The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 15, 1998 · Page 4
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 4

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1998
Page 4
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A4 FRIDAY. MAY 15. 1998 HOME & GARDEN THE SALINA JOURNAL. T PEST CONTROL Chemical pest controls save expensive trees - CHIP •MILLER K.S't/-N(i//nc' I'tmntv ; liflcnsinn llarlicullun>i\genl Mild weather ensures bagworms, birch borer will thrive this year I' am not comfortable with spraying to control insect pests on a zero-tolerance level in most cases. It is an over-reaction, and some damage can be tolerated with most lawn and garden pests. However, there are some pests that are devastating and can destroy a major investment in your yard — trees. At risk are red- cedars, arborvitae, birch, and ash trees. Bagworms were —^— a significant pest - last year, and considering the mild weather since then. I have no reason to suspect they will not be a major pest this year. These caterpillars build a protective case of plant foliage and silk around themselves, and increase the size of the "bag" as they grow. There is one generation of bagworms each year, but the hatch period extends from m id-May to mid-June. They feed so voraciously that their favorite treCes (redcedar, arborvitae) may he;defoliated. Sometimes these infestations are fatal to the trees, (.-specially a tree weakened by a previous infestation. Chemical control beginning early in the life cycle of the bag- worm is most effective. Once the bag reaches the diameter of a k-ail pencil, control is difficult to impossible. Biological control is possible if done early and thoroughly. Bt (Bacillus thuringien- sisj sprays can be applied in late May to early June and repeated one month later. Trade names in- clitde Dipel, Thuricide, Biotrol and Bioguard. Bt kills the larvae of moths and butterflies, and few or ho desirable ones will be found uirredcedars and arborvitae. Other insecticides for bag- worm control include acephate (Orthene), carbaryl (Sevin), chlorpyrifos (Dursban), diazi- noh, climethoate (Cygon), and malathion. The bronze birch borer can severely damage or kill birch trees in Kansas. The most susceptible group of birches are the European white birches. The adult borer is a slender beetle with a Hat head. The larva does the damage, and it is a creamy white footless grub, 'A to 1 inch long. They are so damaging because of the horizontal path they take while feeding through the cambium layer of the tree. These excava- tio^is often "girdle" the tree, cutting off the flow of water and nutrients from the soil, and food produced by the leaves. The damage to the trunk is difficult to recognize, and only the exit holes aret easy to see, if you know their shape — small D-shaped holes. The best control is to grow only resistant birches, especially the river birth (Betula nigra) which rarely is bothered by these pests, and is better adapted to our hot, dry summers. The variety "Heritage" has bark more closely resembling that of white birches. Chemical control is possible by spraying the trunk and preferably all the branches with a residual insecticide such as lin- dane, or Dursban which lasts longer on the tree. Beginning in late May, spray three times at three week intervals to prevent borer infestations on healthy trees, and to return lightly infested trees to good health. Ash/lilac borer Ash/lilac borer causes the canes or stems of lilac and, occasionally, privet to wilt suddenly. The base of infested stems are swollen and the bark separates from the wood. A fine sawdust- like material is present around holes in the canes. Ash and mountain ash are also affected, but as larger plants, usually don't show symptoms as quickly as lilac and privet. The borer attacks the trunk which may result in swelling and cracking of the bark if there are repeated infesta- tions. Ash/lilac borers overwinter as larvae in infested trees and shrubs. Moth emergence generally begins in mid-to late-April and ends by the first week of July. The moth has clear wings and resembles a wasp in appearance. 'ATTENTION Homeowners FREE Quotes CALL JEFF WELLS 1528 E. Iron Salina AMERICAN FAMILY AUTO HOME BUSINESS HEALTH LIFE l There is one generation per year. Make three applications of insecticide at 14-day intervals starting in mid-May. Thoroughly treat the trunk and larger limbs of ash or the lower portion of the stems of lilac or privet. Heavily infested ash should be cut and burned during the fall and winter periods. Infested stems of lilac or privet should be removed as well. Products for control include chlorpyrifos (Dursban, Pageant), endosulfan (Thiodan) and lin- dane. Chlorpyrifos products have a three-to four-week residual pe- riod and the emulsifiable concentrate formulations are reported to provide longer residual control than wettable powder formulations. Therefore, a single seasonal application of chlorpyrifos may be all you need if the emergence period is short. On Selected Appliances & Electronics! 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SUNDAY 12:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M. 1-800-766-2162 V .1-POCK766-2162 Across from Mid State Plaza 2545 Market place Salina, Kansas 67401 *• TV & APPLIAIMCE • Ml ART ; 823r1 QO2> % WE GUARANTEE THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES J Gouiid Spool- lit s with F ] uir,hnse Radeemod VIA Mail ><\ f onn fub Milsubtidi CWIIMKIH-I l.i«LirofiiL«./.mi.-ii(,n Inc Otlei Avnilubla lo quahlmd nppliconis onl/ loi puichiisos ol Mitsubishi TV. VCR and Audio Pioduclt balwoen March 5. 1998 and Maich 30. 1938 u^umi-r C ( L-d.l Appioval t>^ Household Bank (Me^,-jjf. oi> »< t - M-iwl»vln 1hi,,e IJwutui^-i-i-oid fju l,i,ju..f. uu.rj,.^ nil) be acciued nor payments icgu.icd on these p.nchasea dining tho pioinotionnl p*nod The APR it 72 8%. The minimum monthly linance charge it S 'M f, M,,,,ir,r. flu lnlrm-,1 .•wnilntjlt) <>n MjleLted appliances add Uecliunits unl, Mimmutrt Monlht, .'.,,....-n1.. H--IUK,.-,! MuM ,,,,y .-nine balance in lull within 6 months to receive no micros! Payments aio 1/30lh ol Hiflhefit A.eiage Daily Balance, wilh c.udil approval al ?3 66% [jhur.e lifie (tlltii j.ihd lu tunenl torilinunljl U S itfsutiiiilial viujlt; l.irmly (irti-llnii) L.iUli- -.uljiLiitmia only Account rriu-^t |)« .icliv.iteil betnvwcn M;ni.h lij. lyili ;md M.I, 31. I'JOH with AUK i,,.., 5 lop 'ID ui i .-HL..-I «, lnptiO CO piuyianimirnj loi cieOil lo apply Cindil piiftj fortariJs's fop 40 at Aromrca's lap fiO CD piaqminnuiiq Cieiiil dtiea fiol .ipp)/ luftuichan- Dthaid*;ue "lil.ill.ihu". shipping ui lunilling Ct-rlitu.ale mubl be icrtc'-rni-O .il limt- ol In si UUJll (Jutrt.m. IJIIIKUJ ii.iiiriiujni ,in,f ni.ti!i>il dncttly lo PISH NetwcHh FREE GREEN! from SUNFLOWER BANK Plant Get a little green for yourself. During the month of May, purchase anew CD or open any new checking account! and receive a FREE pack of geraniums from Gibsons Garden Center. Then you can watch nature take her course as your greenery grows. Need a different kind of green in your life? 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