Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 7
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K.- "I Always Get the Worst of It, Even Though I am Under Cover," Says Felix to Fink. NOW WE'VE ONLY GOT ENOUGH rmei TO, BUY ONE TICKET TO THE WO «jU -D '5 SER\E«, ,S0 IT 'S Mt UPON SHOUUDER^ AND T«E BIG cc(«r AGAm. WAJ^Tbr-^ iUjNl >4 \ WANTg-AIX J 'lQKJ ^M —t^QR SALE. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT Ih© finest Irult and farming aecilon In Florida. Addroaa H. Q. Uatvs. Arcadia, Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—TO BUY A GOOD young cow. Must be a No. 1. Dr. Sbadwick. WANTED—DINING UOOM GIUI. at once; experienced i>rcfericd. Portland Hotel. WANTED—16 RANKS OF GOOD •wood, sawed. -IIP X. Tenn. St. WANTED-TO ViV\' SECONDHAND Violin rello. J. W. nccannon. 1^Harpp. Kas. W\NTKD—2:.ilO FKKT OP LXCH ' All woll hnd. Somo nro sl.ind'- Sas i.ii...; will in small qiianti-i Msn <.n.> .sf.nndani 1. I<M 1 luaiv ii.s. A. C. Evans. Cas t'lty. ! >"->rs ol .I. oiu; two your ..I<1 .frafi WA.NTKU—A GIKl.. OR ^ to assist In kitrlion. .\pply Ho'^'i Caiiylc^ (Jams. IluiiilioJiit. Knns. ' ' ' ' ^li-tili and one si.v iiuinths old • .J '•«lt. Will price th .MU rij;!n. l,oiis- \\u.M.\.\ . j,i,„|.^. ^ Sullierland. 1-2 mile i-ast rf WANTED WORK—MAN WITH FOR SAIJC—GOOD HOITSK CLOSE , ., , , . cheap on installments. Also i;on«1 family wants worii on farm l.y monti... ^.j^^^ in (..^„ ,,„.,. Have thrw heavy lior.';r.': will use. G. ^ ; \V. Ray. Yates Center. Kans. ^ POR SAI.K—GOOD DRIVING AND lifiht worli horse in Rood condition. W ANTED— DISHWASHER Krause Cafe. '^"^ F. Rarlh. Phone SSS^-Sl. -\ FOR SAEE-REllUILT TYPEWUI- 1 lers. all mak <'S. like new; cheap. .New {adding tiiarliine. |I."i.(io. c'all at onre !l. V. Plant, Knlley Hotol. ' WANTED—7 on S ROOM MODERN house in pood loiatiop. In e.vchniise for a in .'.ii mortjrace. Will pay balance cash. W. E. Staiks. Asient. MEN- WANTi:i/-CE.MENT AND rock loader's at the I>olu;nt Mill of the ITnited Kansas Portland Cement Co.. near Independence- Kansas. J5iRSAL&3^FORSM^ FOR SAf.E—HOUSE FURNISH-J InKs. Rugs and Unoleums. Trunks and j FOR SALE—Rl'GS. iFtTR.MTtrRE Suit C:ises. Bonnell Furniture Co.i 9 {Stove.--. Di^ slock. Ca.-li Jor iiaympnts. .\. .leffersoo. Phone 1290. i Kd Il<<nninser. We .<t .Madi.son. FOR SAKE—OI-DS G\S ENGINE i FOR SALE—SIIOATS. 7 h (^se power. Apply at Otto HInzc. i M!) .V Tenn. LVQUIRE WANTED—ANOTHER POARDKR: $S per wefk. Have nice room: 41;' East Jackson. rnll .SALE OR TRADE—S'l ACRES j FOR SALE- ORCHARD OF WI.N- land in S. W. Missouri. Also house | tor applets. 2.""0 hn. 2 iiiiles we.-;!. .T and U>! in Weh.I) City for lola proi>pr- j iiiile.s north of Moran. Tobias Kramer. tv. !• '• 1 FOR S \LE-::t Y E A R L I N G FOR SALE -ONE HAT CAHINET. I ,,„;,lj,v. ™,„„| ,',,l<irs. AI- •t lonp with 2 mirrors and 21;^,, ^jj.|„ ,...,1,,.^. .1 .s ci.amliers. l«i- p.Se!. t:;';;^ca^^^"y^.;,n'Lo:^:]:. .-WPrs, V oak tables .se.^..; r'^' ., . , - • I liniv ctnvo and nine. Globe Shoe large or small, at the lowest rate to : 1.. atinc stove and pipe. he obtained anywhere. Privilepe to .'. clothing ( o. any amount at any interest liiiy-j- lag time. See me and pet terms and rate- ber<ire placlnp your loan. R. L Thompson. Over Evans Drup Store 1 FOR SALE- FRESH .lERSEY COW FOR .SALE—EIGHT HEAD OF r, years <ild .1 A. McDonald. l^Jillarp.- roadster colls from one to four years j iMionc 4ii FOR SALE—FOR SALE. ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR RENT—FOR RENT Ft^R SALE-HORSE. Gi)t)D WIDE beautiful mountain scenery. Rest cli- lirc wa.:ron and harne.-s. R- M. Free- male in tlie world for lun^ and throat man. I2i' -V Walnut. trouble. Hood water tiows across this trad each year to Irripate FOR SALE—TWO 15RDOD SOWS, a whole sec lion, if re.-ervoirs were ons with seven, the other nine pips, built. .Native pras.-»s miitrious as al-, Phone r.!)5 or 615. ~ falla. On main line Rook Island near i ' divi.'^iiin iioint and County Seat. Willi FOR SALE—TICKET TO IirxiXG- irade for city property of small tract ton- Orepon from Si. .loe. .\Io imiuire iifiul city in Kiins-as, Price $ir. iM -less lloward'i! Slio<> .Shop. J-:ast j.i-r aer.- Call at once- H. V. Plant, lola. . Kefley Hotel. FOR SALE OR TRADE—LAHARPE FOR SALK-A GOOD ORGA.N. Cily lloi-l. or will .sell furniture and,,,,,,,-,; :;i2 S. Third. Phone 84. rent buildinp reasoiible. tJ. V. Par-' lasea.LaHarpe, Kas. • IN- FOR .SAIJ-; -1 (LALLOX COP- pnr 'kettle. I. epp imubator. 7 acres kafllr corn in the Held. Harry Davis. Second Hand Store. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE-PAWNED SUIT CASES and minks as pood as new. Unless you SCO them before biiyinp. we'll both lose. Uipiis Pawn Sliop. FDR .SALE A Cnmi RODMIXG house ill '-'ort S-olt. best bicatron in city, or will trade for a smaller place. .\ddressj. II.. Riley. lola. Kanse.s, FOR SALE-SINGLE COMR BROWN ! SALE CHEAP -GAS IIE.XTER Upborn cockerels.- ranpc raised. O. "'"'I'late. shoiptin. laprobe. refrlper- P. Duncan. lola. Route .No. 2. *^'"^'1<' barn's.-^. laying- hens. :—: -! East Irvin. FOR S.U.E—WHITE .XA.XNY GOAT wapon and barnets. Louie H. Klau-, niann. FOR S.\LE—$12 00 OAR LAND beatiup ranpo; used one season, jr. mi. r.l'.t E It road way. Fok SALE \ SIX MONTHS OLD Fi-nlteroii .Sialljon Won I;-' at .\IIen jCoiinlv Fair. D. F. Wriubt. FOR S.M.K- FOR $!'">i"> IF .SOLD Ibis ueeli house af.d I"'. Imiuire S Soiitli Ol.iii Slr>-il. FOR S\I.E OK TRADE - NEW ME.\ ieo land: IfiO acres best valley soli; , FAR.M FOR RENT OR SALE— south and w»!st of city limits. 44 acre? Mrs. O. L. Steiiiiiian. Ixick Bo.v l(;2. OFFICE ROOMS FOR RENT— over Ramsey's Store. Imiuire in store. RELIAIILE FIRE IN-SIRANCE—IN rejiettinp your insurance, place .-oiiie of it with me. I will .seo that your interests are safely puarded. by writ- •np you in a (irst class company. It<..sides. we need the business and will .ippreciaie your patronape. R. L. T^K.iiipson. Phone 142, Over Evans Drtip Store. Professional Diirectoiy. . DB. C. M. KUSS Dentist ! Extraction without pain b7 lUift use of, Nitrous Oxide Gas Boom So. I >orfhrap Bfdg.. Phones—OlDce i53; Res. 85a • •:• * • « • • • •>•>*••* * * * • * MOXET TOJLOAN! Will lend on bousehold goods, pianos, organs, sewing ni»- eliineti. diamonds and Jiswelrr. J. W. COFFET OiBce, Ko. UO Xortb. Stnet • • • • •> • > PHILLIP UKIGELS « • • <h HARNESS A\!> SADDLEBX « •> Ucnenl BepaJring • •> • •> 110% Soutli Street—lola; B:as. • F. L B. LEAVELI, 3L Specialties: Diseases of the Cbest Diseases of Cblldrea -> Pbonei*—Office 147; Bes. 147 • lola State Bank Bldg. - • • • • CASH PAID FOR ALL KINDS OF hides. C. E. Mcader, Lallarpe. Kas. FOK KENT—FUKKKNT T. O. CANATSHY Expert Piano Tux&ng and Repairing^. • witk Roberts Music Co. PHOSfE m FOR RE.NT—'J ROOM HOirSE. IN-1 • liilre ('.":> .\. Wiushinpton. Roy Gard. ! IRA B. FRANTZ FI'RXISHEI) ROO.M AND BOARD; for one or two pentlenien. One of the • aici'st hon.e .j in ibe city. Inquire .M. .\L Cure of the Kepi.-ter. THE OrroMBTBI6T / FOR--RE.Vr- I ROO.M HOI'SE RR- nished. Chii-ken bou.-^e ami lot. Harry Davis Si'tontl Hand Store. Exelutiv* Otaaa- Flttlng Wpwilsnsl At Hsnna 's Jevsirr Stort FOR RENT—NICELY FITRNISHED riMim for pentbinan. 4<'2 E. .Madii^cn WOOD FOR SALE. PHONE I'Ml'. UtMRPE NEWS FOR TODAY BARN IUR\.»* >K.VK MOHVN AM) WiVLTKR n .INK NKVU UKATU. Merger «J«t»s Kills l>ivr i>n llunHnir Trip in <ol(imdo -JliirlHi Will Moil' to ArkuHsas. MHARPE. OCT. .<;—T!i.> Moran Agricultural Exhibit opens tommo-,- row. A number from h<'re will attend, f: W. M. Myers and Mrs. .Martha Myers left today for Mutual. Ok., for a thre<> weeks visit with tie ir brolhrr Georpe Myers. —A fresh line of celery, radishe.^. sklad drossinp and fancy prepared mustard dressings at W. R. .Mitcb-ll'.s. .vears •:• • • •> • • • • <• <• •> •> * * <• 'J* * I,;. "IKKGI.AS" ni«C (»LATKS (or lho.«e who rsrr j .lust received n cotiiplele line of that celebrated line of ('hoe(dates. A trial will eonvlni'e you of their hlph iiiiality. >VATKRS * nWFORTIl I)ni;rs nnd Jewrlrj- • i • • •> • • •> • •> • •> • •> •> • •> • • • • • THE DAY'S 00IN6S AT GAS OITY NKW IMI.L Per Doiieii 15d •:• •:• • • • • <• <• ••• ••• * ••• ••* * * * *•' all p'T.sons lioldinp brt-ad eh'-<-ks tf> turn them in ai one, as we ar»- poinp 10 move away. L. E. Rurrcb and family after a 0- residenee here, four y.-ars of rondueted thf The bip barn belonplnp to John .No- : wiileb limp they l,av<' r-ondueted the land, southwest -of .Moran was struck City Bakery, will leav<' in a few days by HRhtninp Sunday eveninp aliout '> ; for .Mena, Ark., where Mr. Burt* b has "'-"'•ock and bnrn<>d to the proiind. A .purrha-sed a bakery. The cbaiipe is farm impleni'-nis and si.xteen beinp made on account of .Mr. liuri'-h's ! of h.-iy in the Iwrn were_n toial health. He thinks the sprinp water ;. Mr. and Mi-s H. M. Cline and there will helji Jiim. Walter, fornn-rly of here w<Te just J. W. Wood has moved bis insiiran<-i nine their aulomoIJile i^'o Ibe barn ' ofllce fo Ibe .Anderson .Nesbili bar- Hines' I'ardware. o'clock and buni'd to the proiind. A .purrha. _ . few farm implenj'iils and si.Meen beinp made on account of .Mr. Uurnh's tons of hay in the iKirn wero_a total health. • loss son ... runnlnfr their autoiiioIJile . to avoid the approaehinp storiu when i ber shop, the flash eame. .Mr. (lino was near- , -lobn Hunt ?nd family are movinp est to the. barn and as a result was b-re from Preston, la. thrown to the prbund when the Ihish , —A few high-lift sulky plows at a came. Hhe was bruised and cut. It ' bargain, •was not learned -wlietber there was any insurance on the barn. j low. jlllr. and cefpt of cer Gales, tains about Colo. He •which be killed a yoiinp. Inp'120 poundK and wounded auoib'-r li.r<-. but was unable to follow li. He says reeelved. a fn sh harnl of that there is a four-iiub snow on the ,...„,„r Kraui at MItcb.U's procerv. Rround and that the water m the . ^^j^^ xv,i,.„x of Vat.-s Center was in cabin is froen over an Inli ,„„.„ ve.sierdav • •> -> • •:• • •:• •:• •:• • •:• •:• •:• • •:• • (• A K I. A II r \ T1: u (•as Kan «»N • • i KDWIN lir>TKR'S INCI.i: IUKI» l\ Ice M.-ipnn—"(Jrandnia Prirkcit Died iMni Mphl. l;a^ Cit\. 0< I V i:d-ain llimn-r ri-< eiM .| ihi- sad Uf «.- y,-!.rday of llie di-atli ei' l .is, uncle. I. .\ llnii:>'r of San Li. UO. California. .Mr Hunter frr.iu Colony for a vivit with lu-r son forne-i-ly at cl^-iniHe anil Garden Fred .V<'sbitr. Citv. K >n-a- .ind bad made ihe nio\e |,„,.^ In ('>r T>.Vr nhil sXra. Fred Wood ami .1 W W.jod of Ibis city, and Mr. :"iid Mrs. | B<»n Cunninirbani of Kans:;s Cily. vis- p-tfir;- Tie r.-.-iiaip- will h-- shii.iM'd iird Sunday v,-itli Dr. and >lrs. C. E. tiai-k lo i...n'- Kiiii Ka.-. tli<- old 'loaip Wood, of lola. : of !!!<• HiiM't-r faini'y. to. imrial li is While i«:sistipR Mr. Akers in dis- iirobalile i lat tl:.y will r<-a.-b hen- mantelinp his in I-inyonvlH'e, Thiir.-diiy i W. F. O'.ven c.-nipht bis hand between Mrv ;'.• n I'.o-s w.ic lo Colony twc timbers mashinp his finp'rs <iuite ye.-t'i-i!.iv <>n a roiii:' of i;n. iilner-s of severely. _ ' <'r nr. Mrs H. Tanner, of Wyominp,'who .Mi-- ii-.'- Tayeir was over >"is visitinp ber parents, .Tudpe and Mrs. r.-rilay eallin-u 'in fri "Uls Stu- and h>'v Mereer, has pone to Bronson for a fa'I^'-r. K K Taylor will b-ave >i'<u visit with her sister. ; for Calirorr.ia fni- PI.. !..neiit of .Mr — Fine northern eabb.ipe for "kranl.'.^ ! .'altli _^ fl.2.". fur lbs. Elliott's Cii-ocory. I'loi.aie .lnd;;i- Siiiiri; was in our j town ve<terdav —Mrs. Paul Wehllnp. Slfi Smith St . [ K C R.-;!isl>ii! :r tlie i< e man wa.s d.--' , W I. Waiii- of ea.«i rf Lallarpe has purchased th.- liiiibtinp mently vaea- It'll l>y tjie pool Mali and uill di-;inan: tie the s!rii;-!u:-e ami move ii to \iU I farm. The Moran fair opens loiuorrow. C F V.'i'Iiaais of Ilirs ^Ton i!eli»e:s an ad- ilre.-> in arL -nioou .Mis. Ro\ Rolierts of Colony is vis- itinu V.'-v i.:ueiits. .Mr. and .Mrs. Tom ' Wade l!:ls wi-ek. •\i'.:n Fi'.ster will atti'nd the fair In .Moran Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs T F. 0.--!<orne has pone to Bron .-•'•II lo." a short visit. Ta.- Ibard <:' Edti-ation IIH -: la.-.i ; nip!;' in veijalar session. Til' younp ii:«-ii of tiiis cily will holu a nie.-tinp tomorrow eveninp ia the purpo-e of orpan- wi-t for UP b.'uel'.i of his li'-alth. He ,, ,,,,11 ,,.;,;„ those in- iiad I.Illy 1,. in tone a little oier a,fpre.<frd ;"<• iiri:i d to aitend, .1 V Ki-;<h.iii:' r will be eff from '.vo'.k for a !i-vv days as a re-iill of mashinp his ripht hand quite badly yesterday while workin.p on tiie city pipe line. Cm .X";;. w rif'-s from Kans:is City tl -.TT he is -ilaUin" a liilarloub time. .Mr.s. !)i;la T'.;...y an-J .'liblr-.-n are FOR; RENT-Six ROOM HOCSE •I'l Se' Jeffersori. IP THE PAPER BOT FAILS TO • delirer your paper. c»ll 18 and -werwlU- scnd you a paper by & special esixi«r> tbe game eTenins- FOR KKNT KIRNISHED ROOMS fter Oct. n; t;'il . N .l.lTprson iio\inp to Redlb'Id. Fine nortl'.rn cabbape for kraut. H 2'. I'-r pi" lbs. Elliotts t;roitry. C F. Foupli of SI i'.iiil was a busl- icss visitor in lias yesterday. C. H Vincent, why has been here u;;. P.I . for Inspeetion by tiie board WANTED TO BtTY-GOOD"GE?|tLH horse. .Mu.-^t b" safe for lady to drlTft. .Mrs. .Sifers. lour Fast St. ; ' 'i* PRIVATE .\R).VEY—WE 'HAVE $20"".iiO private money to loan on a pood Allen county farm, low rates- nnd reasonable tcrm.<i.' See us at once, lola Land Company. Mrs. M:.ry E. Hick, of Stark, who aa'i he. n here Msitiiip friends went to lndc ;M ,ndeiice tlii?r afternoon. Peoria. 111., had kidney and Idadde.-; l;,yi •! yes'.-rday niornin-- a fiw hours trouble, with terrible bai-kacho and , un ai-cotint of a run-away. He left.f .AH 'S Elizabeth lirister is still nuite j ,,ain across the hip-=. .lust imnpine, Iiis horse M di-!iver some ice a: the! her condition. She fiirthpc says: "l ; McClrllan ion.1 on tlie lola road when j ill sotiii- • .lohu Gorrell of CenferviUe. sinnt Major and Mr«. HarrU Cnnitnir. Tomorrow, Wednesday ;:t .S p. 11) Ihi-i 'e will be a special visii of our di- vLnlonai nOlcers in lln- Salvation .\rmv ahiiM.i:' iK'iI'v (!i iiiolisbi'! .'ind !io'-.. ri-iii\iil a f'-w- scratches. S I.c ill' K 'T .(til! I'll.s);-! iff 1. .• V,' '.v..:- in :i .- .i-.itiiiiin'.i:'..' iiin- Morcer Is enojyijip pood health and thinks there is nothlnp like life in tin .mountains. • Mr luid Mrs, 1. H Gorr.-ll. Mr. nnd Mrs Bert .shaul .spent Sun- ji^. ...nd Mrs 11 L. Wallis will spend day wllh .Mr and Mr» H U C.'lhi.n. ^ ,|„, remainder of th- week with •Charle* pentiliiBioii sblpii. d a ear ,i,„mht. r. Mrs. L. Woolen, ui ;a- Htim- of cattle to Kansiis Cily yi-Hirtday ! |i„|,jt Mr^ l,'.;i.nitipt..n i.ccompai.l.M) the . ur ^ , , ....j.,,.;,,^ ""Stit^l.ritaicl^'Sefr.rnotirv v«ci.,lonfrom.beC.u,ralomc.e. si.. _(;,,, •,- .,-addock. R.bie. Ark. -iiie I > »M . wisu » 1 ) n I I. ,^ pporlnp and Independence ^.. VH: >I «as bomered wlih lumlmpo !on;: .aiis.-l |.riripali> fiem ..Id • ' _ for a short visit. ,'r„r M-VH yiars s.> bad 1 roiibl no-i mte \;:- I' it liax Lei-a makiiij; .^.....K^... ^A.^. v^^v^v^^f '••"Kotio Danforlh WHS able Sunday ^^„rk ;l trb'.l M -veral kinds of kidney 1,1 ; 1 .MM . will her sti-p-dauijl.i.r .\trs V o make a short \lsli to his home In ,,„„||elne which pavi- me linie or no 1 M.. •: durlii-- tie .. MIHI .- and Sunday and Monday wllh bis parents, .'. .^^^ .M ,I,|, SOII aMtuu I «t„. • It .11 ii.i**, , You :ari. cordially iiniii'd 10 attend and enjoy the IIP -Mn^ C."l I'.li ss Yc.u! Klisiun. and Mrs. Harvey, Ollbi-is Charj 'e i<> Ihe Only Salvation .\rmy-. Kd Itei'il. lortiiir'- -r • .Xik.i^-ias' I' ;. Ml ii s « li lends h'-r. u-v . .in a "•I"..- Ill a d.ii.\ II. 'it. .Mr- Vil'ii III nU .«n i"i;!»".;ii ..r' 1'; ii-ki't. n>;. -I'-.i-li ii.on'Js ili' 'i i. •' Tills .in ll!|l ,-||i -I.I .1 flW . >.-s-i;-i!a> K.I !.ilii.l> ,i,:i. p.I,I.:- I.-. vtars and * . 1S(M) * rolls of new Wall Paper Just received. New and artistic de* signs—business petllnp prices. • • We woiiM be pleased to show you the line. ' F. A. rOOKSET Pn-pcrlptlon Umpebt • • Deorlnc. Henry (iilberl and G'orpe relief.. Two bottles of Fidey Kidmy y^s I' i. M ,. lii''i. .'iniu Linda- Pills piireil me and now I can do any .\rkatisa> .uid iMrlnp b-r si.iv • as «<mood lefi yesterday for Supar City, „f work. I cheerfully recominend Colo. 10 look at some land with a view . them to my friends." ilurreH's lirt.p to purc.basing. ~ Store.: Wm. Daupherfy has piirehssed a half interest In the rlnp mill. , Notice. Mrs. .T. H. Bock and dauphier Maude —Al! inrmbii'rs of the Fraieuiai of Tola were suesis at site 'J. B. Hur-! Mystic Circle are re<|iii'sti il to be at lock home Sunday. : .M W- A. hall Wednesiiay fveninp- The new street ligl'>6 arrived yes-1 October ".'Ih. as Brother Harry I^ndis 1 terday. / land Brother Geo. Wehel will be wiiii Hugh Davis has returned from a jW. R. week's visit in the neiphborhood of| l^ne Elm and Colony. -Onhistra tor dance work. Phone uinlay at •nnmlaii il many 'r:!!!!!.- w.i.i • > i.'nd lieartfel; s.vniiiaiby lo ihe lireav. d relatives. .Mrs. .la-k Rnyl of Leroy Mrs Kvereti i:;ilin:; of Collinsville and Mr and .Mrs Frank Patterson of !!!iie- .M''iini! are ; tin ;or the fii'nerai Tue se:\ir.s Anp held froiii the i-huri'h tills afternoon at o-.-!o, k Carl Pirts of Oklahoma is her"^ for O T.. , a short visit with his brother. , fins and family. j .Mr. and .Mrs Have Li-np ?i'eiir .Sal- li.i Mrs. R. M. Nesbltt is expected today! 1074 L I) Lonp home in 1 Hrow-nson- To the Pacific Coast Sliiirli'-^t and most scenic route Tiuii'. I 'oMis, not eipialerf hy a:... .111! r line. C.-in a'tvo yon < >ii;.i i. of routes. Only one tliip!-.' .>f lars. Colonist, one-way- ti<-ki'ts on ..-lile S. pt 2."tli to <i(-t. l"th. in- clti .Hive. R.-ilis lo — Ij.s Anpi-l'-s. Calif. S:i(-!auieiilo, Calif. San I'iepo. Calif. Slir. .I<i.if. I 'aiif. San Fr.ituliiio Calif. Ilakersfield, Oillf. ViiiiCouver, 1:. C. \'ieioiiii, n c. Ashland Orepon. ^ Portland, Orepon t'matilia, flrepon. Sr.-iltle. Wash. Spokani-. Wash. Tai -oina. Wash. .\nd to niaiiy other (Kilnta <»ii P.i. ;;lc Coast. Onlv $ai.04 Pli-:-so call, phone or write. piUisinir your address and full information will be furnisii^j. I'lissencrr 0<f{re. Phono Frclplit OffirV. Phone Ki E. E. MUNGER, Agent For Hay Fever and Rose Cold Try Ely's Cream Balm.| It Gives Instant Relief * "Balm" is just the word for this soothing, healinpr, antiseptic Cream. Its ?ffects in cases of Hay Fever and Rose 1 Colds are tffmost magical. You just jXrease the nostrils with a little of the Cream, inhale the pleasant, aromatic fumes; and in a few minutes your head oegins to clear, the soreness ia relieved, and the sneezing, sniffling and weeping rtopped. People who have suffered for Vears with Hay Fever and Rose Cold :aa be free from all the distresaSng symptoms by simply using Ely's Cream Balm morninji ana nigh't during the Hay Fever Season. Hay Fever is due to an irritated, in- j Hdhned condition of the mucous membrane (inside skin) of the nose and throat. Strong powders, snuffs and r^prays simply aggravate the trouble. I but Ely's Cream Balm soothes, heals and i .strengthens the raw, sore membranes, j and in this way not only relieves the trouble but prevents its return. I Alt druggists svil and recommend it jGet a fifty cent bottle to-day—use it according to directions-get youi iihoney back if you are not satLiiied. Spoilal Agent—S. H. UurreU. RATES / On Sale Sept. 2itb to Oct. lOtk^' In'rlnxlTe. Liberal Stop-OTer: privileges. To San Francisco, Calif., IM Angeles, San Diego and inter-, mediate stations —-— $SlMi To Salt I^ke City, Utah; 'i Ogden, Utah , To Prescott and Phoenix, Arjz. To Portland. Ore tlM- To Spokane. Wash. o Ta<oina. Washl Everett. Wash. Seattle. Wash- ttM To Vancouver. B. C. W. E. Ralston, I- THE NORTHROP NATIONAL BANK j IOI.A, KASSAS ,1 OVER FOKTY YKARS OK tONSERTATIVK RAXKIXfi IX lOLA. I I)epo>itnrj. tor the Inilrd Sttilcs State.of Kansas, uod Alien County'^ OFFICERS:. E. J MILLER. President L. I.. NORTHRUP, VIce-Prcst. .MELVI.N FRO.VK. Ca.shler F. A. NORTJIRrP. VIce-Prest. K. J. COFFEV Asst. Cashier D. P. NORTHRCP. Vice-PresC CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 YOl'R BUSIXESS SOLICITED Interest Paid on Time Peposits Safety Jcpoaft Boxes for Sent-

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