Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 7, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1889
Page 4
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nmo OAZETT.B: sATtntnAY " \VIii; 11- ;.ii c you going my pretty maid ?" "I'm r^oing washing, sir," she said. "What hold you in your hand so tight, With a face .so gay and a step so light?" "That which all prize their dearest treasure— Makes washing and scrubbing only a pleasure, Keeps the clothes so clean and white; ,The doors and windows a beautiful sight. For your own household you'll get it, I hope, Five cents buys a bar of SANTA CLAWS SOAP." ' SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. Made only by N. K. Fairbank & Co. Chicago, 111. It is not expected that the postal t< 1- ejjrapb, if adopted, will be of any f?rrat help to the woman who posts her telo- grams in her husband's pockets. ; Hrnre l'i». ! YOU are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you sue bothered with j headache, you are lldgetty, nervous, I and generally out of sorts, ,ind want to I brace up. Brace up. but not with stim- | uliinla, spring medicines, or bitters, , which have for their basis very cheap, ! bad whiskey, and which stimulate you | for an hour, and then leave you In a- 1 worse condition than before. What j you want is an alterative that will pur- 1 ify your blood, start healthy action of j Liver and Kidneys, restore your vital- 1 ity, and give renewed health and i strength. Such a medicine you will i (hid in Electric Bitters, and only 50 ' cents a bottle at D. B. fcStrickler's Drug Yabsley— "What has bec.ime of old ! man Figg? I never hear of him any i more. Is he dead?" Wickwire — "No. [ not exactly. Ills wife is beeping boarders." Tnelr Business Booming. 1'robably no one thing has caused such a revival of trade at D. B Strickler's Drug Store as their giving away to their customers of BO many free trial bottles of Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption. Their trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Group, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, arge size SI. Every bottle warranted. New York can't decide on a site foe he World's Fair. An excellent plac« o hold the fair, after the old folks lave retired, is on your lap. 1'. S— So we've been told. C. & N. W. TIMk TABU. OOINO MAST. Atlantic Ex.-..242 t. m Sterling FM»~6:85 ft. m. Limited Puss. 8:52 a.m. Clinton Denver " l-Sfi p. m •• ft«4fl •. m ' 8:tOa.m. OOIMOWItBT. Pacific El 2:22 a. IT. Sterling Pass. 8 .-00 p. m Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m GllntonPass Denver 1:13 p.m. 8:53 " FMIOUT Taiisn THAT o*.BBT~PASBitNBi!Ka OCLHO BAltT. OOINO WK8T. CB1U60, IBttBmn PCI 1 1 OOISO «ABT. I OOINO WK8T. 8— FMsenger 8:30 a.m.136— Passenger 4 -.20 <»— Freight.. _*:«6 p.m.|«— Freight ...... B:00a.n ABKTVB FROM KABT. 19—Passenger...8;00p.m. "7—Freight™... 9:40 a.m. ABItrVB FROM WEM1 M—Passenger 10:3o a. in 42 -Freight 6:30 p.m PatMnger No. 36 connects with trains east am west on Clinton Branch: with O. H. I & P. K. It U Bock Island east and west; with main llu> or points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and b. yonc and tor Kansas City and points beyond. THE CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN WW RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line i embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulliran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and . -» FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickets, Ratei, M«p», Time Tables and fa 1 Information, apply to any Ticket Agent or ao- dren the Gen'l Paaicngcr Ani'nt, Chicago, 111. J. H. WHITMAN, E. 0. W1CISB, E. P. WILC01I, Qaaril Vsufer. Trifle Ikuger. Qen'l Pin. Agt. \V. A. FOWL.K- . Agoni »TKKI,IW<- I'rincess Lonise's favorite diversion just now is glass painting. CUOUPTwHOOi'LNG COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by ShUoh's Cure. For sale by Terry, thf druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. , The czar has received from Berlin a magniUcent pair of pillow shams. Bneklen's Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruj tlons, and postively cures Tiles, or m pay required. It is guaranteed to giv perfect satisfaction, or money refund etl Price 26 cents per box. For saU by D. B. Strickler. Tridce Ferdinand Croy, of Wpstplia- lia, has gone to Rome to take holy orders. THE REV. UFA). H. THAYEH, ol Bourbon, lnd.,says: "Both my self and wife ewe our lives to SHLLOH'S CON- SUMTTION CURE." For sale by Terry, the druggist,and J.-M. Bickford, Rock Falls. "Some people think 'tis only made For cleansing goods of heavy grade, For washing down the walls or stairs, The bureau, tables and the chairs; But folks do well to change their mind 'Tis not to things like these confined, And not alone the kitchen maid And laundress prize its friendly aid; • THE BARBER'S OPINION. I find it just the nicest thing • For toilet use and'barbering. The slightest touches w-ill suffice To make a foamy lather rise, That holds the beard till smoothly laid However dull may be the blade. In short, the tale is ever new That tells what IVORY SOAP will dc ' Clii throw t.ff !h--ir uia-;-.---i -i oint rl.^bnt". f.'^I. \V. IX inn of tin' Rlntn Il-ni-irrali nitte*, nrri>|-.t..-.l tin; clinll"ii ; :c. Cn!l roplios tlint Cljiiil-y is not <m ion rofcrrt"! to, n 1 ; h'j hns nlsvnys fh-,n Oj.j.r.iRMit, l.ut h- (full) will glnd to !ii«H Chipli.y In livo rom- « of tlio nn lw^ys ba The 5-nn- -or clnims that n rnilmnil lobby is planning to defodt bi.< n-elncMr.n in l^'.U. Tlip Unll Thnmprrn* Itot-onl. CniCAr.o, B,.pt. 7. — Following nr» the cores mm!'? by National U-ni;iK) «n.l American nsxorintioii bas'> ball clulwyest«r!ltiy: At New York—Ni-vv Ynrlt 4. Indianapolis 5; at Philnilelphia— Pliilii'l-.-lpliiii 7, Clovelnml l; nt HosUni—Huston .">, I'lttHhurg 0; Clik-ngn- sliinstiiM Rinn p.Jstpon-'-l, min Anmri- cnn BRB.ii'iiitioii: At Baltimore—Unllimore 3, St Louis 'J—si'ViMI inning, rain; at Ooluin- b\i9—C'jhiiiibm 7, Li-uisvill» :!. Westeni li'imu-: At Milwaukee—Milwnu- kiyj «, Di'» jMoini's'i; nt Sioux City—Sioui Cily S, I).-nvor l:i. . \Vlint'» In n Niunn, AnyhnwT PiTTSiiL-ltO, PH., S»'i't. 7.—Aspoi-ial from Younj-iili.nn, Oliio, to Tho Tinu-s rays: Mnyi.r Mosby, of Cincinnati,, nt tbo roqnest of Hi" Miirnt llrilsr.yml club of tlint city, nv centlj' s lit a IcltiM- b'Tii to Jnlm A. L'igiin, Jr., nskin^ :»i' a Inrjc jmr'niii of hid I'ntliur, Btntlng Hint the club want"il Ip pln.'o it In i's rooms. Mr. I.,i.p;aii sent, nn nnnwor rolusing the r. quest and in giving bin reasons says that bia f-iiber, if living, \VouH not wnnt h s portrait IIU:IK i'l nn organ:'z ni"M nam'il after_n man who slnndvrLxl, v.ll.fl'd, and trailucod linn. .'!.h:-:J com- fn:!i Tnim tho .r.--t olilnincil from tlio Cn-ck Ir.dinni. .-<:<\ ninrc l;\-9, nml Im.i b^'n the ^roat- , lo nnnkiri'l \n curiiiR dl?i'n.«os nf tho ":•] IM mn'iy il' c Uinrrs nf'iT nil otlur ri'm'-ilh"* I f'-;' ,1 It y<m hnvo or li:r" !'.:•! nr.y l.ionl ',-il .'•.'('. >Ti'.t f.iil to frivl for 'i'rcaliso uu BluoU ;,'. Skm J,L--LafiL'd, maili-U frco. ^ Ti;r. P-VT-T Srr.rrno To., n-i-.v.-r 3, Allnnt.1, fin. lhbnrd'a Rheumatic and I.lvcr ruin Ttiese 1'ills are scientlflcally compounded, uniform in action. No grip- ng pain so commonly following the use of Fills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Classic a^d historic subjects in Castilian marble are exciting much admir- atioti. A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be " just as good as the 'Ivory';" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualitiei of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory".Soap and insist upon getting it. Copyright 1886, by Procter A Gamble. ' Mrptlng of Sniitrt t'o IHrec'orj. BOKTON, Sfpt. 7.—At Fdrtiiy'i inut'ting of tho directors of tbo AU'hison. Topoka & Bnnta Fo rnilronJ tlm n.'<igniili in "t President Strong was n-ttil and ncxvplo.l. Allen Mnnvwl, lalo vira pri'sid Mit of this St. Paul, Minneapolis mid .Manitoba railroad was' tumnimou-ily (-1. cLe 1 n dnvctur a d prosidunt of tin; company and will ajsuiui! lila dutii-'s on Monday m-xi. For"mn-doVvn." d-Mltm.;.! ,,,.,1 ov_ *orU . women, Dr. l'K.-rc(Vp Viiv-.rltr- "'I;''- ', Vnn? the best of nil iTNtontl ivr If nl H 1 is n I 11 '" "J Ppeclllo for nil limn- Hm-nir \\ <-.:\ -n'-sF'-c' >nu Discuses peciillnr to Vi'oni''n: n I'"*' 1 ''' 1 '"' 1 ,' , f oral as well us tit'Tim'. tnnii- n:vl i"-n in . n. Imports viirnriiml Ftivn-rth tot.-vl... <-s.i- '"<• It promptly cures, wcul; now "I •'"""'•''"••,',;.,' ImWstlon, hlraitim-.v.-t nk Im.-k. n; :-vo is piofl- tratibn, debility nml Klyrp!'^!'.' -"• 1" l ' ll ''.V"Si It Is cnrefully cmnpnmid.-d 1 V- i'-n crpri n.ncxu plu-Blclnn. nncl ndiipt'-il to v.-oi orpmlzntlon. T'urrlv vi-iu-lu..l: harmlcsa In any ^nv'J!. 1 ^, 1 ,^,! 1 ;, ix-rfc-olv iir.d \» rtc.ctiy . jg.-.t.; j;. r|n . L'BSPRIT D'AMOUR. . REDO W A. Published through TJie American Press Association. The sultan of Turkey has a small electric railway constructed entirely by native workmen. Interesting Facts. Changes In the brain and nerves are the most common cause of disease Their influence OH the body is wonderful. Shame flushes the palest and fear blanches the rosiest cheek and whitens the blackest hair in a night. Worry causes dyspepsia and hastens old age. Terror or excitement often causes instant death, etc. Dr. Miles' Hestoia- tive Ntrvine removes the effect ot worry, overwork, alcoholic excess, morphine habit, nervousness, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, headache, neuralgia and nervous prostration. Sold by A. 1{. Hendricks or J. H Bickford. By CECIL RAY. mollo raff. aim. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh'b Cure is the remedy for you. For salt by 1'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Eock Falls. When the barber_talks too much his stories are generally illustrated with cuts. The ivory back of a desk blotter showing through a perforated covering of silver deserves praise. A New IMscoveiy. Weakened and deranged livers, stom achs and bowels should neyer be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. H. Ilen- drick's or J. M. Bickford's. . Finn POINT You should read TUB CHIC A co DAILY News because it's . family Htwspaf>tr. This is u:'. age when everybody reads, ar.ri- the paper you brin^ into your "family should havt "somellijn^" of value for all. The special interests of women are not overlooked in THE DAILY NEWS. And then you don't want to bring questionable rending matter into your family. You don't- want to put indecent or immor;tl reading into the hands of youi children. You will ncvernuild.- a mistake on this score if you take home TUB DAILY NEWS. The neWspapers arc the great educators of this nation. The strength of the nation lies m the purity of its firesides. ts circulation is 2?Q,ooo a Jay — over a million a week — and it costs by niuil -J5 cts. WILL YOU cough wheu B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 60 cts., and $51 For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J M. Bickford, Eock Falls. They talk about the wee small voice of conscience, but it has been known to sinp bass. SHILOirs COUGH and Consumi- tion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. Ic cures consumption. For sale by Perry .i he druggist, and J.M. Bickford Rock Falls There is a Hsherman on Lake Champlain named Phigars. Who says tig- urea don't lie? a month, four month* ** OQ. — vne c . day. TILE FLOORS AKDFBR PLACE GOODS AT W ' B cor ' mo«t oi I'KIfEM. " ie largest « fc-.TK mock u artUtle and BUN r <lc-j •Ignii In llil» country. We shall be pleased f o correspond with Into injj paroboAeri< or invUc inspection ol our cc- plute stock. Wo aru umnulacturcre, 307-501 in BL.TJE -THREE MymptumH of Ueart Ulsease. Diseased hearts are as common 11:1 diseased 4ungs, kidneys or stomach, bin far leas understood.—The -symptoms are shortness of breath, when sweeping, etc., oppression in the chest, faiut. weak or hungry spells, dreaming, pain or tenderness in the side, swelling feet, dropsy, etc. The unnatural circulat ion of the blood in the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver and brain causes other symptoaas. The only reliable remedy for the heart yet discovered is Dr. Miles'New Cure. Try It and be convinced. Sold by A. B. Hendricka or J M. Bickford. The figure of the king of beasts realistically represented in oxidized silver makes an admirable paper weight. SHILOH'S CUUE will'"immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, aud J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls J-«-*——a^_c ^_srt_ ^^M^s.3 ^—t---,.—~s—^^pij^ Fine., a tempo. ontoo ($1.00) printed on the 1 tlli>-wniM»'V, nn For Innro. UMirtriit carried out I'nr ninny j;' 1 " 1 '"- . ,,. ..,„„,,, n f l Trent ir.e on Piw-nfies or Women (WO pain*, with homc-tmitnvTtl, wml THE BfSTWHITC «AP KAK III-AMEHtt- •FLOUTING-Sow WRAPPERS (Ur.OE JIZC] oni restive a ©HANDSOME; Oraniloeo. D. C. Decidedly pretty as a mantel ornament is the ligura of a demure young lady Bitting on a park seat, apparently engrossed in a book. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. *p • ' -^ I ^f — —^x:— D. cn. The owner first breaks the race-horse; then the race-horse proceeds to break the owner. WAGONS, All goods promptly delivered to any part ol the city. Specialty of removing household good* and plauoa. [mh!2yl] E. H. WILDA8IN. BAD Country Luck, the Great Story by Nine Million Witches Burned I Sprenger computes that during the Christian era no fewer than nine million witches were immolated. In En gland, the last execution for witchcraft took place in 1716, but in Illinois as late as 1780 to 1790, several unfortunates were put to death. This is a torri ble reflection ou the boasted enlightenment of the age; but we must not be oyer-cenaorioua, while we daily see friends going down to death, ignorance or prejudice preventing the use of remedies which might save them. Many s cold runs into consumption, while indigestion and impure blood debilitates the system, inviting fatal attacks, when the use. of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery would have -ensured healtlLftnd HARVEST REPORT. Threshing Machines at Work in the Northwest. FAEMEE3 WAIT TOR AN ADVANCE, Ami Put In Their. Time Preparing for Next Yenr'« Crop— lleportn from Bllnne- .John Habberton, Soon to Appear in this Paper. "Love levels all things." Perhaps so; but it has been noticed that its tendency is not to make the head level. • THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shilob's Cure, We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls It B no doubt a due' sense of fitness of things that makes BO many comets barely visible to the naked eye. USE SliHUNG GAifeTTE Originality of design is shown in the spreading leaves of the phfbian cabbage, the centers of which are clustered into a bowl for flowers. -—--- : ------- The <j)raBd Prerequisite of Vigor. The dual operation of digestion and assimilation is the grand-prerequisite of vigor. To insure the conversion of food into rich nutritious blood, it ia only necessary to use with persistence and systematically Hosteller's Stomach Bitters.. The fountain head of supply in the animal economy is the stomach To regulate, to invigorate that organ, and thus facil tate its digestive and assimilative processes, should be the chief aim ot those troubled with a deficit of stamina Nervousness, insomnia, feeble appetite - these are usually traceable to impaired digestion. Overcome this and you of necessity dismiss its multifarious, preplexing and harass- Ing symptoms. The emaciated can never hope to gain flesh so long as assimilation is imperfect. The Bitters surmounts the only obstacle to an increase not only of vigor, but of bodily substance. Conquer also with the Bitters malaria, kidney and liver complaint, constipation and rheumatic trouble. Thoroughness characterizes its effects. Una Etched on the front of a [silver triplicate mirror, recently shftwn, are the figures which have made the painting, "The AngeluB," so famous. Bhenma Ism and Dyspepsia Cared. Miss Jannette Day used several bottles of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup and found almost instant relief. I have received greater benefit from the use of .Hlbbard's-Rheumatic -Syrup for dyspepsia than any medicine lever used. Many of my acquaintances have used it aud all speak of it in the high est terms. Miss BUILT A. DAY. We certify to the above testimonials. We have never handled remedies that give such universal satisfaction.' Brad- sbaw & Thomas, Druggists, Falrfield, Iowa. Prepared by Rheumatic Byrup Co, Jackson, Mich. ttha A small bronze basket, painted to imitate wicker work, having the tigure of a child perched saucily on the edge, is & recent importation. Forced, to Ixsave Home. Over 60 people were forced to leave their home* yesterday to call for a free trial package of Lane's Family Aledi- cine. if your bloed le bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and h»v« headache and an utiaigbtly complexion, don't fail to call. on any druggist to-day for a free mm- 1 pie of this tfritau remedy. The todies praise It. Everyone Kkea It- Large •Ize package W> couU. " 2 Mail will n«v«r be a fT«* agmit »o king .4« WVUJSM uhiKUux} althyr to :ul« or ' Was. * Carry in. stock at all times all the leading makes of Corsets: Eoyal Worcester, Belle, Easy Hip, Nursing Amorita, Kinsington, No. 660, No. 318 No. 319. Ball's H. P. and Health Waists, .Duplex, 1*. C. and Diagonal Waist, Warner's HealthjmdI Coraline. All Corstts Bold at special prices. We sell more corsets than alTSterling because buyers appreciate a saving ot 25 to 40c on every corset. • x -JNFV Valuable Hoarding Information. to Honsc Keepers. Do you want boarders? If you do you can easily secure ibem by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. Blobbs aays his wife gets six sheets in the wind every Monday, and she ia a Prohibitionist. -- Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes ail druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle fre>* that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and $1.00. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. 2a ABBREVIATEIVTELEQRAMS. At Now York it is ntRted that tho widow of Judge Terry will go on tha stage. Henry N. Genet, the "Princs Hal" of tho Tweed ring in New York, died in that city Friday morning. A trades union congress at Dundee, Scot- laud, this week rejected the idea of an eight- hour day by a vote of 88 to Oa Indian police are patrolling tho recently acquired Hioux reservation lacda to keep land «poculator*outot the country. The miners along the Iowa Central and Toledo, Peorla and Western have struck for a 10-cent—a-ton advance in wagea. A teachers' institute, which has been in session at Crawfordaville, Ind., resolved that it ia unbecoming ia pedagogues to chow gum. May Marchand, a girl of about 18 yean, left Chicago Friday afternoon for Niagara, where she proposes to make a trip over the falls in a barrel x Severe storms prevailed Friday In different part? of Switzerland. Many farm bouses have been etrnrtk by llgtftnitig and burned to the ground. Walter Q. Greaham camp, Bonn of Veterans, has been orgauUxl at Indianapolis, tun quidnuncs say, for the purpoee of booming the judge for the pregldeney. The Chicago World's fair committee announces -that the whole $5,000,000 capital stock hna boen pledge I, George U. Pullman putting his uaiuo down for $100,000 of it Kwv. J. K. OrifHis, a Baptut preacher ot W*uoond«, Lake couoty, His., htd «!O[KK: with a MIM Tiduiarab, l*aviug Ilia wife and two children to look out fin- thoiusolvo*. Ch*rl«* iUigh, who dwwrtod hit fautiljr tu N»w York &&d wiu arrmMI ciinnr BJu*«»ti bi* "its *a4 ttaj dtmrc V'ft ii> by It tunii out that tho umpire of the game j of base bnll nt Diirlin^ton, B. C., last week, ' who was struck with a ba!*o ball bat by . Congressman D/irRaii'd son, Is not dead, n»l will probably recover. A tramp who was sol 1 to a farmer at Macon, Mo., under tho ntato law against vagrancy about a year u;o, has bagun suit In tiio XInited States court fpr diima^oi agaiunt the 'authorities for falsa ImprisOninDiit. Before leaving Mr. AVannnmker's residonco Friday mornlnc President HuiTison pulled up his alei'Vfs and jiltuitod a tree on the post- niajiter . general^ pliiuUition. The day was hot and the presidential perspiration flowed freely. The troo WOK a cliustnut. Wlilpplnff Negroes In Georgia. ATLANTA, Ga., Beiit. 7.—A delegation of citizens called on Governor Gordon yest?r- day ond nsked him to tuke uctlon concerning the whipping of a lot of ui'groei by un- cnowu white mm, Thursday night, at East Point, near Atlanta. The uffuir grow out of the lynching of a negro boy on WcrliieK.1oy tor rape. The neRrcws held a niass-meitlng, and the citizens, becoming Beared, scut for tho police from Atlanta. Tho presence of the officers prevented forlher troub e, but after they bad go .u a lot of white men went to different cabins, and whipped the negroes. The governor has offered a reward of $100 for any person convicted of having taken part in the oitnir. Two of Our Wur Bhlps Condemned. WABHINOTON CITY, Bopt. 7.—The United Btatos navy is to loso two of its vousels. Reports from the boards appointed to inspect the Quinueboug and the Junlata have been received at the navy department ani they state that these vessels cannot be repaired for active service within the limit of 20 per cent, of their cost, as proscribed by law. They will bo condemned aud advertisements for their enlti published. The Juniata was the first vessel built for th* United Btatos nav> during the war. Gives tbo Situation Another Color. NEW OBLKANS, Bopt. 7.—The Picayune's Meridian, Miss., special, says: Four white men, charged with burning tae barn of a colored man, were held without ball yesterday aftar a three days' examination to an- gwor before the circuit court Tho offmus U punishable by d-'iith, as thora were persons asleep lu the housj at tho time. ^ Guld ITounil In NOVA Houtla. HAIO»AX, N. a, Sept. T. —Gold ba* been disoavwutl at Priric«'« I/xlg<<, *sv»n mile* from this i;ity. Thors are fuur Isads said 66 bo ou a Hr\u wichtho fituiuua MoulAgualeo'.la, at VVavnrly, aiul pro<u>unceU to be vary rSeJx WAsniNOTON Cur, Bept 7.—The report of the board appointed to make a test of tho gunbiat Petrel has been received by Secretary Tracy and bears out the predictions ;enerally made that the vessel did not levelop the amount of horse-power required the contract, and this will cost the contractor (5,521. Otherwise nlin is all right." Kunklii Again Sorloun 111. LONDON, S.'pt. 7.—Mr. John Ruskin is Rgaln reported seriously ill. - . 8TAETLIN6_EVIDENOE. OP TUB CUKK OF SKIN DISEASES AV11BN AU OTHEIl METHODS PAIL. ear*. c.oyeriDfc face, Iienrt, and entire bo''y with •white BcabH. Mkln red. Itchy and bleeding:. Hair all Koue, Mpeut hanitredv ot UollurM. I'riinouuf <-d Incurable. Cared by Vatlrnrn Uemedles. My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on my left cheek, spreading u<:rO93 my 11030. and almost covering my face. It ran Into my eyest-an^tlie pliyslcliiu was afraid I would lose my eyesight altogether. It spivad all over tny hend, aad my hair all fell out, until I was entirely baM-lieadeii ; s, und my . ny huudrods of dollars, I was pronounced in- nule. I beard ot the CUTICUK* HHMKDIKM, , It then broke out on my arms and nhoulders, un til my arum were Just one sore. It cove entire body, my face, bead and shoulders the worst. The white scabs fell constantly from my head, shoulders and arms; the skin would tmclton and bo red and very Itchy, and would crack and bleed If scratched. Alter spending man curn , and after using two bottles CUTICUHA KKSOI, VK.NT, I could see a change; and alter I had taken four botllea, I was ulmo-t cured; and when I had used six bottles of CUTICUUA KKBOLVKNT and one box of CUTIOUUA, and one cake of Cu- TICDBA HOAP, I was cured of the dreadful disease 'rom which I had suffered for flve years. I thought the disease would leave H very deep scar, but- the OUTIOVBA BBMKOIKS. cured ft without any scars. I cannot express with a pen what I suffered before using the OiracuBA RKM- KDiEfl. They saved my life, and -feel It my duty to recoaimend ,them. Jly hair Is restored as good as ever, and so Is my eyesight I d now of a number of different persons who tmveusnd tho CUTICUKA UKUKDIKS, and all have received groat benefit from their use. MM. KOSA KELLY, Itockwell O'lty, Calhoun County, Iowa. Cutlcnra It Curo every species of agonizing, humiliating Itching, bleediug, luirnlug, scaly, blotchy, and pimply diseases of the skin, scalp, and Wood, witii loss of liKlr, from pimples to ^crolulu, except posslhly IchtbyoilH. ' Hold everywhere. 1'rlca, OUTIUUIIA. SOci; SOAP, Sflc.; RKSOI.VKWT, Jl. 1'repitred by tbu POTTKK DJIUO AND GlIUMIUAI. <X>KrOHATIOM, lioutou. BSTKeiul for^'JIow to Curo Hkln lMseaat>3,"M paHtfa. 6U Illustrations. m>U lOOjesjjiiionlal!!. PJiUll'LkS, blai*Js!ity«ls, rvd, rougli^"cliiij>fTtui 1 "" tuiU oily aklii prevented by CUTICUUA »OA P. by an KiuiriiioUH Corn Crop — Tho Prospect for Wheat find Out s-— Manitoba's Great \Vltent Yield. ST. PAUL, Sept. 7.— Tho threshing machines are busy in mnny sections of tha northwest, but threshing is by no moana general. Tlio ucrengn of fall plowing promises to lio unusually Inrgi.-. Farmers UP) engaged in turning up their laud very extensively, preferring to leave their thresh- • ing until later in the season, when they hope to see a further advance in prices. In other words, those that cun ulTorU to hoM back tha grain are, doing so. The wlioat movement is therefore very light The railroads HIM just • beginning to feel it Reports re.fjived from all parts of Minue.-iotu lully bear out tho estimates that have been presented of the" wheat crop. - - .......... - ; - ..... ~~ --^- : --'- - --- '•-- : -— The. Yield in Dnltotu. The unoveumws of the yield in the Dakota? renders it impossible to give anything like accurate flguro3,_but tin pr&!)abilily is that ___ the entire yield will not exox-il avWJO.OUO. bushels, and there ore sjvernl D.ikotun districts in which the farmers will ninlltdifll- oult to get along comfortably through iho winter. Corn and £bx uavo sulFcred considerably in seatterd loralitl'S In • southern Minnesota ami Bouth Dakota, on account of drought The extriShio luat dnri.i^ tha last week in August, which, iC thore had been moisture in the earth- wonl I Imvo nl.leil tho corn crop immensely, luulrfin opptKiile uiTeot • Uauy fields of laUj corn were dried up. Notwithstanding this, however, tho corn crop will be considerably above this average ia Minnesota. In the more southern couutiea nome fields Imvo been cut, ami llic corn has been marketed. Tho crop IB Iwlioved now to be generally boyond the roauligf frost Great Crop of Corn In Kunnus. TOPEKA, Kan., Kept. 7.— Tho September •rop report of the btato a^ric\iltural dopart- meut, issued yesterday, increases thoyieid|of corii, ami i plnces tha total pro luet at 207, • £91,105 bushels, which is about one-third greater than evor Lufoi'u produced in Ijjin- sai Ihe report pnys; "In a number of counties in southeastern and also in control Kalians correspondents already report damage to tue crop from uontinuoil dry weather, and if this dry woathar continues tlio total product for the state may bj somewhat reduced." •Wlieat and O«t«. Regar lins wheat, tho report nays: "In, sixty-two of tho 103 counties reporting pur .correspondents, a.iy that wh(;;>ru or- less damaged by rust and i xpns'uro in shock, Tho jiroviously estimated nveraga product per acre is thereby reduced 11 pvrcrmt. R> I'orts show Ihe tc.tiil yield ol winter wheat is 8a,5(io,7U8 bushels. In seventy-live of tho loa counties reporting a | ortion of the oats crop has beun entirely lost by wet weather. Tho average product per ncro U thirty bushels, which giv;-s n total oats product for the state of 40,::07,Utl7 bushels. Alanitubit In Luck. WiHNitPEO, Muu., 8'jpt 7.— Every district In the province reports a lirst-clasa wheat crop, uud tho work of threshing tho crop is in progress. The whole crop will grade No. 1 htinl. Twenty new elevators ore building in Manitoba. FAIKBUIIY, Ills., Bept 1.— A light frost visited this suction Thursday ni^ht, but luckily tho most ot tho corn ia too tar along for froat to hurt It If STOPS THE PAINT , Uu p&Uui KB- K SIT ttf K UU- l-AlK 1'l.ASTKi!, thU A Good Kejtort of Iluilunu. KBW YOUK, Bopt T—R G. LHiii & Ca's weekly review of trade says: Kml iji>- prov«ni9iit Li seat) in oluuwt every du|>art- ment ot tiusluusa. With t-si-U Wevk u be- ojinw niOTo rvrtain that tliu crops of tha year will Ins large, uml of !iil» Iho ua»* frt»m lias oleavly liuj'n»t,il a. \nr^at fi.-nslKtj

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