Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1912
Page 2
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THQEJOIJUDlAILYBEGISTER,^Wi^^ OCTOBER 9,1912. JUST BE GLAD. Oh. brart of rainp, we shouldn't Worry BO! \ ' - Wbmt VJB;V^ jpiBsed of calm wecouldn't [WBLVC, you know! •What we've met of stormy pain, And of Bqrron 's driving rain We can better meet again If It blow. We have erred in that dark hourt Wo have known. When our tears fell with the shower. All alone— Were not shine and shower blent As the gracious Master meant?' ' Let us temper our content With His own. For, we know not.cTcry morrow Can bo'sad; So, forgetting all the sorrow We have had. Let us' fold away our fears And put by our foolish tears, •A»d through all Iho coming years Jnst be .glad. —James Whilconib Riley. •A' FRESH RANDIES! Our.: assortment of l^gh Grade Candy" . jsLc b ni p 1 e t e and fresh. Try our.10c packages of. Marshniallows. They are fine. BURREirS STORE The BexaU Store WEST SIDE OF SQUARE.' On Monday afternoon at tht> residence of Mrs. K. P. Halo on Washington Ave., Miss .launila Hair was united in raarriapc to Mr. Frank N'ichol- son, of SL I »His. Miss Kate Coinan played the wodding march while the wedding party entered llio parlor whereRev. J. M. Mason, of Columbus., Kans., performed the oeromony. .Miss |} . visit in that city and in HarrisonvlIIe for several days. The Alta Seta club had a meeting at the Presbyterian Manse last nfght and the usual social time was enjoyed. The club is composed of the young ladies of Mrs. Hilscher's class. Those who attended last evening yerc: Misses Lue Dun6an, Lottie Woodin, Kate Geyer, He}ene Potter, Jo Ellis, Florence Ellis, Miiry Marker, Bess Ckjok, Inez Cook, Miss Howard, Blanche Van Busklrk, Viola Delgarno, Jean Eiel- ganio. Belle Reed. Floreae Wheeler, Bertha Swigarf, Miss Vczie ,nnd Miss Brewer. At the nest meeting to be held in two Weeks the ofllccrs for the winter will be elected. * * * * * * —Now is the time to embroldci cases, towels, etc. See .the Ixjona Hale attcndo<l her sister as! •'»'''>' '^'•''l''?>' "VJ"^ department bridesmaid and Mr. Warren Allen.was i """^V ^°T^ the .groom's best man. i . "^T*.?* « „ j The bride's dress was of pink mes- a»d Mrs J. E. Powell opened saline draped with dew drop and "'o™* ^^^^ y^'^^^' she carried jj boquet of bride's roses.' The house was- decorated afternoon for a tea which was wui, ^.r »r I Kt^fn by members of Circle iXo..? of the Ladies' Aid society of the First Methodist church. Two solos by'Mrs Bur- both nations and after the ceremony a su|)-i per was served (othe few intimate',,. _ „„j w c the crowd of fnnmakers by a clover , ""^^^^V '^^^.^.tH ^The trick. An automobiie was stationed I ^f^'^^r^l ^r^^ ^ V,AL in front of the house and a cab on i C^.ll'^ ^,\l !»...".'J ?A^..?-'"L"?: North street and while the '„,,;; „.,gbauph and Mrs. \yalter Woodslde-prc • 'ij ! sided in the dining room at the sa^^' shoips and white ribltpns Mr. j small tables which were also orna- Mrs. .Vicholson htirrie.^ to the cab. j m^-nted with Autumn >1ncs and ber- Mrs. Nicholson is quite well known ' j"'*"' carnations in pink and white. here h-iving lived in lola for a nutn-1 sevent.v-nve and eighty la- ber of years. For some time past she i ^^"^ attended during the afternoon. has been employed as a book-keeper _ , u, .. ^ .. ' Read our big Suit ad. on the op- at the court house and she will be greatl.v missed by her many frictids, who extend heartiest cougrntulations and best wishes to the couple. * * • A Panam.-i Cinal program w-'s given at the meeting of the Golden Link club yesterday afternoon at the residence of .Mrs. Fred C. Greon on North street The] paper for the day was Trad by Mrs. jl). E. Peck. At the close of the business meeting Mrs. Green served refresnments to the following members- Mesdames Boughton, Hall. Fife, Pavis. Stewart, Peck. lx)wder- mllk .-:id Ine gtiests. Mrs. Beam and Mrs. Wood. Huriiig the social hour Misses Genevieve and H^len Green played several piano duets. .J, .;. <. "nic standard Bearers, a class of girls of \hf. First Methodist church, win meet with Miss Kate Root next Saturday afternoon. A program will he siven while the girls work for the booth which they will have at the bazaar to be civen by the l..adies .^Id society, and after the business meeting there will be a social hour. * V The Frirt .Ty C-nrd club will have the flrn meeting of the season with Miss I Klirabeth Apt on Friday afternoon ofj this week. ; i • 4- * • Mr. and Mrs.' Dors^tl and -Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fry drove to Kansas City in their auto yesterd^ay. They will posite pace. New York Store. Mrs. Funk and children left today for an extended visit w'i'h Mrs. Funk's sister In Missouri. • • -S* Announcements of the birth of a daughter. Miss Maxine Elizabeth, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gregg, of CollinF ville. have boon received in lola. Sir :"nd Mrs. Grefg are both quite well known here having graduated from the local high school aj number of years ago. • * •> Mr. and Mrs. J. f). Howard, . who have been visiting in Halslead. T..ang- don nnd Wichita returned home last evening. • • -S- Miss Gretchen Zicgler has returned from a v.cek's visit in Neosho Falls. • • • At the moetini; of the Music club vislerday arrangements were made for Misr. KsHier May Plumb's recital, which is t «i be given on the tw«^nty- recond of this month. « * * Rev. and .Mrs. J. M. Mason and son. John, were Riie.sts of Mr. Mrs Grant Miller on Monday and Tncsday of this wfjek. Mr. Mason, who at one lime was pastor of the Firs' Methodist cbiireh here, eame to oiTiciate at ihr. wedding of Miss Jauniia Hale and Mr. Frank Nicholson. From here Rev. Mason will so to Maloon. Ill, to conduct revival services. Mrs. Mason and •*WRISTIET" WATCH The beaut|- and convenience of^he Bracelet Watch have made it; all the rag^ io Europe. And so .rapidly has it foundi favor in this, country that H Is today the most popular watch In 'Ann^rlca. < Its elegance. and style appeal to wc taste everywhere. We. would be iileasei V^'atch. Prices ..; -._ .of fashion :^^bhy>'} you and good the Bracelet $1A and Dp MksMir JohaAfiVe i^^^ to their An •44ct «».ttJ ..A ^.that aU freah..^^ mm and yopboinore .itir!* atK, OTIB vho -iiiJect to receive. iTpr^ In gym wbrk mhst .pan a shimming quit thia m fw '^M V ^n Siaed^bjr'. Dr. LS f •Johnsoa. -UptiV tliiktuik(ti »t Is to 1 )41 used by, the glrlaMVr^djrthey will spend thetI.T» in playing tennis wliich is eor;s '':crcd, exceJlent exercise' for^ young woTr «en. The winter work vilf 'fl also inrluuc volley ball ^d basket bait.and ibe year wll) be closed witlf soreral siriniining meets and tcnnii tournaments. * * • .—Get your candy at Mundis Dru^^ Store. !» • O The mismbprs of the local W. C. T, U. are requested to meet promptly aC 3:30 in the sontheast rpom of the Y*. ,M. C. A "on Friday afternoon. This li done because the' room must be glveni ovcr'to'the boys' at 4:15. The pro-| grain.'for the afternoon will be: Devotionals—Mrs, Ragle. Roil'Call—Elxpresstons of Our Moth ers. Papers -T "Healt^ and Heredity," by; Mrs. R. B. Stevenson and Mrs. C. O:' Bollinger. Discussion—^^ilosophy of Fashion^' Tfi <8 iicm appeared in the Erie •Record twenty-one years ago: Our sister Maggie was married last Sunday afternoon to R. T. Bond, of Atoka. I. T.; Rev. C. H. Baldwin of Hertha. did the talking, Magi;le did not ask our consent to this marriagei neither did Mr. Bond) but then we do not bear them any ill will on that ac- eoi:nt They say It ain 't hard to getj married when you Bnd some one that wlU have you. These young people are neither one too old to get married; T^tey have been residents of Neosho county almost all their lives—but then wc arc n6t going to pay them any compliments for the usual supply of cake has not made its appearance. Our absolute rule Is "no cake, no send off." But we hope they will get alpnp | flrs: rate ar.d meet with few s(|ualls etc We still have three sisters loft and w|ll try to squeeze along without .Maggie.In some way, but still it makes a fellow fe»l lonesome to see a faml-t' ly dwindling away that way. * • * Mrs, Stuck, of Baxter. Kans.. is here visiting her sisl.'r. Mrs. Huck and other relatives. hECTlAft T^URSK TICKET.'*. Snie of Seats Is Exrellent and Pros, pects Are Brfglif. For this early in the season the lola L>ceum Association tickets are receiv- ng a remariiable sale—better than ev- r before. As the tickets are now selling so well. It will be necessary o limit the sale of tickets, an act nev- r l>efore found necessary. However, the sale of season tickets will not be 'osed for some weeks, and all those vho hape not yet secured their tickets, may secure them at Merchant's Wishards and at the Y. M. C. A. office, ind from high school Iboys. On account of the quality of the tlr.xi number "The Hussats," It has been 'eclded to give the entertainment In he Grand Theatre. The Hussars have always drawn large audienres. ami ii s thought the Presbyterian church ould not accommodate the public. -LE.^A KfVER.S" AT «K.IXD. Now is the time to tMiFRngs aitdDi ^DerieSi >nd we are prepared to show you the best and jnpst beautiOil line we^have ever'shoini^at jinces thatjwiJl^ave you money. We bousrht very heavy in our Rug and Drapery department ttesfaD, therefore were able to get very low prices ' and we are going to give oiurcpstdmere'the benefit of o COME WITH THE CROWDS THURSDAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY RUGS A large and beautiful assortment of patterns to, select from. 9x12 Wilton Velvet Rugs, priced at .JMO.OO 8.3x10.6 Wilton Velvet Rugs, priced at $35.00 ,11^x12 Body Brussels Rugs, priced at ?37^0 9x12 Body Brussels Rug^ priced at $30.00 8.3x10.6 Body Bntssels Rugs, priced at $25.00 6x9 Body Brussels Rugs, priced at. $20.00 11.3:fl2 Axminster Rugs, priced at $37.50 9x12 Axminsler Rugs, priced at. .$25.00 8.3x10.6 Axminster Rugs, priced at $20.00 11.3x16 Bigeldw Electra Rugs, priced at V$42.50 9xl2.Bigelow Electra Rugs, priced at $30.00 9x12 Velvet Rugs, priced at $22.50 11.3x12.6 tapestry Rugs, priced at .$22.50 9x12 Tapestrv Rugs, priced at.... .$12.50 and $17.50 8.3x10.6 Tapestry Rugs, priced at .$12..50 Linoleums, 72 inches wide, running yard.. ^.. .$1.25 Linoleums, 4 yard wide, running yard. $2.80 SMALL Rl^GS. A large assortment of Small Rugs in Velvets A.xminster, Utopia and Mohair; all sizes; priced from $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 to $10.00. DRAPERIES Never before have we shown such a beautiful line of Draperies and Lace Curtains as thi^ seasmi. Curtain Scrims in plain and fancy, also plain with fancy borders; a large line to choose from— priced, at 20c, 25c, 35c, 4.5c to 65c yard Curtain Madras, priced from 2.5c to $1.25 yard A beautiful line of Curtain Voiles and Marquis- j ettes in plain and figured; also plain with satin finish borders. Priced from Hoc to 50c yard Curtain ,Nets in white, cream and ecru; priced from 20c, 25c, 35c to 95c yard Silkoline, priced at. 15c yard Curtain Swiss, a yard 10c and 15c Portiers, priced from. $2..50 to $6.00 Couch Covei-s priced from '. 25c to .$6.00 LACE CURTAINS. in all nets in white, cream and ecru. Speciallv priced .......... 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50 to ^7M pair. from. Our Attractions Are High Quality and Low Prices WE PAY YOUR MU.EAGE Phones 318-319 9 'hangeof Bills and Other Xoring Pic, ' ttires, Twi. La< night another large house saw The United Amu8cn2jent Company's Tabloid Stork Company produce "The Right of Way" and seemed more than pleased with the work of this clever little company of performers.. "The Right of Way" tells a pretty little Southern story in such a manner that t Is sure to, appeal to young aiul old. The eome<ly is bright and up to the minute, and the heart story unusually strong. Kxcellent vaudeville features re introduced between the acts and wn of the latest motion pictures are shown. The management is this af- ernooh giving a special nmtlnce free all school children. Tonight the coni|iAny will present heir two act dramatized version of he famoiiK novel. "Lena Rlvefrs" with lew vaudeville and pictures. Jumping Coceona. Many visitors to the aouthweatem states and Mexico have amnsed themselves by watching the queer motions of "Jumping beans." the seed vessels of a plant, each of which contain the pupa of an insect whose spasmodic moTemeotn cause the bean to-bop and roll about Mor^ (emarkabJe aref the "Jumping cocoons" found In South Africa. The cocooi| Is formed by the motber in sect and Is very bard. The pupa when ready!to emerge must cut its wayjint. The front of its head has a sharp, chlsel-Iike edge, and by driving this Against the inside of the shell it gradually makes a bole. The violent motions of the pupa within cause tbe co- coot^ to leap so that one has been seen to spring ont of h° small glass tumbler. -St l>onls Republic. Rfley Week "A lltMISIKR ROM.VNCE" in .T l)eantiiiil gift book with il­ Jnlin Wolcolt Ail- ams and Howard Chandler Christy, is very attractive, put out at only ."iHc for this occasion in a linii'ed i -dition. We also shew almost all of Rileys books ?1.2.-.. our price «1,IMI See Our Riley Window. Evans Bros. ROOK.STORE. Better commence new books. reading tho WICHim PRESSMEN STRIKE Eagle and Beacon \s^w by VAnvi iti- lice Force to Operate Blc Presses—Some Trouble. Saved Storage Charges. Toung meni with meager salaries evolve fia.-ipcfai m.ikesbifts abhorrent to the mohii and plijrslcal sensibilities of tbelr opulent elders.. Said one young sprig of Irannlliig tionse gentil.; Ity -to another who espeetf^ to seek new quarters n|K>n bis return from a two months' trip on the, road: ' "What are you 'going to do wlib all thW personal truck" that" Is cluttering up your room? It will cost you anyhow a dollar a month for storage." "Not the" way I am'working things.*'; said 'the man who 'W"" Ko'nff a#ay. "I have pur|K>sely refrained from paying boar4 for /our weeks, and the landlady wt^ bold my at'uff. Of course I •liaU aqiiare up whoa. I come back a'nd get tt'agaln, and in'the meantimf' .•%e .will Rlre it free, etorage."-New t|^rk timet. Eagles Clearing Awa/, Pests. Tbe wild boars and foxes of Santa Rosa Island, Cel., are being exterminated rapidly and In a novel manner. The American eagle Is doing tbe work. The eagles that hare their habitat in tbe rocky eminences of the island grow to Immense sise, the smallest mature bird measuring about four feet from tip to tip and the largest" being seven feet or more In sweep with wings extended. They can carry thir- • *'^^' ty or forty pounds dead weight for ' miles with apparent ease. The eagle 1 swoops down upon Its prey and rise!t>' to a height of fifty feet or more with \ the struggling animal clutched in its • talons. If the pig shows too much I flght it Is dropped, the fall killing the \ animal. Then tbe eagle descends and j carries olt the carcass to the distant aerie. Fbxes also are the prey of the eagles. For some days there has b'-'-n a strike on In Wichita of the pressmen who operate, the big pressrp of the Kagle and Beacon, complex machines requiring expert handling to turn out "(•page papers. The men jumped a five contract not a week old anrf' the pa|>er owners will not listen to them. Here is a sample apology from the"Beacon. typical of the daily trouble storj- of the two papers: • Testerday the Beacon In 24 pages was printed by the members of the oIRce forces of the Beacon and (.he Eagle. The E.igle came out the same way this morning. . ITesterday Marcellus Murdock in blue Jumpers, worked in the Beacon's pressroom for nine hours. Business managers, circulation man agers, managing editors and reporters ail in o>eralls with their faces dcco- ra'ed with ink and oil. ran hither an-l yon fetching things. The sextuple press of the Bear m never had so many things done lu it before in all its life. \x. nevr heard so many strange ungentle words:: its shining 8tP <^l an brass never feli th»» pat of so many soft hands. • "This," said a mild voiced re|iort-' er who bad graduated from a school of journalism, "Is the monkey wrench NOTICE! STO\ E OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 101) North .letfer- > son Avenue. Humboldt Refining: Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungcrford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots ; tcrd.ty they learned how to nin -'4 pages. Last night 'his all-day-and-all- night-with -no -stops -for -slecp crew learned how to print a 12-page paper, and having got the hang of it tlie.v think tliey could do it all over forever and over ^ But they will not have (o. Pr> ss- men will arrive by tomorrow morning anyway and these weary editors, managers and reiKirters can take a bath and go back to work at iheir own, desks. They can get some slwp when there you were enquiring after." >'s nothing else" to do; there is no hur- "Oo to. you IdloV" replieil Mr. Miir-| ry about that. • "that Is a screwdriver." 1 In the meanliine just keep patient And so on through the day fh-sc two or threw days longer while we men with the manufacturer's blue get reorganised. prints were studying the big ma-! This wasn't a contest over wages; chine Tlie Sacurdav before they ' th*" men were getting what they asked learned how to run eight pages on it j for; they jumped their own contracts, —learned It from the ground up. Yes They thought more of the advice of a mischevious walking delegate thaw they did of thei^^ own reputations. They didn't even wait tjo meet both publisher.^. Having reflected on the matter they are doubtless, sorry now. So are we. So is the entire community. We wish there were no walking delegates. ' Wo whih that good men. like the JBeacon pressmen were, could be allowed, w^ien tliey join pressmen "sun- ions, to keep a corner in their hearts for old frienils and old fashioned priuciides of business honor.. ; .Mr. and .Mrs. H. C. Kcpharf. of .Vo- 1 ran. were in the city this afternoon I between trains, while enroutn to Col- iony for a visit with friends. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COM. AND CONNECTICUT UTIUTIES J ^^MMlSSmimM^ FATAL TRAIN WRECK Saves Leg of Roy. —"It seemed that my 14-.vcar-old boy would have to lose his leg. on account of an ugly ulcer, caused by n bad bruise." wrote D. V. Howard. Aquone, N. C. "All remedies and doctors treatment failed till -we trl»;?l Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and cured him with one box." Cures burns, bolls, skin eruptions, piles. 2.=;c at all druggists. Lawrence Kelley went to Garnett this aftemdon on bpsiness. MA JESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM *The Sheriff Outwitted" .- Featuring Lee Morgan and Betty Keller. "Five mughters of Mr. Durant" "All Anarchial A ttempt'^ Comedy. "A Gypsy'g I^vc" A drama that touches' the^ heart, portraying real gypsy life. ,Conn. ^«»'lnS IMF to Into tbe qi

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