Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 26, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1903
Page 5
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: At this store will astonish you. Don't ^aaieed plaice -Curtains?^^ We made a laige pnrcluffie of -Xiace^ Oari^ yj ^y liateiai^ got remarkable concessions', in pric08.^^ ! We/give you the beiieflt of it by selling yoti Curtains ' worth 50 for 3Sc, 75c values for 69c^f 1.00 yalu^ for 89cjf 1.25 valdes for 98c and so on. White carfcain ; p«le |3 are 10c each, walniii and oak poles 9c each com- rplete. Nice hammocks 98c, camp 'stools '25c. ^folding chaiifs 35c. If 5 'ou have a need let us help yon. Prices on all goods less than usuil and quality better. The People's Store Of the Bligbtest misrepresentation or! fraud; evjerjlhing exactly as representatcdi all prices|fair anB low. Qualties considered,! who can beat these prices: ' Mothers Oats, per pbg 08c Friend Oats, per pkjj ,. .08j: Grape Nuts, 2 pkgs U.'.. .25c Kom Krisp, 3 pkgs. ....... .... .20c Egg-6-See, 2 pkfrs -... .20c Criapo, with spoon, 2 pkga 13 lb pkff Crackers Gallon apples .............j.. .25c Gal Pie Peeled Peaches 35c i.....25c ...20c Ffyer Bros. Phone 308 - North Side Square lOLA, KANSAS. -^A Ptrfwt Wall Coating ' Combines Cleanlinesa ; and Durability Any one can brush it on ; No one can rub it off Flsstico is a pure, permanent and porous -vail coating, and does not require taking oS to lenewasdoallkalsomines. It is a 4xy powder, ready for use by > adding cold water and can hie eadly Dmshed on by any one. IXade in white and fourteen liashionable tints. Mn-MLSOMmE CO.^ M 6RAIIirBAt>IDS.HlCH./ ;: Fcr fall ptrOcnlm and sanpls card ask EVANS BROS. , LOCAL NEWS. oooooooooooocoocoocoooooob u Dr. Port«r, Dentlrt. ; ' J. E. Chasbiln, DMiIil. Dr. O. R. Bnshfleld. Dentlct Kodaks snd nippUes at Miller^ Business men's lunch at the "Car- Way." Coolest place in town for soda Is the "Our-Way." . W. H. Greider went to Hutchinson on business. Northrup's quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. Remember thfr "Odr-Way"' when hungry or. thirsty." J. B. White returned to his home in Colony this afternoon. No. 11 Bast Madisoii,up «taIrs, Henderson & Powell's office. For tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street TeL 53. Lew Shull is here from Boone, la., for a visit with Harry Miller. Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup's quit business Qale. ^ho latest perfume—Locust Blossoms—at Campbell & Burrell's. Mrs. Will Baker went to Olathe this afternoon for a visit with friends. Private money to loan on city property. Frank Wood, Northrup Bidg. Mrs. Baldwin returned to Garnett after a visit with G. W. Dolaplane. Lew Chilcote left this afternoon for Waverly for a few days on business. , George Wilhite left this afternooii for Emporia for a few days on business. Base ball players do not belong to labor unions, but they often go out on strikes. The Northrup Lumber Company buildings are being treated to a coat of paint. • Mr. J. W. Hydcs went to Kansas City yesterday evening for a few days on business. Mr. A. M. Schoeiibrun left yesterday evening for Weir City for a few days on business. ^ Business men and their clerks will find it to their advantage to lunch at the "Our-Way." Mr. DalePlumb, of Emporia, is expected this evening,to visit hia sister, Mrs. S. C. Brewster. • • The Neosho river rfesponded to the heavy rain of Thursday and rose abput a foot here last night. The White Mountain refrigerator is the best on the market for the money. Buy it of Schell & Balrd. We can make you low flsfum on furnace heating. Ira B. Patterson, 715 East street Tel. 63. Mrs. W. D, Woif and chlldrtn went to Emporia, I which Is to be their future home. 715 East street TeL 53. > Only a few more days and the greatest quit! business sale .at Northrups* will be a thing of the past EX. PinUerton i FINE CIOARS and tOBA|?C05. Periodicals and m BAST MAOUQN AVCNUB ME LUCCOCK lUne, soitr Gontiset TV^ork, Genet* rwotk. Hoace. Safe 4nd Piano JfosJap sHaiilea.Hon8ebold Good* ped. Ofllc«i»ni1g»ore .are businesb. You can always depend on what you bought at Northrups.' ,1 • 6uy the White Mountain refrigerator, the I best on the market for the money. For sale by 'Schell & Bidrd. Miss llaude Lavell came down ffom Emporia yesterday e%'enng for a tialt with Miss Daisy ChAstain for a few days. The Pittsburg base baU team left jyesterday evening for Pittsburg where they will play twenty-eight games on their home grou2 >ds. A blessing alike to young asd <dd; Dr. FoiKTler's Extract of WUd Straw* berry; nature's specific for^ dysentery, diarrhoea and soiBmer cpmplatat Baifd. Ton arel mre of get^ yum, ^'^tf^sefa%j?^^df^^»n;^fh , I; Aoner^ worth.' - T GhMV money oa dty prapert^i "l win pay %c each; for good dean Loans made at once If title la perfaec lODgybntf'jboxm^mt Me. Morcbnii 'a Smith Jb TraTh^ roan S, Northniv grocery ^ton»'aodth tfd* aqoare. A. Nithmal Bank bnUdlng. [j B. MuU. "We prices at Ndrthmpti' oolt butdl^ -Piste Hdlden is in Leavenwo "th at- ness sale are acOling the: goods fasti -tehdiiig a' sUte meeting of 'ijdneral ^ ik's only a question of a feitr day^ directors, whtelt is heading a Uireerday X when It. will all be over. - ^ i»«ion.^ J ' j The W• C. T. U. wil^mefttat-^ 1 #er8<®djBiilpiiftgl'Stand, r^^ X ^f^Fbom'Friday/June 27, at 2 :91 <lh cf J [6^ %hlDtfd apply to W.'Horey, ^ o'clock. Subject. "Kindness vs. Cror lock box 762, lola, or 306 South Ten- elty." Leader, Mrs. Bixler. ! nessee sfJreet R. M. Cunningham, county recorder^ The dtlzens win hare 'tolget busy if has been at home two days, trying to £hey want to get. some of the goods talk a lot of fever germs out of. takr now selling Ai 'tfa'e dosing out prices ing up their abode In his mortal fitune. at iJjbrthrups'. . Two wpddlhgs of wen knOwn lola Pavil. Klein and daughter left this young people are billed for th^ closiqg moz^isg for their former home at days of June, weddings that will in- TTtIca, Kansas. Mr. Klein owns farm property out there an^ has prospects for a mighty, fine wheat crop. Judge-Smith laist erening.united in marriage Houston Redd, asd Jennie Johnson. Hedd is a.blackiman and^hls wife is also colored. They formerly lived In ^Port Scott and Redd works terest the country from Geneva £0 Savonburg. From our loving neighbors: . La- Harpe News: lola doesn't look gocid to men. They have writteii to the lola Commercial Club calling everythtog off. The telephone line between lola and Gas City was burned out last night during the electric storm so that (here was no talk going this morning and ft jwas very inconvenient. Walter Jones" expects to leave this evening for the northwest, a part of the country which he has long had a desire to see and where he experts, to look out for business openings and investments. I The Register Qfllce today finished turning out 1,000, big full sheet posters for the 4th of July celebration. They are run in two colors and m^ke a pla: card that will catch the eye and int terest the reader. For the 5ext two weeks I will give a set of 35 views of Topeka flood free with each pair of glasses. If you have trouble with your eyes or have head^ ddns take advantake of this offer. Call Monday. Dr. O. 8. Johnson, Garllng* house block. The tea given yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. J. Servey by the ladies of the Presbyterian church was a very pleasant social gathering. The attendance was gratifyingly large and the afternoon proved a pleasant and profitable one. D. :B. Stover was agreeably surprised yesterday morning when three boyhood chums from Oil City, Pa., sauntered into liis home. They were Perry Kepperline, Bob Stover, a cousin, and Mr. Erit. They are out here looking over the Kansas oil field. A little girl out in Great Bend surprised her parents a few nights ago when she was .asked to repeat the Twenty-third psalm. The little one started off bravely: "The Lord is my shepherd—and He lost his sheep and don't know where to find them." Gfaamberlain 'B Stomach and Liver Tablets are Just what you heed when yon haye no appetite, feel duU after eating and wake up with a bad taste in your mouth. They will improve your appetite, cleanse and invigorate your stomach and give you a reUsh for your food. For sale by aU druggists. Mr. Jacob Gard, the aged father of all the Gard boys ot lola, and for many years pouce Judge andjustice of the ™ay. July 1 ^ peace, is very ill at his home. His malaldy seems to be a general breakdown, resulting from an eye alBIction. The doctors believe his recovery is doubtful. HumlKildt Herald: Ed. Rushton has leased his. restaurant fixtures to F. M. Harlan, (rf lola, and he and his yfife ^a^g^ p^o^ Qeo. Vincent, Colored will leave fn a week or two for Oklh- j^^iiee Slngerp, Prof. P. G. Holden, T>^« „ «r,A o««.,Hn,, All Wnd. of ^o™*' '^^^'•e ^^^y property. Ed Ndt Brigham, Dr. Thomas Mc- ° »"w—_ r^rntam «-n Uro fiprp Mr. Horinn I - 4..,^ _*4— Ouo fare on all as he prefers to live here. Mr. Harlan, .^^-the attraetions. wni continue the restaurant business ^oads. at the present location. Joe PauUin, the old Santa Fe con-j gg^j^^g^ joja today. Professor Grimsley, assistant stafte III be a thing of the past -"^ ' — Bcologist, was in lola today. He is If you want to get your money's ductor who helped develop ^ here at ^^^^ ^^^^ j„ worth in a refrigerator buy the White beginmng. owns that big gusher rne un a renort on the oil land gas de Mountain of ScheU & Baird. Too bad - Northrups' are quitting r«t: the rcement plant. The Santa Fe has a gang of men at work in the bounty, settling part of their tax bill. .-The.crew consists of seven teams and about fourteen men and boys, some of them beardless kUs, and ther were transferred today !to iftnnboldt The two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Gorrell, of 630 South Fourth street, died this morning. The funeral was held at 3 o'clock this afternoon frpm the home. Rev. Maclean officiating, end the remains buried in lola cemetery. The payment of dog tax is going right along and up; ^to this morning seventy-five dogs have been insured ajgahist the policeman's murderous intent. There will doubtless be over ^100 Invested in canines before tba payment is finished. Mr. Doutney had a largo audience at the opera house lastj night and he entertained ithem nrell. ^ His mimicry, singing and his lecture made a varied prognun. Tonight he gives a farewell talk, Celling of his conversion from a drunkard to a better life. The marriage of Miss Olive Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J„:M. Jones, to; Mr. Cooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Ml Cooper, which was to have taken place last evening was postponed be- cafuse of the inability of the''groom to leave for lola. He is engaged in hospital work in Denver and was detain.- ed by an important case.' The young people were acquainted many years at Huchlnson. Dr. Braden, who was appointed receiver for the Blsmore creamery some months afo, was In court this morning and asked permission to declare a second dividend among creditors of 35 per cent. The first dividend was 40 per cent, so that the big end of the money has been received. With the possible exception of a «uit or two to coHect m(Miey due the affairs ot the con<%m will be closed up. The Ottawa Chautauqita Assembly vrilf h01d Its 25th anniversary this year at Forest park, bttawa, Monday, The inagement is making special preparations for this quartei* centennial session. The department work' is the same-as last year. The platform is stronger that ever. Hon. John Mitchell, fton. Joseph Folk (possibly), Major Saniuel Krebs, Geo. L. McNutt, Dr. HerbeK L. Wlllett Prof. Chas, the beginning, owns that big gusher ^ report on the oiijand gas de at Dexter which was first estimated at 10,000.000 and later branded by the Arkansas City Traveler as a "hot air ;|Aiio^her Lot of Imported Wootelli ' OdOD THE JYEAR 'ROtJI hole" A Register representative saw Mr. Paullin yesterday and was told that the well "is yielding gas that bums. The Gas Belt Reunion directors are making slow progress with the aj- rkngements fOr this year's doings. The Twentieth Kansas Is expected To hold its-'''state encampment here fit that time, sometime in Atigust and the rc- unloi^ shoold mean a bigger gathering tlian jever before. It should be a matter df local pride to ^et hold and whoop it UP for the reunion. veiopment, and he finds that: development Is going on taster than ever. Mr. Grimsley predicts that the gaps In Fin^ 6iHty aftd ybrivliig ttat^fs^^ Wh^s, FJy Nets; C^ilsters iaii4 Suntmer Goods. j 1 I^. 17, West IVtadisoft Ave. : I Next to City Oaa Office. :-H~^•w••:•^~^•xW;••^•H-:-x•5~:••W«-H••K-:^^^ •t V i; Delight of Sunimer Are th;e beautiful Wafeli Goods we are 0ieUing. ^ 50 pieced just received, style's nbt e^uaafid anyi"^; where add prices the lo^vest—Fstns, TrimmiiigiB. ^; Laces, Embroideries and RibboDS. ' ' Our Gtocery Departinent 2nd to ^i ^one city, evei-ything at;lowest prices. When your jgoods comje and see us. in the./; buyiBgiJ; I HcCairsPatteniiDry eoei]s,Poes, irs^iiylerri Mrs. J. M. Bessie, who has been visiting her mother. jMrs. CM; T<!ats, left this afternoon !for her Chanute. ' '. Mr. C. A. Barnctt;, of Ottawa", Tva^ In lola'today dlstrllnitlng atlvertlslni? matter andjWorking up Interest In the Chautauqua assembly for this sium- mer. Miss Waffle left this afternoon for Chanute for a visit ivith friends for a few days after which she will be ?iere for a short visit with jjlcs. Ed^ S'tan- field. Tuesday Gias City | voted i §a,000' bonds for a n4v.' briek school buil>Hitig in the souttx part of iov.-n. The .fir.5t election failed because the votersi iliU not turn out. i ! Prof. Ramsey, of Sc. Paul, has keen" engaged to teach the Gas City scjiool ne.xt year, succeeding Prof.; C^ne- smith, -who will rest affer 'thirteen years of contihuo'us teachins. Prof. B. 8.- Hoagland -sreut this; afternoon 10 Hutchinson where he will spend ihc next month ^^ith his family. He expects to| spen4y some time ^Iso in Colorado before returning herO ,to resume his school work. ' Once more the Register Is called upon to state that the suit ofEarl Stout for "$8,a00 against Geo. fi. Nicho^on, is the whole thing j in : district court. Most of today the lawyers taikert to the Jury, the slccpicstlobking bunch you ever saw. . j " Mr. George A. Fry came up fown this morning with a boquet which he bad gathered from ;some vacant'lots in the rear of his house. In thC; bo­ quet were timothy, jred clover, clieat, two or three varieties of. orchard g^rass and five varieties oli wheat—all ing wild. • " • A challenge has come from Chanute In a roundabout^ way'for. a match game of tennis dow4 there on the 4th M July. The Chahutei^ have beeV practicing a good dear and have an idea they can wallop an^r pair of players from lola. The local fiends fire considering the idea of training a teapi to go down and accept;the challenge: More public interest has probably been aroused in the advertising done by two east side Jewelers right .now than in any display^ reading that Ijas rrti It Expert Itcjiiiiest pac^a ^^MJ - ^.uwv 0^^w the field ,as how developed will be appeared in. the Register for toany closed and that to-a'few, years south- days. The advertisers are very f?ank, eastern Kanste fttim Anderson county with a leaning to saj-casm. Last iilght south to the TerritoiT line will be one! Mr. Harris had a-valuable display of solid yielding field.! The reports he ? diamonds and jewelry in his front win- has already made have helped greatlyj and Mr. Coffey exhibited four In adveniMbg the Kan^ field and hl^ : bills and two j $50 " bills, with a coming "report will -be awidled with in- note thaf it backed , up his ciuims. terest • . • • . ' Mafiy people stopped in front of ^both The-Renter had Uie pleasure this! '^^^'^^ each,'^:and i ^J ^ilng ^niaking U»e aca&alntanee ^^e advertisenients posted i^ the OfMr. J.Sarih ^Lamar.ayonngat: '^'"do^s. And the Reading publici has torney ~^fi^hamon» Kansa^ who came h^ a ahoit fime kgo and ^ now aMocfaitea in hpAien with Mr. Det- wlier. iCr. Lamar was a lieutenant tn the Slat and later Joined the ^^ta |lipirth%b1ca. where he spent ^f'fjv^^ on tiie flriiuj "^e time ud several *Vtam a'jlsabim.'; Be is a.gnidua^ of AiiuyA^NHr^iaw ttslrtwl ieomes to 9tar%l& ieiCEiilpiiUIs ^th I ' ^ I found the ads. the{ first thing ivhen they opened the paper. When Yoi|.#il|t hlFtrait-CtHu; JoKot Joe, Repairs Ybnr Tjrpewriter, • Sewing flachines, : jsicycles. Lawn flowers, Qas Engines, I boor Locks, Etc. at 7 Advertisements.retnlilng In v^n are efianjed fer it iht nrti of GJkE CENT aWr*^ etch fiWkiMftili advertisements tal«(n iotUitm^SlMt T^in Cents and aH iidi payable CASH IN AOVANGI. •Wanted—Chamber ijSnnsylvanla hotel; maid at the Wanted—Good dining room giliB3 C^rl Leon hotel. Independence; Kan; Wages $18 per mohtn and board and rtwm. Competent Btenograjpl ^fir 'fi*'^®* HO' sition to begin work ifuly Ist. Addreia "B" this office. Por Sale—New threte room house «t > cdst.. Inquire at 411' Third. Come qdlck. To : Rent—Nice fhmished Katl| r(^3. Also large bajm,510 WestSt. iiA^thorpughly reM^e family horsf f<k- sale. Inquire pr. Puftoa. ^ Three aeatry futW^hed. roomd.for r^t. i04 South WaihUsgtbtt.street |a thoroughly reiwie i&mlly horse: fdr. sale. Inquire of l^.F^ton.] » Mon^ to loan property.: L H. #una or cyx Do rent aa. jjAn eight robm Stouth Cottonwood. S Iijqulre 1^ If. B. Wagers, 201 South fiXtttlfcwyd. .| ! > House ; to \ Rent--S« ven rooms, i E. Jfeosho stt^. p^guii?e ibl*jdofl^ east. 1 1 For Rent—Two unfurnished roomv elo South Thlrd^ ^wjet, ' ' IfPorSale—Newsi^p^i' In Indian T«:- pltory. Town o< 1,500. junctlen and ,<ivIsIon point on main line of railroad i #lli sell cheap for cash or trade for JEfn^iertyin lolf^ Qsa i^iy afihiBaijg». 'ilddress _ Register ./office.- , .Strayed-:-Brown .inare, 88 years ol^ right firaat' 'tMii;^ wu^; \ eight l,iOO "lb;,scar^On Ider; heavy jfloSmr and

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