Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 11, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAUPORNfA. Entered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-cluss matter. Published every Saturday by the Co- Tina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. One Year in advance Six Months Three Months .. Single Copies . $1.50 .75 .50 ABVHRTrflKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Iviners 5c per line each Insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch first. insertion, £0 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. Jan. 11, 1008. The Panic of 1907. Secretary Tnft, lias launcher] his boom. In a speech nt JJoston on Monday be gavo evidence that he stood squarely on President's policy of tho past three yours- n square donl for nil. Tho text of his speech was "Tho Panic of 1907; its Causes, its Probable Effects and the Relation to it of the Policies of tho National Administration," "There in a giant struggle," said Mr. Taff,, "between the national administration and certain powerful combinations called trusts. They be- cnrrM) tho dictators of tho great, railroads, however powerful, and by threatening a withdrawal of patronage, secured unlawful and discriminating rebates, which greatly increased their profits and still more supress- ing competition. Tho purpose of' the administration was to make these trusts, however powerful and wealthy, to know that, tho laws upon the statute books were living things and must ho obeyed. "The passage of tho railroad rate bill met tho opposition of many of tho railroads, but, tho successful fight waged by tho administration was a noteworthy one, and now after a victory has been won und these trusts show that thoy fear the law, tho panic cornea (in. Tho trust magnates, solidly entrenched with great, financial resources, are not tho ones that suffer the most from it. It is tho .men who have had no such unlawful method of making money. Tho agents and sympathi'/ors of tho trusts now rush forward to piuoo the blame of, present conditions upon the ad- minis^ration. Thoy seek to use tho panic as an argument for giving up the moral victory which Ijns hvan IRWINDALE. Mr. and Mr.';. H. Miller of Jrwin 'la]a entertained nt, dinner Mr. and Mrs. LaValley of City, Mont., find Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. (J. T, Brown of Irwindale has visit Ing him n nephew, Otis JJrown, wife and two children, from Preston, In. CHARTEROAK. Rev. and Mrs. fjeo. Howe tit Randolph, Vermont, were gneflf.fl several days last wpok of Mr. and Mrs Hrowell. This is their first trip to California as thoy have usually Hpent th.';ir vacations in the .states, and they are much with this r:oiinf.ry. CiiHhman's Htoro and rooming house ore opened and already doing a nifih- irig business. K. H. Rogers has accepted a poni- tion with tho Fitch i\ nto Company, Los Angeles. Oeo. Nowoll has also gone to work in tho city. Notice to the Public. Tfereaftor my work will be exclusively office practice, chronic diBennes principally. Hpeoinltiwi: Cancer, Htomach arid InteHtiriQH, xenito-urin- ary, oar, IIOHO find throat. DiweaHCH of the nervous Hyntern. Hee card for hours. Dr. William (Jappn. O/Hcn practitioner, Covinti, Cal. "It has been said that the policy of the administration has been directed against orKiwlzed capital and that it has thereby frightened inventors. I deny it. Tho course of tho administration has boon directed against suoh organized capital as was violating the statutes of the United Htates—and no others, It has every consideration for and desire to aid and assist; organized capital which is engaged in legitimate business. "It is indispensable to prevent tho absolute control of the whole financial system of the country passing to a small oligarchy of individuals. "I am earnestly opposed lo the government ownership of the^inter- Htiito railroads that are Mm arterial system of tho country. Those railroads should continue to be managed by jirivato corporations. (iovcin- ment ownership of railroads means state socialism, an increase in the power oi the central government that would be dangerous. "If lho> abiiflns of monoply and discrimination cannot be restrained; if tho concentration of power made possible by such abum's continues and increases and tho oppression of an oligarchy cannot bo avoided, then socialism will triumph and the institution of private property will perish," Assessment Notice. Fn/stless Holt, Water Co,, location of principal place of business, Han fJimas, [JOH Angeles (.'o., California. Notice is hereby given that, at, n regular meeting of the iJoard of Directors of the FrostlcKH Belt, Water Co., held on Thiirurlny, Jan. '2, lt)OH, an HHNi.'Hsmont of 10!.) cents per share was levied on the capital stock of t,iic corporation, [layablc immediately in lawful money of the United States of America to the secretary of the corporation at his ofllco in Covina, California. Any stock upon which tho asHOSfl- mont shall remain unpaid on tho :'rd day of Feburary, 1008, will bo delinquent and advertised for public auction, and unless payment. JH made before, will be sold on tho 24th day of February, 1908, nt 2 p. m., to pay the cost of advertising nnd expense of sale. B. M. GIVEN, Secretary. Office N. Citrus Avo., Covina, Cal. Notice of Sale of Real Estate. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT of California, in and for the county of L/os Hocnrc your tickets for the concert by the High School orchestra, Fri duy evening, Jan. 17. 1C. H. Uuhinson left Monday for llanfiird, Cal,, to bo absent for scv- cnil weeks. Mr Kohiuson und Ilia brother have planted an extensive iieiw.H't to wheat in thut Moot ion, Homo 11500 acres in all. On Friday evening of last week, John (irosham while roller nkatiug in tlie center room ot tho Mann bouse, full, fracturing bin wrist. The fracture in u bad one and will incapacitate John from work tor several weeks. Joseph Carr, an Alaakmi miner, tired of. the ligurs of the north, pin- chased of James it. Hodges this week f) lines nt vucant laud mi (ili<nduni avenue, which he intends to convert into a model poultry ranch. Tin price j/uid \\us jsjl'li. (he .sule bcini-' umdti through the Stantou agency. In the matter of the estate of John y. Uaulclin, deceased. To all intgrested in thu above entitled matter: You will please take notice that, in accordance with an order of the Superior Court of I<os Angeles County, State of California, dated the 21st day of May, 1U07, certain real estate belonging lo the above entitled estate and described as follows, lo-wit: An undetermined interest in Lot number 0, Illock number 11 of the City of Covina, California, will be sold at private Hale at the ollice of the underhigned, Deo. L. Sanders, attorney for the ad- ministratrix, 32.S \Vilcox building, L Angeles, California, on or after the lirst day of February, 1'XM. To be sold to the highest bidder for cash gold coin of the United States, am: subject to the continuation of saic Superior Court. (ieo. L,. Sanders, attorney for ad- ministratrix. RROWN & ROHRI GROCERIES OUR HOUSE CLEANING SALE is now on and will continue until all goods offered are sold All Queensware at 20 per cent discount. A Small Brass Lamps worth 30c at 20c Large Cold Blast Lanterns worth Si.25 at.. , $1.00 Lemon Extractors worth lOc at 5c Diamond Baking- Powder worth 25c at 15c Home Baking Powder worth 25c at .- 20c Four Toilet Soap worth 15c lOc * Canned Meats, Fruits and Vegetables with soiled labels, but contents absolutely all right, at cut prices. Every can guaranteed good or money refunded. Bancla Ceylon Tea worth 35c at 25c Banda Ceylon Tea worth 20c at 15c Many other bargains that we haven't'the room to mention JOHN W. THOMAS Funeral Director and Embalmer GLENDORA, CAL. 18 years practical experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. Calls answered day or night. Phones: Office 2253. Residence 41b8. Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. H. STANTON, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and Gentle Horses, Careful Drivers Stylish Rig-s W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, A. Q. Qant CEMENT CONTRACTOR We do everything in first-class cement work and it will pay you to get our figures on your job, large or small. Home Phone 59 Petition to Mortgage Church Property. In tho Hupt'iriiir Court, of tho Htuto of California, in and for County uf LOB AiiKuloH. 1'utitiim of tmi liotird of TriiHteuH uf tho Covina Methodist Episcopal Churoli M> nuirt^HKo uhuruh prop- orty. On rending tho potition annoxed horoto of tho trustuuH of the Covina Meihmlinl Kpi.s(ui|ial C'hurob, u rolin ioua luirporaliou, of Covinu, Cttlifor- nin, and on mot inn of (ittoruo \j. Siiiulei'H, I'lni)., attornoy at law, on bchnll' of .said corporution. It is ordered Unit Miid petition be. prcHcnti'd and naiil upplidiition 1m made to the t-aid Supnrior ('<>,irl at thi) courtroom thereof, in tlie Cily ot LOH AuneU'H, on tlio 17th duy of January, I'.MIH, ul !) ilU) u. m. ou that (jay, or u.s aoon thi>rw»t'ti<r a.s the said ttpplii'titioiiti can iio heard. And it is further onlurud I hut nulire of Hiiid applioation Iio pul>- lihhed in tho Cos inn Ar^un, H ue\vt>- papar published in tho City ot Co- vim*, County of l.nH Angelas, at out) time inuiiediutely precodiitK' applifiiiiun. CHAK. MONKOK, Jud^e »-f siiid C'oiirt. Cement Blocks HACK TO THE OLD STAND: I have moved back to my former place of business on Italia street, near the library. I can make blocks any size or shape. Either side tamp or face down machine. My motto, "A HO.UARE DEAL,."I solicit your work at reasonable prices. Yours for business D. E. STITES m,OCKS PoR SAIvE AT PANIC PRICES The (Ireen-rinrshall Co. Pure Mixed Puints. n and their hi^h grade varuiwhcH will givo satisfaction, oven to tho most Hki'pt icul imintor. Their mixed paints will stand this coast climuto lon^ur, owing to the fact timt tho Ciroen-Marshall pure paints arc compound of puni white lead, pure oxide of, K'i'ound in pure linseed oil. Th<>rin paints and>H can bo obtained hon> at tho paint and paper store ot Mr. C. II. Kistler. J. C. NALE, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures. s$s$$$sss$$$ssssss$ssss$$$$$sss$s$$s^^ Good Groceries i We carry a fresh stock of staple add fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, . hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. **o *"•-* Pioneer Machine Shop GARRISON & BISBEE, Props. Automobile, Gasoline Engines and Bicycle Repairing BUILDERS OF PIONEER BICYCLES Home Phone 10t>8 Bemis Block \ > Notice. Tlie ri'tjiiliir annual nifotii-jj of the stockholders of tlu: Covina Valli'y Savings will be held at its fiank- iu^ rooms on Tuesday, January 14, l'*M, atlOa. in., tor the purpose of electing ilinictors and transactinif any oilier business that may come before the meeting. J. C. H1 T TCHKSOX, Jr., Cashier. December 7, 1'MJT. >« Cheap Land. Hid) liiiid; crops can be g;own Jshnssn & Nigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds NOV boulh Hill Street Los Angeles. Cal. Strong, original, practical, st'CCKrfrf- i'i i,. "llKTTKKNKSS" its distinctive quality. ()pe<i entire year when reai'y. POSITIONS Write us to-day. without irrigat ion; situated »n line of Smite i'Y near the town ot Cor noran, Kin^s t«>imty; price ?iU) per acre: i'«>,y lerui-i. Side atli-iil, ,1. 11. Matthews, Argus block, (Vvina. Shop on Citrus Ave VETERINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMAQE Honor iirailuute, Toro.'ito College TKKATS AI.I. ANIMALS h.U S.r. [,,i> Anjjc'lea St., next to Alexandria Stables. I.OS ANCKI.KS Ortice i' liuine 1C -Vol, K^s. l j hom: Main 5l'O. C'alU by telephone or letter day i>r ni^lit carefully atieiided to. ChurL'es uioderate. Jh\ Proprietor of the COVINA LIVERY STA&LES Home Phone 30. Covina, Cal. Clarence Allison Building Contracto 1'lans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA CAL

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