Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, PC TOBER 8,1912. WILSON MD BIG BUSINESS IDEAS AND rnOHKAX. Twin ChaniTPK to Onm Sjiw-lal Infer M(M from Oov»«rnment.—A Frw> • i Lnlior JTarket. ; IVanIs Frrp l.nbor MiirkH. "Thpy (t'.ip igroat intorcsts) do not'have to piye (hp Inborinc; man any more thnii lie can ccx in tlic competition o flip markpt." '•ypu (labor np mon) liavo not now n frcp rarkpt for 'your labor, any nior« than yoii luivp a I free markPt Inr your comniodl- U PB."! "What wp want is frpp markPts' for cur comnioditips anil frop mai*- kets for our labor, and WP liavp- n't got thpm." "Anyono Hint supposps that economip, qnpstions and poUtipal . questions iarp two dilTprpnt tbinss I is very • much mistr.kdn "—Wood- I row Wilson. «_ , . I THE KALKA> .STATKS, I.»X« IIOSTIl.K TO THKIK XKIGIIBOU 0> SmiTII. ._,_.„., \ X0« IIKLIEYE THE TIME HAS COME TO STIUkE A ni-OW AT Tllh « r , : TURK. fBy »hp-~As.sntf->»<'<l rr.'<"--'> , Norton. Kns, Oct! S —That the "x'cry TOPn, who have bocn most siic- • Cfssfiil in biiildinc up the trusts arc also the very men who have hp<^ii most auccessful In i>r.pvpnlins the organization of labor" tlip conlpii- , lion of Gojrprnor AVoodrOw Wilson in an address lipre today dovo 'tPd larp.p- ly to what hp charactoi^lzcd as "(in pervasive power of tlipigrpat 'li't^r- ests .which now dominatpiour dcv<lop- nienh" "Don't you know," hp askpd, "thai one of the objects of their.combina tlOD is to control (he labor markelV And do you iniaginp Hint tlipy havi' - ever set dplilwrale plan.s for pivinr' the woTkingrnnn anythlng-pomparaWe in the way of W.TRPS to tlie proportion of profits which they thpniselvcs pock- ef? They do uot.liave to give (U P 1; I- boring man any more than he can pet In tfit? competition of the market. And ..they-do not give hlin any more. As a matter of fact, sonn- of th.- nio«t highly productive Indusi.rlcs in (lil.^^ country pay very much lower w .ntjeF than tlie unprotected iiidustrless. And some of the most highlv protected In- dtistries pav wages that are below the living i!cale. at the same time tha* the prices they are making are so great that they can builil new facto- Tl«8 out of their surplus every soc- 6nd year. "I tell you this, that American labor, up to date, is the cheapest in tiK •world. I can prove it. American manufacturers compete in foreisn markets In the scale of goods manufactured In those mDrkets. near those markets, by labor that' receives only -one-third the remuneration of American labor. Now, what docs thnt mean' 1 means they can afford to pay American Tvorkingmen three times as much anfl still undersell their competitor? In the foreign markets, and yet fh" American w'orkingman is told that tlir amount of his wages depends upon the tariff. It doesn't. It depends upon - him.\ It depends upon what Is Inside of-his thinking box And wlien yor once get a system of regulated nio- •nopoly, then you get a system of con-' trolled labor, don't forgpt that. Narrow the Hues of eomnetition and you stiffen the lines of labor control. You have not now a free market for your .4" labor any more than you have a free J f'market .for your cfinimodities: for un" ; difir this system of monopoly regulatet' : i , or unregulated, the mono/olist can de. , --termlne the amount-<)f goods to br produced, and therefore determine thr amounV'Of laborers to be'employed nnO. •. the prices that the goods are to :^ .bring." ; '• J'As I "travel froth one part of th< country' to the other," continued th"-' • • Gkivernor, "I see no essential diffrr- ence between the people in the differ-\ «nt parts' of it. The same thing iv - Frit^ In the^r eyes and it is not a gleam of fierceness, it is a liphi o' r Berf-confldenco. They know what ' - : - they want and they know they ar< • soing to get It. AnylHidy who sup- •poii<!8 that economic qocstlons and po-1 -;- lltlcal qnestlons are two different r ' things is very much mistaken be- canso these things have been so close, "i. - ly married wUh one another: in our «"-: .recent political practice that it is ini- - 'pcSssiblc to discriminate betwt^n them "And this gives me an opportunity to allude to something that I read ver> recently in an Intlueniial npwspaper I : * It was an editorial in which I mus' say tl^e editor did mc more than jus- 'tlce. Butj be saw in me an un'nten- _ tionalj Macchiavelli. It said in effect : This is an honest man; he honestly , 'J. believes that a protective tariff is un. cdnstltutional. and if he gets a chanc _ being an honest man", he will upspt th- constitutional arrangement.' That i- i good reasoning, but It is eniirel. consistent with another part . ^itoi^al which very kindly .i."(ril,e' bt^Bins to me. On€i of the thirs-- ihu: every .well Informed^ man kiio-.vs- i- Ahati about half the ppoplq in the fnit etf'States are Democrats. As a ^v -l: informed man I know that tli'y ar. engaged in every kind of industry. ;and they could jiot unite to accomp- Hsht economic murder and" destruction jwittout also accomplishinpeconomir .suicide. So far as I am concerop^l myjself. 1 would w^ith the greatest respect call the editor'."; attention to a little. utterance which 1 ventured to iiake upon accepting the nomination foi^ the Presidency, in which I <fT- -- plicitly laid down the program whi >-h ^ i jhought we ought to pursue with regard'to the protective duties. I said tfaey ought Bot to bp changed except In.BUCh a wtiy and at such a rate as T'onldi not in anyway interfere wiih t&c course of sound busin(>6s in thi' J *1 UiMted States. I also said, and that l« #hat makes this parauthesis ap- ^Icable to my discourse, that we < .-^r^WMTW going to begin with those partic 'i t nlar items in which we found special f~privilege Intrenched. We know what f: 'thofe Ucms are. The gentlemen who fi •-«W3r the Bj^ecljal privileges have been ktad tnongta to point thcui out them- i -«e |ve»; an what w» aro Interest(«d iu J flrjit of all with regard to Uje turllT. i-:^'^ !• featUnic (ha'frlp of apeclnl interovtn \t |(!.c ntllg .-tiiMi an.iy; at the Ix.ltom. U'U to ,i.;hi. K<„,... I.Vrdinau.l of niilgaria; C-.v.-tU- (Kstrnt-in <..;.• ..1' bis • rcsldt Mfi 's; and Kin )dKi >or;;c of (ireeci-. ("tiiUKlcui tluil tlu' (iini- il'M'ce iirxi th'' |!;t!li;in Sljiti' I'liljisnla 'i?; lii -inj; lran.-<ti >riiiiMl l>a> at U>\ .onip whc:. a w:,, «ith -I 'Mrkpy uill ..-suit jn a virir-.v I!M i- :„ are prenarln;; lo suiko a l-'-w »l ,1,.- ,),„„„,,, K,,,,,!,,. Th.. yy' .,( |!.,||; m , tin an aniMMl camp. '1. I•,|.- .-.H.^s ihr M- KI..,!,,! ,l...,.„„M.v • h. .alkan Kln.:.!..nis ibai •|uiU.v it„|.i..\.> .un.lulons pr.-\ .ili.ju ainoim ciuiviian i,j|,,.,i.ii.-,rii... i„ jg;,,,..! Ionia anil .Miiani.-i 111 til"' of ('oMari '..<s. WP d<i tint jiropoHc thai spi'rial ini<'ri-si:i -hiill .-.ny loiip.T lanip in llti< .•oimi 'ii • • y iixiir.s; of llip ('.iiniiiili -i- nf \Va;. ;• .11 (1 Men.:- of Ihi' llous.> and tlie Ki- •laiH'c Coininiiii.- ol' th.' SiMiai.-. '"I am not iiil.n'.-il.'d iu di.stiirbinp 'he great conr.';.' cf lm.siiie.s.< in lliih •ouiiiry. biit^' I am ini. n'Si.>d "in eii- •ichiiig it and in varying it. Ami I know that th.- only way to .lo it i.s by the motliod I ha- <• si:;-;!;<>^!.il by reu •ilaled conipplilioii !ii.<ti'aii of by 1.-- •^itimalized monopoly .\ftcr you hav.' •iiad.' llie parliH-rsliip bet wren your •ro-><Tiiinoiit arid n:oiioi><ily poriiianen', l .pii 1 iiivil.' all ilii^ philantliropi.'^'.-' 'n I lie rnile .l Sl.if.'.- to conic nut ami -il on llii- st.ij;'' and so iirroiijih IIP' •notir.iis of tiniling niii )iow they an- Toing. In «cl phil.iiiiropy oiil of (h.- masters. I fnr one do not desire as- •iistani'p from tli.> .^ovrrninrnt if it b' ^i\on in conrp.«eeniion and jiity. 1 want only that rnns ^icral inn v .liich is iiv.-n in jiislire and ripiitPnu .sos.5 an'! zood faith We are nnv rhildn-n to be 'akfn t;.re of. We l:'.-(> in a free trov- 'rnniont and can't breathe anything hut free air, and we want to take care if ourselves. This business of settin-^ up or parties as specia! •)rovidrnce.s is one of the things that 's played out. So far as niy pride i.-; concenied. I would jusr as leave hav.' I malevolent boss as a 'b./nefici'iit ')oss. I don't want ntiy bos? at :'.!!." "How are .\nu i:o'ng to ^-r a fn-. L 'overnmenf Tiiaf is the iiotiu. 1 if absolutely necessary first si«.p is to •lisentangle il front tliincs with which it has bi'pn entansh'i. What we wan' it free niark'Ms tor onr I 'otwiioditi.s and fr..e market.^ for our labor and w.. 'i ,tv<n'l got :"This •> ... y<';ir of criti '';;l choie.^ After the, l !trJ il tiiay b.' too l;;i'- lo nirii bark. Iton't deceive your.-:. If for a mrimeiit as to the perva,-:iv<- \io\\- ••r of the .^jrpat. iMtevPil* wiiich no.v .lominaie our dm-.-lopnn ii' Thty :>r. <n preat th;tf If is aliiiost an optii unestion whether the sovprnmeiit of •^e rnitcd States r:'.n diim'r .;M.< ll .eni iir not. Go on- step furiluT. mak- th> ir nrgani7i'd i<ower vTmaiK nr and ii nmy 1>e toe late to turn back " II TUFT FINIIN I'KI>IIM:M INSTALLS \ KiniiET .sysTiMi nii{ rt»\<.i{K.s.s. Iiiaiigiiratcs Hhole^alc K'fnrin pn>i.iijili<ins Ihat Will Saw CiMinlry .Millions. Hi A p. Ihe .\ f.-u- .lays :i}xrt the dispatch, s car- ri'.l ill.' si .ir .v of u'ii<.\v <ir(li>r issued by Prcsi.l.-nl Taf' by wliii-li Ii.- pavcil ih>' \Miv for a naiiniial liiiil.scl wher.'- Ii.v a kiuiwli.ilt;.,' of the n'Vi.niH's anil n.'c.ssary evpens-s of ilie govt-rnni'-n' U(iit !(l b.. avnil.-ibli- for llr<^ miidaiice <if .onpr.'ss ill appropri.-iling .money fr .ini lb" ir'^a.'si'ry. Tli.. plan is li'-w in !l|ii. IniU'il Siat'n but i.!.! ejscv.lierf an-l lirii'ly cstjililishiil by ypars of sue cess. .The fnllov.ins; .is an cTitract from tile It .tler si-iil by the Presidpiit to the Secretary of the Treasury. pi'diini-y which i.-i by ihi- aclinii ••f ('.ttmr.'ss ali .iv.. n-t'.rr.'.I to, is: Shall \v.. or shall Wf not li.ive a na­ iiniial;'-! ? 1 .1.) iioi (Itl'-siinii th" rnn.s'titlltloiial riiihi of ('i>imri.«s to jin suribc th.. manlier in \vlii(.|i nporis nf expe idi- lur.'.i and «.stim:it .-.i ..;hal b.. subti;'. ''id lo it by (li>partii|..iil I do i |iii>st'nii the wis.loni of op.rating the povi .rniiK 'iii under '.«• dilTereiit slal- iii.'s. passed at W diIT<.r.>nl limes, which pri'scribc lli'i* different forms of j preparin.i: and siibtiiiliiii.i; financial data lo Coiiercss iiii.i tlic piilili. Yomifl Men's Qolhes mm For Fall 1912 AT^OU'LL find a great variety ^ of good styles to select from in our young mciii- department; lively models, new colorings and patterns, and many new weaves. HART, SCBAFFNER & MARX and SOCIETY BRAND MAKERS :irc noU'f! foi' the very hirtrt* r;in.G:e f»f Ihe fa'tr'c.s tlK\v u^c; and we've .^elecied Trom their h'ne tiie thing's we think Vvill best jtloa .se and .'^uii our customers. The important thing about the .se clothe.^ i .s the way they keep their shajie; they start stylish and they .^tay stylish. That's where the (juality counts. Come and sec what .$2.().(l() will do for you in Suits.; we have them from $1.S.U0 un; and Overcoats from .$16.50 up. Other good makes, made especially for the Clobe—absolulelv jruarantecd in style and finish. Suits... .$10 lo SKi .oO Overcoats $10 toJ ^ir, - C<.pyri(!lit H«rt Sihjffhcr & Marx We Keep Your Suit Pressed Free New Shirts (or Fall iManhaltan and CUiett Shirts $l.r»a to $2 New Wilson Bro. Shirts at $1 to SI.50 Wc are now located in onr new .'ilorc in the old Famous Building. Come in and see us. 1 which ?i\es a fair id<>a of Shi and m<;iniii? of the order: If the I'resiil'.nf is lo assume any rrsponsihility for either the manner I In whifli the bii.<:iness of ifie povern: iv.ent is fransactcil or n suits obtained. ' !t is evident that h.' c:innot be limited I'V riin.:;ies..= to siieli information as iha; branch may think sufli<i>^;it for his purpnse..;. )ii my oinnion. ir is i^i- lirfl .i cimiiutent for th.- rresiilenf to subr.iil a Iiiwlaef. aiil Conpi-ess ean- ta which when prepared have no ele- ni.'iil of uniformity or standard, nii.l c-iniiol be uged to pre.-ienr In oflic.i-rs. or lo the p.'ople. nn accural., (.ictur.. of activities |)...rtainiiip to ai>y one sub I j.'Cl for (II.. povermiiiiit ivd a whole. 1 do (luefitinii hoili tlie jiracticability and fi'ii't-iiiind. .Ii!es.<; nf me.asur.'S which r ..i |iiir.. heads of bureaus and offices lo're|)nrt wl.a! is conceived by them th Iirovisioii In thenfore. my iiistriic-| lion is to print and send to { the forms of esllmales reipiiri.d by il ' of oHicers without cb-lay: al.s^i to have i .."'Ul to nie llic information askeil for | in my letter of July 10. 101:;. This wil be made the basis for review, revision, and summary stalenient in llic -da- j form of a biidpct with supfiortiiip iloc- I Polar Bear FLOUR is King utni'nts which may be si nt press by special inessaf^e a.s posai of lh.» administralion. IIKKK AT lIO.Mi: Con- pro- lola rilljspMS (iladl.v Toliiy and <oii. { tidentlj lleeoniMiend l )oaii*s Kidney I'flls. It is testimony like the fnllowin.p em to lie their r.-siicctiv.. no..ds for ''"^ l^ian s K.. r.ey I'.lls so e en.siiinp year. Without ade.,uate f^tt- ai,„ve competitor.-^. \. hen people •ovision :nade for Kx.-cutive\review '-"^l"' r-re at h.ime rai.e their vo,..e,n puriiose ! an drevision it is impracticable to ex- I pret aiiylhijip other than grossly in- fiat-'d <siini:ites. .^Ithoiith by such cursory review as could he given I have- succeeded each year in redtiyinp t!ie.!;e estiniati's millions of dollars, it if not just to make the President, in any hut a siipht depree, r.-sponsibl'. for MK 'ti estimate^ when rermired to he siihmitteii to .('oiipres.* in the nian- at presi'nt prescribed. riaiis which are well adapteil lo Ihe mil to till- roiimry .1 s'at>iiient«of re- sour .ey, (ihlipaf iotis. revenues, expen-• •litnr. s. ami esiiin.i' in the form he advisahle. .\nil this power I proiiose 10 e.v.-rcis"'. The I'nitcd States is th.. only-preat '•oiintry ihat do..s 1101 have a bud.^e!. '•t.u-h year the Concri ss has been m:ik- inp increasiiiply lari-e iippropriatioiis ba.<e<l on « stlm:.l«;s v hich are submit^ I ltd by olficrs arlini; in Ihe capacity ! of m;nlst« vial am-nts |i) Conpress. un- i il'T a law whi.h m :iV >es no provision i whr.tever for Kxeculiv(. r.'view and re-Mr.^ T V T.uvii. \"- .;tl. Si. Watot-I •is;<>'i. This I have soupUt in a meas- •own S 1>.. wrii,.<: "Mv four child-! "f^ to correc'. by jiskinp the h.M'ls of -en arc subjec! to hard coM.^ and I a!- 1 dtmrini.^iKs to send estimates 10 me wavs use Koh-Vs llrpev and Tar Con - i l>.f.:-e th. y w.-re printed, but the con- >ound with splenaid ; silt.s. Son-.-!'ii-ions attaeh-M bv CI-.^TCSS hav- been s'lrl; as lo ir .-i '<e < fl"..,-:i...• n-view not fiirliid or pri.v-iit it. If is (piit.','i<''ds of a hiiihly technical .itiil wlt'.iin his duly ati.1 power to have ; ly varied public s..rv|c.> i-aii only b<.' and to siil.init to f' j Properly pnpar'.d l.y ilios.. who must h.'Uldle piaise there i.s no room left for 'loiibt I Head the public statcn'.enf of an In!a 1 citizen: Harry O. Cott. M .V. fourth St . lola. Kans.. snys: "My ijidneys were badly I rifsorderei! and 1 often felt so poorly • that I was cbliped to lay off from 1 work. There was sediment in the kidney secretions and 1 was annoyed ; by their frenuent passape. .My Iiaek i ached terribly when 1 straiphtened af- 'ler st'.'opinp. The contents of the firs; box of Ooan's Kidney Pills lii.Ipe.I me j .Made (.n!y by. NEW KRA MILLING COMIWNY .\I;K\:<S".\S ''ITV. KAN.S K. C. McKINNEY IVholesa •er I(»t,,\. IMione »Si» K .\:ss. ll'e <1. tail.; ff the business. I'niil some tirovisinii i;; n«ad" for lay- iir- tirtore (•oi |..;r • :s ,1 well-cnnsiilereil ;idministr:ilive pnipr:im as .-i basis fnr !iv .;is!aliv.. action one for which th<> KXecu:iv«. must assnnie ly - Ihe (.ouiitry cann'ot e\ any- iliins ntore thai< haphazzard and wiistcful ni.nnap.>ment of public affairs Such a method is necessary 10 the location of responsibility for in- etpi-iency and waste. Point was made by the Chairman of the ("on>iriiffce on .\pi)ro|'ri:itiiiiis in wide- • xvonderfully and after 1 had iis.!d three lioNcs of this r<.niedy. ni.v p.iins and ;!i .he>- li:;d disappeared. Th.'re has not liei 'n Mie least r.'.^iir".'ii ;.e of niy Iro't- hle and I c'lisiiirr in> cure |ierinu -i nent " For sale by all ileal.-r-^. Prb-e .".0 cents Knster-Mllbnrn t'o. Itnltaln. for the riiited At the Allen County Fair POLAR BEAR FLOUR "*von the following premiums: First Pr'y/.Q on White Bread by Miss jElla Chenault Second Prize on White Bread by Mrs. Lizzie King First Prize on Liglit Rolls by Mr.s. L. H. Wishard .Second Prize oi.i Lii:^ht Kolls by Mr.s. Gus Krannich SOLI) HY ALL GROCERS respnnsihili- j v,,^;. York. .M-le a.irent. Stnie.^. Uenieber t''< fake no other. na 'uie -1 loan 's- and .\bniit T:!" last evi .ninp a losp dis- lane tell i.iiotie call from 011! in the .•oi .ntrv ipqiiired of the Kepister The , . , . , oii'coa,.. ni" f?:e world's cliainpions!!i|> h -s c-.mmeuf on my me.s .,pe advo<.at-|,,.,i, „.„„., you can ..av what vou i.p Ihe submission of .-, b.i.k-et that! ,.,„ f..^ „„. ,„.^.^n, w.^rk "r!,.. t cost the government $•«.. 10 Pub-| „,!i,i..:,,n^ „re pninp to have a liar.: ish 11,1s ^y ,tn III. r.-i-orl at- ,„ i,,,,,, j ^e cenler of the stape. a-h.d. It mipht h.u.- b..*.!! iminted | . •imc apo I had u s. aiiai-k of l.i rrijipe and the di )ct ;>r iire .ccril .ed ..y's Honey Tar (•.(.•.ti .mn^l : t sonn overeaiiie the la priiipe. I can ilvays depend upon Foley's ll.->n .7\ ind Tar Comp'^'ind anl u-.n sure 01 •IHHI results." i'rr s.'.le .-n Purroll's ' Store. il. L. Moore of Thayer was ktc;<' ; '.y one of his horses and his clie.ct lear'y cave;! in and hi.-: left arm hnd:- n. I.esTead of tryinjr to lieai thi horse o A'ri'.'-h he spys it wa.": !:is own fault Of enterin:; tiie l.arn and putlinp h!.= hpifi on the animal v .-iiimul speakinp •0 It. 11^ out with much pnater pertinence tb.^t it is cost in': the povernmeiit many mill\o!is '>f dollars <...;rh vi .ir b-caii 'se it Ii ;'S 1:0 bn.lpet: in lii.. v -ry nature of thins .'s il must cos' th-'- cov- • re.nn r.t many millions of dollars eac!i Euece.-dine for a I K k of d.f- The Itcadinp-Siamiir'! mieorrycle. Solor.sinp to Howard P.tvis, which •va'^ burned.S 'l.Tie weeks ::po was raif. d vrsterday to the fa< tory in Read- "np. P.i.. for inspoct'ih^n by the board -)f dire.-iors of the con piny. imi">«.-:b!e. Th.- prrseii! heal dir.-':iotis as te est>nir .t. s .'ire based on the theory that theccis no ne <d to take siocij before i -.Tssin'.; on appropriations: tlia' ii is no* necessary to consider r .>ver.ue or treasury rej !ourc"s. Conpress has directed e .ich executive officer to submit an estimate throutih the Se. pe­ nary of Ihe Treasury, who is made to; serve in the capacity of a?, official me? senper •'vithout an .v discretion whaf- ev< r unless 3 department head may fail fo make a reqiKJsl for apfrropria- fiops In the form prescril)ed by Ton- rress. in which evenf the Sccretar?- of j ""^ preparation of stub financial the Treasury has imposed, upon him ' statement's and summarifis as will en- ihe fluty to submit ' an f:jitimate forl-«'''f "i" to P'ace before Conprcsn and hiim. I ! country for the first fime in our 1 Wm. Roberts, who <lied at his home h<re Sunday nipht was a veteran o' th.. Civil War. a fa.t whi.h was not mention.d in the report of his tb-aih. tniie. we|t.f onsidered propram cf i.iisiness with ri spc< I to -.vhich both , Conprrss ,-i >ul ihf^ |.^xeciiti".e must as- Kunio responsihiliiy. I haxe pone thus ar lenp'h in stat­ ins m.v iiosilinn in order that you may understand the r"a.-;ons for %rB- inp thai .vou co-operate with lb" Commission on Kconom.v and Kffiriency •:• •:• • •:• <• •:• • •:• • •:• •> <• •> •> <• cMiHMiKi c\i{i?\«;i:: Mhke Kmiil Now ffion FVmnds Fine .Vorfhern Cabbape: lOO Ib.s. .SI.Z.'S KLLIOTrs Hoods Sarsapariila Eradicates^ .scrofula and a41' other humors, ci ic^ all their effects, makes'the blood rich and abundant, bUcnslhcns al! the vital orpan .^i. Tako it, Qet It today in lirijiiil U<|iild form er ohucvlaidU iiibhi' vailed Sarsatai>t). roi:i:ress has Tr-.ifi* certain f'om- history, a c'early stated and under- rnittees on Appropriations, who alone standablc businesslike pro\>osnl which have p'jwer to review r.v.ii revise re- Will enable Conpress and ili<. coiin- •inests of department 'vads. Kven it!; ""V t" think In terms of wLat it is its own orpanization. however. Con-i that Ihe povernment is dninp. w!iaf il pres^; has failed lo tnjike provision for!'" 'Ii-i' 'he administration jiroposes to •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •> •> •:• •:• • • • • i:.M iM'itAia: s< lioui. (umr.M>s Kotird «i' KdiirNUnn WIlAld In (lelltnir ^ K <|nl |in :«>nt. Sin:e the b.^innlnp of the school t.rm th:.-; f:!ll. the pupils of Wasli- inplnn M-honI li.iv.- f.c. n patherinp a rrll, c-"!er. cf idaypround tn..»t»>rials. sui-!'. as turnin.s bars, suinps. trapezes, bails etc t'o luiiv-h interest has !'i .en taken in the timfier by both, jiii- ;.i!s an.I te .T:!;..-s that a: tlie r-:-hool lioar.i meetinp la-t niplit. it was decided cmiritiiit.' $2 for every dollar nii-'-l by tli.. puiii!.-; .nnd tea-iiers. j T'e r-rnd will be u .-e.i toward makinp | ifr •1 .1. »iiia"e s '.i ;c .il play proiin.l.-. where 'hey .:;re desired. The movement is heinp a.fopte.! trirouphoul the rriite.I .Slate.', and has jiroved .'•atisfactory. wl er... it Icds be<n piven a fair finance. The h-ard llc\v ,-.vpr limite.l the antoi.n! to he appropriated to %',<'• v.hi'.'i. with what the school would si .i.iire would fit a seveniv dollar play prouiyl , The Roard also eonsiriere.I an.l pnmtcd the city teacher* two days vacation, which may be spent In at- tetldinp the Slate Teachers Afssocia- tion meetinp. which will be held In Topeka the 7th nnd Sth of November. The resipnation of .Miss Efly Arbo- .past was considered and accepted. Mrs. Ktta Stewart, who has been here vacat<"I by .Miss .Vnbopast In Wasblnfc ton school. f Loral Tl -e lOI.A I.HI'S TO LnHARPE I'lavrrs Will Trj Once More for. Victory. r-ips football team went to La- arpe tJiis afternoon to play their second pame of the season with the I.aHari>e Hiph School team. In their first panic the lola boys yere sorely defeat"'!. but since then fifey have had ir.ach prr.ctice and arc now in-good form: .\It!:oi!ph the local.players met a f.i.-t team, they hoped to put up a stiff fizht.for a victory. The resnlt will be imbli.shed in toir.orrow's ;Register. as the garne-did not begin t)n- til about tpress hou^. P / THK CITY OF lOLA. Finilnciiil KepoH i"<ii- Ihe Qnarter Endinp ScjiUmber .'III, lUli. do. With this aceothplishi d the people may then judpc for themselves whether the pro|)osals s< nt to Con-1 Kleclrb press are in the infresl of public wel- ' have made In this, in the pn-pa- couslderiii:: exfienditiires an»| estimator- for appropriations in r.laiion lo revenues. Auii'.ority is cranfed for the evpcn-l- iture of a thousan.l million dollars' f'tf" """1 »s s"«'l> sh-^^'ili! be suofKirted each ye .Tr wnh !''5» any Ihonphl as to!'''"' further recommendation which 1 where t'le mon< y is cominp- from i This is..lone on the theory fltaf there i will be no deficit—Conpress ha-« been j doi 'ip what is called '"sitri.lus flnanc-i Inp" While the Constitution nu'kesl Conpress responsible for money mis-: iup. a< well as for niniroprlailcns. r.- 1 Foonslblllfy for borrowlup has hem [ to the Prcaideni by cmpower- Inp him to procur." Imiiin to iv,...'f de- flctiM 111 ciiHu detlilt inav retiiili M'orkinp Fnnd.s lleneral ".- . Street and .\!ley. . Stores , Special ri.|iiet..ry Park --(Sas . . : Water rtalance . . ^ . I Intercut iind Bond Fnnds I 'ond Invest . . . Water and IJpht ration of data for the budp... you and ' 7 „;.,., the head of everv other dein.rtment ;V"'""""^'"*^"'"" " shall Indicat.! what chanpos in l!ie law i Hie ihotight 10 I M > desirable as a ' » 1 ' ., menns of ImreaslnB the economy and i - - . . - ~ : . Is I TotHl RnlHiices_ ^. The Kf'-at 'lucsiloii of national cx- 1'"""'"''i*" l>"l''lcl«y that may «ii«uo efliclen.y of the service. What sired I M open-handed dealltiK betw..en Cnnprens and the Kxocutlve depnrf- mciilH, nnd In ihlx the public Ahonld he liiken Info conildenie ihrouRh lln- Balance fi-;!n-i!ii:; i.i.v..i»; 1S7 t" :t.'ii> <:• s 111.::: .-..uvi .••,.:;::7.t'> $j;{.7^7 •1'.^ $ sn ':7i 2 .•.17 N-J I7.i:>::''.-. •.•..".41 I' 7 111.1. ;is„"..". -Ht .N :;7«:! "$6-1 .ITC.M Rec -ijits Iiisburse- na ?.Mnc.? Oii 's:andin.p' Cash in Treasurer's nn.nts :»-:;e -irir.' Warrants Drawer. Balance $ i .s7 :rs^ l"":: r.'tfi S2~ $ 2 .sT.v:."i $ 35.00 1 2 .921.46 »;7t .iii 1..V2 ;::u i:{ I.I so 1 .-.0 347 .T3 ."...VVS 21 .'..",:'..-.. m 71.V2.^ 227.2»j .sr. 971.69 :'.rii.:r. •.;2U T >4 32a94 T; I 70 •!2 2:'. 42.2 .'5 7.i'i:: :;i ii.r .2o.-.7 1 -'.JM''. :.-!»;.". 3"! 4S i.216.63 4.7 -'l 21 ;•. Ki.x.'S': 121 :.2,.2*,» 3.753.4S ::.si7 .tii ::.r.i. :'. «::s .2N 12 7:. 41.72 3 6»>».3l ?'.'i.»".i:7 >.r, $;:.-..24r».:.:! ji:! i>» $ i<i 21 $13 ,213.47 $ S H «T> i ' 1 $ S.446 74 17.-..-7 • l.7 .'.2.1 't '.•70 I" * 970 .90 1 i ;;i; 2I.S7S 47 •r. 2 IS .-.II !.*i". -ji; l.l .'Xl Ol* , 1 .'i It: t .r .46.33 Mill 72 111 4i'>> '.'7 IMOIU? 2 r.; 27.7SO «t! i,"..ii :.74 If. 115 .74 Jjfi^Si; 22 $('.;!,IKlOln' "•2S.2<1 M" V Zteplcr. City Clerk, do he ;(.hy c<>iilfy that the above KiivteMieiit ts ii'i:* I. T • Overdrawn !<nbscrllied »iid sworn lo before me tht.n 7ih dn) of Oct • jjeul) My Coiiiiulsshin Kxpln-s Jun.- I'Hh. I'M I. corrt'cl T V r .lKCi.Kn. city Clerli. luiHA M TROWnniUOK. Notnry l»ubUc,

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