Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 11, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 8
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##########»#*#*••*## j Social Hews j * * »###*#*##**##*#### Mr. find Mm. W. M. Orlawold entortninorl on ThnrHdny ov«nlng with n dinner forty, the; KIUJHIH bfll'HK Mrs. Jeffries, AliBfl Widiifiy, Mr. Bimjflon, Miss Elliott nnd Morton KJIiott. Tlif Fivo Hundred Cluh nift on Hsitnr'ifiy nit/fit lit t!i« borne of Mr. mid Mrs. J. It. Klliott, (.JiientH j>rr,w:ril included MonfirH. mid Mrs. Frnlher, A (wood, Potler, Crook, Oiven, Kfirckboff, JJonRlfiNH, K<-ir:li tird, rind Mi cm (Jriswold. On Wednesday evening Mr. and MrH. Pnither enlertained with a ditinei* party, their HMI:»(» hein« M«!Hsrs. mid MrneH. W. M. Crinwold, (',. N. At.wood find M!HH Minnie JiHiiHornfi. KraKranl, viob^H «raced the tnhl<!. A nnmlxjr of other gneHtH arrived Inter to spend the evening. (Jreat. ititerr'nt, in being taken in the leap .year party to he given thi.s even ing fit the Club MOIIHO. Home unfor- lunat.e old hnohelofH iiro HiiurryhiK around to .see if they can't find Home one to take pi!.y on them and Home iadieH have an unwonted amount of attention tlii« week. A unique little "dove part.y" met at, the homo of MrH. VV. M. fJriHwold, when In the al.Hence of her aunt, MiHH Adah Wayo proved herself to lie fi Hkilled cook and clmi-ming hcmtoHH. The pretty decoratioiiH lesit tin mhk-il fhfirm to the worry girl inn f'"'<"H, the otlier.H proHcnt lining the MJHHOH At- wond, Tola IlouHer, (iertrude Klliott and (Jliira FoiiHorn. Tho f;voning was Hficnt in munic, recital ioiiH and gain The next meeting of the Ainphion will lie held on Hal urday, the IHth, ut. the home of Mr. and MrH. C. K. DemiH, iiiHlead of that, of MrH, Nyii, tlio change lining rniiflo on ac- rniint, of MicknfiHH in the home of the lat.t.or. The Jiont.oHHeH of the nc'.riision .-ire Minos. Uemin, UniigliiHH, Wlii.s'.ol, N'yo, and the MitwiH Hturtevant and Mrs. diiH. Moots entertained on Tuesday evening in honor of her husband's birthday, and also that of her youngest daughter, Anna, at. which over twenty «t"jsts were present. It was a complete surprise on both. Many useful presentc, wore reoeived, Refreshments wore served and a very enjoyiible evening npeut, after which tho guests departed, wishing both many happy returns of tho day. FriondH and lolativeH of Mr. and Mrs. 10. II. Lahee from Pasadena and Chicago rode out to the end of tho'Covina car lino to enjoy a novel frolic at the beautiful homo of the mayor today. Thn entertainment is to be in tho nature of a "cafeteria." ('overs will bo laid for the ro(|u!sito number on the largo dining tublo, but all the guests will help themselves from tho toothsome dainties laid out on the sideboard and smaller tables. Cut (lowers and plants adorn the tables and rooms. HONOR NAVY'S DEAD. Monument to Victims of Bennlngton Disaster \Jnvelled at San Diego. Thousands of spectators from all parts of California. BH well as many who came from farther points, were present a I. San Diego on Tuesday to witness the ceremonies at (he military retiietery connected with the unveiling of the Henningtoii memorial monument, and t,o do honor to the uitioii's dead. This was probably the most im- iresHivc naval ceremony ever held on the Pacific coast. The disaster, in! memory of which the shaft was r-iect ed, occurred iri San Diego harbor, July '21, lilflfi, when Ihe boilerc, of the gun boat blew up and sixty-six men lost their liven. The monument itself was erected by the officers and men of the Pacific «f|iiadron to which fleet the lienningtori belonged and to lo due honor to their dead, as many as possible of the ships of that fleet were assembled in this harbor Tuesday. Officers and men from the Charleston, Chicago, Perry. Preble, Nebraska, recently commissioned and arriving at this port. Sunday for the ceremonies, and California, which arrived Monday, and a detachment from Fort Uosecrans, all in full uniform, aifled in lending to the occasion tho brilliant, military aspect, bo- flttbig it. Jn addition, a delegation from the governor's staff, under command of Col. F. M. Chapman, bad been sent to represent, the state of California, while Kear Admiral Casper CJoodrich, officially in charge of the exercises and who also delivered the address of the day, had made the trip from tin; oast to conduct the ceremonies in person. Promptly at 1 •.;!() the gales to the cemetery wore opened to tho throng as scheduled, Tho military escort formed at Fort. Hosecrans in advance of the hour named for the beginning of l.he exerciHos and marched to the Arriving al, the cemetery Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRKSH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. covihA mm HUTCHISON BROS., Props, All kind.3 of hauling- and Furniture Moving-. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SKKVICK. PKICKS RIGHT. Office OD Citrus Ave. (ovina, Home Phone 103 Walnut Trce§. 10,000 Santa Barbara soft shell and Placentia. 50,000 «r«pe fruit plants. Lemon hods for Jnne nlant- ing. Shade trees: Umbrella, Camphor, Monterey Pine, Bottle -trees, i three varieties In Acacia, Phoenix •and (Jaudaloupe Palms. 150 boxes ! Eucalyptus bine gum. VV. M. Adams, corner 3rd and Hh streets and Lin' coin avenue, P, O. box 05 G, Lorda: burg, f'al. 1-1 Ip Ponies, Horses and Mules. I | Aa I am now a resident of tins I county, I would like to supply the : good people with anything in my .line. I shall keep on hand Shet- i land ponies, mules and single drivers. I have four head of standard bred trotting youngster's, one croat Stephens. Call and .see and give me j your orders. Matt Chilton, Covinn, ! Location, R. A. Meredith ranch, Cypress avenue. Pay With Check or Scrip. City UixPrf may bo paid in cither cheeks or sorip. J. C. HutchiuHnn, Jr., City Treasurer. 1. 0, Fairly, Tax Collector. Saner kraut fit the Nortlmido Market, 10n a quart. Place your spare cash in I ho Oovimi Valley Savings Hank, a safo investment at 4 per cent, l,h(! IroupH fonneil a H(|iian.' siiri'oiiiid- iiiK tins KMIVRH of tlxj BoniiinlKon rlt'iifl. Tlio Kates to tho (!t!nintnry won: then oiionud nnrl llio.Ho of the crowd who dc.sircd to do so entered tho ground*). Tho order of the pro- follows : KHCort i'roin -the United Statea army coiiHiathiK of flotanhnientH from the Twonty-olKhth and One Hundred mid Fifteenth companies of heavy coiiHt artillery, utationod ut Kort HoHeormiH. Naval tiriKiitlo coiiNiHtinx of tho hattalion of Hailorn from the (/harloHton and cruiHcr Cliic- and ono company of marinen fioin thu iinnored online! 1 California an.) tun Hoeond hattttlion «f nailurN from tlio armored oniinor (California, hall I (.'N!I i{i Nehi'iiNkii and the cruimT Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO PRICES Runabout $675.00 Touring Car $1400.00 H. D. Blanchard, Agent Instructive Interesting "Correct English-How to use it." A Monthly MiiKir/Ino Devoted t UHU of tho JOHKIMllNK TUKOKHAKKH, K.litor PAKT1AL CON'TF.NTS ios and .\nwsorn. Tim Art. of Conversation. Slutll and Will: Should \\'i,iibl : llnw to L'.-ie tin in. )'i unuuiicul IUH.-1 ' l.'entury t iuimi y '. Currci't. KngliMh iii-thr llnuu 1 . Cm-reel Kngli-di in tin.- School. \\ In Say and What Nut, to ('uiiiM' in ( inuiiluai. Cuiii'Mi in Letter Wri'ting j'unrl ual imi. .Man. Cniitpuund Wurde : How ID V Thrill. Studied ill K.ll^lilll Litolal HIV. Han Diego rlivi'don of the naval militia of California. ,<! Company B, Seventh National (iuard of California. Carriage containing the bishop, Ht. Kov, tloHcph 14. Johnson, and ofllcorn of the warships. While tho monument was being unvolh-d the lujsomhlod troops presented ariiiH; three milieu and llotir- islioH woro sounded and tho minute guns from the Charleston and Chicago began firing. The exercises were concluded by tho tiring of three volleys over tho graves of tho dead, one volley each being tired by tho United States army. United"'--Wat OH navy and United States marine corps. Then came tlio playing of tint Spangled Buiinor" by tho hands. One of the features of tho exercises wan tho decorating of tho graves of the Bouningtou doad. Flowers wero placed on tho graves by tho survivors of tho liuiuiington, while those present joined the sinigng of "Abidi With Mo." Following in u list of names of tht members of tho governor's stall' win roproHoutud him and tho state in tin- dedication burvioes: Lieut, l ol. l-'nink M. Chapman, Commander K. .1. Louis of thumnal rusorvi-s, Limit, Cul. 11. I). Lovcland, Lieut Cul. ii..,.rg.. K, Pilhihmy, Kiilus II. Urn-nil, Lieut lloarluell and Lieut. d Do You Cheat Your Doctor? Lieut. Col. C . U. K. L iay. Ne:-t. \. on a year. 'A AX t'KD Sni'i 1 il fi' Annual Stockholders' Medina;. uOiee of the I'uvina Irrigating v'u p.tuy. 't'.) the siiK'khuli'ors of tin In ii;.H iiii; I'uinpan v : l'le.i.-,e lake iiuiu-e thai the meetiiii.; »f ihe -ituekh -Idci's ut the i'uviiM Irrigating Company will IK- held ut the .-(Vice ut' the i-urpui'.it n-n in ihe I'ity »!' I'uvin.i. I'miiily ut 1,,>^ An ye'.e.-*. S!;tte ut' I'.ilitui ui.i. nil Tue-,il.iy, (he 1 ttii ut .l.iiin,MN . A. 'I. i' o.i. .u 111 ,Y|,,,-l< .1. in . I'm tue p;irpu->e u f i-K-'.'tiiiK ''it ei'tui , an ! t-ir ill ' lr UI-..U li..n "t Mii-'h uther !ni.-,iin^>> ,1^ pruiivl i V e.iilie lu Uie llii'--1111 L; . Correct English, t:\anston, III. H !•'. KDW.XK'D.-s, •tl Dec. 14, I"o7. ,'i'elal' \ That is exactly what you do if you have your prescriptions compounded elsewhere than at a drug store where Quality is the first consideration. His best efforts may come to naught if the medicines lack in properties upon which he has depended. With us you get the purest drugs and expert service. You there- lore help your doctor and insure the best results. (OYifld E. U. Smith, Prop. James Corbett General All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing-. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 65 Shop West Badillo St. Csvina Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Seimson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A. limited number of hurses and stock rpreived for oasture. False Reports Fur Rome unaccountable reasons reports have been circulated during the past week that I expected to leave Covitia. The fame are without the slightest foundation and could only have been started by persons desiring to do me a personal injury. My business is steadily growing, last month's being the heaviest since I started in Covina. Remember I carry all kinds of electrical supplies and fixtures and no wiring job in too small or too large for me to give jou an estimate on. Covina £lcctric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 New Schedule For Electric. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a. m. 6:35 7:05 7:50 8:35 9:20 10:05 11:20 12:30 p m. 1:30 2.45 3:35 4:15 5:00 5:45 6:30 8:30 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. ():=0 7:32 8:15 0:009:45 10:20 11:30 12:35 p. m. 1:45 2:35 3:45 4:40 5.25 6:10 6:55 7:50 10:00 IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler «•##**##########*#* jSay! • ft>(. Wancbcr' * * You are conducting ;i t>ig *- tuisuietis mure monev m- ve.steil than many hu^iiie^s ^ huu>es (lu a deal u<f j^ curi espomience, duii't you' * Du you always ha ve »uita:>U- paper handy when you \\Uli to write.' Do you know that we can furnish yuu with Ihe very best tl f writing paper and en velupes, neatly printed with vuiir name »r the name of yuiir ranch, pluc ^ of resi- tleiiie and i'ate line, cheaper than suti eau >.ecure tablets and en velupea in small quan- liiiej.' Thi.-. ssill ic.ako yuiir c • i r r e M [ > 111111 o i u e t > u s i n e > --> 1 i k •_• ai;d inure ecu veiiieu t. COVINA AKlil'S, PK1NTEKS FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be subdivided into small tracts to suit purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent T Jl i Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. ^ Sparr Fruit Co. We will pay the highest market price for ORANGES Our references; THE GROWERS with us. who have done business if Packing House and Office, Azusa Ave. Telephone 1035. — LOCAt REPRESENTATIVES — HEATH BROS. & COLTR I N * * * I * i * ! * * * ; •* 1C * 1 * * : * * i* COVINA MEAT MARKET J, F. KF:NOALL, Prop. taken and deliveries inade daily. town will receive prompt attentio Orders in * # •* * * * * * * * Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone jt> KERCKHOFF-CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, ##*#************** Phones: Home 14S; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL.

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