Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 5
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A\ local Events, David Overholt7er has been ill with the grippe this week. John Preston of Virginia was the guest ou Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, Mr. and MM. Will Griffiths are among a party of six who are invited to dinner this evening at Etiwanda. Mr. and Mrs. Ai Adair spent; a few days this week at, the home of Mrs. and Mrs. H. M. Honser. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hnrt of San Dimns were dinner guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian Cbnrch met on Wednesday of this week at the home of Mrs. Ennis. Mrs. B. L. King spent Tuesday in Long Beach, the guest of Miss Christie. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. McKirabtfn this week were Sam McKirahan of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. Sutton of Glenooe, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Grigwold and Miss Myrta Sturtevant went to San Bernardino by auto today to call on Mrs. Lyman. The Misses Dorothy Trennh and Lalla White have arrived to spend the week end with Mrs. A. R. Evaus, aunt of the former. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berwick of Pomona were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Asher on Monday at their residence on Orange street. James Boots received a telegram on Thursday morning, Jau. 9, telling the sad news of the death of Lis aged mother at Morley, Iowa. Miss Evelyn DoLancey, who is studying nursing at a Pasadena hospital, was home for two davs this week. Mr. Will Orahood, son of the Elon. H. M. Orahood of Denve'r, was a midweek guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Messrs. Robert Headley and A. T. Sigstad were among Covina people who attended the poultry show in Los Angeles this week. Elias M. Powell of Beeville, Texas, well kjown i i Azusa and vicinity, also in Covina, died in Bakcrsfleld, Cal., Jan. 4th, 1908. His disease was tuberculosis of the bowels. He leaves a wife and two children. Miss Craig of Pasadena met a number of the ladies of Covina at the home of Mrs. A, H. Collins yesterday afternoon for the purpose of organizing a class for the study of Wagner's opera. On Thursday evening a party of eight went over by auto to spend the evening with Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Blanohard at their home in Pomona. They were, Messrs, and Mmes. Hazzard, Ascbenbreuner, Lougbeed and Van Vliet. Mrs. A. Carnaban has been saddened this week by the news oi the sudden death of her only sister, Mrs. Ida Fisher, of Amarilla, Texas. Mrs. Fisher was well known to many Covina people as she visited her sister here three years ago. Mrs. W. G. Conley spent a fow days this week as tho guest of Col. and Mrs. Chapman ou an auto trip to San Diego, where they witnessed the unveiling of the monument to the victims of the Bonnington disaster, returning by wny of the beautiful Elsinoro country. Miss Margery Menofee and Mrs I. M. ThompHon of Los Angeles, sisters of Charles and Clarence Menefee of Covina, have returned from a delightful seven months' tour of Europe. In spite of the pietism e they have enjoyed they ore glad to bo home in California and will shortly be guests M their Covina relatives. Whether you tire a member or not, come to the meeting of the Coviim Valley Farmers' Club next Saturday, at 2 p.m., January IHfL, at the residence of G. D. Davis, corner of Grand avenue and Han Bernardino road. This will be a meeting of tin- usual interest and it. !H hoped to have an address from Mr. Hunt o! the State Experimental Station at Kiver- side. Everyone cordially invited to be present. A good program has been arranged. Jacob Maechtlen met with an accident ou Wednesday morning which might easily have proved more ai-r- ' iuus. As he wag driving a wagon loaded with oranges hitched to bin working team, he dropped one of the lines and the horses sv.erst-d about, finally striking the curb and overturning the wagon. Mr. Maechtlen wa.s thrown out, luckily, on soft ground, and escaped with n.,thing worse than a t-crati-hi d fart- aud erul ohuck to tLt- The,finest oysters in bulk 25c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Baled alfnlfa «t J. H. Matthews', Citrus avenue. Mrs. \Vm. Crook has been ill this week with la grippe. Mr, aud Mrs. Van Vliet spent the New Year with friends in Ocean Park. If you wish any choice sweet pea seed see Pooler's Covinn Nurseries. Miss Dollie Nash of Los Angeles has been a guest for several days at the home of her brother, P. L. Nash. Prayermeet.ings have been held at the homes of various members of the Methodist Church this week. Rev. Wm. Thomas of Inglewood was a guest this week of his daughter, Mrs. H. M. Brnbaker. Mrs. Ina Fish of Los Angeles has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. John Punk, the past week. Mrs. Locke and Miss Scbmnncher of-Pasadena are luncheon gusets of Messrs. Ralli and Rubie today. Place your savings in the United States Savings Bank of Covina and secure 4 per cent. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens are entertaining an aunt, Mrs. Gould of Omaha, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Emery were guests last Sunday of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Honeywell of Los Angeles. Mr. aud Mrs. B. P. Thorpe and Mr. and Mrs. Shearer have broken ground this week for beautiful new Covina homes. D. .1. Overholtzer returned Inst week from an extended trip through Washington, Oregon aud Northern California. Mrs. (J. Cole of Garclena, who spent Tuesday as the guest of Miss Ruth Poole, left today for Gmenfleld, where Mr. Cole is alreadv located. Miss Kendcll, an eastern tourist in California, has been paying an extended visit at the homo of bcr cousins, Mr. and Mrs. James Corbott. Morris Moody, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. James Corbett, has returned to resume his studies at the University of California. I have sold out my carriage painting business to Mr. Geo. W. Marsh, who I can recommend as a first-class workman in that line. R. E. WILSON. Mrs. America Finch, who has been spending the past four mouths with her «on in Hollywood, returned last week to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Overholtzer. A very successful "experience social" was held in the basement of the new Presbyterian Church last night. A further report will be given next week. . Through the agency of the Covina Realty Company, Jacob Ross has sold his orange grove on Cienega avanue for $15,000, taking as part payment a handsome bungalow in Los Angeles. Miss Laura Butler has accepted the position as bookkceepr for the Covina Land <fc W.u'ter Comp'nay, Mrs. Arthur having resigned to fill a like position with the Covina Orange Growers Association. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans gavo a very pleasant family dinner in honor of Jack Fletcher. There were present as guests Rev. aud Mrs. A, Fletcher, Miss Duudas, Mias Evelyn and Jack Fletcher. Tho ladies of Holy Trinity Church intend giving an afternoon tea on Thursday next at tho rectory from ii to 6. There will be a musical program. All are cordially invited. Proceeds for the hnneHt of the guild. Mrs; R. S, Walker li»li this week for her home in Yirgiuin. She was accompanied as far as TfitinoHsee by her son Robert, who JH unable on account of ill health to live in the southeastern slates. Nellie Kemp of San Bernardino High School, and MIHH Florence Cooper of Claremont aro upending Saturday and Sunday aH guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. Harvey Collins. Tlie Brooks brothers are meeting with much success in their meetings jat Riveruido. Very large audiences ! are attending and many conversions |are reported. Thirty-three wore jadd«d to the. church during the first week. Mr. Klein of the State University, Mr. Craig of Pasadena and Mr. O'Mfclveny <>f Los Angeles were visitors of Jack Fletcher at tin: rectory during the w<M:k. Mr. Fletcher went on Wednesday to the Han Gabriel canyon to .spend a few days at the O'AJfclveny ranch in company with some ei^ht uniu-rsity frit-lids. He returns to JJorki-Jey on .Saturday to iiK-et I'rof. 11. Stephens on, bis /fcturij froiii his easteui trip. OUR AW: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Bonn Pomona Sanitary Laundry Gitnther's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'om. Sauer kraut at the Northaide Market, IOC a quart. Tho finest oysters in bulk 25c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. High School orchestra concert next Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Knight, who have been gimsts for several weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ohavor, left today for their homo in Stockton. They are much delighted with this part of the country aud would like to live hero. Presbyterian services will bo hold in the social hall of the new church. Tho rastor will nreach morning and evening. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. Brethren Church: Sunday-school at 10 a.m. Preaching at 11 a.m. Instead of the regular evening service, there will be a joint Christian Workers Meeting of the Coviim Glendora, Lordaburg and Pomona churches. Hour, 0:110 p.m. Everyone welcome to attend. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity, first Sunday after the Epiphany: Holy Communion 7:30 a.m. Sunday-school 9 :45 a.m. Morning Prayer 11 a.m.; subject, "The Confirmation of Jesus. " Evensong, 7 :HO p.m.; subject, "Some elementary Truths of tho Christian Faith." Offertory solo by Mr. Johnson. Christian Church: Rev. W. G. Conlay. pastor; Sunday-*chool 9:45. Preaching by the past/or at 11; subject, "The Gospel that Always Saves." Junior Endeavor 3. Senior Endeavor 6 :30. Preaching 7 j^O;' subject; "Two Laws of Pardon;" Special music. All cordially in vited. The regular services of the Methodist Church will be held in Rood's Hall Sunday. Sermons by the pastor, Rev. H. W. White, both morning and evening. Morning topic, "The Christian's Conscience." Evening topic, "The Young People and the Amusement Question," Sunday-school at 9:45 a.m.-, Junior League 3. Intermediate and Senior Epworth Leagues at C:'10. You are cordially invited to attend all these services. We aim to make this a homelike church. E E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler . . Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing- of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Ben Franklin who iisnd tu run u riowsputmr down mint yi'iti-H n(t", nlHn mi ul manic, which contained WJH<; huj'intfs. Hern in one of thorn. "Tho way to wf-altb, if you d«Niro it, in UH plain an t\ja wny to inarkot. Jt dfjiontlH fJiiofly on two worrlH industry and fin Kulity. Jit; that, m>iu till ho can lioncwtly and Haven all lie W.IH will nertainly bMionm rich." What Hen waid WIIH not only true at that time but it ntill holdu good at the pre«ent day, There IH no better way to Have than to have a bank account you are not tempted to Hpend it. VVe will be ({lad to have you utart an account at thiu hank. (ovina Valley Saving Bank A. 1'. Ki.-rckliof? President H. M. Houncr Vice i'n-hidi-nt J. C. Hutchison, Jr Ca.nnic.-r W. M. (iris.void A»b:.( For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Sale—Team, wagon and harness. W. H. Daniels, Phone 20G6. For Sale—One family driver or orchard horse. P. P. Fenler. tf For Sale—20 cords of good walnut; wood, 810 a cord. Arable Vincent. Phono 138 tf Can itso a good second-hand work hiirnpss, for cash, if cheap. Apply at Argus office. For Rent—Comfortably furnished room. See Mrs. Martha Hibsch, Cottage Drlvo. tf FOR SALE—A lot of drag ncrnp- ers, also Fresno buck sorapors. Up Twomev & Diller, Covina, Cnl. LOST—A handbag with purso and money on San Bernardino Road between Covina aud Irwindalo depot. Reward. Mrs. Wehmann. Hp i For Sale — Thoroughbred White Leghorn and Black Minorca eggs for setting. Mrs. J. Wheeler, Cypress avenue. Phono 1093. l-18p Wanted—To buy 20 to 40 shams Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Ad- dross J. B. Collision, Pasadena, Cal. tf W. A. BrotiBo will deliver puru milk, at regular nites, in any part of Cnviiia, morning and evening. Phono 137. Hp Citrus Nuimny Stock—Soo Gro- shani it Worm], ono mid ono-lmlf miles norllnwHt, of Covinn, before nntngn or lomnn trees. Home phone '2118. For Rent—-Rooms, or room and board, or would take invalid to care for. Apply Houtbcast corner Unr- raucn,and Double avenue. J. E. Collins. Hp Milliner]' sale, at Miss S. Ronkard'H on North Citrus avenue. Every trimmed hat and fancy feather will bf> sold at one-third oil' regular price. One dozen untrimmed hats for GO cents' each, as long as they last. ForSiile—3 yr. old Walnut Trees. Seed selected from grafted trees of original Placet!tin Perfection type. Best variety on the market. .Low prices, O. W. Sherwood, Full or. ton.. 1-18 lil HKCTGKS A. I'. Kcrckhoff J. K. Klliott H. M. Houa>:r Marco II. HHliuan W. H. Holn'-Uy (juo. Iv- A/ Wanted—Cheap vacant land with or without water, to sell or exchange. Also 5 and 10 aero groves, must bo good, for cash. I have the buyers and you have the Bonds. Show me. A. J. ReetK Roalty Co., Covina. Phono 282. Having secured the agency for tint Mitchell motor car for Covina and vicinity, I auliuit Jtho patronage of all persons Interested. DemoiiHtra- tions freely and gladly given. Yours respectfully, Phono 182. Mr. R. A. Howland. ] 908—SIOED CATALOGUE---1008 —If y<ui have not, yol, received our seed catalogue write for it at once nnd got your numo on fcbo mailing lint. Write if Spanish book JH preferred. Johrinnn A MUHHCU' Seed Co., 1111 No. Main St., Low Angelew, Cal. EggH For Hatching. - - Bronze turkeys, TulotiHO geese, PoUiu duckx, Indian Runner ami Koucn d'.ickn, Barred Plymouth Hocks, Hull Orping- toiiH, Lighl HnilnniiH, Columbian Wymdottf'.H, White Leghorns and Black Minurcias. Tel, ll'~'K. K. C. CiiHiul, CdViua. '2-28 LA1HIOH WANT I'll) To Make Aprons. We pay fU. fiO per do/en. No cowl, to get job. Transportation paid on materials. Stamped addressed envelope American Apron Co., LOH Angeles, Cal. 4tp Fort,ili/er Agent. Wanted.- Local agent to Hell Hwi/'t'w Pure Animal Fertilizers; aluu Nitrate of Soda, Huiplmle nt Potash, PhosphaU), Guano, etc. Inquire of ('arroll ii. Smith of lli'ft\iint\H, tur particulars. FitzGerald <V Harry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and i in proved reul estate at lowest current, rales. ' They charge no commission. Write I or telephone them at, Pasadena or I call up J. W. PreiitisH, ('ovinu phone |'2!!H, and ask to have a representa I live of the firm call on you. i I 10 acres, bouse and some fruit i trees, .'JO shares Azusa water, '2,'i miles from P.O., i'2000. i 4 room house and lot r>0xl7f» in good locality, ft'.HH). 3000 shines C-ivinti gai* stock cheap. Wan'. 40 share* <.'ouua water st ock. Several good buys in houses and '' Jots during this month. COV'iNA KKAI.TV (.'(J., Clark A U(;Uglus. THE 5 Covina Peoples Store (INCOKPONATRD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY On Sale MONDAY Flannelette, all colors up to I5c only ^r^ a yard And a number of other good things Don't Fail to Come SUNSET KXCHANGE CLAPP HOMKPHONE US Klip Nt Dot DRUGGIST and STATIONER I TELL the talc of a HOT WATER BOTTLE that has seen many moons because of the CARE AND ATTENTION given it. SELDOM has it been over TWO-THIRDS full and NEVER ONCE on BOILING WATER. OIL and GREASE it never met, and day by day when off duty you would find it SUSPENDED from a nail, DRAINING and DRYING, MOUTH DOWN and STOPPER OUT. I We Have All Kinds of Feed ROLLED BARLEY The sight of it will make your stock fat w CRACKED CORN MIXED CHICKEN FEED RECLEANED WHEAT FEED MEAL S SEED BARLEY and WHEAT PRATT'S EGG FOOD EGO MORE COtJLSTON EGG FOOD OIL CAKE BEEF SCRAP GRITS and SMELLS STOCK SALT BRAN SHORTS INTERNAEIONAL STOCK FOOD PRATT'S ANIMAL REGULATOR High Grade Fertilizer Before buying call and get prices SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••<»•••••••••*•••••••••••••* I ********! Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a successful issue any business entrust ed with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88-Home ****************** ****** >rw

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