Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 9, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1889
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HACQ38 PHILADELPHIA VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER.9 1889. NUMBER 17G. !:i SS e .j-.j-_ '„. jf, M02E51 CJJ* 8Jf.T,I,S Coal, Lumber and Salt H1SHONOR.LYNCH, Seems To Be Doing a Land- office Business. HE HAS HO TROUBLE WITH JURIES, The majority of the 11U of the human body arlne from n dlseniind Liver. Simmons Liver Regulator has boon the meani of restoring moro people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy IJvor than any otbrr agoncy on earth. 0 •SEKTHAT YOU «ET TSIT5 IPT RM Ihftl rrtrr ptlr Th. BanC r<c>Ain. ••Korroot Shapa." IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF FOOT. >- B ntlcmen'l Bhoo made In th« world, on't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes. Tho Burt& Packard Shooco»taiiomorothauany othernnoBlnxi.ttowo'i nmi« njjironrn « w "> "* __.._-.,. Allalylcs In Haii<l-m«rte, rinnd-welt, and BnrtwjHj- »l»o Bora' nnil Vounis'. If not wia by your dealer wad hi.uam.«.iayoar mWrej.i to • Bn rt* PWT..T* Packard & Field, BS>ckton,Ma8s. Bomb, J. I?. Overlioleer, Sterling, 111*, —SPECIALTIES.— • r The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. — Fancy Patent, per sack, »l.W. Two sacks »i80 HalfPatentj " !.«.. ."' " 2-00 Some of the oldest residents of this city claim this to be the liest flour they ever used In the State of Illinois. •Cream of Tatent, , I>ai»y and Minn. JKoiler in stock. A Cane That Majr nnd Miijr Not Ko Uncommon Develops In Went Virginia—Our Dullest Court DOM n Neat Stroke of Jlnnlnpsa—Illlnoln Grown Rontlve at Ko- cont IJolnci South, and Puts In a Claim for ReroRnHloii—Tllp Georgia Whlp- plngft—Court Calendar. WHEELING, W. Va., Sept. 0.—Investigations by the grand jury in Fayetto county, this state, hnvo brought to light a fiendish plot which in murderous ingenuity rivals those Invented by Edgar Allen Poo or Euiile Gnboriau. Abiut a month ago a whito man named Charles West was waylaid and butchered by Bill Turner, a worthless negro, who had been a criminal all his life. West was a prominent citlz-m, and a committee of regulators lynched Turner with the promptness that Is usually observed in cases of tho kind In some parts of West Virginia. The lynch- ers took little palm to conceal thoir identity, and during tho excitement which followed the crime tho concensus of public opinion was that it was a good thing to have Turner out of the way anil that tho man nor ot his taking oil did not make much dlHVr- snce. Cnrlo«Ity In a Good Thing, Too. However, curiosity about tho motive for West's murder was aroused. It was not rol>- bery, for no attempt hud been made to rifl 3 tho body, nllhough~TuriiCr~ hail plenty of tlmo to SfTOro his victim's valuables. It tould not have boon rovongo, as tho two men imd never mot before the crime waa committed. Finally rumors of a statement tha t Turner had mado Just before ho was strung up became so numerous thit tho grand jury, then In session, took cognizance ot them and began an Investigation. A Startling Confenfllon. One of the lynchers, John West, n cousin of the murdered man, was .summoned, and during his examination broke down and made the following remarkable confession: Charles West was politically obnoxious to a number of persons of Fayetto county nnd thoy determined to have him removed. He was too promiupnt n man to bo killed without exciting a searching examination, which might provo unpleasant 'for his murderer, and ho could not bo provoked Into a quarrel, Jn which ho might bo nhot in aulf-defonso. Tho plotters wore in a dilemma and hel'd several conferences. At last they hit upon the plan of hiring Turner to do the deed and then lynching him before he had a chance to Implicate them, thus destroying all traco of thoir guilt The Plotter* Alarmed. This plan was carried out in all but one particular. West was killed and Turner was lynched, but before thoy could strangle their hired bravo ho lot fall n few words that gave a clue to tho ofllcors of tho law. Tho investigation has not boon concluded, but those concerned ia the plot are known and will be indicted at once. Tlirep of them have become alarmed and have left tho "vicinity, abandoning their property, but tho rest aro being shadowed by deputy sheriffs and will bo arrested If thoy attempt to go out of the county. THERE'S HOPE FOR ILLINOIS. "Many" People In a Civilized Community "Opposed" to Lynch Law. PAN A, Ills., Sopt. ft—L. 8. Tato was arrested at Mattoon Saturday on suspicion of, having stolen a horse from Pana three weeks ago. Constable Marsland left Mattoon on tho Boo Lino train yesterday morning with his prisoner en route to Pann. At Tower Hill the train was stopped and was Immediately surrounded by an excited gangot men, who boarded tho train, overpowered the constable, and took Tate from the train. It is supposed tho men were members of tho "Tower Hill Horse company." "Many" Are Opposed, Are They? "The party has not returned to"Tower"Hlll,~ but there is little doubt that Tate has been banged. It Is supposed the men who took him to tho woods executed their vengeance, and quietly separated ta_aYQl<l_unneeessary publicity, as many people nt Tower Hill are opposed to lynch law, and would undoubtedly make trouble for the vigilantes if known. ' Hhnrilf EV.IIII, nnd took from iii* (HI OoorRo Baso, a nt-pro, 17 y^ars olil, cliarg'M with outraging n little whito girl of 5 years, nnd hanged him from one of tho windows ot the court IIOIIRO. Now, Thl* Win an Artlsllo Touch. L.t jJCASTF.n, To., Snpt !).—Five barns and tho police station at Wrlghtsville. wero destroyed Saturday ni^ht by an incondinry. . A "vigilancn" committee pnfrollc.l the town and seiE'id "lli-dtly" McRntlro on suspicion. A building was on fire at the tiinn, and tlviy locked him up in tho building, from which, liowovor, ho managed to osoapo. Gruesome Work in the Hissing Ruins at Antwerp. THE FLAMES AT LAST SUBDUED. MISTAKEN ABOUT HALSTEAD. Tho Editor Rmnm-lia on John A. Irfinan, Jr.'* Letter—Mm. Logan'* Comments. CINCINNATI, Sept !).—Murat Halstead says in his paper in rcpl.Vj to a published statement that John A. Logan, Jr., of Youugstown, Ohio, had refused to send to tho Murat Ilalsti-ad club of Cincinnati a portrait of Gun. L-'gau for tho reason that his father, if living, would not. want his portrait hung in the rooms of an organization named after a man who hail slandered, vilified, and traduced him: In Grief lyathur Th in AnRor. "The Republicans if Ohio fa It themselves wronged when Gen. Logan failed to stand in those ato for their rights in tho matter of Mr. Payne's corrupt election to that body. Thoy wero in grief for him rutlior tlmn in anger with him, and when he died ihey wero forgetful of all but his. glory, and there wore no mourners more sinci.-ro than th-jy. It is regrottablo that his BO:I draws attention to tho error that clouded tin closj nC his senatorial career, but a generous people would more than onco forgive, for his fiitbtn 1 '.-) sake, the impetuous indiscretion of tile son of the groat general- of-_t)io western volunteers. I have only to say ot niyselt~thnt tliu young man mistake* mo." ^ A Good Stock of • Tin Tomato '.Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen otj •HASQ1TS GLASS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TDMBLEBS LEFT AT L. Iv. JOHNSON'S. THOSE GEORGIA WHIPPINGS. A CHANCE. IConanl, . ISUCCESSOE8 TO _ O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. B«wiaK.M*etita»' * «t one* t»l»blUh I,id. in ill p*ru. by nltetof inrt tbrn wJ will w muuli A Town Miiyiir Onq .of the Whlppen— Some SlRiia of Civilization. ATLANTA., Ga., Sept. 9.—There was some strange eviiloiico K' VOI>X before tho grand jury Saturday morning in tho investigation of tho East Point whipping. It wns tho testimony of Goorgo Jonoa, nu old negro. The grand Jury in investigating the case examined several witnesses, among them Jones. His evidence'implicated Mayor Pratt and Mr. John F. Bible, of East Point, in the whipping scrape. Jones swore that tJaey took his sick son out of bed and cruelly lashed him and then whipped a younger eon, because they could not toll whero their father was, the latter being hidden near tho house. Tho negroes are deserting this section by the hundreds; East Point is deserted by them, and tho whites have to do thoir own cook- lug, for all tho colored cooks have gone. An Encouraging 81^n, Judge Clark called the grand jury together Saturday and vigorously denounced these outrages and urged them, to ferret out the perpetrators if possible and puuish them. In the legislature the matter came up and a resolution calling upon the governor to use his utmost endeavors to stop such lawlessness was adopted by n large majority, A Mew State Up with the Times. BISMAKCK, D. T., S'ipt ft—Mrs. Mary Scott, the nged wife of a fanner living near Drlscoll, thirty miles from here, has the reputation among certain "best citbsonfl," probably, of being a gossip. Khe has received a notice fromu "White Cap" giving her tbo cheering information that it she don't stop taJking (I) 3hi> will BOOH bo the .principal feature in a funeral. Bhe has appealed to tho authorities, but her friends are- ready to entertain any one \vho undertakes to molest her, They Huve C*u|>tured Allen. ' NEW ORLBANH, Bopt 9.—Tho Picayune'» Oroonwood (Miss.) s|>ccial siiys; George Illen, one of tho leaders In the Ixiiure Bounty raca troubles, ha* boen captured at liuliaiiola, Allen shut Uis brother fnr refusing to join thu rioters. Another "NVgro Sluit tn U«ath. ClIABLOTT*, M, C., ti |>t 0—John Big- muiid, a negro, was »hi>t to drniu Friday by t crowd while en rs>u:o to jail at IKiUan, county, for atUem^Ukl rupu ol a t:j-y*ar-old girl. Slllciff llilo On* to IHn Court lloulr, U A rv n' "f at latni " Mr». Ix»Ritn-Glml-of llio-Ilofn'i>1. CHICAGO, Kejit. 0.—Mm. Jnhn /V. Logan, iij an interview yesterday, Indorsed li'ir lion'n action in refusing to lonvmd hiM futlirr's picture to tho Murnt Halstond club, ot Cincinnati. "I am glad," she said, "that my son has done what ho did. It mean* no disrespect to Ohio people, to whom'for thoir many kindnesses, duo doubtless to thuir regard for his father and his , nrjmory, ho has every VnKon to. bn, nnd-is, grateful.' "Mr. Halstoad siiyn my son mistakes him. Wo do not, nnd wo never win forget what ho has done. The Inst talk GMI. JjO^an ever had with a reporter wna nbunt Mr. Hul- Btead's ll^ht upon him, and if was thn last publicniatterthatocciipiodliismind. * * * I do not believe ho [Iliilstt'nil] is a good Republican. He supported Oro.iley, and has always boon tho carping critic In tho party ranks. I hope also Hint ha will not bo elected senator, nnd I am certain the Republican senators will bo sorry to have him as ono of thoir number, for he has never boon true to the party." PIPES IN THE MOUNTAINS. Heavy Destruction of Property nod Some of Ufo In -Wyoming. CHEYENNE, Wy. T., Sopt U.—A letter from a reliable stockman in Big Horn basin, In northern -Wjoming, datod Kept. 1 says: "For three days wo have boon fighting fire. Tho Big Horn - mountains anr~nblnzo.—The flames liavo-crept down tho mountainside, carrying destruction before them. As there have boon thousands of hood of stock food- Ing on tho mountains tho loss will necessarily bo heavy. Tho ranch occupied by Dr. Hale was cons ntuil, together with its contents A neighboring ranch, occupied by Houston, who entered tho land scarcely a year ago, was burned, tho owner losing everything and just saving his lito, as ho foughttho fire with tho energy of desperation. ,T^o I-lve» Sail! To Ue Lost"Evory ranch located on tho mountain from north (o south is burned. Two livea are said to have boon lost. Ono of these is a man named Robinson, who was camped on the north fork of Powder river, with a man whoso name I cannot learn. Fire Is now burning along Powdor river, Clear creek and at tho head' of Ton Bleep crook. Hunters who have been over tho ground soy that fully $.100,000 worth of timber has gone up in smoke." — ; GOT'-THE DROP-ON-MORALES.—-— The California Outlaw Ciiptiii-pd wltll the "Abducted" Myniphlu llriiwn. Los ANQEI.EB, Cal., Bept U.—Sylvostero Morales, tho notorious outlaw who has been terrorizing, for some time pnst, fvrlain sections in tho southern portion of this state, was captured near tho bond of Almitos bay Friday, by Constable Wilson, of Ocean Side, and two deputies. Mo rales had juit emerged from some brush in which ho was concealed, and was In the act of washing his bands when tho constable and his deputies covered him with thoir rifles.. He '• surrendered quietly. . Nvmphla I> Kon-Cnmniiltiil. • Nymphia Brown, the girl whom tho outlaw abducted, was also found in the brush. She was taken from her homo a month ago by Morales. She refused to *av whether she accompanied tho outlaw willingly or by force. Tho olllciiils took iha prisoners to Ban Luis Roy. Tho girl will be turned over to hor parents and Morales held for tho murder of Henry Charles, the wealthy rancher, whom he killed while stealing sonio horses. But Few lloillon So Tar KronT-irril, bat Enough Known to Olvo nil F.tlnmlo of 20O Dcnd—The King VlulK tho' Hos- pital*—Iximlon Strikers Ili-liMn To He Ilounil by n Compromlcn Agri'm! to by Their I.oiiclem—Scliniuibelt I-ornlod — Foreign New* Note*. • ANTWERP, Sept. 9.—A dot™ mass of smoko still rises from the burnud quarter and hangs liko a pall over tho wholo city. Tho flames have, however, boon subdnod, and tho efforts of tho firemen and the troops to prevent their spread havo been SHCCHSS- ful. The ruins of tho burned building!) aro Btill too hot to admit of much c'ff ictivo work toward recovering tho bodies of tho dead, but a few wero takun out yesterday, and enough has boon gathered by tho bravo explorers amon? tho smoking ruins to nviko it certain that tho death li«t will not fall short of 200, if, indeed, It dooj not largoly exceed that nUnibor.' The XClnR "Loolta nt tho IIuvoc. King Leopold and a*number of his minis- tors arrived hero from Brussels yi-stordny, and wero taken in carriages to the scunu of tbo fli-o. Attei'spondin? ovur an hour among tho firemen nnd tho Iroops at work on tho flames, tho party wore driven to tho hospitals, whore those injured by thn explosion nro bo- Ing cared for. Horo tho king pasBnl from ward to ward whispering words of comfort to the poor sufferers, occasionnlly-_Btoppiiig to smooth tho pillow—nn-J_c;«nJ_tho forehead- of one of the little factory,' gTls--*!rclch'.'d. upon n bed of pain. B iforo leaving tlio king ordered everything ponsiblo for .tho comfort of tho patients to bo don?. The arrest of Corvilliiiil, Iho proprii-ttil 1 of tho cartridge factory In which tlio oxploslon occurred, has been ordered. rl< rgy that, thoy ar^ prohibited by law from part, in elections. Tlio hUhop affirm!' tho rights of priests tn interv-no in election! and othor polit.icil nfTuirs. fincro^nrnl Ktrikn of I*ookhlnili*r«. LONDON, Sopt. 9.—Tlio" ntrikoof tho Mu nieh Uiokbindors hns ended in favor of thi slrikors, tho employers conceding tho fill demands—ten hours a day and nu ftilvniu* in wages of '.*•> per cent CHICAGO IS NUMBER FOUR. Anson's It:>lil<-* Silt Upon by tho Rnnaton —Tho lluao Hull llrr-ord. CHICAGO, Sept. (I.—Tho Chicago linsn bal exports linvo managed to nrigglo back t< their old place of fourth in tho Nntiona' longne list. Washington City's nine did i" by b' ating tho Windy City men two gninei on Saturday, while Philadelphia went righ on winning. Tho records nro given below: National Ixinpiio. {Mitred Won. Lmt. I'r. c. New York.. Chieiii'ii Clpveliuii!.. Innhinttpi ...107 ...KM ... 11.1 ...111) ... 11 n ....114 ...1H4 Won. 117 (17 57 GS 53 49 4(1 37 4O 51 57 (II or. 07 .51. 1 .4X1 .4:1! Western. Won. iminlin ..... 7:> Ft. I'nnl... (II Slmn uny o:> Mlirupoli.i r.i Denver ____ 4il .Milwaukee 411 Ft. Joseph. 41 jmt. P.e.i Anierlrnn.\Yon. Lost P.O. as .722 Brooklyn.. 7H :IO .IMI 4ii .nnilsi. LntiH.V 72 41 .fl.1! o-' .nn i nuiiiinnrc. n:i 45 .r.s.i r.i .r,i»i!Atliietle... ira 47 .fif fiH .4 IJ CliH-hiimtl 5* " .iril'Kniil. City 47 .41H Colmnbin. 47 ' ' POWDER Absolutely Pure ' ' Tnls powder never varied. A marvel o_ ,. strunKtn and wholesomeness. More economical tlmn thn nntlnary kinds, and can not be soM tn competition with the multitude of low test, short wi'Uh',, H.iimn 01 i noBphato powder! 1 . hold o ilv I ' eiiii. I.KYAI^IIAK^O Pownr.n Co , 408 Wall -i!.. •«• >ork Jnn:!ld-\vl> John Habber- loa many good »tortes. This ia <m» of his beat. Watch'for the Opening Chapters! FKK.LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads I In the Brining .17 n7 «t .41.1 flu .-I"' »n .111! At New CMC OF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOR THE NEXT. K REJECTED A COMPROMISE. The London Duck Lahorrrn Not Inclined to Tnmt th« C'onipiiiilos. LONDON, Sept. 1).—On Saturday, through tho efforts of tho lurd mayor, tliu bishop of London, Sir John Lubboek and Cardinal Manning, tho dock malingers were indnred to offer tho strikers all tiioy nskod imn>edi- atoly,' except tho increase of wages, which thoy doslryd to postponn until •fun. 1, IS'.O. When thia proposition was made to liurmi and the othor leaders of the strikers thoy aru assorted to have accepted it Hut upon presenting it to tho mou at thoir meeting Sat-- urday night it was rejoctod. A Change In Public Opinion. The result of this has been that public opinion, which had been up to Saturday evening almost a unit in sympathy with tho strikers,.has experienced a revulsion which cannot fail to have an influence upon the ul- timata result of their fight. The action of Burns" and Tlllett,~tho loaders of tho men, in •signifying their approval of a compromise and then, when tho proposal had boon unconditionally accepted by tho dock managers, deliberately repudiating it, Is almost every where condemned. The lx>r«l Mayor DlSKiutod. Tho lord mayor assorts that Burns unquestionably accepted the compromise proposed, and says that, now tho men have rejected it, he washes his hands of the whole business. Hints are not wanting that the leaders of tho men have ends of their own to compass, which are to bo furthered only by ^3 ' Chicago Times Iritlftatliin. CHIOAOO, Sept. 9.—James J. West filed in the circuit court SaCtirday, as nn original bill, tho complaint which Judge Jumieson refused to allow hini to ille in tha superior court as an amended and supplemental bill.. Ill the now bill Joseph R Duulop, tho present managing editor of The Times, is also made defendant The defendants now are: H. J. and H. C. Huiskamp, F. S. Welgley, Joseph R. Duulop, William Henry Smith, C. W. Fairbanks, and The Chicago Times company. _ A*Vo.tJbuled Trilln Wrecked. GHEINVILUS, PH., Sept, 9.—The fast New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio vestibuled train from Culcngo was wrecked yesterday morning two miles from this place, because a brakeman opeued tho wrong switch, ' Bag- gagemaster Alva Cleveland, of Salamanca, was killed, and tho engineer, Dick Johnson, of Meadvllla, severely injured. The passengers wero badly shaken up, but uoue Injured. - a continuance^ of the strike, and that they do not hesitate, for purely selfish considerations, to sacrifice tho best interests ot their willing dupes. . An Isiiuo of Voracity. Burns himself denies that ho over accepted the terms proposed, and insists that. the moo ore certain to bring tho dock managers to their sonBesrand that Thursday will soo a complete victory for tho men. He saya tho strikers hod exoellent reasons for reject^ ing the compromise, Afraid of the Dock Malingers. The dock managers, ho says, were willing enough to end their troubles in thia way, as this would give them over three months ill which to prepare for tho change, and long before tho end of that time they could have ousted every nian concerned in . tho agreement and filled tho places of tho man with others who would be perfectly willing to work ,at any terms offered them. The men, he says, aro not to bo caught by this sort of chaff. They are well aware that thoy have tho whip hand at present, and they will not consent to yield thoir advantage for a deferred advance of wages, the fruits of. which thoy are never likely to reap. The lAird Mayor and Cardinal Speak. The lord mayor and Cardinal Manning yesterday joined in a letter in which they recount tho negotiations leading up to tho proposed compromise, its acceptance by John Burns, and its final rejection by tho men. Thoy express great surprise at the repudiation by the striking men of an agreement entered into deliberately by their loaders and worn tho men. that it they persist in continuing the strike thoy will forfeit tho sym- party of all classes, which bos been hitherto freely accorded them, , The Men Stick to Their Ground. The mooting of strikers at Hyde park yesterday was on orderly affair. Burns harangued tho men, and in tho course of his spoecb declared that the assumption on tho part of the men, who had acted as mediators, that he bad agreed to their proposal was a mistake. Ho again asked the men whether they desired to accept the propo sition, and there was a loud shout -ol "Nof Saturday's-loiiguo scores worjf: York—Now York 12, Indianapolis 4—sovon innings, darkii'ss; at Philadelphia—Phila- dolphin 8, Cleveland 4; at Washington— (first game) Washington 4, Chicago 3; -(soi:- imd gnmt) Washington !i, Chicago 1— lOevon inning; nt B'wtnn—Boston 5, Pillsburg !1—seven innliig-i, darkness. American association, Sulurday. At Brooklyn— Brooklyn 2, St. Louia 4—St. Louis rofiisrc to play tho ninth inning, ulluging too dark, mid tho unipirj gave tho gnmu to Brooklyn. 9 to 0; nt Philadelphia—Athletic 4. Louis -ville.4—nine innings, darkness; at Baltimore —Baltimore.-D,_ Cincinnati 5—nine innings; darkness; nrCnTnnil>u-i--Colnmbui-VKansas.. CityO. Sunday: Tho Kt. Louis club ^vns so "tore up" by thn umpire'.-4 decision Saturday Hint they .jvfiniid to play y.'wterdny at Urniiklyn, nn.l Mm latter chili got another game ns a gift from the umpire—U t»0; at Philadelphia—.'Athletic 7, L-iuisvillo (1—thir- toon innings; nt Coltmilins—Culnmbiis 4, | Kansas CMy 8..' Western league, Saturdiy: At. Minneapo- lis—Slinnoapol's (i, St. Paul 4; at Milwaukee —Milwaukee 11, I)i-sMoin«a; at Sioux C.'ii.v —Sioux City 14, Denver I!; nl SI. Joseph— St Joseph 4, Omalm I". Suu'di.y: At St. Joseph—St Joseph H, Onrthn 5; nt Milwau- kee—Milwaiikccv 14. IV< Miiine-iJl; at Sioux City—Sioux City 17, Ill-liver 12; at. St. Puul —St Paul 5, Minneapolis 7. RACE RIOT IN DELAWARE. Hungarians nnd Irlmi Start « How That Kndi in Murder. WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 9.—A riot occurred at Now Castle, Del., Saturday night between Hungarians employed nt Tusker Iron works and a gang of Irishmen, of the rough element. Tho Irish wero in Martin Leonard's saloon at 7 o'clock whim a gang of Huns entered nnd created disorder. Tliu sheriff arrested eight lluns and put the. Irish out. Both-returned later, tho Iluns ornu'd with clubs, and a moloo took placo. Aboui midnight tho Irish wero all drunk, and, armed with guns and other weapons, thoy attacked a row of houses in the suburbs of tho town whero thoy supposed tho Huns lived, but which wero occupied by Poles. A Fole Shot Through tho Heart. Shutters and windows were smashed and a general riot took placo, in which four Irishmen wero hurt Tho sheriff niado another raid and arrested thirty-four men. Then they quieted down, but about 2 o'clock in the morning a Polo wont out of his houso to tho yard and was set upon by th" Irish, who wore watching, and ho was b'eatun nnd shot through the hoart. Urnnt eX'-itJinnnt prevails in tho town. The men nn-oited were given a hearing before, tliu mayor yesterday afternoon and hold for court. CHASE & SANBORN, SCENE ON A COFFEE PLANTATION CONTROLLED BY •> OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. JAVA and MOCHA. surpassing all others in its ricnnesa ana aeiicuuy ui uavur. uupuiy called The Arlstoor CofTee of America. Always packed whole roasted (unground) In nlr-tlght tin cans. SEAL BRAND COFFEE, irf Its richness and delicacy of flavor. Justly cal Xt! H. W. BUNN.BnlG Agent far BtErling. J3y I>ealinpr with Him. "Vow "VV" 111 -A/void the .Middleman'.-* IProiit. IE3est offees In. tOa.©- COST THEM TWO MILLIONS.— York Sugnr A Great Blazo in u Now riant. A Urakenmu ImtKiitty Killed. DttS MOINKB, Ia., 8«pt. «.--An extra freight train on tho Diagonal, coming north, I was partially wrecked at 5:30 Saturday morning near Lida, about twenty mllr* south of this city. Bnvou lawluj freight oar« wara thrown from tho track. A brake- luan naiiuHl Frank Slaane, wan inaUuitly kiileil. He vraa n young man About 25 yeara of ago, and hiv pau'bnU live in CUicaga OOon FIT.) c«nt« an Shu Doll&r. Itarros, fctejit, a~-Wiili»ai H. Carter, WiX'i j«»^ftej' and ilwvi^r, of l**>w«U, ywaa 1 tft ftSaat*, ^ O«*.,tHt^ -J^ lU4whU»- !i _i a .1 «ni»U Mr, C'»rt*r <,<!• Schnuubelt, the Bomb-Thrower. LONDON, Sept. 9.—For tho last fifteen months Rudolph Bchuaubelt, tha Chicago Anarchist, who is supposed to have thrown tho fatal bomb In the Haymorket riot, has been living in London under tha protection of an Anarchist named Penkert Tho utmost secrecy has been observed with regard to Schnaubolt's presence here, but recently his identity was discovered and bis patron changed quartern. It U now learned that Bchnaubelt has fled the city, fearing that he would be arrested and extradited to Chicago. It is thought that ho has gone to Copenhagen. They Even Thing* Up, as It Wero. LONDON, Sopt 7.—Thu furnine-stricke'ii peasantry of Albania aro raiding villages In seureh of food. Thui far— tbuy have refrained from any further vlolenco than h»a bewn nectttfsiiry to render thuir victin\s as destitute of tread &£ thoy were thofiisclvas, but It Is fenred that Hielr drsperntiun wili »oou loud them to a«'j» brsldo which would IHJ j'Kaijwworlhy. 1h« I'rivnU 4uU i'ulltlc*. PAWS, S--|iS W. VU« lit»Ui>ti of NEW YORK, Sept. U.—Saturday afternoon early tho mammoth mignr plant of Pick, Meyer & Co., North Seventh and North Eighth streets, Williamslmrg, was sot on fire by 'an explosion, supposed to have boon caused by tho explosive nature of finely powdered particles of sugar which bad permeated ^ho air in tho mills whero the granulated sugar was reduced to a powdurod product. Thero woro three mills at work reducing tho granulated sugar to powdor. Tho entire eg-' tablishmont, which consists of n collodion of buildings, eight stories in height, extending about 400 feet on North Seventh street, 800 foot on North Eighth street, nnd 2:50 feet along tho dock, was reduced to a mass of ruins. A IIciivj IMM Kiitnllnd. It was flliod with very valuable machinery and tha loss on tho buildings nnd machinery is estimated nt about $ i ,r>!>(>,0 >0. Within tho building woro 1.700 barrels of sugar, valued at about JOO.i,IK),), making a total of about f 2,000,000. Thorn ware a number of mon injured by tha explosion or burned by tho fire. Tho mills enip oy about 209 men, who will bo thrown ouLot employment, Another Fuftt Throe-Fourths Mllo. NEW YORK, Sept 7.—Tho *{ mile record seems to bo tha shining mark which altrncls Iho flyers this year. It 1ms already beon brckon twice, and Saturday H-jclairo broke it again on tho Shoopshend bay course, doing thedisiance in 1:10 ;!-5. The other mcos wero won ns follows: Crack-minn, 1 mile, 1:40 2-5; Bronzomarte, 1.3-1(1 miles, a:OIl; miles, 1:54 tt-5: St Luke, IJi miles, on turf, o:0(> U-5 C'HICAOO, Sept. 0.—Tho races at tho West Side course Saturday wcrtf won by H'.'dlight, Kumblor, Clara Moore, Cynthiv, Vatt.-l and Irish 1'ttt- Ho Is Safe Kiiouirh Tor Ten YpnrH. jKFFKUSONVii.LE, Iiul.,' Sopt 0.—Saturday Joseph Stuliz was wiitoiicjd to U'n ytnrs in prison for subornation of perjury in eloping with Carrie Ashl-uy, the 14-year-old daughter of a rcsp.-flablu Louisville family. Stultz'a siit-jr win the girl's stepmother, but is not blamed. Stnliz, who had long l;ven nolorious, met the girl llr»t through thi< relationship, and aft-.-rwm-.l i-landestiiwly,and, finally, with ono McCliin to swear slio was of age, induetnl hor to marry him. An Knormonii l-'low ot Uax. Cl.KVEl.ANi-), 0., Sept. U.—A f>|M-eial from HundiuUy, O., says that thousands uf jx'oplo yi!»terduy vi.-jiteil a gas well thttt has just been struek «n>l fstiinatod in flow 5.1,1)00,000 cubic f;-t>t per ilay. H U* said to bo the lurgoal well in Obio. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.1O per hundred ; MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLKSS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. V '.: CREAM PATENT WINT DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity jnoney, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. We arc selling nothing but JVo. 1 Meats. JVo Seoon.ds. • Prices Low as the Lowest. By everyone that comes to our store that we have the Larot that can be fonnd in the city. We keep on hand from ten to fifteen Suits which enables all to make a selection, and we are offering them from $18.00 Also a large stock ot I»a.rlor Oootls, Carpets, ^Winclovf Sllia.<l€H8 9 I*iotoii-o in g-eneral. a MtnUter r Nr.w YOHK. UcutiJ itl^M i>fr for O*rmn Sopt. U. — Willisim !*^M niiiii.lur t > tl, SJIw MaluMa >! ^*&*1^ Reynolds Bros FA)B DEALING, LOW PRICES QOfiO

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