park, Devils Tower, Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming; Estes State Park, Colorado; Ml. Rushmore, Bad l>ands, Black Hills, South Dakota; and other State, National and Girl Scout camps along the way. "The girls have had three extensive training and planning sessions to get ready for the trip and excitement is high," said Mrs. Boyce. Senior Scouts attending are Pearl Ellis, New Boston; Kathy Marsh, Ash^ down; Dawn Gary, Hope; Sharon Anderson, Lewisville; Judy Herbig, Magnolia; Delilah Baird, Fouke; Donna Aitaway, Fouke; and Versia DuhbaiS Texarkana. In addition to the DeWitt Wallace Scholarship Fund, sponsorship for incidentals was given by American Legion, New Boston; Spot Light and Girl Scout Troops, Ashdown; Peoples Bank and Loan Company and Spirit Lake Corporation, Lewisville; Pilot Club, Magnolia; Davis Lumber, General Telephone, and Hale Income Tax Services, Texarkana. Freshman Bob Bylman of Wake Forest and sophomore Vance Heafner of North Carolina State tied for the 1974 Atlantic Coast Conference golf title. Both posted 224 totals In the 54-hole event. Final draft states Nixon directed Watergate coverup from the start By JIM ADAMS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The final draft of the House impeachment inquiry's report concludes that former President Richard M. Nixon "from the beginning ... knowingly directed the cover-up of the Watergate burglary." The draft House Judiciary Committee report says about the Watergate break-in and cover-up "The president adopted course of conduct which caused illegal surveillance for political purposes, and the concealment of responsibility for that surveillance, obstruction of justice, perjury, destruction of evidence—all of which are crimes." Galley proofs of the draft report were sent to the committee's 38 members Wednesday night and The Associated Press obtained a copy of the report's conclusions. The draft still can be changed before the report is adopted. Nixon's disclosure Aug. 5 that six days after the Watergate break-in he approved an effort to steer the FBI away from his re-election campaign money's financing of it is inserted in the report as additional evidence. Nixon said loss of congressional support after that disclosure forced his resignation. But the draft report contends the disclosure only confirmed the evidence the committee already had. The report summarizes previously disclosed evidence supporting the three articles of impeachment the committee voted against the former President. It says the evidence that Nixon directed the Watergate cover-up is "a pattern of undisputed acts." The draft lists 30 acts that it says cannot be rationally explained any other way. In addition, Nixon's public statements for two years from the time of the break-in until last June 9 "deliberately contrived continually to deceive the courts, the Department of Justice, the Congress and the American people," the report says. The section on evidence supporting proposed impeachment for abuse of power, including the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist and misuse of the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies, concludes: "He violated the obligation that every citizen has to live under the law." Saying the Constitution requires that the president not only live under the law but assure its faithful application, the draft report charges: "Richard M. Nixon repeatedly and willfully failed to perform that duty. "He failed to perform it by authorizing and directing actions that violated the rights of citizens and that interfered with the functioning of executive agencies." As for recommending the third impeachment article, for Nixons defiance of committee subpoenas for Watergate tapes, the draft report says acquiescence by Congress this time might tempt any future president to ignore impeachment subpoenas. Although tne report accuses Nixon of a course leading to the illegal burglary and wiretapping of Democratic national headquarters in the Watergate office building, the 30 acts cited relate only to the cover-up that followed. The report says the 30 include what it calls Nixon's instructions that $75,000 in alleged hush money be paid to Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt Jr. and that witnesses give false testimony. The report says more than $400,000 was paid to the Watergate defendants. And it says that Nixon told former aide John D. Ehrlichman on April 17, 1973, "to give false testimony concerning (Nixon lawyer Herbert W.) Kalmbach's knowledge of the purpose of the payments to the Watergate defendants." It lists as what it considers the first indication that Nixon already knew of the cover-up the fact that he decided not to attend a meeting of five top aides on the Watergate break-in three days after it happened. The draft report also cites the famous 18%-minute gap on a taped discussion between Nixon and Haldeman three days after the break-in. It says the erasure occurred at a time ".the President stated that the tapes had been under his 'sole and personal control.'" The list also includes Nixon's firing of former special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, his comments on containing the Watergate investigation and his praise of former White House Counsel John W. Dean III for "putting your finger in the dike every time that leaks have sprung here and sprung there." One-legged war vet burns self in Saigon SAIGON, South Vietnam (AP) — A one-legged war veteran and father of five children burned himself to death today in front of the National Assembly building. A police spokesman said the man, Phan Van Lua, 33, died in an anti-Communist prot&rt. The police said he left behind a 100- page notebook containing numerous anti-Communist slogans and a letter telling his children to work hard in school. It was the second self-immolation of a South Vietnamese veteran in Saigon in five weeks. The government staged a propaganda campaign after the last burning, claiming the victim died for the cause of peace. Witnesses said Lua, who had an artificial left leg, limped to the front of the assembly building in downtown Saigon, planted a walking stick with a South Vietnamese flag hanging from it, poured gasoline over himself and set himself ablaze. The police command said officers on the scene tried to put out the flames immediately with fire extinguishers. But Wayne Corey, a correspondent for the Voice of America who was present, said the police did not move in to douse the fire until it seemed obvious Lua was dead. Officials said the man had been a corporal in the army and was discharged last year after his left leg was amputated because of combat wounds. Briefs By The Associated Press BASKETBALL SALT LAKE CITY — Joe Mullaney, coach of the American Basketball Association's Utah Stars, was named coach of the ABA's Memphis Sound after the Utah Stars announced his release. TENNIS COLUMBUS, Ohio — No. 1 seed Arthur Ashe defeated New Zealand's Jeff Simpson 6-1, 6-4 in an opening-round singles match at the $50,000 Buckeye Tennis Championships. TORONTO — Sweden's Bjorn Borg posted a second-round 6-4, 6-2 victory over Georges Goven of France and Harold Solomon of Silver Spring, Md., downed Austria's Hans Kary y-4,4-6,6^ in the $130,000 Canadian Open tennis tournament. GOLF SEATTLE — Medalist Debbie Massey of Bethlehem, Pa., won her second-round match against 'Amy Alcott of Los Angeles 3- and-2 in the 74th U.S. Women's Amateur Golf Championship. GENERAL REVENUE SHARING ACTUAL USE REPORT General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly to local and sate government,. Your governrnent must publish this report advising you how these funds have been used or obligated during the year from July 1. 1973. «htu June 30 1974. This is to inform you of your government's priorities and to encourage your participation in decisions on how fulurn funds should be spent. ACTUAL EXPENDITURES CATEGORIES (Al 1 PUBLIC SAFETY 2 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 4 HEALTH 6 RECREATION 0 LIBRARIES 7 SOCIAL SERVICES FOR AGED Ofl POOR 8 FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION 9 MULTIPURPOSE AND GENERAL GOVT. 10 EDUCATION 11 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 12 HOUSING & COM- MUNITT DEVELOPMENT 13 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT t OTHEaiSpeciM ret- Su ppl' TOTALS CAPITAL (B) OPERATING/ MAINTENANCE ICL THE GOVERNMENT OF OZFiN TOUH has tBc«iv«d Q>n>r»l Rtvenue Sharing piymtnls totaling $584 during Ihe p«tipd from July 1. 1973. thru Jon* 30. 1974. VACCOUNT NO. GZfiN TOWN 04 2 025 006 OZliN flRK Vu» TRUST FUND REPORT (1) BilinciHofJuiwlO. 1873. £>0 .$. 7oo . o ol NONDISCHIMINATION REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET (E) CERTIFICATION: I Mrtifv thil I im Ih. Chi.l E««culiv« OHc.r ind. with i»»p«ct to th« »mitt»m«nt fund* ttpocttfd h«r«on. I certify ' h «t thty h.v. not DMO iiMd iri violation of iilh«r Ih. priority «>p«nditw« raqulramnt IStclion 103) or th« matching lundi prohibition ISacllon Nirn^and ntli (2) R»v«mi« Shiring Furvh H«c.tv«d horn July 1. 1973 through Jurw 30, 1174 (31 Intirnl E»rn»d .................... * |4) Tolil Fundt Av«il«blt ............... $ (51 Totll Amount E.p«ral.d ............. $ (01 BiUnci.lolJun.30. 1974 .......... S.V T * ' / f. IF) The n**» madia hava ba.n advliad that a complata copy of thla r.port hli Man publllhad in I local nawipapar of ginarM circulation. I hava racords documenting tha contanta^of Ihii raport and thay a<a opan for public Kruliny at L* I T V — Cjj&J- *• fabrifi FABRIC CENTERS fall iashion preview Pro Football World Football League By The Associated Press Eastern Division W L T Pet. PF PA Florida 5 1 0 .833 126 78 New York4 2 0 .667 126 101 Philaphia3 3 0 .500 148 90 Jacksonv 240 .333 118 126 Central Division BirmhamG 0 0 1.000 189 109 Chicago 5 1 0 .833 177 148 Memphis 4 2 0 .667 160 149 Detcoit 0 6 0 .000 92 174 Western Division Houston 2 2 1 .500 36 53 S. Calif 2 3 0 .400 90 97 Hawaiiansl 5 0 .167 117 175 Portland 0 5 1 .000 76 156 Wednesday's Games Florida 33, Jacksonville 26 New York 38, Portland 16 Memphis 37, Detroit 7 Birmingham 39, Hawaiians 0 Chicago 32, Philadelphia 29 Thursday's Game Southern California at Houston, N, national television Wednesday, Aug. 21 Portland at Florida, N Birmingham at Jacksonville, N Houston at New York, N Southern California at Philadelphia, N Hawaiians at Memphis, N Thursday, Aug. 22 Chicago at Detroit, N, national television 100% POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS Another tapes battle could result from decision over Nixon property By DOMALQ M. ROTHBERG Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Ford administration says the special Watgergate prosecutor will have to deal with forme* President Richard M. Nixon if the prosecutor wants additional White House tapes. That was the outcome of a decision Wednesday that the controversial tape recordings are Nixon's personal property. A Ford spokesman said White House lawyers reached their decision on the tapes after consulting with the prosecutor's office and the Justice Department. The spokesman said they "raised no objections." Presidential Press Secretary Jerald F. TerHorst said the "judgment was a collective one." However, a spokesman for special prosecutor Leon Jaworski said his office was informed about the decision but "did not take part in it." He refused to say whether the prosecutor agreed with it. TerHorst later said that the "collective" judgment actually was the decision of James D. St. Clair and J. Fred Buzhardt, the two lawyers who led the fight to withhold the tapes while Nixon was president. Nixon had refused to obey eight subpoenas from the House Judiciary Committee for tapes of 147 conversations. There are no subpoenas outstanding from the prosecutor's office but Jaworski had requested by letter many tapes he never received. Earlier in the week, when a spokesman for the prosecutor's office was asked about the tapes remaining at the White House, he replied, "Certainly, this is material that is potentially of interest to us." TerHorst said that if Jaworski wants additional tapes he would have to deal with Nixon, according to the St. Clair- Buzhardt opinion. The Judiciary Committee has shown no inclination since Nixon left office to pursue enforcement of its subpoenas. TerHorst said White House lawyers would have to decide how to handle tapes the prosecutors consider relevant. He said all the recordings now are "in the protective custody" of the Secret Service. What concerns lawyers in the prosecutor's office is the transfer of custody of the tapes to Nixon before they have had an opportunity to renew their earlier requests. , Simplicity U ,76451 \ SEND THEM BACK TO SCHOOL IN CAREFREE STYLES WITH PERMANENT PRESS CREATIONS FROM FABRIFIC FANTASTIC ASSORTMENT OF FANCIES AND SOLIDS IN, THE LATEST COORDINATED COLORS AND DESIGNS 60" WIDE ON BOLTS AND NO IRONING NECESSARY, SEW AND SAVE FOR BACK TO SCHOOL^ • V ADH AND THE COMING FALL. • • AKP REG.*3.9t POLY-COTTON BONANZA Values to $2.49 per yard in Polyester and Cotton combinations. Just in time for back to school, 45" wide on bolts and permanent press. You will be amazed at the quality and savings on these fine fabrics. FASHION BUTTONS Cards ana cards ot colors, styles and sizes for your sewing fun- »C, card 100 Per cent Poly ester SINGLE KNITS Coordinate these beauties with other knits and sportswear. 60" wide. SEWING AIDS Big assortment of sewing aids to make your sewing easier and faster. FABRIFIC CENTER SATISFACTION GUARANTIED

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