Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1974
Page 3
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Thursday, August 15, 1!)<4 (AUK.) StAK Page Worn/en'* news Mr*»Aith*UettW<>rt Plum? 7f Out-of-town guests at wedding ' • - , •.. i- .. : _ * *!_*••_ j.ii'iiit H i ivi si * Calendar of events Chicken—the winning dish Mrs. Fayne Lutz of Taos, New Mexico, walked unsteadily off the stage of Winston-Salem, North Carolina's Benton Convention Center last month dazed by the $10,000 check in her hand. Mrs. Lutz's recipe for Hot Chinese Chicken Salad won her the grand prize at the National Chicken Cooking Contest. The awards for the contest were announced after an exciting day of cooking competition, tours and pageantry which culminated at an awards banquet. this was the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the contest now sponsored by the National Broiler Council. Fifty- one contestants representing every state and the District of Columbia participated in the contest competition and vied for $25,000 in cash prizes. Mrs. Lutz likes to entertain guests and "eat well". She spends a great deal of free time scouring cookbooks and creating new dishes. She developed her recipe for the Should he "use" HER kids at HIS wedding? • Jt I w ,r .:. By Abigail Van Buren © 1974 by Chlugo Trlbiin«-N. Y. Niws Synd., Inc. DEAR ABBY: My ex-husband, Jess, is getting married again. Jess and I have three children — a girl, eight, and two boys, 16 and 17. The little dummy who Jess is marrying evidently has never heard that when a person has already had one big wedding (and Jess has), the second wedding should be small and simple. At least that's the way it is in Louisville, Kentucky. Anyway, Jess wants to use my kids in a big church wedding. He's asked my daughter to be the flower gprl, and the boys to be ushers. He never mentioned inviting me, which is just as well, because if I get invited I will not come. Three questions: Does Jess have the right to use my kids at his wedding? Should he even be having a wedding like this? Should I send a gift? COURIER-JOURNAL FAN DEAR FAN: Of course Jess has the right to "use" your kids at his wedding. They're his kids, too. A bride who has been married before usually has a quiet, simple wedding, regardless of how may times the groom has been up to bat, so if this is her first, she's entitled. And if your sincere good wishes go along with a gift, send one. Otherwise, don't. DEAR ABBY: Our 17-year-old daughter wears practically nothing but jeans. She spends hours on her hair, nails and makeup before going on a date, then she puts on jeans! (She has a closetful of lovely dresses.) I keep telling her that I think boys like to see girls in dresses at least part of the time. She has a beautiful figure and looks nice in anything she wears. She agrees to listen to you, and we'd like to hear some comments from boys, too. OLD-FASHIONED MOTHER DEAR OLD: It all depends on the occasion, and (I'm sorry to say) what the OTHER girls are wearing. More important than looking "nice" is looking "like the others" in her crowd, so don't pressure her, Mother. Let her wear what she fuels most comfortable in. DEAR ABBY: I've never seen this in your column, but I'm sure I'm not the only woman with this problem. For 23 years I 've been married to an extremely handsome professional man. He is very well-built and wears his clothes like a fashion model. When, he enters a room, everyone wants to know who he is. He is loaded with self-confidence (who wouldn't be?) and exudes charm, wit and personality. My problem is the obvious amazement and disbelief I encounter when I am introduced as his wife. Some do a double take; others say: "REALLY?" They do everything but come right out and ask: "What on earth did he see in YOU?" Although we are the same age, I look older. I 'm blind as a bat without my glasses and can't wear contacts. I've fought weight all my life, due to a thyroid condition. Let's just say, a beauty I'm not. But I do have feelings. I've had people insinuate that ours must have been a shotgun wedding, lit wasn't.) Or that I must have had money. (I didn't.) But worst of all are the women who try to butter me up to get next to my husband. Please put this in your column. I'd like to clip it out and hand it to the next woman who tells me what a "terrific" husband I have, and lets me know it's a miracle that I got him. LITTLE ME IN HARTFORD Problems? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, National Chicken Cooking Contest "while perfecting my stir-fry techniques". Fayne lived in Japan for two years where she became interested in oriental cooking. She and her husband, who is a pilot, live on a ranch outside Taos. Second prize went to Dr. Harold Tara of Wayne, New Jersey, who cooked Persian Chicken Kebobs. Mrs. Lutz' recipe: HOT CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD 8 broiler-fryer chicken thighs, skinned, bones, cut into 1-inch chunks Vt cup Mazola corn oil Vt cup corn starch Vs teaspoon garlic powder 1 large ripe tomato, cut into chunks 1 can (4 ounces) water chestnuts, drained, and sliced 1 can (4 ounces) sliced mushrooms, drained 1 bunch green onions, coarsely chopped 1 cup slant sliced celery 1 teaspoon Ac "cent flavor enhancer Vt cup soy sauce 2 cups finely 'shredded , iceberg lettuce. ".-• *-•• •'• - •'•'•• Roll chicken in corn starch. Heat corn oil in fry pan or work over high heat. Add chicken chunks and quickly brown. Sprinkle with garlic powder. Add tomato, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onion, and celery. Stir. Sprinkle with flavor enhancer. Add soy sauce. Stir. Cover, reduce heat to simmer and cook 5 minutes. Lightly toss chicken-vegetable mix with lettuce. Serve hot with rice. Makes 4 servings. August 1M6 Family Nurture Week begins at the First Presbyterian Church on Sunday August 11 and will continue through Friday the 16th from 7 to 9 p.m. each evening. There will be classes for all ages. The Pentecostal Church at 4th and Ferguson Sts., pastor B.W. Lane, invites the public to come to revival services August 11 through 16th each night at 7:30. Rev. and Mrs. Richard Ruddell are evangelists. A group of former "hippies" from Jefferson, Tex. will be giving their testimonies. The Avery's Chapel United Methodist Church of near McCaskill will have a revival August 11-16 with services at 7-30 each evening. The Rev. J.J. Callicott will be the evangelist and the Rev. Jerry Don Roberts will be in charge of music. August 12-16 The Rev. G.L. Hughes, pastor Garrett Chapel Baptist Church invites the public to revival Naida Patton honored with bridal shower On Monday, August 12, Naida Patton, bride elect of William Handle Vines, was honored at a bridal shower by the Cora Mae Auxiliary class of Garrett Memorial Church. The shower was held in the Lyle Allen home. Miss Patton, dressed in a floral print dress fashioned by her mother, was presented with afluerde amour corsage by the ; .hostesses; Mrs. William Vines, mother of the groom elect, and Mrs. Albert (Pat) Patton, mother of the bride elect, were both presented with corsages of majestic daisies. There were three generations present from both families. The bride elect's chosen colors of yellow and white were displayed on both the gift and the refreshment tables. There were approximately 40 guests present. Many cut back the frills to eat well . Hate to write letters? Send SI to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. 90212, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for all Occasions." By Gaynor Maddox '.VKWSIMI'KII KNTKUt'KISE ASSN.I The higher cost of food is causing many husbands to stop and ponder. Can they continue to demand their favorite foods despite inflation? Or will they compromise by eating well and sacrificing other frills? Here are the attitudes of several married men. No wives were present when we interviewed them. An Italian handyman, 30, with take-home pay of around $130 a week, a wife who does not work and a three-year-old daughter, likes best to eat a large hero sandwich and a cup of coffee for lunch — but at a lunch counter. Next he likes scallops. Both are costly, he admits. So he does not buy new shoes often, gets his suits and shirts at the thrift shops and eats lots and lots of spaghetti dishes at home. A newly married man, 28, a candidate for his doctor of philosophy degree and working part time, and his young wife, working full time — their combined incomes now are around $17,500 — admits somewhat blushingly that roast beef and Maine Lobster are his favorites. But he has catholic food tastes — likes almost everything that is good. "Right now lobster is definitely off my list. But we do get roast beef occasionally. Big event! We go in for chicken, salads once a day, and several cans of beer for me. But here's where we save — a little less beer each day, instead of the delicate Boston lettuce we now use iceberg — it lasts longer without wilting. Chicken is less costly than beef. We are carefui to buy what is offered on weekly sales and use it every food coupon available." Another husband lives in a fashionable Connecticut suburb. His house is on Long Island Sound. He is always optimistic, church-going, very much the family man. He is also part owner of a large publicity agency. And his favorite food is shrimp. "I love steak, too. But only in restaurants where they get better meat than our local butchers do. I love chicken, too, and country ribs. Barbecue them myself every weekend — winter and summer. "We are avid fishermen and during the summer, fish for many of our meals. That cuts down food bills. Also, I like the casseroles my wife concocts. And the wok dishes — Chinese and Japanese ideas are much cheaper. And my wife experiments with new recipes all the time. She often combines chopped beef with hydrated textured vegetable protein (soy beans). It is a good way to cut costs of a dish by about one quarter. I also like it." We asked advice from the head butcher at a well-known meat market in New York where only the best meat is sold and at high prices. He cautioned against buying veal, jamb, and then beef. All are high, in that order. "For myself," he says, "I always want a thick steak and good scotch. I can afford them. Otherwise, I suppose 1 would have to ask my wife for chicken, smoked or fresh ham and a loin of pork. Not pork chops, too expensive." An old friend, head of a food advertising company, remarried, this time to a successful editor of a popular diet magazine, told me forcefully that they have cut down on beef in his household. "Instead of beef, we now favor chicken. 1 actually prefer it to all other foods. And, if it must be beef. I'll take it as hamburgers rather than beef cuts." services August 12 through 16th at 7:30 each night. The Rev. Pete Lambert of Camden will be the evangelist. August 12-18 Revival services will be held August 12-18 at the Providence Missionary Baptist Church 10 miles South of Hope on highway 29. Evangelist Jack Bloxom of: Conway will be leading services each morning at 10:30 and at 7:30 each night. Bennie Tiner, pastor extends an invitation to the public to attend. Thursday, August 15 Hope Chapter No. 328 O.E.S. will have an initiation at their regularly stated meeting, Thursday, August 15, at 7:30 in the Masonic Lodge building. All members are urged to attend. Refreshments will be served following the meeting. On August 15, at 7:30 p.m., the W.M.U. is sponsoring a gathering at the home of Mrs. Barry (Lynda) Wilson, 322 North Pine. The purpose of the meeting is to help members and prospective members become familiar with the functions of Baptist Women and to discuss the formation of new Baptist Women groups. Saturday, August 17 The Elks will have a special dance on Saturday, August 17. Recording artist, "Mike Wiggins" and "The Four Aces" will play. For reservations call 772-9122. Guests are welcome. Saturday, August 17 Card Night (Bridge and Pitch) will be Saturday, August 17. Host couples will be Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fouse and Mr. and Mrs. Arch Wylie. For reservations call 777-4226 or 777-2786. August 18-23 Guernsey Baptist Church will have revival services August 18-23 at 7:30 each night. Evangelist will be Charlie Jones of Brazoria, Tex. formerly pastor of Immanuel Church in Hope. Song director will be Luther Lamb and the pastor is Kenneth Anthony. Everyone is welcome and are urged to attend. August 18-25 Columbus Baptist Church, Curtis Zachry, pastor will have revival services August 18-25 at 7:30 each night. Rev. John Holsten, pastor and John Starr, music director both of First Baptist Church Nashville will be leading the services. All friends and especially former members of the church are invited to attend. Tuesday, August 20 Emmet Women's Bowling Association will have a special meeting Tuesday, August 20 at the Gaslite Bowl at 6:15 p.m. for the purpose of electing the new officers for the year. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Austin Cox, Patmos. Troy Merrell, Ashdown. Rhine Redmon, Lewisville. Mrs. Grady Williams, Emmet. Ralph Morrison, Ozan. Mrs. Lillie H. Davis, Deborah Impson, and Mrs. Mary Wright all of Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Ida Taylor, Jesse Ware, Huey Kidd, Miss Estelle Caldwell, Mrs. Freddie Keith, Mrs. Robert Hawthorne, Mrs. Dale McCoy and Kathy Gunter all of Hope. Margaret Bailey of Rosston. Bernard Piercy, Emmet. Mrs. John McLelland and baby, Prescott. Mrs. Windale Stone of McCaskill. BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Edward Wright, Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Virginia Honea, Blevins. Howard Kinnard, Ratcliff, Kentucky. Out-of-town guests attending the wedding of Mary Beth Millican and Mark Edward Moore on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Kirby and Randy of Saudi. Arabia, Carol and Kafla Fuller of Paducah, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Leo Duggan and Kelly from Dawson, 111., Mr. and Mrs. James Duggan, Buffalo, 111. Dan Daniel from Memphis, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Culpepper, Norman, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chitty, Baton Rouge, La., Mr. and Mrs. J.T. De Moss, Shreveport, La., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Osburn and Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Hickerson, Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Osburn, Bevlie, Bob, and Beth, Austin, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spears and Chris, Commerce, Tex., Brenda Smilhey and Linda Narry, Dallas, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Grady Herring, El Dorado, Mrs. Ralph Harris and Mary Alice Easterling, Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Peebles and Sammie Kay, Arkadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Allison and Dan Williston, Searcy, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Capshaw. Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. David House, North Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Warnken, Blevins, Alice Arrington, Camden. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Priestly, Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Best, Dr. and Mrs. John Wright, Mr. and Mrs. George Colvin, Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Randall Keiser, Mrs. Aaron Dorman and Tijuana, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Butler and Susan, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Grigsby and Kara all of Ruston, La. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. David Caver and Greg, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fowler, Mrs. Seth Tatum and Shannon, Cheryl Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kitchingham, Club news Melrose Home extension Homemakers Club met at Fair Park August 8, Mrs. H.E. Patterson, president called the meeting to order. She also read the thought of the month. The song "Clap your Hands" was sung. Mrs. Eugene Jines brought a very inspiring devotional taken from the teaching of Paul. It was about the quiet, humble life of Christ and it stressed the fact that he who would be great must serve. The time for the Christmas Fair was set on November 1st. Mrs. Henley read a leaders report which stated that August is an ideal month for family reunions, picnics and outings. Sometimes these reunions help large families to get better acquainted. Mrs. Henley read a poem "When He Speaks". The meeting closed by repeating the homemakers prayer. During the social hour the group enjoyed a game called "Lotto". It was a Bible game played with cards and was similar to Bingo. Mrs. Gwen Allen read the questions and led this group. Refreshments of cookies, peanut butter, chips and punch were served to the eight members present. Mr. and Mrs. Cotton Fuller and James, Mr, and Mrs. C.R. Colvin and Steve, Mrs. Jimmy Newsom, Mrs. Al Trammell. Melinda Hall, Buddy Mefeef, Jayne Trammell, Clay fur- man, and Jan is Trammel] all of Dubach. La. LOSE UGLY FAT sTarl losing weight today OB MONEY BACK. MQNAOEX is « tiny tablet that will help curb your de- lire (or excess food. Eel loss-weigh less. Contains no dangerous drug* and will not make you nervous. No strenuous exercise. Change your life . . . start today. MONADEX costs $3.00 lor a 20 day supply and J5.00 lor twice the amount. Lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded with no questions asked by: Crescent Drug - 225 S. Maiu Mail Orders Filled —Clyde Davis photo Engagement announced Mr. and Mrs. Ray Colten of Prescott announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Toni Raye, to Thomas Gayle Dixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Dixon of Hope. Miss Colten is a graduate of Prescott High School. Mr. Dixon is a graduate of Hope High School and presently employed at Red River Farm Supply in Hope. Wedding plans have not been completed yet. Saenger THEATRE TONITE 7:00 FRIDAY-SATURDAY ADM. 1.00-1.75 A 4fc • delightfully unique JJ^^^^B motion picture 19^^^ •!• of love and suspense alamHylllm ^ io , Mmp M tl/J r Miilhi'nv Smi.irft Prnrlurhnni. Irtr ^^ c Mulbi'ny Square Productions. Irtc *************************** I * NOTICE DAIRY QU EEN (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT) IS HAVING A SPECIAL ON BANANA SPLITS FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS-THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (AUG. 15,16, & 17) FOR ONLY SUucH J } * SO HURRY ON DOWN AND JOIN THE GANG! Hours Open Monday, thru Thursday— 10 a.m. til 10 p.m. Friday thru Saturday—10 a.m. til 11 p.m. Sunday—1 p.m. til 9 p.m. * * * Dairy 917 EAST 3RD HOPE, ARK. MANAGER - DEBBIE CATO - OWNER - DONALD SMITH ****************************

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