Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 26, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1903
Page 3
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Plant. AN UNEQUALED HOME Within a few Ihinutes^ ride ©f I«ka, ijf £l ^S ||^^as City, and atoput ihi -ee B<^cfes to new Ft6Bh air, healthful suirdundings, rapid Wansit aad gas make it tiie ^ost deiirafele lot^iUbit hom^^ in Allen county. - , . jw TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 501C100. $5.00 dowi| and $5.00 aiiii^h. Location:-^EIectrlc line on the south, lola public road on the fiorth and just half way between oli Cfty^^nd Ui|Iar^ Write or cal| on R. R. HA Oftice at Terminus Electric Line A Daughter susis "By GEN. CHARLrES, KINO. CHAPTER Xn. I • What action had bcfn resolved upoit, and prompt action, was now I apparent. Stabbfr, fij^liting chief i thoiigrh he had been in the past, had ' , had his reason for opposing the plans this new and voncment jcauer; bat-public sentiment, stirred by vehement oratory, had overruled him, and he had bolted the field convention in a furj'. Laihe AVplf, a younger chief than Stabber, had yet more power among-the Og'allalas, being Red I Cloud's favorite nepnew, and among ! the Indians, at least, his iicihowl- edged representative. Whenever called to account, however, for that nephew's deeds, the wary old statcs- inan promptly disavowed tliem. It ?vas in search of LatnejWolf, reasoned j Kjjy, that Stabber had spe<l away, possibly' hoping to induce'him to call off his followers. It jirobably came sWcliepJng flown the lon^ sibpe, straight f<jr the point where sat Red Fo.x, as for want of other name, we must for' the present call him—who, for his part, shading his eyes with his hand, sat gazing toward the westward side «>f his warrior circle, evidently awaiting some demonstration there before giving signal for action elsewhere. Obedient to hislfirst instructions, the niain body had spread out in long, irregular skirmish rank, their mettlesome jionies capering and dancing in their eagerness. Chanting in chorus some shrill, weird song, the line was how slowly, steadily advancing, still too far awaj- to warrant- the wasting of a shot, 'yet unmistakably seeking to close as much as possible before bursting in with the final charge. And still the red leader sat at gaze, oDHMous lor tne moment or everything around him, ignoring the coming of orders possibly from Lame flie deeper strategy of Stabber to oi>- ! ;volf himself. Sud<lenly the silver pose no obstacle to Ray 's advance un- j armlets once more gleamed on high, till the little troop ^vas In-vond tlie Tooth ridge, where, "n utterly shelterless grtiund. the In((ian would have every advantage. He knew Ray of old; knew well that, left to himself, the captain would push on in the effort to rescue the stage people, and- he and his command npght |>rac- tically be at the mercy of the .Sioux, j If only the Sioux would listen and be i patient. Stabber knew liiat to attack ] the troopers now entrenching at the j Cottonwood^ meant a desperate figlit in Avhich thC; Indians, even if ultimately triumphant, must lose niiny a valued brave, and that is not the •thoroughbred Indian'^ view of good generalship. Stablicr was old, wily and wise. The new cliief. whoever be might be, seemed' possessed of a mad lust for instant battle, eoupitrd with a possible fear that, iinh'ss the golden momenjt. were seized, Kay might be reiBiCi*ced.' and could then defy them all. Indeed there were vet- eiran campaigners among the tronp- eirs who noted how often tlie tall red : chief pointed in sweeping gesture back to Moccasin i Ricige—troopers who, even at the distance caught and ihterpreted a few of his words. "That's it, sir," said Winsor, confidently to Ray. "He says 'more :soldiers coming,' and—I believe he knows." f \ At all events lie had so, convinced bis fellows, and, even bef <»re Stabber ireached the middle t <)othi—where sat A little knot of mounted Indians, signaling, ,apparentl3-, to others still iiome distance tp tlie north—with a ichorus of exultant I yells, the long, j^udy, glittering line of braves suddenly scattered, and; lashing away to right and,left, dozens of ihem darted jst top spcea to join > tiiose already jiisposediJibout that] big circle, while others still, the maih body, probably 70 strong, after some barbaric show of circus evolutions <abou^ their lead- ier, once more r^ned up for final In­ unctions from W b l|p8. Then, with a piagpificent gesture j of ,iho 5hand, he waTCd them on, and^ jaccompanied by only two young riders, rode swiftly away to a little swell of the prairie just out of range of ,the carbines, and there took his station to super. yise the attack. I i "JDamn him!" grrowled old Winsor. iVHe's-no charger like iCrazy Horse. Be's » Sitti^ig Bull breed of general— pSke some we had in Virginia," ho pdded, b^tweeb his set teeth. jliay l^eard and grinned in silent ap- Ipreciatipn; USet your sights and give I t'em their first volLey as they reach ifthst. Bcprehejd'lme,''f he called to the mssa. alon^ thcHiortbwdrd front, and ipointedlto a stretch of j»rairie where ^he dryignj^ had lately been burned «.way. 'jFive hundred yards will do it. : Then aiin low when they rush closer "Look; rat. the. middle tooth, cap­ tain,",dii^e.ihe sudden hiul from his leffc ;;^ror flashes! See!" It was .Held- Vfho spoke, and: life and viii had re^urnek to his ,Toice and color, jto iuBii^e^ He was pointing eagerlyj toward^ the highest of the knobs, ^e^,jBLU;09, a. sudden, dazzling little s lif light'shot forth toward the Bsj jiJoL the, lowlands, tipfikg Ixjunet 'and l^nce ofiy.jaaaj •a l!]R^^^?ith dsnpln^rfirt. WHatever '"FriOM EVERY SIDE YELLING LIKE 1 FlieNDS OF SOME ORTHODOX j HELL, DOWN TH^JY CAME." Then, clapping the palm of his right hand to his mouth. Red Fox gave voice to a ringing war whopp, fierce, savage and exultant, and, aliuost at the instant. like the booin a:nd rumble that follows some vivid lightning flash, the prairie ^yoke and trembled to the tliunder of near a thousand hoofs. From every i><)int of the com- j)ass—from every s.ide, yelling like fiends of some orthodox hell, down they came—the wiW warriors of the frontier in furious push upon the silent and almost peaceful covert of this little band of "brothers in the dusty garb of blue. One, two, three hundred yards they came, centering on the leafy clump at eotioiiwoods, riding at a tearing gallop, erect, de- fiantj daring at the start, and-giving full voice to their wildwar cry. Then bending fonvard, crouching low, then flattening out like hunted squirrel, for ais the foremost in the dash came thundering on within good carbine range, all on a sudden the watch dogs of the little plains fort began to bark. .Has Put In a Stock of... NEW CARPEf S Prices tie'Lownil ^ Cheap Charleys New aricic, Npith.^ 'liny jet.K ot llamc-nnd RnioRu Hliot lr«»m the level of the prairie, from '<ivcr dingy hiounds of »and, fronvhe- lliind 1 Ute trunks, of stunted trees, front low parapet, of log or leather. Then the entire grove seemed veiling itself in a drifting film of blue, thd whole charging, circle to crown itself with a dun cloud of dust that swept eastward over the prairie, driven by the stiff, unhaBapercd breeze. The welkin rang with savage yell, with pnWering cheer, with 11^ sputter and crackle of rifle and revolver, the loud bellow of Springfield, and then, still -yelping, -the feathered riders veered- and circled, ever at magnificent speed, [•each man for himself, apparently, yet all guided and controlled by some unseen, yet acknowledged, power; and, in five minutes, save where some hapless pony lay quivering and kicking on the turf, the low ground close at hand was swept clean of horse or man. The|wld attack had been made in vain. The Sioux were scampering back, convinced, but not discomfi.ted. Some few of their number, borne away stunned and bleeding, by comrade hand from underneath their stricken chargers—some three or four, perhaps, who had dared too much—were closing their eyes on the last fight of their savage lives. To Ray and to many of his men it was all an old story. Stabber would never have counseled or permitted attack on seasoned troopers, fighting behind even improvised shelter. ^Something, perhaps, had occurred to "blind his younger rival to the peril of such assault, and now, as three or four little parties were seen slowly drifting away toward the ridge, burdened by some helpless, form, other couriers came thimdering down at Red Fo.x, and wild e.vcitement' prevailed among the Elk Teeth. More signals were flashing. Iklorc Indians came popping Into view, theii feathered 'bonnets streaming in the rising wind, and about the prairie wave, where the savage general had established field headquarters, a furious conference was going on. Stabber had again interposed, and -with grim but hopeful eyes, Ray and his fellows watched and noted. Every lull In the fight was so much gain fot them. •Twelve fiftj-fwo," said the darkened commander, swinging his watch into the pocket of his hunting shirt, and sliding backward into the stream bed. ''All sei-ene So far. Watch things on this front. Field, while 1 make the rounds and see how we came out." '"All serene so far" it was! Not a man hurt. Two of the sorrels had been hit by filing bullets and much amazed and stung thereat, bui neither was crippled. Ridding their guards to dig for water that might soon be needed, Ray once more made his way to the northward siide and rejoined Field and Wins«>r. In an almost cloudless sky of steely blue the sun had just passed the meridian and was streaming hotly doAvn on the stirring picture. Northward the ridge line and the long, gradual slope seemed alive with s%varms of Indian warriors, many of them darting about in wllil commotion. About the little eminence where Stabber and th^ Fox had again locked h«)rns in. violent altercation, as many as a him- dred braves had gathered. About the middle knob, fro^ whose summit mirror fiashiw shot from time t<i time, was still another concourse, listening, apjiarently, to the admonitions of a leader but recently arrived, o chieftain mounted on an American horse, almost black, and Ray studied the pair long and curiously through his glasses. "L.nme Wolf, probably," said he, but. the distance vias too great to enable him to be certain. What puzzled him more than anything was the ap[>arent division of authority, the unusual display of discord among the Sioux. These were -all, doubtless, of the Ogalalla tribe. Red Cloud's own people, ye^ here they \yere wrangling like ward "heelers" and ^vasting. precious time.' Whatever his antecedents, this new comer had been a powerful sower of strife and sedition, for, instead of JoUowing implicitly the counsels of one leader, the Indians were divided now between three. True tp its .practice, the prairie wind was -Bweeping «tr<mger and, A^nger with.every aooment, aa.ihe Mnmarmed strata over tibe Wide»:.bU^: lowi^g^f^ucface sought l ^her .-Iefyelf, anditibte denser, cooler wrx^i irc^. ^the frest .cajne riudiing-dpvm.: ;-Aaid now -.all r-aounds .of :.iAe\ d <^te w ^r^ old Soiitn. Cfifyenne and It •yma-f^' .longer jimt^jior yM mm ^aigim to.catdi a worf^of^^-^^^ ineWM ^oii;' We .leive^iof th'S „ jfiroeda whistled in the'rising gale,^d^ «^i^||i ^llQ6nt, aiid when applied to ' ' '"^f^DliMS and bnm9^ causffHthem ^ ViHthout niatoratioii mnch _ mo'ro quickly (ban br tl(e^^uml treat* bed and c ;lnmDcrc !(flf''tW'''i»lcTep bahks out to the west, Httlo clouds of dun« colpred^dust came sailing toward the grovel scattered and spent,< however, far from the lair of the defense. But, while the discussioii seemed endless among the Indians on the northward - side, never for a moment was tlie \igilance of the circle relaxed. South, east anA west the slopes and lowlands were dotted with restless Lorsemeh, and from young:] Clayton tfame the -word-that through his glass he could make out three or j four warriors far avvay toward the Moccasin ridge, ^^hat's good," said! Ray. "It means that they, too, are^ •looking for a column coming out from Frayiie. But where on earth did all these rascals come from? There must be 400 now in sight." • Well might he aisk and marvel! Stabber's little village had. never more than 50 warriors. Lame Wolf's band.was counted at less than 240 fighting men, and these, so said the agents of the omniscient bureau* wQxe all the Ogallalas away from the shijlter of the reservation when the trouble started. No more should be allowed to go, was the confident premise, yet a fortnight nearly had elapsed since the frontier fun began. News of battle sweeps with marvelous speed through Indian haunted lands, and here were warriors by the score, come to strengthen the hands of kindrdd in the field, and, more were coming. The mirror signals plainly told them thai. Yet it was well nigh one o'clock and not another hostile move was made. Pox then was being held by stronger hajads. It meant that" Lame Wolf had listened to" reason—and. Stabber, and would permit no fresh attack until his numbers should be so in- t-reased that resistance would practically be vain. It meant even more— that the Indian leader in chief command felt sure no force was yet within helping distance of the cbr- raled troopers. He could, therefore, take his time. (To Be Continued.) NotjciB to Bidders; Sealed prop|)Bala will be lecelved by .the' county commissioners' of Allen -county, Kansas, at the office of the' county clcrkt lola, Kanrsas, ;until twelve o'clock, noon, July •24th, -IflOS, for all the labor and materj^al realiir^ in' the erectiob of a court tjouse located at lola, Kansas, in sai^ coun^, in accordance with the plans, details and specifications j furnished Jjy J. C; Holland & 'Squires, architects, Tc^eka, Kansas, and now on file at the office of said coiinty clerk. '-' ,'• *, Parties bidding upon tho work will be required i to furnish a. certified check with their bid in the-sum of twoi per cent (2) of the amount: of said bid and .payable | to the coun^ trea^iurer; to he held as a guarantee {bat the successful bidder-will enter ipto contract and iumish | satisfactory bond' within ten days after award of contract.^ Said check tc be forfeited to the county iff the event of saic' contractor failing to sign said contract and furiaish satisfactory bond ih' accordance vf^th said bid Bidders will be requicniA make out their bids On a unCfornjPblan^ fu^ niahed by the county cl^^. Saine to be enclosed ;in envelope aQd addressed to county commissioners^ Jola, Siknsas,: and marked; proposal forjcoiurt house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's ^office, also at office of the arcbitects.r " The:county commissioners rbserve the reject any o&all bids. By order of the county^ commissioners, Allen county, Kansas. J. ;W. KELSO, County Clerk PROFESS IQ ML GA^DS; Are You Going to Take a Summer Vacation? If so you may be Interested In tUe following special roiuid trip rates announced by the Missouri. Pacific-railway. Sale dates and rates of fare only, given. For return limits and full information call on local agent Boston, Mass., June 24 to 25, one fare plu^ $2. St. Louis and Chicago summer schools, Juno 30 and July 1 ,one fare plus?2. • Atlanta, Ga., B. Y. P. U„ July 5th to 7th, one fare plus $2. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Shri^ers July 4 and 5, one fare plus $2. • Colorado and Utah points, June 1 to September 30th, one fare plus 50c. Baltimore, Md., B. P. O. E., July 17 and 18, one fare plus ?2. ' / Detroit, Mich., Epworth League, July 14 and 15, one fare plus f2. Minneapolis, Minn., Swedish singers, July 19 to 21, one fare plus |2. Boston, Mass., N. E. Ass'n., Juiie SO to July 4, one fare plus |2. • San Francisco, Cal., O. A. R., Aug. 1 to 14, Inclusive, i>45. Denver, Col.; I. 8. V. C. 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The published statement of .some stranger, residing in a far-away-place, may be true enough; l^ut it is generally accepted as a doubtful rumor- How can It be verified? The testimony which follows :^s convincing proof, becaiuse it comes-from* i resident of loja. Mrs. W. jH. Williams, of 418 Cottonr wood street, saj-s: .''Some " three months agp a very seve-^e pain-seated itself in the small of'mjf back and.for three or four weeks I sometimfes suffered excrnciatingly. I £ould' s.ibarcely attend to my household duties: owing to it when| I went toC.;'^. Sp&icer & Co.'s drug/store for lioan's kidney Pills. They; helped me from tl^e first A continuation brought greater relief and when!I had completed th<l treatment backache ceased.^ Doan*s Kidney Pills Can be relied vjipon." * For salb by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foeter-Milburn ^o^ BtiftUo, N. Y., sole agents for the tlnlted ;Btates. Remember the naiae— DOWN'S— [.and take no-other. ' His i Last Hope ^eallted^ (From th^ Sentinel, Q^'bo, Mofltana.) In the ^rst openlngi of Ok&homa to BCttlerflj In 18899, the editor j)f this paper was among tbe,:many aeekera after iCortiine .who madf the bl|; race one fine day in April. During .b& trav* eling about and afterwards i his i^^cainp* Ing upon ihls claim, he encoiuitered much bad hvater, whlch,^ togeth^^wlth the severe'.heat, gave, hlni a very severe diarrhoea, which It seemed almost Impossible to check, and along in June the case became iso bad ^e expected to Idle. One d^y pne 6f his neighbors brought him one sinjdl botr tie of Chamberlain 's Colid, cbolera and Diarrhbea;Remedy as. a.last^hope; A big dosia was given rhlm while, he was rolling • about on the grotmdi Iq great ago47, and In a^ few minutes the dose jwas repeated. The 1' good effect of the.medicine )was sobb noticed and -^rithlh ah hoor the patient was taking his first sound sle^ for a fortnighl The qne i little . ^Mttle worked a eomplete- cure^ and "fid ci^i- not help bvlt'feel grateful. The {l^on> for bowel! dlfiordefa b ^ing ^t ^:han4 suggests tiis drugglBta. BUSH & LEFFL6R, Watehmakeni! and Optiolana. WatchiBs, (Clocke, Je-welry, Mnaleal and Kodak Supplfetr. SpectaolM 26o to $1.00. Watch repairing s ipealtltT; West l^lde, lola, Kansas. ' ! Physeleians lihd Sai VV, L0D6K, X 4 Physfelan uid tMrnaWi Chronic dlseaaes sneosaafnny Jrart* •d. jE>Clce ov«''Our Wax* rwtuiMt^ Phone 461. Res. 901 East St 1 PfSca phonA 1^ flEIO&RElD^ . Phyalelans and tunaoiWh Hye^ Sar, N qba and Tkroat J|p«U attentioii tlvea to txxtw&er, B a A ".gg chronic;: diseases. X>tBiCe, Btxm iiSt Nortiurap Bidlding. PloM 117/ OR. •. E. JONEtg Head Piiysleitti M. W, K Female diseases tad Obstetrics jr Specialty. C^ce over Barelax^hltfda'' Clo. Co. Phone S90. BaaJdaaca K& yashlflgton, phone S8». \a A. N. MINEARi I OstaoiiatK, j ehronle^and Nerrou IHaafMl specialtT:. Dfllce oitt Ooz SV kx wm tairrantr/ • • Office photfe 1«. Residence phone 454; P. M, ANDERSON,' Practical Arohitecf nana, SpadflcatiaDa aal on all claosea of bnildlns. Bfadal at< tention given to mpdem ImsroTaaMali and auperlntendini^ Ofll{M noalTi second floor Northnq^'BidldfDg. DR,McMILi.EN, j Office Phpna Hi | : ntpaclal attention livan to Oia , ment of all CHROfflC DISEASESJ^!; Olaeasea of Children. wxum mi • Office in Mrs. Tinmer's BIdg; West' Madison. Residency Sit Residence pluma 3SiL C C GLYNN, M. Db: ; N««« ani^ Tlifoal. lOaea fM N «ir VmMl Itori tog. ^ . -V W. B. KELtEY, THE Ol DTIME ' TRANSFKRMAN la (oUy eqalppod iWlth heamr and pring flrajs. Offlee In Mo£eI Qro-. cety. lOrders reo'elv«d toy jphono. 88 OfflceTlKiae. Beildenee Pb<nte IT, .M. JONES, V i Up-to-date, Taildr, West MiMIIson Ave item. Tfxr s^le ij aVL Kansas ^ity Star: T^e lola jllegif- ter 'scorn» to use anythlia? so (^gomoh-; place as *pr }ftwood" «sr a headline far-its flood notes; Iti prefers jf'Flotr "m-^a _ _ _ m 7, . * .» .

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