Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 19, 1968 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1968
Page 18
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THE REGISTER-NEWS -— MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1968 IT'S EAsyro r BUY-SELL-RENT- FOR CLASSIFIED AliS .... PHONE 242-0117 OttrM * * .. • t*f*it: : I'J an- ! People in the News • home town of Moran, Kan. ! SAN FRANCISCO CAP) -'. and Mitchell Letter carrier William E. Cain,; Mlles of Pittsburg. Kan r I MAtmnAA! +v»*vi*» £iY\rr& trot Yin 24, was suspended WecJnesday for not cutting his shoulder- length hair. Absolute Zero On the Centigrade scale, ab- nounced' their engagement at the Miss America pageant in' solute zero is designated by a September. Miss Barnes dis-1 temperature of 273 degrees be! closed the time and place in an I low zero. Absolute zero is 460 Cain became the first post-1 j ntorview at Topeka with radio (degrees below zero on the Fahrman furloughed under an Aug. 1 j station W REN. enheit scale. Post Office rule requiring that! _ . CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE IN BY 9:00 A.M. TO GUARANTEE PUBLICATION SAME DAY 1 MALE ond FEMALE HELP WANTED, ~ Female. Girl Friday to work in loan department. Must have TOY SALE — Hundreds of toys, prices | FOR SALE — '65 Ford wagon, 12,000 FOR SALE BY OWNER — 3 bedroom cut to 69c each. SO tricycles to be sold i mlies, power steering/ 289 motor. Capps | brick house with family room, carport, at factory cost. Drive out and save your and Warren Service Station, 10th and. patio, gas heat, 2 lots, corner Cherry and money on watches, radios, household, Forest. tf, Strawberry, 120,000. Phone 244-0413, items. Insulated boots and many other Circuit Court items. Open nights till 8 p.m. Col. Pete's, 3 miles North of Mt. Vernon on Hwy. 37. 12-21 13-A-—HOUSE TRAILERS 12-20 Fines hair and beards of postal em­ ployes be neatly trimmed. Cain, who has worked as a mailman the past 11 months, said he planned to file a griev- , ance against the. postmaster, an action that could put his case assessed in circ u i t; before the postmaster general. ; court included: Alva W. Mar- h>eir r-rsriit knowledge and understand i LOOK!! Draperies in special lengths or. Sot. d^ing. Be ^eat "n appearTnce ! widths. Ask at the G. C. Murphy Co. ' lMn» room, centralI air condltoning, part and able to meet people. Typing required. _ Good starling salary and liberal fringe UVE CH RiSTMAS TREES. Come, pick i A vj' | 0 t 6 benefits. Reply in confidence to Box your __ now> cifner cut or ba n ed _ 0pen FOR SALE — New 2 bedroom home on ( . „ <z™ CA, = , .. w. .. 30 acres ' 3 miles out on Tolle Road. tin - 1311 Westcott, $12 D on char- ,.u . T 5.- — J? . ^ 2 orne ' .12 i Inquire first house north of Salvage • ges of intoxication and driving with 4x10 tip Out, 3 bedrooms, carpeted store i9 ?n <=•">« nuu.\.ii.auui] mu curving ' u ' w 1 while his license was suspend- C-4281 % Register-News. 12-20 ' every afternoon from l to 5. Mestel MECHANIC 'and Mechanic Helper. Jack ! Nursery, northwest out Richview Road Benton 1 mile to sign, then I mile north, H mile dition 1200.00, 12-20 west. tf McDonald Sales and Service, Road, Mt. Vernon, III. 1953 SPARTON Housetraller, 3 rooms,, | lve stoc|<; $15,000.00. 244-0355. -" modern; 1959 Ford In good con- 1025 S. 17th. 12-20 FOR SALE — House frailer, 10x46, 2 HELP - WANTED" lmmedia"te~~openlng i "56 AUTOMATIC transmission, perfect bedrooms, furnished, very good condl- for accountant or bookkeeper, inventories, and store managers. Box C-3515 % Register-News. store condition. Call 242-5376. Write tf tion. 249-6930. 12-20 12-20 FOR SALE — Christmas trees, $2.00 j and up. No Sunday sales. Two miles WANTED — Woman to care for elderly , north of Divide. John Hawkins, 534-6594. lady. Apply 114 N. 6th or call 242- 12-23 1022. * UPHOLSTERING materials below" furniture factory costs. Large stock $2.00 per yard up; drapery fabric $1.00 yard 13-B—TRUCKS FOR SALE — 1949 Ford V s ton pickup. 242-5511. 12-26 ,y furnished. Qualified person mV I * iI miles North Mt Vernon. 5 I ed; B obby G. Campbell, Forrest fireplace, 200 pine trees, buildings for > charge; James R. Stinde, Cen„.,„.„,., 2 ?i^!tralia. $10 on charge of failure 19-A—FARMS FOR SALE I to yield right-of-way; Katherine • EssIey| Route 1, Kell, $20 on NEW FARM PROGRAM COMING no j charge of failure to have a va- ACRES. 3 miles south of Ashley, new ... _ n - ratnr .. ij PPrl <;~. Marrella all modern house, large barn and pond, 1 J j> a operator s license, Marceua immediate possession, priced low for' Patrick, Benton, $10 on charge quick sale at only sifo.oo per acre, j 0 f following too close in traffic; Neblo «. Neblo, 311V5 E. Bdwy., Centralia , _ D . „ r> rt „f„ ? <MR Phone 532-0731. 1209, Mildred C. Pigg, Route (, $15 — ^.T—, M *T- u£ii*ii. "' on speeding charge; Jeffrey SERVICES ' Thom P son - Christopher, $10 on UlallllVbW -charge of disobeying a traffic signal; John L. Davis, Benton, ' $10 on speeding charge; Andrew -V-V ^r-.—n^Tirmv 'home ! REDUCE safe and fast with GoBese tab- prices. 8000 Demo. $8,856.00. Save up to MgAT f0 ^ processed , s new being Re-; J- Dixon, Route 3, $10 On Charge ; BABY SITTING for Infants tn my om. & £ "water-pills". Blade 40°i on new combines. Hopkins Ford, ce i VE D in on a pre-scheduled appoint-; 0 f driving in wronc lane; Dan-' Phone 242-1979. " Wal Drug , 12-23 . Highway 440 East. ^ "only" PRESENT SCHEDULE Closed I R Schofi p ]d Route 1 Brtdee- WANTED - 2 teen-age sisters desire* ..--7-- - .. ••- . -~- ... -v...— • • • -~ S0c 244-1898 till Jan. 2, 1969. We reserve the right to n * T „ i' n , ' , ?f w 12-21 refuse acceptance without prcscheduled , port. 111.. $10 On charge of dnv- " appointment. Mt. Vernon Frozen Foods, ' j n g to0 f ag { f or conditions; Ro- 2413 Broadway. '2- J3 TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Debra Bames, whose year-long reign as Miss America ended in September, has announced she will be married Jan. 25 in her 14—FARM EQUIPMENT 1-A—SITUATION WANTED YEAR END SPECIAL — 850 Ford; 860 i ,.„ =10- ,„„,„,„„, , ,.„_-„:„, ,„„ Ford; 960 Ford w/2 row picker; 4/4 man | up; also we represent 3 companies for H p , ^ d , , A Totally Responsible married urgently needs employment now! Call : custom made draperies. Renshaw's, 310 895-2027 after 4 p.m. 12-23 ! S. 12th. tf row cultivator 695.00; 4 row planter only! 20— SERVICES MISCEL 995.00. A few new tractors still at old baby sitting evenings and weekends, j LADIES — Christmas Shopping? Quilt- HAY, red clover stubble, lackle and Robin Boldwyn 242-4439. ing? Sewing? Need Gifts? We have alter 4:30. Glenn Riddle. 12-24 "Everything". Call 775-4355. Eagle -—. c A »»r~e7lDBl7ci Stamps Books redeemed. Free. Easy T4-A FARM bUPKLItb .„. ^ WANTED TO BUY \P>r^ Mary's Vogue Shop. Odin HL FOR SALE - — Timotliy - or - Clover hay. ROTO -ROOTER SERVJCE — Sewer J ' Marcum Norris City. WANTED TO BUY - Reclining chair, , W J^_/' ,ree \' "" M _Verne Breeze 735-2741. 12-23 3t0 ppcd up, runs slow, full of roots?,* 10 on charge of driving tOO , in good condition and reasonably prie- I HAVE ^YOU tried the only^ reasonably • WE HAVE For~You COMPLETE LINES Call 244-0475. 1-16 \ fast for Conditions; Virginia Khe- i ed. 244-2999. 12 " 19l Ea P yS 8?7 n9 So' i 10fh" 8h, bU ' bS? 1209 0f FARM °! VET SUPPLIES - »0P In 1 poK FILTERED ^DT^nking^ Water~caTl ' Sel, Marion, 111.. $10 On charge E9 _ y _ p _ ha 2 'J' 7 .. SA J MH : ,219 at Walnut Hilt or our new location in Garv sleage Water Service j^ 038 , f imDroDer Dassin „. An itn FirP OLD PAPERS 10c Bundle. Regtster-News 1 Kell. Your WAYNE FEED Dealer. De- forme rly Bob Pasley. 1-15 i , ""P 10 ** 1 Passing, Anita t lre- Busines» Office. « livery Bag or Bulk-Grind-Mix. 12-19 I baugh, Route 2, $10 On CUrfew WANTED TO BUY — Pool table, regulation size. Must be in good condition. Phone 242-2028 or W«>133. 12-24 | _ WANTED TO BUY — Standard size pool j FRESH EGGS delivered every table Call 242-3931 in the evening. 12-19 522 N. 5th St. Phone 244-2281. K Sale. Come see the largest supply of • - - ••- , Taoie. i-an •» y_ . _. „ feeders and waterers in Southern SEPTIC TANKS pumped and repaired, WANTED TO BUY — Healthy sound, 1 TOR SALE - Largest stock of carpet ||| inoiSi Buv wholesale and save. To SEWER LINES electric rodded, SINK AKC puppy litters, cash, year round j and rugs in Southern Illinois. Karpet; mcnfion a few . stee , bases> guaranteed I L'n es and floor drains opened. New market. 618-W6-3232. * " ' """" ' -fmirsd-ay. ATTENTION FARMERS —~SaleT Sale, n ^UU ^oT *° '"' Villon charge. Longest Measure 1-2 1 Korner, 12th and Jordan. WANTED TO BUY - Gas space heaters, any size. Franks Furniture, 12th end BE SURE — Insure with the Golden Rule Hospital Plan. Louis Fltts, Box 544, Bell St. tf ; Mt. Vernon, 242-0668. tf Longest linear measure is an WANTED - Painting, decorating and ! PARTS for all electric shBvers. 24 hour i carpenter work. Phone 244-1464. ft I service. Most models. Clark Jewelers, 1 $5.00 CERTIFICATE — 110 North Ninth. n With each ton of Master-Mix feed pur- Dairy Heifers and . . ( chased Dec. 2, 1968 through Dec. 21, 1968. feeder calves. Raymond LIpe. Nokomis, F °R SALE—No hunting, JIO trespassing, BROWNING FARM SUPPLY, 417 So WANTED TO BUY eoer calves. Ra III. Phone 217-563-2003. WANTED TO BUY from owner. SO lo IM acres Of farm land. Phone 2424042. »f tf | for rent, for sale, apartment for rent - J signs. Register-News office. tf WANTED—To buy us*XJ propane tanks. Phone 242-4359. Harper's Propane Ser vice, Salem Roao^ * 3—-WANTED TO RENT 9-A—HEATING & PLUMBING FOR SALE — Used oil furnace Including blower, good condition. See at 3221 Cherry. 242-2823 — 242-4651. 12-23 15 years, 45 bu„ $65.90; 63 bu., $85.48; 1 Septic Systems Installed. BRAVARD's 95 bu $113 43 Cast bases, auaranteed' SEWER A SEPTIC SERVICE. 242-6520. . , 'o ^n^u^tS^n'ot^.- i -3; astronomical unit used in mea- $104.66 ; 95 bu., $133.18. Sheltons Farm CHARLIE'S Expert Saw Sharpening. 917 SUring Stellar distances. Known supply Co., sesser 625-2621. tf Gilbert st. 'i2-2o! as the parsec, it is equal to a TR^ENCHTNG ano~BBCX'HOB "sr'evice, i distance of 19.2 trillion miles. footings, water lines, septic tank fields, i • oil field lines. Fully insured. T. N. "Shorty" Campbell 242-2912 Mt. Vernon. Member I.U.O.E. No. S20D. tf INSURANCE DUE? BEFORE YOU PAY CHECK M.F.A. Homeowners, Auto, Life and Health "SEE KEN" Your M.F.A. Agent KEN BELL t&f-jftl 128 N. 9th 242-4211 12th Street. 12-21 15—LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — Fat hens for laying or baking 50c and 60c each. Good used storm windows. Phone 732-8361. 12-19! REFRIGERATORS finished any color, WASHER, Dryer and domestic refriger- : ation service. Delbert Reaney 244-0538. I 12-31 ! FOR SALE — 4 room gas neater 75,000 BTU. Will sell cheap. Maytag wringer . I type washer. 266-7760. 12-21 WANTED TO RENT — 4 or S room . house 242-5595 U-20 ', NEW & USED — Hanging gas tieaters, FOR SALE — 250 lb. Hampshire male —r i Work guaranteed. 4th house east Sum- hog. Dial 756-2196. 12-20 4—WANTfcD MISCEL. EXPERIENCED Bookkeeper wishes several sets of books to do at home. No job too small. P. O. Box 206. 12-24 WANTED — Middle aged lady to share my modem home. Private bedroom. References required. Dial 242-30W. 12-19 WANTED — Corn to pick up. Call 244- 01D6 after 5. 12-20 WANTED — Trash hauling. Call 242-2382 after o P.m. 12-19 WANTED — Holiday specials. Chimney and foundation repairs. Also pest controls. Reasonable rates. All work guaranteed. Phone 242-5376. tf FOR RENT 5—APARTMENTS floor furnaces, wall furnaces. Barnard Shell Service, Wayne City 895-2523. 12-21 FOR SALE 534-6580. mersville School. Lyle Ingram, 242-0277. 12-19 I 8 head Holstein cows. Call „ 12-20 small and large; Wallpaper steamer. LOW COST Plumbing installed heating. Licensed plumber. Call 242- REGISTERED Angus Bull 9 months old, • Floor sender, Rug Shampooers, free with well bred; also 1951 Chevrolet % Ion purchase of shampoo. Smith-Alsop Paint I also i P ic *-uP truck. Call 266-7886 after 6 p.m.: and Wallpaper Co., 910 Main St. Dial 244-1 12-19 i 0-J6. tf , 55)1. 9-B—-APPLIANCES 1-7 i FOR SALE OR TRADE — 135 ewes, any! ALTERATIONS and tailoring for men ; — I or all with and without lamb. Clarence, and women. 242-4707. tt ; .Stroud, Tolle Rd. Dial 244-3908. 12-19 1 =^r;.- r-r —r—L— n 'r\.— ' ' TRASH and brush hauling. Ralph Isom 244-2004 or 242-6037. Call after 4. tf LOU and LIL OF THE GABLES TAVERN 10 Miles West on 460 WISH TO INVITE OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS TO OUR XMAS PARTY FRI., DEC. 20th— BUFFET SUPPER 1 P.M. SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT and DANCE MUSIC BY BILL SM0LLEY POLKA BAND Wishing Everyone A Joyous Chistmas and A Happy New Year. TURKEY DINNER Generous portions of roast turkey, dressing, giblet gravy. Fluffy potatoes, vegetable, cranberry sauce, bot roll •od butter too*, :— f 00° Generous cut of... PUMPKIN PIE 30« ^ Slice Creamy, spicy pumpkin mixture with flaky pie shell. With whipped topping. Delicious) Whipped cream . . • CHEESE CUE 30* Whipped cream cheese mixture amid tasty crumbs. S» moist, rich. Generous portion. Restaurant Open Daily Til 8;30 P.M. Plenty Of Free Parking — 9:30 To 9 SEE US for Holiday bargains on Tappan i A DETC __»J CIIDDIICC Rages and Speed Queen washers and | '°— PETS ond SUPPLIES dryers. Great Plains Gas 242-3250. tf' POODLE PUPPIES •-»- UGLY~f REITTRUNKS IN YARD? - Have ' ^^^^^^'^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^ Silver miniature „ J 4 . .. AKC, vaccinated. Breeze, III. 526-7077. i ,nem B™*"M» ° u > machine. No mess I Phone 244-2746. tt 12-23 ' REPOSSESSED Deluxe Tappan Gas' Range, 30 inches wide in beautiful cop-' _„_,.,_ „ . pertone. See it at your Goodyear Service : ATTENTION - Orders are now being , ROOFING, all types and repairs, emer Store. 12-20 1 taken for Alaskan Malamute Shepherd 9? nc V " rv ' ce ' ' re « estimates, no obli- puppies. Small deposit will hold. Call 9 A ,'J ON - R - JJ; 4 ' MT - VERNON - 34< ' 190 ', 244-354?. 12-23 Midwest Roofing. tt BOARDING - Heeled kennels. Stud ser- ^'WN"^WER jJlndinB/'motors" repair vice St. Bernards, Poodles, Pekingese, *°- Han0 c " leld - * EYD ?, mad f K Chihuahua, Schnauiers, Welsh's Wire Fox repaired. A. S. Hodge. 811 South Terrier, Beagle, German Shepherd, also 'B'" street. tt PLAN AHEAD for next summer's 90 degree plus hot weather. Two window type air conditioners. Total capacity 37,000 BTU. New price will exceed $500. Used price $200. Perfect operating condition. May be inspected. Phone 244-1413. i SCHOOL SPECIAL — Deluxe GE washer 12-23 j in black. 4 miles on Waltonville Rd. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANK for sale In I Helen Tate Moore 242-4?S0. 12-20 stalled. Backhoe work and trenching T ~male Phone JJ "- 2 '« - i and dryer, new guarantee. See them at COCKER PUPPIES, AKC reg FURNISHED 1 and 2 bedroom Apts. , your Goodyear Store. 12-20' cokabea, 15; also Cocker, Scottie and CANE and Rush Chai7~Se"ats _ 7epliced service. Mrs. Roy Shafer, F G Webb, Ashiev Road. 244-im. tt 303 S. Ward, Benton, III. 1?-<0 JFJVlL'IS: »5Sriffl:|»« "LE - Co^^e^a^^^^rvice.Mrs. Roy Shaler 242.55^ 12-23 freezer across top $40.00. Westmghouse electric range $10.00. Farm wagon. 2667655. 12-20 UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom Apt. Heat and water furnished. Carpeted and drapes. 2 blocks from downtown. Phone 242-0731. 12-23 CONCRETE WORK - Basements, floors, FOR SALE — Small whrte puppies, L ; pl1z patios, driveways, walks, etc. Free esti- VACUUM CLEANERS — Newest carpet attachment with ro- . —-—— . fating brush. Rug washers, floor polish- FOR RENT — DeLuxe Apartment., j ers, Sales and Service. Sterling Dodson, and Saymoed cross; registered Toy j mate. Call John Yearwood 244-0539 or ELECTROLUX P"^'* PUPP'es, Pekingese grown dogs | Walter Yearwood 244-1652. tf 'and 6 Persian cats. 755-4639. 12-23 furnished. Call 242-1524 — 242-3178. tf j 242-6137. EFFICIENCY APTS. Everything furnished, $30.00 per week and up. Phone 242-5373. tf FOR RENT — New 1 and 2 bedroom unfurnished apartments, all utilities paid. Hotel Emmerson. See Mrs. Ward between S a.m. and 4 p.m. week days. tf FOR SALE OR TRADE — Two six months old crossbred male pups, cross tf between Samoyed and Spitz, nice watch 21-A—RUG CLEANING CARPET & FUP.MIroKr CLEANING dogs. Phone 244-0387. Lelan Carr Kennel. .... by DURACLEAN, the safe, sure, If on location, 'flower fresh' method. Phone 242-1814. 1-2 AMERICAN ESKIMO Snow white pups 6— HOMES FURNISHED 2 bedroom home newly decorated, gas heat, no utilities, rugs, drapes, bunk.beds, large bed, white bedroom suite, frostless refrigerator, built-in 9-C—-BOATS ond MOTORS HO, HO, HO! Boating gms tor all. Mercury motors, boats, trailers, canoes, ' f 0r sa |e, now ready for Christmas TACK DOWN carpeting, upholstered fur- electric trolling motors, skis, belts, jack-! present. See Lelan Carr to reserve yours. niture, modern equipment. Nu-Way ets, horns, lights—you name it. FREE j Phone 244-0387. If' Cleaners. Dial 244-0075. 18th and Per- calendars. • Hours 5:30 to 9 p.m. and _ ——-- j kins n Saturday. Lakeside Boat and Motors,! MINIATURE Schnauzers, Wires, Dachs- — 5 miles south on Benton Rd (R1 4) 242-' h< ">Us. Poodles, Scottles, Australian I EXPERT CLEANERS on rugs, w/w car- 2400. 12-191 Terriers, Beagles, some grown dogs. pets, upholstered furniture, floors. Lat'. _ .._ Jerl-Ellen Kennels, 242-0880. tf est modern equipment. Jack's Home; 9-E TV and RADIO , m r,.,>.>.w^ • Cleaning Service. 242-2241. tf ro HIM I TO HER - - 16-A—HUNTING DOGS FOR SALE - 23" General Electric con-' n«^ui^ uwm sole TV, $40.00. 244-2073. 12-21 CHRISTMAS present for man or boy.; ATTENTION GUYS! Shop for your GALS at "the Garden of styles." Rose's, 208 s. »th. 21-B-_AUT0_PARTS * SERV . - .„ . j DCDneccecen r , -r,, . Good selection of Beasles, AKC regis-, BATTERIES — used 6 v. $4.95 exchange, kitchen, new living room suite, no pets. REPOSSESSED Color TV less than one , , ered , trained and started; also 3 trained I 12 V. $6.95 exchange. Guaranteed 12 12th, Waltonville Road. 242-5581 : 12-23 year old-See .t at your Goodyear j C oon dogs. Evan Dale. Phone 728-3245, ! months. Stan The Tire Man. Dial 242- Service Store. 12-20 , Macedonia, III. For your man in service. Send the Register-News. He will be pleased to hear from the old home town. By mall In Jefferson and adjoining counties, $9.00 per year. Outside, $12.00 and $15.00 per year. "The Garden ol Style" presents everything for the Miss or Mrs. Lingerie, dresses, coats, sportswear and accessories. Rose's, 208 S. 9th. FOR RENT OR SALE — 2 bedroom 12-26 6400. modern house, gas heat, will sell on j FOR SALE - 21" RCA T.V. $25. Dial! 1Q DEAI BCTATtT contract. 2108 Logan. 242-3175. 12-24 I 2*2-4055. 12-20 j LY "EMU C3IMIC tf Hobby Headquarters in Roadracing, trains, airplanes, and plastic kits. B & B News and Hobby Shop. 21-E—RADIO & TV SERVICE FOR SALE OR RENT — 4 room modern J FOR SALE — t.v antenna rowe.'s, new ; F OR SALE house, basement, gas heat. Phone 244-! various makes, models. Burgin's Radio 1M ? cre farm - 80 acres tillable, 80 3454 12-23 , and T. v.. 8th and Tolle Road Dial 242- acres bottomland, $250.00 per acre. 2323. * T.V. SERVICE Conscienious, work Kaynel, Don Moor, Munsingwear, shirts, Robert Bruce sweaters, suits and sport coats, slima, regulars, husky. The Mammoth. Samsonite Luggage, Hanes and Berkshire hose, Mac Shore blouses, handbags, linens, costume lewelry. The Mammoth. 7—ROOM5 — 10—HOUSEHOLD ROODS furnished 2 FOR RENT — Modern, rooms, 1 adult, lady preferred, water ; SMALL ELECTRIC Range $18.00, small furnished 242-5068. 12-20 ! chrome dinette table $6.00. Phone 242_^ ! _ , 3593. 12-20 NICE CLEAN sleeping rooms TV in; — ——- - — lobby, oft street parking. 242-4018. F0R SAl -E — Gold recllner chair; tilt 425 H. 9th. tf ; bac,t green chair; Swirler red chair. 1 Call 242-6296 after 3:30 p.m. lO^B^MUSIC Well located duplex, zoned business, close in. 9 acre hog farmelte, fenced and cross fenced, 4 room modern home, barn, gar-. age, city water. North. A buy at $8,000.00. J Modern 2 bedroom home, gas heat, I guaranteed. One of the oldest in town. ! Botany 500 suits, Van Heusen shirts w Burgins, 8th St. and Tolle Road. Dial i palamas, Wembley neckwear and If, 242-2323. tf' Robert Bruce sweaters, Dobbs and til - - Champ hats. The Mammoth. R 22—LOST SI LOST — Boys glasses, dark frames. Around Jr. High vicinity. Reward. ' 244-0660 12-20 See our 9 ' ft selections. Shaving sets, — j lotions, colognes, and watches; also LOST — Billfold containing driver's, cigarette lighters. Oscars. Make Dad the head chel with a portable gas grill from Illinois Power. Christmas bonus—a Illinois Power bucket truck. White Shoulders, Chanel, Blue Grass, Intimate, Bellodgia, Fluers de Rocaille, Tabu, Ambush, Crepe De Chine, Christmas Night, Emeraude, Memolre Cherie. Ross Drugs. a S 12-19 acre, Bluford School. 8—RENT MISCELLANEOUS B ft Or beT U re^o ri !is;ect Pa "fic?a^010A• FOR MIE"—Univ«. custom, 12 string School. 2 oaths, bullt-ins, fireplace, new SIRT^IIWISS Apollo drum set, Kalamazoo w and « as ^ 242-4893. tf reverb amplifier. Phone 437-2833 Ina. tf ace ' paved s ,ree t- $7,000.00. 1200 acres rich bottom land, no buildings. license, important papers and money. Reward. Call Mrs. William Kunkel, 6432892 McLeansboro. 12-20 Large 7 room modern home, Lincoln fncT Keep his holiday spirits high. Fine liquors and party needs from Wooden Indian, Mt. Vernon. See our gift sel selections - Colognes, bath power, bath oils and other specials at Oscars. .1 1 I I w Matching sweaters and skirls, Ship 'N' Shore blouses, Vanity Fair, Hollywood, Vassarette, Bobble Brooks, Lingerie. The Mammoth. Men: Buy your wife a Shetland Sweeper-Vac or Floor Polisher at Cooks Paint Stare, 1308 Salem Road, Pangburn's candies - Chantllly Prince Matchebelle • Midnight • Intimate - Wrisley - Yardley's • Du- Barry's Seven Winds. Blades Walgreen Drugs. Christmas Special. Ladies Birthstone rings, solid gold mountings from $7 .95 up. Gift Chest Jewelers. You do not need the sizt or color lo be right in sending flowers from Eastons. TRAILER FOR RENT - All modern ', F0R s . AL , e — 2 tone Standard Guitar, 8x50, $60.00 a month. 2 miles west on . Pract.cally new. Phone 242-4795. 12-21 Route 460. Phone 242-4985. tf . FOR SALE — Buescher tenor saxap'hone. FOR RENT — 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom mobile homes, real nice. 244-3B36 or 242-3178. tf good, used. 244-2184. 12-19 FOR RENT OR LEASE - Warehouse P"one 242-0461., LUDWIG professional drum set, white pearl cases, like new, very reasonable. 12-20 or storage space, downtown area. Will . accomodate 5 or more carloads of mer- : RAMSEY REALTY 704 Main St. Mt. vernon. III. C A. and Ora Ramsey 242-3212 12-26 STORY AND CLARK PIANOS AND ORGANS chandlse. First floor; loading dock for Lower/ Pianos, 1st line band instruments 3 trucks. Call 244-0750 or 242-2316. tf ' E-Z terms. Rentals. 301 N. Grand, Nash OFFICE SPACE - Heafand"water lurn- I V J LLE ' '"• NO. 3 CIRCLE DRIVE: Completely redecorated 3 bedroom home, oil heat, >'conditioning, carpeted, good buy. 12-21 Carrier collecting book for Route 1. Hlalt. Please call Register- News days. tf 27—CAR_ LICENSE ~ LICENSE"- FAST SERVICE — License ordered Monday thru Saturday will have on Tuesday. Variety Store, 1015 S. 10th. B. Brumbaugh Jr. Notary Public. tf FAST CAR and TRUCK LICENSE. Tittles Sporting Goods, 1312 S. 10th; S * W Motors, 1101 Salem Road; Wilson Shell station, 300 S. >0th; Charlie Cook, 704 S. .2nd. Home application. Gale Knox 2424985. Wanted Sprlnglleld rides on Tuesday, tt Wise Men's Shop — Have some doubts about size or style? Give him one of our Gift Certificates for any amount, Puritan sweaters, Manhattan shirts and P.J's. D. H. Wise Clothing Co Set of new Radial tires that are guaranteed for 50,000 miles. Stan the Tira Man. Smok' r ' s Supplies — Tobacco, cigars, r pes, humidors, pipe racks and accessories. AH at B & B News and Hobby Shop. English Leaner • Royal Regiment Old Spice - Lord Briargate - Yardley's • Smuggless Gold. Blade Wal- groen Orug. TO THE KIDS Istied, car^etec:, private bath. Main. Phone 244-3836 - 242-3178. ii» 12-C—APPLES tf 9—SALE MISCELLANEOUS Gas and oil space heaters, refrigerator I kets. Special prices to all churches. 1804 BRIARWOOD: New home with 7 ___________ rooms, 3 bedrooms, family room, central , on CDCriAl hirvrtre air; w/w carpeting, 2 baths, built-in JU —-arCCIAL fNUIHE YE 'OLE MARKET 1507 S. 10th St. Large kitchen, attached garage; A home for NofidE! — For balance of 1968 mcn 7 s selction of quality apples, oranges, nuts, spacious living. Select Christmas trees and roping. 12-24 . MEET YOUR friends and neighbors at . 7 « ACRES „ CL0 , SE J" ° N TO " E ROAD ' 900(1 G YFT~DEPT Open" Sundays, 1-5 p"m the Ye'Ole Market 1507 s lnth fnr anm K lan<J ' excellent bu Iding site and reson- uet-•. upen »unoay», i sp.m. me re uie nnarxei uur 5. lorn lor apples, . __.__.__M " through month of Dec. Ivan's Flov/er 1 oranges, nuts and Chr sfmas fruit bas- amy pr,ced - Nice selection men's rings. Stone rings, initials, diamonds. Priced from $17.95 up. Gift Chest Jewelers. Walker's Men's Wear. Pernambuco, X\\ Walker- •—- A Walker ear, Mt. Vernon's Toy Land. See our I bulous selction of games and toys for girls and boys. Western Auto. 7' "... ' HJ «»n», HI aourn »m • Holiday s Men's Wear • Decasyllabic, ft Gifts - dresses, coats, sweaters, hats, s Men's Wear • Blow In our W sleepwear, toys, accessories. Free K gift wrapping. Jean's, 210 South 9th X I Toys, Books, Games, Kodak Cameras, Polaroids, Budding Beauty Colgne, Hair Dryers, Records. Bladas Walgreen Drugs. Have A Merry Christmas! Shop Mt. V. Stores Store, W S H>th h °" LUS " fl ' ! ?2 h M *^^_^^™^™^^^'^^^^^™^^ and Gift Shop, Ashley Rd. 12-20 ; with freezer, gas and electric ranges, furnace blower and motor, high chair, dinette set, electric motors, cabinet 1ype electric oven, two burner kerosene heater. 301 S. 27th St. Vern Egbert. 12-19 Scissors, Scissors, Scissors. Electric, reduced to $7.49 a pair. The Singer Co., 726 Park Plaza. If PR^-CUT 2xT ~slud~s loc linear "ft"., ~No. 1 2x4 8'xl2' 12c lineal It., </e" mason- ite 4'K8' $2.56 a sheet, inside doors 16", 18", 20", 24", 2o", 28", 30", 32", 34", snd 36". Hunt Lumber Co. Cash & Carry, 1123 Perkins. 12-21: —;———, ^ 1 , , FOR SALE — v> price. Sunbeam electric manicure set, never used. Phone 2441648, If 13—AUrOMOTIVES 12-23 7VJ ACRES AND 22 ACRES BOTH WIM H '0 N * SHOOTING MATCH — Vaughns Market, „—. ... . .... Ashley, III. Every Thursday night 7:30 ! p.m. Hams, Loins and Turkeys. 12-19 way frontage on U.S. 15. Excellent com- merclal sites. F ^.- SAL , E .,T»J, 9 " 0LD5M0BLLE ' oood con-" , 20 acres past airport with 16 acres in J ]Uon l 242 ' m7 - . . . »** Umber, good 2 bedroom house, excellent FOR SALE OR TRADE — '59 Chevrolet ,Bkt si * e anti reasonably priced, convertible 2 door. Call 756-2391. 12-23 , FOR-VATB f 0 , c —•— , I 7 Ml. OUT ON U.S. 15: 12 acres with ._ _ „ . . *™i Chevrolet Impala | goo,, 3 bedrooms, modern out- ATTENTION: Lustlgs Shoe Store, 707 S. 8 cyl. z dr. hardtop, radio and power, J - - • - NOTICE: JoEllas West will be open Sundays 1 to 6 p.m. now through Christmas. Many fine gilts to choose. from. One door v/est of New Post Office, j Electric, Sunbeam, Hamilton Beach, 12-23! Knapp Monarch Appliances. E. F, I Witlt. FOR THE HOME The finest in Hot Point, General automatic trans. To assume payments. I buildings. 10th. Store Hours: Weekdays 8 a.m. to < 6 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. 12-30 I CHERRY-. Lovely 3 bedroom waLVmtfiri^^K ^^rtrii^! 10 vour 6oo <'* e * r « rv,el > s,or « redecorated. n,w OM f,.rn««. W ?. L * ER . , ' , . E "r 08 ?"^ "oots, work shoes , and , iv , on # , ml)U , 0E Appliances, 2503 JUST RECEIVED a sleigh load of refrigerators, stoves, dryers, ch8irs, eoi/Cfies, beds, mattresses and box springs, from the North Pole. Priced to make Santa very happy. Kell Salvage, Ken, in.; n -2* call First National Bank & Trust Co 242-6521 ext. 238. 12-20 i home", r"ed«orafed, "new' ga's TuT ^e,, "»„Y outdooV to*T G^'coTw^n' ' J"" s,va cn '• mm 0E *»«•"«••. F «dan A white" rlT \^ 1 S 'XL?*' ^ ^ VW W^^^Ml wT« ! W «" seaan, white, radio, heater, and stand- reasonably priced. . " Vk?*Z ard trans., top condition.' To assume! IN MEMORIAM TO&J payments call First National Bank &j K04 JONES: 3 bedrooms and a tamily Trust Co. 242-6521 ext. 234. 12-20 r °°™' carpeting, panelled, gas furnace, I lovely kitchen. Good buy. PANEUtyQ — 4x7 and 4x8 sheets, odds and ends,,spme damaged, $2.03 per, .... „„„„„ ro „„,„™, ,„ Stfir mw Co -' K8 "' '"• p ^i^.^^^^i ^S* FOR SALE — 1966 Chevrolet BelAIr 2 dr. hardtop, 8 cyl., automatic trans., power, air conditioned. Take over payments. Call First National Bank & Trust Co. 242-6521 ext. 233. 12-20 FOR SALE — 1967 Plymouth Barracuda 2 dr. fast back, 8 cyl., automatic trans,, full power, excellent condition. To take 60 acres, 45 tillable, good shade, spring, all fenced, good pond. Excellent buy. 7 miles on Tolle Road. $ acres up to 30 acres on Bethel Road: 4 bedroom home, bath, gas heat, good In loving memory of Mrs. (da M. Shirley, who passed away December 19, 1955. Sadly missed: DAUGHTERS, GRANDDAUGHTERS, and GREAT GRANPCHILDREN Nothing will please Mom more than a naw carpel from the Kerptt Korner. CARD OF THANKS , I want to thank my friends, neighbors, rlson Sis. wafer system, air condition, nice kitchen, relatives, pastor, Mr. and Mrs. Olen Decuupage, rasln grapes, balls and lamps; flower arrangements, door wreaths, gifts, and cemetery baskets. Ruby's Crafts Center, 12th and Har- Blng.srondahi plates, Lsiton china, 'ii Wrought Iron, baskets, handmade ffl Raggedy Anns, Scented soap * cand- K ies, Christmas decorations. Mary Carter Paint Store, »J \Zf_\ttf&7i$!10Sfc yf Sea our selection of stereos, Tele- *p visions, recllners, appliances, and 55 everything for the home. Western £ Auto. h Join security's 196? Christmas Club if, nowl Each member, will receive a W useful free gift. Tree-mendous Gift Ideas! Send a tree for Christmas • house warmings . anniversaries • any occasion. Guaranteed delivery. Trees by wlra. Ask 'us for details. Nlekrsni Nursery, Ashley Road. Pttone 242-1603 Mt. Vernon, III. THE FAMILY Hallmark Cards - Fannie May Candy - Ladies and men's gift sets billfolds • watches • lewelry • electrical appliances. Douglas Rexali Drugs, 107 S. 10th St., Mt. Vernon, III. Romantic Appeal ... All the fascination of a wood-burning lire. You'll enfpy your Dynaflame fireplace all year 'rounil with its cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Perfect for adding warmth to those cool mornings or evenings, Christmas bonus — a III. Power bucket truck. Illinois power. Choose a gilt or certificate that's different. Over 50' Hems at Indian Hills Goll Course. Send the Registor-News. Your frionds or members of the family will be pleased to hear from tha old home town, By mall In Jefferson and ad|olnlng counties, $9,00 per year, oulslde $12.00 and $15.00 par year. • *m GIFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. BROWN'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP. Start a Christmas Club account for a member of your family at the Bank of Illinois, , I V Kodak cameras, electric blankets, Irons, skillets, can oponeri, clocks, bath scales, lamps, records. Bladas Walgroen Drugs. f^OR $ALp Z. Trash barrels $j .oo each FOH SALE — Ffre wood, cut to suitT Olfll 266-7257. 1M» If & Trust Co. 242-6521 ext. 231. _ 12-20 1956 FORD Automatic t'ransmi«lonT"per- ' feet condition. Call 242-5376. tf FOR A Better Deal on TGood lJsed~Car I see Moor* Motors, 412 Broadway, « i glassed front porch. BURKETT'S REALTY )06'/j No. 6th Street C. N. Carpenter — U4-QW L. L. Burkett — 242-4006 Office - 242-2860 12-201 Weatherford for fhelr prayert, visits, cards, help In any way while I was In the hospital. Mflrlow General Baptist Church and Marlon-Jefferson Service Co. lor flower)/ alio Dr. Nehme, nurses and staff of Good Samaritan Hospital. MORRIS JONES j ' I

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