Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on December 17, 1962 · Page 12
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 12

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 12
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MONDAY, DICtMHt 17, mi ANDCKSON DAILY IULLITIM Family Forum FIRST YEAR Of MARRIAGE SETS THE PATTERN FOR A LIFETIME TOCKTHKK The future of a marriage is usually lettled during the first year, jays » marriage counselor. Sure, it U. It's during the first yctr th*t i couple works out the pattern for their marriage. During the first year, whttlier or. not they realize they are making permanent decisions, a couple •ettles such matters as how they will handle their money, how they will work out disagreements, how much freedon tlwy are willing to allow each otlter, how big a part parents and in-laws are to play in their lives,. what their fir»t maior objectives are, and whether or not they are going to try to change each other or learn to live together "as is." Tli« 'trouble is that often •» RUTH MILLITT couple 'doesn't know that the day> to-day decision* they make during the first year and their day-today routine is forming a pattern that will influence them all of their days together. If all young couples realized this they might glv« more thought to the way they manage their lives in those first, all-important months of marriage Taggart Will,Be „ Rotary Speaker Tin Rotary Club will meet Tuesday at the YMCA for a ChrisUnai program. Dr. George Taggart, minister of tht First Presbyterian Church, will bt the guest ipeaker. Muiic will b« provided by a trio from Anderson College. make more of an effort to let the other know, "These are the things that are important to me" so that the marriage would provide the most important things to both. It isn't easy to change the basic pattern of a marriage once it has been set. So setting up the right pattern in the beginning is all important. But no one can tell a couple what that pattern ought to be. Both husband and wife would That depends entirely on what is most important to the husband and what is most important to the wife. Learn's what's important to the wife in Ruth MffleU's booklet, "Happier Wives (hints for husbands)." Just send 29 cents to Ruth Millet* Reader Service, in care of The Anderson Daily Bulletin, P.O. Box 489, Dept. A, Radio City Station, New York 19, N.Y. A Tip From McBip HAS NOT Raised Its Automobile Rates That's right! You can still buy the same broad protection — including the famous 80-20 coverage—at the tame low cost. Farm Bureau auto insurance has not gone up. Instead, ithis mutual organization continues ito pass ita savings back to its policy- iholders — in the form of low rates ,and premium reducing dividends. You Can Buy Through monthly payment for all your Farm Bureau Insurance > \, ' •• Insure More Than One Car Earn 10% Discount On All This offer is more than a second car discount ... you save 10% on the first car, loo. The only itipulation is that your cars be operated by persons other than single male driven under 25 years of age—«nd that your can b« insured with Farm Bureau Insurance. Call Today for tht low celt of insuring your. car. You'll find your local Farm Bureau Insurance agency listed in the yellow pagei of your phont book. HOME OFFICE, 111 EAST WISKINCTON (MEET INIItMPQLIS The Doctor Says ... By WAYNE G. BKAND8TADT, M.O. THE BODIES OF CHILDREN AKE REMARKABLY RESILIENT d«J*< sick. Their Illnesses were essentially th« tarn* ai those of , , ... Will illness or a series o( illnesses stunt your child's growth? Doctorj formerly answered this care. question with an unqualified yes. But now, H. V. Meredith and which indicates that for the mostjboys. but the least healthy girls " . . . .. They ments They EVEN THE SEAGULLS ARE COLD-Lont Mogul] itondi on on» l«g in apparent effort to keep th« other leg warm on ic»d over lake in Rogtr Williami Park in Providence, R.I. Rhode Island has had the coldest weather of the season with lower reading! predicted. . (AP Wirephoto) ALMANAC By United Presi International Today Ls Monday. Dec. 17, (lie 5lst day of 1962 with 14 to follow. The moon is approaching its ast quarter. The morning stars ara Venus and Mars. The evening starc are Jupiter nd Saturn. On this day in history: !n 1903, Orville and Wilbur Vright made the first successful irplane flight in history when icy soared over the sand dunes t Kitty Jawk, N.C. Jolly Workers Club Has Party ALEXANDRIA - The Jolly Workers Club held a family Chirstjnas dinner in the I & rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawler were special juests. They entertained, the group with pictures tnken in Russia. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Arthur Unger, Mr. and Mrs. Golia Frees, Mr. and Mrs. HIIRO Vermillion, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gooding, Ivan Moorman, 'in 1957, the Air' Force success-1 Hubert Hester. Mrs. Jesse An- ully fired the first Atlas ballistic lissile at Cape Canaveral. In l»i!. Indian troops invaded ic Portuguese colony of Goa. Also in 1961, 323 persons wen Hied in a Brazilian circus fire. A thought for the day — Pres dent Abraham Lincoln saic there is no grievance that is it object of redress by mob law.' Cane supplies about two-third. [ the world's sugar. Why Wait an HOUR to CLEAN a Few Pounds of Clothes OUR AMAZING NEW Coin Dry-Cleaning Machine Will Beautifully CLEAN A FULL 10 LB. LOAD IN ONLY 20 MINUTES A new addition to our Coin Laundry GMYDWKOUIK krum, Mrs. Bessie llarrell, Mrs. Ullie Hughes,- Mrs. Carrion Me Gill, Mrs. -Bertha Lemeron and Mrs. Amanda Brenner. The Alexandria Kiwanis Club met at the 4-H building with Dr. S. D. Sweeney presiding. Following the dinner, plans were discussed for Uie annual children's party to be held Dec. 18. Rudy Wells, program chairman, presented Steve Panke. who gave (lie slide lecture for the evening. The film. "Indiana Highways for Survival." was projected and showed roads at all levels in the state of Indiana. A board meeting was held after the regular meeting. Installation of officers for 1963 will be bold Dec. 27. The Art Circle held its annual Christmas meeting at Uie home of Mrs. B. T. Baker with Mrs. Willard Fleenor assisting. Serving tables for the 1 p.m. hmdteon were decorated with pine and candles. Tlie Iwuso was decorated for the Christmas season with the traditional riitnger scene on the fireplace mantel. Mrs. Dan Roto read "Keeping Christmas," by Henry Van Dyke, Mrs. E. H. Bailey displayed Christmas decorations and told how to make them. Then she road a Christmas story. "The Little Mixer." Mrs. T. F. Don aliue gave a talk entitled "How 1 Feel About Christmas." The manufacture of men's doth ing is an important Maryland in dustry. From Kelley's GIVE A NEW PICTURE Framed Reproductions of Paintings by America's Favorite Artists or more illnesse* with 120 or more these children had good medical The least healthy hoys showed a smaller gain in weight i"Hl a smaller gain in chest, arm, and B. Knptt have made a study leg girth than did the healthiest traffic over tlw river to Roekvillc part this is not so. I showed a greater fain in'weight ""'•V after State Highway De- They examined a group of (6 and an equal or greater gain in partment inspectors said extreme Bridge Closing Turns Wabash River Into Moat CLINTON, Ind. (AP) - The -/ Wabash a moat partially sealing off this ice Amend of South Baltimore. Western Indiana city of 5,800 from the rest of the world. The Ind. «3 w-idge, carrying | Sister Act BALTIMORE Wl — Mrs. Peggy Rinrione ot North Baltimore found out, tlirough a mix-up of household key rings, that U:« ignition key to her 1953 sedan will fit and drive the 1958 sedan to her sister. Mrs. Jan- and Torre Haute, was closed Sat-' ytic citis. least ved the boys for five yesrs he girls for four. Thus they ed 'having to take in to ac- any influences of puberty le growth of these children. •y made periodic measures of height, weight, lenght mbs, width of face, should- and hips, and girth of chest, and legs. :y also made a detailed of the number and severity B illnesses these children had at the end of the period of they separated for compari- the 20 per cent who were healthy and the 20 per cent were least healthy. i healthiest boys had had less 16 illnesses in the five-year d, with a 'total of less than ays of illness. The least hy boys had had 19 or more ses with a total of 140 or days' of illness. Their ma- s included acute kidney dis- rhoumatic fever, non-para- polio, anemia, asthma, se- mumps. middle ear infec- pncumonia, severe influenza. itis, bronchitis and appendi- e healthiest girls had had an age of seven illnesses with vcrage of 50 days of illness le four-year period; and the healthy girls had had 15 i-iiv3i, at in, emu icg gu in iiitm did the healthiest girls. For .both sexes thes« differences were too slight to be considered significant. Other measurements showed no difference in the two groups. It may be concluded, therefore, that a temporary setback due to illness is rapidly and completely compensated for during convalescence. It cannot be denied, however, that such diseases as severe rickets with extreme bowing of the legs, a condition that has become rare in this country, can permanently reduce a child's stature. The same may be said for sever* and prolonged malnutrition and for some forms of anemia. In poliomyelitis that affects only one limb, its growth may be stunted while that of the nonparalyzed limb proceeds at a normal rate. The bodies of children are remarkably resilient. They recover from most injuries and illnesses more rapidly than do adults and they arc not stunted even by a succession of fairly severe illnesses. Gun cabinets & racks; floor & wall types, with locks. Also Do-it-yourself cabinets. Gun Barn girders and weaken old structure to the Repair crews ho the bridge within nearest other Wa bridges are at Tei miles to the sout roads, and at 1' miles north of here The bridge was year ago when one after an auto hit it ff«*4i«*+r % 4. *^M|Y 4|V^ ic JVM. $ A > s f« J* t > * 4*. £ttfwn^ > Vl f»fj ~ \\ rlt t \^^^** i 1218M.r V*****"! . to reopen a week. The River Terre Haute, '15 over rural Montezuma, 10 Just Right For CHRISTMAS BILLFOLDS • RUXTON • GARDNER • MEEKER Nimt «r Initial C«M PrintW Fr« INDIANA LUGGAGE and. Uafh«r Good* 14 W. llth, next l« PoiMfici Christmas *25 to *500 For shopping, to pay bills, or other needs. You con depend on PUBLIC FINANCE CORPORATION Phone 643-3311 DON'T GE 1 CAUGHT- Christmas Shop ^ NOW! Tokt a tip from Olt St. Nick: Don't get caught—Christmas (hep NOW . . . .nd, do it in ONE QUICK STOP at Kauf- man'i! Thtra'i no nttd to go from Itort to itor« to fill your Ohriitmai lilt — when KAUFMAN'S hai gifts for EVERYONE! W«'T« gifti you'll bt proud to give ... and they'll b» happy to r*c«iy«! Timt'i running out . . . there or* only 7 (hopping day< left 'til Christmas—to moke lurt YOU viiit KAUFMAN'S—right awayl DUMP TRUCK • Like Real • Heavy Steel • Brightly Painted Your Choice 9.88 Siiei to 19x47 inches Large mantel size reproductions of original oil paintings by top name artists. Choose from gorgeous scenes, florals and interior subjects, all handsomely framed in styles to harmonize with every interior. Every color tone, every brush stroke is brought out in these true-to-the-original reproductions. They are further textured and oil treated to closely resemble the original paintings. See these distinctive pictures now. "Sonata" by Dillef. Gold and Whit* Barbizon frame. 20x24 inches. "Blossoms on Iht Hillside" 'by N»Oflrady. Cold and White Barbizon from*. 23x29 inchts. DIAL 644-7759 OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY "By th» Sawmill" by Robert Wood. Walnut and linen frame. 27x39 inches. OPEN EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK TILL 1129 MERIDIAN 8:30 P.M. COASTER WAGONS • Heavy xauxe metal • Red lacquered flnlih *2 98 ,.*.5 95 Table Center Piece • r«rf«ct for *ri|inat •rrange- minUl • Bran finlih bn«, • Hardwood walnut finiih pott. • Kai flying vagi* finiol. R «fl- $J98 $6.98 **t 12 Cup Automatic PERGOLA (OR I Mepi automatically I Ketpi CoMo hot $ 6 66 JUVENILE TABLE & CHAIR SET Tibktl SHinly Clwin • hnitlful C«hm • TM p«rri«« Hi Iwimwark *12 88 * Velocipedes S < • Red baked > enamel finish • Just what th Youngster wants! Low As •14-I'c. Milk Whit* PUNCH SET • Sparklinf whit* • 14 qt. punch bowl • 11 cupf • Ploittt Iad1«. : • Cup hongtn $5'5 i imhid.d - * BATH SCALES • Accurate • Modern Design • Safety Covered Platform *••• $099 $S.95 *0 GAMES • Pattword • Rocko • Concentration • Ltf« Monopoly *3" ROILER SKATES Children's Practict SKATES, low as ... - SLEDS • Strongly Constructed • Sweeping Lines • Select Hardwood $ 6 98 to $9 98 Mottbtrg RIFLE 7 Shot Clip Mag. Vt" DRILL Reg. $16.95 — Re-chargable FLASHLIGHT ® aufman' Sth and MERIDIAN PHONE 644-4491 Delta Compacted DRILL PRESS Camp, with motor

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